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First Nations of Salt Spring Island

Oral History

Audio File Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these interviews, recollections and talks are one person’s “truth”. These speakers generously shared their stories, experiences and personal knowledge with the Salt Spring Archives and we share them here with you. We ask that you be respectful with how you read and share them. We hope that you will learn from them.

We currently have a project underway to transcribe all of the audio files in our collection, using an artificial intelligence program called Otter AI. For the files that have been transcribed, you can find these transcripts at the bottom of each of the pages below. Though the transcripts produced by Otter are remarkably good, they are far from perfect, but making them accessible in their raw, unedited form will allow historians and other researchers to do searches that will vastly improve their ability to locate material of interest. It is our hope that volunteers in the community will step forward to edit these raw transcripts to make them more readable. If you would like to assist with this project for even a single transcript that is of interest to you, please get in touch at Files for which the transcript is in process or has been completed are colour-coded light-blue. All help is greatly appreciated.

11BMr. Akerman talks about family history and mother's Native background. Interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

14Elizabeth Sampson interviewed by Amber Hindle, 1977

15Andrew Stevens interviewed by Bruce Mitchell, 1982

16Gladys King interviewed by Tony Farr, 1977

21Bob Akerman Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1990

50Mr Akerman discussing the Burgoyne Valley and his family.(Segment)

90Ida New and Bob Akerman, 1985

110Bob Akerman Sr. presentation at Fulford Hall, 1992

124Relationship of Native and Western White Cultures by Kim Recalma-Clutesi, 1995

126Early Cowichan History by Jack Fleetwood

132Colonial Wars of 1863 by Chris Arnett, 1997

134Indian Place Names on Salt Spring Island by Chris Arnett, 1997

138History of the Aboriginal Land question in British Columbia by Dr. Jim Hendrickson, 1998

179August Sylvester interviewed by Chris Arnett and Barbara Lyngard about creation stories, ressource harvesting, place names, 2004

188Irene Griffiths interviewed about First Nation culture on SSI

223Brenda Guiled, First Nations History on Salt Spring, 2016

315Charles Kahn, “First Nations History of Salt Spring“, 2013

320Chris Arnett being quizzed by Frank Neumann and Others on SSI First Nations place names, 2011

326Luschiim/Arvid Charlie interviewed by Chris Arnett, 2005

333Ernie Rice, 2005

336Henry Edward interviewed by Chris Arnett, 2005

394Earl Claxton First Nation Elder interviewed by Chris Arnett about Myths (Part 2), 2005

395Earl Claxton First Nation Elder talks to Chris Arnett about petroglyphs (short segment), 2005


46-1“The Kanakas”, 1999

89Dave, Jack and Paul Roland interviewed by Amber Hindle, 1977

125“The Kanakas”

183Hawaiians by Cathy Roland, 2002

227Hawaiians Remembered: Presentation by Wendy Maurer • Kanaka Reunion, August 2009

230.14Wendy Maurer, “Russell Island Oral Histories”, 2009

263The Roland and Middleditch Families, 2013

282Chris Arnett, “A Kanaka/Salish Family of Isabella Point”, 2016

423Roland Family Elder Event, 1 June 2019

424Kate Roland in conversation with Stan Harris (eight clips), June 2019

425Kate Roland in conversation with Brendan Ko (five clips), 21 June 2019

426Kate Roland in conversation with Charlie Sampson (two clips), 19 February 2020

427Kate Roland speaking with John & Lee Roland on First Nations Ancestry, 22 February 2020

428Kate Roland First Nations-Kanaka Ancestry, 8 February 2020

429Kate Roland on First Nations-Kanaka Ancestry, Roland Family Dictionary, 15 February 2020

430Naukana Elders Ancestors Reunion, May 2019