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Ida New & Bob Akerman

Audio File Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these interviews, recollections and talks are one person’s “truth”. These speakers generously shared their stories, experiences and personal knowledge with the Salt Spring Archives and we share them here with you. We ask that you be respectful with how you read and share them. We hope that you will learn from them.

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Unknown Speaker 0:25
Our first guide Agnes Baden Powell what what was she like? You have never heard of

Unknown Speaker 0:36
Agnes What do you mean in the chief Scout system? That's right. Yes. Well when they started the guide they wanted to have a chief and they had a chief Scout system he looked like a very well dressed lady in the no uniform I don't think she ever wore you never know because the Chiefs count you see

Unknown Speaker 1:14
was that was asked a

Unknown Speaker 1:16
similar question to how

Unknown Speaker 1:24
his wife became a cute guy. Yes. And what happened to Agnes at that time that she wanted the ID

Unknown Speaker 1:31
or health I never

Unknown Speaker 1:38
would have the slide of the coneflower because ours is made up of the church in West Kirby went to the cauliflower Oh, what was the result of that?

Unknown Speaker 1:58
It is as hard as it was it did anybody either they might have expected

Unknown Speaker 2:15
and I like the story where you're at you're at the back

Unknown Speaker 2:20

Unknown Speaker 2:22
surprise surprise surprised

Unknown Speaker 2:26
you carried over

Unknown Speaker 2:28
worked out

Unknown Speaker 2:29
it worked out you carried on and didn't

Unknown Speaker 2:41
complain about it probably uniform.

Unknown Speaker 2:44
You will teach calculus there. I didn't speak to them because

Unknown Speaker 2:55
they're very attractive. Easy to talk to. She was only about 2550 She was ready to make friends interested in who she's talking to

Unknown Speaker 3:20
she wrote a spectacular declaration

Unknown Speaker 3:33
and never knew whether we should pronounce it or not poll that he really enjoyed generally gets accepted

Unknown Speaker 3:56

Unknown Speaker 4:03
you're reading in the historical magazine, but the chief Scout English Romania I don't know when we discussed that you did come in and it was a gathering you know that I missed next time. I'll bring you that copy of that magazine.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
Now you mentioned

Unknown Speaker 4:42
moving together

Unknown Speaker 4:46
from an IMO, because it would have been backwards beyond that. We were out in the woods at that time.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
There was a strike of denial for three years. The strikers were violent into theaters very much a place to live forever we like the country and the islands have so much love

Unknown Speaker 5:19
so what did you do? What did your parents do

Unknown Speaker 5:24
they had a nice job it didn't do anything spectacular. It just lived

Unknown Speaker 5:36
in shipping with an office that says went out to Brazil intending to live there he was the Vice Consul at Porto Alegre and then it was so bad health of the children the doctor wants them to go back to your client which was so down for the last one baby

Unknown Speaker 6:18
she's just across the river from Liverpool that's what the office was that was shipped rise forces to South America

Unknown Speaker 6:56
what else what else do you remember about guiding

Unknown Speaker 7:04
remember tremendously keen about it. And then we have great meetings and outings Good Times All right, help people I'm trying to work on something that would lead to proficiency

Unknown Speaker 7:31
sometimes because sometimes in another

Unknown Speaker 7:37
if you mentioned benchmarks here it sounds like a bad night but I think it'll be very

Unknown Speaker 7:45
good thing in your interest and it's all useful both once for some people and something happened to the engine just in his face with a tiger's straw going through a narrow place between rocks and so I have no data right off of that right? We wouldn't have gone on the rocks

Unknown Speaker 8:17
is bad you had to know the title of magic seven to really get to the meat of the dog to be able to grow from a match

Unknown Speaker 8:41
these are all things I learned in the Navy.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
as pricing

Unknown Speaker 9:06

Unknown Speaker 9:19
Leaving nights from home could you tell me a little bit about your time. Emily Carr's house what

Unknown Speaker 9:27
about my visit to

Unknown Speaker 9:29
the state of a house of all sorts for

Unknown Speaker 9:32
10 days. Ahead study singing must be in town. I went to Victoria tried to get housework which will give me room and board and some pocket money. Every house she just was keeping borders. I never heard a word about If I didn't think of her as a painter at all, she never mentioned that she had painted the picture to the house. She had a large room that she knows she would say that's the company. She has several awards as well as you have put in there about the night that I woke up with a mouse on my pillow. No, no. That was stupid. Straight up the wall and then into the son Garrett. One night there was a mouse on my pillow. And that was a big tumor. Because what was jumped out of my daughter's house Oh, my man's small so I almost jumped down those stairs that was asleep on the chest if you pick it up candidate up the stairs, threw it into the room and bang the door went down, slept on the couch.

Unknown Speaker 11:10
Didn't catch the mouse.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
I don't know what happened to the house

Unknown Speaker 11:18
walk with me was some of the big shipped ups. She showed sheepdogs. Six

Unknown Speaker 11:34
to that he became famous. That was about 1920 to 22. I started studying ballistics.

Unknown Speaker 11:53
In the tour

Unknown Speaker 11:54
in Victoria, it was with him as student assistants accompanist and secretary for 29 years after that he returned to that category for 23 years that myself have to be good enough I could do

Unknown Speaker 12:25
that once the guide or was the guy

Unknown Speaker 12:38
that was very prominent in English listed of all county commissioners friends, great friends

Unknown Speaker 13:04
she told lady beauty beautiful photograph

Unknown Speaker 13:19
thank you

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I was astonished that she recognized me and Victoria for sure. Look out for me

Unknown Speaker 13:40
from time to time we're in Victoria

Unknown Speaker 13:48
1940 and this will be afros with Mr. Gates, which was 1920 so it would be seven years at least that's remembering their sights somebody's not even in uniform.

Unknown Speaker 14:14
have trouble here when I see people dressed up away from when I first met

Unknown Speaker 14:18
and received that the six or seven years so twice for me seeing off on the train another time I was talking to you but in a

Unknown Speaker 14:37
way she noticed

Unknown Speaker 14:42
my Superfish been able to scale she was wearing a new kind of switch which is straight.

Unknown Speaker 14:57
She said that was just to the edges but that didn't show up in my jacket I have a Medal of Merit she'd seen that she would evidence

Unknown Speaker 15:24
have to get used to

Unknown Speaker 15:37
that to be very much

Unknown Speaker 15:45
if we can arise we had a bicycle patrol drop ferry rockfish days were training ships way that the man that's so famous was the Conway when we went to finish up with the captain as a boy so when we got back I sent him a sketch of made from the floor job I think you know I made it from the shore it was maybe lucky covered so he's because he's a historian we met one in Vancouver and a strange man appeared at the door at the breakfast table. That was a separate table. He said I had breakfast in London this morning. So I don't even know any other plumbing. He said well ahead of the Conway. We lived about a stone's throw from Conway about three years I should they called me the captain because as the last 123 times and then he said look I want to catch him so that we became my friends he fixed up a Mousehole in our bedroom

Unknown Speaker 17:28

Unknown Speaker 17:32
was a scout

Unknown Speaker 17:53
you ever done a bouncy island you know the island did for you use of the Scouts and Guides but from the very beginning

Unknown Speaker 18:08
phases out and now they became a guy from Scotland center so wooded island in the middle of fall harbor doses

Unknown Speaker 18:21
which can

Unknown Speaker 18:24
be oh well just get a bonus it's a famous it's given to the National Trust now I believe that it's the beginning of Scouting

Unknown Speaker 18:48
is a picture of me in a Siemens Institute in Vancouver

Unknown Speaker 19:09
guys nowadays, divided up into this guys and brownies. Like that,

Unknown Speaker 19:18
no, just look at the guys when they added the Pathfinders at the top end but the ground is at the bottom and so it covers a much longer range of ages. But it gets them into it for a longer period of time is not very wide. What

Unknown Speaker 19:40
I find strange. We had guys at the top age was 18 then they could be left at 24

Unknown Speaker 20:11
Anything else you'd like to add on

Unknown Speaker 20:16
whether you should have

Unknown Speaker 20:19
was a very big organization

Unknown Speaker 20:39
he'll make it take

Unknown Speaker 20:44
this information

Unknown Speaker 20:46
just be what's on there anything else at all

Unknown Speaker 20:51
I don't know I can't think of anything if you looked at

Unknown Speaker 20:55
this struck you and you already

Unknown Speaker 20:58
know more we already discussed today

Unknown Speaker 21:34
after the after the

Unknown Speaker 21:35

Unknown Speaker 21:49
is candidate Mr candidate this Chair Mr. Kennedy and sold it out several times for him that piece of property just two years ago and I don't

Unknown Speaker 22:25
remember first one

Unknown Speaker 22:29
before that

Unknown Speaker 22:40
was before the hotels Rogers is the first store a brand new

Unknown Speaker 22:58
they're after

Unknown Speaker 23:10
stepping up

Unknown Speaker 23:17
their arches they must have built the White House

Unknown Speaker 23:20
step by step

Unknown Speaker 23:33
right from our time so just about him

Unknown Speaker 23:43
No, no no no it was Jim Jim Rogers in

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Virginia Nice to be here

Unknown Speaker 24:00
thing that take care of this little church church journey

Unknown Speaker 24:15
Oh yes, it was built with the nightingale get

Unknown Speaker 24:28
in there must have been I think, just before the turn of the century

Unknown Speaker 24:40
turn of the century, I'm sure that's right.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Anything No

Unknown Speaker 25:12
we don't want to just take our your grandfather would just be all trees and how long would it take the first few weeks

Unknown Speaker 25:28
well what's the thing that quite a while because they're the minerals clearing land in the valley to the boys by the darkness please

Unknown Speaker 25:57
seven feet cedar trees

Unknown Speaker 26:27
what would the first thing be that they would do they live off the land prior to a dry vegetable

Unknown Speaker 26:40
garden and orchard

Unknown Speaker 26:47
trees and so on so we have even depressed at some domains to say six

Unknown Speaker 26:57
harder authority alright so far into it it is waiting on the site boring boring ordered another roll down on an angle and then they would take charcoal clothes from their fires and

Unknown Speaker 27:22
push these clothes in the back

Unknown Speaker 27:28
because it means I got the Goodstart pictures I mean they're in the correct cost graph

Unknown Speaker 27:45
later days same thing on the ground they will do the same thing for me so far

Unknown Speaker 28:22
worried about preparing your arrival Victoria

Unknown Speaker 28:26
well my grandmother Bertha claims she she left England and

Unknown Speaker 28:40
two sisters came out of the robbery into Victoria. She worked she was she can look witnesses David Spencer merchants and preparing the early days and she had worked for a while until she

Unknown Speaker 29:10
never married

Unknown Speaker 29:21
my family that grandfather eight children they were the first family in the burger

Unknown Speaker 29:39
just asked me who was the first white

Unknown Speaker 29:46
Saltspring French to

Unknown Speaker 29:51
your Uncle Joe was always I always do that.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Well that's that's what I heard I know if you remember Johnny wins Johnny wins it's the setting on the cloud and then he was about a character in a joking and when the era days boats used to come in to the Ganges and all the old timers just like go down and see what to do and Johnny was standing there in this tourist first our Johnny has about 30 days any old timers around Johnny he was a black man over there sitting on the gardener and was Joe aprons and he was a first white child born on Salisbury premises second

Unknown Speaker 31:11
said your father was working with the agents

Unknown Speaker 31:32
well we

Unknown Speaker 31:37
picture here the church he had

Unknown Speaker 31:45
a big splash back there even though old and he transport a lot of that lumber windows doors from Bergen Bay down to Bilbao, church sea level the windows and doors and flooring came from the letter church

Unknown Speaker 32:08
they stone church so they know it they're early days and they come they're so nervous flooring and other lumber was donated to this church now we're actually from the better church

Unknown Speaker 32:47
96 I don't think actually

Unknown Speaker 33:19

Unknown Speaker 33:27
Saltspring saga said that there was an attempt in Victoria

Unknown Speaker 33:36
60 to

Unknown Speaker 33:37
get set these

Unknown Speaker 33:51

Unknown Speaker 33:57
these were people that had done a big party and when they launched the caribou but they were destitute

Unknown Speaker 34:10
one of the

Unknown Speaker 34:12
biggest worries the old timers in 30 days anybody who was badly hurt or sick

Unknown Speaker 34:18
have a doctor anywhere

Unknown Speaker 34:32
my grandma had a daughter and she she was pretty good

Unknown Speaker 34:44
on anything like that second, I guess it was I guess she was

Unknown Speaker 34:51
looked after

Unknown Speaker 34:57
tourney work I think she brought into the baby's

Unknown Speaker 35:17
mother died sick right is the

Unknown Speaker 35:24
customer has

Unknown Speaker 35:29
asked you you gave us a tank of birthless properties in

Unknown Speaker 35:33
fact our paper

Unknown Speaker 35:37
surveyor progress tracking down in an orderly fashion

Unknown Speaker 35:51
I can get a map up or down and

Unknown Speaker 35:59
take us through what's

Unknown Speaker 36:13
something is

Unknown Speaker 36:15
not there for

Unknown Speaker 36:18
those characters

Unknown Speaker 36:32
I will get a map of that area and I can put on the original article

Unknown Speaker 36:47
to get those arms on the border down in the valley on either side

Unknown Speaker 37:08
felt that they sold square A lot of us was well the ones when they are filled with houses in the square temporary

Unknown Speaker 37:28
loan that's the old term was your ask. Oh that

Unknown Speaker 37:33
was that the original cabin or was there an earlier one? Yeah further west

Unknown Speaker 37:39
there was one first year he built a small log cabin just after barely more under the law Bruce declared an orchard there and I guess it must have been in the summertime when he went in there because there's always some sunshine sunshine

Unknown Speaker 38:07
so he moved across the valley

Unknown Speaker 38:10
they're making that same mistake today by their property and somebody tells me that way we get

Unknown Speaker 38:23
sick time being as talking to people

Unknown Speaker 38:27
yes Nick has

Unknown Speaker 38:32
my back I have I have a lot of can't seem to okay a lot of a fixers that are

Unknown Speaker 38:48
given them again

Unknown Speaker 38:55
bar Barban to

Unknown Speaker 39:05
she said Nightingale one of the

Unknown Speaker 39:11
churches of economics in the Victorian age there's another chapter on the bottom and these six items.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
Know I don't think it is

Unknown Speaker 39:35
I think there's something Nightingale

Unknown Speaker 39:36

Unknown Speaker 39:38
That's right. That's right. I think that's one of

Unknown Speaker 39:46
the finest minds like to use our next round of postcards. That's a similar one. So let's say

Unknown Speaker 40:09
this one here is the old

Unknown Speaker 40:16
grandmother Grandmother and some of the family

Unknown Speaker 40:42
this one is

Unknown Speaker 40:53
still live at the end

Unknown Speaker 41:31

Unknown Speaker 41:37
I have a lot of baskets

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Oh yes yes

Unknown Speaker 41:46
yes I have quite a few my grandma's baskets okay critical scraper for

Unknown Speaker 41:53
scraping types or

Unknown Speaker 42:02

Unknown Speaker 42:28
that's about all I have all my next paint mix paint

Unknown Speaker 42:42
chip when you are