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Elizabeth Sampson

Mrs. Sampson tells of her arrival on SSI in 1910 with her mother to help her widowed sister in the Cranberry, and her marriage to a Fernwood farmer.

Accession Number 989.031.018 Interviewer Amber Hindle
Date 1977 Location
Media tape Audio CD mp3
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
And the lady says up here get a your new Camry how's it newcomers is now no diamond now? So because as soon as I said that mention that it's well why don't you write asking me questions you notice this is why you and you write a book. This is all I know. Right? No book. And I was told by another gentleman that I know quite well. I said is it Oh yeah. He said you can write a book. And of course what made me stop that I can devote it right? You know, they have to put down in the book every day, you know, diary diary, and I never did have one you see didn't have no I didn't bother about diary didn't even bother about anything like you because I am. What made me really down in it to it my two daughters. Every once in a while when they were younger that said, Mom, what did you do? And he was in England. And of course I had to start from that.

Unknown Speaker 1:15
Right. Well, we start with that. Your name is Mrs. Elizabeth Sampson. And you're 79 years old. What was your maiden name before you became Mrs. Sampson?

Unknown Speaker 1:27
Miss isn't Elizabeth Elizabeth action Hutchinson with H U T. C h i n. So n

Unknown Speaker 1:41
and you were born in Sheffield? England? Yeah. Do you remember anything about your early childhood in England?

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Oh, yes. I don't want to talk about that. You don't?

Unknown Speaker 1:54
You're gonna you're telling me you're putting a little bit of that in your book about when you were five years old? Well, I'll

Unknown Speaker 2:00
tell you the reason why I'm writing this book is they've all gotten those boys in the two girls. When they want to know what did I do and what I'm missing that never knows. While it's too long for to tell you I just never write down. I said I'll write a book. And as I'll give each of you a book. Then someone says well, you write the book even sell it ISIS. No. Anyone wants to sell it or do anything because it wouldn't. ISIS the books I've read what pillows dollars, I haven't come compete with them. So I didn't worry about it. And I'm just writing for the boy. Boys and girls. I submit the you think it's no good. The meta arts? They won't do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:53
How many children do you have?

Unknown Speaker 2:56
The team to let them go. That's my mother in law's and let them go into.

Unknown Speaker 3:07
And lots of grandchildren.

Unknown Speaker 3:08
Plenty of them.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
When did you come to Salt Spring 1910. Let detail and how old were you then?

Unknown Speaker 3:18
1212 years old.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
How did you come to Canada from Sheffield.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
On the boat on a boat? Well, one of the notes. Then we caught a train from Montreal, Manitoba. I think it was.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
And he came in enjoying retirement

Unknown Speaker 3:39
and running across the in the Netherlands. And then from there.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Do you remember where the boat landed when you came from Victoria to Saltspring? Again to Redding Ganges. And why did you come to Salt Spring?

Unknown Speaker 3:57
Because my sister has seen this. This was

Unknown Speaker 4:01
what was your sister's married name?

Unknown Speaker 4:05
While she was married three times. But she's not here. Now. She's in their home in Vancouver? Yes. Yeah, in Vancouver, in one of the homes and she's 9797 years

Unknown Speaker 4:22
old. Did she meet you when you were 12? And you've added at Salzburg

Unknown Speaker 4:26
at gantry No, no. She was in Victoria see working. And who met you them when you arrived at me? When we arrived in Victoria? My sister met us there. Oh, I see. And we stayed a couple of days or so. And then she came upon. We had to stay a couple of days because she didn't. She was working as soon as she told the lady she was going back to something.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
What kind of work was she doing then? Housework, housework. And so you came with your sister to Ganges you On the boat, and where was she living at that time the island where did you go to live?

Unknown Speaker 5:07
Or her she lived that by natural speak there in a large house that they had built for me. And that's been really what was the house like? Oh, quite a good size house. We shared the house upstairs. Partly the veranda in other ran a veranda roofing no sleep slipper sloping roof they were going to put naked into a kitchen. You see that? They didn't because my husband got shut that accidentally shot himself. So he didn't think it?

Unknown Speaker 5:54
What did he die before you came out? Or? Oh, yes. So you came out? You and who else came up with you for you and your mother came out to help your sister

Unknown Speaker 6:08
to come to the Netherlands when she went to work?

Unknown Speaker 6:12
I think you you told me that you used to garden and take care of

Unknown Speaker 6:16
goodness sakes. Yes. I was the governor little pig. And I had to go and chop the trees down. Make a fence right. Put it in students who did that first goal. Register last? Well, I made another bigger one. For many when it was too big. Can we robbery killed it needed?

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Did you go to school?

Unknown Speaker 6:47
Well, when I first got it over here, you see there was no screws at all. There was no Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
Not in that area where you

Unknown Speaker 6:57
need to feather down, you know, a great big deal with a little church. I was telling you about the little church

Unknown Speaker 7:04
and used to go to church. And this church was up Mount Maxwell with that word. Not quite that not quite that

Unknown Speaker 7:11
far. But in the cranberry district and Oh, yes. Were there a lot did a lot of people go to church on Sunday?

Unknown Speaker 7:20
Night so for many we can see the church

Unknown Speaker 7:27
do you remember who the ministers were or anything about the church?

Unknown Speaker 7:33
I don't know who built the church and the ministers and forget about

Unknown Speaker 7:45
you know what happened to that church? Is it still remaining there

Unknown Speaker 7:47
as far as I know route is because I asked the lady that lives up there now. I still I asked her I says well, how so? How is the What's up in the cranberries? They have to have a bus now going up schoolchildren? And I said to a bus going up there after school children. I said for goodness sakes. This is how many kids are up there. She's 35 and all teeth 35 days Oh, my gosh. That didn't go to school at the years ago. And now it's going into this study by children as to go and see my sister's house if it's still there yet, but I'm not sure. Besides his home doing grown up. You used to be roped into it to be abroad into your Oh yes. But no I hadn't they still got it open. So we'll close Well if so did anyone

Unknown Speaker 8:51
think you told me that when you first came to the island that you would help your sister cross cut huge trees

Unknown Speaker 9:01
Oh yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
I guess did you and used to go through the woods so that was very

Unknown Speaker 9:06
dense. You're telling you climb the tree to find out where our roadways I did. My nephew is there is that Andy's I think last I said well I don't know for sure. But I find this trainer find that dream isn't just about from here to that tree down there on the roadway.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
Where you're worried about the wild animals or anything.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
Tank cow was never my mother was afraid of the mud. I was

Unknown Speaker 9:46
worried about cranberries. It's called that area that you lived in was called the cranberry district where they're like, Did you see a lot of cranberries at those times on demand

Unknown Speaker 9:56
to be infused with cranberry As I was too busy doing something don't cutting down these four foot trees and having to cut four or five blocks of wood every day winter because we had it we had when we had the link to receive the cut it all up spreads all up and pile it up on there for the winter because we couldn't ever get out till the end of it would start beginning of sometimes beginning about October 1 The

Unknown Speaker 10:35
snow and you'd be snowed in up there

Unknown Speaker 10:38
oh yeah for her four feet and four and a half years knowing that we didn't have no cows horses are in car and it just got nobody we didn't worry about

Unknown Speaker 10:55
did you stay in the house then? Could you go to see neighbors or get out at all?

Unknown Speaker 10:59
Oh well if we went to see neighbors would have to show normally all the way down about two miles you never would do that we never been we just stayed in holiday around in the house and shovel the snow off the roof not

Unknown Speaker 11:15
what did he do when he stayed in the household last time? There wasn't any TV?

Unknown Speaker 11:19
No there wasn't any TV that we had games and we had we used to write to me we get the paper from back east remember that paper two

Unknown Speaker 11:34
quite long and you used to write to it did you used to write now well

Unknown Speaker 11:37
we joined it just in it comes every week? Well it comes every week then on Saturday well in the wintertime couldn't get it the neighbors used to go down and get in then we have to walk to mount snow boat where do we add games in other books? What kind of games did you play? sheperson all converging right your kids to

Unknown Speaker 12:03
your closest neighbors were two miles away do you play with other children and mostly with your sister's kids? Or

Unknown Speaker 12:11
just there was myself? My mother, my sister and my niece and nephew we didn't know that he wasn't going to school. School them for a while

Unknown Speaker 12:25
huh? When did you start going to school?

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Or I guess most probably the problem was

Unknown Speaker 12:32
what was that like?

Unknown Speaker 12:34
Well, we went to the little church to school was it a one heavy rains from that they weren't so by many hours you know there was about three or four Google Maps about you and maybe millions and I used to take my dinner in three pound lad 10 You know and put my lunch in it is best follow in even was went after when we're out of school you know and that he'd gone over sleep you know dinnertime activity is dinner and these two avatars without my parents and that phone call water and when I bought it I noticed a man so Madison you got that panties slammed against a tree that didn't satisfy me go step down and there was no friendly tone so in tone and I said to myself this is a little nod pale once you do to it hashes I didn't do anything during the so I don't want happen. Oh and she's I don't know what she said laugh we laugh like then next time you take some paper and blow it out let him and many there that we used to have a love

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Oh my gosh. Oh and I get hate when I get home but she got mad and she got I didn't know it. I haven't done a day seven. I don't do them. Seriously, assume that I can do that. As long as I didn't do that, that's my pail that I see. You're gonna ask those two girls over there. I said they got my pail. I said, poured water on you, not me. He thought it was nice. Always make PAC

Unknown Speaker 15:03
What did you eat? Did you buy much much food from malt store?

Unknown Speaker 15:08
Oh yeah. Well, as I was saying, I'm in October, beginning of October we have all our groceries in the last is still in demand because you couldn't get out of deep snow

Unknown Speaker 15:26
what kind of things would you would you stock up with what would you buy?

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Mostly wood buys, flour, rolled oats and rice, you know and sugar and stuff like that. We knew how much we're used to seeing. You buy them that would last us till the end of October. Till the end of March and especially men as my husband and I for years to come up for our marriage. My husband and his nephew came up with their horses and slaves and the horror of our fear. Food noise. Swain

Unknown Speaker 16:17
did they do did they work at mullets? Or did they just do that as a no

Unknown Speaker 16:21
they did they and they were the only two that while I didn't say she said they was the only two but they asked them if they would do it. Take it that we used to bring in

Unknown Speaker 16:34
how did you how did you meet your husband and

Unknown Speaker 16:37
so on. That's how you met him.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Well, that sounds like a good story. Before we go to that. Let's see. What was the island like when you first came on? What did you see when you first arrived?

Unknown Speaker 16:50
Well, when we first arrived in Ganges or so was more hotel and shoe store and the store underneath and then the handsome like like that. Anyone that came a gallery to get a rooming house like no air rooms asleep if you just want stay for the day, a couple of days. Or anyone that's got visitors, you're seeing those two men put them there.

Unknown Speaker 17:28
So when you landed Did you just land and then start making your way up to the concrete?

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Well, we landed there. And these neighbors next door neighbors came down with a horse's wagon you see the groceries to bring now my sister going to bring bring us up to where she was because we were to further up them from where they lived.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
A Long Walk if that hadn't happened.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
I might have walked at the mother

Unknown Speaker 18:02
think you told me that once you started to live up in the cranberry. You just came down once a week or so?

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Yeah, Saturday is used to walk my nephew.

Unknown Speaker 18:14
How many miles was that?

Unknown Speaker 18:17
Six, six a month.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
Didn't have a horse

Unknown Speaker 18:22
and buggy didn't know it didn't know. Just these things.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
And you told me that your sister used to work in town. He told me a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
She used to come down here for herself and then she wants to know if we can because we stayed home and looked after the two linear see.

Unknown Speaker 18:42
When she worked in town. How did she get to work?

Unknown Speaker 18:46
I guess on the street cars. I don't

Unknown Speaker 18:48
know I met excuse me I mean on the island. She used to walk to work.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
Oh yes. Yes. When she was on. She walked

Unknown Speaker 18:54
six miles down to work six miles back. And how much did you tell me she got paid a day and a half a day. And you used to get an allowance for cleaning house

Unknown Speaker 19:06
25 cents a month.

Unknown Speaker 19:10
What could you buy with that?

Unknown Speaker 19:12
Oh, they were blended by with that we got all candies or cookies we wondered. Those days there's really plenty of it just sitting down at Christmas time is something for Christmas. You know

Unknown Speaker 19:33
what did you do for Christmas? How did you celebrate Christmas?

Unknown Speaker 19:38
Same as we're doing now at home whitening worrying as we used to lose your spot my smell. And one year there it snowed and we have a tin roof and you know and it's snowing right right down and it was right up to the shed a kid what we what was supposed to be the kitchen you know we put the wood end and we made steps on it and in the meantime at nighttime it did freeze we went way up the steps of brand up the brand steps and then right up onto the main roof with a with a chimney was take the top of the chimney off and get a big long stick as long as we could with the small limbs and shove that down the chimney came to me so there was black and white snow up on the roof neck and legs

Unknown Speaker 20:59
are used to some other stories about playing with your niece or nephew and

Unknown Speaker 21:04
we're aware of women cannot be our swings or anything outside you see we go upstairs and at the swings up on the Baptist swing

Unknown Speaker 21:18
that was being in the winter when it got to have a swing inside that's good idea.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
Oh everything upstairs played upstairs

Unknown Speaker 21:29
what kind of lighting did you have in your house call and heat what's the one you used? You had that job?

Unknown Speaker 21:39
Yeah, that's why I was zooming man you see and and I had to do the sewing and the splitting and wheeling wood into the shed then I just loved him and then on Fridays I wash the house clean the house mother did the cooking and I clean the house

Unknown Speaker 22:06
what kind of clothes close did you Where did you ever we were we had a little joke we were joking

Unknown Speaker 22:14
No no no no it just like when like it's good. You know if you're going to a party you know but I mean when you go into school clothes you see school clothes or you never

Unknown Speaker 22:29
know when I was married and never wear overalls at all because my husband didn't like me and sat in overalls noticing Oh yeah, we're getting Chanel wear lots of games. Sing right out Christmas dinner. Then we aim when in the cemetery used to be off up in the woods picking berries. All over nice. Blackberries strawberries round one that just as I say that. Just that one. I climb the tree reserves. Trees.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
What were the names of your neighbors? Do you remember any of their names?

Unknown Speaker 23:28
Not just

Unknown Speaker 23:32
did you have your school chumps who used to play with you remember their names?

Unknown Speaker 23:36
Oh, Alan door

Unknown Speaker 23:40
to remember their last names at all? Don't maybe they'll just come to you. Maybe someday they'll hear the tape and hear your voice on

Unknown Speaker 23:52
it. Yeah, I'd say that she's telling us they didn't trust her. She tells us just trust me. I didn't tell him now. Kids like to hear it. Make it oh news. So I don't know I just keep on. Kitties. Kitties. Kitties. Kitties. I think I've got more. I don't know why we will put them off. We have them all home. We've had about three. You reunions though my friends. Now got to think there's no one coming up Bruce and another reunion coming up next to new ones. I wouldn't live both.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
What about parties where there are very many parties on the island.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Oh yes. And start the night after the Even even after the Hain was over when they finished him and would have and when the time gifts if there's not too much no we're gonna know how every house always added party dance and you know join in tips and sometimes we wouldn't you know it didn't make any difference anyway. Lungs we went down that's where I first learned to dance. Was that one of those there's people's place and that sounds good now I dance down here all during dance pretty good yeah when did you start dance Gnosis not until I got out Canada

Unknown Speaker 25:55
what kind of dancing did you do

Unknown Speaker 25:58
to stitch you know

Unknown Speaker 26:01
I guess you got all dressed up for those parties.

Unknown Speaker 26:03
Oh shoot she asked how to best dress best dresses for the parties.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
How did you get to the parties?

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Well we walked them

Unknown Speaker 26:17
how far would you have to walk to a party?

Unknown Speaker 26:19
Two miles

Unknown Speaker 26:21
set the main mode of transportation horse and buggy when you did you see any cars at all and 9010

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Well the only car we did says Mr. Burke's car that was if we were in Ganges they weren't minute No, not many cars at all. And he was the only one that had those days 9010 It's mostly luck isn't the team of horses and wagons one thing we had well one day was in a way of easier phase down Ganges you see for versionone but you're animals like we did this last year and there was a friend of ours and we borrowed the horse and buggy and the boy died and the drum ran so I had another extra work to do that and claim that a brush the horse and clean and everything else and get the buggy ready oh I was so disappointed because I thought well I'll do that and hit him up me on going the buggy and your who should start to drive the horse was my system as I clean the horse and put him in the buggy nice was I wanted to learn to drive or you couldn't drive I said all right then go to it oh dear It was so nice I've got a picture that a horse through it I was watering them too

Unknown Speaker 28:10
and then we went down again to the horn man who put the flute in for prizes never think you know oh no it was quite that was a real old country fair.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
It was very low can defend this one this last time reminded me of it 10 On a myself and I was wondering what to put in what has been put in I know this you wouldn't want to put in what

Unknown Speaker 28:46
the secret that's the secret I guess there wouldn't really be that many people on the island in 1910 with their most farmers would

Unknown Speaker 28:59
farmers yes that mostly farmers you know in the kit families and you know and then we'd have picnics and go swim in the lake I mean do domains length we call it as the one in the crime bill we get our water from now with a Ganges get their water from now but there's nobody goes in there swimming. Like the desert submerged. Right. Good news

Unknown Speaker 29:40
How did you tell that time? What time it was?

Unknown Speaker 29:43
I had to duck in the kitchen. I

Unknown Speaker 29:46
just had to keep winding it by head. Did you have a radio or anything like that? Oh, we

Unknown Speaker 29:51
had no redos. We had nothing.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Did you have a telephone?

Unknown Speaker 29:57
No. That's not good. There may be telephones out there now as far as I know of but we had call amounts and they didn't have no telephones we didn't use telephones because because too much and we weren't making that much by system telephone in any way she knew when she had to go to work my mother was she looked after us and I did most of the work

Unknown Speaker 30:27
so you met your husband he was the one that used to bring the groceries up from

Unknown Speaker 30:33
when Telly when we were there we used to have some milk given to us you know we've saved the dream man make a little bit of button put it down in it and down in the wealth to people you know from Melton

Unknown Speaker 30:55
although that's how you kept your butter cold by putting it down in the

Unknown Speaker 30:59
same way of where I am now. And used to make butter butter I used to sell it and my husband said I can make better and sell eggs and sour milk sell cream

Unknown Speaker 31:24
jam they made their own gems but just sellers and I meet him doors anyway sent to substances for summer and a winter here and then remember is when we were going out to a bar oh wait a minute ISIS I forgot my hand he says want to know when you got is where you get that from? This is a board as you said I could have the money for the butter and milk and whatever I sell and eggs you know as an I get saved it and I got two hats for $10 This is insincere is June nice to

Unknown Speaker 32:16
me, so I didn't know you had that much as well. You told me I was I milk the cows anyway to

Unknown Speaker 32:25
When? When did you get married? on B? How old were you when you were married?

Unknown Speaker 32:32
In one month toffee D

Unknown Speaker 32:36
where were you married?

Unknown Speaker 32:38
St. Mark's Church.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
Oh, that must have been lovely.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
Oh, it was a lovely church. I was married. And I all my boys family was Christmas

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Do you remember anything about the wedding? How you How did you solve it? What did you do?

Unknown Speaker 32:57
It was snow on the ground then. We had sleigh horses and the bills on the horses. The general the way

Unknown Speaker 33:17
the denim is 12 by 24. And we're the only table across this way red filled three times with people then we dance till about seven or eight o'clock next morning. Then the farmers went home

Unknown Speaker 33:42
sounds like quite a celebration

Unknown Speaker 33:44
or was that is every Saturday to use those wonders though the time will come in from went to visit some people you know. And we were playing card games. And as soon as it's given me We better go home. And the lady of the house says or make a cup of tea first and there's no right when I have a cup of tea and she opened the door to throw the chilies out and there was about two or three feet of snow on the ground. And she said oh are you not going home tonight and I said why not? Should look that look out him we looked and there was no sign of a snow Oh golly man. We should add some time.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
Can you tell us a little bit about your husband's family? The setup since how long had they been on the island for a long time?

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Namaste means Baba was the first policeman on man. It was one of the first white men on the album and then they Maybe policeman because the NDA could talk 10 Something Indian languages. So I made him a policeman.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
And did he live in the Fernwood area?

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Oh, yes. That's where it was. That's where he when the Hudson Bay don't live in wandered land, you see, and he liked that part of

Unknown Speaker 35:26
Do you know why he came to the island?

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Not least idea. Do you? Can

Unknown Speaker 35:32
you tell us any stories about him? What was his first name?

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Henry Henry. Remember when I was telling

Unknown Speaker 35:39
Henry Sampson.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
And when my oldest boy was born, instead what you're going to call on? He says, given two names. He said, You see, when he came out on boat with that sun Bay Company, while living there was at Henry Sampson and Henry Simpson, some other name like that. Their wishes to get mixed up with them. And it's as you give your boy two names as a die one night column. My youngest brother that got burnt before we came out, he is eating come with us, but his name was house. So we call him Harold Henry, after his granddad now to my brother.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
Did Henry Sampson have anything to do with the Hudson Bay Company? Did you work with them?

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Oh, yes. See or zoom in with them? It

Unknown Speaker 36:37
was like it was it. Was there a trading post there?

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Yes. No. Soy Yeah, but I never saw it. You never saw. I didn't know what he owned or though. I don't know whether I don't think he will knit because he used to go to with the Hudson Bay, chasing the Indians used to have a you know, the center hallway. That's where he used to keep the prisoners. itself, but then to little while it was the hall. That's where it was. But there was two little places where they had the prisoners, the president.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
So he was the first constable. It was that a full time? Job that Oh, yes. And before that he was with the Hudson's Bay Company. They came

Unknown Speaker 37:33
out that make me get the what the color is? Saltspring Saggar? Uh huh. Yeah, it's a book. There's names in there. Tell me about it. And I didn't even know when I was there. When I married my husband, I didn't even know that he could strap that granddad Samson could swim. But he did swim across from get Saltspring to Wallace island that the President going back to prison and boring Ben.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Was there a lot of work for him to do?

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Oh, gosh, I guess the mother keeping tabs of Indians and the white people in that

Unknown Speaker 38:27
he married an Indian woman. And what was her name? Lucy. Lucy 10. She was a princess.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
I think she was a cheese daughter. Anyway, that's

Unknown Speaker 38:38
what they say. You have beautiful portrait of both of them.

Unknown Speaker 38:41

Unknown Speaker 38:46
Do you know any stories about Lucy I guess she died before you met her? We can know the story.

Unknown Speaker 38:51
The only thing I know has been what the women when you were having children used to get a midwife, midwife. And you told me about the bow to your son?

Unknown Speaker 39:04
What did they say?

Unknown Speaker 39:06
Or says you're a wonderful person.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
Where were your children born? On the island and where they they were born at the old hospital. That's now the

Unknown Speaker 39:17
community. Yes, they are. But to me was what one was born in Vancouver and the other was born at home. All the restaurants in the original already?

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Mr. Sampson you raised your family and Fernwood? Is that right?

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Oh, yes. Where they were, where you was today.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
And that house? Is that on? Your husband's father's property? Oh, yeah. Did he have quite a bit of land out there?

Unknown Speaker 39:47
And all yes, he had it right. Going right across the road out to the lake. Out is out to some marriage link right from

Unknown Speaker 39:56
Fernwood to St. Mary's Lake. What did Yeah, what happened with that land? Did he farm it at all?

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Oh, yes. They thought, well, he they had my husband when he was 12 years old, he was dying. Sometimes they get older and what something skin, you know, and they do run, and they go each side of the tree and break your yoke and everything else. And then I did my heavy use damn thing, Jesus. So that let him go and they go around eating and everything else to fix it up again to fix the yolks up again. We did ever you then we're going to keep it but it disappears. Somebody's been around looking, you know, they do come around. They're looking. You know.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
Is there anything left of the original Samsung homestead? Well, your husband grew up

Unknown Speaker 40:57
there. Oh, no, they pull it off. There. We pull it off.

Unknown Speaker 41:01
Was it a log cabin?

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Are you is log cabin.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
Were there many children in your husband's family?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
The team?

Unknown Speaker 41:10
She had 11 girls and two boys. Yes. And you had 11 boys and two girls?

Unknown Speaker 41:14
Yes. I married the oldest boy

Unknown Speaker 41:17
wouldn't what kind of work did he do? How did he make? And so you find when you raised your children

Unknown Speaker 41:24
on while he was on that farm all the time. That's that farm right now is over 100 years old. Have the sense name where the only Sampson's name on the island since he came he got married.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
And fruit trees as well. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 41:44
yes, we have fruit trees. They're all walking.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
There was a work at Fort Fernwood. You're wondering the boats that came in then

Unknown Speaker 41:54
one of the chama came in and then there was used to be some cool some other boats come in, you know, and all the fisherman's and none of the fishermen used to come in but they never stayed very long because they couldn't keep the boat. They're not when it was rough. It just smash them to pieces. And so they didn't stay very long. But that waffle gut now is a new one. Before the old Wharf, you could drive a truck or a car right to the end and the passengers off to get on the boat if they wanted to. If it was too rough, they wouldn't get sometimes they get in they get in but it did take a long time. Because it was rough. Some of the farmers used to be down and catch the ropes you know, I have my father's my husband's burden then we'll go down and catch the ropes you see. help pull it bolding Do you see those big when they had their SAP that was then the old one there was the big boost you know my boys used to climb on the top of those posts and diver down down and one day I was I was down with them and I was standing on the floor then I saw them there's a who's going first of first one went then another and all of a sudden there was one disappeared and the eighth boy II disappeared and then before and I said to them upon the boat session for goodness sake gun series game I did take nerve in all cramps or something cramps nothing now with that boy is swim underwater. Swim right underneath they float what I was standing on right to the beach. And then he asked Mom What do you what do you learn that what what's matter? I turned around so crooked so when I did my bike didn't snap into my head snapped up when he got him Are you crazy related? Are you doing they're just swimming around? Come under the float balloon and they go under and you could that way you could that when you get that when you get up the rest of the boys No, no, no, come on. No, we don't see him on it got me worried you know

Unknown Speaker 44:44
quite quite a life with 13 children in case I did keep them all together and cooking for them.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
And the same is when they were sick when the flu is going on or the measles or the whooping cough I said whenever measles well I hope all you fellas get measles together I said then I won't have to. But one of the times they had some with them but they wouldn't take it all together. They'd be one home from school as soon as that one got better and started school the other another woman get as goodness sake here yep, get upstairs and get to me. Oh yeah, and I didn't mind the only thing I did is to take the food up to him just about gotten to the top and I hit the top step of some downwinders food so they can get some more of it. And I remember the doctor saying when he came to see them, he said to young racism. You're not gonna get that are you? The youngest one says no, I'm not going to get that he says I'm gonna be like Daddy is us gonna be like that he won't catch him no Mises vaches day I was holding up the darkness and you got to come home. Again Mounties. Which one's got it now? So that that said you're like anything you just be like your daddy never get it.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
Do you have anything to say to all the people on the island and all your relatives and everyone who will be here in the state?

Unknown Speaker 46:47
Well, yes, I do. I hope they have a good laugh at it

Unknown Speaker 46:57
I'm just gonna add a button that says I'll be laughing at them.