Lesson 5

An Inquiry: How Did the First Nations and Early Settlers Get Along?


Lesson Prep



Remind the students that the study of the past is done by examining the evidence left behind. In this lesson they will examine the evidence found in journals, letters and newspapers of the past to construct a hypothesis on the relationship between the First Nations people and the early settlers of Salt Spring.


Activity 1


Discuss with the class the following questions:

Record their responses on chart paper.


Present an overhead of


Activity 2

Divide the class into groups of 3-4.

Give each group an Evidence Set.

Students analyze their set using the Inquiry Worksheet.

Come to a conclusion. Each student writes a paragraph stating their conclusion, including evidence for their position, using the Inquiry Conclusion Sheet.

Each group shares their conclusion.

Record conclusions recorded on chart paper. Did all groups reach the same conclusion? Why or why not? Did anyone's position change?


Teacher Resources

Evidence Set

Inquiry Worksheet

Inquiry Conclusion Sheet.

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