"Living On The Land"

A Unit on Early Salt Spring History

Grade level- Gr. 4 & 5



This is a unit on Salt Spring's early history, including both First Nations and early non-native settlement of the island. Its goals are to introduce students to historical methods, such as the interpretation of evidence and the development of historical understanding, as well as providing them a way to discover more about the history of the place in which they live they live.

Each lesson is organized around a question and includes links to primary sources.


British Columbia Social Studies Curriculum (IRP) Connections:

Applications of Social Studies

- Locate and record information from a variety of sources

- identify alternative interpretations from specific historical and contemporary source

- assess at least two perspectives 0n a problem or issue

- organize information into presentations with a main idea and supporting details

Society & Culture

Gr. 4

- describe how people's basic needs are met in a variety of cultures

- demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal cultures in Canada

- demonstrate an understanding of timelines

Gr. 5

- Demonstrate an awareness of contributions of Aboriginal people, the French and the British to the development of Canada

Economy & Culture

Gr. 4

- describe traditional technology used by Aboriginal people in Canada

- demonstrate an awareness of Aboriginal place names

- analyze how people interact with their environment in the past and present

Gr. 5

- analyze the relationship between the development of communities and their available natural resources.


Gr. 4

- demonstrate an awareness of Aboriginal people's relationship with the land and natural resources





Lesson 1: What Is History?

Lesson 2: Who Were The First People Who Lived On Salt Spring?

Lesson 3: Who Were The Next Settlers' Why Did They Come?

Lesson 4: What Was It Like To Live Here?

Lesson 5: How Did The First Nations And Early Settlers Get Along?

Lesson 6: How Has Salt Spring Been Mapped?

Lesson 7: What Are Timelines?

Lesson Plans