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The Salt Spring Historical Society was formed on February 17, 1982 when the following met to create a Society to preserve the History of Salt Spring Island. The founding members of he Society were: Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holtby, Beth Hill, Daisy Gear, Gerry Layard, Olive Clayton, Brenda Cornwall and Morton Straton.

Since that time a dedicated group of local residents have worked each year to advance the work of the Society and to create programs to reflect and show the varied history and development of Salt Spring Island.

The purposes of our society are to encourage historical research and to stimulate public interest in the History of Salt Spring Island. To promote the preservation and identification of historical sites, relics, natural features and other objects and places of historical interest on Salt Spring Island To publish historical sketches, studies and documents that detail our Historical roots.

To this end the archives were established in 1989 under the guidance of Mary Davidson. The archives has grown to many thousands of pictures documents and maps showing the development of Salt Spring Island. Our archives is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers who operate and manage our collection. This collection can be seen on at our website at or at our office in the public library.


The Society presents Monthly Meeting on the Second Wednesday of each of the following Months. [September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May] at Central Hall starting at 2PM.  Our General meeting is held during our May meeting.  Our Website provides information on the topics of each of our meetings. If you would like to be on our e-mail contact list please contact us at

Membership in the Salt Spring Island Historical Society gives you the opportunity to support the preservation of Salt Spring Island’s rich history.

Annual membership is $15 per year beginning in September. The membership year is September to May (excluding Dec).

At 2pm on the second Wednesday of each month we offer a presentation featuring a variety of historical topics. Many of the presenters are descendants of Salt Spring pioneers themselves keenly interested in preserving Salt Spring’s rich history. These presentations are supported by a sound system and audio visual display.

Also available is a subscription to:

British Columbia History
Journal of the British Columbia Historical Federation

Subscription = $20 per year
Published Quarterly

Add this Journal to your Historical Society Membership and receive four journals that enhance your knowledge of British Columbia’s history and provide reading enjoyment.

Our AGM is on May 13th, 2020 2pm at Central Hall

Board of Directors

Position Name Telephone
President Bob McWhirter (250) 537-2194
Treasurer Roberta Starke (250) 653-2375
Director Don Cunningham (250) 537-2893
Director Ross VanWinkel (250) 537-5962
Director Gail Neumann (250) 537-5021
Secretary Barb DuMoulin (250) 537-1338
Archives Christina Marshall (250) 537-2406
Website Coordinator Brian Smallshaw (250) 653-9778
Programs and Publicity Ceridwen Ross Collins (250) 221-1072

Honourary Lifetime Members