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oral histories from our island


We currently have a project underway to transcribe all of the audio files in our collection, using an artificial intelligence program called Otter AI. For the files that have been transcribed, you can find these transcripts at the bottom of each of the pages below. Though the transcripts produced by Otter are remarkably good, they are far from perfect, but making them accessible in their raw, unedited form will allow historians and other researchers to do searches that will vastly improve their ability to locate material of interest. It is our hope that volunteers in the community will step forward to edit these raw transcripts to make them more readable. If you would like to assist with this project for even a single transcript that is of interest to you, please get in touch at Files for which the transcript is in process or has been completed are colour-coded light-blue. All help is greatly appreciated.

1ADesmond Crofton interviewed by Imbert Orchard, 1965

1BDesmond Crofton interviewed by Lillian Horsdal, 1972

2ABea and Ina Hamilton - Part 1

2BThe Hamiltons - Part 2

3Beryl Weatherell (née Scott) interviewed by Imbert Orchard, 1965

4Lyndell Bittencourt interviewed by Imbert Orchard, 1965

5Margaret Cunningham interviewed by Imbert Orchard, 1965

6David and Clara Maxwell interviewed by Imbert Orchard, 1965

7Sophie Purser/King

8The Goodrich sisters speak for a most entertaining and informative hour about the history, culture and social life of Vesuvius. Interviewed by Mary Williamson, 1977

9AGyves, Mrs. Caroline (1892) and Brenton, Mrs. Mary (1894 - ) (née Gyves) interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

9BPatterson, Mrs. Emily interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

10ADonald Goodman interviewed by Mary Williamson, 1977

10BMrs. Holloman tells the story of her grandmother's trip from the U.S. to Salt Spring, and of the first Black settlers on the Island. Interviewed by Amber Hindle, 1977

11AMr. Akerman talks about the different sports that have been popular on the Island since 1910. Interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

11BMr. Akerman talks about family history and mother’s Native background. Interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

12ARuckle, Lotus interviewed by Margaret Simons, 1977

12BHospital Residents

13Mrs. Doreen Morris and Mrs. Betty Stone interviewed by Dorothy Wrotonowski, 1977

14Elizabeth Sampson interviewed by Amber Hindle, 1977

15Andrew Stevens interviewed by Bruce Mitchell, 1982

16Gladys King interviewed by Tony Farr, 1977

17Ted Brown interviewed by Tony Farr, 1982

18Daisy Cartwright interviewed by Tony Farr, 1982

19Mary Inglin interviewed by Tony Farr, 1982

20Eva St.Onge about trapping in the Parsnip region of B.C. 1977

21Bob Akerman Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1990

22Adams, John: Cemeteries, 1987

23Ellen Bennett interviewed by Tony Farr, 1984

24Joane Milner interviewed by Tony Farr, 1984

25Gordon Brown - How Salt Spring Island Became Canadian

26Kay Booth - “The Beddis House”, 1987

27AOlive Clayton talks of her childhood in Anyox, B.C, 1988

27BOlive Clayton talks about an old family recipe book, circa 1700. 1987

28Cornwall, Brenda Frank: Genealogy, 1986

29Geoffrey Castle

31The Croftons at Harbour House 1900 - 1930 Salt Spring Historical Society Collection

32:1Salt Spring Island Schools 1884-1970's - Margaret Cunningham Salt Spring Historical Society Collection

32:2Margaret Cunningham on Psychic Experiences Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1984

33Betty Greer interviewed by Mary Davidson, 1989

34Jack and Shirley Green talk about life on the Island in terms of amusing anecdotes of island life in the 50's and 60's. 1989

35The Royal Canadian Legion in Canada & SSI (Ivan Mouat) 1989

36McLennan Family by Mary Davidson Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1990

37Booth Bay Resort 1947-1967 (Guthrie, Nonnie), 1986

38Mr.Jack Smith briefly describes his parents' dairy farm and transportation on the Island and to Victoria around 1920-1930.

39Constable Harrison gives an overview of the RCMP in Canada from 1873, with some comments on being a police officer on SSI in the present.

40Mr. Henson gives a fascinating account of the archeological dig and archival research into the stonecutter's cottage on Dogwood Lane 1987

41Marc Holmes - Mr. Holmes gives a detailed account of the politics on Salt Spring in the years he is discussing, with some details of economic life. Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1986

42Hill, Beth - Mrs. Hill talks about her research for the book she wrote about youthful Frances Barkley, who travelled around the world and to the Pacific Coast in the eighteenth century, with her husband, Charles Barkley. 1987

43Horel, Charles Robert - Mr. Horel talks about his family‘s origins on Salt Spring Island in the 1870s. Salt Spring Historical Society Collection

44Horsdal, Maralyn - Maralyn Horsdal outlines the publishing of regional histories at her publishing company, Horsdal and Schubart Publishing Ltd., giving many details about publishing and promoting books in and about B.C Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1988

45James, Dorothy - Mrs. James gives a description of the James Seed Company, from its origins in 1915 on James Island to Salt Spring Island in 1922, to Cowichan District in 1930, dissolved in the early 1940s. Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1986

46-1The Kanakas -Tom Koppel Salt Spring Historical Society Collection,1999

46-2Newcastle Island -Tom Koppel Salt Spring Historical Society Collection, 1987

47The Lang Sisters

48Mr.Ronald Lee discusses his family genealogy and his family's arrival on Salt Spring Island in 1885

49 Tony Luton gives some details about the Blackburn family, the house they built and some information about the Cranberry area of Salt Spring Island.

50Mr Akerman discussing the Burgoyne Valley and his family.(Segment)

51Mrs. Margaret Price talks about her arrival on Salt Spring Island in 1912 and her years farming on the Island

52Gwen Ruckle outlines the history of the family from the 18th Century

53Dr. Rush reminisces about his first practice in Ganges, 1930 to 1942

54-1Mr. Walters gives a detailed account, based on archival and newspaper sources about early pre-emptions on Salt Spring Island

54-2“Pre- and Early History of the Pacific Coast”.
Mr. Walters talks about the geological and European cultural and exonomic roots of the Pacific North West

55.1& 2 Mr. Reginald Taylor talks about his youth and adulthood in Northern B.C. and White Rock. Only the last 15 minutes of mention Salt Spring, where he retired in the early 1950s

56Mr. Wilson gives a brief of his first visit to Salt Spring and the establishment of the Fulford Marina circa 1956.

57Mr. Jonathan Yardley outlines the history of the Hastings House property and the substantial renovations he designed in the early 1980s when the house was converted to a resort.

58Captain Cameron outlines the voyages of the early Spanish explorers to the Pacific Northwest and the international disputes involved.

59Mr. Guernsey gives a detailed account of the events leading up to the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck

60Patrick Dunnae - 'Gentlemen Emigrants'

61Cougars - Richard Mackie

62Canadian Scottish Regiment by John Crofton

63Indian/White Relations - Mr Lillard

64Gordon Cudmore, “Life in Fulford in the 1920’s and 30’s”

65Stevens Boarding House. pt 1- Margaret Cunningham

66Murakami, Kimiko and Tanaka, Alice, “Before and After the War”, 1990

67Irene Palmer, “Married Life on Bullock’s Farm”, 1990

68Catherine Rollings, “Rhodonite Mine”, 1990

69Mr. Layard, “Three generations of Layards on Salt Spring Island”, 1990

70RobertPatterson “Beaver Point, 1920's -1930's”, 1990

71Daisy Gear, “The Life of Bill Evans”, 1990

72Frank Grant, “Life in Vancouver, on Vancouver Island and retirement on SSI”, 1990

73Cecilia Reynolds, “Life on SSI from 1932 onwards”, 1990

74Tom and Kay Butt, “Life on the Farm”, 1990

75Les Mollet, “Grandparents’ Arrival in 1800’s and His Childhood”, 1990

761 & 2 Bob, Dorothy& Lassie Dodds and the Gyves Family, 1990

77Case-Morris family and Lang Family

78Bob Hele • Ruth Sandwell

80Ivan Mouat • Ruth Sandwell

81Ted Brown • Ruth Sandwell

82Mrs. Dorothy James - James Seed Co. • Ruth Sandwell

83Evelyn Lee and Jonathan Bennett • Ruth Sandwell

84Denise and Doreen Crofton • Ruth Sandwell

86Charles Horel by Ruth Sandwell

87SS Sound Archives - presentation by Ruth Sandwell

88CBC Program: Salt Spring: Island in the Gulf, 70s

89Dave, Jack and Paul Roland Interview, 1977

90Ida New and Bob Akerman, 1985

91Nora Nixon, 1985

92John Stepaniuk and John Crofton, “Long Harbour Dig”

93Cyril Beech - Logging

94.1& 2 Fred Hollings - Logging

95Bill Barlee at BCHF Nelson 1997 on mining and ghost towns of the Kooteny

96Joe Garner presentation to SS Hist. Soc.

97Bill Mouat - early schools, Mouats store etc., 1991

98.1& 2 Donald Goodman and Les Wagg - Fire fighting on Salt Spring Island, 1991

99Joan Ingram - Beaver Point Pionéers, 1991

100History of the Apple Growers on Salt Spring Island by Harry Burton

101Ships Servicing Salt Spring Island by Sue Mouat

102Simone Chantelu

103Vesuvius by Ruth Heinekey, Iris Pattison and Sue Mouat


105History of the SSI Power and Sail Squadron by Dr. Harold Helm

106Dorothy James by Sue Mouat, 1991

107Ivan Mouat's War Letters, 1941-1945

108Lady Minto Hosp. Aux. and the Sunshine Guild by Sue Mouat and Ethel Davidson, 1992

109Farming on SSI by Mort Statton, 1859-1914

110Bob Akerman Sr. presentation at Fulford Hall, 1992

111The Cranberry District by Jessie Wagg, 1992

112Cranberry Marsh by Ted Brown and Jessie Wagg

113Men from SSI in WWII

114Manson Toynbee’s Childhood on SSI, 1927-1948

115Mort Stratton on Farming, 1918-1940

116Beekeeping by David Harris, 1993

117West Coast Exploration by Tom Wright, 1994

118Seeds by Dan Jason, 1994

119Newspapers on Salt Spring Island, 1994

120Wilson Family Reunion, 1994

121Gibson: Crofton Family History, 1994

122History of the CN Railway and Steamships by Ken McKenzie, 1994

123Gulf Island Ferries, 1957-1961 by D. Seward

124Relationship of Native and Western White Cultures by Kim Recalma-Clutesi, 1995

125The Kanakas -Tom Koppel

126Early Cowichan History by Jack Fleetwood

127Soldier and Citizen by Desmond Crofton, 1995

128Bullock Photographs by Betty Peters, 1996

129Salt Spring Island Schools by Ivan Mouat, 1996

130“Demystifying a Box of Archives” by Mary Davidson, 1997

131Salt Spring Weather by Robert Aston, 1997

132Colonial Wars of 1863 by Chris Arnett, 1997

133Elderhostel rail trip from Montreal to Vancouver in 1996, with emphasis on history of the CN System by Ken Mackenzie, 1997

134Indian Place Names on Salt Spring Island by Chris Arnett, 1997

135Naval Occasions That Never Made the News, Tony Farr

136Murders of Salt Spring Settlers by Dr. Ruth Sandwell, 1998

137Archives' Records by John Bovey, 1998

138History of the Aboriginal Land question in British Columbia by Dr. Jim Hendrickson, 1998

139Ellen and John Bennet by Charles Kahn, 1997

140Bob Patterson by Charles Kahn, 1997

141Kimiko Murakami by Charles Kahn, 1996

142Denise Crofton and her nephew John Crofton by Charles Kahn, 1997

143Gwen and Lotus Ruckle by Charles Kahn, 1997

144Lady Minto Hospital, notes by Sue Mouat, 1991

145Joan Milner interviewed by Sue Mouat, 1991

146Frank Richards, Sewer Problem

147Hank Schubart and Ivan Mouat interviewed by J. Watson and S. Mouat, 1995-96

148Tom Toynbee: Development of Ganges Core, Sewer Conflict

149AIvan Mouat and Migs Russell Edwards

149BIvan Mouat and the History of Mouat Trading

149CMigs Russell Edwards and Ivan Mouat on Marcaibo

150CBC show on SSI (two parts) by David Grierson, 2001

151David Weatherall on ‘Indian Rock Art’, 1999

152Island Princess to Pender Queen by Don Small, 2003

153Manuel Azevedo: “How the Portugese Diaspora Reached Salt Spring Island”

154Early Salt Spring Schools, w1999

155“Native Art” by Reg Ashwell, 2002

156“Heritage Houses on Salt Spring” by Jonathan Yardley, 2003 - PAGE MISSING AND AUDIO FILE CORRUPTED

157“The Stark Family” by Nadine Sims

158NW Pre-History and First Peoples by Tom Koppel

159“Heritage” by Bill Huot, 2003

160Lady Minto Hospital by Karen Davies and Sue Mouat, 2000

161B.C. Tugs by Bob Spearing, 2002

162Bond Family History by Malcom Bond, 2003

163B.C. Police by Bob McWhirter, 2002

164Maracaibo by Charles Bazzard, 2001

165Gordon Cudmore interviewed by Agnes Cunningham, 2000

166Early Logging on Salt Spring Island

167Old ships on the West Coast by Keith McLaren

168St. Mary’s Lake Farm from 1920-1950 by Lucie Stuart

169Fulford Pioneers, 2002

170Rose Murakami, 2003

171History of the Gulf Islands Driftwood by Duncan Hepburn and Tony Richards

172The Battle of Ganges by Chris Arnett

173Prisoner of War 1943 - 1945 by Ivan Mouat

174South End Pioneers, 2001

175The Empress Hotel by Terry Reksten

176.1Dermot Crofton, Paul Layard and Ivan Mouat, 1993

177Bob Harwood, History of the HMS Ganges, February 2004

178Old Ganges with Bob Rush

179August Sylvester interviewed by Chris Arnett and Barbara Lyngard about creation stories, ressource harvesting, place names, 2004

180John Lutz on Sexploration

181Japanese WWII operations on the West Coast by Chris Weicht, 2001

182Florence Hepburn speaks about her teaching experience

183Hawaiians by Cathy Roland, 2002

184Ganges Sewer by Tom Toynbee

185The Imaginary Indian by Dan Francis

186“Granny” Sampson

187Margaret Cunningham (K.K.)

188Irene Griffin interviewed about First Nation culture on SSI

189Maxwell Lake by Ted Brown

190“Impressions of Early Days on the Gulf Islands” by Imbert Orchard

191Heritage at Risk by Jonathan Yardley

192Hatfield: The History of Cusheon Cove, 2005

193The Churches of the Burgoyne Valley, 2005

194The James Seed Company

195Jonathan Begg

196Lady Minto Hospital

197Joan Milner

198Mike Morris, Great Grandson of Reverend Wilson

199Galiano Island by Paul LeBlonde

200“The Life and Times of Alfred Gerald Crofton” by Pat Crofton

201Mike and Bev Byron (Community Service Award)

202Heinekey: The Story of Vesuvius Bay, 2010

204Barb Lyngard and Chris Arnett “The Maxwell Family”, 2006

205Peter McCully speaks about the Gulf Islands Driftwood

207Booth, Kahn: Heritage Buildings

208Bob Howe on Four Expeditions to the Arctic

209Cunningham: Purdy - Beddis Families, 2006

210Royal Canadian Legion by Kathryne Holm, 2006

211Bion, Capitaine Paul, 2007

212Salt Spring Archives, Twenty-five years of 2012

213“Salt Spring Island: Our Park Legacy” by Nora Layard, 2007

214Isabella Point School by Kathleen Rathwell

215Ballad of the Small Hotel - 2006

216Barb Aust Radio Program - 2010

217Barry Wilks - 1998

218Bill Scoones

219Bill Earl - 2009

220BBlagbourne - 2015

221Brenda Guiled, Ruckle’s World Book Launch, 2018

222Guiled: Mary’s Ghost and Other South-End Traces, 2017

223Brenda Guiled, First Nations History on Salt Spring, 2016

224ABruneau - Roesland - 2015

224BRose Murakami on CFSI-FM - 20 October 2015

225 Farmer’s Institute, Museum and Fall Fair by M. Lee, G. Laundry and Sue Mouat, 2004

226Nursing by Goldrick, Dorothy Pearce D'Arcy, 1987

227Hawaiians Remembered: Presentation by Wendy Maurer • Kanaka Reunion August 2009

228ARussell Island: Ruth Sandwell talking to Harry Roberts at his home in Parksville, 1997

228BRussell Island: Ruth Sandwell talking to Harry Roberts on Russell Island, 1997

229Promoting the History and Heritage of the Cowichan Valley by Kathryn Gagnon

Russel Island Oral Histories by Wendy Maurer 2009

230.1Bruce Roberts

230.2Garth Roberts

230.3Jane Grove

230.4John Gardiner

230.5Karey Litton

230.6Larry Bell

230.7Marie Gordon

230.8Marjorie Gardiner

230.9Myrtle Roberts

230.10Patti Gardiner

230.11Shannon Bell

230.12Sherri McKee

230.13Stan Bell

230.14Wendy Maurer

231The Lee Family of Salt Spring Island by Gordon Lee

232Fulford Village, The History of Panel: Barbara Lyngard, Gladys Campbell, Bruce Patterson and Len Crawford

233Chris Arnett - Two Houses Half-buried in Sand

234Lady Minto Hospital, A History of, 2008

235Davidson, Beaver Point, A History of, 2009

236Evelyn C. White and Joanne Bealy: To Be Free: The 150th Anniversary of Black Settlement on Salt Spring Island, 2009

237Greene: A History of Money in 19th-Century BC, 2009

238Mary Lynn Hetherington RN: In Tribute of Canada‘s Nursing Officers: World War I to the Present

239Bond: Farmer‘s Institute, 2010

240Wigen: Prohibition

241Wallis: 60 Years of RCMP History

242Rowell: WW1 Veterans Remembered

243McKenzie: The Navy League of Canada

244Patterson Bremner: Fifty Years of Firefighting on Salt Spring Island

245Rautenbach: Alfred Temmel Murals

246.1Amazing Women of Salt Spring 2008

246.2-3Amazing Women of Salt Spring 2011

247Lamb: The Islands Trust Story, 2011

248Patterson Family

249Bond Cunningham: Harry Bullock, 2011

250Mary Davidson: McLennan Family of Beaver Point, Adventures in Genealogy and the History of the, 2011

251Arthur Black: in conversation with Bob Rush, 2011

252Arthur Black: in conversation with Nancy Wigen, 2011

253Hedger Family, 2012

254Kathleen Rathwell, 2012

255Black: Sue Mouat, 2012

256Bennet: Sue and Ivan Mouat, 1995

257Kahn: Changing Faces of Salt Spring Island

258South Salt Spring Seniors Honour Kay Catlin

259Aust: History of the Saturday Market

260Dorricott: The Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards of The Vancouver Island Survey

261Black: Evelyn Lee, 2012

262Campbell: The Patterson Family, 2012

263The Roland and Middleditch Families

264Korocil: The Purdy - Beddis Family, 2009

265Kahn: A Pictorial History of Salt Spring, 2013

266Black: Natalie Horel, 2013

267Arnett: Shiyahwt: A History of Ganges

268Koppel: Living at Lakeridge on Bullock Lake in the 1960s and 70s

269Minvielle: Amalgamation of the Daily Colonist and the Daily Times Newspapers

270Laundry: On Farming

271Byron Family History

272Burton: The Creation of Ruckle Park

273Heinekey: Vesuvius Bay Revisited, 2014

274Rautenbach: E.F. Wilson: A Midlife Re-evaluation

275The History of the Town of Ladysmith, 2014

276Arnett: History of Shiya'hwt, Ganges and Grace Islet, 2014

277Horsdal: The Real Judge Begbie and the Uses of Historical Fiction, 2015

278Cunningham: The Central Settlement and the Early History of North Salt Spring, 2015

279McWhirter: The History of the Gulf Islands School District from 1859 to 2015, 2015

280Rautenbach: E.F. Wilson‘s 'Fair Play Papers' of 1891, 2015

281The Churches of Ganges, 2015

282Arnett: A Kanaka/Salish Family of Isabella Point, 2016

283Nemtin: Japanese Charcoal Pit Kilns, 2016

284Smallshaw: The Dispossession of Japanese Canadian Land on Saltspring Island During WW2, 2016

285Van Winckel: Salt Spring & BC Ferries: The Boats, the People, the Stories!, 2016

286Guiled: Old Timers and Newcomers to Eleanor Point, 2016

287Art and Florence Hepburn, 1970-73

288Rautenbach: One Island - Eight School Districts, 2006

289Pioneer Days 1950

290The Historicals Meet the Hystericals: A History of the Hysterical Society, 2010

291Arnett: Nlaka'pamux Rock Painting of the Stein River Valley, 2011

292Marguerite Lee and Wendy Newton interviewed by Charles Kahn (Mouat's Trading Early Days Interviews) (2005)

292Burton: History of Apple Growing on Salt Spring, 2017

292Lee, Newton: Mouat's Trading: Early Days, Interviewed by Charles Kahn, 2005

293Johnston: Mouat’s Trading: Early Days, Interviewed by Charles Kahn, 2005

294History of the Cranberry Area: Interviews with Ted Brown, 1987-88

295Letter from the Islands Agricultural and Fruit Growers Association dated July 2th 1912 asking Harry Bullock to not drive his car on “showday”

296Professor John Price “150 Years and Counting Fighting for Justice on the Coast, Asian Canadians of Vancouver Island, Race Indigeneity and the Trans-Pacific” Travelling Exhibit

297Brief Description of Major Crofton’s service on V-Day in World War Two

298Brief Description of Major Crofton’s arrival written by his family

298Watson: Salt Spring in the Great War, 2016

297Brief Description of Major Crofton's service on V-Day in World War Two

299Weston and Watson: The Whims of Salt Spring Island: Farming, Family and the Sampson Connection, 2017

299Pearl Luke, Robert Hilles, Maggie Ziegler, Kevin Patterson and George Sipos "Real and Imagined Lives"

300Arnett: If There is a Place, the People Have a Name for It, 2017

301Van Winckel: How We Got Around Before BC Ferries, 2017

302Arnett: Hwtse’lumun “Place of the Fir Poles”: Overland Indigenous Canoe Travel on Salt Spring Island, 2018

303Rautenbach: Harbour House Hotel, 2018

303The DeBurgh Family interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about their family history, 2015

304Florence & Dave Davidson, the proprietors of the Roseland Resort on Pender Island, interviewed by Ruth Sandwell, 1998

304Rice: Ernie Interview

305Ling Weston, interviewed about her life, 2016

306Aust: Word on the Rock - the Archives, May 2018

306Aust: Word on the Rock - the Stonecutter‘s Cottage, September 2018

307Chuck Tasaka interviewed by Ruth Sandwell (?) and Frank Neumann (?) about his life, 2013

308Dave Howell “Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue in the Pacific with an emphasis on Ganges and the Gulf Islands”, 2013

309George Laundry “Stories about my father and his participating in the Second Boer War”, 2015

310Bob Rush, “Life on Salt Spring”, 2011

311Sergeant Wallace RCMP, “Sixty Years of Policing on Salt Spring Island”, 2010

312Apple Growing and Pollinating, 2010

313Rose Murakami, Japanese-Canadian Graves

314Chris Arnett, “Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Salish Rock Painting”

315Charles Kahn, “First Nations History of Salt Spring“, 2013

316Mr Trench/Lord Ashtown interviewed by Frank Neumann and unknown about Trench and Musgrave family history in the United Kingdom and SSI

317Diana Symons interviewed by Gillian Watson, 2012

318Darleen Nita interviewed, 2004

319Michael Byers “Arctic Sovereignty”

320Chris Arnett being quizzed by Frank Neumann and Others on SSI First Nations place names, 2011


322Malcolm Bond interviewed by Frank Neumann and unknown, naming people in old school photographs

323Brief description of the life of Alfred Raynes by unknown

324Syde Anderson interviewed by Ruth Sandwell, 2015

325Michael Ravison (?) "The Convenience of Anti-Americanism"

326Luschiim/Arvid Charlie interviewed by Chris Arnett, 2005

327Choir singing, civic groups speak, Duncan & Emily Hepburn celebrated, 2017

328Historical Society 2008 AGM, Chris Arnett, 2008

329Joan Carolan interviewed by unknown, identifying old photos, 2005

330Don Cunningham interviewed by Frank Neumman, identifying old photos, 2017

331Don Cunningham interviewed by Frank Neumann about the Park Drive neighbourhood, 2016

332Emily Hepburn interviewed on the radio about the restoration of St Paul‘s Church, 2007

333Ernie Rice, 2005

334Kennedy, “History of the Canadian Scottish Regiment and Gulf Island Contributions to the Regiment”

335Rush: A History of Ganges, and Remaining Old Buildings, 2018

336Henry Edward interviewed by Chris Arnett, 2005

337Sue Mouat “A Photo History of the Mouat's starting in the Shetlands”, other Mouat's make remarks, audience Q&A, 2005

338Ivan Mouat interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about his family history (segments), 2003

339Jean Holmes interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about her memories on Salt Spring based on her diaries, 2007

340John Craven Jones song (3 mins) by Phil Vernon

341John & Vern (?) Elliot interviewed about life on SSI, 2014

342Kate Scoones interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about growing up in the Gulf Islands

343Kevin Bell “A History of Mouat’s Trading Company”, 2007

344Jordan Stanger-Ross “Lansdscapes of Injustice”, 2019

345Larry Bell conversing with Barbara Aust, 2005

346Ken Williams at the Legion tells the story of the Russian Oil Company and the Canadian Navy, 2007

347Les Bedocs interviewed by Frank Neumann and unknown about his life on SSI, 2010

348Lucy Burkit/Stuart “Childhood on Salt Spring Island”

349Frank Reynolds interviewed by Frank Neumann and others about Mink farm and more, 1998

350Marie Elliot interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about family history and life in the Gulf Islands, 1998

351Mary Backlund interviewed by Imbert Orchard about family history and life in the Gulf Islands, 2014

352Mary Davidson interviewed by the CBC about the Archives “The Dispossesion of Japanese Canadians and our Stories”

353Mary (née Murakami) & Tosh Kitagawa, 2017

354Mary Ohara interviewed by unknown about family history and growing up on Galiano

355May Wong “City in Colour”

356Conrad Pinol (?) and the rest of the publishing committee “Morton Stratton Farms Farmers Farming”, 2016

357Ivan and Sue Mouat/Toynbee talking to Ruth Sandwell, 2004

358George Laundry “Pimbury Landing or Musgrave Landing”

359Nadine Sims interviewed by Unknown and Frank Neumann, 2014

360Someone reading a 1905 text denouncing the Nanaimo Miner’s Strike, 2003

361Salt Spring Island Parish and Home, January 1896, 2017

362Pat Crofton interviewed by Gillian Watson and Frank Neumann, 2009

363Pat Krebs, interviewed by Frank Neumann and Sue Mouat, 2009

364“Early Portuguese Pioneers to Salt Spring and BC”, 2008

365Adiel Pantoja “The Bion File”, 2015

366Michael Layland “Ripple Rock Its Discovery, Fiction, and Demise”, 2008

367Shrumm: Her Story: Salt Spring‘s Early Women Artists, 2018

368Interview with several different BC archives, including Salt Spring Archives, 2011

369Kate Roland, Anna Holtrecht, Fifth Annual St. Paul Cemetery Walk, 2018

370Sue Mouat interviewed by unknown about living in BC in the 1930s

371Marshall Heinekey “Toastmasters Speech”, 2013

372Mike Terry and Dorris Herd interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about their family’s connection to Tumbo Island, 1998

373Chris Arnett “Two Houses Half Buried in Sand”

374Usha Rautenbach talks to others about John Craven Jones and early SSI schools, 2012

375Usha Rautenbach “Early Salt Spring Schools from 1860-1951”, 2007

376Val Gyves and Dorothy Dodds interviewed about the Gyves family history, 2005

377Chris Arnett “Salt Spring in World War One, War Memorial”, 2008

378Winnie D Elliot about growing up on Galiano, 2005

379Brian Smallshaw and Steve Nemtin, ”The Japanese Charcoal Kilns of the Southern Gulf Islands”, 2017

380“History of the Women's Institute”, 2007

381George Laundry interviewed by Frank Neumann and unknown about his life (short), June 2017

382Bill Scoones interviewed by Ruth Sandwell about his World War Two service, his life, identifying old photos, 2004

383John Scoones (?) identifying old photos, 2005

384Ann Hennessy interviewed by unknown, identifying old flyers and photos

385Chris Arnett “My grandfather in World War One, Salt Spring in the War, details of the War Memorial” (similar but not identical to 377), 2018

386Alistair Ross interviewed by unknown, identifying old photos (series of interviews), 2005

387Christa Weiss interviewed by unknown, identifying old photos

388Mrs Hendrickson and John Hendrickson (?) interviewed by Charles Kahn, 2009

389Olive Clayton briefly summarizes the early Salt Spring Library, 2003

390Dave Morgan interviewed by unknown about his life, identifying old photos (series of interviews)

391Unknown telling the story of Raffles Purdy meeting his wife, other details of Purdy's life

392Unknown being interviewed by unknown about the Jones family, identifying family photos, 2005


394Earl Claxton First Nation Elder interviewed by Chris Arnett about Myths (Part 2), 2005

395Earl Claxton First Nation Elder talks to Chris Arnett about petroglyphs (short segment), 2005

396Unknown “History of Astronomical, Geological and Evolutionary Thought”, Historical Society Presentation

397Unknown man being interviewed by unknown about life on Galiano growing up

398Deirdre Cropper (?), Frank Neumann, Usha Rautenbach, and Unknown discuss old photos (2 + half hours), 2005

399Unknown man talking to unknown interviewer and Frank Neumann about CCF politics, humorous memories of Salt Spring Island (1 hour)

400Ceridwen Ross Collins, Christina Marshall, Frank Neumann talking to unknown woman about Dean Road, 2018

401Chris Arnett, Ganges Village Tour, 2020

402Marguerite Gear Lee interviewed by Laura Scott, 2020

403Jackie Hagan interviewed by Christina and Unknown about her family history and memories (2018)

404Tom Toynbee interviewed by Christina Marshall about his memories of growing up on Salt Spring Island, 2019

405Shannon Sinn “The Haunting of Vancouver Island” October 2019

406Fran Morrison “Black History Month”, February 2020

407Brian Smallshaw “Saltspring Characters” website, a new section of this website, 2018
Saltspring Characters

423Roland Family Elder Event, 1 June 2019

424Kate Roland in conversation with Stan Harris (eight clips), June 2019

425Kate Roland in conversation with Brendan Ko (five clips), 21 June 2019

426Kate Roland in conversation with Charlie Sampson (two clips), 19 February 2020

427Kate Roland speaking with John & Lee Roland on First Nations Ancestry, 22 February 2020

428Kate Roland First Nations-Kanaka Ancestry, 8 February 2020

429Kate Roland on First Nations-Kanaka Ancestry, Roland Family Dictionary, 15 February 2020

430Naukana Elders Ancestors Reunion, May 2019

431Murakami Family 65th Anniversary of Return to Salt Spring, 2019

432George Laundry “Talk and Q&A about Musgrave with SSI Seniors”, April 2019

432George Laundry "Speech and Q and A about Musgrave with SSI Seniors" (April 2019)

434Chris Arnett “Ganges site talk Earth Day”, May 2019

435Chris Arnett “Armed Resistance on the Gulf Islands The Battle of Lamalchi Bay”, March 2020

436Anna Holtrecht “Ganges Community Cemetery Walk”, March 2019

437Morgan Black “Clam Gardens”, March 2019

438Ray Simard interviewed by Christina Marshall about his life, logging, August 2019


440Nancy Wigen interviewed by Christina Marshall, Tara Martin, and Chris Arnett about family history, First Nations, and area, August 2020

441Ken Sampson interviewed on a walk with Christina at his old farm at Fernwood (Oct 2020)

442Ken Sampson interviewed about First Nations and Fernwood area, October 2020

443Marguerite Lee and W Newton interviewed by Charles Kahn about the history of Mouat’s Trading, 2017

444Kathleen Rathwell interviewed about her life, 2002


446Chris Arnett being quizzed on First Nation place names on Salt Spring

447Chris Arnett “No Hall is an Island: History of Mahon Hall”, 20 April 2022

448Charles Sampson interviewed about his life, April 2022

450Prof. John Lutz, “Ranfurley Island?: Using Rare Maps to Discover Early European Understanding of ‘Salt Spring Island’”, 9 March 2024


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