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Bill Mouat

Bill and Sue Mouat discussing Early schools, Mouats store etc.

Accession Number Interviewer Sue and Bill Mouat
Date October 2, 1991 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:01
The first book was called the Nomad. The Nomad was about a 30 foot boat she she lay on on the beach and so she runs away right alongside where the we're going forward ferry now there's a beach there along to the family up on the hill there that we're looking at.

Unknown Speaker 0:22
Well the mall it's

Unknown Speaker 0:24
part of the Long Beach and she laid there rotting away for many many years and then the Ganges of course burned up oh, I

Unknown Speaker 0:33
didn't know that.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Again Geez burned up and the Gavin Gavin had been on board heard running for about a week and it was somebody else and she they must have left Somali hos she burned up over in the middle of the night and at anchor her old home was down on pedestals there as part of their breakwater for years. Oh was out here at women's place? What's the name of the people who lived only choices? She married mister missus Oh, when was married to this woman John was married her she was an English woman.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
Yeah, you'd have I'd have to ask that. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:33
any rate her cabin was there for quite a while they offered me that cabin and I never got around to going to take the cabin I was gonna bring it down here pretty well built

Unknown Speaker 1:46
the Ganges burned up an anchor and she had when Eric was sank the Ganges went all the way from from from the Ganges harbour down to 72 and she was the first boat there was a very rough day

Unknown Speaker 2:12
it was the first boat there to take off and rescue people from the bales of hay and various other things that they were relying on.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
But the we haven't heard of a man named we have the have you

Unknown Speaker 2:28
heard about us prophecy? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:31
Ever been came down that morning tomorrow and tried to get Walter Norton tried to get there try to get anybody get home so I can hear the women and children the screaming the Eric was

Unknown Speaker 2:43
saying they got a phone call but an hour later Erica listen.

Unknown Speaker 2:48
There's a very strange thing. Yeah. And the fob listen. Slim knee colored Man Ray. And he used to stop us and either always have some little property to give us when we were going to school.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
But you weren't afraid of them? No, no one

Unknown Speaker 3:14
was ever afraid of Apple. But he had some weird sayings

Unknown Speaker 3:18
are going back to this Nomad she would pull in under the store and she wouldn't want this or not the Nomad

Unknown Speaker 3:26
she could have done that. The ones I saw in there were robots again, you see

Unknown Speaker 3:44
the you know where the old post office used to be opposite where anymore boring house

Unknown Speaker 3:54
see right underneath that. That was having an excavated for some additions. And they ran into a mitten and they ran into quite a lot of artifacts which are in Victoria now in the i Very nice, but so long ago made walrus tusk or something. And the skulls with blossoms. If you go back, if you go back to the 1860s

Unknown Speaker 4:35
the Cowichan Indians use Ganges harbour a good deal but they never lived there. No. And you've heard of the massacre until the DNC kind of harbor house. That wasn't the only one that faced it. But some of them took place right where the storage hence the name. ringland Who is the postmaster for for some years under granny? Yeah, later on he took over videos artifacts he was here his life I saw somebody didn't have any iPhone in those days I was so

Unknown Speaker 5:26
you don't know what langeland would have done with them? I think he

Unknown Speaker 5:29
had his own little private collection. And then he had to give some of them to Victoria satisfy the powers that be. Well he had a daughter Kara did indeed yes the other daughter Karen. He had some steps on Sydney.

Unknown Speaker 5:50
I don't know I we were talking about the Ringwood Ward last night I got talking about the winglets. I just wondered, you know if there were any sons or grandsons still alive, Victoria,

Unknown Speaker 6:04
I don't know. What it was. Wasn't Mrs. Morris. Didn't she marry Ringwood? I don't know. I think the Morris was raised or his stepson.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
Oh, Fred and Fred Ray.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
I'm just trying to mixed up right now but they were she got left home. I don't know as much about what happened. Was I always a younger, younger. No. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Oh, no, this is what you this is still going. Well, Mr. Malcolm, of Malcolm Purvis. Yes, he was the blacksmith.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
No, no, the blacksmith was

Unknown Speaker 7:06
not enough not in our time and he had died. Oh, soon after, either before or soon after more brothers was established. The blacksmith was done with near the maples and the pennies at time I turned the the bills the bills for him. We used to drop in to see him on oil from school. He was a great character and he always had horses there. We would make more shoes.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
McAfee. Oh, yeah. McAfee is pond,

Unknown Speaker 7:41
McAfee. McAfee will say and we used to when I were part of it was our teacher. Where you can I run down there and Jimmy come on and and some of the other boys would be Jim Urquhart. You ever heard of Jim McCarthy? He was his mother married. Very atomic. And he was one of the sons of the original eco see. And then I and some of the others would go in there and he'd have these are in bars. Pushing. Breaking difficult when we want to live apart for that kind of watch you join in the fun. And the McAfee was McAfee is boarding house or not boarding house McAfee maxima sharp was a gathering place for the boys after school.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
Well, you said that Mr. Elliott had a gas station at Central would that been the first

Unknown Speaker 8:57
gas station was a Gresh garage? I don't know how much business he did permit garage. There weren't many cars in those days. No. But later on, you'll see the more brothers took over the Ford agency about I think, I think was 98. And they needed a garage mechanic and so forth. And Mr. Lee became a mechanic and they established the Ford garage. Whereas smaller stores harder today.

Unknown Speaker 9:43
The postmaster at Central Mr. Henry wasn't Mr. Henry. Well, how did he deliver the mail? Or did he not come there and deliver the mail people came to

Unknown Speaker 9:54
where they were. There was a contract out for mail to it for mail delivery. And I can see them delivering it now whether it was a pony rig, but I'm not sure what I don't think I might share a little McFadden's didn't have that contract for a while.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
When did when bar Betancourt's had the store just further down on the way to Vesuvius? Did they have the post office there at one time?

Unknown Speaker 10:32
I don't know. The record store was emphasis is not on the wait.

Unknown Speaker 10:37
No, but I they had the one that was at the service at one time, but earlier on it had a house just across from Portlock Park. Yes. To Harry Nicole had later. And that had been a store at one time and then Ernest coffins bought it.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
Well, more ago Tom Mike used to swear that in 85 was when they opened the hotel and store it at facilities. And he said when he when the mods came off the boat from Providence or from either Province of Manitoba, which will further took off from to Vesuvius. That store was under was being finished at that time.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Now, I was making a mistake when I said Bittencourt I met Broadwell o Broadwell. Yeah, it was a different Yeah. Yeah, well, the Broncos have a post office there. Ya know, one time

Unknown Speaker 11:45
I don't know. The only stories I have abroad wells to see, you know that are grant Ivan's father morning in Spokane, Washington. And when they came down to visit his grandfather Manson in Nanaimo. His father went to work for Broadway. I was at a store in the 90s

Unknown Speaker 12:29
and he went to work for Broadway Los Angeles Broadwell who told him about the place which the name of the Copeland center for sale and Rondell was buying place up on the mountain

Unknown Speaker 12:44
here. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
At the time, so I didn't know that but let's actually open a store at the soleus Well,

Unknown Speaker 12:55
you know, almost at Central really almost

Unknown Speaker 13:02
I knew all Mr. Private well, but I think it just faded away. Probably when Malcolm Purvis opened their store. I wouldn't be surprised because in 1902 the broad wells opened the store in Crofton and he became postmaster there a problem that cropped up

Unknown Speaker 13:27
this other one that appears is news to me you see the the Harry Nichols place useful. The one that used to be Dr. Mann's Oh did it permits place

Unknown Speaker 13:42
it'll probably be worth going to land registry office and getting the titles on that house. So he would have been the first fish on the island.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
I don't think he did much of venting, but he was aware he was whether he was getting any right to the title Doctor or not. I don't know but that's

Unknown Speaker 14:08
what you probably have. When you remember Dr. Sutherland to do you

Unknown Speaker 14:11
are a new doctor so unwell. Dr. Sutherland Please doctor she I always remember her one day she said you know you should have those teeth. But then she said your body and voice it doesn't really matter. My teeth are very irregular. She was quite a character.

Unknown Speaker 14:42
Well get her husband died on the island do

Unknown Speaker 14:49
some boat up the coast before he married Dr. Sutherland. Her name was de something.

Unknown Speaker 14:57
Well, you will talk about the west the other day. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:01
something like at any rate he has he had the biggest yacht are all privately owned the offer out here in those days they used to go quite a bit.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
I've got a slide of it. regatta on the spit.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
It was had a lot of capital, very long boulders along boulder I think it must have been 35 feet he was grateful for some of them was very well respected. I think

Unknown Speaker 15:45
I was talking to Winifred Spaulding yesterday about training. She you know, she started training here. Do you remember any of the other people she was talking about Miss Watson that came over from Nanaimo Watson. When does that name ring a bell at all? You would have been quite small.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
I knew people here when I was. See I drove the truck on weekends all times to deliver groceries.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
What year are we talking about?

Unknown Speaker 16:22
1914 2425 25 Well, when

Unknown Speaker 16:26
did the start get there first get rid of the horses and get their first truck.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
They didn't get rid of the horses until somewhere around 1914 1516 Because Gavin I remember once when we had high snow Gavin Road, took them out. Sleigh Oh, to groceries. And other things would that

Unknown Speaker 16:53
be 1916 And the big smile.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
Well, so dad was picked up to the hospital when he got polio in 1914 and basically was six horses. My my uncle my mother's brother Bill Nightingale took him to the hospital and he had to put on

Unknown Speaker 17:21
there was that much snowless. We have the 14th and 16th. We have big snows I can remember Arthur when worked for us. Little People. Like Matt. He was coming to talk to me. There's no he's so high notice as high as my head.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
Who did he marry

Unknown Speaker 17:52
Arthur when they were married? Oh. His his wife was Mr. Harry would is it not his wife? Is it sister was Mr. Harry was the system. She was Tilly. When originally she

Unknown Speaker 18:08
first well they've been born on the island.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Windows came here when he was five years old. He was he was brought brought you know all the story about the Nicholas. Oh, yeah. And he was brought in. I don't think he came from the original group. I think they came shortly afterwards. There's two one or two waves.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
But Arthur, Gwen's father worked for grandfather more to see. Oh, yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 18:43
doing what laboring, laboring?

Unknown Speaker 18:44
Yes. And then Arthur Grimm was the quartermaster on the Iroquois before she's saying he would. When he wasn't on this call, he was saying and

Unknown Speaker 19:09
he when he when he came when dad was paralyzed Uncle Bill I think it was going overseas. And he runner or ASIC wind down and we built a cabin on the on the face on Rainbow Road.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
That was to do the sort of the work would things like that?

Unknown Speaker 19:36
And he wouldn't never he got $15 A month plus his groceries possible every on it in the way of vegetables. And he was quite pleased to be with us. That was a way to take another job or is it get working on the road here? I can't leave this place. So, so so he brought all our younger lives. We had Arthur when all the place. He was very final boy in many ways. Was he buried on the island? Yes, he's buried up in the cemetery. I don't know where his grave is anymore. It isn't marked these very same cemetery

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Do you remember the moving of the church at all? Bill?

Unknown Speaker 20:33
Yes. I remember moving with a church. That was a bit of controversy over Hobbit movie with the church and oh, and I remember the arguments about the time when I don't remember much. Other than that. The old Mr. Robert wasn't too happy about it being moved in Bravo's stained glass window. It was I don't know much about

Unknown Speaker 21:04
what she was on the island at that time. Why she

Unknown Speaker 21:07
Yes. Frank Wescott was her her adopted son. And she lived out here kind of on off the women's road

Unknown Speaker 21:20
she she I don't remember exactly when she died. But it must. She must die by about 10 years old. And I don't know whether she was unhappy about it or whether people said she would be unhappy if she were alive. I can't going through my mind right now. As to whether I was right. Yeah. Personally reminiscing and a lot of things that didn't happen.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
I know I'm very bad at it myself. What else was I gonna ask? You remember was Jimmy Rogers the first police when you remember? Was he with actually with the BC police or gave me

Unknown Speaker 22:10
was he police? I remember quite a lot about Jimmy Rogers because I worked with him quite often when he worked remote brothers after. And I'll tell you one story about Jimmy Rogers. Jimmy the habits Yep. And family Fred Evans lived out on the long Harbor. And a Jack was quite a character, Jack habit. He has a trap line is trapping make you extra dollars. And the Indians some main island decided to make it make a few extra dollars, but taking the trap the Myxomatous when I say the Indian, some Indian Indians. And Jimmy Rogers went out and he had a canoe. And he had his service revolver, and a flashlight. And he came in like Ganges harbor late and he had two Indian canoes and tow. They were doing the paddling and he asked them

Unknown Speaker 23:34
well, he was he the first one on the island,

Unknown Speaker 23:35
you know, or was it? Oh, he wasn't the first place but on the island. I mean, there

Unknown Speaker 23:39
have been constables before but they were before I don't I don't know when the provincial police started.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
I couldn't tell you when they when they started. The she constables went back long way right back to Samson. Samson was the constable at time.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
And then they had justices of the peace very early on. Yes. JPS it was waters and quite a few of them.

Unknown Speaker 24:07
Oh, even before that, like Ford was a justice of the peace. The that probably started after British Columbia became a province after 1871

Unknown Speaker 24:23
I suppose it certainly wouldn't start more.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
At one time there was a constable on very early days in the 60s. Who was a John John Moe Biggs and no one has spelled mo UA T was he he made us he was in Jamaica. So he was retired British Army retired British Army. Now what happened to him? I don't know. I don't know. I've heard he's mentioned in flukes article conflict started. And he was followed by morally Who is the next JP? Never heard of a Dr. Hog.

Unknown Speaker 25:05
Dr. Hops hog. Hog. H O G.

Unknown Speaker 25:10
H O G G. Silvia start mentioned some in her book. And he died very suddenly in Ganges about where harbor house is. No and a lot of people thought he had been murdered or not been able to check into it. Find an autopsy report on him anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
All right, you're beginning to ring a bell.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
Live show Walter is mentioned start to hug.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Michelle Walters. Right. Yes, she mentioned I've got her

Unknown Speaker 25:50
was supposed to have been cushions father in law.

Unknown Speaker 25:54
Being Christian, his father in law. left after a short stint? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:59
he was only here a couple of years. I don't think he was ever here. He developed he developed some lamb. Yeah, but he never gave again and Saltspring is his address. He was involved with

Unknown Speaker 26:09
you. You've done a lot of work on this.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Oh, no, I really

Unknown Speaker 26:15
I'm too lazy for that. So he was he was

Unknown Speaker 26:17
running a hotel Cameron town near Barkerville and I think he had 63 Cushion but his father in law stayed here but difficult. I can't find a death certificate nothing on hog

Unknown Speaker 26:38
I'm glad you're doing this work. I hope that is such a messy interview of giving you

Unknown Speaker 26:43
no that's wonderful. No, I'm hoping not talking too much and it's not bothering you're

Unknown Speaker 26:53
making a cup of tea you

Unknown Speaker 26:55
sounds wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
But the penthouse the Hagerman diary, you know, Grandfather equals diary.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
I've got to go down and see him again.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
And you might find that you have effort. I just told you

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Laurie well you should each of you have a Photostat of it. All right.

Unknown Speaker 27:23
I want to get it done. I should have done earlier office promised me I can do it. I'd like to have it now have you it

Unknown Speaker 27:38
very weak and clear please Bill

Unknown Speaker 27:42
I'll get your money. Clear key and these are Salt Spring Island focus. Oh good

Unknown Speaker 27:57
No, it's amazing how much material is out there but it's hard finding it

Unknown Speaker 28:06
I got so interested in school administration, high schools and things like that but my original interest was history. masters work in history at all. But it wasn't BCE history

Unknown Speaker 28:33
what a shame you haven't done it on Saltspring

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Well, I was always making a living somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
Just cut it off whenever we get into anything that you think needs to be stopped. I started school in the central or the Soviet school in 19 9016. My brother Laurie had been attending that school for a year before what this school wasn't new when he means it started back in 1859 or 60. That was

Unknown Speaker 29:42
a lot noting

Unknown Speaker 29:45
the building. The building we attended was not the original building. But the original building was gone.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Because Uncle Tom was in the original building. I think it probably

Unknown Speaker 29:57
wasn't the original building. He'd be one of the few was A mother and dad went there you'll see at the end soldier, Uncle Willie.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Oh, of course your mother would have been living Stevens. So

Unknown Speaker 30:10
I'm going to come to that. It was recently started then by the coloring teacher, Mr. Jones, whose two brothers went to markable and one brother was the first dentist and markable. And he taught parently three days of central three days at North Vesuvius. Apparently he had a white middle from what I've heard. Back and forth. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 30:40
I've never heard that before.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
Well, I got this from Arthur when Oh, yeah. Who was colored boy and was one of the first students pupils at school. Oh, he was born a born slave but he like the mother and dad both attended Central my brother Laurie began there and making 15 and he drove a cart in Shetland pony up. And I suppose that's why why did they don't know. The pony belong to Major General green Wilkinson. He lends it to them from all races right school.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
Boy behandeling.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Well, we only got obstreperous and a couple other students Apparently Mr. Harry Wood was at about six of his pupils, who was also a trustee. He objected to the following so we just continue to pony

Unknown Speaker 31:50
I began with school as I said, making 16 the other pupils included Florence Hambley. Three boys and three girls from the winter family. Their mother was coloring. She was had been a twin. Oh, that's the connection. That's the connection. She was a very lovely person. The Charlie Nelson and his older sister and I'm not quite sure Ernie forgotten. Roger man who lived Oh, Miss

Unknown Speaker 32:33
one of the med girls married Dr. riderwood

Unknown Speaker 32:36
probably saw a doctor Dr. Med was a was a veterinary doctor. And Roger made was his son. Oh my and doodle to Sacher and Harry Caldwell and those are all the names that come to my mind right now. Our first teacher was an Irish lady. Well, anyway, Miss Hamilton burns. She was a very patriotic lady. She had a fiancee in the overseas from the war and she lined us up every Monday morning we sorted the flag and once a month or so we had to march up and kiss the flag. This was a Union Jack of course for saluting the war was very much in everybody's mind because Salisbury contributes a good many

Unknown Speaker 33:48
to the Army's well the Central School was located not far from the president Central Hall. And these various other features around there were first a central hall which was built largely originally from the contributions

Unknown Speaker 34:17
when granting more thought and driving around with our pony until wheeled cart and she she she got the first big contributions for that hall is an interesting story in order to predominate paper not well, the central hall hasn't changed very much in appearance from the outside, has props on the inside. Across the hall was a little graduate run by Mr. Elliot. And next door the missus RME about what opposite the school was a post office by a chap by the name of Henry Mr. Henry down the street to work. I forget the name of the street that goes by the park park.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
Oh, just the Ganges Vesuvius road.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
It is the Soviets road lived Mr. Man who was a veterinarian in order that personal golf courses with Norman Wilson and his family and

Unknown Speaker 35:40
the girls were not attending school at that time, though, I think probably went to private school. They went to the Central School later Lori and I used to take a short cut across the golf course on our way to school.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
It wasn't a golf course in those days, no, she passed. Between the golf course and the hall was the Methodist Church. The stained glass window that churches is still in the present method is

Unknown Speaker 36:25
the president of the church. It was donated by brothels by Mr. Mrs. Broadwell in memory of her husband. In addition to these the farther up toward the on the main road, farther up towards Mary's Lake. On the top of the hill was the St. Mark's, I guess it is St. Mark's Church, which my grandfather was the people's ward. That was grandfather Nightingale and next door to that a seasoned sporting house. And when my grandfather took off for the Yukon Gold Rush in 1898. He left mother to bar at Stephens boarding house. So my mother happened to go to school.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
But where was he living in that he would be warden of that church.

Unknown Speaker 37:29
He lived over at St. Mary's Lake. He had the mod place. He ran always.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Oh, that's right. He rented it during the ward or when they came down to Ganges.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Yes. Before that he had he had sold his place in corporate Oh, I see which was the afterwards the Replace. Now what do you want to cut it off from the angle of comparison it was directly across from the golf course. And it wasn't built as a parsonage it was built as a home as matter of fact. Uncle Joe Mercer hadn't built it for his home originally. And he was married to a man some sister Well, that was a

Unknown Speaker 38:22
prefab New Westminster wasn't it? Originally Oh, wasn't it a long

Unknown Speaker 38:27
time back and only there were any prefabs at that time? I don't know. But in my day, when those when I we started in school. The Anglican person was a very highly respected man being Mr. Bastion.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
I know his daughter well, you know his daughter. Well,

Unknown Speaker 38:47
he was a very highly respected time. Well are we awning? Attached to the hall is is a little building on the back of a Hall of Presidents. What? I think this is still the original kitchen that was attached to a hall. That wasn't the kitchen. Originally it was a courthouse. Oh, that's 200 yards down about opposite the gate that leaves the Student Oh, yeah. To into the cemetery cemetery. It was down past that gate. And the when when I started school, there had been a fire in law school. John lemmas had decided that he wanted to marry Viva woods. She told him she couldn't possibly think of marrying him until she finished school. So John came along one night and decided it was a bright idea. Fortunately, Uncle Joe here was driving not too far behind John and saw the smoke and put it out. And John went to jail.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
What was the jail in the courthouse or part of the courthouse

Unknown Speaker 40:14
jail was part of the courthouse yonder. One, two went to Jaylen Westminster. Oh, he did use a five year term. Oh, and that was during the Warriors. No,

Unknown Speaker 40:29
do you remember a policeman here that time?

Unknown Speaker 40:32
Okay, I'll probably remember his name.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
Well, if it comes to you just jot it down.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Well, when we started to school, we couldn't go to the Central School because it'd be it'd be a three minute fire. And it was being repaired. So we started school in the courthouse. Oh, and the slides are already started in the Old Central School. And whenever anyone was particularly bad, Miss Hamilton burns and just putting Miller cells at the back. This happened several times.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
How did she spell her last name?

Unknown Speaker 41:14
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
Because we had a miss Burnett

Unknown Speaker 41:17
she couldn't be be wine RM but I'm sure

Unknown Speaker 41:20
we had a miss Burnham Greenwood too and Jessie knew who had taught on Saltspring. But I don't remember the Hamilton part.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Well, it could have been Miss Hamilton burns, you'd be considerably older than it. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
But it's probably not the same one.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
Probably not the same one. Lenny Re. School was mended and we went back in the fall of 1960s.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
What was that courthouse an old building then? Or

Unknown Speaker 41:53
the courthouse was an old building at one time with the Soviets was the center of the northern part of the island here and arthouse was important in the but it hadn't been used for some years.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Were quite court case has been held in normally.

Unknown Speaker 42:12
I don't know. It's I wasn't very old enough to take much.

Unknown Speaker 42:16

Unknown Speaker 42:18
But I know it was a courthouse and in the sales work impressed me I was six years old. Now, in the Central School, one of our problems was an old guy well, once in a while the older boys would take some somebody or suspend them down the old right well became. But it had another problem. We get little water out of it, but it was money. We couldn't drink it. So we got our water from the Stevens place. And Miss burns would dispatch me in or one of the other smaller boys of I was a bigger one. And we bring back the big pail of water for the for drinking in a small pail that I could carry. And that came from the ceiling. So in those days. That was where we got it. Of course we went past St. Mark's Anglican Church on the way there three I think that's about all that I have any great interest to you on on the on that on on the Central School. The Is there anything?

Unknown Speaker 43:38
One thing before you stop Ivan was interested in anything you had on the various private schools? Like the board Ale House? Yeah. That's more. Okay. Well,

Unknown Speaker 43:56
you'll see about this time there'll be one private school in Ganges at the foot of the hill in by the maples fair, it was run by Mr. Tolson and Tolson was a very highly respected man on this island.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
When I went away to teach school years ago, he came up or to say cancel me everyone on a boat. He gave me some of the best advice I ever had. He said don't take it too seriously. No. He said if you're gonna turn them into good sparks and decent kids, that's more important than good. That was a long time ago. It was 1929. But Tolson was was a very fine chap. No, there was also he his school was succeeded by oxen ham. On Rainbow Road.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
goodies. Oh, please,

Unknown Speaker 45:10
I suppose. And the I wouldn't know what but but he's always I see

Unknown Speaker 45:16
I've been wasteful I think that's where it was. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
It was there for quite a few years the one I found the in the old warradale place up on the hill opposite uncle Willie's old spot there. It was open later. I can't remember when it was opened. I I know it wasn't running. When we first went to Ganges and the craft deals crop and then Durban went to the Oxfam. Now, the first school again he is opened in 1917, I think by Miss Gwendolyn stops. She was a good friend of NTSC. And she taught afterwards in Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Where would that school been? Great code. No.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
First school again, Jesus was in the old Scott house. You know where the high school is? Oh, yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
Or uncle Gavin.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
And where the Anglican churches on the hill? Well, it would look over it ain't been church jumps. And strangely enough, dad and Mother rented that place and we I live there was a BBC about two years old. And we it was in our own bedroom. School took place. Oh, I see we built up by that time we built on Rainbow Road. School was we built a railroad rise for two years old. It carried me up on his shoulders those days to see it two or three times running construction. I remember that. And it was before he was paralyzed. But that school was operated for about a year. I think it was making 18 or 1919. But the school was built on break roll. One of them later on it became a tumor school. And later on the board established a superior school which took in grades nine and 10. Eventually, and establishes the bed in a bedroom again of a house which belonged to Jimmy Rogers and was also being rented by the provincial police. Cuz Jimmy was a threesome that time.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
That was a crossbow however low cost. Well, it was Dr. Francis ran it as a nursing home eventually.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Probably so I don't know those recent times.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
And very close to the maples up first

Unknown Speaker 48:18
let me but some of the drink growth on the upper or the right next to the where the little one room school was a tomb school. Then it was was Jimmy Rogers place and we had the bedroom there and we started in by opening it up for greatness. Eight and nine.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
That was actually on Greek road

Unknown Speaker 48:44
on Greek. It was next to where the Roman Catholic Church Oh yeah. Okay. And we opened it up for Grady and nine and Laurie was in the first grade nine class I was in the first grade eight class. Jamaica among them Tilly and tele Nkrumah and I think that was born ale. I believe that some of the craft and girls were in school left after there was no grade 10 layer so Laurie went to Columbia College for great detailing in 11. I'll be a college your your father had gone there and dad had gone there. And yes. Well, that was at the time at church union was taking place about 1925 2425 and glory came back having a feeling that Columbia College there are more Interested in the church union and they weren't running a school. So, so I didn't go to combat college as a result of Lori's advice. I want to retain your high school in Vancouver. But before before I went, the year before I went to the chicken house school was opened. No chicken house, went there. School was the old poultry display shed built for the on the man hawk. Near the man Hall. On the hill near the man Hall, it was a two room building, one of those reconditioned recondition I made into a school house. And that was what opened under. We had had as, as teachers in the Allegheny superior school, Georgia brand who was afterwards in charge of a section of the work at Victoria University. And he was in charge of teacher training, the teacher training element there. We had had after him had been either part of us who was very popular last month filming and fishing with us. And I were afterwards was in charge of the vans van. He was bandmaster for Consuela High School. He was a quite a musician. And then Archie Robertson, who's still living up in Parksville. Oh, and I've met him once or twice in recent years. But Archie Robertson was the first man in charge of the chicken house school. He was principal. Again, he superior school we stuck in the two rooms on break road. And the chicken house school.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Well, where did you stay when you were in Vancouver Ville? Oh, Britannia.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
Well, it was interesting to the it'd be making 2520 620-627-2627. To see the acre, one family. Mother wasn't what was. mother's mother was the old oldest acre. She was born. Fanny. She was born in Victoria. Before the cameras came to Salisbury. And she had two sisters, Mrs. Paige and Aunt Tilly who was a oh dear.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
Well, I can find that easy enough.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
So until you heard that I was looking for a place to warn. And she undertook to look after he was a she didn't she she is let me run my own way. When I got there, but she she had a little bit little back room off the kitchen I had I had that for my dad, and bedroom was and that was for the hearing my grade 11 year, which was the last year of high school most days.

Unknown Speaker 53:48
I'm afraid that's

Unknown Speaker 53:50
when you remember. Jimmy Rogers having a store the bottom of the hill? No, that was and then it became a BC police building. Because the BC police were there. When Lachlan was laying his luck with it.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Yeah, it became a BC police building but Jimmy Rogers and his wife ran a bit of a boarding house they're

Unknown Speaker 54:15
all for loggers for

Unknown Speaker 54:17
loggers. And

Unknown Speaker 54:22
I think bitten courts have built that originally as a store

Unknown Speaker 54:25
of course build it originally as a store in a boarding house

Unknown Speaker 54:28
and then Molex bought the moat.

Unknown Speaker 54:31
No, I don't think so. I don't think most everybody come out more it's only by knock knock on purpose.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Yeah, I realize that. And I thought they bought that building briefly.

Unknown Speaker 54:45
I think I heard your dad do you see where to work from not on purpose. And when Dad

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Oh, how old is he when he went to work for them?

Unknown Speaker 54:58
All but 22 2122 And he Mr. Purvis came to him milk died. Mr. Purvis came to him and suggested he might want to buy it. So was there any smacking he bought the store and who came was that time from your college? Who came back and join them? So there were three of them in but it was an alchemy Purvis unit they bought out in his bio any metal part I've heard. I've heard the story so often I've never heard that. But you

Unknown Speaker 55:39
know, well, when did when did the post office moved down from Central Oregon, they were making a post office at Central. And then granny have a sub post officer.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
Yes. The the post office I don't think the post office moved down till till the store was the new store was built.

Unknown Speaker 56:06
And the new store again, my first vision of Mark brothers was being sent by my counter beside Walter Norton. In the old store, the whole store was the boarding house. The big front room was a store. And the longer Norton addition into a cabinet, the back and I got some candies to chew, watering for me that I've never forgotten. No. And I was about two or three at the time. Now, they say it making 12 at the store was open, but I don't think it was I think it must have been about 1913 Because I was two years old when Martin Martin took me in there. And I was born in 19, Tennessee. So everybody telling me that the store was opened in 1912. I think it was making the 13 when I got it open.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
And see Dad was paralyzed and making 14 and the store store hadn't been open very long when he was

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Was there any other buildings on the point besides boarding house?

Unknown Speaker 57:33
There was a big barn at the back. Oh, and my brothers delivered with horses originally. Limited with horses originally.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
On purpose done that too. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 57:47
The horses were at the back here. And Jimmy Rogers was quite a character Jimmy had to remember didn't care for these horses. And I was about three years old is now at the store. Horses were cutting up at the back when it was cutting up at the back. So Jimmy said no, come with me. And he said he had gotten to him forest.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Oh, yeah. But nobody's going to hear it. But I've

Unknown Speaker 58:23
been forced to quit analysis. So I did exactly as Jimmy told us his language. Yeah. Oh, you should go in and tell your grandfather what you told the horse.

Unknown Speaker 58:34
Oh, I did. I bet you got to looking at

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Jimmy got tripped up to be one of the sharp grandmothers. He did and I think he got shocked afterwards himself. Because granny good. She was pretty strong.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Was there a freight shed on the war?

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Yes, yes. There was a barn at the back. And whether a freight shed on the wharf

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Bowser is built after these store was was built to see and they used to bring in a couple of old boats that belong to the store and they bought them and underneath the store. There was a storm is built to go right across a little inlet. It's been all filled now. But it will go from an inlet.

Unknown Speaker 59:41
That was the old Ganges.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
No, not the old Ganges. Ganges was a again Jesus was a quite a big boat. She was about 60 feet. All right. And Dan ran her with a wobble once and came around. unders and they ran when New York was saying they took over the airforce male license with a and the but the otter was still running and linking 46 Easter Easter coming over here. The London shipment hit the otter sheared off that big guardrail off the otter and I was sitting on deck reading it and it was part of our reading course. The freeway time I was reading I went home going home for Easter and Lixing I look here's this big ship looming up is very ahead of me and she hit the otter was this an act of pass no in in the first meros Oh, before they were the building of the bridge

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
was foggy and she just came out of it my daughter and Captain assemblers all he said we're not waiting we're going to finish the journey but he says he's made an awful mess guardrail there

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
and all people are involved with rebuilding cars

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
this is James was telling me she used to come over to visit the James family when they were on Parker

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
Island. Yes everyone Parker

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
she would come on the Queen City. Yeah, I don't know whether the Queen City came on the Ganges or whether she went on to Victoria or the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
Queen City didn't run the Ganges at one time. But not for very long the otter was exceeded by the Princess Mary and the otter ran for many years here I would think it maybe was making 2627 Because the next year I went to university and Mary was running man, that's a year

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
pinpoint ya

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
know when you have finished your finish