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Cyril Beech

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Do you want to know? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 0:04
what I'm interested in doing for this paper is I'm looking at from 1939 to 1950. And what interests me is that the same time in the big companies were getting together like Mark Lowe was amalgamating. And there was a lot of union union activity going on. There still on Saltspring on and then there was still small operators and part time operators like you are part time loggers like you still working. And I think that the nature of your work experience must have been quite different.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Well, yeah, so I think at one of those, we weren't unionized here. And not really, that the odd person would be working here Union, but very, very few.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
Yeah, you weren't part of the No, no. What? So you worked hard, part time logging, and then part time? What years did you did you?

Unknown Speaker 0:58
I started in the bush in 37. And then I worked part time log and part time farming till 44. And I was in full time farming for a couple of years, three years, I guess it was, what

Unknown Speaker 1:16
would make you decide to be to do log in NyQuil or and

Unknown Speaker 1:21
I thought to be more money in logging than it was in farming. Well, we were on such a small scale that we didn't make very much. Yeah. And in those days, it's pretty hard to get men to and there were no caps or bulldozers to make roads at all had to be done by hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
So you went into logging that completely seven? Does that Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:46
Yeah. Who did you go into?

Unknown Speaker 1:47
I was working for Seymour in Campbell making piling and telephone calls. And then they went into login and I worked with him then in login as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
Had you logged in you're younger?

Unknown Speaker 2:01
No. No, that was new for me. So you worked with

Unknown Speaker 2:08
overseeing more and Campbell friends of yours?

Unknown Speaker 2:10
Neighbors? Yes. Was it sort of

Unknown Speaker 2:14
a casual almost a casual sort of

Unknown Speaker 2:17
like what would make you decide to work?

Unknown Speaker 2:19
Well, they needed a man and I was available and I went

Unknown Speaker 2:24
and what did you have a special job like we did you

Unknown Speaker 2:27
know, doing a little bit of everything. When they be falling another day you'd be peeling bowls for bailing. Now that time you'd be loading trucks and loading cars. We loaded a lot of flat cars to down here when near Cedar Falls.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
How many of us were in the operation and

Unknown Speaker 2:50
that was about three sometimes four men. Nobody day

Unknown Speaker 2:56
and that's so you're a pretty small operation. You're smaller. He said he said usually vote for 10 Anyways, when he came to the island.

Unknown Speaker 3:03
Yes, he was the head machine and Danny's own trucks and so when you

Unknown Speaker 3:10
it would be really really a boss and people working it would just be working for you guys working together.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
Okay, so what kind of equipment do you use?

Unknown Speaker 3:22
The Campbell and SEMA are using horses. I was using horses later to

Unknown Speaker 3:29
make it for horses, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker 3:31
Yes, I use horses login until while I was the last person really log in with him that was in 43

Unknown Speaker 3:41
Wait very often horses

Unknown Speaker 3:45
on the farm? Well, I get them on the farm. I have quite a few pictures of them if you'd like to see that. Horses must not work and I haven't got pictures of them working in the bone marrow. So must be different working with horses.

Unknown Speaker 3:59
Yeah, you'd have almost

Unknown Speaker 4:00
like a personal relation. Yeah. I had six very well. Is that how many of you need six horses?

Unknown Speaker 4:10
What other equipment did you when did you have to

Unknown Speaker 4:14
know all the organic farmers Auslan parasites came in? We first started using primers and this was set in 48 I guess it was and they weren't big, heavy, clumsy things. Did you have Did you have a donkey? In 48? Yes, I was in with the rentals as a partner and we had two three donkeys. And what whatever we had a bigger crew then of course, how many ways there would be maybe two sets of followers sometimes one set of follows on all time. And then that would be the crew for each donkey. That'd be the donkey puncher and whistle punk chaser Sometimes he had two people were hooked down it would be about eight people to machine, then we would be talking to the via the truck driver.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
So when did you when did you love it?

Unknown Speaker 5:20
48 4950. So we were pretty well pulled down larger than that. Yeah, yeah. Was it more money in those days? Well, I didn't see too much of it. Too much. Well, I was only a third partner. He was two thirds. And then I was the third. Did you own any of the equipment? Equipment? Equipment? Yeah. Yeah. I only had a third interest in me had two thirds. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Okay. So when you work later on, it sounds like you had a bigger operation and more equipment. Did you have our size at that point? I'm just wondering about how,

Unknown Speaker 6:03
yeah, we had one I think ourselves, but we 100 foreigners that had their own cell phone, they worked so much if I wasn't, and had their own viruses.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
So how would you hire guys on? How would you go about?

Unknown Speaker 6:17
Well, the Wrecking Crew was all on wages, so much an hour. And then the followers were getting so much of those and falling into the bucket. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
How would you would I'm just wondering how you would go about hiring someone like, would you when they come to you? Do people come off on

Unknown Speaker 6:34
most of our crew was on island people. We had one or two that came in later, off Island and not very many.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
And you would just know someone was? Some of

Unknown Speaker 6:45
them were relations, and some of them are just next door neighbors? And?

Unknown Speaker 6:51
Yeah, well, that's interesting. I'm interested in that. Because I think that that would have been very different from a big operation or somewhat different if you would, you know, we've worked with your brothers, because the Reynolds probably worked together at different times.

Unknown Speaker 7:02
Yeah, they all work together and some of their nephews were on the crew too.

Unknown Speaker 7:08
Yeah. Yeah. So that would be a difference.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
What about

Unknown Speaker 7:14
Oh, and one thing I'm asked right about yesterday was logging accidents. Is that that was like logged in pretty dangerous.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Oh, yeah. We were actually very lucky we never had any accidents. But you were probably pretty careful. Had some near misses.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
Yeah. Tell me what any of those

Unknown Speaker 7:40
remember going through the Iceland morning out the north end? We were we had a big pile of logs up on the high hill just above the salt water and then we were tight landing it down. And it was a cold frosty morning. Iceland with a saltwater. Oh, sometimes the lane wouldn't come on hooked off the log and I was down there to unhook it if it didn't come on hooked and there was a big log in the way that morning. I went to push it out and push it out on the button that never was on lace and the pike pole just hit that and slivered right down and I followed it right into the water oh yeah, it was one of those real cold snaps in the winter. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 8:27
well that's one thing I should ask you about.

Unknown Speaker 8:29
What what times of the year did you work on Iran? Oh, you must have been pretty cold some mornings

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Yeah, that was pretty cool and water took my clothes off on the beach running them out and stuck them back on again. Oh well there was no road in there and we had to walk into wherever we were working and I stayed the rest of the day westglow working like my speed I didn't enjoy it so

Unknown Speaker 9:01
What was a typical day like

Unknown Speaker 9:02
what would you What time would you start

Unknown Speaker 9:06
well actually an eight hour day right in the bush traveling their own time and to get there and back. Sometimes as an hour maybe to get in some hands

Unknown Speaker 9:19
when eliminating back to the days when you work during the year and what time you didn't work doing the forest sometimes get shut down in the summertime

Unknown Speaker 9:26
Yeah, we were shattered very seldom. Normally it didn't get too much

Unknown Speaker 9:36
okay, why don't you tell me what areas you logged. I know you have a good memory

Unknown Speaker 9:43
did some logging down beaver point? The question Cove,

Unknown Speaker 9:48
my trash

Unknown Speaker 9:51
regarding piling for your Reynolds down there and then we loaded truck down right into the cold Another year we were on logs down there. That'd be the login was in 1443 I guess it was 43.

Unknown Speaker 10:21
I wish I could remember.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
For history student terrible was, Well, okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:27
So what do you do? And then we took piling out? Or was later it was after I'd done farming and it'd be 4747 Reynolds was taken out a bunch of that Pong violin

Unknown Speaker 10:43
worked up the ground, right.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
That was up in the grammarian. Well, listen, it's been 4141 42 I guess it was up in the cranberry.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
And what about

Unknown Speaker 10:58
for early 40? No part of 42. I was to call that a walker cook. Put in a couple of groups out there in the wintertime. Oh, yes, it was points. Well,

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I guess some of yours would be worse than worse than others, you know?

Unknown Speaker 11:18
Yeah. We did have some common wonders. What did you did you tell me that you logged on yourself the point? Yes, that's where it fell in through the sensor drive. There was no road no sunset drive in their tone. And yeah, it was all bush.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
What year what year? Was that?

Unknown Speaker 11:37
That was that was 48 when we were out there.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
So when you when you log in on board property then? Yes. Yeah. And so looks like you've

Unknown Speaker 11:54
been over just about all of that. Did you any

Unknown Speaker 11:56
log note towards long harbor? No, no, none down towards full.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
Yeah, so I've been where Howard Harlan was living there in back in there working for Cudmore that was in 50. That was talking behind the camera. About the four most of the island that was up do growed not gonna roll on. For a couple of months up there. I guess we would hold maybe more. Three months up there. Taking timber off the park property the lower part of the park property that was working for Bradley and then pushing on the camp later to because, yeah, that was 50 deformed

Unknown Speaker 13:00
and so we felt like you worked. It sounds like you worked for a variety of different ideas at different times. Sounds like a really,

Unknown Speaker 13:07
I worked for Bradley for 5152 5354 55 Part Three for Bradley and partly for recording.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
You must be the person to get along with. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 13:28
how did you and we logged off the switch back to when I was working for Gordie couldn't work for Horrell and Lake Berg they were trucking right down into Kirkland Lake outlet right on the beach there that's the beach yeah, they went down over the hill from the search medical property without belong to originally Boom. Oh, so um, we're talking recently boom environment. And they went right great. Back to the world. We're looking forward Lake righteously forward Lake

Unknown Speaker 14:07
Okay, I'm gonna have to get my map out to look at that when

Unknown Speaker 14:11
are you gonna get it?

Unknown Speaker 14:34
Shift gears Ford lake here. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
Oh, I see Peter every now and

Unknown Speaker 14:44
then the one road. We were up in here. We came in here. out onto the road and down over the hill here in the air. Oh, okay. Where are they? Oh, here's Oklahoma here. Yeah. dump the logs here. Okay. And that road instead of coming up this way it ran straight out. And we took out a bunch of logs in here, the bulk of the distillate, and that's crashing. Down. Okay, so how, how would you who own the

Unknown Speaker 15:23
land that you launched you fight him, right.

Unknown Speaker 15:28
We were doing we were working for Harlan Lake Berg and they they bought the timber off.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Yeah. Is that how it generally works? Right? Yeah. Did you buy

Unknown Speaker 15:38
them on private individuals?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Some of it? Yeah. So much. 1000. Yeah. And depending on Yeah, I never worked on any government. Yeah, how much

Unknown Speaker 15:47
government timbers down now? And there's not too much No. Yeah. To be mostly

Unknown Speaker 15:52

Unknown Speaker 15:54
So with how was that arrangement worked out to sort of

Unknown Speaker 15:57
defense 1000 word bond a lot of those days. And can you imagine? Would you approach an

Unknown Speaker 16:04
individual about that? You want that you were interested in his timber or wood? He made me come to you?

Unknown Speaker 16:09
Well, yeah, everybody was I was looking for a little bit of demo. They could go with a scheme in here because the temporary claims aren't big enough. Oh, yeah. That was a question I was gonna ask. There were some bigger outfits on up here. Yeah. Mountain lovers. Yeah. I was up there for a while. But a year

Unknown Speaker 16:31
or so. With Amazon.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
I was in 50. I was still in partners with Reynolds. And we, we finished up so the point of the movie ended up being

Unknown Speaker 16:45
I guess, moving your equipment will be a big chore. Yeah, yeah. I'm building roads would be a big part.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Yeah, there was quite a bit of road in. We weren't the first ones up in there. Yeah, it was quite a bit of road and we had to extend that. I heard the road road up

Unknown Speaker 17:01
to Mount Bruce was horrible. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
We weren't on that when we had our road came down into Bergland. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 17:07
that's the maybe that's the next question. I should ask where did you dump your logs with that would be a consideration when you're looking at an area for law would be

Unknown Speaker 17:16
accessibility? Yeah. Well, the you were in those days, they didn't have restrictions and you could close this place. You could get to the water if you could find a place to dump it, dump them.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
And you could have private dumps or they would be public dump too. So where did you dump your logs?

Unknown Speaker 17:32
We dump logs out to be repoint we dump them into into Burgoyne here dump them into Rick dump some of that went into Fulford

Unknown Speaker 17:42

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Morningside road there have happy stewardess Oh, that's interesting. Don't log there and we came up into the we're logging just above Western Lake.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
My My parents live just just right up here. Right up around here.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
Stewart Stewart now.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
So you dumped on off Morningside so we knew dumping in from Iowa off Morningside where would you be logging

Unknown Speaker 18:14
to dump your logs there?

Unknown Speaker 18:17
We were just above the lake here

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Oh, just above Western Lake down into

Unknown Speaker 18:22

Unknown Speaker 18:26
well, that's more or less a trail I wrote down I've hiked

Unknown Speaker 18:30
down watch Reynolds road and then go through

Unknown Speaker 18:33
the woods down. Come out to learn more. Watch we truck logs out.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Log around Reginald canal area you pretty much

Unknown Speaker 18:47
know we were doing right near the lake. But it had been logged up top cooking log depot calm few years before

Unknown Speaker 18:57

Unknown Speaker 18:58
and when you How did you market your timber Did you sell it to well

Unknown Speaker 19:03
this timber was Radley just took a contract to take it out of salt on but I was working for Bradley. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 19:12
so if someone takes a contract what did that mean? They were

Unknown Speaker 19:15
getting so much 1000 for you for yarding it but in trucking if something has been booming

Unknown Speaker 19:22
and who bought it?

Unknown Speaker 19:24
I don't know who was going with him.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
And you told me last time I saw you that one of the mods was at Gilbert

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Gilbert my dad and my brothers my brothers. Are they handled? Were brokers log brokers for you most of the time. Yeah for quite a few people on this end of the island.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
Oh I see. Okay. And a lot of people though.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
Some of the other longer sound Fulford sold and direct to buyers from the bank.

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Yeah, that's what that's what Yeah, and he's He also said that he sold he sold to log brokers in Vancouver and to Mills and victorious. Yeah, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 20:03
what about? What about? friendships? What

Unknown Speaker 20:07
about the people

Unknown Speaker 20:08
you worked with? Like, I'm wondering if you became if you made some, like, lifelong friends from from with the people you worked with? Or

Unknown Speaker 20:15
yeah, we more or less kept up our friendship for years.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
So that was that.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
I mean, would that maybe have made lodging more appealing than farming is farming? You might have been working by yourself?

Unknown Speaker 20:32
Well, no, the farmers all worked in together to hear the same. Yeah, one farmer would be thrashing and his neighbors at all come and help him and then he'd go and help them. Lots of times, there was never any money exchanged at all. It's just just work. But logging would be more like more money orientated? Yeah. Yeah. business offerings. Yeah. But did

Unknown Speaker 21:00
I guess some of the guys that you drink beers down the Legion or guys that you worked with? Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:04
yeah. Yeah. That must be. There's not too many of them my age around No, no. Yeah. A lot of middle left the island.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Fighter still here off but wouldn't. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 21:20
so we've talked a little bit about

Unknown Speaker 21:22
family ties and that people work with their family talked about.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
So you were both hired.

Unknown Speaker 21:30
And then you end use occasionally you are the boss and occasionally the person that you were working for someone? Yeah. So that would have been a difference, a little bit of a difference.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
What do you think? Were the good things

Unknown Speaker 21:45
about working in a small operation like you did, compared to a big operation?

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Well, I never did work on their own real big. So did you

Unknown Speaker 21:57
did you think about doing that? Or yes, you would have had to go off? I'd

Unknown Speaker 22:00
had to go on off. I had the property here you see. The mother.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
So logging in a small operation meant that you could stay?

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
What do you do you think there were any decision? Would you say there are disadvantages to it, too?

Unknown Speaker 22:18
I think I put in longer hours and then it would if I was in a camp, because I usually kept a cow or something at home and I milked the cow and fed the pigs and chickens and

Unknown Speaker 22:31
so maybe maybe you didn't make as much money now let's see what else.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Along sunset drive there, we put blogs in the water in a lot of places all over sunset drive. whether it'll maps pretty smile to show a fair amount of point. Yes, we had a log dump there. We had about three or four more all the way out. Remember those logs going to? Did we go to Jamaica? No, I don't think any of them actually ended up being tremendous. I think if we went up the Fraser else into Vancouver. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
What was the timber you were logging being used for?

Unknown Speaker 23:27
It was it ties?

Unknown Speaker 23:29
No, no, it was bigger timbers and the tie mills were in here years and years before in the 20s. Okay. With a good do you remember some?

Unknown Speaker 23:40
What years were good? Are they if there was like, did it sort of fluctuate?

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Do you have better years? And with the war? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 23:47
think the late 40s and early 50s 50s. I guess we're about the best price. So that's,

Unknown Speaker 23:58
I guess, actually, I should just look at the US you're logging in

Unknown Speaker 24:01
those years? Because you will No, no, but yeah, they're there when I first started a had logs in the water. And all I got was 10 $11 for them. Or 1000 buttoned up. So you can't make very much of that. Did you? I

Unknown Speaker 24:17
guess you you got on the job training. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 24:20
well, yes. I learned how to drive a truck. I drove a truck for a while because he couldn't get a truck driver. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
And what other jobs did you do?

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Falling. Okay. What's okay, wait

Unknown Speaker 24:35
a minute. I'm not sure. I

Unknown Speaker 24:36
know what that choker zone. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 24:39
I know what that is. That's hard.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
So what we've been doing,

Unknown Speaker 24:44
I did drew up a tree a few times. As far as treatment. I didn't care for that.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
Yeah, I don't know if I care for that one. Like that's

Unknown Speaker 24:56
not supposed to be the most dangerous job.

Unknown Speaker 24:58
So they say Oh, I think so. Yeah. Yeah. So you

Unknown Speaker 25:01
would have in your operation what?

Unknown Speaker 25:02
What were the different jobs that you would?

Unknown Speaker 25:05
You would have? You'd have a spark?

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Yeah. Battery that. No, I never thought that just went up to James, the blocks when they were working. What does that mean? Well, I had the block had to be swung around so it had come in lead. Fire where you were pulling the logs from. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 25:25
So you weren't doing chokers and dry driving trucks?

Unknown Speaker 25:30
Would you? Would you ruin blooming?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Was there I'm just wondering if there was any sort of job that you did mostly your way you shipped around in an operation depending on

Unknown Speaker 25:43
mostly hooking? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
Now when I was horse wagon I was Teamster for Oh, yeah. The first time you would have been in front of a Teamster

Unknown Speaker 25:58
that What did what did that entail? Just driving

Unknown Speaker 26:01
driving up to six horses? Yeah. And well, you have to look after the night morning to that?

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Would you leave them on the job site?

Unknown Speaker 26:10
If you were stable and as close to a job site as we could?

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Yeah. And that and that will be with just someone that happened in the van and

Unknown Speaker 26:19
somebody didn't have a barn there's even then sometimes there's a mile or more to walk.

Unknown Speaker 26:29
And over rough terrain, sometimes, there must have been

Unknown Speaker 26:34
quite something in there.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
So when you went into an area you, you would have quite often have to build a road to get that would

Unknown Speaker 26:44
take that was slow work when there was no cap?

Unknown Speaker 26:46
Yeah, yeah. When did the cows come in?

Unknown Speaker 26:50
The first cat came in or I guess working in the bush more or less was when Bradley came to the island and 4141 4142 I guess.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
I've noticed in the books that I've looked at the theory, a lot more lagers right around 41 3940. You know, 41 there's, all of a sudden, there seems to be a lot more lawyers listed. And I don't know, if it's just the more lawyers were registering

Unknown Speaker 27:21
or, you know, whether they're actually

Unknown Speaker 27:23
about 30 different outfits on the island in the late 40s and early 50s. They were all very big anywhere from two men or three men up to one of the things we took see I think that about 30 men were

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Yeah, what well, why don't you tell me about some of the other guys that were allowed during this trip? That

Unknown Speaker 27:45
was down the other end of the aisle? They didn't really see them too much. Yeah, you knew of them and

Unknown Speaker 27:52
yeah, that's interesting. You would sort of know that they were guys working now that maybe you wouldn't even you know meet

Unknown Speaker 27:58
busy a pair to get down there. You'd see them on a Saturday night in the pub or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Yeah, yeah. Which pub did you go to?

Unknown Speaker 28:05
Both Okay, well

Unknown Speaker 28:07
harbor house and want to fall for it in

Unknown Speaker 28:09
Oh, so when was the full Friday and open?

Unknown Speaker 28:14
Because I don't remember the

Unknown Speaker 28:16
original full for then was a store in a hotel and

Unknown Speaker 28:20
is that where the fulfillment is now?

Unknown Speaker 28:22
I think they had the postdoc I think it was a postdoc.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
So you would go you would go down to full fruit.

Unknown Speaker 28:30
Not enough too often. Oh, no. Dance nights or something like that dance at all. But you can go down there too much. The roads weren't that good. You couldn't make very good time on them.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
It only took me 20 minutes to get up YouTube this morning. There's been no change. But I still go to dances.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
So So you so groups he was working down south.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
He had a big good outfit right on the mountain above. Western Lake. He logged online took a few Long's over it right out the point Rocco's. He was up in the cranberry and around Maxwell Lake Oh, here it is.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
Maxwell Lake and he he had his road he came right down into cranberry Oakland. Oh, wait

Unknown Speaker 29:31
a minute is that yeah, I think so.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
The road would be run up in here. Now.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
So who else was Who else was logging on the island?

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Fred, how are you talking? logs off here and they're up in the yard in one one setting for Fred in in hearing as well.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
When did Fred start logging?

Unknown Speaker 30:01
That was some of the first he ever did was up in there. We yard in it for him. Nails Dignam was driving Bradley's calf and I was hoping.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Would you remember what year that was?

Unknown Speaker 30:17
Around 54 Yeah, it's 55

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Fred's been long in a long time. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
Yeah, Fred was pretty young man when he first started Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 30:30
apparently that Randy told me he started when he was eight he quit school and grade eight and started working from their

Unknown Speaker 30:37
heart. Just about the time he he started Yeah, he fell out with a question but the name is Shu felt

Unknown Speaker 30:49
did did guys start pretty young or was spread pretty young to be starting?

Unknown Speaker 30:55
Lot of people started 1618

Unknown Speaker 30:59
And how old would you what how old would a logger work?

Unknown Speaker 31:05
Some of them work right double the retirement age. But not too many friends.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
So you would we would have quite a different hardware plan

Unknown Speaker 31:22
do you enjoy it? Are you glad you love

Unknown Speaker 31:24
yes I enjoy and that's why I kept going back to it young I liked the farming sounds like a nice mixture. It was long hours and hard work. Yeah. Retirement Yeah, she didn't have any trouble going to sleep as

Unknown Speaker 31:49
So okay, so you told me about coop see and you told me about thread Howard? Who else was was logging around and

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Golan different times. Joe Lachman Reynolds family because it seems

Unknown Speaker 32:05
like it to be confused, but there's three brothers so there are two brothers

Unknown Speaker 32:11
for their worst running

Unknown Speaker 32:15
four brothers and did they all learn more or less? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
Did they work with each other?

Unknown Speaker 32:22
Quite a bit. Yeah. So dad, yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:24
that would be an interesting one. I

Unknown Speaker 32:26
have nephews working for them. Some of their nephews are still working in English. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
So I went to school it's my next kids actually. But um, so that in that case, the family would have been quite an important like I would have gone to

Unknown Speaker 32:43
them weren't big family and login and meta farming.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Yeah. Whereabouts do they? Do they live up further down the road? They

Unknown Speaker 32:51
handle 160 acre share online I'll draw them there aren't any of it

Unknown Speaker 32:56
none of them live down Reynolds road anymore? Do they?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Might be a K down there. That's an afternoon. Oh, so

Unknown Speaker 33:05
the Ks and the Reynolds.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Mrs. K and was a Reynolds. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 33:14
So were the keys into login to Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:16
they worked with the with a rattle and there's a K living across the road here. He's still logging in the subdivision rolls and yeah, that's I

Unknown Speaker 33:30
guess that's the kind of work they're doing.

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Not so much logging is just using the cat and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 33:37
There's not too many vlogs left on the hour now.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
It's I guess it's changed quite a bit. though. It was still good during the 60s

Unknown Speaker 33:47
and 70s when there's still quite a lot of work

Unknown Speaker 33:51
going Yes. A lot of subdivisions going on and get a lot of work here for people Yeah. What can really take took it off and so little meal up there. Bob Ganges they're still working. Oh, yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:07
yeah, I know that one. So I guess on a good day, like on a day like today, when the sun was shining, logging wouldn't be bad at all.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
No. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:16
it was pouring rain or snowing and blowing and not too good.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
Did you wear rain gear?

Unknown Speaker 34:24
We didn't didn't have much rain gear in those days. We had bone dry as they call them and they were kind of a canvas materials deferred nor couldn't wash them. Imagine what they smelt like you got a jacket or go jacket jacket and fancy going up those things? No.

Unknown Speaker 34:48
And these days, they wear hard hats. Well, not all the time, but probably

Unknown Speaker 34:51
when they fell. Falling it and you'd wear boots lighter boots.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
I have two sons in my in the logging business. Oh The youngest players got his own login up in the interior at Adams link.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
Oh, yeah. And, and what's the other one do the oldest

Unknown Speaker 35:09
one is is looking at the newest Bay and he's got his own power size. He's got 1214 Power size and he has a crew working for me. He has a contract for logging out the coast following not too bad he's working there. He's been off now for two months ago. Is Hard times he went in the did Greta binder login on the island here to start with when he left school. Did you lock with him?

Unknown Speaker 35:47
A little bit not too very much. I was getting older than when he started. I did I fell a little bit for him. On Minami he was in with another person and labor habits subdivision there.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
And they wanted somebody to follow some other stuff. And I went out to sue can work from do for a month.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Yeah. So you are you retired now? Oh, not anymore? No. When

Unknown Speaker 36:20
you start live? Oh, well really stopped logging in about 5056. Then I worked for Andover for 10 years slashing under the idle end to retirement. The last work I did. I'd been retired No. Eight here

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Did you get any information from Fred?

Unknown Speaker 37:03
Fred Howard? Yeah, no, he wouldn't talk.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Want you to keep talking and interview anyways, for anyone who doesn't? You'd

Unknown Speaker 37:10
have to cut them off as a smear a lot of the words out?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
No, not that actually. That's maybe why doesn't say very much. You know, what I, you know, I figured, well, maybe

Unknown Speaker 37:21
we if we had a few beers, more talkative,

Unknown Speaker 37:24
but he doesn't talk. Because I think he's a little shy sometimes. And, and, I mean, if I could have got him to talk, I'm

Unknown Speaker 37:31
sure he could have told me

Unknown Speaker 37:33
where he he's loved those later. But anyways, no, I'm just I just talked to Fred Hollins. And you. But I think between the two of you. Because

Unknown Speaker 37:44
you remember the date. So well. And Fred remembers the stories I think but I figured between the two of you I would be about set that why did it change?

Unknown Speaker 37:56
Who you were selling logs to change? Like you? You sold it for a while and then

Unknown Speaker 38:01
yeah, later on, sold more or less direct drape to the buyers? Yeah. Log brokers

Unknown Speaker 38:08
in the 50s. You might have? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
Well, I wasn't that I was working for somebody else plan. Yeah, I wasn't on my own on the 50s.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Which did you did you prefer working on your own or working for someone else?

Unknown Speaker 38:21
Well, when you were working for somebody else you knew check was there every two weeks. So how much how much money did you make? I mean, how much would the

Unknown Speaker 38:31
average? Like two week wage in 1995 or something?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
We're getting about $4 a day I think then up too much.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Time. Why don't we Why don't we look at the book. Your books.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
don't think there's any wage braces on?

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Yeah, but it shows. Those are the hours you worked on the different Yeah. It shows who you worked with. Two rentals. And you was this?

Unknown Speaker 39:12
Alright knob. That's a team. But done with team. I got so much for the teams. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 39:19
see. So you would that might be a way that you'd make money off your horses.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
What's this? What's this?

Unknown Speaker 39:25
That was the truck that was between this Reynolds and myself. We on the truck? I think no. Maybe we hired Chester's truck.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
And then, so this is Do you know what year this was?

Unknown Speaker 39:40
That'd be 4047 I think.

Unknown Speaker 39:44
So that that was? That's February. And then. So in March, you worked with just one Reynolds. Is that Lloyd Reynolds? Yeah. And we're already again and you and Dennis And the team worked to gain and the track and then in April, it was Lloyd Brown. Art. Dennis. You. So an O Harvey.

Unknown Speaker 40:16
That'd be Harvey Reynolds, Harvey Reynolds. We hired a structure just for automated.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
Yeah. And Jack Nelson. So looks like you use men and in April but just you disappeared in Feb in March. And then me. Lloyd art. Who's this? This is

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Mortus Oh, horses.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
Oh, sorry. And then June RT, Lloyd, you know, another Reynolds

Unknown Speaker 40:47
that was out there. He did a little. He did some work on a spark treat barn.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 40:57
younger brother. That was working just off the switch banks. This job? I think if I remember April,

Unknown Speaker 41:06
June, so

Unknown Speaker 41:08
you would work in one area? That's when we were talking the logs out to be reported? Yeah. So in one.

Unknown Speaker 41:13
So how long would you stay in one area? Because it was? Well, it

Unknown Speaker 41:16
was just a small claim. They were just cleaning up.

Unknown Speaker 41:18
So three, three months is a small claim. What's

Unknown Speaker 41:20
the what's the big claim?

Unknown Speaker 41:23
We had the claims up the North End and that were? We were in there for two years.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
That would be good job to have.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
Yeah. And then oh, wait a minute. Hang on a second. What am I doing here? June. June, is oh, this is July? Oh, look at July was a must have been? Why would you only have art Lloyd in you working in July?

Unknown Speaker 41:44
That would be I mean, why would you have three people?

Unknown Speaker 41:47
We're just a small outfit that.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
Yeah. And then August, art, Lloyd

Unknown Speaker 41:54
went ahead and come up and changed the blocks or something again, because he only put in 10 hours. Okay, and so have you shifted operations here? Are you still on the switch is still on the switchback art.

Unknown Speaker 42:09
So September's art. You look annoyed and October's art. You, Lloyd and the team

Unknown Speaker 42:18
didn't use the team for a couple of months.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
No, I think we've switched back out to the north end here again, on Sunset drive. I think.

Unknown Speaker 42:27
November Are you and Lloyds December art gesture? Lloyd. New in January, Hart Boyd. You and oh, here's the new new theatres

Unknown Speaker 42:45
you only put in one name. If you didn't like the work or something?

Unknown Speaker 42:52
Would there be guys that would just work for a couple of days and then leave? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:56
Sometimes you try a person out. And if there weren't any good, you just let them go.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
What would what made a good worker? What was a good worker?

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Well, if I knew their job, and they worked hard. That's on the log. And I think they got enough.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Yeah, but that's neat. Because then it it gives me an idea of how when you're you know what your activity was throughout the year and who you'd be working with. And

Unknown Speaker 43:21
yeah, that'd be that'd be 47. No. Are you? Neither 47? I'm 48. I'm not

Unknown Speaker 43:30
too sure. Yeah. And you

Unknown Speaker 43:31
worked this when you're talking switchback? That's the that's just Stuart road. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then what were the

Unknown Speaker 43:39
we just pull for the forefront sides of Parnell Park? Towards the blank? Okay. Yeah, I know. The road ran in there. quarter of a mile, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
Yeah. whose property was that?

Unknown Speaker 43:54
That was Bowman's remedy.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Even at this point, it was still belong to

Unknown Speaker 44:00
men it went to I think one of the first of its own. Yeah, I think it's true. Mac and blower BC.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
Yeah. And I can't remember I should know that. But I don't work but he took so part of it to Fred Saunders. The part downloaded.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
Yeah. That's all I have in that book. Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 44:23
still, let's answer the interesting actually.

Unknown Speaker 44:26
I'm glad you did that.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
Did you ever have to dig hard for this? No. Obviously, I'm gonna have to do my next paper on farming on farms.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
That was yeah, that was when I was in the milk. delivering milk with a quart bottles gonna get married

Unknown Speaker 44:59
now That's just before and this is about 10 years before yours. You're really got it written down here, but so be about 37 I guess. Yeah. 37 or 38. So

Unknown Speaker 45:13
this is when you were working with FEMA. So you worked. It looks like you're working full time to full time with the team. So you were working for SEMA and Campbell and this at this point. 52 say,

Unknown Speaker 45:29
hauling poles.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Is that telephone poles?

Unknown Speaker 45:32
Yeah, I guess the telephone or

Unknown Speaker 45:35
was When did when would they have when did they put this work in? Oh, what back your house is back

Unknown Speaker 45:42
across in the park up in there? Well, I'm above.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
Tell it like when did they put the telephones in on the island?

Unknown Speaker 45:50

Unknown Speaker 45:52
was telephones in when I was born?

Unknown Speaker 45:54
Oh, thinking maybe that was a big business thing. With all the telephone poles.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
There here we are again. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
Campbell and Seymour.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Seymour in Campbell here to Connery as mentioned here. We were dumping logs. In the same pocket down here. There were three of us dumping. I guess Condrey needed a hand and sort the logs of

Unknown Speaker 46:23
it seems like you worked with your team about half the time on this job. How much would you get paid for them for your team?

Unknown Speaker 46:31
Thank you Bucha now we're gonna thicken

Unknown Speaker 46:38
this all up all these

Unknown Speaker 46:42
Well, it could be could be some of this could have been just off Garner road we've got a bunch of stuff there.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Let's say you took Christmas off December 22 You did working into January 5 What do we got here? The same did most guys keep books like

Unknown Speaker 47:09
you I just kept track my time so they know what is checked around very big you know?

Unknown Speaker 47:16
How much you get for $211.60 For for how many for two weeks work

Unknown Speaker 47:25
22 days or $7 on giving seminars and then

Unknown Speaker 47:29
maybe we should put this on tape 33 days

Unknown Speaker 47:31
car. I had a car and I was taking them back and forth to work in the car and the horses were stable down there where

Unknown Speaker 47:39
we were where Oh, so you got to travel pay? I gotta

Unknown Speaker 47:41
travel pretty much for 33 days.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Were you taking other guys in the car? Or to be

Unknown Speaker 47:48
Seymour and gamble? Yeah, we're just the three of

Unknown Speaker 47:51
us. Oh, that was just in 22 days at $7 a day? Yeah, I guess that's and then

Unknown Speaker 47:58
11 and three quarter days 353 50 I

Unknown Speaker 48:03
was getting a guess. And then when I had the team I got seven

Unknown Speaker 48:08
oh so you were getting quite a bit from working your team mind you. They were

Unknown Speaker 48:12
quite a bit to get them to not very big money that's how I got something here

Unknown Speaker 48:30
well you show me this drivers show me just what we're hauling to loads of feed and rigging and I had another one a moment. Oh I'd like to be interested in cooking take it I want to know it's written red slips.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Sign here this morning.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
The car I bought

Unknown Speaker 49:15
you bought it off. Morris trademark trademark Ganges BC

Unknown Speaker 49:22
1940 and you paid $100 for a Studebaker.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Big every card How long do you

Unknown Speaker 49:30
have the Studebaker?

Unknown Speaker 49:37
Two or three years?

Unknown Speaker 49:44
salzburgerland Creamery monthly statement.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
You have that shut off. No. No.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
I'll take down anything you would tell me

Unknown Speaker 49:55
that without ever picture that Studebaker car. Oh right. Okay, well

Unknown Speaker 50:00
How are we doing for time? We're doing really well for the time actually. What do you think we can find out

Unknown Speaker 50:04
more? What's the building?

Unknown Speaker 50:08
Can be stuck in anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
I had it here this morning was the red one.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
More brothers you're gonna have to, you're gonna have to interpret that.

Unknown Speaker 50:39
Wages from

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Tommy Campbell's.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Yes, the Morgan gamble. That was my wages. 11 days with the team 3850

Unknown Speaker 50:50
weeks, what's the date on this? Today dated

Unknown Speaker 50:53
28th of October.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
Less compensation.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
So they take compensation off your wages. That's workman's comp.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
weren't very big wages were in the no

Unknown Speaker 51:06
$67.45. Well, I'd had

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Oh, so you had so Oh, can you tell me about you told me about that last time? How you would get credit at moments? Yeah, we knew they were. So that's sort of how it worked. Like, you would get credit at moments till you sold your wood.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
You're gonna have to keep on eating. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:30
Was that was that one of the reasons why you why you use MODIS your log?

Unknown Speaker 51:35
Yeah. I don't know why. One morning. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Or why you kept the bill and then No, I don't know that it is your intent to you. Just postage something that extra. So maybe you could tell me a bit a bit more about that. So you would you would charge up stuff it was it bends lucky dollars in those days was

Unknown Speaker 51:58
before Ben was in there was just moments. They had everything. Hardware and

Unknown Speaker 52:06
the same store they're in now. Yeah. And so you would just your wife and you would just go in

Unknown Speaker 52:13
here then. Oh, okay. Well, yeah. This was in that. So I was living with motherhood. On my farm

Unknown Speaker 52:23
at whereabouts was here. Was that the phone that you used to live in together?

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Yes, we did later. Yeah. Yeah. That was a period where they mobile home estates. I had 15 acres. So.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
So you, were you? Were you taking care of your mom to supporting your mom

Unknown Speaker 52:41
and dad died in 36. So,

Unknown Speaker 52:44
and how old were you then?

Unknown Speaker 52:47
3623 I guess. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
So what grade school did

Unknown Speaker 52:52
you did you graduate from high school? Was there even a high school here that?

Unknown Speaker 52:59
No, I didn't like high school. And like the teachers

Unknown Speaker 53:03
needed guys. I'm amazed that I survived to university. I like it better.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
I guess those pictures? Yeah. Okay. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 53:17
Well, that's pitching your team. Yeah. That's me up there. That's Campbell and that's similar,

Unknown Speaker 53:25
but you're not you're farming so to Campbell and see more help you?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
They helped me take my hand. Yeah. That's an old old team. I had years and years.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Wish I wish I had

Unknown Speaker 53:39
a real team to to me there. This is pretty old team. And long. Just smile. That was dead.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
So what when are these pictures?

Unknown Speaker 53:54
Oh, that'd be in 20 for me and

Unknown Speaker 53:59
Campbell and Seymour from way back? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:02
that's me. I was pretty young man. This is Mr. Cunningham.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Brother, sister, dad, sister. Long time ago that was taken up a corner rodeo lost my head in there. What were you doing that? I was in a Scottish and then I'm permanent. You were three years.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
You told me that you got called up in 42. And then did you get out?

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Did you get exempted because

Unknown Speaker 54:39
because I was farming and logging? Yeah. Login

Unknown Speaker 54:42
so they exempted loggers too.

Unknown Speaker 54:45
There's a student

Unknown Speaker 54:52
Mrs. Hi, Nikki. That's Mrs. That's me. That was taken Feeding, feeding big on the bottom. My life to Steve was either in Woodridge gardens or on the mountain. Oh yeah, yeah. Here's some snow. Yeah. Because this Saltspring in the snow. I think there was some other search somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Did you work up? It's just his

Unknown Speaker 55:23
sister in very first freshman was it was taken down long however. What were you doing? Babysitting mother and I were babysitting a place down there in the early 30s. That was a Sunday morning. Little scale there that's one of the teams in

Unknown Speaker 55:52
the sisters kit sweet. Oh, nice Indian

Unknown Speaker 55:55

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Yeah, that was a nice one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
You wouldn't wear Indian sweaters. Logging. No,

Unknown Speaker 56:02
no, no, no. Those skins did they just put it on leather coat

Unknown Speaker 56:14
mother's brother and uncle. very fierce. That's another team that a Han King and Jimmy

Unknown Speaker 56:30
sister and her husband really got married That's my sister. She's here on the in the picture. I was wondering. Dumb Victoria. Maybe that's That's it? That's me, sister. Pretty. Pretty cute. To the

Unknown Speaker 57:06
mother and dad dating back to

Unknown Speaker 57:10
dad and he says, oh, that must be an old photograph. This is a photograph. That's separate. Looks like it looks. Original house. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
I've heard about what he means.

Unknown Speaker 57:23
Maybe that's the specifics. Now listen, this is Ganges. Fagor used to be a war from the house that meat ranching up at the farm dig in a cat. Who's going

Unknown Speaker 57:49
Phyllis when she was she was going back to divert to see her husband back then when he was in forces

Unknown Speaker 58:03
while there was a pretty old horses I didn't use any of these in the bush.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
What would you need the young horses to work in the bush

Unknown Speaker 58:14
would have to be Yeah, apparently. Yeah. This was taken right down Ganges here on the beach. This loving photo rolling and logo over there on the beach. So that's how you use those just the same place same place. Yeah. Same place.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
That's a big one. What are the markings on it? Debates?

Unknown Speaker 58:35
Oh, you it was going into a pocket with two or three other lots of people.

Unknown Speaker 58:43
So you'd have to mark up which is yours.

Unknown Speaker 58:46
That's a pretty big piece of timber, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker 58:47

Unknown Speaker 58:55
that was my special art system. Was it Johnny? King Queenie that's another thing that made the six those two did some ways do

Unknown Speaker 59:12
better with each other than like would you

Unknown Speaker 59:15
be well matched yeah

Unknown Speaker 59:21
ex girlfriend just before a year before I get married I just saw her the other day and at a funeral Oh really? That was this was taken at the harbor and attempt to think elephants Mr. Serano sister Squeezebox.

Unknown Speaker 59:57
Looks to me like you're a little cute because a lot of people It was a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
well look at your your biking

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
that was taken up at Sardis a couple of cousins sister and me

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
that's your sister isn't it in your mind

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
those are small photos taken up at the rodeo up you Okanagan is that your environment this was taken up the phone was taking about 41 or 42 That's the only a pretty old pictures

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
there's only a little weekend

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
yeah look at the bait and switch

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
just still have a worse.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
No I am that's Johnny

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
was sitting on Johnny

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
sister's girlfriend's kid came out from back east

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
that's an oldie now.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
It's like a photograph.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
Damned on it is. 1755

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
This is a relative My oh my great grandmother's sterols. Great. Great

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
for doing the old binder, doing a little binding up by your house

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
that's family fairly recent.