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Nora Nixon

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Date December 1985 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:11
found perhaps that mean about the meaning of Christmas? Yes, let's, let's reflect on the color. The spirit of Christmas and why red is the color that people associate with Christmas and not orange. An interesting phenomena of our culture and other cultures as well, I might add. That's enough

Unknown Speaker 0:39
over because your voice more important. That's why it's critical to know what you just say your name.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Well, I was Nora, Towson.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
And your next. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
And my father taught at survival school. Oh, from 1920. I can't give the exact dates because he stopped from above 9030. And then at the beginning of the war, he went back again, was to some local school down the bottom of the street.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
It was in the same place as the elementary.

Unknown Speaker 1:22
No, no, no, it was right. It was right on the corner of the street. Oh, and it ran through. They have tennis courts and playgrounds at the corner of absolute.

Unknown Speaker 1:38
I didn't I didn't know that. That was cool that I knew

Unknown Speaker 1:41
your name. Yes. Well, all the other side of the lane to Windsor road. That was also Michaels. And then they have the residence on them. On Victoria Avenue, you know the big

Unknown Speaker 2:00
I should have to Oh, do you know who owns it now? No. It's not one that's up for sale now.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
I think it was up for sale, but it's been. It was sold I think and I don't know what's happened. But it's a great big house with a hedge in front. Oh, okay. It was the residence. And then they own the lot that came through here at Roseland. And it was the playground for the residents. And then the school you see was on the corner of Ralston.

Unknown Speaker 2:33
Okay, so you were you were telling me that in the 1920s there was still a lot of thought there would still be farms and big areas that land

Unknown Speaker 2:42
down between Windsor road and where Matt Neal is. And Windsor road. No, sorry. Well, Matt, Neil is Matt Neal. And they're off that runs talked them through all that was Khalifa belonging to the pelicans. Oh of the temperatures of hemorrhaging homes. Yeah, so yeah. You know, two houses on the corner. Met Neil. And folding room. Yes. Well, on the left going that away, Lucile crease house Oh yes. Harry

Unknown Speaker 3:31
Harry crease.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
Literally crease an answer. Crease decrease. That was the other creases pose. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
I'm trying to increase his

Unknown Speaker 3:44
work. Well, they were lawyers no increase increase. And the old original crease house was with the truth centuries. And they tore it down and they tore it down. But the other creases house was on the corner of fall Bay Road. And Matt Neal, among the this side was fell along could be a lawyer named by the name of Phil. Phil. But all this way was on a phone. That was 1940. That I mean, it was still there. Yeah, it goes. I know. We used to go out and pinch Holly in the 1940s.

Unknown Speaker 4:30
I wonder if there any Holly bushes left in that area?

Unknown Speaker 4:33
I don't think so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:35
So this house would have been hearing you that?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Oh, yes. This was built in 1911. And this house 1286. Hampshire. The house behind me out well 75 And the house across the room, the big house across the road was they were all built this same time because this area who area was opened up in 1912 1911. I think it was subdivided. Because they friend friend of mine. She and her husband climbed the fence of the corner where Hampshire route now and came through a cow pasture. Through, yeah, define the highest outcropping of land in this little area, which they bought, which is the most cost of labor out there.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
So you came to eBay in that 1020 years, initially, you were 18 years old.

Unknown Speaker 5:42
So almost. So you,

Unknown Speaker 5:45
you finished

Unknown Speaker 5:46
school, you finished your school, finish school.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
So what did you What did you do after you came to

Unknown Speaker 5:55
do river wall war? We will not alone together. Because a man coming back. He said we were absolutely useless. All my group of friends, the ones who are a little bit older, it was fine for them because they'd be working during the war. And those of us who were just turning to workable age at the end of the war, see 1980 9090 We saw the window. I'm having music lessons and painting lessons. Helping my mother. It was it was really very sad.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
Yes, yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 6:42
mean, I wanted desperately to be a nurse, my mother left me. And you didn't argue with your parents or stays

Unknown Speaker 6:53
cake. And you went to you went to church. So you went to St. Mary's Church. And that that wouldn't be the same building. If it is, like a normal

Unknown Speaker 7:02
structure. This one was only built about. We'd been if next year we're having a 75th anniversary. And the church was built as a chapel of ease attached to the cathedral. And it was a little brown shingle trip. And I remember it being enlarged either two or three times. And then we finally outgrow it about 20 years ago. pulled it down real estate built this church alongside it. So it's basically the same location. Oh, yes. It's just except to the same location. We built it. Actually the old church was on where the parking lot now? Yes, we built the new church alongside that. We did the move without missing a service, which was often meet. And then the meanness of the the church hall was in St. I believe it belongs to the Masons now.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
Oh, I think I voted there and an election or something like that. I think no one, the hall.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
And who was the minister in the 1920s

Unknown Speaker 8:27
the First Minister was captain and he came back he went overseas came back up to the wall. And he must have I don't remember when he died. But I know when I started teaching my son his COVID-19 1920. And he was still the minister. And then Archdeacon landscape. It was missed.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
And I didn't have time to prepare a set of questions. So I might sort of bounce around topics. But I'm wondering, like opaque lots of people moving out been out work downtown, you know, but was it that accessible to town or would be your right okay, so I have to tell you about streetcars next in 20.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
Well, the street cars came out from town and they went down at the corner of Hampshire road we went from two lines to one. So the old streetcar went down to the ground at the bottom of even though we're waiting to turn brown there and came back and they have to wait to give Stick to the streetcar that was waiting to go down and go wrong. When you see it that mean they'd stick indicated that there was nobody else done. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
And how much did you pay to get on the streetcar? Probably. So what so you could go downtown you would you do your shopping downtown? Well

Unknown Speaker 10:25
yes mostly, but we did have a grocery shop you see we have a butcher shop I don't think we have a grocery shop. No Harris comparisons

Unknown Speaker 10:38
we would have Yes, we

Unknown Speaker 10:42
have open a grocery open we have Harris's

Unknown Speaker 10:49
red herring so maybe you bought you needed Harris's position I'm just thinking that maybe you did buy your needed Harrison's because otherwise it will be very tough to grocery shops right across

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Yeah, so I don't remember. I think Harrison had meat but I couldn't be I'm sure he did because the girl remembers going anywhere for it.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Did you get milk delivered to the house?

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Oh yes. Milk delivered

Unknown Speaker 11:19
were variety for you. But I think in 1920 probably miss cherry Lee had her cows out of Kava Bay

Unknown Speaker 11:33
and would you get eggs from from somebody? No.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
No, I think that would be the grocery shop

Unknown Speaker 11:45
your cat's firmly entrenched on top of the map.

Unknown Speaker 11:48
She's hopeless you

Unknown Speaker 11:51
pretty family. Okay, so I'm trying to import or there

Unknown Speaker 11:57
was something I wanted to tell you on this ship. It's real life

Unknown Speaker 12:07
I guess you'd know most of your neighbors then because it would be such a small community compared to what it is today. And you know people from church

Unknown Speaker 12:17
yo sounder coastal school. And you will see I got 1920s Sumo friends started with the with the Sunday school, I started with cups of cups. And the cups them were aged eight to 12 or older.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
So that's what this that's what you did when you when there was no work for you? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Well, I we we have we have a very large pack and Miss Elliot Hill. I mean, she was in charge. And I helped her for a long, long time. And we have two packs, two packs of 24 each word and a waiting list. All of the waiting list. Does the children used to put their little brother's names down. You see, as soon as little brother was about seven, his name went on the list. And then Miss heliad was very ill one year and we decided I'd carried it while she was ill. And then we split up and she had the north side of the avenue and I have the south side of the abdomen. And we each have our two packs. And we were very, very busy. Yeah, that would have kept you a man again. We quite often did things with with Sunday school class. We have wonderful Sunday school picnic, some camera Bay. We used to go out on the street. And you know where the roundabout is in the outcomes

Unknown Speaker 14:00
where the bus turns around. Oh, the round vote Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:04
yes. Well, that's where the Streetcar is. And you see the William Niehaus.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
map with our plans developed in the 1920s.

Unknown Speaker 14:15
Oh, yes. But then I mean, a mighty few houses. And when the Athens as far as I remember. The thing was that you couldn't build a house for any thing in less than $10,000. And of course, at that time, it was that big sum of money. The first house was that was built, I think was built by people named Krause. I made seven brick building on Lansdowne corner. Lounge stone through

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
Anyway, it's been there for Mikey on the tennis courts, tennis court. But I think that was one of the first but the you'll see most of the outcomes you simply went through while loop. So then you go up and you were going

Unknown Speaker 15:16
out for a picnic whether you were with us

Unknown Speaker 15:19
or we'd go over the street car and then walk down and down the bank on this end of camp.

Unknown Speaker 15:28
Was that what picnics one of the things you did for entertainment? Well,

Unknown Speaker 15:32
we have no it was chiefly just the summer end of the summer and at the beginning of the summer, the end of the Sunday school year

Unknown Speaker 15:51
it was changed Yes, it has changed and when they I've seen pictures of Capitol bay because that was the area I grew up in in

Unknown Speaker 16:00
farms you know when Yes, and I'm living up in town My point was wilderness

Unknown Speaker 16:06
because people have this summer cottages Yeah. I remember going to one my house there have been some of the summer cottage

Unknown Speaker 16:15
yes a number of those little houses out the first part of him off point So what other areas do you remember what what the others around here here look? Well wait a

Unknown Speaker 16:31
minute something else we used to do? We used to take the trucks out quite often on Saturdays down the spooning you know a little bit before the October roll off of little bays all around that that's all built up now. But we used to keep pace with house many games to deliver

Unknown Speaker 16:53
where is that where

Unknown Speaker 16:54
my mind is now?

Unknown Speaker 16:56
No no no no when the outcome Oh, I see those great big monstrous osis all wrong.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
And you just take down there because the street car we wouldn't go

Unknown Speaker 17:10
there how we got there? I just don't remember how we got there. I know we don't none of us had cars.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
Well this is supposed to be partly fictional anyway. Did your father have a car? No. No, I guess you didn't really he wouldn't have needed one because he just was it was it common during that 20s for people to have cars in this area?

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Oh, people did have cars but we didn't have many who did? Did you buy? Oh yes. Bicycle everywhere I use the bicycle to play tennis right now. Out of war metaphor to think about

Unknown Speaker 17:56
good exercise and do you remember what your home would have been like inside like what? You would have had a kitchen during the 1920s What would be luxury items that

Unknown Speaker 18:12
I don't remember all I know it was a horrible kitchen over that old house. And we had a wooden coal stove so you get most of us did and we have organ co firmus

Unknown Speaker 18:31
did you have someone to help you in the house? Or did your mom and sisters

Unknown Speaker 18:34
we had a Chinese Oh Chinese used to come once a week to clean the floors and less floors?

Unknown Speaker 18:43
Yeah, because apparently quite a few Chinese

Unknown Speaker 18:46
but I mean they got finished speaking

Unknown Speaker 18:54
so did you do you remember Dean canning and oh yeah, so the

Unknown Speaker 18:57
valuables involved candle uproot?

Unknown Speaker 19:01
Did you have a vegetable garden? Small. Wasn't that true? No, no, it is actually pretty small. Why is

Unknown Speaker 19:13
almost the same as this? Oh, is it 100 by 170. That's why they divided to be the last.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
I was so disappointed because I will I lived in that house. And then I went away traveling and I came back walk long, because I always liked their house. But one of my favorite houses when it was gone and studies to

Unknown Speaker 19:34
prove it was a very nice house. Of course when we bought it my father bought it. It was abandoned. And then he put him on upstairs. And then after I sold that they turned it into a duplex. Then I think they ended duplex that the gain and loss

Unknown Speaker 20:01
Beautiful colors

Unknown Speaker 20:11
were something else I know what I was going to tell you. Windsor Park when we first came to Oak bay there was a grandstand or wronged and all wrong well and and whether they ever had horse races there or not, I don't know. I knew they had I don't remember what went on I remember the muscle grandstand and we used to play her girls hockey and I think it must have been after I was married that the grandstand the spin

Unknown Speaker 20:55
down here then because you would you want to grandstand we're not

Unknown Speaker 20:59
that I don't know. No, of course, up at the willows Park. I'm not willows you know, where they had the old exhibition? No, no, no, no. Nope. Well, you know, where Easter?

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Is that? So below, down goes on.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Yes, the low lands down, like down, lands down down to Canberra be rude. You see, that was all not all at large part of it was sealed exhibition problems. And they were great big exhibition buildings there. And there was also the ice cream.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
Okay. And that would have been 1920s.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
They remember was so there in 1920s. Yes. Because I remember going to watch hockey matches that. Patrick lived here. And then there was the big exhibition ground. And then above that, and below where Lansdowne I have some and stuff. That was Chinese market gardens. Yes, well

Unknown Speaker 22:18
then, because those buildings, those homes all through there. There's nothing really old there. They were all prepared. Do you know?

Unknown Speaker 22:28
No. But the I always remember that cabbages they used to grow and they got raw from them. They stuck. But it was a wonderful Hill for market gardens. Lots of Chinese used to buy their vegetables, come around to the house

Unknown Speaker 22:48
and sell their vegetables.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
But I mean, they were locally grown.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Yes. So you Where did you live before you lived in?

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Before? We lived in a couple of different houses in in Victoria Olson. And we came from source. Did you

Unknown Speaker 23:09
Did your father teach it?

Unknown Speaker 23:11
No, no, that was the son. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 23:15
We live down near beaver point. My brother went miles but they went to St. Michael's problem. When he when he he's 31. Now

Unknown Speaker 23:25
Oh, well. No, daddy died. He died in 43. But I think was there still assignments around him that night? Oh, yes. Well, Carolyn meant yes.

Unknown Speaker 23:36
I get in this room. I was my I was only involved in terms of coding tip functions and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Well, they had some medical school until not many years. So and then they after they gave up the school down the bottom of the street they build the school or what was known as the little field that was the field that they have their sports and everything they always held on to it. And then they built the new school down there. And then of course, they bought to my bought out University School. We became both curl and Ned both don't retire and Porto is retired.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
So your father taught on Saltspring?

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Always he had his own school Ganges. Like private? Yes, it was Ganges private school.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
So this would have been before the war, then.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
Oh, yes. Yes. Well, part of the problem was that a lot of the he had a boarding school, and a lot of the children came from other parts of the Hello. I think in many cases grantees paid the fee. You're in a war game became pretty sticky to send money out. For debit didn't get paid. Yeah. So the offer of a job at university schools so he came down here in 1970. And was teaching.

Unknown Speaker 25:25
Yeah, well, it would be it's kind of Slim going on. He just wouldn't have that many people to go to school

Unknown Speaker 25:30
when we have quite a big school, actually. I mean, laughingly, he had girls school attached to it. And then he had a governess to teach the girls but he managed to teach all the rest of us.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
So he came to Victoria and you live. You live down in Ashford? Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Yes. We lived in Matangi for a time it was all country.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Yes. And farms out there. I guess. It would have been

Unknown Speaker 26:09
well, down below University School. I was talking to a friend from them. We used to play cricket together. And then I said, Can you tell me Am I crazy? Or am I right? That when you stood on mom told me that it used to flood although Ms. Simpson says people used to pattern broken bones

Unknown Speaker 26:47
wow, that's interesting. I didn't know that. I mean, I don't remember what was before. And he did. I mean, I remember he built but I don't remember what would have been there before. And you know

Unknown Speaker 26:57
what I mean? This says unsaved This was before 1920.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Oh, yeah. So So I'm wondering the other maybe there's other things that you can help me with in terms of telling me what sort of games you played when you were little girl or your favorite books, that sort of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
That we played with Microsoft? I mean, after I left school,

Unknown Speaker 27:22
when you were when you're about I'm thinking more of when you're maybe age 12 Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 27:29
could ask me that because I was brought up with a bunch of boys. Oh, well, that's okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
Does that mean you played football or soccer earlier? We

Unknown Speaker 27:39
used to play rounders.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
Oh, French cricket. Cricket. What's French?

Unknown Speaker 27:48
French cricket.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
I have found a

Unknown Speaker 27:56
cricket bat or something. You stand with your feet type Devon. People throw balls at you and you if they hit your leg, you're out. Oh, okay. So you can also do it with a stick which is dicey. So you grew up with a lot of brothers and said no no the boys of the school and offer us

Unknown Speaker 28:18
a bit of a tomboy

Unknown Speaker 28:21
awful being sent to a girls school after

Unknown Speaker 28:23
What school did you go to

Unknown Speaker 28:25
tomorrow? So did you

Unknown Speaker 28:28
just for a couple of years? Yeah. Yeah. When to graduate from it? No, no, I graduated national thoughts for nine and did you run the high school but what's not with my

Unknown Speaker 28:40
net used to be the chicken house? Not dead or spring? Oh geez. Were the highs the original high school the first high school was known as the chicken house because it was the building that was built for when they had exhibitions and shows up there. And there was a chicken house where they used to show the chickens

Unknown Speaker 29:05
well the high school barn gangee on top now is that the chicken house is now the elementary school. Yes. And then the high schools is funny building that by they put it perched on top of that hill was just a rock. I didn't know but anyway, that's well, I ended up

Unknown Speaker 29:26
my uncle and later my father. Practically all again.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
You're not a boat person, are you? No,

Unknown Speaker 29:39
no. That's my father. My uncle Charlie and my uncle John came out. And you know where the undertaker says? Well, that was originally the Ranch House. And that's where my mother came to as a bride. 1900 I didn't realize you my father came out to see to join his brother in 1889 8818 88 or 89 I love it absolutely sure.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
And Charlie was running a farm and then he got ill you got married and he got ill

Unknown Speaker 30:28
and then my father bought the ranch from him but they Oh Do you know what Rainbow Road yeah well they owe on that size I think it was a total of 128 acres My father had a vegetable garden where most old stole again oh geez no deal Yeah, yeah not the presence store oh no women no you know the oh I don't know if it's still there.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
Store it's on meaningful road No, no, no

Unknown Speaker 31:12
no, no the President I believe the bank is their metal

Unknown Speaker 31:19
Oh, me Oh, they used to be Oh.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
Very long after the big bang of the immune the immune battle we've heard about that.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
I heard rumors about that. Do you know where that took place? Yes, right

Unknown Speaker 32:11
come on hear me

Unknown Speaker 32:22
Yes, the as far as I know. I think COVID Would you look if you want more information about this product?

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Yeah, I think this part is terribly relevant.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
Relative but if you want more information, we'll get it out for you. Let me warn me here. Okay, because I've got it all in my father's

Unknown Speaker 32:55
okay, but no, I'm more interested in hearing more a little bit more about you and you at St. Margaret's because I had decided that

Unknown Speaker 33:02
we would go in

Unknown Speaker 33:06
you don't have any memories of St. Margaret's published me like going

Unknown Speaker 33:13
to school at the Mark Oh, we have

Unknown Speaker 33:17
I was there a bad time with the bad flu epidemics? Is that I mean it was all doctrine carry

Unknown Speaker 33:32
what what substance subjects? School? Would you take that

Unknown Speaker 33:36
one dorm sure that I'm one with schools and the school being closed because of the flu epidemic and being sick myself. I have a very adult and carry one. Education.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
And did they say Mark Margaret's was that from reading one

Unknown Speaker 33:58
up to Oh no. I mean, I wouldn't was them? Yes. Yeah. But I'm so different now. Yeah, to them. I mean level standard of education was different.

Unknown Speaker 34:12
So did you you did something well, this was in the same location that I went to on Fern street from the street and and I'm just trying to think if there's anything you can remember about or whatever classes that you took or the games you played at school, the friends that you had,

Unknown Speaker 34:32
they used to play basketball a lot. We used to pay girls hockey tournaments. And What house did you belong to? Did they have the house? No, we didn't have those.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
By the time I got to

Unknown Speaker 34:45
know my children were in the welcome first.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
We will improve. We did it so that the whole family went through them the same house is now You

Unknown Speaker 35:01
know, my eldest went there and then she ran her father Mrs. godson were you there?

Unknown Speaker 35:07
No, I was there when Mrs. French was the one where we have this dress. And then before that was Mrs No, she wasn't Oh, I see Courtney, but I don't think that's right. But anyway, yeah, it was Mrs. French when I was there. Mrs. Spurgeon

Unknown Speaker 35:29
I don't know they went through an awful lot of his ministers.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I had one teacher who was Mrs. Martin and she was born he wasn't sure she had no teaching certificate or anything. Teacher she just you know you learned in that class and no problem

Unknown Speaker 35:48
nice woman to

Unknown Speaker 35:56
tried to pick up way too many of you remember what books you like when you were you actually read it?

Unknown Speaker 36:07
I read a lot of pretty very collection

Unknown Speaker 36:16
you read have you reality enables?

Unknown Speaker 36:21
I think somewhere along the way, it wasn't fulfilled and lovely.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
It was it was so well done. I thought

Unknown Speaker 36:28
the characters I don't want to see the plane. I've seen the movie.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Yeah. I was expecting to be disappointed. And I wasn't at all. I thought the characters were done so well.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
Oh, actually, I don't remember reading it, but I knew I did.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
You probably read a lot of English

Unknown Speaker 36:44
but you have read a lot of

Unknown Speaker 36:48
books that might have been fed out. Remember

Unknown Speaker 36:50

Unknown Speaker 36:53
I mean, I know I read an awful lot of books. Yeah. I mean to sort of pinpoint it. My father used to read to us a lot read mother and me and we used to knit and embroidery and things in the evenings we have no television. No radio. Yeah. I'm daddy used to going to acknowledge me travel.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Travel account. They were quite popular. I

Unknown Speaker 37:20
had some lovely travel.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
Did you did you have you probably had chores to do around the house. Remember? What? No.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
Nothing special? I mean, I just you know, I help my mother. First of all, what?

Unknown Speaker 37:41
Did your mom make your clothes for me?

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Or did you follow? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
Well, I'm trying to think of anything that we haven't covered.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
I think I think it's quite amazing that you came from Boston. I had no idea that that would have been, I interviewed a couple of women on them to ask what what they were like, and I'm trying to remember one of them did say that she went to a school in Dante's Hill.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
Did you?

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Beach, her maiden name to the beach? Fellas?

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 38:30
Super 41 02. Then her brother?

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
I interviewed him but I

Unknown Speaker 38:39
haven't seen several since he was a baby. Occasionally, I see Phyllis very seldom.

Unknown Speaker 38:49
I think she's doing quite well these days. Of course, it has been. But she's been doing well. Oh, good. You know. got kind of a lot of it sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Yes, it was funny. One of the last times I was at not the last time I went up the island and I saw a man working in the cemetery and I went in what I was really concerned about rather than when the headstones there and then when didn't talk to turned out to be Mr. Newman.

Unknown Speaker 39:24
Herring was 00 This is very nice man. I I guess I met him because a couple of years ago is doing history paper for school about logging on Saltspring Island and so I friend of mine directed me to Sarah like he was he was disgraced. And he just sat there and he's reminisced about logging in very good memory.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
Well, of course.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
No idea. I don't think I've seen him since he grew up.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
He married a woman who came over to Salt Springs during the war

Unknown Speaker 40:11
during Second World War because she she was widowed during the war. I think her husband went overseas and she had two children. And they got they got married.

Unknown Speaker 40:22
Yes, and I know her daughter. Oh, do you? quite by chance. I found out

Unknown Speaker 40:28
that she lives in Victoria. Yes. Children in Victoria. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
The small world and they live on Rainbow Road.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
Yes, I know where they live.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
We think we'd be very close to you if you live down.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
No, we didn't live on Rainbow Road. No, I was talking about the Ranch House. Yeah. Well, that you see was before the place. My father sold it. sold the ranch in about 93 or 94. And camp two acres of the hammock. Just at the bottom of Ganges Hill. Oh, and that's where he had this. And that's where he had the school when we came. Then we came, you see went to England and Daddy was teaching in Jersey on the Channel Islands. And when he came back, all Mr. Wilson, who was a pastor on the island, wrote to him and said, do come back. We need a school desperately. There was no public school at Ganges. And the children who are growing up had to go either to central settlement or to the divide out. So Mr. Wilson asked daddy to come back. So that he came back and started the school and build all three acres that he had kept the ball for millennia.

Unknown Speaker 41:56
I'm curious about the house that he built. Is it still there? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
It was owned by the dentist and his wife. And the Danfoss died.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
I'm just wondering, when you're coming down the hill, is it on the left hand side or

Unknown Speaker 42:13
the right hand side knows nothing much on the left hand side. On the right hand side. The big white gate coming down Ganges Hill was a great big waves geek, the bottom of the hill on your right. Oh, when you're almost you're almost

Unknown Speaker 42:29
right down on the bottom. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
It's in there. And they have all took the house. They put him in upstairs. But I went in last time I was on the I went in, because I had my daughter and grandchildren. And I wanted them to see the place. So we will stay in there. So they could see the view. And so unfortunately, she had some people to lunch so we didn't see inside the house. But she had shown it to me before. And they have put in a lift in the roof. But she told me she thought she was going to put it on the market. I don't know if it's been up for sale. I don't know. I don't know. She said it's too lonely for her. And she's got a family in Vancouver all screaming.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Yeah. Okay, well, I think I can stop bothering to do this thing now. Except if you want to tell me about Sunday school

Unknown Speaker 43:31
and continue anything about Sunday school. I have a toxic house. Oh, so you didn't It's Sunday school came later for you know, I told him Sunday school from 20 to 28. But I always have a closet copes.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Oh, I see.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
Well, you could tie in your Sunday school and your cup teaching very neatly together. Oh, and most of the little boys were in the class. They used to patch rolls it goes Sunday School half past nine go on to church for 11 o'clock seven. I have to take the rest of the church to

Unknown Speaker 44:18
so that there would be boys and girls Sunday school. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 44:22
have a boys club. Oh yes. It was a big Sunday school. We had one Sunday school 930 And the other one of 11. So the parents could leave the jewelry juniors in Sunday school. They could go on to church

Unknown Speaker 44:44
and I think the numbers in my Sunday school time. I mean, when I was in school, there would be five of them.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
However, two groups Mary's

Unknown Speaker 44:55
I haven't

Unknown Speaker 44:56
been to St. Mary's. I actually am. What are Llandeilo We're talking United Church you see because you know they were 2100 and my roommate if that was brought up in the United Church that wants me to go to church so I automatically thought we would put an Anglican church but she said no no I went to go

Unknown Speaker 45:26
this in my

Unknown Speaker 45:27
life but it was where most real people are know

Unknown Speaker 45:42
he's authentic

Unknown Speaker 45:45
it's interesting

Unknown Speaker 45:52
that the marriages that we have in the rest of their lives it I wouldn't see any more going on, because you're gonna have a

Unknown Speaker 46:15
one on

Unknown Speaker 46:23