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The Canadian Scottish Regiment

John Crofton, Ivan Mouat, Ken Byron

This tape is part of the Salt Spring Island Historical Society Collection and comprises an address to its members, entitled ‘Canadian Scottish Regiment’.
John Crofton, Ivan Mouat and Ken Byron discuss the formation of the Canadian Scottish Regiment origins and its role on Salt Spring Island in World War II. Discussion among those involved in action follows address.

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Date November 14, 1990 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:02
John attended school here in Salt Springs and then okay, I know you're on, and he continued school in the burden of a sculpture when his father went down there with a Scottish John joined the RCAF in 1943. And he did his initial training in Edmonds in Virginia, and then to a bombing bombing and gunnery school in Prince Edward Island. He graduated as a sergeant air gunner, just before the war ended, and then he was like to try to do UBC after the war, and then he got his Bachelor of Arts degree. Then he joined the RCAF, roses awakened Right Wing Commander, and returned to Saltspring Island and his family home in 1976. Since that time, John has been very active community affairs is Chairman the Harkin campaign trustee and the Saltspring Island Foundation. He's active in politics, and he acted for a while as you parchments alternative for his first turn. He's also president of the salzburgerland Historical Society, the son, the son of a famous Saltspring on soldier who's also had to cheat much in his own right. And I'm quite sure what they're going to hear this afternoon and prepared by John and I'm sure John can delete your blog.

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I just want by saying that the Canadian Scottish regiment is very important role in the history of science by bringing together for many small and isolated communities from all over the island, places such as pushing away the crappy denim jeans central service regiment helping to transform the island into one cohesive community. In addition, the regiment provided a source of great pride for everyone on Saltzman particularly those who served with a veteran. And this is a sense of pride that I see still exists today. And the second one of the Richmond as a veteran served in the regiment that we're putting on this special presentation. The presentation is based on Dr. Rick Roy's regimental history called ready for the fray. And David Diaz ucap, which is the regiments model, all begin the presentation by describing the early beginnings. And then tell us about the formation and the development of the second time. And also for the folks behind reminded for two. This is one that took place during the 1930s. Afterwards a Kembara will tell us what happened. Ultimately, it was confirmed in Pretoria and then the results of all the years that were spent in May they want to tell us about some of the highlights of the President's dissipation tray and maybe the invasion of Europe and then also have a few free speech giving stations to vote. But after a short break, try to try to get a discussion going to hear some of the personal experiences of those who served with division two regiment the gap on September 2 1940s, only five years ago. The reason that officers and men and 30 is long term impacted Militia units across Canada will work together to form his namesake thing 60s battalions, Canadian Scottish Canadian Militia units contributors to this battalion was a sequel I was the 50th regiment of Victoria, the Canadian titles and subtitles in Ontario. Consequently the 60s Fatality during world war one charge over and over in Canada, with which it could be identified with After the woman goes with the distinctions, or the game was afraid to hear that some places national ranks were determined to preserve the identity of my reputation all the time because of simplicity considerations and development and other battalions across Canada. By early 1920s, the Canadian government decided to pull from CEO reserve battalions and then each one a whole government decided to select Victoria as regimental home for the regiment to create on the 16th battalion review, Canadian Scottish regiment on April 20 1920, with appointed as its first commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel SIPE equatorial cross, a former CEO of the 60s Italian couple of about one euro 16 to appear on the veterans cap that was fine metallic. That's protestations that are no culture the US manager is different from those one of the 16 concerning CDs. So we felt a bit of a hassle to take inventory over badges, aka kernel tigers. I'm the CEO of like t 21, in order to take off his duties as a tenant Colonel or not, despite severe when he rose up that became the regiment segment seal. And it was he who saw all the combat problem it 26 He proposed in the development approved place on the numeral 16 And there should be 16 Maple Leafs that serve as a constant reminder of the current regimen. Plus the cap perhaps the Canadian Scottish regiment finally, was composed of the same arguments cross the white metal surrounded by a crowd supported by 60, legalese and within the vehicle they use that as a smaller small sharing and payment dimensional regiments Model D this group can really break. For some reason the government demo the bureau 62 of the first appearance of the regiment's life in the corners of the Bay Street. And it was really it was a struggle for existence because of money problems, and that will be concerning. Defense Mattis is a state of affairs graduate, with a one point of 1922 Co Op tomorrow clothing from the seaports in Vancouver to order to probably have plenty of Oregon for the government to juggle. Tutorial. Recruiting has also so far been exalted, necessary for an officer to slip into the uniforms of the sergeant are not necessarily recommended fortunes changed rather than 19 2016. The Korean market took over a CEO he instilled in him the failure of like your ideas. And as a result, so rapidly, what public support pretty rapidly improved. But that's it be able to overwrites the springs on the regiment 120 and 2021 to 290. So those were first commissioned by the technical one, the second one is red cable do already have some surveillance because policies and rules go straight to the original history for bragging rights, but it's also pretty important for us to be focused on participation in sports. The reputation of the regiment has become so famous much prior preparation not over having Lady of the royal family coming in still achieve Princess spirit. The regiment was not always the Scottish regiment rackets pizza stones. Now we got the part of the regiments history during the outbreak of World War Two was its alliance with the oldest regiment reporting the British army was part of this alliance led in 1930 and 1931. To the stadium story regiment a belting press that before we move the world starts recording.

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The second battalion 19 3038 In 1927, because the Japanese were becoming increasingly aggressive in the theories that turned Colonel Martin came to the conclusion that one infantry battalion was insufficient to guard the many pickup points of Vancouver Island against attack. Consequently, he proposed that a second battalion be formed for his Canadian Scottish regiment. This was a unique plan, since at that time, there were only two Americans in Canada that had two active battalions, the Queen's Own Rifles, and the Black Watch. This proposal received full support from figgered air AGL AGL bignum, when he left Victoria in 1929, become chief and the General

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Staff in Ottawa.

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Although authority was not granted by Ottawa, for a second battalion be formed until August 1930, Colonel Martin in 1979 began recruiting in Duncan for one. Once authority was granted, action began to organize officially the battalion under the command of authentic Colonel Dr. Sargeant, with headquarters in the nine companies at Duncan denial currently in Spanish. While a company was established itself in the College Area, major faculty was making progress with the company in the Saanich Saltspring Island area. In January 31. He recommended in a report that pollutes the tune for the company the headquarters again, sandwiched in North Sydney, Royal Oak and COVID. One of the first footstools to be organized was Ganges in May 1931, under the guidance of a Gregor McIntosh, a local resident and strong supportive Canadian Scottish. It was called the 32 appointed command was second lieutenant ag cop. We started HR Nichols as platoon sergeant, the man Hall became a drill Hall, and within a month after being organized, the premier had sufficient equipment and COVID to send some of them into camp. In his history in the regiment, Dr. Roy has this to say, quote, There are many factors which affected the life of a platoon in a country community. A great deal depended on them to Commander and his sergeant to keep interest alive and the platoon functioning. The wide area covered by the company, that depression and various other factors made it difficult for that companies the tools to establish themselves as solidly as and permanently as was hoped. The exception was Saltspring Island, to which only versions of the commander and the NCOs and owing to the fact that the population there was somewhat more static, was able to show a consistently greater strength and efficiency because he ended up in addition to the commander and Sergeant The following are among those who deserve recognition for the strength and efficiency of the Saltspring for to Bob Aikman, Ken and Terry Byron, Bob, Bobby Atkins, Ronnie, who will lead us Peter Cartwright. Why wait? Sergeant Jackson, Peter Turner, and Ray Morris, sir will be Kenny, Charlie Hall Keremeos. In addition, there was there was George Eliot, who took over the platoon apple desktop was promoted in 1936, to be commander of a company in Duncan, after George Eliot that Saltspring with Peter Turner to join the RAF in England. That crossing became a platoon commander, a position he held until late 1939 When he transferred to the PPCLI to go overseas. One person who remembers particularly well for his faithfulness to the dune is Ted Brown. regularly every week, he would walk down from the cranberry to man Hall to 10 grades and lectures. It must be remembered when thinking back to those early days, the depression was at its worst, and no one received any pay for what they did. Those few had a car received only a small gas allowance for bringing platoon members to Ganges to attend parades. In addition, boat transport was often a problem for those who had to attend courses, parades and other events in the Sydney Victoria areas since various areas where they're not as frequent as they are today. Instead, rowboats with a small outboard motor attached are commonly used, often under hazardous and unpleasant conditions. As that process has described it, serving with a platoon was a real labor of love for everyone. However, the Saltspring tomb was so strong in relation to the other tattoos of the company that was often split up to bring these other platoons up to full strength for company braids. In 1934, that Turner Colonel bathy assumed command of the Second Battalion unit which then had 246 ALL RIGHTS current about he was a veteran of the Boer War and World War One during which he was wounded three times versus a combat officer and then as a medical officer. He was a colorful man and an outdoor enthusiast asked during inspection trips to his companies and producers around Vancouver Island Saltspring. He preferred sleeping on the ground under the stars and cooking meals in the bush rather than staying in hotels and homes. Usually whenever you saw a lake or a river that look inviting it quickly stop his car, trip off all his boats and punch into the icy waters for swim. He would try to persuade his adjutant and others struggling with it, he shared his enthusiasm, but usually about a difficult if not impossible to do so. The battalion experienced several significant events during his time as commander in 1936. It changed from an industry to a machine gun unit as a step towards repairing it for fighting overseas. In the same year, it participated in Vancouver's gold jubilee celebrations. In June 1938. Its colors were consecrated and presented by the Right Reverend he Sexton, British British Columbia, and the tenant Governor Eric Campbell. Two months after presentation colors, nocturnal, authentic Carl Parker assumed command of the Italian for about tenneco back then the first half of 1939 Rob one of the busiest periods that has had for several years. It dissipated for example, in the Washington State golden jubilee celebrations in Seattle, and in ceremony surrounding the royal visit, King George the sixth Queen Elizabeth Victoria. Among the artists with special duties performed during the royal criminal kingdom, who was regimental commander, that center worker Captain red cable news and the tennis bedroom baggy and Stephens.

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Preparing for look right. Now, on August the 25th 1939, the day after the Soviet German non aggression pact was made public battalions were placed on a state of alert. And on September the first they received orders to mobilize for war. By September the third on what was declared and establish headquarters in the Bay Street army, where a state of semi organized confusion reigns supreme court Robert Koch in this new world was nothing but they will lemon noise sarcasm shouting strange commands at him. Such as Hurry up, I'm sure shortly after mobilization day. The salt sprinkle tool marched onto the site Peck ferry of Fulford to join the rest of the company in Victoria. That prompt and still vividly remembers the marching is the tomb under the fairy sea to World War One veterans got the most. Unfortunately, oh, standing by the ferry ramp, waving the Union Jack on wishing them on good luck. Despite the confusion, and bewilderment experienced by the recruits, they soon develop a feeling of pride in the regimen and this tradition as they've turned together, and shared hardships and preparing for battle. One recruit will give a significant boost to everyone's morale and feeling of regimental pride was Wallace, a St. Bernard dog, he became the regiment's mascot. Mike's put the pipe band with a great sense of dignity. under the care of Piper, we Andy McCarthy. He remained with the ban on a bunch of different camps in Nova Scotia, and then to England. In early 1940 The third Canadian Army Division was formed for God overseas, and it included a Canadian Scott refueling the first battalion let's overseas battalion was formed on the first and second battalions of the 1930s and came under the command of Leftenant Colonel kingdom to drop the rank in order to assume this command. So it makes your partner what became the second in command. The company commanders were majors, Larry Henderson Travis Does cropton table do and Daryl Stephenson are a lot of disappointed men who were not selected including Harry Nichols, who had to remain behind in Victoria, where he became the regimental psychrometer. October the fourth 1942 and drizzling rain. The battalion marched on Government Street, and then boarded the steamship Princess Elaine. While the pipe band played the Skybell show, it was an unforgettable moment. Five and a half long years would pass before the Italian would come home. All too many never made the return journey and others getting back in hospital trains. The workcamp five days after leaving Victoria, the battalion arrived but the bootcamp was a long answer to the rail journey for everyone. That so high was the battalions morale and sense of discipline that it was a trouble free trip. In fact, railroad officials later remarked that the Canadian Scottish are the best bunch of soldiers ever to cross the country. However, on arrival, these soldiers stone that the camp was in a terrible state. As one of them wrote this camp is one of the most colossal messes I have. See. We got to our allotted bunkhouse, we found it was apparently a storehouse about 1000 doors and so forth. Or puzzler no firearms no water no beds. No mattresses. No food

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was everywhere. And body washing brains were conducted on a little string of freezing cold soapy water. However, conditions improved. And intensive battle training took place for the next 11 months. By August the 22nd 1941 the scholars were ready to train further in England for the freight and let for Halifax to board a cruise ship from for gospel was their mascot was snuggled on board in a crate. Mark personal property Leftenant Colonel cam 4119 44. On arriving in Scotland, the Metallian proceeded to our shop where they were soon inspected by the king and queen. And several days later by Princess Mary, the regiment and Colonel and chief Leftenant General McNaughton were companies. I was highly impressed with the battalion smartness and Barry and later it will be a source of great satisfaction to work hard and to know that the Metallian made a most favorable impression of all who were present. In 1942 at the battalions new home, but didn't park near Horsham battle drill training for Modern Warfare began. It comprised special physical training, field, battle drills and discipline and battle, inoculation. And March and April of that year, the shape of also took place in that the older men were sent back to Canada, including Leftenant Colonel kingdom. Parker then assumed command and matric became his second in command. The next two years, the battalion moved from one camp to another and underwent battle training of ever increasing intensity particularly in the area of combined operations, or assault landings on hostile coasts. It also was subject to enemy fire. Rh Roy and his history of the regiment records that on October the 30th of 1942, an enemy plane, machine gun big companies area at Kingston normal no one was hurt. Major DG Crompton riding a motorcycle at the time, came up with

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on January the 20th 1943. Talent Colonel Parker, a world war one bathroom was returned to Canada because of age and finally training injuries. He was replaced as commanding officer Leftenant Colonel Macbeth, he signaled option ayrex Roy writes not although this officer tried to overcome his inexperience in handling an infantry battalion.

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His efforts were not successful. About six months later, he was replaced by Leftenant Colonel the following year, under his leadership, the Canadian Scottish are ready for the fray against Nazi Europe.

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On June 2 1944, the Canadian Scottish were in Southampton boarding the ships to carry them to France. Lieutenant Colonel cable do describe the scene later as problems. There was a wonderful feeling of optimism everywhere. And I must say I felt very proud of all attend and bronze face lands going into the assault with Dr. Roy explains the assault plan in broad terms as the third Canadian infantry division would be in the center of the ready second army's three divisions the soap from the sea. The Canadians were to land along the six miles from prescribed the river soon. The second brigade would assault with the winner pegs on the right. And the Regina is on the left. See company of the Canadian Scottish commanded by major DG cropton was to land under the wind effects command with the intention of capturing both and the enemy positions on the right. Dr. Roy then goes on to point out that the other companies of the Canadian Scottish would follow along later to clean up enemy posts and to seize certain bridges essential to the armored vehicles, which had the task of sweeping inland to capture more bridges that could be used for a German comfort time. Soon after 6am on June 6, see company boarded their landing craft from HMS Ulster monitor. About two hours later, after a rough and rough ride with the element of surprise on their side. They landed on the beaches and proceeded toward vaults. After capturing gold, biting hard for every yard they gain see company proceeded to St. Croix, a platoon sergeant with the company with Sergeant Bob Atkins of Ganges. Meanwhile, the remaining companies of the Scottish were landing on the beaches amid stranded land the crack Marquard mine machine gunfire, exploding mortar and artillery shells protected by the sand dunes where the wounded moving upon them was Pat recibo and along with the medical personnel. The landing craft carrying the company's number 10 platoon was hit on its ramp by two marker ball. Just as the platoon was disembarking. One private was killed. The commander Lieutenant Russell, with several others is seriously. Sergeant Kim Byron properly assumed command of the platoon. Although badly wounded, He carried on until late that afternoon, when he was ordered back and Acropolis to vote. And then during the advance of the armored vehicles, was it at eight millimeter gun emplacement. Hidden an innocent blocking haystack near a company. The company commander, Major plows standard, in order to look 10 o'clock to take it out. Clark's classic reply was me. He then immediately called with several of his men to position behind the haystack from where they ran up to uncovered the concrete and placement, open the door leading into it and threw in a grenade. It's destroyed. As soon as they had done this, they found themselves surrounded by about 50 German soldiers. All with their hands up wanting to surrender. Who's Captain Bill Matthews problem? There's prisoners. He ran up the clock and asked what the hell you're trying to do. When the BC finalist was see company was in that on the outskirts of St. Croix, when a violent and critical battle was raging, major craft and the company commander would see that the Winnipeg Rifles will be pushed back. So heavy was the opposition he was to write later, I realized that this area of the beachhead was in danger of being overwhelmed by the enemy. Complicating the situation was a field of waist high quick, which gave the Germans excellent concealed. Deep company and Canadian tanks and artillery concentrated their firepower on enemy positions. As soon as the crisis at St. Croix had become stabilized, A and C companies swept forward for Columbia, leaving the wind effects behind to stamp out the remaining resistance. By 430. On the afternoon of the day, after nearly eight hours of intensified, suffering many casualties, the Canadian Scottish battalion had penetrated more than four miles inland from the beaches, and was spearheading the brigade attack. By the end of the day battalion had advanced six miles. However, the enemy realized that their best and perhaps only a chance of defeating the Allied Invaders was to launch a counter attack as soon as possible after the day before the invaders would be established firmly from the beach bridgehead and be reinforced. Thus, on June 7, a German Battlefield, commanded by Colonel Kurt Meyer began an attack against the Canadiens near the village of puto. Not far from both the Regina rifles and the Winnipeg Jets on June 8 found themselves in danger of being surrounded and overrun. The tenant Colonel Katie Hill, was ordered to launch an immediate counter attack to save within two hours after receiving his orders, he had prepared his attack plan and directed his company commanders that they must capture and hold. It was essential that this beat down because there was no other infantry battalion between the enemy in photo and the beaches. Facing the Scottish or season for not fanatical SS troops, veterans of Russia, Africa and elsewhere. The Winnipeg state captured they would murder almost 2000 Infoblox. Soon after the Scottish counter attack began, the company in attempting to cross a bridge over a railroad encounter fierce opposition. The company commander, Major Tommy McEwen, was severely wounded and pulled out of action. The second in command, Captain Bryden, was killed. And the company headquarters was almost wiped out.

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As was most of

Unknown Speaker 34:36
the company except major clouds of a company. When he heard this news. He decided to amalgamate what was left and the company with his own and thus stabilize the situation. Finally, on June 9, the Canadian Scottish recaptured photo and threw back further enemies attempts to take. But this has been done at a heavy price 45 officers and men were killed in this action and another 80. Altogether. Within the first three days after the landing, the battalion had lost 1/3 of its entire strength. The next major objective for the Scottish was can, since it was the job of the British and Canadian armies to keep the enemy engaged around and to draw more of them into the air. The purpose was to clear the way for the United States forces to break out of the Sherborn Peninsula and drive to the sun and East, thus allowing only allied forces in France to pivot round count for their move into Germany. The American Breakout Rooms achieved by July the 28th, and thanks to several foolish tactical blunders that Hitler has made, the opportunity came for the allies to encircle and wipe out the greater part of the German army and the fifth Hendra. On August 4. Gentlemen summary order the Canadian Army launched a heavy attack from the car sector, in the direction of ballets to the south, to come up the line of retreat for the German divisions engaged with the British Second Army. On August the 19th, the Allied attacks around Falaise rock about the collapse in German resistance and morale. German prisoners began to flow through the Canadian lines first trickle, they didn't scream, and finally in a flood, about 12,000 are captured by the Canadian Army. The battle for Normandy had been robbed.

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Donald normally had been one, but it had been one regret cost to the Canadian sky. From the day to August 21st. They suffered a total of 627 gatherings, of which 198 were opposite the men killed in action, many of whom had been with the regiment before the war, or were joined in 1939 and 42. Canadians cross the Seine and on August the 30 race towards the end the line and delay the capture of all kinds of plots was an important factor in allied strategy in order to reduce the supply guns for the pipeline supporting the Allied advance. After they've done it, Colonel kW was promoted at the end of August to command the Fourth Infantry Brigade, the second division, major DG cropton took over from him as commanding officer of the Canadian Scotland. We made the Larry Hennessy as a secondary command for the month of September, was taken up with a move towards Keller on September the 27th. In the late afternoon, the Canadians got his captain the Northwest basket of Kelleigh and then proceeded to capture the habit facilities and froze at 2am. On September the 28th, Colonel dropped in the company by Captain shell, and companies at major Barry Mac, the commanding officer of Calais and abroad and accepted his surrender of the harbor forts and of their opposite and men. The only theory of the Germans was that they wouldn't be turned over to the frame, the captain of Calais, all German guns, which have been showing southern England during the World War so with the channel ports behind the behind Kelly and her stand to remain the greatest prize of all, and with 50 miles inland from the sea, undamaged to remain locked to allied shipping, because the Germans held the approaches to it along the Scheldt River and the askers and the Liberals canal. The attack on the liberal canal began at 5am on October the sixth, and by nightfall the Scottish insecurity bridge in about 1000 yards wide. But on the following morning, Germans conquered death, and the battle raged from that day and continued for the next five days. But on October the 12th and 13th the Scottish were able to penetrate deeper into the canals and clear both sides of the canal.

Unknown Speaker 39:59
Number 13 Doing see company can minded by talking to Terry Byron captured about 30 prisoners. Although there were only 14 men in his in his entirety to Germany at the 90, rich and across the canal of insecure, then got on the slugging match for the Scottish and modern rain along the show was during this time, the Ronnie who are young private consulting, was killed trying to save the frame. After repressed in early November, the Scottish moved to the Nijmegen here, about two miles from the German world. They experience a three month period of static warfare while the top command is debating future status. During this time, most of the excitement at the frontline level came from enemy artillery fire and patrolling and a cold, damp, muddy snowy conditions. On February the eighth operation is veritable the airline operation to clear enemy forces west of the rain began. This operation called the Canadiens to eliminate the enemy from an area 30 miles long and 20 miles wide, from the nine eight and seven. Their kind of attack gone through movement across the guy that landed on February the seventh, the sudden thought of place with released millions of tons of water to types that had been breached earlier by the Germans. By February the eighth, water had risen over this back country by more than 40 engines. Consequently, large to carrying clumsy amphibious vehicles are brought in to replace tank support. The main attacking body and the Canadian Scottish were Hey and D companies. Their task was to capture near the company were to take a strong point, which they call a little bit. Because of a large amount of firepower, the Germans are constantly for wireless communications at that time, in many difficulties for the controlling demand for these attacks. At 11pm, on February 8, A and D companies set up for Neil, the same time that the company was attacking little dobro. However, in the dark and confusion, ad companies became their tracks and instead of reaching to their objective, they wound up with a village of German steel. Doctor right describe the situation that then ensued. But the technical headquarters of the Canadian Scottish has probably been, the company reported that they were still battling for the strong point. No word, however, had come in regarding the progress of the main body, said when brigade is spreading, as they've done it kind of profit and short time later, for a report on his forward companies he was unable to give. As a result of further conversation, the Brigadier with a brigadier general dropped and set up with his staff to headquarters for Neil. Since the day cropton had been noted for his aggressiveness in general desire to be as close to the board positions as possible. In fact, the nominee as a company commander, he had to be ordered not to go on patrols in the no man's. As commanding officer, however, he realized his base was in a position where he couldn't control the entire battalion shortly after midnight therefore dropping in his group convert abroad do buffaloes and the crap bottled down the money rope daylight approaching and still no sign of either company going across this crap ease into the Western bottom. When going to be two buildings, the leading crack carrying the commanding officer was struck by a rocket this track goes many guys, killing three and wounding others including Colonel cropped in his arm was badly smashed. And that day, Tommy, but you will find these two managed to tank Chevron and nearby, where they remained for almost 12 hours before they were rescued. Thanks to the efforts of Padre from SIBO. Shortly after this event, AMD companies found their objective and target because only a few guests made it already Henderson was given command of the battalion to replace gonna prompt him to make a bit of math and attention second in command, Operation veritable continue to study for another 12 days. On February the 21st battalion was informed was being released by the Royal Regiment of Canada was to go into a desert road. This news was received with great enthusiasm by all ranks. On March 25, two battalions joined the other allied forces in the move across the Rhine. And I like to tell you guys the capture of Emory, they went north deliberate. Finally, at the end of April, with his navy, army and air force is torn to shreds it meant to us. A few days later Berlin fell. On May the fifth, a ceasefire came into effect, bringing to an end the fray for the Canadians got.

Unknown Speaker 45:17
World War Two proved up the Canadian Scottish could live up to its motto, ready for the fray. Here is what general Khurana General Officer Commanding during World War. II acknowledged the Canadian Scottish regiment from its birth. So many gallant deeds done so often greatly inspired by the strong, regimented spirit. They accomplish the accomplishment of these deeds fully paid for and the price of human lives. The regimental motto, ready for the phrase will be justified

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as Chuck mentioned that the various magazines ever discussed are shown on the maps over there. And over on the left is awesome photographs, memorabilia of the Canadian Scottish during its early years very visual, we'll come back together again say in about five minutes when we have our discussion period, hopefully to hear some of the personal experiences of preparedness as my father used to call the boys and.

Unknown Speaker 46:48
Get the discussion period

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before we get the discussion, going, somebody just observed that sort of lost track of who was speaking. And so what I'll do is introduce at this time, the various speakers as other other people who are here who were mentioned during our presentation, first of all off the Gale they're not in Canberra. Lawrence, Charlie, we mentioned we mentioned about one dedicated and loyal supporter of the 13th of June during the 1930s. And that was Ted Brown, who's with us here. Back in school, did so much during the war with my father, everybody in the in the regiment and Bob is here. They're very patient sick. I'm not sure if there's anybody else here I should mention. Charlie, Ohio are ready to pull up on Charley oil now to get the discussion? Going.

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Ladies and gentlemen, can you hear me all right. Before we get into the discussion, I thought it would be kind of interesting to talk for a few minutes about the ambience or the feeling that the 52 militia platoon had for Saltspring island during the 1930s. It was the pregnant part of the community. The platoon strength was ranged from between 20 and 30 men and it was divided into three sections with regular field three rifle for men, plus a heavy duty water cooled Vickers machine gun for each section. So this was a pretty heavily armored group. And we were the tartan kilt with brass buttons, tunic stops for all purposes, including training when we were on duty. We had no ordinary fatigue. And we kept our personal equipment at home so that when we came down for training, we were in uniform, and supposedly the shine up and polished up. Many of the enlisted men were in the local high school. So we were very young for the army too young to get into the VIP partner show. Consequent we were pretty a pretty sober lot a little bit. We had a lot of fun. But we were we were relatively sober compared to some of the problems that we were so proud of ourselves and we thought we were the the best. All the best young man on something else we're gonna have to tune we figured when we went to camp, we thought that our platoon and our officers were the best there wasn't a battalion. But in fact, the first thing that we were real keen on this The training sessions were usually to our period every Monday night. Generally around 1/3 of the evening was spent on basic infantry manual alarms. The remainder the time was spent in machine gun grill, mounting and dismounting the victim machine guns and memorizing the various stoppages that were possible with the guns. as well. That was the disassembly and assembly of dictation, where the recital of each and every part down to the longest name part, the safety for access would keep a pin, which was well known among the young men the end of the sentence during the summer, that we're training camps a couple of weeks each year, when the battalion was joined together at Verdun, or huge rain near Victoria. And I think one summer at Sydney. We worked on battalion training and general maneuvers. And other times of the year we sometimes had weekend exercises on soft King Island Ferry ammunition that area Nichols had displaced from headquarters for long Harbor, which was really frightened the ducks today. And sometimes we went over to decode off to Nanaimo, on minesweepers. When they were going our way they wouldn't want to really focus. On one particularly sad occasion, we marched out the central to In Progress to provide a military funeral for very fine young men and horror Stevens who died of appendicitis. He was a member of our group. Other times we were called on to provide on our guard for our visiting dignitaries in Victoria. And all these nddc government that are very cheaply all have our personal gear, our equipment or surplus from World War One Stop. Pay was $1.10 Each day only when we ran camp in the summertime, any pay and I think there was some pay allocated for our evening training, was intercepting battalion headquarters who used to pay for special rations on transportation costs. So here you have about the only country in the world who wouldn't finance their troops training on the troops at that time. Aside from the military aspect, the 32 presented the young men of software with many social and recreational benefits. There were the Monday night drills. Man Hall were very genuine feelings of fraternity and friendship were crushed. The younger lads starting at 16 years old, were able to see the best side or older men in various situations under healthy, disciplined conditions. There were also good natured lessons and friendly competition in the care of individuals and personally took a great deal of repetition was actually a very important lesson in teamwork that became instinctive and was a valuable asset for a lifetime. Another important gain for these young men that grew out of the Teamwork was the self discipline, and sense of responsibility necessary for.

Unknown Speaker 53:29
Every Easter Monday, the platoon stage the special dance which we ran in which our parents were the groom, they're doing the catering for the proceeds from this dance went to buy the coffee and donuts, which concluded every room was called up on the declaration of war in September 1939, there was not enough room at the Armory in Victoria, for all of Italian so we have to stay and train on Trump's been around for a while and out of Manhattan. And we went home each evening and reporting for duty each morning for about a month or so. During this period, it seemed that nearly every organization on Saltspring Island held a dance or a dinner either to celebrate or lament or departure. The whether or not September was grand and clear and the music was sweet. And you could understand the lyrics. And the girls are very nice and very beautiful. When we marched on board the site back to take up our training in Victoria we did not realize how much the room would change before we came back. That's not part of the presentation on what we did on software. And I would like at this time to try to get someone to match who were involved in the operations over here to tell us something about the route they took on the day coming inland and something about Hey everyone,

Unknown Speaker 55:06
I just wanted to say to you ladies

Unknown Speaker 55:09
on D Day

Unknown Speaker 55:13
probably the first Canadian group of sure was not quite as sharp and that can be a gentleman sitting down here the first Canadian troops on the beach at the end of the day the end of the day Canadian Spanish and penetrated province just getting our any unit in the allied armies which was something very different can we get Kevin Terry here to go over

Unknown Speaker 55:41
the details

Unknown Speaker 55:52
tell us about Jonathan

Unknown Speaker 56:21
activate that pipeline to do less

Unknown Speaker 56:27
that was quite hectic a lot of things

Unknown Speaker 56:31
going on time at a

Unknown Speaker 56:36
party was already worn

Unknown Speaker 56:43
which was really the main battalion was on the scene it was on the other side a ship that was previously mentioned

Unknown Speaker 56:53
the French champion the French and the French Henry most

Unknown Speaker 56:58
of that time was followed by the number one commandment

Unknown Speaker 57:09
one time certain

Unknown Speaker 57:16
an ideal partner calls all the shots to one doctor he attended school

Unknown Speaker 57:26
the mountain under 600 Nigel Parker was the daughter

Unknown Speaker 57:38
more than more than the

Unknown Speaker 57:40
size of the hopeful side my last

Unknown Speaker 57:48
one the answer that occurred and a short alert

Unknown Speaker 58:00
maximum happens what happened was

Unknown Speaker 58:07
so high and the least sexy board huge

Unknown Speaker 58:22
practice on

Unknown Speaker 58:23
depression away

Unknown Speaker 58:24
the rich delusion and the white man

Unknown Speaker 58:46
a look and released just in time and obviously that was my

Unknown Speaker 58:53
my first sharing experience

Unknown Speaker 59:02
very rough water Marschallin loves

Unknown Speaker 59:09
you God bless bye fact that as leaders as noncommissioned officers as your mind

Unknown Speaker 59:25
what was happening what was taking place

Unknown Speaker 59:33
are we got into the shore there are plenty of vehicles

Unknown Speaker 59:41
all kinds of anti run up to the mines and shells attached to sit in the water. We hope that you find out we bump into the next

Unknown Speaker 59:59
cash I'm trying to sell a company let's say

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
it's a lawyer retired and my old

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
doctor said your son was running the whole class it was just because let's face

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
it don't say that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
the landing

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
the training but anyway

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
first of all we're at about five feet all right I guess the raffle that was the last time we got a little Valley and around town unless you're waterfalls get another cup of lemons on the ramp we had quite a casual meeting after that so living in Toronto the Russell very violent is going to be in that crack

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
was going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
in the anyway

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
insider trading personnel I wanted to be in that particular path because some of the big models responsible for we're heading back home and I didn't want my kids to be split up very severe and that question finally said well okay what we'll do is we'll utilize

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
a great idea

Unknown Speaker 1:01:50
was worried I was gonna contact Russia was on the right I was in the on the ship I was in the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
long term we have to get away

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
course my second

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
question was

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
kind of long term right. Just prior to my foster mom came down on the beach and

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
I got past some

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
catalogs and said I'll be available great time to get up here because we've been talking a lot faster to get through last week

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
and I want to start with you and I think I knew everybody was on the brigade friends because I got slept

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
I slept on my company

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
various times something was always and I was younger and every time we tried to get back to get in touch with your company we went into opposition and we find out it was quite a striking you're trying to reach a way back to your employer looking at the

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
same time away casual

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
righty guys it's gotta finally manage contacts. My company

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
justice day has reached the objective

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
I'm going to provide information to I don't know how many of various organizations including

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
regardless of what, as well as

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
some of the companies that are already

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
in the writing and the company I think we're excited about to get back in order to be back and I spent the night

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
with the record company because it was one of the hardest shots in the world.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
Fire goes both directions from our people and coming back from the enemy of the violence He

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
lives in Mumbai with all night long lace and the whole thing aligned with that and we're going through my wife and we have very little supply and demand we have not three cans at least in Europe

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
they have a surplus event

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
the idea was to utilize our shipping by sending back to the hospitals and ready to wait for at that time I would love to close the hospital accommodation that was required expected will be required

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
battles to come

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
where I spent my night and the next day

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
I was on the way up

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
a landing ship tank

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
manned by Commander we spent the afternoon on that and maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
I'm gonna have to spend the night on race things we're still on still alive on the show

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
right and certainly more than double the tax

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
payments are I didn't get involved as

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
long as it takes the gravesite catalog and they told him where to go before we go on site

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
to sell the car but we found

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
out a fire in jokes and bombs

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
and the next day

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
we say most of you have no idea thank you for assessories not very much going on anyway wherever you'd like to see and that's all we really want

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
to say that was a present

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
that point was

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
a massive shift the whole thing whole same thing as far as you could see on either side the side

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
wouldn't believe it was was accepted a

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
nun fire

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
on the aircraft that quality and the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
price will come over at the same time yes this is the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
end of the channel and this thing was just like a funnel

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
in Cape Town or when you got you got the little

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
tapered down to the two lanes almost touching

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
all of this

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
person will love it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
converted from work the US Navy loose

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
thanks anything that was

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
almost a lie on line of shipping. So one way to align the shipping runway as we proceed is right in front of out again. Insanely happen. The shipping was outsourced. Guys right. All the time, all the points on the British sea called the ship for covering suddenly finally

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
we're going to go

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
and I got

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
a hospital grade and kept on waiting until a new article hospital

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
grade is awarded

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
emergency casualties from Northern Ireland

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
nice to get some shots and smear this movie right across the

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
ballots and we're all set to say hey you're gonna work out number three in general on Capitol

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
Hill episode

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
I can't give you too much more detail on that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
thank you can when you can get up to speed I'm not prepared to say anything

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
is there anybody would anybody like to ask any questions or they can

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
but I remember seeing him in Britain. Yeah. He came to visit us one time we were in.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
I can't run well, it was Dean park or other place that we were stationed. That's right. Yes, no, it's color amongst great I think it was normal. He came on he came to visit us he came up on the motorcycle wagon see he was better off than most of us guys who being an artillery man and he was one of the guys that wrote the bike. That's right. And he he came up and I remember he came up and he visited with us one afternoon on Sunday afternoon we had quite a chat he was getting down to what's going on the various phone houses now none he cannot draw close to striking supporters and the other chocolate all the fellas up were in there I don't know if God remembers him coming up or not probably does that I can remember that particularly was the last time I saw a guy overseas protect your time Oh you're right. I'm Ken Byron This is coming up well I've got my account closed about five years.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
Purpose just like to bring up military historian said about life on the shelf during the winter of 1944 45 gives a pretty good idea of what the infantry had to go through. He says the abiding memory is a great skies. rain, fog chilling deathless boots battle wrestling blanket soaking up Harold food matches I wouldn't like the soldiers weariness that is as much fear as lack of sleep on everyone. This is what our voices because I think they

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
deserve anything else.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
Mr. Chairman, give me a minute. And then the time again I just the third case by case day but in place with the Scottish and the the Scottish and the family that many of our viewers have Western Scotland with their mind and desktops keep track of everybody. Time history

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
the district center wagon, personally but it definitely has died in the Boston area here in the Bay system shark Labrador. They were rich Same page we're working on our phone line up unable to get out fast enough to join the army in case the war was over in 1914 and then the gas was powered over they couldn't get out of the army fast. But there is a lot of connections and the Scottish graduate as a museum in Ireland for those people here who may have some connection cousins and so a lot of doors open fans family member that could listen Scottish that was he was open any night the Spanish is on break now which I think the Tuesdays and Thursdays and other times other events they would be pleased to have you there as a guest before it's time to get into the museum. It's got some fantastic pictures as the size of this room so there's all kinds of stuff there for anybody in any aspect. And I'm a member of the residents association not many but every chance they get they say people connected with this guy that should take the opportunity to see the museum and if you have any thing that you might not think is valuable that stuck away in a box or something because the status they hear about it evaluated for you and once it's well worth

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
it. Right