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The Bismarck

Hugh Guernsey

This tape is part of the Salt Spring Island Historical society Collection and comprises an address to its members, entitled ‘The Bismarck’.
Mr. Guernsey gives a detailed account of the events leading up to the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck, in which he was personally involved.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Got rates of this month and reporting some of that gave us a position we knew what was happening we knew this month was going up and that's useful it also allowed us to cruise it's already up and it gave us all the wishes obviously come up. Rita when she came up

Unknown Speaker 0:31
with the Suffolk lovers two cruisers up there they cited where they started this mock up they were taking off the while she was in company they found crews fuses small six inch guns and it was interesting she restriction the head of this mark and with the reporting this bar for this bar but it didn't work out that way. They sold both together

Unknown Speaker 1:15
well that gave us what was going to happen. The two cruisers who are shattering this bond, they came down the streets we were going out towards towards the to BGI.

Unknown Speaker 1:38
The two cruisers grew up in a one of them, and Radar Radar has been in use I think it's the first set of three. And she walked she shadowed and reported the first two and a half. And who absolutely refused to make any relief

Unknown Speaker 2:13
find the record to do if you're doing your job. And the operations are great I've found to be extremely tricky and exact too, but that's how long they last. Finally, the weather. And it's very easy for ships

Unknown Speaker 2:34

Unknown Speaker 2:36
fall and turn around or go off some other way and get lost. They realized that they couldn't do that the the radar got bought out or when they lost and we simply do not come out. What would be the article protective and some baby somebody who's seen well there's commonwise don't have about 50 The speed will be about eight or nine months. Not that wonderful 25 customers was allowed to travel that kind of thing. They don't exist anymore. They said that but the basically ships doing about a thumbs up and they would trail across from North America to

Unknown Speaker 3:46
protected typical days.

Unknown Speaker 3:50
They can't run away.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
They comprehend

Unknown Speaker 3:59
defense was our submarines as it was shattering them and trying to torpedo budget to the glacier on records of suffering losses came with the envelope.

Unknown Speaker 4:19
The Germans had lost about 250

Unknown Speaker 4:23
We'd lost about 100 as romantic but it gives one some kind of a lie

Unknown Speaker 4:38
it was critical because in a small country like England

Unknown Speaker 4:46
which was the southern coast of the world facing German supplies in Paris.

Unknown Speaker 4:56
I don't know if he will be in London anytime during the bombings Africa Tomas and if they crash it down the road and need to have supplies from the Western world was a question of survival not what you want if you died the losses of shipping or republish that they went to fitness with with the truth started running 50 $60,000

Unknown Speaker 5:36
They lose to 500 times a month

Unknown Speaker 5:40
about the second year and that is a very large number of trips to the market and people are trying to keep track and

Unknown Speaker 5:55
a toss because

Unknown Speaker 6:08
the s&p took five courses there was no battleship up in this area somewhere and she was to get towed to go up towards the optic one of the possibilities as well as the this box and go up there and hide ourselves in the eye hadn't been back there by myself usually. And

Unknown Speaker 6:38
it be perfectly possible

Unknown Speaker 6:39
to go there. There wouldn't be any shipping there to protect and hide there for quite a time. Find a long way from everywhere. I do want those around the country

Unknown Speaker 7:01
so we don't know the answer to that. But she was anyway to do absolutely reporting. I was wondering why they wanted to do it but

Unknown Speaker 7:18
now the we reached the stage where the two cruisers chasing off the Bismarck had lost contact because the radar system and they assumed as he was going off that all they might see by the term I've gone back to go to possibilities. We couldn't have a boat we didn't have that number of trips to do it. We decided to for the identity would be still going off out into the Atlantic stripe shipping which will be always pending. We just have to find it much of it shipped

Unknown Speaker 7:59
to ships in a couple of days.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
They also have alerted and the potential Iran there which was on its way to United States refit the middle seats because they have to be fitted but not spent at the refit route in an American Dockyard, where the bombs dropping and it wants to leave in some pretty stockyard. Well, not every time and she was on her way at this time out from England so that she was approaching the place where this mug seems to be moving somewhere out here. We from opposition. We're moving off in that same direction with his guidance about a new

Unknown Speaker 9:13
system the

Unknown Speaker 9:13
shipper the two most popular ships who had to go Deconstructive. They they had 16 inch guns and there were nine of them and they all loved it and they all pointed that way. And

Unknown Speaker 9:35
the consequence of

Unknown Speaker 9:40
explosive they could have been done before in and Rob Davis of one of the she was on her way. She was ripped out. Center join things off was hoping to beat this box somewhere up. They did meet and actually never forget this time of immense I side, and I suspect the other 2000 people on

Unknown Speaker 10:18
board to keep doing it. Also, when Rob

Unknown Speaker 10:27
dried up, there was a snag. That maximum speed was 21 months. And nobody thought at that stage she could do it, because she has been knocked up for a long time and the house get gross and the speed is reduced. And she'd be able to equal her 21 knots. So we joined her been stuck at 20 knots happy to be able to get drafted. It was quite a business. I talked to some of the people in the Royal Navy or whatever. And it wasn't a heavy embarks enough to get to United States and therefore is a sense of soul. And as a maximum speed of Fending off she was burning to the highest possible rates

Unknown Speaker 11:31
we have more balls that the captain ships company over the radio and says we haven't gotten enough if he's going for more than a few hours. And the only way we can get

Unknown Speaker 11:44
oil Rajkot right now is to be the type of thing that will help us a call does where it gets left behind after taxes pop up and put it in another tank where trucks maintain and keep on going. At one time, I had this very well and that they had about three people in their underpants bathing in buckets, these small tanks on the hull of the ship employees and some tankers still did so the bomb did capture the spirit station by Wells but she can go

Unknown Speaker 12:50
I think see a ship with an arm like that sticking straight agile it seeks a reform of the book I served for two years until I have a system experience in

Unknown Speaker 13:14
this state of uncertainty persists and it was all set last time and it is one of the buttons which the characters

Unknown Speaker 13:37
I mean how Meantime, Victoria? Who has been up here hoping to get

Unknown Speaker 13:49
famous the first time they'd ever been to Scotland. And that means a backdrop. And when chase after this, one of the squadrons never found another gig, but only at dusk. And they never would have found report except that they receive lots of gunfire. First of all, they therefore knew when the fist bump was quite close to the tears. They cloud that and one

Unknown Speaker 14:27
one pictures taken by one of the opponents. Well,

Unknown Speaker 14:33
we haven't haven't it's very uncertain as to whether she did or you wouldn't want. One of the uncertainties is don't be known as a novelty reliable, and we're trying to postpone impact. So the pilot but to get hit

Unknown Speaker 14:52
with that and that perhaps business is right at the middle of it. However, There are a number of books. A number of her her paintings got completely lost, came down to see and ended long side and found this sales water, some brand new North Western for what she hoped to be America.

Unknown Speaker 15:29
America is quite a large area

Unknown Speaker 15:33
after five days, the cricket crew in their Beta fair one sale in America, which I suppose about 2000 miles away, ran into if you're a Danish lifeboat, someday you ship between the Commodore, they had five people. And they said that they didn't get to America Turn, turn north go to Iceland. And this particular piece these with these three bands, so they listen to things and

Unknown Speaker 16:16
of course, went off to partners.

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Before they actually got there, they ran into the Icelandic trawler they were picked up to take the shore the pilot was finally injured will come to the other two men were in hospital for five months and abroad his time Andre was a that's what happened to some of the Victoria says hadn't trained, experienced

Unknown Speaker 16:59
so we were wondering what was going to happen to this. She got past the stretch, she was no way God could catch it, she was still presumably going out towards the Congo. And we were fed very much to care about such an attack. The only thing we could do now was to keep on going that way and hoping to intercept was nothing else as long as possible. The question of the show began to loom larger groups as time went on, because

Unknown Speaker 17:40
at 25 to four knots, you burn an awful lot the wire

Unknown Speaker 17:49
if you reduce to say 15 or something so you rent your bread do so much more liable to successful submarine attack and would be at least sufferings waiting out there somewhere to attack.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
So the question of oil became payable day by day by all of

Unknown Speaker 18:15
us born or critical I've already wealthiness anxiety about the fifth also had was worried about it. And then the providential in one way there's a thing called the direction finding session DF they can take berries of a signal I think a lot of the positive effects and be listened to the this box I need to signal she made

Unknown Speaker 18:50
but we couldn't decipher them

Unknown Speaker 18:53
at this station here they took a bearing like that. And suppose you might be on there but about half an hour later this mark made a very long signal and then took another one and only half an hour away the bearing was comfortable like this. Now that gave if this rock was here, this is three 400 miles

Unknown Speaker 19:25
and then an hour or two later the came to from England bearings. One is marked down one bolted down like that. And everybody set scratching their heads. Well, one thing which I had spent a great deal of time was trying to learn what the gear band could and couldn't do. And I had discussed the matter with the people who worked at the station in Greenland. Not enough Make a long match a friend who built it the difficulty about the Greenland station is that is subject to the magnetic disturbances which are current in the pivot area come to rely on those bearings. Now, one bearing with both there and another one at 20 minutes later. And the distance this is the line between them was two by 300 miles long when you consider that and so what you got was the goods market somewhere towards the south of Greenland. That's about all you could say. The other bearing which came from ignorance via cost us two. And when the two things crossed, they gave a kind of a triangle. And that triangle was at least 200 300 mile wide, which left us absolutely in the air as to where it was mothballed The Only Thing One could say while she was out of the Atlantic somewhere else recently had the BOSM anyway we could

Unknown Speaker 21:22
have possibly Of course

Unknown Speaker 21:25
it was intelligence but it was needed to interpret however I have spent a lot of time at the end then with these people who do these things along this path in looking into this matter, because I had realized all the way through if John Ray just came out from the Atlantic if you've got a bearing from there you can always rely on getting wondering maybe if you've got funds that give you a fixed where the federal laws and the bearings we had cost triangle about 300 miles wide everything pretty well most of us tend to do now she had office expenses at least haha I'll tool if she wants to go on a long way she can't produce the speed things like 30 knots that sort of thing. And we all I think felt that she would probably want to maintain a fairly high speed was it was interesting thing because we spent about people are missing out on the possibilities because one possibility should go to South America where we I knew there were a bistro supply junk supply ships in South America they came out bases like ours and the kids would always buy services in that in America. And she bought from there I want to say but the idea of her going up into Baffin Bay up there in the top and hiding for a week or two and then coming out again and to take the trade doesn't suggest laws that she would make for Japan I didn't put much value in that depending on the pace she could go

Unknown Speaker 23:39
as a country would be willing to accept

Unknown Speaker 23:42
dependents by now but the internet but that was some tasks and bars away and we're too far too suitable backup on supplies on the way

Unknown Speaker 23:57
nobody thought there was a three possible

Unknown Speaker 24:04
the other one which

Unknown Speaker 24:10
was considered was that she would come down here to Portugal a place called

Unknown Speaker 24:15
Vigo the play side though have been to and there is an anchorage and it's the kind of place that the would have been oil it's really quiet face the taxi could get down there superdeck Refill

Unknown Speaker 24:33
attacked. That was the fourth

Unknown Speaker 24:37
and the fifth. Fifth one was that she would come to a French port or the French port that was named is that was the one I expected the French face and pressed was also a submarine base. But rest had already been done. To The Rescue to children cruisers they had been bombed and kept in for for 18 months the RAF tactic continues

Unknown Speaker 25:16
the Shan boss

Unknown Speaker 25:21
had been on the police sheriff's addition twice neighbor had been attacked more severely particularly by a an RAF attack from a pilot who flew in over the surface feet above the surface and dots got into the

Unknown Speaker 25:47
pocket right in the middle of rest skipped away from this remarkable fact I think

Unknown Speaker 26:00
would this bark

Unknown Speaker 26:01
risk going I can't go to the thickness of hundreds of bonds

Unknown Speaker 26:08
on rest and be dropping on best philosophy father's to an enormous about and literally two or 300 times a day had been out there almost every shoe for weather attacking and we all felt that the chances of this mob sheltering restaurant where they think that to me was at this point we got a report of a man who we'd had tasted breath for last 12 years and he said that a very large morning by had been laid breast a couple of days ago and I remember talking to the admiral about it and see what have you been and I think we were all accepted that most likely what she would do rather than risk breaking back to all sorts of Pentacles come back into this space here the thing was it reinforced that was these bearings we abandoned the position was out yesterday for 304 100 miles away we it was eight and it was the nearest position the safety for such things as the ARIA she didn't really have much alternative It was much too strong a reception committee

Unknown Speaker 27:59
up combat

Unknown Speaker 28:03
she had to solve that problem. What she did was to build on the assumption that would be done MSL go head to head already sailed off while carrier up towards that direction they're in the direction of where everybody hopefully this turns out to be

Unknown Speaker 28:32
the weather was atrocious to set off a fight

Unknown Speaker 28:41
together and they sit down and they

Unknown Speaker 28:50
hit station to hit off a cruiser to access a radio beacons interface to find their way. They found a way to stick up a press pocket pod or little

Unknown Speaker 29:09
straw heavy torpedoes apart I think 1405 And

Unknown Speaker 29:22
there's a call to Sheffield that shook up the air and especially courses they went back to their founding about our show somewhere. Now. When they land on it was almost dark carrier and carriers rising and falling 26 feet. People like to tell you what it feels like to go up and down 36 feet in any controversy so far for around the world is for and does no not all of us do. But I can show you new cars stay with me on these planes had to face the prospect of their deck replaced going up and down

Unknown Speaker 30:31
if you

Unknown Speaker 30:39
26 feet

Unknown Speaker 30:39
differences, the level of the Atlantic places tend to be it was the most difficult thing I've ever heard of the four years I've ever heard

Unknown Speaker 31:08
nothing, and if you don't like it the second thing is that I met with the heart. The first horror for this thing, which I perpetrated is a map. And you'll be surprised to find out when you've seen it, this is supposed to represent the North Atlantic goes I cannot buy a map in this part of the world. They don't have a De Niro's in Halifax is too far away from me. And maybe myself, that is the worst thing I've ever seen. It doesn't matter them because, in point of fact, there were things that I had actually passed off my school mantises about that. But that's all I've had to work on. It doesn't matter it is at least I would like to put this particular city into baseball in the frame of what it is like to be a commander in chief of a great thing. They're very great daily. And to go through what he must suffer. He has to

Unknown Speaker 32:41

Unknown Speaker 32:47
I thought it wise to put some kind of account on paper so that I could record myself to various things because this Chase went on five days. And that is you as I like to keep one drama. And it's take me about 20 pages of makeup, put on the time of the whole thing starts in the May made for phase three. We had known for some time that the Germans had a small but extremely, extremely good fit. They had in service to what they called battle cruisers. They're very much to ship. They did about 30 knots. And they had an inch guns. And then there was three pocket battleships. So cool. And they could do about 22 and they had 11 instruments to burn the ships of course, we're just attracted to the idea of destroying trade ships. They had long Indiana's, they had a dominant heavy enough virtually every or remote control set. And behind that were accrued forces for large crew to make it go fast and comfortable. And then a force of four monocle Michael six and about 10 Very, very good destroyers indeed. The Germans are very good ship and they are very good at the technical business of the fishing machinery and which is bad for portrait shoot making thing work Now let's get back to cheap. England is a small island. But it's not a proportion to Thailand and about 50 5500 people. And already by 9043, the army was down to its third class of recruits. Two other classes were already in eautiful. And first pass the wall is one of the most extensive parts of it, which is a long way away. And you have to get get them at that means that the Commander in Chief had to consider that what was done was to divide the thing into two, what one sees in the Mediterranean, which is halfway through here anyway. And the other one has the advantage where the Germans would be awkward. They couldn't get their chips. The only possible addresses would fit. And that we sat

Unknown Speaker 36:27
across the hill

Unknown Speaker 36:29
was in our at Harvard in North Africa. And that danger was, of course, that once the Germans had occupied France, came for all effective purposes. German territory and that extended pretty well down into Spain. I've just been to house a one Blackfoot position, the one brain for Germany, but and are called Africa. But the German influence had penetrated down to that part of the world. Norway had already been invaded and then Gulf, it didn't take much trouble because I spent a lot of time in Costa it's all the work they had done was to put they have shipping running, all wrapped to the dog park, Norway. And in those relationships, they've stuffed German soldiers in uniform. And when they got into fourth, they unloaded them in various ships and deposits of the various people around the country. I had a friend the Norwegian doctor who was in Norway at that time, and he was engaged in normal medical practice. And after when the Germans a Sunday decided to take over. He was actually in his consulting room, it's about a two away from the house and

Unknown Speaker 38:09
the German side of the prostate and as some either new or excuse. And then he was asked his question he decided to go back to

Unknown Speaker 38:24
his clinic was locked up. The staff were told to go away. And when he got back home, his wife was there. And they went down to the cellar for some reason or other five and I think 14 German soldiers in uniform and been there for five days. They woke us in the dark, a notch or two earlier, let's say for those and walked out in the dark and gotten inside the basement building where the janitor was off the boiler or the family never went down they've just lost and that is really briefly how the way it was captured by infiltration and that's how it shouldn't we've had prognosis about it? We had none no prognosis. Having gone that far, but I better try to explain what I have explained so far. I was appointed to be the freakin church at the Main Street. And that involved me a couple of years again and got to join the beta, which was at that time and being on the staff the commander in chief and I served the former chief over five years at Tufts one Supreme Allied Commander And then save capacity and because the information, some of the rooms to check, but some of it has to be held and kept safely by somebody that was there it meant relevance I was in the chief's cabinet on all occasions at all times when anything was going on, which is very unnecessary. He should have immediate information followed by reaching the king half the law several times. And Winston Churchill was one time and dealing with fire for the most senior adults, we had in Britain. That was my business. And last a long time. Go back to Germany. When when the when we kept going. Within about a year or so, we had these two banks are building this mock of teapots it was known they were very large. But they were much larger the legal limit of 44 million which had been set by Washington

Unknown Speaker 41:33
they they the guess was that the Germans hadn't built new ships the Mossad turned out this mock and the Tipitaka sister ship

Unknown Speaker 41:49

Unknown Speaker 41:53
which is the deal because 44 divided by 44,000 times a limit nothing could be done about it of course, and the Germans kept it quiet. But we had our suspicions which are pretty quickly the firm's when should they be built exactly because the the everything was concentrated in the Baltic Sea is only one way in the Baltic test so that will narrow straight on this side, this keel on the other side, there's roughly and the supplies on the roto love islands and totally 100 bottles, very narrow water from setbacks that people forget. And even yachts things were interfered with and prevented from going boating. They had a very good control over what was going on. Takes up to two years for her to get to see. I mean I talked about the various reasons that I didn't go into that. Finally we discovered by the end of 41 that the best the first stop would be coming up to see and the director of service. She was completed in the spring of 41 and went to Spectre at Keele here I would just say made naval base in May 41. The crew number for the Germans 2350. Who would equivalent British battleship would have been about 2000.

Unknown Speaker 44:09
Just before he was going to sail on her first expedition

Unknown Speaker 44:15
after their ordered 500 Naval Cadet summer training, they will be advised of 16 and 17 years old drive the ship. And the conditions in that ship was already positive became absolutely insufferable. And young lads

Unknown Speaker 44:34
falling on over the space

Unknown Speaker 44:35
was their weapon to sleep. And Hitler hadn't thought about those problems does anybody else do we have to be poor had to live through all that because

Unknown Speaker 44:47
the toughest part of the morning

Unknown Speaker 44:53
it came on the 23rd of May the first report of I calls and that was the name of cash In Sweden, Sweden, occupies the territory Africa had clocked ensconced itself in a villa on the streets here. And this mark has been sitting for six months or more in the Baltic 900 was found interesting communications during that time, she came down paths that the caches saw, that's the best ship and couldn't believe Hi, Bob. And naturally unfold the average in England. And so we realized that the Germans were, as it were coming in getting into business

Unknown Speaker 45:53
the addition of the 500 us today, crew caused a great deal of difficulty in the ship and confusion everywhere and they blocked the traffic and it was some time at pandemonium. These things I've overcome I've talked to people at that period of the the visit is vague, obsessive. And when we received this report, of course, everybody was arrested. ships came to full steam and they were stationed concentrated very often in the

Unknown Speaker 46:46
face of the Orkney Islands 30 miles north.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
Next problem was to find out where the fist bump was likely to be going and when the ARIA two patrols and so on, got nowhere. And as Phil often happens, with unknown cloud base, and it was done 50 feet, the enable that we had was concentrated as well and the bobbin commodity as I got into a little pain, and whoever to to see if he could stop the SmartPaks going to this area. He got there 50 feet above the water. And as he arrived quite small island extends the edge of the bed I know very well, they've often been there. And then within it had been forgotten. We didn't get you. You came back to the store and renew that. And on that day, which was the Third of May that this box had not at almost the same time, there's no barrier for trolls. And they had cited as many reasons in the fog somewhere because we knew then that she was rarely in commission, rarely at sea. And this was where she was Where would she go would love to do at the same moment, a new aircraft Canada Taurus have we had over the last one before the new Kenya Victoria. Tourists arrived at Scotland the flying party hadn't got on board. But the ship was ready for what they had done that training. And

Unknown Speaker 49:23
the first flowers he wants

Unknown Speaker 49:25
to do was was the guitarist able to operate if not he sent to the captain of the ship and the two trying to come out and cross the question then. The captain of the ship could get away straightaway and interactive service the Abdullah said this is called about these crews. They haven't yet I'm not on board with the two commanding officers to ask. And they said, he said also, you haven't done any fine training on these things. So we have we've all of us had familiales had experienced on the carrier. And then the deal watching many cases tonight, the aircraft sort of arrived from the south. And we've got seats dies, and that fly automatically that first five on the board the new members attending, but victorious is a new carrier. It makes some

Unknown Speaker 50:51
different engines on the fly. So we haven't Well, think about it, get ready to get up to go. So they gave

Unknown Speaker 51:07
the they got their fans that night. And they spent that night we got that top piece. And they didn't get the next morning. But I talked to some of the two fathers, one of whom was Esmond who got to Victoria Cross for his outstanding attacks in the streets every day or two later. But the other one understand was well enough to get in prints, certainly CNC animals by being to the toughest customers I've ever seen.

Unknown Speaker 51:43
Usually accustomed to and they were very determined to get all that get that

Unknown Speaker 51:52
fish in the sea. Meantime, of course, the feet had started to move. Once I knew the Bismarck was walking away had with us the floor, which was that time largest ship lots of float anyway. She was 25 years old. And she had a speed of 31 knots. But she didn't have they have they added on to her care are there certain things that you should have been properly built for armor. It was a kind of

Unknown Speaker 52:41
give it a little unlimited trust is too much.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
We actually had an examination of the ship examination when associate John feet and the torpedo CMC staff told us that about 80% of the ship, one for pedo was capable of sinking the torpedo had to be in the right the right path while speaking one and that set everybody back well on their hearts the question was supposed to see and see its point of view and this is a full weekend to deal with that. About that. If she wouldn't have good offense, if she got talking to her because her message German submarines everywhere is going to use that ship and the other problem child was the Prince of Wales a new battleship 14 inch gunship. She had 1014 inch guns. She had just arrived and had about 45 Dockyard work working on the fixing main guns, the 14 inch gun at the end. She had her guns in action, but five couldn't. And in other respects she would know she was in a sense fit for service but that perspective poses serious consideration. What happened was the longest chief set foot and Prince of Wales walk in the direction of pace and I couldn't get around us that way close to the street and it was about 54 miles wide. It can close to 10 or 12 miles. It was a bet. More miles and Beyond that lies agreement. And the idea was that the Bismarck would probably go round that way out into the Atlantic isn't going to shrink away this way. But this way was gone and by a permanent god of four cruisers and chin most who's covering about this is rough the second half of what makes it so very, very thin is the weather

Unknown Speaker 55:36
it is very rough for the around as always as a woman. And I don't remember anything else the this Bob could easily shuffled and arranged schools to try to unseat so good everybody else. And indeed, German graders, the John Beth Cruz's 12 had done so and so has two pocket battleships, one of which was ready to be around. This place, it's all very well have all the chips here but they can't see anything. Your feeling of security is very tenuous. Unless it's something with CNC at all, come on. We had also with us they keep track ship. Number 14 has gotten bad, super cheap in 73 hours, and which is very likely on

Unknown Speaker 56:41
the cruise. First World War Hawks capable of doing about

Unknown Speaker 56:46
30 knots. As I was taking dorsal fin. They both got ready of course and with the stress free, we all went to watch to see Prince of Wales and

Unknown Speaker 57:09
Victoria's went off in that direction. And we went off a bit over this way. The idea being that they would have to pick her up and she went Bravo. If she went this way, we've had to figure out not the case three is a good place to catch idea or she came up this weekend. That's why we took that course. That's why the other course what happened was that the two who went off in that direction the Prince of Wales and

Unknown Speaker 57:56
read into the foosball to sit away from that they met there was maximum, who sold the master the weight for

Unknown Speaker 58:16
over the last and they decided for critical miles and took some little time 10 or 15 minutes for the garden to rate the quantities. instructions were that the Prince of Wales was not to go into any serious accident. She was hitting on her guns working properly. But it would be useful as a kind of a back soften reporting station under the hood. Well,

Unknown Speaker 58:50
she hadn't noticed it wasn't in the right place. So those two are pretty shaky.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
The merits of the amendment was released today and they couldn't necessarily run faster or as possible to this off and on that speed questions they might crack on and keep chattering while the rest of the while heavy ships either went this way or chased out of

Unknown Speaker 59:27
the head on the world's also ahead of time, I'm sure right don't listen to 18 screws Norfolk new stuff. They have big trips in about 30,000 certain month and they also could do about 28 knots. They had engaged guns serious but Akua is no match for the heavy ship scan for it The mission was of course, to be lookouts at this boffin site. In fact as a as a thing happened somewhere about the food and the whales ran indivisible Ben mentioned this morning

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
they turned to war. So the prime service

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
and as soon as they got within range which means about 90 miles the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
to the half minutes to shells headphones of the Prince of Wales the bridge

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
the bridge the captain was docked sepsis navigator and two or three sigma killed but he pulled himself together in time to get back to the compass which is standing about far away. But himself he got himself up off the deck by which time the good subway or the hood at open and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
I think she's acting off

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
to salvos when she was hit with two shelves, this box civil papers and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
the as far as anyone knows,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
they penetrated the magazine because John exposed to the ship listen to half a sector like that in a macro Parliament what to survive

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
kept the names of the Wells was

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
just very close

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
and he boots up quick enough to jam is held over and dump the reputably Prince of Wales