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Reginald Taylor (1901-)

These tapes are part of the SSI Historical Society Collection.
Mr. Taylor, who resided at 1060 North Beach Road, talks about his youth and adulthood in Northern B.C. and White Rock. Only the last 15 minutes of 55:2 mention Salt Spring, where he retired in the early 1950s

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
Mr. Taylor, can you tell me when were you were born in forest gate 1901 21st of April. Queen's Birthday. Right. And your parents were what at that time? What were they doing? Mother was working in or she's cooking in. In the house were brief which lived. They were they were stockbrokers and she worked quite a few years before she was married that was at the city level wasn't in Forest Hill no it was very close I don't exactly where but they were in the city someplace but I don't know where exactly where and you were bought out by your my grandma parents by their mother's mother's mother and that was because they were they were so busy with a loved one they had no place to go then they had no place to go and father was working as elevator man in the building in the brokers building there in Austin friars and of course mother was there too but there was no room that time for the family to get there so later on the break Quick Build a place or build a place where up up above the offices made a pace that for us to stay and also put it kind of outside with a high fence around it to keep us from throwing balls over or keep us from climbing over the top because the long way down to the bottom and we they brought me there I guess I just about three years just over three years old I guess so rather than my sister she was staying with our lawyers at the time and they she come back to the same time and then they decided to go to Canada 1990 level right. In July we got to Canada in in what was on the boat really? On the carnation time. And we got to Moose Jaw about nine teen Levin July or summer in July. I know he's really high 110 on the shoe. Do you remember that? Well yeah. I was 10 years old. And the only place we had to go to keep us or to have a night was in the skating rink in Moose Jaw where there was little qubit qubit horse roundness shade rig with I suppose the dressed and undressed as whatever it was and they found a place for us in there not to the four of us. And at that time in rain and high really raining it was in the middle of summer raining hard and the skating rink of course had no ice on it when you stopped to fill up with water I remember that but it didn't come up to the floor close I don't know how long we stayed in there but we father up drown and and done or when you bought a house or rented a house on self il muscial and it was right up high failure higher right from the town to town was low enough because the river was down the bottom well forget them but anyway who's up the top and of course we that was always in August I suppose time we got a placement we live I'm not sure. And of course we went to school there in September and course we was a little above the education in London than there was in muscial I forget what classroom was in but I was plenty ahead in England for what there was there. And so we stayed there and then a cup winter come and then Winter came and field after the sun bra during Christmas time it went down 54 below so dad says this is no good he didn't like that they wanted him to when he got there first they wanted him to take a homestead but he knew nothing about farming than that and so he got where he got what is the cotton but the English cotton is that time they made all windows by hand there was all machine and he didn't like that at all he didn't like it he's supposed to be able to handle doors so he didn't like that but he worked there but he we left anyway in March went to what a shin and sometimes in my I forget now maybe it's in the book and we got those 10 below 03 feet of snow so what is the code but more snow because not any snow in in muscial just freeze as I understood afterwards that the pipes and that went down 21 feet to keep them from freezing so we saw we got their Moose Jaw and we I don't know I mean what is she? I don't know how long we stayed off again. Okay what do you remember about life that was that was it that would be interesting No? admonishment Well, we I have a job you read that as a milking cows and taking your milk Well yeah. I had a job to do look up the cows as I went down the valley to get the cows from the dairy down there about a mile away I guess. And my job to take them out to the Thompson River I guess the flat and nostos stayed with them and then when the time of bringing in our boredom in about one to two o'clock so then the milkman down there he started milking you said well you milk a cow. So of course I'd have to do much about it but I got one done why didn't the rest I don't know how many we might be 20 I don't know. And then it was my job to take the milk up to the afternoon. So So I had a horse cart and then days a big Canada milk and just baler dip it up and the jug whatever people wanted but well I stood that quite a long time anyway then of course they were yeah mother figured I should do it if she could find somebody that the teachers a little bit in the school there was no school no school what are the only children yeah was the only children there there was while there was older ones but not not school aged teenage six years but there was no school anyway. But this lady she was Lady Ashfords I don't know something to do with Lady ash but anyway in England and the shoes of course they want English that answer and so she taught us every day every day for a couple hours something like that. And so we didn't learn so much in the school but she wanted to is to keep up the English English money I don't know why but she wanted to keep us English money up because he didn't want to lose that much point here ya know so anyway, they they wouldn't know we asked him I thought they were very nice people. But of course we didn't need we didn't know whether Mr. And Mrs. Or who helped. Somebody found out later was all remittance men and people that have more remittance and Dad's got a job on the other side of the Thompson River where the weather you had an orchard the remittance mad at Orchard or farm and they got the remittance manda help but you worked in southern Alberta good only work up to 10 o'clock and then they started again at night again. Maybe I'm so hot under 10 on the shady and the sandy would just sand and they put flumes up and of course let the waters down the fruit from the creek or lake up above it. And they had to keep to keep it clean and direct water was sand and bags and that their direct the water to go but

Unknown Speaker 9:57
anyway, we didn't stay there too long. Mother didn't figure was a good place to bring up children but we like the people they're very nice but all ladies and gents Exactly yeah there was no there were no pick and shovel guys there you know that a lot of nice people with captain's lieutenants ladies and gentleman and then you went on to vote for me went on to Bowflex which was we had to go to AD AD to go to Vancouver and then over two L Bernie poured out Bernie really. And then there was about a mile from Port Alberni to Old Town. And then then he bought land or was he rented land, I don't know. But now six miles I guess 10 or 12 miles up to Beaufort just to gravel road the whole way. And no school there either. So we we, for that board, we got about 48 Because what they called a stump then Burton or stump. So he got the odd jobs on the farm with some other people. Then he got run the roadway, and then he and then he got to fun, I had a big place down about four miles. And he wanted that to be one of the Dobro stumps what dad didn't know when I hear about blowing stumps, but he learned and so of course, he started blowing stumps, and then I got to jump through him that the man wanted me to go down. And they will bring the stumps up to it. And they got me a can of coal oil, and back in a box of matches. So I could go around a lighter and I got $1 A day for that. And we lived in a tent that night and another for the lived in a tent close by the pace. And so of course we got no more children so they thought they better have a school. So where are they going to put the school so that said, Well, if you want to put on Milan to the final place, so the older all the residents who live there helped help to build the school on skills. And so I don't know how long you stayed there a little while anyway, then the government founded Crown land on government land, about a mile away. And so they tone it down with the horses that took the school down, then they set it up down there, very close to Creek. So we had lots of water, a bridge close the board, they had to supplies the wood and of course the kids used to chop the wood and bring it in and she would teach it would give us certain things to do like bring water in or bring wood in and clean sweep the floor or whatever. It's only about 14 I was there six grades so she would know who she was. Yeah, and she was only a young one. Well I guess she's maybe 25 or something like that 30 But there's a lot of work there just and quite some of it was done in one in a class 14 hours on the six service it's almost two in the classroom. So anyway, we we got through that all right. Of course for which when we got there first of all, though, we we had no place to go. So So So the farmer had a lot Caveny us when he come there first two years before so our log cabin was very small place very small. We we sat at the table we had to get up before we could open the door had the big bed from other dads out there and that's to add single beds and right up close to no way a mother day in between them to make the beds climb over the top to make beds. Oh pretty crowded. Yeah, but we've only a kid so we did die ridden. And the creek was right alongside because Stan standard on the veranda there will be looked down in the creek and see the fish going up that close. So we got a lot of fish and we spoke them and everything. Campbell so we didn't stay there too long. You had a forest fire that oh yeah, we had a forest fire. They had logs. They were logging a little bit and then the Bush said kick the bush up and you set the fire and it was pretty risky there but that wasn't too bad. But then the lightning come along. It started catching the dead stuff on the mountain and For three we were scattered over a diverse field house so we had to put water over the house to keep it from the spiking and spicy come right way down over so that was well half a mile away from the mountain and you just right up the mountain the tuber as it stuck because there was I think the wind changes and stuff to come back but there was nothing different so it was 10 days we only had steel pipes going up to the roof so run through the roof no no chimney no brick chimney limiters the Christmas concert was apparently quite an event in those days yes school you can you and your sister performed in it Yeah, we the teacher taught us there in rural school. And then the biggest school where there's more kids and more classes but six mile away that Beaver Creek so we all went down there on a lot of us went down there for the for the concert. And well we Pavone minute sister and I and I guess you've done pretty good the way he taught us about it. The teacher was good. We all liked the teachers young woman right but really liked it

Unknown Speaker 16:27
then you went on to Nootka after that. Well, why was it? Why was the Beaufort dad left? And you went up? We didn't know where you were really we went you know, we went over on up the west coast somewhere but we didn't know why we called the mother them they didn't tell us anything until they knew the last thing so we will examine evidence. So you've come back You said well, we're going to move again. So he suggests while other days we didn't know much about me he said to get a preemption now 160 acres for $10 If we complete five acres clear land in so long, I don't know how in five years I'm like be clear, then it's ours attend I was like dude, I was wonderful. And so of course he told us all about where we're gonna go and a nice beach and water always excited. So we get up there. We get up to the friendly code. That's where we learned from we went to Puerto Burnie to get on the boat the old tease the last trip of the old tease that was 14 know what month it was maybe March again I'm not sure but anyway we got on the boat we thought did wonderful on a boat you know follow just a small boo. So we got up to friendly code of course was no dotnet we yanked it out. So that was an Indian reserve so the so the big colors come out quite a few canoes come out Indians come out and meet the boat they got groceries and stuff like that you know of course there was a store they got else he was an Indian agent and you ever stolen as well. So of course we can off the boat we are in a canoe so we got all our stuff we pack it everywhere we went so gosh we got that and no place to go there the hotel that no motel only in in reserve and so dad set out places up 12 miles up the coast because we thought we can drive up that you know we didn't know any difference so God now said what he said we got no I got no rooms at all but he said if you want to he said you can you can use My storeroom received and that so we cleared the stuff away and we put a bed down then we stayed there I don't know how many days we stayed there because the Indians are going to take us up in them in that Tallboys but of course we didn't know what kind of weather is going to be why they waited in rough weather out the outside this one the inside as outside. So when I get on many days, maybe three days we stayed there and minions come over says ready to go. So we said they we learned on the boat, the bigger big canoe alert on the total canoe as well. So we went up there. I don't know if I will but we figured it was going to be about 12 hours same thing anyway, we thought so we got to another interviews up there. That's your point. Nice little place there when it was calm. It was inside the reefs. Badger place got a lot of risks there maybe four or five weeks ago passing between but this one was a nice beautiful beach because we had to get the reasonable type of the type of way up. So anyway, the title is fairly high here. So we packed all this stuff wherever we're going to put it. So the Indian said well, we got we got a couple of sheds, I was shocked some days. We let you put your stuff in there until you get it all packed up. She was packed up on how long it's gonna take. So when he was dented up to pack a woman dish shacks. So then we had to start packing so it's a mile. We had a mile a beach, and just about a mile to the place and there was no trailers. We had to do try here now we have one and beaching coming in and out again. We're gonna pack everything up the stove and everything all those Oh, I don't know how many trucks you mean. So I was 13 I guess 1914 13 Yeah. And so we're doing a man's work so I thought well, we gotta pack all this stuff up I'm gonna make a trail so sister and I went out dads come out to but cut the bush down and made a trail just enough to walk in and later on I got it wider you got it wider got it wider big enough so we could rival wagons or if necessary so the kind of other logs out to meet a nice trailing road so we got everything up to it last and when we got there we have to first load up to house right on a nice bank just above the wire there's the beach and the flat little slope in the house right I'm beautiful view and you could hear the breakfast coming on the beach rolling all the time never still the only time they're still in the Tigard way out you never wet you could see them Oh it must have been coral Milo goes on solid rock and of course up on the beach the big round boulders but there was smooth and the seed hitting them so when we got to the house is only half the House floor down we can see the short but quite a way to go. So mother I thought so dad said while you're laughter We have to find pranks on the beach and order some drinks on the beach. So my sister and I looked at each other wondering what to do if you're playing Sunday beach on the beach Why don't we find out what it was like? So we enjoyed it there's only kids I don't know the mother did or not I doubt it so anyway we we've got a piece of rope down to you but take a walk with you so every day we put them on a plane nearly every day so we put another plank to the floor maybe on a half the plank enough because another half a plane every day we gradually got it done for some of the planks choose to eat it never wear out but there were rounded edges of course and made a mat bad for mother to sweeping because everything we've done the cracks so anyway we got we got the floor done so that was really well How big was that house Oh I guess it should have been there was only one level was a kitchen fair sized kitchen and a bedroom for mother and dad and the bedroom for us to kids with we're just draw every sheet across two capacitors from each other that's all one very big I suppose. I can remember I can remember it but anyway it wasn't very big. Not very nice fairly nice kitchen all right but still even that was pretty small so how long were you at that point bedroom

Unknown Speaker 24:14
not too long I don't think because well dad had to get work so there was a job over so good night. So they was putting in a railway track from hesket s purvey which is a wash I think it was about five to six six mile anyway because that's where the the old the new lighthouse keeper would go in and dump all their stuff in that in the headquarters calm and they used to read it up there but then what to put a track and new track shows the kids they provide run up to the lane. So dad got the job over there. And in the meantime, mother got a job down about four miles down the road that this fellow had a job in town and his wife had a family there so mother went down to stay with them their mother was pretty sick there for a while she stayed at a rhythm and sister stayed with mother and I kept going back and forward up to her own house dad was waiting and about four miles one way to go down and want to come back at night and I knew a kid and so she started quite a while and then he came home and I had to do work down as such as keeping supplied with wood and whatever they wanted me to do them the site's done so when he'd come home that was when I got my $5 Gold PJ I thought that was my MD because money was very short ratio and so Mother mother came home then and then come home from s one point he had a bad thing pleasant fingers so posted polar set which was good to get rid of the poison but just below the top of the finger off in other words so much poultice that the picked up the finger come up with the nail on the first big bet right over protected the finger and I don't know how long he was in hold but it was pretty hard for us to kid because we had to be very quiet and step on the floor way to open the doors quietly and shut it quietly otherwise you're just blasted who can stop this stop that don't want don't walk around the house go slow quiet he was really touchy Oh of course he may be suffering too but bought us out all the time. So we're glad when that was finished so oh yeah then whatever Mother way down again to the family that and well wishes received and I went down again to chop wood and all that and then and then I got another $5 gold piece I finished down there and she had to make butter down there and you give a butter for for in exchange for the work so of course she bought a bottle of vodka vodka home and then then we lost it because we found something was eaten so we found it was a bear upset the bow took it to the sea closer so we lost most of the butter no mother put it in a creek to keep put it in the crib to keep it cool with a with a with a with a blog with a rock on top of it too you know they can smell it so they just well without any left to Paul. So that was wrong well then during that time it was up there because the steamer only come every 10 days so we had to go down and get the mail bring up groceries on our backs pack call up for lamps which was we had to have a can to pack quality in so we couldn't put that on a bag so we had to have a hand and also also pack boys and pack straps everything we wanted to pack up so there was one more couple two more couples up about a mile further up and we was and they when booked they come along those two men come down to us pick us up a beat to donate kid the youngest and the one and we went down we picked up the more kept on going down just like a bunch of Chinaman time we got down there the be at least 14 or 16 of us all in line walking down because there was only a trail and and then there was logs across it which they didn't cover their big logs and they didn't cut out so they put steps on it so we go pull a duck and they're just a trail there was no big road at all that the cut the bushes down some time make it an each one each one has about a mile off from us because each one had to keep that clear for us all to go down so that we got done that while it was we couldn't come back at night because this team we used to be late maybe 443 o'clock was too late to come all the way home while miles so we so we stay down there in the in the bunkhouse and they've got a bunk us down and friendly cool people onto the store. But they got a bunk house and we stayed there And so of course when the next day come we got our groceries and we started walking home again not happening every 10 days so this one time as I said we went down that night and follow down there and there wasn't too much to bring back on e mail I guess. I have my little pack board and I suppose maybe in color or something but dad forgot the straps. So come on me. Oh, you said forgot his traps. So that were 12 balls down into 12 balls back. So I said well, I guess I gotta go. We got up early in the morning. So I went down. Down them I got the strap to sit in the same place. Masada come back the same day was only a 14 now I guess it was 14 But 14 But 14 And so that was a long trip. Young for all by myself. Nobody else had done it because everybody got home you see and I went down there next day. Down through a trail and some that trails cut off because the big bluffs they couldn't make able to touch the ground and maybe 100 feet rounded trail started again. Really well I got to the county but i Dad II went down to Nuka or veliko and he bought a boat and so we went down and I went fishing down to Fina clack what you drew it up and now for the one season. So the Fraser River boat five Oceania slow boat by mile an hour past estimated you know all that kind of tough stuff in interior inside channels that we fish down there. That would come back. And you sold the boat. So at that time, we were still up at Badger point. And then a duck was built at Nootka not friendly come about be about three mile up. I don't want to be there. Anyways nucleus. Well, there was a narrow place. I guess it was only about six feet of a channel and he went through it in inside Bay was a it was kind of a saltwater baby really. But there was only this narrow channel and even dropped down when he went in and new dropped out when the tape came out. And they call it Boca Delon further the gates of hell, it was too if you didn't know how to you can swamped just to drop maybe two feet when the tide is going in, and then drop coming out. So they've got the dock on the other side of this bay, not in there, but this bay new builder, a government document. So then they landed all the stuff that we're going to go to carry them on this in the big bay on the inside. So the party that was up in badger point in that area, he was a bookkeeper and he bought Deana preemption and his wife up there but they they heard about this candidate and so we went down to see them. So we got the bookkeeper job and also also he was they got a store that too so he was store meant to. So then they wanted they had they built the bunkhouse for the crew to come up from the States because they're all states people that put the cannery in from every company.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
So he knew they have a trainee cook up the boat coast and he wanted somebody else so he knew about me just a young follow about 14 1516 Or maybe 15 and Israel was and they wanted me to help him so I went down there to help Chinese Cook is very nice fella. I've ever for three months, four months Bobby and the cannery opened up so they took me out of that and put me in the academy as to run one of the line machine one of the machines on the line. So anyway, yeah, the foreman he was there all Americans machine is talk man. And I'm cheap man. And, and some other men with all American Run the camera first because then then they put the data at a Canadian boss and they couldn't have American but as a Canadian, but the American that the shoulder, the boss out of the running these machines to put me in. So I stayed stayed on and I stayed for the season anyway. And I was supposed to get two bits an hour. And the foreman said, he said, You already said if you're good boy, he said, we'll put it up to 30 said, Gee, I gotta be a good boy by the end of the times. But in the real seasons out of the fishers going heavy and strong. Got me up in the morning at five o'clock in the morning to come down to the cannery and fill up all the grease cups overhead all the belts in the machine right over the head. And the camera started about seven. So I thought that was good, but I don't know how many Grecia plenty it took me a long time anyway. And so when the machine stopped, then I come down and run the machine. And then later on, they were short of somebody to check on the Indian women of the filling, because the Fill fill by end and the only add Indian woman to fill the end they had about three or two lots of different tables in that where I had to check to see that they put the right amount in otherwise they'll be flat or not flat, but a short and wait. So they got me to do that. So of course I was a big boy then. As I'd scuffle away them there wasn't a dump of all the Indian women used to get really mad. I said I can help just a kid you know, they didn't like the women were 3040 50 years old 10 to a little boy like me so and so I told the formula about it. So we come around well he said you got to have them cans full we can take so anyway, Doctor was they they they've done a pretty good but then there wasn't enough of them. Because they said well we got a day's pay, we don't want to work in the modern world. And so they were short. So then they got a bunch of Japanese girls and women and they come they were they were good because they were used to that kind of work and they appeal to Canada. And so after that when they put them through the retorts, they put them down in a lie tank and I used to go down there to to help them the light tank was quite deep and if it's any flash or not flash short wait they will float up and I had to grab them because as soon as they come up they will go down into the tray they got a big tray I guess they're held always suppose 50 cans of I don't exam somewhere around there. So you could see them coming up and you grab them throw them out. If you did, they would go right down and then they will go through this light tank and out into another freshwater tank then then in into the drain on whether we're ready for labor. But this lifetime was so powerful that you could wash your denims in there but somebody washed the ordinary cloth pants and then and then just fell off so there was a tangible there the young followers on there but they got tired and sick of it. He was so dirty so filthy. And so they got me instead of so the boss called me long he says I want you to go on that boat Ridge as I didn't know much about cooking or my mother was real good cook so anyway, I got on there and the captain engineer nevermind Rosie said we'll show you how to cook he said we show you but deli Oh filthy dirty. What's the scrape? Oh, I don't know how many days I got fly to get it really nice. And because it didn't take me long to cook good meals and that no they were there they were quite pleased because they have a good a good engine and a good Skipper. And so of course I and the old man the boss say we should fill up plenty in the boat because he said not only for you, but maybe somebody might be stranded somewhere that you're going to help them but the storm and Stafford who put me in the job in the first place and you didn't like that you really saw that I had quite a case of canned goods, eggs and all that kind of stuff. Sometimes three or 400 Gone with the goods and then days But we had to because we traveled down the coastal. So I stayed on there quite a while, but I didn't only stay to cook. I learned how to steer the boat to compass and the readings and the time. And I wasn't satisfied this all went down the integral. And I started the engine was many times, the engineer would go up on deck, and I'd be hand on the motor be behind on the line. And another time the skipper behind the lines, I'll be bringing the boat in with scows and everything. So I mean, these days, you can do that. No, I wouldn't do it. No, don't do it. So, one time there is the old man come down. He said Reggie said I want you to take the vote on engineer sick. So I said, Can you do it? I said, Yes, sir. He had another fun with him. So he said, come on down into them. Okay. I looked. He said, What are you going to do now? Well, I says, there's no air in that tank. What you said doesn't take Yes. And yes, take 60 pound pressure. So I said I've got to start little motor to get the big ones done. So recently they've been doing, they've been trying to start it with no pressure. But they run the air right down empty. So of course I got it. Got it right up in there starting tomorrow right away. So okay, so then you engineer stay, don't wait about three days to code by code. So we didn't play the three days on the just the skipper and I cook as well. And then later on the skipper got sick. So he got through. So the old man come down to me again. He said, can you take that boat out? That's it? Yes, sir. All right, is there take to take two Scouter Okay, so we bought the scout alongside or took them out. And that night, we come back with two full loads of fish. And I had that for three or four days like that. So I mean, I still only 1617 years old at all. Supply surprising what they will let you do that days. But I mean, I learned it. I wasn't going to go I wouldn't know everything. So in that way I knew because then days we had no radar, no communication of any kind. So the skip water yet his head in the company and the watch authority head. And so of course you train me that way. So of course, at night, we used to go down to Port Alberni. Oh, maybe every two weeks, because then there was no there were no gas station up there then. So we had to bring bring the drums up full, or to run the boots. So of course, we always get to travel style at six o'clock at night. And so of course, traveling all night, it took about 12 hours to get done before I'm ready. So of course, we had two hours on the Chief Cabinet two hours on or two hours off. So of course, when am I time to come I have to as watching that clock variable and they come to give up. I read him to read him to sleep. And so of course when he got his two hours, and then he woke me up. So then we'll have to wait. We went down. He was satisfied. He knew I was right. As when he woke up when I called him he said what album? I said song songs on songs. That's right. That's right. He said, Of course we were way off short night, maybe a four or five model? Sure. So I could tell the lighter, which one it was. I knew it well. So he's really interested. I knew him. I studied everything. I never lost anything out of that. So then we so then we back up a little bit that what EY E was he went to the lighthouse while I was in the canyon.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
So he had to take care of the line, telephone line. So he phoned up I think we had my title line line the camera because that was as far as the line went to the to the salaries of the lighthouse. That's as far as that line when so that had to take care of that line. So he said he was coming up and the annual meeting in the beach just across the bay where they Kennedy was at a certain time. And so of course, he went along because the guests wouldn't do some of the lines down. So So we fixed that most of my guess. So it got dark. And so it wasn't there. So So tourists went across three of us went across the canoe boat, and we allow light and landlords kind of find out so we went through cold calling regrets. You heard his voice. He was just down by the tree where the why was he wouldn't move. He shall we far as we knew where he was moving that country, we pretty difficult. Yeah, because he had matches, but he used them all up for you got out. So I should have had a laugh with him. But then if that is free Ma, he figured he can make that day, but he started good. But they're locked down as you only expected. And you knew I was going to be there. But I was there, but not him. So we just decided we were gonna go. So we only had to go about well, I guess a couple of 1000 feet I guess that's about all he was right right alongside the line and we follow the line on the line. Because it's all on trees and these posts in the polls. So anyway, come in that and then he quit the light, then he then he come to the channel for a little bit. Then he had a boat as you start to do start to be official officer. And then of course he at that time 99 team is pretty close them still on the boat than I was. And then the end of the time coarser fish fishes finished in about November, in the November something like that. So then I had to set idle opportunity to go to Seattle with the foreman of the cannery that time is a very good to live with him as one of the family and you would teach me all through machine shop. So I thought that was a good idea. So then at the same time, I had to have a letter from my uncle in England, for me to go over there to learn his business because he had a contract and you job the horses and all that is in the wartime in the first war, or the first warrior. He had a big contracting job. I don't know how many great big horses and lots of men and so of course when the war came along, the men went and they took his horses so it comes right down to only two or three that will I know we used to go there in the summertime and big stable down in Maidstone. Big ball great big horses. Oh, lovely. So anyway, what do you want me to go over there? So Mother said dad's stitches a bad place for young did want me to go Pfizer was already down there. He was shoot down there. She went down and just as the camera started as alright. There is a high priority got Camila. So anyway, the so well, my parents should know best as far as dentists. So as to why I got a job anyway. So I went over so I took mother level with me. And she was she had been holding since she came out in 1911. So I took her over with my paid her fair debt, paid her back then there's only 100 on the trainer 100 on the boat. That was all that was really a lot of money. Then they got I saved up all my money from the academy that could only get $20 A month when I'm working with a cook. And when I've gotten a Camry I got 30 cents an hour. And when I was on the boat, I got $75 A month plus my board and because my room I only slept. And so of course I saved that money I was spending so I stocked up on the rover and she said Why don't you take three months or six months anyway she stayed quite a while. And so of course I help that uncle with the horses in that you had two men work in them but the graduate got down to one man. And then one horse and I had the pony van I used to pick up stuff in the railway station pack, in fact stuck to the stores. And then there were no light weights to two and a quarter sacks of 100 weight in the quarters. Oh I don't know how I looked at them. I'd packed on my my bag was only 9019 I'd only be at a TNT coming on the 19th of April to underweight and a quarter. And the polio vaccine could only take seven that's all he could do. So anyway, they I stayed there for three years. The last? Oh I guess eight months. He was getting rid of the horses. No man. I was the only man left. So I said to while I had the pony. So I said Lucado three. So I said to him, I said no. Trucks are coming in half ton trucks because the big trucks would come in and pretty heavy before that, because they all used to run not that long. condello used to used to be swamped with with a big three ton truck I mean and so I said to him I said well why not get a contract? Because I said it's quicker and horses are going out Hello No no no no I don't know nothing about under no demos isn't that what a real horse what's a good mistake so in the meantime I was going with a young lady nice family and advertising there was a woman or lady I call her got a big place one of the Schufa to take her down to write in or some other place so I said to this young lady I was going with I said, Let's go and see but I said it didn't take that long because I've been driving boats and horses so I thought maybe she won't want to go for another week. Maybe I can make it in that time. So we went down this year as a new event guide as I love guiding. So we should say that you driven the toy No, I said I can learn very quickly why she is the one to lead them water. When I says two batters and I can drive in two three days I know it she said I'm very sorry. I gotta go tomorrow. So that was that was out so I lost it while I get back to Canada. So now I wrote to Mother I said if you can find me a job can we get a lead right away? So she she wrote later was that take a long time to get there three weeks so she wrote yet said you're gonna have a job and you come back. So I said well, okay, so I saved enough money anyway to get back in three years, although pay was very small and awkward didn't pay very much because he didn't give me room on water. And so I paved the way back and I got on the docket Nootka and his dad wasn't a judge them but the son was in charge when his son was in charge before I left but the old man was there. And of course coming back again he gave me an introduction letter to a family stay where he is wedding villages. So he covered so he saw me on the dock he's right registered you come work right now. What so wait till I go and receive motherhood and big money what Oh, yeah. So I started that very day I got off the boat

Unknown Speaker 52:32
I stayed then I guess for another year in the canary in the canyon on the boat in the same boat. Yeah. And then after that, that was the end of the end of the camera work that was so then I got a boat you wanted to do you don't want anymore. not want to wait until spring. So now I got a boat and got that down. Close to friendly cozy with two Swedish men built a boat down then and they're just about brand new. They only use about six months. He was sorry, one foot eight foot beam, real nice boat larger cabin on it. So I bought that for $800 that had an engine in it. And so then at that time, that was fishy offset. And I had the budget nuclear so we went up to as mother come up. And we rented a place he rented a place separating another Bay Myers Myers Bay, they courted them. And so you're still fishery officer. And I was fishing on the element for the and outside. And then he built a place in waters code. That was where all the fishing fleet used to anchor when they were efficient off. And that's where the fish buyers come in. So I still stayed on my boat. I lived on my boat. Sometimes I assure the money. And then the fisherman mother was making bread and made cakes and buns and the fish and rolls I just love that. Oh they thought that was wonderful. So mother couldn't keep up. Couldn't keep it up. So every time mother made bread or plays they will write down one and let you just run out all the time. So then they thought well, the Fisher wanted to start a store because they had to go way over to over to the individual to model way through the joy store near the post office over there. It was an ID reserve on that side and then reserve on his side and store man. He was over Like when he married an Indian woman and so they used to go over there to get the mail and brochures and everything so and they fish both bought up a few stuff with a fish but not too much. And they said now why don't you make us go over your house? So that turned the front room into a stone with shells on that. So I guess he had it for about a year. Then they told him why don't you go over in the bay right alongside of us so we did the bait. So that said to me, he said oh, he said, you've come in with me well, I've seen the government Oh my boat. Well, that's alright, just have your boat. So we bought the store in waters code where the fishermen were and we've got a good sized store and of course he had it moved but we took the Kevin or people took the Mora and use that as a scow to go to meet the steamer which is about a mile and a bit outside in the channel use wide open water to finish the train in reserve and and board is cool. So I turned my boat in do it today really. So we got a new motor a bit heavy motor just wanted to put the gear and you should just bring yourself down luggage. So then we reinforced that boat with double plankton and go west across the a big canvas sheet to bring over the top from the rain and onto the boat. And so the we started storing everything we want and fishing gear or dry goods and everything else that will meet the boat sometimes we could meet it after we had walked in. And sometimes we had to go out to Cashalot which was a whaling station then iron but they gradually Well, station gradually disappeared getting Wales so they turn the place in to a reduction replant for herring and for pilchard so we so that new that older up the hill will do the manager of their very well. So he said we could go out there and pick up versus Limon the dock, pick them up. So we can put them in escrow and bring them home. So quite a few times we had a good or too rough to the boat, the layout and that was on the corner that day. And so after a while the fishermen said well, you Why don't you have the post office over here? They had it over dinner. I don't know when you get here. Oh yes. You said we have divided over here. So of course, they wrote down at the headquarters, the post office that we want to post up his imitators how to store somebody come. So anyway, the post office said well, you've got to have this you've got to have that. So we we took a chunk out of the store. pigeonhole originalism challenge an old case you didn't wire everything says the fish will come up on the first opposite side. Yeah, that will do so anyway. We never heard in the morning for about a week, two weeks. Second boat up comes inspector will the mailbags and the other guy come up and get the Mylar bags instead of that never told the other guy he kept them out bags into US oil really mad he tried every way possible they do a damage up to that so we got the mouth of course again when I used to go to the post of his bail anywhere always looked at standard I don't know why how they handle this how they handled that register my money orders all that I don't know why it just the Euro zone did that. Even Even when I was even when I was down at nuke Academy and post Thomas come in posts always seem to look and see what goes on. I don't know why but this time it didn't take me very long to learn the post I've just worked. So anyway, we got it there and he was still mad they asked that he come in to get his mouth he was mad. And he tried to catch me saying that you knew that he was not allowed to do the hosting such as sending more than so much money by posting supposed to be some other waves try to catch the Navy way but it didn't work. I knew because I read up whether it was in government they collect standard every

Unknown Speaker 59:46
every way we kept them right comes down to the odor of passion. Manager K Question on the board and the wife so they come up with a choice and both of them so dad moved down before that we moved down in 1929 No, we went to England in 19 so we

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
real practical model weight store for you guys. We have 9029 that had to go when he went went nope Why did I stop? Every time we stayed we stayed off Christmas I said about so anyway they come back. And so we will of course every book I had to go to the store and stay there overnight because I couldn't get couldn't live there because the mail would come in late. And of course I had to be stable come down the next day or next night. Just pick up the Mail on Sunday. And so of course he met all night jobs until the wife used to come back with a wish to stay there

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
you have to wait. So 1929 They bought back the wife's brother he wanted to come back the restaging and the steam was coming down or cut down about suppose sale data then it would come down but no and the stream of Blue was when the symbol do we know

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
what time because I would have to know why was one of the first because there's a dead

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
boat to bring them up so the boat crew again come by at a roll out the door. So I got the water scope and it was still cranked in the water and the boat kept rolling with a commodity. So what tomorrow whoa is that we can start the boat I said let me do what I do. I'm good. And they should have done that. I told her many times that they didn't they forgot. So I just was into development trying to find what works.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
brother's stayed, stayed about a year. That would bring it up to about 3019 30. In November, I think it was he went back up back to Christmas.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Did he work in the store to

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Yes, he stayed in the store with that month and because the wife and I was on our own place, about a mile away

Unknown Speaker 0:21
and he went back home. And then nine teen nine jeans served to three. Dad what to do? Go down to White Rock. He figured he wanted to buy another grocery store down there, which he did. And we get to sell our place up in cocoa. But I stayed there wifely stayed there to 1935 and you got to buy and then we moved down in 1935 in May to White Rock. What made him choose white rock after?

Unknown Speaker 1:11
I don't know why. I don't know why? Because you wanted to get down you didn't want to get in the big city. But I don't know why he went right. Well, I don't I never didn't know why. I don't know. So anyway, we went down there in 1935 in May. And we only stayed in dad's house he bought a house that we only stayed in that house about oh about a week and we got our own house in White Rock and mountain street just off again VISTA and then we stayed in till till 1953 But before that, that at the store so I came in with him down there and you had a fellow there to help him and he delivered all this all the groceries to the different people that bought and when I come down I didn't know how to drive a car or any kind only boats and horses and so the fun he had there he taught me how to drive one day One day like driving and he taught me to Night Drives and he said I drove better at night than I did in the day. So in about two days after that we had to go to Western ces to get my license we extenders you didn't have to have not so much as you did later to know you knew that the new the 25 question but that was easy. And the driving was which was Well that was easy to because I knew how to drive the boat so same thing so then after that I delivered the process and he stayed in the store and about so 6738 Dad said what did he get out of the store so we gotta love a lot longside destroy but two lots by the store. And we built a shed there to carry lumber, cold and sawdust and wood. Mostly we handle sorta so we got a big truck, three ton trucks. And we used to back sort of swum while we call it Westminster, round brothers, and we had it all in sacks took three years to load. And we had to pack them on the backs when you get to this place to deliver sometimes as long way to go in other ways. You did pack the truck right up to the shed dump it in the top, but not very often. And we add another lot up on Johnson road and whatnot on John's road. And we had a we had it for wood. So we got slabs of wood and we cut it up on the table so big big tables. And they were so good. Well, Dad wanted to build he wanted he got a lot his own lot and he wanted to build a five and 10 cent store. So he's built so we built helped build and with with the help As a store five and 10. And so I go to help build it and I turn to I still had my little truck when we deliver groceries. And then somebody said, Why don't you make it a taxi so I can pay you for going up the hill with my groceries, two batches. I'm like that. So I said, Yeah, all right. So I went into town, to the, the place where they change the truck into it into kind of a little station wagon, but it was two seats in the back step so that we get in, in the back when the site turned it into a taxi that was agreeable to the various vertical branch. And so I started taxing that way. And later on, that was about 4140 4040 and 41. And then the boys from the Immigration and Customs, they wanted me to take him out to the customs, immigration, that the piece Ouch, three times a day, eight for at midnight. And they will pay me so much each because they figured cheaper me the team rather than work to drive the car. And so I don't I forget what I paid the maybe $1 I have something inside firmware from White Rock, let go to the patient. And so then I got a little more business and I thought well, I better get a car. So I get a little Willie, the Willis nine. Brand new. So that was my cheese's right in the truck. It was only a small Austin truck anyways. So I still held the job. And now we get in quite a bit of business. And I held the job for the customs guy for 11 years to like, quit. But in the meantime, I they wanted. I don't know why I forget now, but they wanted me to have an ambulance there. So they show me what I could have a New Yorker change into an ambulance. And ready take a few seconds or five seconds to change it from taxi to an ambulance. And so I got the New York and I had the ambulance. But before that though, I had to get a taxi stand instead of laying alongside the store. I got permission, or I got that to pay for a piece of land of the Great Northern Britain over that the Great Northern in the state of Northern Railway. Yeah, just about nearly on the west side of the railway station of white rock that I don't have bigger pays put up, put up a taxi stand in a fence around it. So I could park right in there and had nice stem people came in. And so then I got this New Yorker, but I can still use it as a taxi. I used to go to Westminster hospital. And different different scenes happen. Some people were sick to meditate him to the doctor or something like that. And after that, I still got it. Then they wanted me to to have a bus service and so we gotta get a bus. So the BC electric of SBC electric this year, they had a bus, old bus in Vancouver. It was it would run it alright, but it was just a bit out of date for them there. So I got it reasonable. And until I got a new bus, the vehicle Brian said, Well, you can have that who's up the license and insurance on it. But you can only have it for so long, which is why we got another one. So then we had told us and we had we had to build a bus garage up on the hill and we had to keep them coming back keeping the open so we could have been to brush up on you. And so we had to get a driver and then we had to make the schedule out to the bus going all around whitewater and up and down the hill was oh, the crescent Ocean Park, I think when requested to. And so that was in the venue We I got a new cab ops and I quit down bunch. And I got another cab sedan. I didn't have the saw damage to somewhere up north somebody wanted it wanted out of there. So they said we started up there, which I didn't wild Amazon, but then somebody else outside Amazon came in. And they figured that was a better one would I guess you would be too. But I had a, I had a first aid man, he was a first aid man on the CP train. So, so I had picked him up all the time. And so I got rid of them, which was to get the bus. But I had another taxi. Okay. And then later on, we got rid of the bus. And I still had the cat. And I still taking them into work. I had another fellow wanted to come in with me and his own cab, own car and just pay the rent of the of the standard. And the receptors, we had the telephone that girl. And when he took his own and just pay what he had to pay for the loan or the cat pays taxes. But he only stayed for about three months. He could have the morning shift on the night shift. So he took the morning she didn't want the night show because I didn't get through some danger lap at 12 at night leading these men to work bring them over here. But he only stayed for about three months, ie images to morning shifts. But people want to get the bus, an investor. So of course they called me because they didn't get on maybe at one o'clock. One o'clock when I got up. Instead of catching the bus on White Night. I had to go out to Crescent Beach to catch it. So of course, that done twice. So I said that one do. I can't work 24 hours a day like that. Well, he said I want to quit anyway. Okay, that's fine. So then someone else wanted to come in and he only lost about the same time. You get out the night shift. He wanted me to didn't want it, what the nation wants you and EMS too. So that's it. That's it. I do it myself. So I've done 24 hours in the day, 24 hours. So I kept it up for quite a while. And then I said I'm not going to be too long. If I make 24 hours a day you can do it. Getting up up by six as a user gets a seven o'clock bus. I didn't get on Sunday rapid for one o'clock, then maybe had to go to a distance some distant hours to come home for the men. I know one day one night I come home about I was 12. And the phone rang just got in Texas and we got to lock it up to the night the phone rang. Oh, we have incluido Would you mind picking us up? So I took my time and got caught the one. I said okay, I'll be over. So I got on top of Coverdale. He'll be able to help them. See yesterday Ken Griffin. So I pulled off the road now went in the backseat and slept. I thought I couldn't go any further. So I slept in the backseat. And I woke up G covered up door. So I looked motor only 20 minutes felt like it'd be enough for two three hours. So anyway, I rushed to close it out and then in the pit was started about forms stood on the curb. I'm sorry, I'm late. We didn't expect you so soon. So I thought I could have done little sleeping. Anyway, they were satisfied. So I'd come right up. I got home. I guess I haven't been up to that moment. And I had to get up again for a bus 630 for the bus again. So I said well, I can't take the ticket in my own hours if I had it. So So I quit them. And in the meantime, we we had a holiday somewhere to go my cat for a couple of weeks was so the wife and I went up went up the inside from Vancouver up to Powell river. We were looking for a place to retire up at London there was the government should have some islands out and Tony was when he was one we went up to lunch just nicely island just off none. But it didn't appeal to me. Right You know what enough land for what I wanted didn't seem to be a rocky island. All right. All the good ones are gone, I guess. So. I thought I couldn't have that one. But we had several places to go to. We had hookbait then we had Bidwell harbor down and fender we had this one so we we stayed at none overnight and the hotel there but no new restaurants are nothing. So what are we going to eat? So we there was a story that we told them where we come from a wall Well, we got a hot plate if you like can you make your coffee and if you want something Here we go put a can of beans on the stove. That's fine. So So anyway the hotel was two ladies handled the hotel only $2 A night. So so in the morning the book blew coming down from North somewhere coming down the boat grew for plough river. So I said to the wife we both blue Shall we go? You have not even dressed yet patch in So while our dress up quick no rush down in the boat. I saw the captain. I said, Yeah, I said we want to go. We didn't know you're coming down. Will you wait? Oh, yes, you wait, but hurry, hurry. Otherwise we had to wait another three days. And the taxi took us up there but he wouldn't come back and do rock and roll. Who will come by so we will. So anyway, I rushed back. I got the wife dressed and recut the overcoat on and we beat it down there. We got the ball rolling. So got so so we got to room. And so she finished dress and then so then we then we went right down to Vancouver. And so we decided we would come over come over this. We see what we do on the first island. This was the big one. See what we can find on that one. We knew the other people who had been there before, but not to look at land but we knew where they were. But we had one for Hope Bay. It was figured wait was better. We looked at this one first. So Gavin Melton Moy was in the with a real estate demo for us. So we so we wrote over to him before that and told him we'd like to have some land over here but five eight alongside the water but only for stiff we didn't want an ankle ankle. So he said well he said I got one just about what you wanted. So I told him we wouldn't be on for another over six months so I don't have any players This is April we didn't come out until September so we went down so he so he picked us up and said well I'll take you out there I'll tell you what the bad partner tell you the good so anyway he thought not too bad. So then we went he took it back home he said anytime you want the my car he said he said you can have it got many times you like to see it so anyway we decided well I think we got 50 bucks to hold it for us and then if we want it will pay when we get home is it and if you don't want it so we get your 50 bucks back good real estate guys undies. So anyway, we we got over to help me. We got on the dark. We got off we up up the dark. So the wife and I looked at each other. Now we said we don't want to go any further. We quit right now. So we went in the store we phone phone over to Gavin Moore told him we'll have the place and we'll send the money so we get the whiteboard. So that was how we got the place. So the next year we come over we had our own Bureau for them and so we come up with got it and decided that pretty good really love it. Because there's quite a lot of bush then even next door people end badasses at cow what to do. Cows are the cause of all went all around in on some kind of chewed up, a lot of the Bush was chosen. And there was a road in it but that went right through right through up to Samson's road right up to Sioux Sampson pace to the lake, the old road because they said that each party had a bit of the lake and bit of the water on their land. So it is right through. So anyway, we took it so we that was in 44 We bought the land in 44 And so we thought we'd retired about 10 years and 44 result we didn't tie into you but we we did we see 9019 44 And he came over here in a cupboard and 52 so it wasn't 10 Years went by. So then we moved over in fifth. i Come on 52 to build the place. And we tried to sell the place in white mug and all that kind of real estate guys in Seattle and Vancouver Westminster. Oh they come there sell the kitchen to big kitchen to small garden is not big enough or some always something wrong. So anyway, I come back in 53 got got all the inside done wiring done in the water on this kitchen done and everything. And then the wife phone Oh When she said that we sold the place we got out in two weeks and all she done was got a piece of cardboard wrote on it for sale play with him and the guy come along you bought it right there yet offer them resisting. So anyway, we, we went back may come over in May in May in 53. So then the stadium

Unknown Speaker 20:28
What did you do here? Anything Did you?

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Well, I Overwatch I had rabbits, I have quite a few rabbits. And so when we love to come up with a big truck or some big truck, so we have rabbits. So we come over here by a major shed before we come over, build the rabbit and build the shed for the rabbits. And when we got over here then I've got chickens. I guess they had bought 106 chickens. Then I had goats. And because I had Rob was here. And Mario's he was still going to school. And so when he they quit school, Mary wanted to go to the states and Rob quit school you had to work. And at that time before that I was working while working on the stuff and then they had different pieces that go to somebody I want me to do this and do that. So work the odd date. And then when they left school, they want to go to work. So I said well, I can't handle rabbits, chickens and goats. So I quit all that. So then I got on the waterworks, no Saltspring waterworks, but only when they want me. So then the Department of Highway said, well, we want somebody with us too. So so the Saltspring and Department of Highways they fight it out which they get what they want, not me. So I go there and then department hiring them back over the site anytime. So then

Unknown Speaker 22:17
what else did we do? I think Yeah, another fella and I we started working different pays up at the farm. I helped Rick repair the barn and then we had done down the Ganges area where the turkey farm is where turkey shed opposite to golf course. This is the wellness known as yes, yeah, we built that. But the whole thing. And then of course after that Moyse Why did music work for them? So then I worked for them. They went in March of 1958. And then Belcourt started up, but they had lumber but you were waiting for one question. But they didn't have any sheds no nothing but they were they were cutting the lumber by hand really well by the screws on the table and cut the different sizes. So they wanted me so so they most wanted to keep me but they didn't have any more job. But they sold the gas station and the upgraded express office what I handled all expressed in the gas station, and also the building supplies that was changed. So of course there was no more work for me. But that was one amoeba lasted you got to wait two weeks and I said I'm not treated to be alive, right? Well wait. So anyway. Anyway, I worked for them till 1964 Then I went over to vocals. And of course they had no shadow nothing. So I used to write all the orders in my car. So then I got a little shed of get it's four by eight, I guess the test data graded. So later on, then I then I built a shed to carry the lumber and the building supplies. And then later on after that. Then they started build a hardware stores. So I work it in the audio store. And then of course no I bet no put their head so I quit. And so after that she had 64 to 69 on this. I got a job on the job on the road as flagged when the Dawson company Dawson's added up to six weeks. And then that was on the next year. Next year. I got a job In the same company in the weighing machine with the weight of the gravel and the tall now, I got that for about six weeks to. And after that I got to guide God, nothing that was done was serious. I had a buddy guidance on different widows really. And then then I got a job at Mrs. Ashfords II guide you Reverend ash, and she wanted someone to take care of his God because He loved to guide them. So they knew I was doing a lot of guides, so she wouldn't be up there one day a week anyway. And so of course, I went up there, I went up there for how many years went up there, but she said, I'm not gonna let you work out because she's, I don't want you as long as I can have you. So of course, she wants to be free to date, but sometimes or went up to date bunavail but didn't want to do. She was very nice. I didn't have to get up to 10 o'clock. And then she said, Well, we'll have coffee. So we got coffee, and she's when you better get up the garden 11 o'clock now. And she said I'd come up there but should I call you about 12 for lunch? And then we should come up talked and then after lunch 12 o'clock? She said Well, you better go up again. She said about caught the one I said okay. She said I come up with a level and thought they will have tea, then I'll send you home. So anyway, she come up and then she said well you better come on down output three. And she's you have tea and I can send you your not your mower. So I didn't have very long working hours where it was this that was on the

Unknown Speaker 26:51
sunset. Not suns while it was I started to really think it was the name of the fish. It's quite a dip then there's road goes right in the several houses.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
And why stay the course quite a few years. Then I then I told her it's gone to England. And why she said I want you when you come back. So wealth. My other son he picked me up at the airport in Vancouver coming back. So he says you want to hear the bad news of the new good news. What do you want to hear first? I said I don't know what did somebody give you the good news first of what the good news was? So he said I give you the bad news. He said she died she said she was in a car and a and had a big black retriever and she blacked out and hit the post in the ditch and she don't let the dog was alright of course. But well that was quite a shock because what before that? No, she had different blackout a little bit it's black. She was going to downtown one time two or three times you're going downtown and and I would live because she wasn't feeling good enough. So if you want to go down I take it or no she's that looked too bad though. I said you're not going down so I kept the key until I come on. But this time she went down wanted to go Oh well that was after combat go for a week months. I couldn't think that you did die. Couldn't say Chris you really good. Like a mother to retreat him. You're like it was she was she was in a 70s I guess from 69 Suddenly, she'd like a mother to me wouldn't let me walk to work and I want to keep you so anyway, why was that?

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Well 69 now somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Yeah, well, that was I don't know what year that was when she died. But it'd been 75 I guess that's 1975 So what else? sort of go right on

Unknown Speaker 29:16
after that you really retired. Did you have anything else after that? Or did you really retire?

Unknown Speaker 29:22
I think I had done a little bit. I think I'd gotten somewhere but I can't remember too much about mostly, mostly retired.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Well, thank you very much rich