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Lang Sisters

Lang Sisters: Daisy (1888 - ), Gertrude (1891 - ), Freda (1895 - )

Lang Sisters Lang Family

This tape is part of the Salt Spring Island Historical Society Collection, donated by the Lang family.
The Lang sisters reflect on their early days in England and their move to Salt Spring Island in 1911, as teenagers. They talk about social and family life on the Island in the early years and their lives on Fernwood Farm.

Accession Number 989.031. Interviewer Daphne Bradley
Date October 15, 1975 Location
Media tape Audio CD mp3
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
This is October the 15th 1975. Sitting in mom's living room are Daisy, Gertrude and Frieda, my three great aunt. Daisy, when were you born?

Unknown Speaker 0:10
I was born in 1888. In the Scott.

Unknown Speaker 0:14
I was born in this car in 1891. I was born in the scarred in 1895.

Unknown Speaker 0:22
Can you tell me something about when you were young in England,

Unknown Speaker 0:26
in England? Well, we used to go and visit our grandparents. We used to my father's parents live within about five minutes walk us and we would sit down there to visit which we didn't care for that much. And when we arrived, we'd find granny sitting in a chair by a by a table, doing nothing her hands in her lap and a beautiful lace cap on her head. And Grandfather would be in a chair for the fire. Sometimes with a tweed cap on and a grip big tabby cat on his knee. We're always flew up to the bedrooms. And when we arrived, because he hated us, and then granny would fish out some barley sugar for us. And in about two minutes, we'd say, well, he was going up, and she say, rubbish, you only just come.

Unknown Speaker 1:21
And they had this cat was called chum. And then the Cook had a parrot. And the parrot teaches us to didn't do that. I remember the cat and then they had a dog called dawn a Water Spaniel. Yes, I remember the animals

Unknown Speaker 1:41
and she wrote liked us because we never asked Chris sweets, like our cousin Geraldine did. We used to wait to be asked to get Jeremy knows went and help yourself now. Emily,

Unknown Speaker 1:57
grandmother, Thomas

Unknown Speaker 2:05
Desi, and I don't think they'd like me very much. And they put me in the can base and turn the cold water on. And I had my legs all her folded up neatly, you see? And I couldn't know. But I did. I did manage to turn the cold tap off. I didn't care for them for doing that.

Unknown Speaker 2:26
DC, DC I'm proud Gertrude on the mantelpiece in the school room and one letter down. That was way up. I went to school. You see when I was eight. I went to Southampton. You got an occasional pair. And you don't say a word all the way there. You're in sort of a yes and box. And they

Unknown Speaker 2:50
were up there. And you just see the man who's waiting to be rude. You sit there in silence until it's rude.

Unknown Speaker 2:58
Somebody's moved. The Spirit moves somebody and they get asked to say something. And you stand up. You stand up and he's moved. And then he's he's finished moving and he and he sits down and you sit down and you wait for the next one. I'm excellent. No, no, no. And you sit one side the girls one side the boys and you don't speak one word all around ever was on for about an hour and a half. And I remember I had soup gloves with little pearl buttons. And one button came off and I asked cousin Bessie if the mead could turn on she said freedom is Sunday for me is do not sell on Sunday. That's a sin. I find the youngest singers union to say that I've never had a break but I've had plenty since noon joined them.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
Sunday school was central when school anything to get rid of a Sunday afternoon. I didn't need a church in the morning. We had to go out again. We were packed off to church my father mother snooze didn't join them. And though we used to have various sort of entertainments for us afterwards, I suppose anyway, we all find the place now at that age. I failed I have not

Unknown Speaker 4:15
kept it. I have not kept

Unknown Speaker 4:19
having to

Unknown Speaker 4:25
I was taking on a motor trip to Dawson Creek but we've been on the road for a few days and I didn't know what the day will be never saw the paper and didn't matter. And so in the morning a man was reeling out of a pub. And I said to him, do you know what day it is? And he said have you had too much to

Unknown Speaker 4:43
she was your government? Yes. What can you remember about

Unknown Speaker 4:49
it used to have it happens in school see? Sort of we have physical Ed first of all, we had to jump Some books Oh yes, we've walked around with books on their heads for ages. And Barbara Freda and me and me know you weren't there you got spooked. So so then we had to have and filter used to like to see by head hair was done with a pigtail the top part and pretend like to see it perfect. So she came around the back, she was the last one, and she was convulsed with my big deal. So days, the Select said, well come along, you come around to the front, you leave. Well, that didn't take very long. She carried out very quickly until she came to me again, the bank uses

Unknown Speaker 5:55
the did you do your lessons? Well.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
I don't have much power.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
As the night chairs all on one wall, there was a big map. On one wall, I remember. And there were chairs put there and we were put in our ages and, and in order you'll see. And we were asked a question. And if we didn't know it, we have changed placement. And so it went through so you're always technically if you didn't know your question, but if you if you knew it, you could stay or if you knew one that was higher up you'll see you could move up again at all who was nothing he was away at school but his often he was there when we had started school. And with in the corner there was a table and I don't know why but there was a big Ida down there. One these flopped and he was to get up behind didn't hide before we were there. And this technique was full of nerves in fact, you know at mealtime she suddenly knew that you couldn't help it and over would go her glass of water go out from the kitchen and get a cloth you know we were sent out because I couldn't get the cloth away because well this happened. We used to roll it laughing thing mothers get so far. But anyway, Tom got behind this idea that I'm you see, before we were got up there and then we suddenly pop out annuities the purpose Ted makes you know

Unknown Speaker 7:28
think about brother Tom, we would have dolls T puppets. And we give him a few little bits here and there. And brother Tom was always a soldier come home from the wall and you have to be fed. So he would eat nothing for

Unknown Speaker 7:50
was eight and I stayed with my cousin as a D border. And then cousin Tom was ill and I was sent to Denmark. And they stayed there. And then later I went to children. Why I want to tell from I don't know. I never learned anything and children but I had a wonderful time and I was in all the games. Father said I was good at everything didn't make any money games, music, playgrounds and tennis and cricket I was the wish to keep for our house children are you a member of the NCC well probably

Unknown Speaker 8:28
to come from Plymouth to give lessons not only to us so several people in this car to see the little place and use come to us and oh you know a tiny little man he was very nervy but he was very nice very good. And mother wanted me to learn the violin. And I didn't want her told I listened outside the door she said relax last was to leak about this horrible Lake he was called and I asked him about this and I listened outside the door and he said no be no good for her fingers are too short I think so do go through got that instead and she and Tom used to squeak away in the library practicing

Unknown Speaker 9:07
if I didn't play Tom used to hit me over the head with

Unknown Speaker 9:13
it. Did you take lessons from this is too late? No. I was too young. To You see, which we did in the summer moved down there. We were sent up by train. This is a local train. We had the keys to the house we used to go to the office and get the click keys to the house and go in and open up and he came there and gave us our lessons and then we used to lock up go go take the next train back again. And discard and then when it was habitable, we used to go there for the summer because it wasn't finished off absolutely as you wanted. But it was alright for the summer and this great big wagon used to come from the lumber yard with a team of horses and take all the heavy stuff down. I just remember the bangle been put in mangle nobody uses it mangled, you know, with the mangled Well, it's two great big rollers. You turn a handle and things come out to now Oh, she's going through there. Instead of earning it for free there had a red dog Oh, Mr. Punchy. It was a punch thing. And one day of practice. She said, I had a dream last night her mother said well, and she said, Well, I got to heaven when Mr. Punchy. And God said, who by this same gentleman. And I say it's Mr. Punchy.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Always had a terrific love of animals more than humans. And we had a field across from us across the road from NASCAR. And it was raining one day and there was a white horse standing in this field. And Frieda, so as she went to mother, and she said, could we bring him into the house? Because it's raining?

Unknown Speaker 11:18
You remember that? Yes. And that horse was called Mini?

Unknown Speaker 11:23
breed? Have you always loved it? Yes. We've increasingly

Unknown Speaker 11:25
people you allowed it. Were you allowed to have pets. And

Unknown Speaker 11:29
we had a cat called built a shelter. And we we've always had dogs. We've always had animals and they were part of the family.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
Tell me something about your cat.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
Friend what the cat was called in England. It was built a shelter. But then that was all we had in the way of cats. But I've always like family.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
Now, David, when did

Unknown Speaker 11:52
you come to Canada first? came to Canada in 1910 with my father and he came out when he decided to leave England and come out and settle out here.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
Why did he decide to come to Canada?

Unknown Speaker 12:04
What was the man? Oh, I think he Lou was so little. You'll see and there's no future. And he had retired and he was too young to retire and he wanted to get into something else. And so the cool. And he saw the wall coming and and Dr. Helton had written to him from Salt Spring and he was our doctor at home for a long time. And you know, he'd sung the praises of Saltspring and Paola decided to try it. So he and I came out and he traveled all over vancouver island he went everywhere and decided on

Unknown Speaker 12:43
what ship did you come across

Unknown Speaker 12:47
and we came first class and he was told that it was he didn't meet up in more influential people traveling first class. So he and I came first and just just loved it loved it trip enjoyed it very much. And you ran to Montreal, didn't you? Yes. You're like Montreal came over there. But I came here by train new see, and spent the first night in Sydney hotel is the first night you get from Vancouver to Sydney by boat. Yeah. And I was the first time I've seen Chinese people and the Chinese circumcision me in Sydney hotel because I had ruined myself and I was terrified. I didn't like myself. But so we only spent one night and then we came up on the the sort of ship went down Iroko she went down too soon after we got capsized, you know, upset me and I didn't know how many people would drown. But we came out from Victoria, to Sydney by the old ENN struggling.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
And you came to sell to me that was your first trip was my first trip. And did he buy? It's the farm on the first trip? Oh, sure. Yeah, he bought God's for you know how much it cost. And mostly I asked

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Fred, and she said there would be a record of it in Victoria, not yet.

Unknown Speaker 14:13
And it was called booth farm

Unknown Speaker 14:14
and it was called booth. Yes, because the previous owner, what did he buy? He bought from Mr. Lee who had bought the booth. I think

Unknown Speaker 14:22
he was informed

Unknown Speaker 14:25
yesterday. Well, yes. He was an MP. Then you stayed on with the house. I stayed on with the house. Parlamento before Christmas usually this was October and then he and then they started packing up, I suppose. And came out and Tom and galley and I got the Fernwood house more or less cleaned up the beam all sorts of alterations done no you see know Clevedon and we know he and I got and we haven't never knew which day they were coming, you know, and I I stayed with Joey Coleman over the over at the lake where the dancers are used to walk over every day and clean up, you know, and then one afternoon we saw this crowd coming up across the field, do you think togo

Unknown Speaker 15:15
at the URL down?

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Because they routed per minute off.

Unknown Speaker 15:21
But tell me now when you finally got back in, do you remember that telling you the tails and Saltspring? Yes, yes, you do.

Unknown Speaker 15:29
Because we asked him what it was like. And he said, Well, here you have everything neatly done off with hedges. But he said there is just one, woods and everything.

Unknown Speaker 15:42
And what did you think about Canada? What did you were you looking forward to kind of? Oh, yes,

Unknown Speaker 15:47
something new. But pro mother. It was awfully hard. Because she was in the blanket club and everything in blue, you know, and did so much good work there. And to be put on Fernwood farm where they live within miles and the post office six miles away as

Unknown Speaker 16:07
we used to walk and get the new Yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:09
And you sold feel had them?

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Oh, yes. That's gone. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
And then do you remember coming the trip across?

Unknown Speaker 16:17
You bet your luck? I did. What do you mean, I remember going down and ordering breakfast because we were off the coast of Ireland that first morning. And I was never there when the waiter arrived for my breakfast and I never reached the dining room again.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
When simply to come over. Prince

Unknown Speaker 16:37
you y'all do? We will Prince Edward from apron mouth in Bristol.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
And what year was that? You came over 19

Unknown Speaker 16:47
June and we arrived in Montreal on coronation day, which was George the fifth and had been so gas is sick the whole way over. And we got on the train that night. So poor Tom didn't have a chance of getting settled. So I was pretty sick all the way across Canada. And I lost seven pounds between seven feeling London.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Free to What do you remember about coming over?

Unknown Speaker 17:21
I remember I wasn't very

Unknown Speaker 17:22
keen about it because I was that was the children. I didn't want to leave but then they didn't want to leave me alone in England. So I came to withdraw right and just family. I was just under 16 I hadn't finished my education and may did come over with you didn't yes because Edward had been recalled to India on his honeymoon free will she stay here well not very long. And yes and she hated it. She looked she thought Canada was awesome so was pleased

Unknown Speaker 17:53
well what did you think could you first offering my

Unknown Speaker 17:55
family lots of different than Oh, just begun. Oh, I liked we did.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
What did you think of

Unknown Speaker 18:07
very different costs. But we liked it was also free. And they have charged for the chickens. And we used to go out with her and help collect the eggs Hamlet piece with this museum?

Unknown Speaker 18:21

Unknown Speaker 18:24
I should say

Unknown Speaker 18:29
tell me about the maid.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
You brought a maid with you.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Oh we brought ADA with us. You seek a father came back father and mother and may and fathered at Frieda and ADA the cook at toggle the dog. Tom didn't come out Oh Tom was here had come Tom was here because he had been to Australia. He he was here with Tom

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Tom but has nothing to do. But yes, he would sent Australia to learn to see

Unknown Speaker 19:06
small I see. And what happened about ADA and she lasts very long

Unknown Speaker 19:12
for a very unhappy because she was the eldest of 13 in this little fishing village to be stranded out there with nobody to talk to it was very trying for her and we used to take it in turns going for walks with her in the afternoon. She was taken over as far as we were

Unknown Speaker 19:28
and wouldn't sit with us in the evening. Now what

Unknown Speaker 19:31
did you do what schooling when you came up here?

Unknown Speaker 19:33
Are we finished? Yes. We have I was at and free to haven't finished. But she did well enough anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Did you do well enough anyway. Oh sure.

Unknown Speaker 19:53
I got my RN was all I wanted to get your RN then cool, gentle.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
And did you stay with us? I'm very long when you first came

Unknown Speaker 20:02
when not very light, I made a munitions that point to this bridge on the first floor. And then then that so I've never been good when I went up to Kelowna. And then I I've got my apple backing stuff good my I made apples, apple boxes. I made every box lentils with my pack packed apples when it was fine. And then I went in for market gardening, then I got flu in 1980 nearly died. And I shouldn't have died. I got the Holy Spirit on us in Kelowna. And then I was so thin that I came back. And after six months across, waited for my winter train,

Unknown Speaker 20:38
and the banker agenda, and university and for how many years?

Unknown Speaker 20:41
Well, three years training. Then I went off to Kelowna. Then I went out to California. Then after four years, I met Charles and we met and went to Shanghai. What did you do?

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Well, we I went up to Kelowna with Peter, and we worked in at Monterey County. And it wasn't much fun.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
And what did you get for waited?

Unknown Speaker 21:13
About 60 cents a bucket for peeling the the that had huge seven pound buckets with a line all the way around. And you have to put the peeled tomatoes into this and had to be up to this room. Or us and then somebody you had a ticket on your shoulder. The overseer came and tipped it. So that was something for you when at the end of the day. And then unfortunately, I got tomato poisoning. And I ended up in the hospital. And the doctor said, it's your own fault. It's like, kind of racehorses doing carthorse work. So I said, Well, that's nice. We thought we were doing our bit and then you left colonics at No, I stayed the winter up there. And that was a bit drastic, too. Because often well, the whole time. I had to come back to the coast to see underwear. I was well.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
In Victoria, yes. Oh, yes. And you've lived there ever since this? Yes. All right, David. Now it's your turn.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
Well, you got married here. Yeah. Well, Beth was doing carpentry work and doing the pruning the orchard and doing all sorts. We saw lots of music. And they lived a few miles around us. We used to go out there in the evening sometimes cards and things and I quite liked him. We used to go for walks together and down to them off and on and it's happened bit happen. Now, tell me and then we went live in our their little house down on Fruitvale called Bamako bungalow. Yes. So this tiny little piece, but I see you know, Peter was born while we were down there, because I went the hospital for there. And other loan lady mentor, old lady mentor. Yeah. Dr. Ellen beach came to fetch me. And in the spring of his car gone he was propped up to the word or something. I had a terrible bumpy ride round. And Peter was born that night.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
Tell me something about the parties used to have here. I think quite the dance has been marvelous. But what about the party that your parents gave when you first came? Oh, what tend to dress properly? The whole everybody jolly. What did you dress up? Granny with a gesture with

Unknown Speaker 24:00
an old fashioned lady with a long dress, you know, pull them Empire style. And I don't know I can't I was

Unknown Speaker 24:10
an Indian. Yes, you were. And the we had a friend looking at the photograph of us all taken together. When she came to me You said Who is that so dark and ugly.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
But it was easier.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
Because I had done that dance in college. I had all the clubs and everything else.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
So we had you know, heaps of nice English boys here as Trump boys. And they used to refer inward on the Sunday afternoon me you had the wildest games we had crystal game called a blow blow the feather. Do you remember that? Yeah, no people. People have a difference of feather across the table, you know, see who could people rally with laughing Hello. And every time a big tea which all these men will enjoy tremendously and well Brandon is covered really late in the evening they drift off, but it seems to me every Sunday we had some of you limited who was coming off a big table, there was always lots of food and

Unknown Speaker 25:17
there were some of the men which you can remember.

Unknown Speaker 25:19
Well, let me switch to Cal strop. And there was no he wasn't so hard and there was resistance to sales but what was he called? No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 25:35
no, no. COVID II

Unknown Speaker 25:39
they will Cecil spring foot and his brother Eric rickford. Percy louder.

Unknown Speaker 25:46
Louder played the piano pretty nice. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
I can't remember. Because humans, you know, and they were so entertaining a night of fun.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
Do you remember the at the Sunday afternoon? Oh, sure.

Unknown Speaker 26:01
We used to have two chairs each fellows own table we used to turn the ping pong ball up a string so we never got up.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Gave the ping pong progressive. Yeah. Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 26:16
dropped you drop the bet. You see if you've done your shot and run, run run for the next one. We used to talk about six players and then when you got down to two got really excited but if you ever done

Unknown Speaker 26:30
what tell me Did Did your father farm the farm at the time never.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
We will never fall we had had it rented he had a very good man running the place did Joey Coleman and he stayed on for quite a time and until the cows are sold I suppose. And Sister bar took up the took up milking because he was the only one who would and sure enough they weren't eating to help Joe with the milking and Joe was so wonderful and he said gee but years slow. She'd never done I

Unknown Speaker 27:05
need to do it. And later, I started milking for that time and bar are the only two milk and after dances which go on all night, three o'clock? Yes, about six o'clock in the morning. I used to put up my gumboots on my I didn't take my evening First off, I set up and I went down to get the cows. When I got the cows in the barn I could go to bed whereas these poor souls that is doing the milking no no Daisy Daisy doesn't ever no

Unknown Speaker 27:45
no did you ever did you have to

Unknown Speaker 27:49
no no I did the pigs. The pigs? We we had boys and Ruth no cameras and then I used to do the tickets

Unknown Speaker 27:57
were there hard times on the farm or was it always a good time?

Unknown Speaker 28:02
It can't be one of the week he was the guest send the cream isn't she and you get your brother back from when we had the best butter ever?

Unknown Speaker 28:09
Yeah here up at the Creamery and drink from

Unknown Speaker 28:11
it yeah he was he was well you know when the Queen came to Victoria they used to send up here for butter

Unknown Speaker 28:20
oh that's right he went to work for his butter didn't make this lovely and then the main lab and your mother sort of take over the cooking or what happened or did you take turns I believe took we

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Gertrude and I work together we were the clean one thank you and feederwatch because they were the dirty one and you'll see we've gone for a week a week at a time and 1000 feet they used to you know we used to feed it good and I left the place really you know we wash the floor and see that everything was clean and nice. And these two will say oh the floor isn't a dirty this week we made the effort the kerning point I thought was I always remember this we had a dresser with hooks to it and we used to hang cups and you know jokes and things on and we came across a joke up the hospital of sorrow.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Tell me about your experiences cooking.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Well I never cooked I can't cook but I used to do the cleaning up and think but I always I remember watching all those after washing the floor with a lamp after working on the farm.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
And what about this job? Is that your work?

Unknown Speaker 29:37
Yes, I think so. Oh, I don't think that was my killer. So

Unknown Speaker 29:45
you had to cook the meals to

Unknown Speaker 29:48
eat at lunch to see she was married. And who taught you? Oh we picked up picked up from each other and you will use the book. Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
No So I remember one Sunday lunch and then Powell mother and Gertrude myself and and we had a kind of a pantry thing that was shut off from the rest of the house and and mother put her foot in and she got up a rat the rat and drowned in the in the garage and I said we couldn't compile said you're getting so far so

Unknown Speaker 30:27
when they came from was pretty nice. And then they gradually got to what form they were just read Silver Bow vessels set to fit when they said because they have tacked up on the pre Genesis guaranteed seeds and vessels set to print. You've got a wrong little here. It should be James's guaranteed weeds. Do you remember that? No. I don't know. I remember that. If you've got a wrong little here, it should be James's guaranteed weeds. Do you remember that? No. I don't know. I remember that as well as well. We all remember different

Unknown Speaker 31:19
things and how they talked. Oh man was like a parent. And ever i Excuse timing and then yes, so I'm just like a parent. And they never stopped talking.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
And Fred would start at the bottom with your the VCR tape and you still talking.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
All right now. Now let's hear about Mr. Bullock dance. Theater.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Well, the first one we went to kiss was snowing. Tom drove us for the team. enslave. And it was a real thrill. Both your dance and the slave at the house in Barnsley. Oh, yes, yes. And he did their long easier. housekeeper for inner peace boys. And tell me about the boys. They came from where the novice? Oh yes document automatic

Unknown Speaker 32:18
on the orphanage.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Williams Mrs. Prom was some but he used to wear eating soup for church and brown shoots brown shoes. We bought the world's

Unknown Speaker 32:31
top hat and

Unknown Speaker 32:34
what was it like? Tell me about the gloves in the earring.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Well, coffee symbol of the love to see ladies dressed up to give it you know, he really had a high idea of how they should look. And he would present any, any female that went there to have their ears pierced, he would give them the earring. And I used to give them gloves. They must wear gloves every occasion. And high heels he liked very much. We advocated those corsets and corsets. And that was it. I think you know, very particular

Unknown Speaker 33:15
what he did he tell you

Unknown Speaker 33:17
or did you just know that? You

Unknown Speaker 33:18
know he would say to your credit. You should you should have classes you should work cross your fingers fingers and things like that. What do you have ears pierced? And you know, we were central. He never liked us because we never went near him for things like that. We were too, you know, too covered by this

Unknown Speaker 33:38
but we were good. Good enough for prom.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Did you ever have dinner? You know, I never had dinner. We can. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 33:47
I don't know much about but I know that you expect cadets and you have access to food.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
And one time he gave a dinner party and Mrs. Turner and her children were invited. And they had peas for dinner. You remember this? and Mrs. Turner had said to Pizza feet it was only a letter and she said You mustn't laugh because but anything Mr. Bullock does. Mr. Bullock's peas in his beard and he went like this

Unknown Speaker 34:24
are you are they're dissolved into you know he pulled himself

Unknown Speaker 34:31
out. Now what about grandfather lengths during the trading company?

Unknown Speaker 34:38
Starting it. Well, how did it come about? Well, that was episode notes. I think. He went in there one day to ask a place of something I don't like well, and it was Walter Norton who served him. And Gilbert was paralyzed and he used to sit in a chair upstairs in his office. All Day Walter Norton didn't know the place of this article. And so he called up and he said what's the price of this? And we will ignore it said call down and say well who's it for? And that decides my father wishes this have something in competition. And, and so he and Mr. Bullock put in one chair he was terribly skinny about his money he put in Wondershare and Mr. fracks cough Mr. Wills club is discovered El jefe Jeff scarf Mr. Smith, they all put in and follow but the live show and they started up between the store

Unknown Speaker 35:40
and was it like a cooperative or did you No, no,

Unknown Speaker 35:43
no isn't Mr. Harris Mr. Harris? In yours

Unknown Speaker 35:50
and we used to go and ask for Ask him if the beef was tender Mr. Harris's stop phrase as tenders of all time.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
And he also used to serve as odd you went to get lard in those days for cooking? And you said one found well they have buckets of large spoon this up

Unknown Speaker 36:21
what's the store there when they start No. idea what year that was?

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Oh, I shouldn't be about 1912 tennis court costs and the terrible thing is the grass one slows anybody anything you could get you know? And done. I used to work away at it miss spring and do what he could to make it good. You see, and then we used to have to take turns taking TVs out there and how they love their TVs you had to be cool doesn't bring anything very ordinary. You know, I wouldn't do it for the Fed rabbits were were members. And you know, of course she did everything so wonderfully. And you remember the trade? And well, let me how Yes, we start we used to have matches over to screen. And this is Hallie. She was tech heavy and she had this this school he had quite a few kids who know if you would not get up in the mornings and Donna used to say no get up the boys are coming across a flat sciatic nerve I suppose they had to wait. You know I don't know what they did while they were waiting probably waiting to be called in until she's had a bit of a break.

Unknown Speaker 37:41
But they can you can put that

Unknown Speaker 37:46
up with the with the shoes to fry the bacon. And then she'd hang the sauce the front end up in the world with bacon grease

Unknown Speaker 38:00
not doing it you know I've seen two big

Unknown Speaker 38:03
solid stuff all river solid. Which is nothing that she killed off the cat. Peter Pan he's a pen he was told by the Indian

Unknown Speaker 38:15
and that BC dog Yeah. I said Mike

Unknown Speaker 38:22
What about the Indians that used to come and trace through

Unknown Speaker 38:25
you who can tell you could tell you your smartphone when they came in.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
They use to bring seven things like that. And in exchange for chairs, which they used to take off in their recent attempts. That's all they wanted. For so much for the Salem witch know what the week was his so he would say we've got scales in the kitchen. So all the time a power hour away I suppose the Indians used to go in there the house was never allowed.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
Never needs to be Indian some Cooper there punker

Unknown Speaker 39:14
and we used to take up 300 pounds of chairs off our trees in a flask. Some picnic baskets or picnic baskets. Yes. And drag to the source column just like Wrexham for the Indians will appear from everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
Oh you went up in the Valerie did

Unknown Speaker 39:38
yes Valerie and they just bring their house you put chairs into their heads and then we'll went from

Unknown Speaker 39:46
on also used to take loads of Terry's up to latest bid and the Valerie use even rotos up and we tend to take his cows well and can talk a lotus call home because he was a coal burner when we first got schema we used to deal with Simon lizer time and Liza was the one grocer and DataSmith you know used to just turn in cherries and get groceries in exchange and have a picnic on the way or we loved our days going up for real quick. Do you remember at the end

Unknown Speaker 40:21
of yes I used to go to neighbor low neighbors family gun Victoria and the Indians came for this usual barfing business they built for the super low and they were fat and dirty and horrible

Unknown Speaker 40:37
midterm he met who can tell me about that these two well as a hockey was terribly popular when we know just just when I came out they suddenly started hockey and everybody wanted to join sometimes we used to be far too many each side you know they crowd everybody in too many on the on the on the field and the things that people used to use for hockey sticks their buggy Shah said what you know they hadn't we had a while Okay, and I remember Mrs. Oxenham had a very long skirt. We use it because our skirts were down her ankles and used to play in those and Mrs Optionen was goalkeeper so I'm going to chop it go the whole disappeared got into

Unknown Speaker 41:42
the booth she returned but somebody was

Unknown Speaker 41:45
there is this crop laced up Hi group something here.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
This was big see him? Take your anchor Ollie.

Unknown Speaker 41:54
Most people played in boots. He had nothing to know. before. Yeah. And there was one person who used to play hockey. And she fancied herself he dressed up fine. They will protect jersey on and skirts and everything and appropriate gloves. And she hooked the ball along to where it was going. You know set in the middle of the field. Bell coming up that went up this way. Wait. What feels really good school? School? Did you have tea afterwards? No, no, nothing? No, no, no. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
nothing like that. No, really. I know what I went through as to the picture of the Indians you have in your house. I don't see in the

Unknown Speaker 42:43
east. There's a different different crowd altogether. That's just a photograph. I found Victoria destroyed Mary Michael and Michael very much nobody knows the coast and then got the first team that would play whichever way the ball

Unknown Speaker 43:00
goes, Michel.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Thomas Mitchell had no idea of the game. So ever but she was determined to be in it.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Didn't you play? You played me?

Unknown Speaker 43:15
I used to say things rolled up. The speed was shot at Rome. I was full bear my cottage here and then exited fixed and he never pay for him again.

Unknown Speaker 43:27
And did you hear? Because he heard a woman. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 43:31
had like this. And I saw people years ago of course, because he's been here a few years in a bookshop and the toilets. All right, he says thanks to you. I never played hockey when

Unknown Speaker 43:45
I said thanks to you.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
You nearly six miles because you were so rough.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
But tell me about your tennis match that you had with them.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Well, that was just one of these tournament of things that mother had given the prize which was my grandmother's father just I suppose a good one. And, and earnest and I know we've we haven't practiced together you know, it didn't matter. And but just bam he stammered like places. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 44:10
we got first prize movies. I

Unknown Speaker 44:12
remember taking you back to my when I said here's your mother's well. I've gotten to my house.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
Well, lady, what about sort of out battle in the egg in the head

Unknown Speaker 44:26
battle used to go up and play football or hockey, whatever it was doing matches in Duncan. And they went off one day and had a nice game over there and celebrated a little, not too much, I think and then came back and of course just dark and he had to do his chores. But he went milking first so the time he kept going around and collecting eggs, it was quite easy to get out and get the grant into the hen house. And we saw an angle on the floor. So he bent down to pick it up. Wasn't there? She stood up liberal was there and after doing this two or three times you suddenly realize Oh, an awful

Unknown Speaker 45:14
tell me who was that Freeman at that time who would have been living out around there? There was the young screw up there.

Unknown Speaker 45:19
Oh yes the Youngs with old Aviva's ever felt we were you

Unknown Speaker 45:40
this corner on it right in the corner come and go I'm Darla comas Behala I'm sure grow

Unknown Speaker 45:56
these are two nursery rhymes in Chinese Nino whoa whoa nice nice to go world D out from yo de la vida de la qui move to Gripens

Unknown Speaker 46:10
alright go to compound or the wealthy to my face

Unknown Speaker 46:18
these are the fingers in Dutch llama your brown does anybody know the other thing was

Unknown Speaker 46:41
sea life and he found herself with nothing to do and he was very anxious to do good for the island. So he thought up the he wants to bring water and began juice. So he got his friends together and they made it into a company you see so that they could do it properly. And he engineered the whole thing he saw it all and then they got into working order and had the shares and everything and then that was it.

Unknown Speaker 47:15
Did they start from St Mary's lake or did they stone

Unknown Speaker 47:17
no Maxwell's It was meant yes it was Maxwell's for a long long time. And they put in wood types yes by hand and then of course they rush it in time then those extra expensive to put in proper one has grown since then.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
Was there a good road up

Unknown Speaker 47:45
the up to man?

Unknown Speaker 47:47
How did they make it up there? Well, you

Unknown Speaker 47:50
just went up he had a car and he was a vital driver in the bedroom in England. But he never had never had an accident. I used to know the lake. Oh well yeah, that was that was all right because it was the sheet sheet the sheet was gonna go up to the bank and then rolled back right into his bath when he turned the guy in the lake. But that was you know it was shallow there and then just turned over doesn't all poured and they got the James's out of the gym. Just put it back again. Give it a shot and off it went again. Geez.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
Motor wetness, and follow you so bring the car on. Just rocks. Just as narrow as the top of that recording machine.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
Everything fits when he went off to the CRAM room because, you know, never knew when he was coming. Oh, and one day he did get lost. And after that he said he was going to leave a trail. You know where he went? Because it's all family. I mean you never find him I'm you know no no, no phones or anything. Nobody up there.

Unknown Speaker 48:53
All he was really worked up things. The only time I ever saw father worked up. Yeah. But the day got lost. Yes. In the fall up in

Unknown Speaker 49:03
the mountain, and it's just as bad for melon because you know, she didn't know when he was coming home. I have no way of hearing from

Unknown Speaker 49:11
what year was that? Do you think he started? Oh

Unknown Speaker 49:17
14 or 15? Or later? Yes, because he had the the trading company you see you visit with that? Somewhere around that.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
Let's switch over to you for a few minutes. Let's go on to you. When

Unknown Speaker 49:34
you say hi. I went to Shanghai in 1928. And everything's very peaceful to 1932 and one of the local wars broke out with Japanese but they didn't affect us very much because everybody said last for six weeks it will be over but it wasn't everybody was shooting everybody. And you were lucky if you escaped the life of most people did. And then you go on a bus into nine came road. And then suddenly you're surrounded by Japs with fixed bayonets. And they were looking for arms. And if any of the Chinese in the bus had now they put it under a foreigners chair because they because we weren't searched. And if there was anything found at all, we were all run into the police station. But a foreigner for that dog because we wouldn't do

Unknown Speaker 50:20
this ever happened to you on the best? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 50:21
we do. Yes to everybody. But it wasn't it wasn't.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
You did fear for your life. And we were there.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Yes. But life is cheaper. And everybody's shooting everybody and says luck. If you get she'll stop a bulldozer if you don't. Now, what was your husband's job when he wasn't a Texas company? Texas oil, American? And how many years were you there? 13 years. And I came home. He died in 39. I had dengue. I came home. I stayed Gertrude for six months, plus a weight. So since then, I went back to I had no money, because the Chinese had it all. So I went back to Vancouver. I worked. I worked there for seven years. I got telework and everything else and everybody. The whole works. So I went to Australia for 18 months. I worked there for some godly country and I hated. This was fun. And then I came back and I work for another 10 years. Then I superannuated

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Have you any amusing incidents to tell about your servants.

Unknown Speaker 51:23
Oh, the servants will love it. Because we you hide everything from ourselves. It's childhood data to kenpom He bought me a short. I don't like the service looking at everything I used to have. Oh, please, I hid these things. And Monday is a tea party. And I said Charles give me the shore. Well, let's see what I couldn't find it because you see, I can pop it I can find my own hiding places. So I called the number one boy and I told him and he came back said Missy, I like all your hidey holes I know confined. How many series did

Unknown Speaker 51:58
you have? Well, you

Unknown Speaker 51:59
had the chauffeur, you had the washer armor. You had the cook. And you had the coolest for me. Ritual included? You had the number one boy five, which is number one boy. He waits on table and makes the bed and he does the housework. But he wouldn't rush a window on the cooler does that. But

Unknown Speaker 52:21
all you have to do anything you know, don't leave.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Oh, you know, think of running your own bar.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
How did you like that? You know, it's such a change of way of life.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Well, you're busy socially. We belong to six clubs. And my husband's from athletes. And what have you. You got to bridge those downs dancers. That's an easy they

Unknown Speaker 52:48
were saying he was here he was here he came. I don't I mean these studies for you. Oh, yes. You've been there some time? Yeah, I would say 95. Something like that. Yeah, I mean, make me get

Unknown Speaker 53:06
my round about Yeah. Going.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
That's what came out in from England. And 19. Somewhere around 1960s, I think came after his brother who was farming here. And in fact, he had two brothers here. And after and after died, I think soon after, I don't know. And that's what helped with all this yesterday. Not getting married. I mean, we've handled it.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
But you want the part about him arriving. Oh, and when

Unknown Speaker 53:49
he came to the island, he always boasted, I think that he just arrived with a cricket bat, a soccer ball and 50 cents. And he was a little bit in the way of being a poet, dependent gardener and Oh certainly a gardener. The gardener was his first gardens this person love him made up this in 1967 the path of love the wind was cold. The gardener was infirm and old is wobbly knees and trust is gray seem to have known a better day. The last of all the garden is he who pull some weeds for a cup of tea. Went home his sole remaining Joy was put away for a child's Joy

Unknown Speaker 54:38
very nice. What about the Warriors here? You women sort of had to hold down the farm

Unknown Speaker 54:46
family life and

Unknown Speaker 54:48
well that's when they went to the to the tomato factory.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Yes, that was not so 1980 No Yes or No before report just before the end or just yet he he has leased the farm from farmers and holler and used to eight cows last night. And I didn't know from the animals were adopted. They definitely are. Because we had one cow for Lulu that she was naturally as always quiet. She always woke her up ourselves. You get all the rest of her herd up, and Lulu would still be down in that far corner of the fall. So it meant an extra trip down to get that stupid Lulea then you look hirings to eight cows morning. And Mr. Keefer was a very he was a prairie farmer but he leaves the farm and he used to think that we were men drive you? Yes. And after a full day of work. He would say looking Tom, how about coming out again? At about seven o'clock and we're picking up potatoes as reporters think real

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Did you do a lot of knitting

Unknown Speaker 56:30
for the one Oh, yes. President I used to do a sock a day

Unknown Speaker 56:38
photograph we had our sign the permit all of us missing mothers you treated me and all nothing.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Did you do you need socks? Do you need anything else?

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Yeah, I knew Indian sweaters. was a baker here I used to watch the wall when they watch the police's take the faeces roll on my own to ruin their hands. All right. And she used to she used the car doll and handed out she was the headquarters for the Jerseyans, you empty made beautiful ones. And we sent them you know wherever needed. The Wilson children at farmer's grave were told by their parents and when the armistice was declared to go and tell Miss Sharpe who had been a helper there was a left and she was living just down the road you're gonna tell me shot the war is over and gave them a flag so that they read and when they got the house it was coming

Unknown Speaker 57:55
up in Florida in a house job to kids boys dear before moving on to part two and I remember that 11 o'clock as well as anything came through then and of course I was way out in the benches so there were no celebrations but all the relief and the tears

Unknown Speaker 58:25
What do you remember at that time

Unknown Speaker 58:30
making doing in number Tito factors these the war? What what? Well, do you dry potatoes Rosie? Oh, I I was feeling

Unknown Speaker 58:42
so lucky. For all these folks. I don't remember. I understand you have a list of boyfriends. The length of your arm? The length of me.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Why a man ever like me? I don't know. I have no looks or money. I don't like kids so I can't cook so well. No, that's you and me. I don't know

Unknown Speaker 59:06
what were some of your boyfriend's

Unknown Speaker 59:09
nobody from here. Oh, God Freeman was the only one I have from here. He was killed in the war. There was nothing in the series. We weren't in the close and he was an awfully nice boy. But there was nothing in it. I wasn't

Unknown Speaker 59:26
good. You had lots of boyfriends Don't be here. Men didn't like me. They do they did they didn't like them.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
I did like them. But no, you did never never never came up to scratch when she did it the curtain over them. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 59:45
come on Daisy. tell some stories on your sister.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
Well, you're known everywhere and you've just had little time with each and gonna pass on the next one and compare them and Did you have any blood? Yes, she did. She

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
had dancing part. Do you remember? Most people know him. Beautiful. And I had five on and with him and somebody said wasn't drawing so what?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Did you lose courage in those days? It dances? Yes, that's when

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
socialism canceled and you had to wait until the band came around, you know? So commercial program and then they say Could I hear this but I have

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
to sign you up for the whole evening. You know various people. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
Say I'm and your special one will say can I have to suffer father? Can I be your support?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
Some of them you saw coming towards you. Then you saw

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
the price boys and Willapa.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
They couldn't down.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
So used to pretend to be very busy talking like yeah, and they just sit down and drew up. No, they just walked by and go down the line and see what we're looking at. They were a bit fast, but because it's often our resolvers

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
in February 1911. All our furniture was packed in 63 cases and was sent down the hall. And oh, were numbered. And Tommy Kelly had a key to it. And everything was to be there be in place in Fernwood by the time we got there. But unfortunately, the extractor like drink rather well. And he said, Well, Mr. Lang safely in England, I don't have to do any work. So Father said, Take to that. And so he took him to court for non performance, you see, and father won his case. So that there was no furniture in its red places till on the low onto the firmer fall. And we had to stay in the pin Gillis little house. That first summer was looming hot.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
You brought the boat

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
over to as well it was there it was anchored off from abroad. But that came before that came with the Valerie came before. Yes. With different choices. And the blue funnel line? Yes. Right. And when we got to Vancouver, the weekly boat to the island had left that morning. So far said I'm not going to stay in Vancouver for a week to the crowd until the next one. So he went down to the Fisherman's Wharf I suppose. And got a one of the men to say he would take us across the Gulf, Georgia.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
So in what did you come over in

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Colombia fishing boat, and the man had no idea where salt stream was. So when we got to pour your pass, there was a man in a rowing boat that he shouted up. Could you tell me where it sounds? Premiers, please? And he said yes, that next one there. And this was a good prospect. And do pass the time coming over from Vancouver we play bridge and they are wicked Eddie's you know, in poor air pass. And I remember trying to keep my mind on bridge and looked at the scenery and we were going backwards. I thought was rather peculiar, but I suppose it's all right. And then we got into calmer waters and went on down to firm four. And there are Tom and Tom. And the Valerie

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
was the great rejoicing came after me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
Yes. When I walked up the hill. The fielder saw his crowd coming up with you. Yes. He was down with a spray of phenol.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
Apart said we couldn't bring him out here. I think every one of us cried.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
He sold him to me for a shilling. You know that? No. Oh, yes, he did. He was my dog. Really? Oh, and pelleted out I'll turn to you for a shilling. And I gave him a silly you know, it didn't make any difference. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
Like, can you tell me about Tom pengilly

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
Tell her about putting Jim to bed from Jim, terms to Jim and Joe, we're often left with the pen get is for PVC. And Jim used to be quite tiresome. Nirupama could repeat like a wonderful tool. So Tom again a copy writer idea of getting his top thing off. And then Jim's best and then pretend he was kicking please. And with all the jobs they haven't grant live, they would be jumping so hard gym owners is close to coming up

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
did Tom pengilly work for your father in Cornwall? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
He and our sailing boat was COVID Definitely. On top and Kelly always called her the depth. So when she came along, she was stepping into

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
Oh, he was always in red in this, you know, over the boats. Had we gone out on the boat. He was always suddenly about the steps, whatever. We came home, because he had to take the boat and get it out and midstream. I don't know how he got I must have taken the boat out to get back again. Well, I mean, Roy, because we were out yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
I mean, he did leave one of the board. Yes, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
all possible yet. And you see a he Oh, he was most attentive. And if we went up the river, there was a big tide was to run. And if we went up in the evening, he was very anxious about it's coming home. I know that much. Because if your tie ran so swiftly you could be dashed against the uprights,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
and one time he had gone to bed and he couldn't sleep. So he got up. He saw he went to the bridge and saw that there was a huge log right across the the we would have come down and he shouted out to us to go to another state

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
that we came in. Yes he did. Very loyal servants. Oh, he was used to come out to the house every morning for orders from Father Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
And he'd have on his best form. They culture says props here

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
for the Valerie.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
Oscar. It was embroidered years because they just didn't write on the navy blue.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
Well tell me something preta you have a story to tell me about forefinger up three fingered jack

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
three fingered Jack well, he little narrower with his dogs. And periodically he was good again. This was supposed to get a row across, come to us for lunch. And we were all there one day. And I know that somebody tossed him the breadboard with the bread on and he took the loaf and said the bread and I wrote it off and father was here. My bad manners. I remember that so well. And he had that. So his house no se cup. We used to go there sometime in the booth. And when he lived nearby he lived there alone because the only and he used to always offer us a drink and they were brown and he would dig down this world that was dirty and law I don't know who was it who I know. Oh, yes. And the skirt was right down to her and they dress all men. Women It was so fun Mr. Wilke price boys and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
oh, that was lovely. But I remember this

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
and she was hurt to be to be in so she would hit the ball. She had no female when it went wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
She had no idea. I remember that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
so well. But that was fun. That was a yearly event with her house haunted then. Just oxen wasn't fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
Her husband was cool, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
Yes. That was cool. That there were no girls from we were there. We had a cricket match there once we get out and okay in the season. They have a furious with a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
hat trick.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Seriously wicked three wickets in a row.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
That's not the thing we do when you buy a T Mobile.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Now, did you go to church every Sunday when you go to St. Mark's? We used to have church indeed. Not every Sunday then but after we were married when Peter was growing up We used to have a church service in the schoolhouse where you know, top of our road and have a system the desks, and somebody used to come to play the organ and with the third floor came out and we stick the service if we got to go you go into the course you did well, we haven't done a property. Oh, we have a horse and buggy. This this local services all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
Who went to that school? It's a corner there

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
the next seven children, the cost for costs for children and some blacks. I'm sure some of women's is probably and Cynthia Sampson

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
there are 13 of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
who've been school teachers. Or

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
was there a setup from Victoria?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
Yes, Catherine Lewinsky with Yes. I think she was sent away

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
to come and see me and she said are covered you put your wretched children to bed because I'm not coming have their children around. She said, You've got one that isn't bad, but the other is a Hellion. She said I much prefer canaries and I said I don't. So anyway, free to use to come and she she started put up with the Hellion and rather liked em who wasn't good child. And did what she was told to train the fetus. No, I didn't. She's 10 years older than I am so rude York too damn pure. Oh, you don't

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
you didn't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
One of our first How did I get to know you girl? March Marjorie, of course, writes that sister of mine. Joe, she had queer friends hadn't she? Friends, your sister she introduced me to her. And then bless her she came out and more or less took us under her wing whenever she came out. That's telling you the story about the stool shouldn't die. Yes. Well, when I was very pregnant and very busy and farming like mad deer Gertrude thought I didn't sit down enough. No pregnant woman should be on her feet 24 hours a day which wasn't quite true. So she brought me a stool depression and Arthur couldn't have bought me a stool of it was the last thing you want to do and any money. So I did sit on the stool. Every time she came out. I sat on a stool and I'm afraid that wasn't very good about it in between. But now four years later the stool is in Arthur's workshop and I just sitting on the stool

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
come I hold it there so you said yes it is the way

Unknown Speaker 1:13:15
for me

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
a Happy Christmas to all we are spending the day with Daphne and

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
I'm Jane and the three children and Frieda is staying with Daisy I'm staying with Yeah. And it's just helping one day in yesterday. It broke all records for rain. We are looking forward to seeing you very very much when you come back the children will always told us we are I suppose because we're not John cenovus and it'll be lovely to see you all Happy Christmas Merry New Year.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
We all Merry Christmas you all hope you enjoy your second Christmas in England. When you came back to calendar. You forgive us oh she's still there too long. But nevermind. You're probably getting better with us wherever we are. We have been harmed from