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Olive Clayton (19-) “Old Family Recipe Book”

Olive Clayton talks about an old family recipe book, circa 1700. 1987

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Date Jan. 13, 1987 Location Salt Spring Island Archives
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Unknown Speaker 0:01
This recipe or receipt book, was started in 1659 by Robert Kagan and his wife. Gary is a descendant of Robert Clayton, but we're not really sure how the fifth part of the family got the book because they were younger transgenders. Anyway, they got Robert a poor boy and only 12 years old, came from Northampton to London in 1641 to work as a clerk for a well to do uncles who made him his air. By the time of child two seconds restoration to the throne. In 1660. Robert was on his way to amassing a fortune from the line trade. Like just quick in planning, he became Lord Mayor of London, was knighted in 1671. And fast was an MP for the city for 30 years. According to the family records, he married, quote, free hearted woman who became his hospitable just sensation, and did quote, and whether it's her handwriting or his the makeup, the first part of the book, we don't know. The penmanship is very beautiful, and apart from the freewheeling spelling, easier to read than other entities made later in the book. In the latter part of 18th century spelling had been fairly stabilized by Dr. Samuel Johnson, that people's handwriting had become more sloping, individualistic and harder to read. There is an index with 455 items, three quarters of them from your your part, and a mixture of what we would call it coaching recipes and medical remedies. With many more of the latter than the farmer, you find Poppy, pestilential disease kicks off footing, and faster for the Dropsy listed one after the other. In the 17th century, cooking was still done overall in fires, or in brick lined oven, but with a variety of utensils, and apparently only gradually did it occurred to people that they could narrow the chimney and enclose the fire and get better results. Households for large quantities use sometimes enormous two recipes for pickled cucumbers call for 1000 cucumbers and a recipe for excellent cake would serve quite a few people. It reads as follows cake by farm to find flowers and six times parents A pound of sugar and upon the second has been salt mace, nutmeg, cinnamon and a little caraway seeds. Named along with a pound of almonds that had been well beaten with SAP and Rose watching you take the yolks of 24 eggs and 14 whites a quart of good use two pounds of butter and a quarter cream. Boil it in the butter is likes put the almonds yeast and eggs together. On one side of the flower flower is spelled FL O W er and the rest of the things on the other mingling by degrees and let it ride for half an hour then bake it in three hours. And when it's baked ice, they don't give any recipe for the ice. On the other hand, there are some other small recipes. Perhaps something special Chris Roberts and his wife only like to grab a card head they clean the head and cut out the gill you must boil it with the dictator washer himself and a bunch of seizures two or three admins and some panel is held captive. Make it to the shot. Put in the head when the water boils and while the liquid is boiling, take three or four slots, some oysters in couples and wash them for fear of gravel. Then open them save the liquid wash the minute and strain the lesson and put it to them again with the white fly and a bunch of sweet herbs. Some mushrooms and capers. When this is well students gathered dissolved sweet good and should be then be fed up with as much badger as well make sauce enough for the head and neck see reduced to the lemon to give it a quick tapes. Bring the fish and lay it in the dish and pour on the sauce. Garnish the fish with lemon orange and barberries and small fish fry. We include the specifics where a child has two times or other law To bid

Unknown Speaker 5:06
quite a few yesterday's use a lot of milk, cream and buffet. So we sell perhaps a cow was kept in the backyard. pigs and chickens were kept in small spaces in London into the last century. Consider a thick cheese for winter. Before your mate goes to milking, let's separate kettle of water over the fire tomorrow. And when she has milked let her sprayed the new milk and the night squeezing together keeping out some milk to beat a good quantity of merry go up and put in a good quantity of marigold flowers to color it and when that color is to your liking, then add as much of the boiling water as well make it a good deal hotter than milk from the top. Then put in the remet and when it's come rain hit very small and lay across upon it and takes away the from the courage and lead hinges cheese in the cheese sad and lay on it and in different ways. All day and turn it often at night. Separate didn't heavy fast next morning. Salted and laughing sad and depressed all day at night saltergate And seven in the press till morning. Then take it out of the press but lets it stand in the fast and fast was apparently a dish that caught the primrose kill a salt be wasted then turn it once a day into a tea shop in the piece in the tea tap for four or five days before you have it out of the staff keep it very sweet and in a dry place but not too hot. They shouldn't be made at the latter part of the summer when the summer comes again set them on advice shelf so Lucia went on for you the most intriguing as the icon for you the milk for milk if I show eight milk bread finally hot shine fading and shaving can be any go nuts at least half an ounce boil all in the pint and a massive losses so he's reached to a time take a course of a time and it's not new cow's milk fasting and every afternoon the milk must be hot from your cow and the water warm before the milk is put in it so it never says but this is supposed to do for you alright what a ratio eights no good supposed to do for you or whether everybody kept him No It sounds very intriguing now it's obvious as you say from all the recipes that zap a lot of cheap Kitson help with available consider the time involved with preparing, putting cake offs kiff which I gather was the backbone. It's well narrow as well but I looked in the dictionary and it fed the backbone so I don't know whether it was a certain scale idea or not. Two dogs cats and put it in water and shift it every six hours for two days. Then cleanse it very well from the blood and the skins and put it into rose rocket and let it lie some hours then by the PIP out of the water and you every time to get put. We're very well treated on Saltspring no doubt that had been roiled with may cinnamon and quartered nutmeg, half a pound of Jordan almonds perfectly time beaten with rosewater. Half a pound of narrow sign is shred, and four ounces of candy lemon peels tap small, sweet bit to taste with spice of sugar and put it into guts and be well cleaned and rose water and boil it with a quick fire. You must tie them in putting everyone by itself. That's the marrows. They must be had no December roses in England because everything was

Unknown Speaker 10:14
fine and by the side of the Senate we expected the British were already developing a national fleet to this fine sounds great my motto for Marvel and J. W refined sugars and rescue the waters, then boil almost to a candy. Then put in some maths or Abby's stir well in your sugar, it must not be boiled to a boat and then take it off the fire and spread it to the board and upon your paper. You must have good white paper and let it be glass with a slip stone and cut into pieces in the shape of a car. And after you sped it, let it lie. But before it was quite dry, take it and blend the two ends of the pavement together. But left the middle lie hollow and now put them in your stove or two or three days to dry. Then wet the outsides of the paper with water and they will appeal in all cases that you do not let two papers so much is to melt the chips when the papers are off. You may stop them with the juice of any flowers or Berry was telling you please are with you go. Chocolate chips are named after the same manner stare in Greece, or the amber grease or liquid amber put them on paper as you did Jim marble chips. They look pretty nice spotting the LEAP goal doesn't say maybe at least

Unknown Speaker 12:01
now, in all the food recipes and the medical remedies, there is a liberal use of herbs and spices which makes fun when you're writing is food. Such a reputation for uninteresting blandness in the last 100 years. Hundreds perhaps 1000s of years of folk medicine have resulted in the use of over 100 herbs and medieval monastic. Remedies all the common garden flowers had been found to help some ailments. rose water and syrup appeared many of the places messed up even though they didn't know anything about vitamin C's it was just several sorts of scurvy grass for use for the same reasons and ordinary it was boiled to take FILSS off Yat Sen. Following up please I think he may have also more than with witchcraft. Now this is when you begin to get rather hard so I've started off with the snail Walker good consumptions John the successful take a pack of garden seals now the law I said it was a receptacle

Unknown Speaker 13:31
they take a pack of guidance nails in their shells get them if it is possible from rosemary or lavender and not from the trees and grass. Wash them thrive six beer then makes a very great charcoal fire. And when it burns very clean make a hole in the middle of the fire and forgiveness and a few of the life coach as a partner and left your gross till they come until they see snake hear noise and

Unknown Speaker 14:09
then take them up and cleanse them very well the Colts and the green frog that will be upon them and beat them in the mortars shells and I'll take also a quart of Earth for split them and stew them with salt then wash them with white flies. Still they be very clean. And then we can then take Angelica and Salem been a beach to tadpoles and land the boss of a large bourbon pot with two quarts of rosemary flowers. There's full agreement. That agreement is apparently a medical plan. The redness stopped through the bars to Barbary with sorrow or beach and these three utensils have brewed one handful of turmeric, then the Greek in powder of each one will then add one ounce of toasted flowers and to a barge and these guys added three handfuls of never work with four gallons of sap and to have strong ale, let me let you take us 24 hours often staring it and put it into your limbus and we don't know what that is but it turns into some kind of pause and ah add two ounces of floats well some parts mine, six survived every other group realizes it knocks I don't know. And the range of two shillings in saffron skirt not after these babies. But life has lived some sort of skill and distill it with a gentle fire and put it into court glasses. And to every last put three pennies worth of saffron God so long as you find it comes strong, either of the spirits or ingredients. The dose is two spoonfuls are extremely pleased in the morning fasting with a light quantity of ale or light which would help produce fasting two hours after it and at four hours in the afternoon you may take a double or triple dose always using moderate exercise human you may feed the snails without died. Bumble brambles or Barbary is in Washington four times a new male and lastly in a good quantity of strong male so

Unknown Speaker 16:55
how about if I received or a currency or pay or any epic stoppage or to prevent a movement take three balls of stone by stone which Eric had done from the scout war and put it into half the kind of pipeline and one half times as curvy as Rocket staring it together and keeping it all night close every then one in the mornings straining to escape and break for 12 Mornings together I think it was a good thing it was a smelly society and the smelly horse

Unknown Speaker 17:44
there's no

Unknown Speaker 17:55
there's another horse digress that I will read out to you but you buy big one before it's okay if you want to vary the first time I received to cure a college as much pigeon ride as the lot upon a shilling Did you drank a glass of water like was it and then have I received a cure almost a spoonful of done powder bruise to be done in like line I don't know Mark You know how you bruise done what when did they explode? Yeah, we have one stop the flux at the last one time of February of epic game of frog spawn and put it into a lemon pot and soldered that very close and stepping into a hot horse downfield for six weeks. Then put the clear of it into bottles and hang them up in a sling. Well kept in a chimney where what fire is for you

Unknown Speaker 19:21
here's one for the victims. Take half the time to fresh butter and watch a handful of days and a handful of fight for a handful of red sage, a handful rosemary, a handful of spikes. two handfuls of cameo and a handful of Wormwood boil half an hour that strainer. anoint the child with this ointment twice a day on the joints and all over it except the backbone and baby well. It will in it by the By with award a good love that they change not a shift all but space like

Unknown Speaker 20:14
this one which I think and Barbary, for a great pain for any great pain in the bowel or writing or in extreme pain in any part case a lamb or a sheep. And in fact the inwards to the bowels of the party. And when that throw a cold clap but not too late Find me then lay at one time over that though you go through either a lot of avenues here's what I think to this book that they they invited their friends over and invited them to contribute to recipe because there's quite a diversity of handwriting. And this is Mr. Sides. receipt for a red face. Less surprise, we take bread made all right. And of that make toast they typed before the fire and put these toasts in spring water. And so taking and the newest ones in two days, instead of ordinary greatness for six weeks together. And then in case the face be not well by reason of worms in the nose, or take a mussel shells, some of their measurements. Take a mussel shell filled with brainwashing and put them a small piece about the bigness of a hazelnut of the present pure Roman build Now don't let it lie in the water for so long a time as a man shall say the Lord's Prayer then take out the bill now and when you go to bed, get the rag in the washer and gab face all over where the redness is and let it dry on it. This block here will make the case at first very blue and so will perhaps have black wet yes in a short space so shall often go away. This law should need not be repeated without a humor should be turned into the face. That was at least now that's as far as sorry all especially considering that. At this time London had a bad attack attack. Human Right You don't have as many people dying. But 10 This one is a cure of Mrs. Johnson's recipe risky one for the smallpox not timely coming out to buy the biking of a mad dog three for any pestilential disease suddenly in the blood. Take the full course of good strong ale one good handful red sage, one handful of birds and grass our roots three heads of garlic, half a pound of random truthful one very good handful of the best teachers find that all these kin close pasted up over a gentle fire until a quarter is wasted in 12 hours it will be protected your fire not let's not be so rash just make it boil over for the smallpox not welcoming for or being come out and falling flat but give to an absent spoonfuls taking nothing in two hours. And as you find cars you may give in such a space 60 equals more repeating it as often as you find the party in danger to a woman give for five to a child three. For the biking and the Mad Dog give six spoonfuls presently and as much the morning and evening as also at the next full of the dog was really bad we'd be dead. For any pestilential disease. Give us much. This is by God's bless this by God's blessing never feels if taken in time. So now that's all except when you're coming. Here is the lady and Bedingfield surface water, take a gallon of brandy and put it in the New Earth in pot. Then take half a bushel of poppy well like sifted puts it into Bradley and let them stand for days in the sun it must be they must do hope to get four days like that is insane then saying and then half a bushel more and so we must be four times open till the puppies come out as read when you put them in when you say that the last time take for answers and sugar candy four ounces of natural Dale and four ounces of data stored in them put them all in and less it's sad that they're to let you dissolve that bottle it up the older is the bath you know they use a lot of poppies adults who have you any questions you can come up and see the book if you liked it did I say that the old leather cover just disintegrated injures mother had a rebound and

Unknown Speaker 26:13
well you're going to have one today Tony has made up one of the risks and you're all going to try it not one of the horrible

Unknown Speaker 26:31
things to have a sheep or a goat that you want to get rid of Oh yeah, yeah, there were an awful lot of recipes for oh great and dead colleague and a and the kings evil which was scrofulous Apparently and I've got blessing here

Unknown Speaker 27:12
word there Yes. And there are lots of remedies for the A for calling for call for consumption for sore eyes. One of them is how to wash inside or outside. Gout and kings evil all had lots of different recipes

Unknown Speaker 27:38
on your behalf I want to thank all this and Jerry Jerry, Jerry translated deal with English in English that we could read the most enjoyed it and thank you very much indeed.