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Harry Wright Bullock

Malcolm Bond and Don Cunningham

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Date October 12, 2011 Location SSI Historical Society Address Central Hall
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Speaker 1 0:00
Henry rate bike or you can see behind me not a well known salt spreader for us newcomers, but certainly well known for the island families that live here. During his I won't say rain but here are the salts really united to came from England landed family Gentry had some money he inherited about 30,000 pounds, which he had to split with his brother. But when you prorate that forward, it's worth would be worth about $2 million today. So he was fairly wealthy when he arrived from salt strait. And he lived in Stephens boarding house which was just across the street here. He went to St. Mark's Church up in the hill, and it was quite active in the community volleyball so that for our presenters later, the five years he lived on salt spring before he built his house. He was a big farmer. And the fire was located. We're building Lake is if you don't believe Lake is this up this road here about where the sea change seafood or the storage areas. Just in to the left there's a road goes into that picture in the bowling Lane area. And that's where he parked and built his house. Now some suggestions on his farm where he had Japanese laborers is about 300 acre farm. He produced about 2000 boxes of apples, plums pears a day, so far, I'm sorry, year 8000 pounds of large, high quality fruits. We also produce cream, Jersey cow milk. He had the poultry, lamb, gardens and so on. So this farm was a very productive and probably quite lucrative market. But we'll talk about that a little later on in 1900, after 1900 hired a number of 1216 year old boys to work in this farm. And all together. They say there are about 16 boys involved in this and this will make up for being part of our presentation this afternoon. He brought some in from Victoria orphanages but other states from the States and other parts even went back when he went occasionally back to England, he would bring some back with him, each boy received about 100 or $10 a month for the first year he is there. And then about $2 A month after that. And within that they have to pay their urban board members everything else was taken care of. He was very strict with his training, he did not leave that working class students or pupils should get a higher education they believe that they should learn the trends of work. And so his main motivation with each of his voice was to train them in productivity, good quality work and to give good high job and return for work. He hired as many as 16 and as essential investor valuable skills. Now just to reiterate, he died on Salt Springs in 1946. So he was about 80 years old when he died. But he lived on Salt Spring for about 7576 years. So he was here a long time. Although he did go back and forth between here and England. His residence was here and he was mentioned legend Gentry from England and had a fair amount of wealth behind it. So let's stop at that point. And I'll introduce our two speakers today. were invited to come and talk to you about their recollections or their family recollections of Henry are very boy and that's Dr. Malcolm Bong. And John, both are here today

Speaker 2 4:09
well, it's pleasure to be here. Veatch, I'm gonna give a bit of a slide presentation and some overhead transparencies first to kind of familiarize yourselves. My connection goes back with Mr. Bullock and my father was his first orphan. Bullock was an avid photographer took a lot of photographs and he transmitted that passion to my father who later became the master and we'll show you how these gifts of Mr. Bullock to my dad as a teenager so we have a lot of we have the bullock archives. In fact, he's put together and we have the Jesse bond our parents but Keep in mind history has gone King Fairbanks who is the villain of Chinese history wrote in his China history, history as we is what we think happened. It wasn't necessarily what happened. And to a great extent, what fits well into that, or we have an advantage over Fairbanks and his Chinese fare back in Chinese history, and that he had to take what happened 2000 years ago, Don and I are still alive when Mr. Bullock were alive with Mr. Bullock was still alive. And we barely remembered it. Don was a couple years older than me, but but we certainly grew up around our parents who had their friends who had great recollections of book. And Bullock was often referred to as the very eccentric man. And I think one should keep in mind that the temporary ease with which he grew up, he grew up at the height of British Empire. The sun didn't set off anywhere in the world. In those days, there was the heroes probably in their literature, and in their writings were, or in the news were probably men like Cecil Rhodes or Rudyard Kipling. It was the duty of an Englishman to go forward and bring this better civilization that had spawned the industrial revolution that have developed Democracy had abolished slavery in 1837. And they should take these learnings from the rest of the world. And there's not much doubt that Mr. Bullock attempted to do this in spades, albeit, because every one of them did in their own way. So your honor that and I'm going to have a random these I think we should keep in mind is the surgeon center themselves the community that thought of themselves as choir here and Yesterday, I went down to the graveyard just to check out his burial site would have no doubt he reserved that piece of ground. When he first came to St. Mark's Church, the lower cemetery is the cemetery with St. Mark's Church, if you go in there and guess whose grave was right smack in the middle of that cemetery. And And who is he surrounded by? Well, there's the parties. dance band for the Providence and the Holly's. Of course, his housekeeper. I mean, far, fully partners, Mr. Palmer and Willie, and Dr. Beech who and the Walters the Scots you're looking at names on Saltspring Island turn 1900 These ones are all very around book that he's in the middle. And he was a central figure in the community therefore so let's have a look at I guess I mean, just That's That's Mr. Bullock and just I'm gonna actually what I'm gonna do is get on the other side here. So I'm sorry, except from here. You can still hear me. Okay. Okay, this is a lock of bats taken in the laneway to Mr. Bullock's house. You can see the Laurel hedges just starting to grow. There's still remnants of that Laurel hedge there today. We don't somebody thought that was my dad on the wagon, but it's not we don't know who it is. Bullock I told he was an avid photographer. He had a photographic studio you can see the backdrops and the fellow sitting. Is that is the sun really Palmer of his his housekeeper from 19. Six on and that is my father standing and of course, in the collar, but dressed in that uniform to wait on the tables because he was a lavish entertainer. But here, here we have, this is getting ready to go to church. This is how the orphans were put together in the early days that dad's job on the Saturday afternoon when the before the model TK was to make sure that the buggy was polished and everything was in order. But when the Model T came, all the bras had to be polished that was and then he had to drag Mr. Bullock to church. And there's three more boys out there. I think the one woman sitting down was probably my dad party didn't want to be in this picture. I have no idea who the other two are, but obviously had others around at the time. This is from the bullet collection and then I'm sure Frank where they came from originally, but probably from his nephew Jeremy. Because he inherited the state when Bullitt died in 19 for him. You know, they always have, they like to take photographs on Sundays, they always had some, there was always workers around the place. Here's the bullet house. In the very early days, the landscaping is not done. This is taken just after the after Venice and supervise the construction of the Japanese, were clearing the property. In the literature, you'll see you'll hear it's a 10 room house, my dad would have informed you it's a 19 room house, there are three bathrooms. The front door there. To the right of it was a staircase that was in the interior of the house, six foot wide staircase. This, this window here, if I remember right on the corner, and I can remember being in the dining room when I was about five or six years old, and it would have a 12 foot ceiling. It had a legend around the room and the legend to be lined with the sterling silver. Of course, that was his great place for entertainment. Bullet did like to entertain, Don's gonna come to some stories on that later. And then when it comes to some stories, but a typical Christmas entertainment would be the noon our meal was a turkey. And the evening meal was a goose. And there would be different guests and each one of the one of the things that was said about Bullock was that he ate a lot. And this was brought up at the table many times when I was a kid growing up, and my dad had waited on his tables for something like six years. He said no, Mr. Bullock is not liked, did not eat a lot. He liked to see other people eat. And therefore the rumor of four or five meals a day. But whether it was that it's hard to say. And so that was the front of the house. There's the back of the house. And this was the interest that captured. And one of my early recollections of I only remember seeing them alive three times because I wasn't four years old when when he died. But we went in there to visit and that used to check up on him. He had a housekeeper who lived in this little corner back here see the window here. That was housekeepers room, the kitchen was over here. And he used to go to check up on him and I can still remember both but the white beard shuffling out to meet my dad. And very fondly Oh, hello Jesse how are you? I still remember that voice. And it was one of these things that

Speaker 2 12:58
this was another view of the house again. Now this is later than the first one because this is the front of the house but you can now see the IV starting to the paths are starting to grow up. And there's there you see it in its full glorious stage with the with the with the driveway round. And of course the upstairs rooms. He would not have your he taught you a lot of remittance men, and he charged them a room and board. And of course we met this man, we're usually second third sons of wealth to doing this families that weren't going to inherit the big the big thing at home but got sent over here with a stipend. And we've got Central Australia, Canada, Australia being the two big dominions. And there we are another view and we've got a bargain of some kind here. Something out there. And originally the house was lit by acetylene. But Bullock was the first man to acquire electricity. He got a gasoline fired motor to run a generator. So he had electricity. He was the first one with a phone line to connect the Ganges and eventually there were several fireplaces in the in the place. Now you gotta view there's the firemen going on in the front field. This is this is Willie Palmer, this would be taken on this camera here. As we have the glass speak negatively, my dad has some bullet bullet got into this photography thing and he realized my dad was good at it. And he bought him a camera which is that one there. And we have something like more than 200 glass plate negatives from that camera. And that's really talking Hey, there's the tennis court on the left I think that was the livery or graduate the right there on the barn. The lake is off to the right behind me and there there it is in the wintertime

Unknown Speaker 15:20
there's the drawing and you get an idea that feelings a second recollection that I have a bullet was in the corner over here later years it was a roller top desk and I remember we went in there and I can still see Mr. Bullock sitting at the roller top desk.

Speaker 2 15:44
But obviously this is where a lot of people sat around of the of the Coliseum crowd. There Bullock had a lot of buildings of the place. There was a gatehouse Well, when you go into what is the bullet Lake fire now from just before you get to see change on the upper Ganges road, the driveway up well the gate house was on the right, it's gone now. But when they were kids, small Chesky slept there. And later, some of you remember Mickey Jones and then the places they live there and eventually the thing is, this is the cottage, this one overlooks the lake. And if you got the driving past the old state, please get to the end that that's it. And when we were growing up, the last housekeeping for Bullock was Harry and Mrs. Carter. And when they when Bullock died, they moved into that and lived there till Mrs. Carter died. Harry Carter was a board board war veteran

Speaker 2 16:49
itself now, but I wanted to make sure that these orphans can swim. And he had a boat and he had a boathouse and most of them never had any backbone the swimming whatsoever. So bulletins himself that didn't stop and he took them down. You'll see the the bathing suits later the 1900s he would put a strap around the boys waist and a rope and a hole and he loved the boat and hold them up and they were taught how to breaststroke. That's how my dad learned to swim he actually turned out to be a very good swimmer. One of the tricks he used to do is pop up a cigarette turn around put his mouth dive and come back up and bring it back I don't think he learned that from bullet that so he was aware of the safety for the boys. There's a bit of a look at the farm you can see the trees lined up looking down from the top towards the lake. There's some customers you can see the size of the orchard over on the right here. And up on the hillside there is where the the development daughter is. Anyway now there's my dad on a horse. He very seldom saw any pictures of him dressed up but this will be for church on Sunday obviously. We don't know who that is. But but often children's portraits and my dad did a lot of baby portraits.

Unknown Speaker 18:43
There's one of his prized Jersey cows. She wouldn't score too high in the modern day but

Speaker 2 18:51
the others too uneven and there's a bowl of a time but Bullock had played. It was a big Barney had for Saltspring and there was about eight or 10 stalls but in one corner he had absolutely solidly bulletproof bolt him and the balls eight or 10 foot high. You know what to say about the winner of the Angus caller the jersey bulls will listen to Jersey bull. There comes there's there's the four people we we don't know who the one on the left is. But that's Benny Danelle and the girl milking the cow brother, Steve Danelle, who they were cousins and Willie Palmer's, who's over here. I just started Willie looks like he's about 17 years old or so 18 Maybe, and my dad would have been 20 So this picture is taken about 1913 And by that time that was in employ him and was off thinking about that and now this is this gives you a view of what Ganges was like, somewhat when Mr. Bullock for Just arrived. Maybe a little after. There's a downtown busy above the boat day. Well, there's the word there's the water behind it. So there's the rock, which is if you went to the right, that would be your entrance integrate the base point. That would be the fate afraid shut down there which is no longer there, of course. And to the left is where the board store would be today. So this would be before 1970 ervice now compare the star ball. Yes, that'd be old now compare the score. And the the the in that Mrs. More senior would be the left to this dog here

Unknown Speaker 20:56
here we have I don't know how this one got here. That looks like the railway tapped me on Saltspring

Speaker 2 21:14
Yeah, but his railroad. Okay, here, St. Mark's Church. And this will be before the little addition on the end here and before the Sunday school room and on over here. And my dad's comment about Mr. Bullock and St. Mark's is what brought up about him and the Reverend EF Wilson is that the Reverend EF Wilson had his ideas about how it was to be done. But but look at the money. And Bullock didn't care if it took 100 years. My dad said because in England, it didn't matter if it took 100 years to build a cathedral. So it was a long term plan

Speaker 2 21:57
that's gonna be frozen up here. Frank. Was that it? I think that's the bullet connection. We got to switch over to the other one no. Are they all on there?

Unknown Speaker 22:19

Speaker 2 22:25
Somebody thought that this was measuring for reposting that was set up, set up in the photographic studio. And talking so there Well, that was just some of the throwing in here when the boys went off to church on Sunday, the all farmers everybody worked six days a week and those days we had Sunday up, but you had to go to church. But after church, the boys got the day off. Well, that was the first lady my dad took for a walk Mary's lake here. And, of course, boy was head and shoulders in the social part of the community. And he got his Model T in 1911. Here he is on the left sitting in the back seat. And I believe that's Frank Kraft and no, I think 30 has cropped in the front on the right. And by that time there are a number of Model T's and multi picnics with the order of the day. This, this picture is taken about 1913. And as you can see, there's the old freight shed on the left behind which was the original mountain the purpose store but there's the new mod store. And you could sort of recognize the same today. Underneath just about where the bullet cars parked when I was a kid, there was a there's a tree that still there, there was a bench there. And Don would remember this. There's two men that would often sit in that bench and talk about the old days. One was Joe Liikanen. And the other was Frank Harrison. Joe was the first white man born on Saltspring. And Frank was the first black man But Jack Harrison Sorry. Here they went to the city so the road must have been possible without there was a concern about but that's coming up later about horses and cars on the same road. Today, yeah, yeah, this is just roughly where the hotel is. And there's some sheep on the bullet place. And Bullock hats, as I say some nice cows. Purebred herd. Here's Jesse's got the car ready for taking Mr. Bullock to church on Sunday.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
Notice the guy on the right

Speaker 2 24:53
yep, yep, it's the right hand right let's talk about it. how to swim. Now this the one in the middle, I believe statting. The three standard is Bill Evans. The three fellas that we grew up together as a family of course, we're really Palmer, who's three years younger. My dad was there from the date the same year, my dad wrote, Bill Evans they picked they went down to the buggy to the worker Ganges and picked him up about 99 and he was the new farm manager for Mr. Bullock. He stayed there for a number of years. We always knew was Uncle Bill, Bill's Marguerite Lee's grandfather. These days these girls are his daughter, that my dad is the one kneeling down. So Bullock took this picture, and the other two were the Halle boys in and done, and so we kind of indicated that the fellow that was shellshock was done in the First World War was an evil. It was a shell shock. Well, it was and apparently lived with a credit union is the trench in the backyard. He disappeared for weeks at a time

Unknown Speaker 26:12
there was Mr. Bullock in his farm prowling gear. They always had a dog around and they have poultry so they have been in the hatchery. And of course, they're always horses around. That's what they worked with. That's Bill Evans. This last year on

Speaker 2 26:47
theirs classic scene, he would see his box through that period. The remittance men, these were the star brothers, the one who was killed at the Somme in 1960, and the other one was killed in 1970. As many of the English lads that came over did when the war broke out in 1914. They thought they were going to everybody thought was gonna be over in six months. They Sign Up Free trip home.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
A lot of never got back. And that's Ernest Crawford. Books brother in law. His wife was Bullock's sister. And their bullet comes up. It looks to me like if this was the case, and we saw Jesse on the horse and that was probably the odd time they rode to church the day rather than took the buggy

Speaker 2 27:47
and there he is. Going on, set off on Sunday, a Sunday out in summer. And then we get a better view of the farm from the lake. I mentioned the gate house the cottage. To the left was the main barns down the hill. There was chicken houses up along here there was also a barn further out towards the road where he kept the horses for riding them and the buggy.

Speaker 2 28:19
And Bullock had contacts through the years. He kept active even though by this time he would be well over 70 That's my sister's christenings. And of course the connection is he's is Reverend pop them and the godparents are Lily Palmer and Irene in the in the two in the background with a man in the middle of Daisy gears holding the baby and that's her mother, Mrs. Evans on the other side of the baby Of course, that's my mother here. So both blockers involved in things and he was as Don's gonna tell you, he was involved with the ladies that had children the husband's went off to war, the Second World War and there we are. Boats ready to go to somewhere to not be Willy Palmer in the top hat

Unknown Speaker 29:25
and I think that's that. I've got a few Yep, I got a few quick overheads.

Speaker 2 30:02
One of the interesting stories with people as opposed to telling them what to do with the fact

Unknown Speaker 30:14
that the weight on the table in the test the brother lost by trying to crack the

Unknown Speaker 30:33
crack this is kind of the town of Bullock right

Unknown Speaker 31:05
before bookstore

Speaker 2 31:21
of course the Husky got the idea of the orphan one of his housekeeping things before nine o'clock England

Unknown Speaker 31:35
place probably went away this time because God is worth this and got kicked out of the street again the thought the idea that maybe we can employ a different kind of a halfway house situation with TelaDoc

Unknown Speaker 32:03
and so we asked him the same draw the main when he stopped in Philadelphia and the way he communicated with a winner there you have a son that's Mr. Palmer

Speaker 2 32:23
the person and so she became the housekeeper in later 19 Six and stayed there until till the early 90s.

Speaker 2 32:37
Today wouldn't recognize this part this was newly cleared it was between the two lakes that sum up there to get back up in a couple of years but the tremendous proper boats are the 11 standard and noches really installed Bill Well the Congress on board and here's another way that the standard was going to carry on labs on both Hello everybody knew him as both of those he kind of wanted more to lose unfortunately he was a bit of deceptive etc. But he didn't have enough money to pay the room for that money get fed up he moved out find a place to live by itself ganseys was living in a box so they moved back to Bullock's after a while that we filled up not sure later in the anecdotes that there is a good story of Bill Evans and those that anyway weren't boasting about anything he fell out of the woodwork

Speaker 2 33:59
Here's another look at how God use Watson these days this is every every place

Unknown Speaker 34:13
busy no

Speaker 2 34:26
he was still alive and we saw this one before production school was nice to him because we got the two together. We got this

Speaker 2 34:50
now this this was the soft part of this picture before this one is I don't remember calls over this over Here's the findings from this blog coupled with this picture probably best known and again this one we saw earlier but the rest of the orphans had to go through this protocol

Unknown Speaker 35:27
not all work in mind the boys have to play slightly have

Unknown Speaker 35:50
a look like that

Speaker 2 36:00
somewhere we got these two because we didn't see this other one the other picture

Speaker 2 36:21
you'll see this tripod over here become private place but many of you have seen this practice but here we are the biggest biggest building downtown New Ganges hotel taken and thoughtful land was in operation by that time we got a phone call get his camera and run downtown. So he put that thing over his shoulder bag headed for Ganges and this is how we got this picture

Unknown Speaker 37:03
and I asked him how much time to expose two minutes so that's that's kind of an overview of those parts of bullets. Tenure and you get an idea that

Speaker 2 37:29
certainly wasn't living like most people were out here and he was central. But now I think Don and I got to go through and we're gonna get down to start off and if you can impression through what his family told him and when he knew Mr. Bullock much like mine is and I've got to find

Unknown Speaker 38:01
out start with you need to you need long speaker. Well, that's

Speaker 1 38:08
fine. Can you hear me if I just talk like this? Can you hear me all right. Voice it seems it will have had a very strict idea about how women should dress. They needed to be washed place. High heels of white hat here fears and if you didn't have your ears pierced, he would gladly pierce them for you to take a potato in a pan or a needle now and also his mother would say Mr. Pollack had a wardrobe teeny hat for those females that came with parties who are improperly dressed. And mother would say anybody anything out in their right mind would never wear anything that Mr. Bullock provided. It was so threadbare mocking and now just style you wouldn't be seen it. Also, never be banquet said he would put on and as Malcolm said earlier he would start out with a soup or a bear keep whining or whatever to start with. And then you would move on to a number of courses down the line. And as Mr. Bullock would always say, tried to deliver everything and follow the one you like best. And you never knew what you're getting at Malcolm would say you would have either roast turkey roast goose, a joint of beef that could be made 12 pounds. could be a whole leg of lamb, it could be anything that was grown on the farm, he was happy to serve all of a suppose go Woods etc, like that. And he has numbers of people that would come in like either hadn't there be four or five couples would come in, they would sit down, he would eat with them, they will go through all of the the meal with him, he would have a little bit with them, then they will go out to the next room. And he okay, you said that people in and do it all over again. And this one happened three times in a meeting. So you'd rather quiet around but as Malcolm said he'd never really ate that much. He just kind of sampled a little bit of this little bit of that. That was another thing that was scratched strange to was his idea about how people perceived him. When he got his a Model T Ford upset the lot of the various people who had wagons, traps or buggies etc. And so they made up a petition. And they presented it to Mr. Bullock and forbidding him to drive his horseless carriage. On high days, holidays, or cream days. Well, this was not going to be done by him. So he wrote a counter petition saying the whole those who were taking exception to his car rubber meet at the appointed time at the fairgrounds Ganges agricultural grounds. And they were to have their horses wagon craps, whatever, in a circle, and he would bring his Model T down and drive it around to familiarize the horses with his car. Okay. Know, later on? Of course, he would. You've been very benevolent, and knowing that a lot of the wives whose husbands were overseas during the war, property needed help on the farm on their properties. He would write them a letter saying that he was coming for tea. And there was a an agenda that he required. You would have to have thinly sliced buttered bread, you'd have to have cake slice cake, fruitcake, cookies, all the various necessities, we have lots of wine, or classes, Sherry, and all of these would be required if he was coming to visit, and the lady was to respond if she couldn't provide the above. She was let him know. And he would have to provide a forum. very eccentric in that sense. He did for a few days your garden thought he'd send him around. She had a garden with cloud or more of their fence needed fixing the season. It was fixed for you whatever I get very benevolent. But you could always tell Mr. Bullock was coming. You'd look out you see him come chugging up the driveway in his old Essex car, very heavy old car, bouncing clouds of smoke out the back. I remember asking ways Carvey to smoke like that's it. No car runs efficiently unless it smokes apparently. So evidently, ran with a choke on and I believe his gas mount would be probably two or three miles, maybe five miles to gallon. Gas was not a problem for him.

Speaker 2 44:05
Well, he had these various orphans back through the years and of course my dad was ungodly, Don Goodman would have been the most well known probably because around him the longest, but Don was the orphan of 1922. And Don was up before he died goodie with his cat one day and we were standing outside the grindstone very pleased, which was find out acquired the bulk of state when Bullock died, and they had an auction sale. But Don said, Well, when I arrived there, he said one day I was out there, they had a grand rainstorm with subtitles on it. And I got out there to see how fast they could make it go. And Mr. Bullock came along and he said Donald, there is a time for play, and it's time for work. And this is not a time for play. He was right on top of done And there was another, some of the other ones, which was a fellow named Jack Judd. In the late 20s, early 30s, there's records of course, Al and Chuck Hogan. And the last one was Kurt. And I asked my dad, one time, what was known for being strict but did he ever get the Kanem? He said the only one that he recalls never got the cane was curry. And what had happened is he had the boathouse down there and there was a wood stove inside the boathouse, and the boys were under strict orders not to fire up this woodstove unless Bullock was down there. Well, I guess curry didn't pay much attention to that. So he got it going. And he got he got the metal red hot. And bullet arrived on the scene. Well, that was enough for Korea to get the cane. You know, in spite of the fact that Bill Adams and Lily Palmer, my dad growing up there as an adult when he arrived, they never referred to him. In any other words, two ways One was was never variable. They always referred to them as either Mr. Bullock, or benevolently the old man. And in later years, my dad, kind of watching the luck and got rumor that Curry was trying to hit the old man up for some money to buy a motorcycle. That prompted the visit from my dad to curry. That'd be funny, five years old, and the curry said curry. Mr. Bullock has given you a place to live and he got you started in life from the orphanage. He's taught you a whole number of things. If I ever hear of you hitting the old man up for money, you'll have to deal with me. Well, that was apparently the end of that one. And then when he finally quit the orphan site, he actually worked for bullet for a bit. But the First World War broke out and all young people were signing up. And those days you weren't allowed to sign up until you were 21 years of age. That was the legal rule. And that turned 21 On April, the fourth of 1915. April, the fifth. And he'd always already obviously been in contact with the military and Victoria. He wanted to come to Washington. So he got his naturalization papers. And he was in the barracks on the fifth of May 1950. In Victoria. Box, it took him aside before he left because that was not a big person. He said, Jesse, I don't think you're physically built for the army. But if anything should happen to you over there, you'll always have a place to come back to. So he was very good that way. And anyway, I remember the time I can remember Bullock was anybody who had been to St. Mark's Church before 1946 would have remembered it he rang the bell

Speaker 2 48:29
they're talking about the banquets Mr. Dodds AJ Archibald John Williams they hold the piece of property we're at the embassy Mary's Lake between Maycock and Lange road and dogs 35 acres or so there they had a farm dogs was one of the early school teachers here and of course Mr. Mr. Bullock invited them over for dinner but that was was in the later days of waiting on the table. This is not just realized Mr. Boxer five ports dinners this sort of thing. So out came the soup course. Would you like some more surpluses does? Oh yeah. So what? Well, after about three is helping the soup. Bullock by this time somehow managed to get the next course on the table. She was twofold. But anyway, I'll leave. Go back to Don because he's got a few more and it goes before I got a few more.

Speaker 1 49:35
Well, I can remember. Brother Ron and I were just mobile for five years of age. And just prior to Christmas mother received a little precedent. And in we're constructions a piece of Bill that long but that way about that thick and this was the correction boy needed to be properly caught to be so we say a PDF of his parents and the instruction to read it believe me I would say that you reduced all over closing till you came to a bear but and then you beat upon it but belt until you drop law and then you rubbing salt unless you said no way that was it. So we usually all you had to do was mentioned the belt. That was it. We were fun

Speaker 1 50:54
being very, very benevolent to almost Kabbalah theory he was he'd help anybody who was not having a good time. He'd be out there to help them as best he could, but in church was one of his favorite things was a tear, not repeal. Yeah, no, not for him. But he felt that it was appropriate that he had money. So Marx hated the money surely, occasionally, quite often. So a $50 bill or $20 Bill and the plate where it was, Wow, that was a lot of money in those days. If you're talking back in the 20s and 30s $50 on the on the offering plate was a lot of money. Anyway, that didn't bother him. Another thing like the my father saying he would be invited over by the boys. Every time there was a course who would finish off in the in the dining room. Up to the kitchen, he would go and the boys were allowed to invite their buddies in to finish off the leftovers. Well follow us there just prior to this happening. And Korea evidently was to cook and sugar came out great. You don't have to read the New York joint in the oven. He says My goodness man it's just it's to get some beer in 20 minutes and it's about a 12 or 15 pound rose the beef. Anyway one of the ladies there says outspoken one of the wills and one of the Wilson girls she said they should I do like my meat rare, but I don't like it to move and I poke it

Speaker 1 52:59
oh and then I also some as Malcolm had mentioned, he would train some of the boys to calm the boys and set them up in business like log cabin restaurant. He had one of the Hogan boys he trained on how to become a restaurant operator and Bill built him what is now what was the log cabin den. But it is now what is known as the Ganges in new shopping in ship tanker in New

Unknown Speaker 53:35
Zealand for well

Speaker 1 53:38
was a whole number of things. But that was the original log cabin filled my bullet in those days.

Speaker 2 53:46
Well, he there was always there was always some stories made up about him and one of the more a little bit shocking if you don't mind the four letter word. So anyway, what happened was in the 19, late 1920s or so. Again, Mrs. Dogs was off to town with Lassie and the wagon, pulled by Tom Hart in the buggy pulled by Tom the horse. And on the way home, they came past the cemetery. And one of the characters on the island of the day was a fella named I believe was Billy Rogers was he was a great digger. I think of Billy he was his first name and that he had quite a sense of humor. And he's in the cemetery there were bullets buried and he's digging a hole. This is God stops the wagons and stops the buggy and very English accent with a high pitched voice she puts up Mr. Rogers, who has died? He can't resist this one. He says Oh, Mr. Rogers, he kind of deep growling voices

Unknown Speaker 54:59
list of all day Uh oh.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
What happened? Oh well you know, he was kind of a big man and have Democrat under his belt they blew up

Unknown Speaker 55:21

Speaker 2 55:30
bullet entertained sometimes things didn't always go as perfect like curry wrecking the roast the ladies in for lunch one day and my dad was waiting on the table and there was a pass through from the kitchen pass through. So the various courses came I guess what happened they got a bit of a fire in the kitchen when they got the the pirate and fire extinguisher out somehow. Some of the pie read ended up with the Spanish cream. So dessert was to be served. But nobody in the kitchen said anything about the status cream being catered in came the Spanish screen for the past shoe festival it passes it around screaming must have bought this good Spanish cream has rather a peculiar taste. Try to be polite about it. Posture the past that's not the Spanish scream your tastes messed up Posey Eliot, the guy that fell out of the window that was kind of the lead on this. He get fed up with the other boy football season. And so we load the wheelbarrow up and head for Ganges and Bill Evans was kind of the Ring Ring ringleader of mischief at times even though he's the farm manager. The bill was always mischievous. Stick to the spokes on the wheelbarrow. Because he starts out and of course, all the top three tires before he figured out what was happening. So that was it. And then we talked about the log cabin cafe. This is a story I hadn't heard until about a week ago Bobby Woods was up in Bobby's Woods family's 85 Now firstly, the Bobby would have been a young kid in the log cabin Cafe open and bollocks apparently according to Bob decided on the opening they'd entertain they had a bunch of people in the white linen and the silver and everything was put out and he got a couple of waitresses in there to train them Alfa Hogan was doing the cook cook dinner and after the dinner is over Mr. Bullock pulls the waitresses aside and he said I want you to know the table was set perfectly the silver was the way it was the food was presented taken away in the proper manner but there was one mistake when you brought out the pheasant you didn't tuck the wings in there was a way to do things

Unknown Speaker 58:25
one other

Speaker 2 58:32
Yeah, no. else did that. Kurt curry eventually went off to the army. He came back and lived on the island here but he moved away before Bullock died. I don't know there. There are countless stories people have them. And and I don't. You're going to talk about your grandfather and Bullock in the new store. That's right. Yep. So let's carry on with that and that's pretty well carry on.

Speaker 1 59:05
Being the man he was awesome. He was a squire. So he would be in his horse and buggy trap. And he went down to front of on store on on air the horn of a bullhorn. Boo, boo boo boo. Home for the shopkeeper to come out to do in England.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
Finally Mr. Mike came out. last bullet you know you're in Canada. You have to come into the store, because I don't come up and take your order.

Speaker 1 59:57
Okay, So he got to go to my grandfather's raffle party and was just speed and number of other wealthy people. And he formed this offering training company, because he wanted his own score. And that's how the beginning of socking training company it carried everything that knowledge carried. It was across the board pack store, and it was in operation until 1969. And finally bought was able to buy it out of color sauce be traded company. Till then there were two separate stories. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:00:44
Well, I think we're pretty well automatic goes on. And if anybody has questions we can if we can offer any, any answer was, yes. Never married. And we don't know. Now, this has always been the rumor conjecture. And this one is complete rumor. Don and I have both heard that he had a fatter fancy for Alice columns. That's interesting. She's buried in the graveyard. There. The columns is if you start here at Central, the subdivision of Saltspring, runs range to east. And this lock that we're sitting on here, which comes out of the piece of Allen Cunningham has his lot is section is Section seven, a range to east. And we're Don's parents were brother Brian is now section eight. Well, next to that section nine was the columns farm. And next to that section 10 was Harry woods, Bob's grandfather. And then the stark phone section 11 Section 12 and 13. Those days was sugar Billy Smith, which my dad bought the 1930s. And anyway, columns and bullet with the reasonably close neighbors sort of the old Creamery which building which is another Ganges road. It was sort of a deal with they were going to get together on this but they eventually fell through. And there is a rumor that he fancied Dallas's hand but that never came to me. There's also another rumor that he was in love with his brother's wife and a month. We don't know. And oftentimes, you know, whether he had any aspirations he certainly the earring person that had the ladies dressed the way they were supposed to be dressed according to him. The other side of the story is when you get into modern times, and you get into taking theory of coaching courses and what have you, you get into relationships with this man and boys. Yep, do we have we got a pedophile on our hands? But not once you all the years of all the people that orphans are all things that I ever have any inclination that Bullock was that way at all? In fact, my gut feeling he was probably asexual maybe he was too busy being an Englishman

Speaker 2 1:03:39
Yeah. So you know, I don't think there was ever anything of that nature. But no. Certainly, I guess when he arrived that amount of money he'd be considered a pretty eligible bachelor.

Speaker 1 1:03:57
Bank remember? Well, first impression I had of Mr. Bullock. And my brother Ron can attest to this, too, that he always seemed to have the hair in the wrong place. I was at bold as can be long white. To to always a black suit or a dark suit. But any stovepipe hat and we'd all be very courteous, very, very much the wildly, well educated one square she told me once and he just thought he was sharing the months and that was it helping out wherever he could, and that was it. But yet very, very, definitely ideas, Bob a

Speaker 3 1:04:45
couple of anecdotes. In preparation of food, you'd like to bread and toast butter right up to the crust. And the other one was Dr. was my father in the 30s and 40s while they lived here, and he had invested his parents being very alive. So he told my father that he and his, with his will, he had an envelope with money and to make sure that he wasn't very alive. And could he had his throat slit before he was very,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
really, I mean, most the way before that.

Speaker 2 1:05:28
Well, there's an interesting thing about you mentioned the book, Dr. recipe and his doctor. My dad would never go near a chiropractor, because there was a boy and we think it was Judd who got appendicitis at books. And he went instead of instead of him ending up exactly what he left bollocks. I think instead of him ending up at your dad's place, he ended up with the chiropractors and his appendix ruptured on after he saw your dad. He was getting worse. And he ruptured he died on the way to Pretoria or he died in hospital because they didn't have antibiotics in the 1930s. And my dad's comment was that they shouldn't he should have been set the doctor restaurant away.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
Too much questions. Nothing near the question.

Speaker 4 1:06:15
Just a comment about the lady's dress my mom referred you to the White fluffs, earrings and the white gloves. And then she remembered quite possibly got bullets from the back there. Yeah. Right. Metro is my name.

Speaker 2 1:06:33
It's natural. And it has. It's basically a bottomless lake. It's peat bog. And one of the fun things we used to do as kids we go down to Bullock's work, got the pipe bowl off the side, we just shove it down in the mud. And that was one of the reasons that Bullock taught these boys. The first stroke they had been taught Swimming was the restaurant. Because if they want to short anywhere on the lake, they have to get hold of the truth. There's no such thing as standing up or walking up, because you sink down into the peat.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
If you want to make a comment on this particular

Speaker 2 1:07:05
projector here, after the book, you'll see some of the fence around they're actually probably five by sevens. And that was one of the take on Bullock's camera. But this one here which are three by fives. And after that, after God got good at it both recognized that he was very good. He then decided that he needed to have a magic ledger to do projections, which is nothing more than a slideshow. And what they do is to take the glass plate negative and they make it into the glass plate positive. So you put the thing on one side, this is kerosene fired the three weeks and there was a landless back here. It's made by a company still known as the Olympus microscope. And the price tag is on the box. Wow. So centric, but he couldn't be very generous. So for years, and the last showing that this machine was done in public loose at the Fall fair in 1977. My dad died the next day he was putting shows on Museum. Yeah, so that's what that was.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
Well, thank you very much for sharing your experiences and you're

Speaker 1 1:08:51
just that is a visual of the gravestone. The Spire, downloads and mentioned in the St. Mark's Church graveyard, died in Nike I mentioned earlier so obviously a very important part of the Ongoing History of Saltspring and I hope you learned a little bit about it.