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Nancy Wigen




Speaker 1 0:00
Yeah, I was just telling friends that I realized oh

Speaker 1 0:09
and that reminded me of the bootlegger. Oh man he was he was supposedly a recovering alcoholic who was caretaking and he was like dryland and he got into an argument with customers in close range and John I didn't manage to get it

Speaker 1 0:58
and I was about four years old he showed up at our place which is very weird with your arm broke my parents wrote him in the house and made him tea which cure for everything but a blanket over it that different sites so he went for the sweet and mess with it saying that he had been defending him

Speaker 1 2:00
and Jones ever recovered so that it could use but

Speaker 1 2:13
run in the parking lot of the harbor

Unknown Speaker 2:29
in what year was that? 38 would have taken place rent over, I don't know. Maybe a year or two later you need that I'm in care.