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Old Ganges

Bob Rush

Bob Rush addressing 100 members and guests at a meeting of SSI Historical Society at Central Hall. He showed slides of old Ganges homes and businees with more recent slides of the same building or streetscapes.

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Date February 13, 2001 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:09
Well, it's a great pleasure for me to introduce my friend, Bob rush today, an armchair tour of Ganges, and I can't think of anybody who would be better qualified to do that. And I'll explain why. First of all, Bob was born and raised on Saltspring. And there aren't too many people can say that how many out there in the crowd who can say that? Go underage themselves. Pretty rare. So that's a rare animal. He went to school, in the school on great roads with some of your telephone, I think, is that where the Catholic Church is now, somewhere close to it. Bob isn't involved where he is known to everybody just about I think. And he's best known for chairing the Saltspring foundation for the last 10 years. And during his chairmanship, the fund the endowment fund has grown from 25,000 to $600,000. Wow, that's quite impressive. actually bought has a lot of less visible activities to these activities have included the Ganges Sewer Commission, advisory Planning Commission, the incorporation Study Committee, and others say, etc, etc, etc, because it would be a long list to try and get them off. But Bob is a life member of the Association of Professional Engineers. He was the project engineer for the construction of the town of Golden River. about for a long time, he was the city engineer and the planner for Langley. So he knows what he's talking about when it comes to buildings. And we'll find that out when he's talking about gangs, as I'm sure he's been on more national and provincial committees than I can shake a stick at his thought knife school BCIT. On a personal level, I'm told that Bob has donated blood 244 times maybe 45 times. And I'll just say one more thing, if you see a car drive by, with the word Ganges on the license plate is really a fan of Ganges. So they say there's nobody better qualified to do and I'll take you on an armchair

Unknown Speaker 2:46
just have to get this microphone working, hopefully. See if it's working. Okay, I don't want to be like the person who was in the speech and then wondered if it's working properly, and then did a little fiddling with the microphone and then asked if that's any better. Somebody said it may be louder, I'm not sure if it's any better. So what I'm going to do is do a little a few introductory remarks. And then get into the slide. Check to make sure this keeps working. All right. First of all, want to but Saltspring island into context into the larger context of what was going on in BC, about the same time the first settlers arrived in 1859. And I'd like to put the energies into context with what was going on elsewhere in Saltspring. Island because it wasn't the original commercial center of the island. And then we'll start the slide portion of the show. And as much as possible, I'll show a slide of what is there now, together with one or more slides of what was there before, wherever there are photographs available. And my comments may be somewhat biased. Because they're based on my personal experiences and remembrance is advantages going back 65 or more years. I've got lots of got 11 pages of backup notes, if we need to refer to them. So we may or may not refer to them but it might like to occasionally to get specific dates or if you want more details. I had a little panic this morning when I was fine tuning these these notes and then the printer and the computer wouldn't work and then got the printer working and then it ran out of ink. But I always keep a backup. So that was sorted itself out. And after the slides if there's any time if there are any questions and we'll do our best to answer them for you. But feel free to ask questions anywhere along the way. So first of all in talking about the historical context within British Columbia We'll use one benchmark date. That is 1859. That's when the first settlers arrived, and Saltspring 10 years prior to that, in 1849, Vancouver Island became formally a colony of the British in the British Empire. In other words, Britain officially colonized Vancouver. Can you still hear okay at the back? Not sure if it's going through.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
Is it any better though?

Unknown Speaker 5:37
Oh, but at the same time in 1849, when it became a colony, it turned over the management in effect to the Hudson's Bay Company for 10 years. And there's a condition attached that is that the proceeds and then sales in many lands would be used to try and help settlers settle on Vancouver Island. Five years before the 1859 arrival date, in 1854, the Royal Navy started moving the Pacific Squadron up north from Valparaiso, Chile, to squat and the dates for that to happen are rather unclear, but it was approximately five years earlier in 1854. Four years earlier than 1859 1855 the non Aboriginal population was only around 700 people, all bankers, right. One year earlier in 1858 30,000 or so miners came up through Victoria from California to the Fraser River Gold Rush, where did leaked out a year before the gold had been discovered. In the same year of 1859. The Hudson's Bay Company lease shall we call it expired in Britain assumed direct responsibility for the colony Vancouver Island. Seven years later, in 1866, Vancouver Island in British Columbia, rejoined into the United colony of British Columbia. Eight years later, in 1867, the British North America Act was signed, creating the Dominion of Canada with four provinces, being members of the Confederation, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. It wasn't until 22 years after 1859, that British Columbia joined Canadian Confederation. Putting that all into perspective, that seems like a long time ago. And it is from a personal perspective. I was born here in 1970. And sorry, 1930. I grew up 71 years ago. So if you take those same 71 years, but instead go back with some 1930, that would take me back to 1815 a year the first second was arrived in Salzburg. So I guess in effect, I've been here for half of it settled history. To put Ganges into perspective, with what was going on elsewhere on the island. The center was here at Central Ganges was not the main center of the island. And that carried on until about 1904 to 1912, somewhere in that range when it started shifting towards Ganges in 1864. The provincial government, I guess the colony of Vancouver Island, set aside 100 acres in the central area to be used for community use. And Central Hall was one of the first buildings to go on there. But there were school buildings and other things before that. So they were 100 acres set aside and not much of that remains today except for perhaps but the hall is on and the cemetery behind and work shard perhaps and perhaps the Rick shard across the way but not much else is that for that I keep looking at it because he's my mentor, but I didn't get a chance to run this by him.

Unknown Speaker 9:27
So he'll let me know if I straight. He's 10 years older than I am, by the way, so that makes it very

Unknown Speaker 9:38
essential in this area in 1904, and earlier. I'll just outline some of the things that were here they were central hall that opened in 1798. So 1896 Broadwell General Store, which was just along the road over there across from Cortlandt Park, which was the largest A store on the island at that time, there was a post office, there was a school. There were two churches, if you count St. Mark's as part of the central area, plus the Methodist Church, there was a jail, which wasn't used too often. But it was used occasionally I gather, there was the Stephens boarding house, which is on the other side of St. Mark's Church, which was one of the two boarding houses on the island at that time. The other one being an Folkert, operated by the Eckermann family called the traps wrist. This was also the scene of the first telephone on the island. And I believe that was in 1897. And I believe it's also strong defend Barnsbury, which is the golf club now over to Broadwell store. It was also the location of the first Lending Library, which was in the post office. And one of the reasons I guess this was central was that marine transportation was a little hard to come by in those days, and there were wars or drop off points at the service. And that Fernwood because it was close to the steamer routes that might between Victoria and Nanaimo, whether it became this side of the island or on the other side of the island. So it could just make a short detour into Vesuvius or short detour into friendly Ganges as a long haul at the harbour and had to be a specific destination for it. So those of all those things were going for central to make it essential of all the activities in that around 1904. It started shifting towards Ganges the federal government delta new warfare, I believe, in 1902. To replace an older war, man Hall had opened in 1902 construction and started in 1901. We talked about the centennial centennial, but was it 1901?

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Is there a difference in Daniel's the centennial? First of all, when the building was dedicated? We're not quite sure which one we're going to celebrate, it may celebrate.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
Like the millennium, celebrated choice. Okay. And Malcolm and Purvis had opened a new store down at Ganges in 1904. As well as the blacksmith shop, the creamery opened in Ganges and my team of flora Reed Betancourt built the maples where he moved the store to and resided and we'll see some slides is that later in in 18, I'm sorry 918 1219 12. There are a number of large subdivisions that took place Mr. Ward subdivided the big tract of land as did somebody else and that created Hereford Avenue in the Phillips Avenue in Jackson Avenue and really opened up downtown Ganges. And as far as I'm concerned, that was one of the main turning points in the development of Ganges was when it was subdivided and a lot of buildings went up in the 90s Well I have a pet theory, that Ganges wouldn't exist in its present location in its present form, if we have today's regulations in place, namely the agricultural land reserve and environmental regulations, and I'll go into that in more detail when we come to some aerial slides. energies. I don't know where gauges would exist in a commercial center, because traditionally, they developed around transportation centers a wharf where a railway station or whatever else it may be, so there would be some development again Geez but not to center this perhaps under today's regulations would have to go up above Ganges hill above Drake road to where the Cranberry Road takes off along that hillside. Now let's have a look at where the name HMS get into originally named Ganges came from the PFM HMS Ganges and that was a ship that was in these waters from 1857 to 1860. Spread in 1859 the first settlers arrived in Salzburg. It was the last wind powered British naval ship to carry an admirals flag. The admiral was Sir Robert Lambert Baines bein speak. The captain was John Fulford. The commander was Burgoyne the admirals secretary was Saudi. And the ship's chaplain was Permenter so a lot of names came from HMS Ganges to Salzburg. On this walking tour that we'll be taking today sitting in our armchairs. It will be in this pretty well as I would do it. As I head down for Fernwood school classes and other groups by block walking physically around Ganges will follow a prescribed route and their slides and we will be starting at man Hall and the indepted man hall but since we have the liberty of doing it in arm chairs, we will start at man Hall, but we will end up at the war on both days and not have to walk back and demand saying a few words first about man Hall before we started slides. It opened in 1902. To the best of my information in cost. You can't go by cost anymore in relation to today's dollars, but the cost $1,829 which included one half acre of land for $40. It was built by the island's agricultural and fruit Growers Association on land purchased from Frank Scott, who was one of three or so runners, Scott, Frank Scott and his brothers, Scott road and Scott pointing back to the brothers went to war. $1,000 was borrowed from Ross man in the HLN. He was a bachelor, and he and his brother were on Saltspring. They had come over from Ireland from, I guess an aristocratic family. A number of families didn't come over from Ireland they were fairly well to do. They had returned to Ireland a number of years after they arrived here. But Ross came back by himself and his brother assumed a baronetcy. I believe it was. I've got the details here but don't bore you with the details at the moment. And Ross died here on June the ninth in 1903 at the age of 38. He's buried in the Anglican cemetery and Baker. One year later on October the 26th. At the ninth annual general meeting of the association, the letters written read out by the Secretary of the association Reverend EF Wilson, from Sears man McFarland and man of Vancouver, who were the executives of the will of Ross man announcing that the Ross brothers and sisters would return the mortgage at $1,000. If the association would place a brass plaque bearing the words man Memorial Hall. That doesn't do that. Right. Thanks. But there is a plaque on the outside and it doesn't have the word Memorial brass. His memory lives on man Hall, the association that ran it, which is the farmers Institute at that point because several agriculture organizations have joined together under the farms Institute. It basically went broke in 1940 when the war broke out, and most of the able bodied men virtually all able bodied men and saucepan and Shawn joined up and went overseas. So the school took it over for $1 and it remains in possession of the school board they have the title to it all except for one little piece across the road that we're going to fishery building is across across the road I don't think I'll say any more about that. So let's start in the slides.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Probably easier.

Unknown Speaker 19:49

Unknown Speaker 20:15
Day one Windows

Unknown Speaker 20:22
following enables me

Unknown Speaker 20:32
to do so okay

Unknown Speaker 20:42
okay there we have Dante's as it was a few months ago

Unknown Speaker 20:53
whether you

Unknown Speaker 21:07
it's a very busy summer's day that's the harbor more or less as the British Navy would have seen it, making 59

Unknown Speaker 21:24
on that vessel, HMS Ganges and that particular photo was taken the farm up in England, which is where it went from here broken up there and it's a sharp base with painted face you can see a big model of this in art made by you that's the kind of man Hall and

Unknown Speaker 22:04
this is a side view. The next slide we'll see there's a pattern recognition on

Unknown Speaker 22:15
the next slide the state doesn't have that additional trade everybody so the stage was a stage area that

Unknown Speaker 22:41
that's looking across the school grounds today. And it's an old building back in there

Unknown Speaker 22:54
and looking at the hill and that's the way it looked from the same place at that time. Building there is a jam packed which we'll see more of later. The next slide we'll see he doesn't have this new edition of that section. That section and it was used for for stairs up until 1990 and the 1902 Foster tonight thing this person has a new edition on it isn't fall fair time because they're waiting to be judged I guess shows their next post that

Unknown Speaker 23:50
has something to do or now is over there. This is showing me

Unknown Speaker 24:07
this was on May Day 24th of May 24. The background you can see the trading company

Unknown Speaker 24:21
doctor hospital and that is Dr. Oz that's probably Dr. Lawson.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
This is the old chicken coop. High School is a small Madhouse just to the right.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
The just thing goes over there to the left.

Unknown Speaker 24:49
And it was called the chicken soup I guess because it was used for high school classes but also was used for the Fall fair. I had to tell me more about that too. cuz we were never anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 25:05
When he first went in there, I went into grade nine was their nine to 12 with one

Unknown Speaker 25:10
teacher, and then they got to be a lot of students. So we had another teacher, Miss growth, no no effort. And all they do is put a wall down the middle of bamboo classroom to take you

Unknown Speaker 25:27
from one classroom to classroom

Unknown Speaker 25:34
school today worldwide was thinking 40 when it first opened. I was in the first class looks. At Division Two, I think it is in 1940. And there I am standing beside this morning, who I had for four years in grades one before. By coincidence I visited here last week and in Vancouver, the newest minister at eight years old, in mind is filled with

Unknown Speaker 26:16
that's the service station, that old building here. That's looking back at the old building. And we're going to start on our way now down here for that train the route that we're going to take. We went along Jackson Avenue, we're going to go down Hereford Avenue. Road to Phillips Avenue, Phillips Avenue along the bypass the perfect enemies Road, up the hill, and back down the hill to the ward. So this building here was a paper operated by Mr. Andersen and that was around 31st. And look at other buildings as they walk around. closer up view.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
And this is looking across the street. I don't know what they call it now. But that was we saw over in service, who is the sister This is several houses of that same style living in this is the bakery there on the left. And that's what we call the combat. Next, a closer up view of his empty old family topics is the first apartment building converted from what was the jam packed. Jam packed he started off as a co op. Just see if I can pick up quickly. Summer on making plenty to take doesn't matter all that much starts to curl up. And berries and fruits was delivered in barrels. And sugar was added. But it didn't operate for very long because as I understand it, this is where it can be a number of years ago and they didn't record it. Fortunately, I gathered that some of the men discovered that it made pretty good wine. So they have borrowed money from the provincial government for 90 days, which was never repaid and suppliers were paid to operate for as long as one year we had a cup and stuff classes in there and when I was upstairs in the building, and that was the first time I had come across a situation that really drove the point home where I guess they're about 20 or 24 was around in a circle. And the calculator whispered a message into one person to hear ask that person to pass the message along whispering it to the next person and whisper into the next person. And by the time that message came back at the end, you certainly wouldn't recognize the original message

Unknown Speaker 29:37
can't believe it? That's the original telephone exchange building

Unknown Speaker 29:50
the letter that's taking right now

Unknown Speaker 29:57
isn't that was nice?

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Last a bicycle shop there at one time. Just to get details on their openness, the Dominion government, Telegraph and Telephone Service, British Columbia division in 1926 120 130 subscribers telephone directory covered Ganges the other islands, and soon there were limited hours of operation. The operators can track people down. And you can also follow them to get the inside world

Unknown Speaker 30:45
building next door to the original telephone exchange building. And this is the way it looked originally. You know, it's been added on so many times. So the portion there on the left is new friend is new, perhaps a portion of the back in Sydney that's the way the church looked when it opened at Central in 1904. It was Methodist Church at Central. And after the United Church was formed in 1946, this church was dismantled piece by piece and moved to Ghana by Mr. Arthur Pitney Florida, the total cost is $300.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
That was the entrance there. And the last stained windows that are on the existing church across the road or at the back of the church.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Interesting that roof five, what was that? It was, I guess, pretty typical of houses and other buildings at the time, maybe one of the trademarks.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
After the church will go exchange property with the Royal Canadian Legion across the way and of all things the church came in the Royal Canadian Legion to put those together. That was an active case. And it's been through a couple of Marcos since then, going farther up the hill. Looking at the hill, we have the man that was built in 19 clarity. The Reverend Allen, whose daughter is here today in the audience. You'll notice that it's painted purple, hardly recognize it. Further up the hill. And suppose we have this building here, which is hosted today. And prior to being a restaurant in this class ice cream for glass ice cream, and maybe two things in between. It was for the DC telephone company moved to from the previous building. It was built originally by Mr. Bullock who also built what's called yesterday and it was built for Mr. Speaker, the assessor at the time, because we still have to walk upstairs

Unknown Speaker 34:29
that's a picture of telephone operators in that new telephone. And that person, the lack of authority, spanning the person on the right is LC price purchase is still alive. today. Some of you may know.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
Telephones The PC tower was in there until 1964 When Guile service replaced switchboard.

Unknown Speaker 35:13
ties in if you wouldn't have known it has a lot cabin Cafe originally opened. And notice it doesn't have a second story which has been added since that is built by Mr. Bullock. I don't know exactly when the following open so I guess it would be around 96. And it was the first cafe restaurant on the bars

Unknown Speaker 35:57
next is a building that was talked about a little earlier Merchants Bank of Canada when recognize it, because I don't think much of it exists today's been added on to the front and the back is substantially altered. So don't take much left for the ritual. It's still the same location. Merchants Bank of Canada open the making 13. And that ties in with 19 throughout the year

Unknown Speaker 36:34
after the Merchants Bank closed two years after just a couple of years ago. And Stan way is the President in his family. He was the manager of a trading company that's looking down from the intersection for various payments today. looking directly across that's what was there on that same site back in 1913. Angie's Hotel, which was built by Mr. Taylor may be representing other investors at the same time, I'm not sure

Unknown Speaker 37:32
if an open browser in July of 1913 is going to be a tourist destination resort they had a couple of large picnics that came over to the island from the mainland. And they had conventions, seminars and things there and it was going to be the main person

Unknown Speaker 38:03
as the interior in October the same year it burned down to the ground. And nothing replaced it on that site. Although it was used by others Lumberyard until the present. So because of building on that same site, basically protecting a trading company building or to all recognize there was an open you might think well

Unknown Speaker 38:51
whenever it's historic recently won a Heritage Award, keeping the same general style and even retain the old chimney

Unknown Speaker 39:05
span wag the manager those of you who are old enough to remember that a lot of grocery stores had those ladders that go back and forth to get the stock higher up, no self serve, or there was a little bit self serving, but they also had comic books, browse to the comic books and some of the things groceries in general. The Star Wars cloud says the photograph

Unknown Speaker 39:50
was looking down

Unknown Speaker 39:57
and there was nothing Along the left hand side so relatively recently and I know that time is irrelevant so, so, existing buildings are built along that side looking down will be going past some of the sites that is parking lot that is to the defendants residence in the house

Unknown Speaker 40:38
I guess I think the panty sailing daughters lived there. She was one of the telephone athletes much older than I am

Unknown Speaker 40:56
and that before the editing was built on that site, it's the home of Mrs. de sundeck. Hamilton was a couple years older than me, but he has a vast collection of big little books. Certainly used to go and borrow books. This is the building that you recognize today, which hasn't changed very much from when it was originally opened in 1913 as the Ganges Social Club has been McAfee was a blacksmith played a large part of this project was a middle way. It was a total failure. By the 1930s has become residence occupied

Unknown Speaker 42:01
like serving in North Korea, it might not recognize it

Unknown Speaker 42:17
might explain that partially on the right was built by only Garner. But the family never lived in. It was completely by history hand built the rights theater, and this was I think around 29 range. And Mr. Mrs. Han and their three daughters, two sons

Unknown Speaker 42:56
and theater movies on Friday night and Saturday night with Annapolis on Saturday and we kids used to go to the math event Saturday. And you probably those of you who are old enough to remember the format started off with a cartoon movie terrible news feed new previews next week's main feature and then the main feature often cereal week to week and cream back again

Unknown Speaker 43:32
this year was in the bakery

Unknown Speaker 43:40
opened the train back in 1903 as a co op we became a listed company in 1970. And that is a great place to visit backing up so that you can get an idea of how to dispatch an existing existing roof way back. So that person is that person

Unknown Speaker 44:18
looking at the existing government side, I don't have an old photograph. But there's a load that went in there and the farmers was delivered there. Big cans of milk cream alongside and drop it off and come back later and pick up the slops tape back and feed this side of the road there were stacks and stacks and stacks of card was used to fire boilers that turn the pulleys Back for us to change the train into butter a great place to visit because all the leather belts around the boys with flap flap flap flap flap as always lots of activity. Mr. Drake was the manager but that wasn't him in the photograph there that is a tsunami taking Mr. Drake was the manager of it for 37 years he took the time to train me was very famous for the biters whenever while they are taking came to British Columbia, Victoria, it will be served suffering on his land and this one number of awards including one minion award Canada LIBOR

Unknown Speaker 45:58
closed eventually that's just a picture of cordwood not taking the example of what it would look like here's the old school on Drake road and he's hell leaving the house to pick me up that picture

Unknown Speaker 46:25

Unknown Speaker 46:32
you may know somebody would be their most important person

Unknown Speaker 46:46
that's the going up the hill further is actually originally mental hospital where I was born 30 Together with my as also with my younger brother younger sister the hospital from the 1940s this is the church of St. Paul church.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
Summer of 1937 3838 around Christmas

Unknown Speaker 48:35
on the uphill side roads and that is where the Seabreeze hotel is today. It was in my time occupied by the Cornell family.

Unknown Speaker 48:58
Mr. Dale married his daughter and Kate for two years trapped in the honey buckets. It was a cow before the ACO process it was called by the boreal forest. That was the first thing on the island a little English subtopic as well.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
The Walsall Formby house.

Unknown Speaker 49:34
I just kind of mentioned I was this has taken at the time that it was part of your house and I'm not clear whether or not in this house or in another building

Unknown Speaker 49:48
part of the house school moved down again later on after this

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Looking down the hill

Unknown Speaker 50:14
This is an aerial view taken around 1930 It demonstrates that it is only an insolence that join the buildings on a train with the rest of the village so that's all good building and that's largely been filmed

Unknown Speaker 50:42

Unknown Speaker 50:49
this is an aerial view taken around 1933 This was showing up there connecting the connection to the mainland so to speak. And I'll use this illustrate why I have a thesis that Ganges wouldn't exist in its present form. We had today's regulations first of all, that was a mud flat extended way of packing you can see lessons today in this area still all this has been filled probably never be allowed to do that today

Unknown Speaker 51:36
I'm not sure where it came from. It was I guess branched out with a bunch of rock rollin breakwater and I don't know where the boat is know what you came up with material

Unknown Speaker 51:59
I remember John's companion telling me that that bought it became sense anymore and then he actually

Unknown Speaker 52:14
flattening that makes sense Charles we need to copy this area here was all March that's why you don't see any buildings on the higher side of the Phillips and it's also a never be loud because it's wrong today in March.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
It's called neckpiece Pondok. McAfee is calm. If you want to give a fascinating McAfee thing the blacksmith the blacksmith shop Miss area it's all agricultural. So I don't think you'd have been nice today under the agricultural industry that's a fruit orchard back in there and it's now in Boothbay harbor house in California they're

Unknown Speaker 53:32
going to be on this

Unknown Speaker 53:34
arc spring would be just with their little left

Unknown Speaker 53:39
and therefore

Unknown Speaker 53:45
there's this later one showing this Eric having been killed it gets in there and those are flower boxes along there that people adopted and cared for flowers. They adopted the flower box this is where the firing Hall is today

Unknown Speaker 54:17
little later after the fire hall has been built in this area has been created as well. gauges on the marine building and that's why this game because marine name still exists in the upper hand

Unknown Speaker 54:44
this is basically showing that the firewalls now this hasn't been filled in yet. Now this is a little bit later, around 1965 there abouts. I guess That's where all the material came from to create for patients. It's basically

Unknown Speaker 55:09

Unknown Speaker 55:19
that building there

Unknown Speaker 55:26
was a white elephant and before that it was too much stone

Unknown Speaker 55:32
before that it was Vancouver green and mercantile.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
Grew up in here in the locker rooms. Are you scared to hear the Duncan lungs there's North Star, the Bank of Montreal Shell station, paving companies and impacting

Unknown Speaker 56:13
this is going back to the bottom of the hill looking at the harbor. And I put this slide put into the context of Mr. Maples. This is looking at it from where the restaurant is looking back towards as it is today. This is part of the spike in 1804 was the victim card built this house to pick up today when the ball was asked everybody the gingerbread man integrate up along. And it was Mr. Picard operated discard further up the hill before he built this one in 1904. And he was also the customs agent for assaulting the customs office on the island. And he was a builder in a very active person. Portuguese and several Portuguese settlers in the north and the Northeast being a friend of mine, a friend of mines father 30 years 30 years ago and I wish he was still alive today as part of the past and he comments in the context of remembering days and he said Mr. Fitton first was the only customs agent. He couldn't. I just wish I could follow that just goes to show that comes to history. Genealogy sees the opportunity to find as much as you can and this is another view there's also Magistrates Court in the air later used by Dr. Francis Collins. Eventually on this particular part of his family men become part of Korean lessons. Mr. Lindell.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Sunberg later on opened up the shell service station

Unknown Speaker 59:00
moving a little bit further up the hill to the left where it is now. This was one of the Tulsans residences of one of the Folsom brothers have parents today restored and occupied occupied by Jeff Ballard.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
This is looking at games he's held today and yesterday see how clear that is? Canada's edify each of these individual cases. Over to the work which was at the bottom was different cards. As far as Oh This is private money no this is buildings and when the car is live in the house there was no additional charge

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Charlie pie catches the old TVs or is that you know seniors as part of this new

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
charter packs names change that's a photograph from the courtroom itself very expensive war folks you're tired out there and don't know what happens in the tiger

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
okay, we're continuing our walk down Ganges hill at Harvard. And we're going to crossover

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
looking at where the old blacksmith shop is to be flanked Creek has been activated last month and he was spelling going strong in 1943 He moved off the island

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
and the blacksmith shop was just a wonderful place to this forage was just in there just glowing red bang things making shakes, various plants and on the right hand side and fall planting season will be clear hanger age we had a platform off the hands of the board of the building, which is on stilts we used to bang golf balls our hands to defend golf balls test five bucks five sensitives to retrieve they used to shoot horses on the right hand side we used to have all on the right hand wall all shapes and sizes of course shoes shaped also sizes are

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
just a great place to poke your head and stick them in space. So normally when Centennial Park the Senate that in the next few slides

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
which used to be here before Centennial Park existed before the fire as current storage moved into the fields of patient centered cenotaph was being a fireball and north star to star in the back there Maurices. And this is what employs a cleaning company which is much much the same context for the

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
show so well wells wells and

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
this is looking from the period examining floors in the fire today and yesterday in 1917 which is the honor roll of those with English first world war shell service station is that a school bus? I don't know if that's a school bus or not. Anybody know? The bus is doing very very important. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
that's the transom. Or I guess it's a replica of a transom off

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
spell is

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
black bench over people used to back in the 1940s in the transom at that time as I recall it was mounted in the back of the bed with the bench I'm referring to this stonework or Centennial Park is now there's veterans police to give a shot on their base plates on the back

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
roads garage offers mystery and I don't think those tanks show up there over there so the basketball shock is great and this is all with flags

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
that picture ball archives in Victoria have that one identified as bus stop

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
waiting for these strange strangely a death by pictures the archives

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
retracting the last year

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
that you recognize it after recognizing this is just to put it in the context of equivalency nordstar right that's the old game Gs 10 And these are probably railway ties or take products which were exported from the same place and he's in was originally was built originally in 1904 by Malcolm store bought bought out North Star central we will move down again

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
find out rather than the bank and this is the building itself when it first opened

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
the bank of the old bank must be first in tears just to the left early 20th century stretching the store I guess, I'm guessing was when it was first bought by Molex and making or selling the sign above the doors it's like post office and Jimmy Rogers WM

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
later on became once I've looked into Denat is on this portion here down here Harrisburg Mr. Inglis sheriff's office at the water border offices there are other businesses

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
by the way, when during the years it was Mom and Pop here to live

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22
nine to 12 I was moved by that building into this new building

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
pick it up at the wrong way. Or maybe back up a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
The water is still

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
hard to pick out. Medical Montreal today will be re consuming Shoemaker shop says enter the store that you wouldn't recognize today because the second part is filled in and the office area upstairs today it's back in that corner. The entrance that you come in is behind us as you came into the front door, it's just like you saw stairs going up. Those are paints and things up there. The offices are up above and behind us there was a furnace. The furnace was in the basement but the grill was just left with a stainless steel I are gonna put over here

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
it's a great place to get a number elevator with alligators behind because you contracted polio to find a wheelchair. He came in off the side of the building into the elevator which is a rope operated

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
over the right hand side through the groceries left hand side of the station

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
this is a car rally mics were lodestar was the hub of the universe that time in great Nike things employees isn't the money groceries and hardware clothing insurance and so agents they're also the foreign agent and they bought bogs sold lumber bought a all sorts of things they were the center of commerce. So this is a 1914 Ford cars that they had sold later photo lodestar were the factors have been a slight addition so decided to go for the hybrid looks like the post offices in the back corner offices were up there the ice cream founder was here in

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
Montreal that way remember we can dig in and find these garages their truck started building their building yet

Unknown Speaker 1:13:41
looking towards toward believers into slides harder as we see it today. Sometimes you would have seen it before taking the class we were taking chances now over towards more exposure in the war and trading company there. And this is all water carrying here, blog boots there. And the whole aim is use the logs the logs dumps are over here fishing through the fisheries. And we can choose to find a great sport to go from school or walk along the law. tricky at times depending how the laws have periodically, principals schools must do that. In hindsight, it was wise advice because the box can open up and down and lots of folks can speak tickets you can see it's fairly well clear this is an early one the old warfare fire remote stores remember that One

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
Belt One purpose store maybe and the barn and possibly

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
another one about the same time both the patient as it were not HS candidate but it was the Ganges from originally by service lawful purpose this is made records

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
much as what to say when women are

Unknown Speaker 1:16:08
now yes this slide

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
was built originally to house the generator for most store

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
this particular vote is another vote of the minimum as

Unknown Speaker 1:16:49
far as pay thing, by that time I started this distill all water for some reason it's not allowed at the moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
The father's interesting

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
is that when they pick out the other building, in general, there's the power. There are two diesel generators in supplying power for the store. And they ran one round and that's part of these machines out there. This is looking across from the trading company for over 2 million stores. Post Office Max will shop at

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
primary level playing $25 So maybe I'm speeding up let's say me shows up for lunch. I want to go back to let's point out that ship there that was worth PML six because Tyler police ordered lunch number six. It used to be fatal to Judy's throat. That was

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
an example of some of the logs that were dumped into that particular one was taken. But there's a fair size logs. This is the Eric law. And the princess charmer came in with a special occasion visitors to the island beforehand I've seen this this the war in earlier days, but after he hits but this is another one in the same area tobacco signs

Unknown Speaker 1:19:04
so that's a hybrid behind this. Now we come back to both workdays and that's various point of time leading up to grease coin. In the old days, Carson may have trouble starting, use the park up that hill, heading down the blocks underneath it. Remember the old model A's and T's were getting ready to go and you had the blocks in front of it set the levers of the steering wheel, run around to the front crank and run around to the back to the controls again and then pick out the box. Way to go. The next slide will be basically the same as the was taken many years ago obviously is the girls going up and listen to the corner store and they're waiting for the pope because this is taking them right to five stars star was over there wrote up respond over here to the left here we are right down to the war, meaning the era clocks and I'd like to read an excerpt from Dr. Craig Wright's book describing both days at that time.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:29
Just appeared I can't find the essence of your crack rates fail was the use of both days or days it was because that's when it got shipped out and shipped in the mail. People left and people can all the rest of the world wrote to the fact that if they were lucky, they could prevail upon the cursor to both open up the bar selling some drinks

Unknown Speaker 1:22:05
Princess Mary operated here from 1932 into the 50s and when we met the Princess Mary that was quite different than Dr. Carver's recollection. But it was a big day when the vote came in. You because as I say that's when all the exciting day exciting event and as it came in, we kids would go in the dark and wait for the lines to be thrown ashore so that we can pull them in about this Mr. Pages job. Uber operating feature like wherever the phone lines but you could see everything that came in people would claim the freight as it came off, which was hauled off in two wheel dollies occasionally with the car on deck take off on the swings and the treatment lesson plane as it came off whatever the friction that's a great place to look and see who was getting quiet and also the passengers in those days in the new everybody who came off or you knew they revisited the average is quite small populations of people

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
the first thing that happened in the ship tied up was the postmaster go and grab the mail bags and hustle up in the post office to start immediately investing visibility gets delivered available to people and they came for us cakes was this is one of the ice cream supply. Store in padded five gallon I guess it was containers. And there was carbon dioxide and this was in powdered form kept it cooled down and throw it in the water and once all the bubbles come up. But the ship Princess Mary came in four days a week came in on Mondays but it was on its way from Powell river taking goals and musicals. So Craig came in but not much freight went off but came back on Tuesday for those faces. Came back again on Thursday and it's quite an adventure. Anyway, let's save the slides. So if

Unknown Speaker 1:25:12
you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28

Unknown Speaker 1:25:37
My job is to thank Is there someone with a question that you want?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
The question was in the church up on the hill burned down, or whether it was arson answers, probably yes, it was. Definitely yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:56
Interesting book to be written about all the buildings of Salzburg. St. Charles Khan's book.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06
Thanks. I've been asked to thank Bob on our behalf. In my opinion, this is one of the most important talks I've ever heard in this building. So I really think this is a marvelous contribution to the history. And speaking of books, I think there's a book here. That could be really very interesting for people and for visitors to see these slides, the pictures, the old and the new information that He's given us about the history who's in there, and this and that, I think this has been a marvelously interesting program. I'm always impressed with how much people born on this island, love this island, and how much they tolerate us people who have done so many awful things to it, and the love that they have to share the knowledge of the island with us. I think it's a marvelous occasion. Thank you very much.