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Harbour House Hotel

Dermot Crofton

Interview with Dermot Crofton

Paul Layard and Ivan Mouat

Harbour House



Accession Number Interviewer Paul Layard and Ivan Mouat
Date February 10, 1993 Location
Media tape Audio CD mp3
ID 176 Duration




Unknown Speaker 0:20
Dad bought the place about 1900. And he was married in 1903. To know Wilson and I was born in May the 17th 1900 report. And my family had seven children. All the Guinea was DS, Dermot Desmond, Diana, Doreen, Denise Donovan, and Darcy.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
And Donovan was Patty wasn't here

Unknown Speaker 1:06
Well, you say you bought the place originally it was a farmers network

Unknown Speaker 1:12
with 110 acres of farm, There's hospital, the lady meadow, what's going on, and all cotton Villa down here with all plant fields, which we used to get 200 tons of hay off them. And we had total cows, for three horses, bunch of pigs and about four or 500 chickens and dad ran the POM to the 1914 to the war started, which he went overseas. And when he went overseas, in 1917, we started the boarding house is known as harbor house and eventually turned into a summer

Unknown Speaker 1:56
resort. Why was your uncle Norman's involvement with it?

Unknown Speaker 2:00
He only took he stayed down there. When dad went overseas, he came to help my mother and myself I don't know boy about five years old, you know, just to help with a farm. You know, when dad came back, he went back to his old place again, he just dad just keep an eye on the place and he came down and stayed there and went back home and so on. And that just that is all he's involved with. And then if you want to know the history of the candle lights and oil lamps days, then eventually I I remember the first cars coming to Salt Spring Island, which is owned by Mr. Blackburn. And he ran around on the road and scan all the horses as upset wagon because it ran away and all that stuff. And the funniest thing is Mr. Bullock bought a car. Later old tell Ford's old tin lizard we call him and Lady sunshine Gill asked him if he would stay at home for two days out of the week. So the ladies would go out and have afternoon tea parties. Otherwise they couldn't go because Congress gather horses. There was so on You know, so he wouldn't say what you like about that. And from then on my expenses was to California down in Santa Monica.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
Certainly this was the Reverend Wilson was down there Was he your grandfather was there?

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Yeah, he was down in California at the time. And I remember the first aeroplane I saw in my 909 and it went overhead and the funniest thing was that everybody on the street would rush out and look up in the thing that you probably saw it and punch the same sort of thing years later when they play the file nobody ever took any notice you know but it really amusing seeing the first plane traveling 60 miles an hour now what somebody else's

Unknown Speaker 4:25
I just think your camping experience down at Riversdale Well yes,

Unknown Speaker 4:29
we I suppose added about 1913 one that's a little bit for me anyway. 2012 or 13 went down to the LEDs. Beach Wairoa they call it and we the speeds and Marcel was kept there and we took a gold cow down into the field. So we always have milk because I always after got the damn the morning and we used to go fishing every morning and those days. she'd go out for an hour or two and then catch four or five, seven and about 30 Girls, you know. And then dad and dad are still running the farm. He'd come down to the horse and buggy and take the fish back and give them to the rest of the people. While there weren't many people I'm out on those days about 300 I suppose. I don't know what more than that well in

Unknown Speaker 5:22
about 500 in your grandfather said 455 When he came here I think are night at 95

Unknown Speaker 5:30
for the 35 or something. Those days the speeds farm and Ganges and the Scots had the two of Scott brothers and bollocks farm coming in with him. What was in those days is blonder Steven, we ran the morning hose on there. And

Unknown Speaker 5:51
we had a five minute trip road.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Trip road and it's very late. Now let's see.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
One minute Durbin, who did your father buy their property from abroad and

Unknown Speaker 6:03
all this is Cobell and that was Dad was 20. My grandfather was his dad's Father said my dad out to Mr. Scott Bell, because he's a great friend of my grandfather's to teach them farming. And when he came up to 21 years old, he came in enough money to buy the buy the place which is $5,000 for the farm in those days. And that's called looking collars and all the rest of the

Unknown Speaker 6:34
year. Ernest was the oldest

Unknown Speaker 6:36
brother that wasn't Yeah, yes. He was up to seven. Yes. That is as old as in Frank. Frank came leader, right? Oh, he was always here. But he went down to stage I see that came up together. But it well, but others and predators if we came to source, an Uncle Frank, he went down to the United States, and he was telling me for years, and then he came back. And he married

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Mary, Molly.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
The house you want to know, we want to know a lot. Yeah. And if I can ask you the odd question. So you set up harbor house was a boarding house? Yeah. And when did you start digging up the tennis courts?

Unknown Speaker 7:25
Oh, well, I tell you, I'm gonna tell you something funny. I was about 115, I guess. Just after the war, about 15 or 16. Well, I used to plow and add a scraper. And then in front of how the how it sounds, but there was a big, big maple tree with this quote to me. They're hanging tree one. No, well,

Unknown Speaker 7:47
there's a lot of it's kind of what you're like everybody else has

Unknown Speaker 7:52
your own story. Well, anyway, this great big in this great big house amount of clamshell about 30 feet wide and about 30 or 40 feet wide and about 10 feet deep. And when I was applying it, I was climbing this level at all. I came across or maybe 12 or 15 stoves all complete good old buddies and things. We had an old lady staying in the house with a restaurant cafe called Mrs. Castle, you remember oh yes sure she was staying before they built the place. And see you saw them watching me and boom my node runs all the time so don't worry about it. I had these drops in it everything other than they were when I powered this up and start playing these girls up and she was sitting down there watching me doing it see up with a hand made me stop made me go and get the farm help with a wheelbarrow and she made every one of those kinds of things and took them down to the vegetable garden and plant bury them and said upheld and that took the whole damn day

Unknown Speaker 9:15
mush you had to give a decent Christian burial after all.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
She took all of the all the beds and bones and legs and all that there must have been the burial. Anyway, I found that when I was climbing and leveling off, I found anchors about that long about that way and about that thick with grooves in them with a hole on top already and anchors I guess. And we've all still took them up the house. Put the round and thing and hundreds and hundreds of arrows or much mean hundreds and hundreds of them. But every one I picked up and took up the house in a week or two later, people would take the middle and a while that I go on to the tennis courts you go well I guess it about you don't remember my pattern do you yeah we started the tennis tournaments

Unknown Speaker 10:17
in the 20s if not at the end of 2023

Unknown Speaker 10:21
and anyway when I finish these two tennis scores we put 150 loads of blue clay on the courts about three to four inches thick and then I level them all off in those days you don't remember the road people had a greater role in breaking up so I leveled off level the shovel lower because then I got the team and put this right this this in this thing all over the court and leveled it off then I got old jumbo you remember that jumbo the betters used to run it no big rolled on? Oh, yeah. Well, I got government allow him to come in. After I got a dead level he came in to roll these two tennis courts made them absolutely perfect practically, you know. But then,

Unknown Speaker 11:22
where did you get the blue claim from in our

Unknown Speaker 11:24
field? Oh, by the way when pasties going into the place, you can see that this day was probably 100 feet long and about 10 feet wide as part of a stream now. And well anyway, we got the courts made, I eventually got them done. And we had these tennis tournaments. We had all the best players in Canada and playing which is something Cameron who has done the one time Canada we had C'mon Edwards, who is to Nova Scotia and champion when he was moving from the East Coast to the West. We had by the Hawking's then from the United States. We had Khrushchev, who was ranked number two in the United States. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 12:14
leanings he said.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
The reigning girls who were in Duncan's, they were number one ladies player. And, oh, God, we've had all the number one repairs at Harbor house. And they said when they came to and played on our tennis courts, they were the best tennis courts they had in Canada. The best Clay courts and I leveled them off absolutely dead level put down tapes, you know, and I put brick down stone who is get to have a ton of brick Dustin sacks. And it's just powder. And I take the pain out of the throat all over the court, you know, and then I had a broom which I swept the tapes off to wet into down and roll to the game. You know, I had an all all iron roller, which I filled with smack was made about six 700 pounds and put it to people to pull it and that made the court they were the best courts. We will because we played in the recognized Canadian championships, you know, Duncan's couch and Saltspring Island, and Ebola and Victoria, Vancouver and all the rest of it. But the people used to say our little tournament and harbor house in those days. That is the nicest tolerating the best court that ever played on not just something but

Unknown Speaker 13:39
damn it you said you had to find a tennis club and you couldn't play there at Harmon house during Oh

Unknown Speaker 13:44
yes. During the summer July August we had a club there that people played from the home really conveyed to the guy at the house and in September on and but during the July and August we reserved for the people staying on the board of the house and they went to Mr. Bullock's place Bullock had a national court and Glasgow and they have a tennis club up there while they drive over them when those summer's over they came back and play the humble house and all that before they enjoy the some of the some of them came in and played but but we have very good tennis players now nowadays

Unknown Speaker 14:25
but apparently you lost a lot of trophies when harbor house burned down that new there a lot of trouble oh

Unknown Speaker 14:31
there's it's got one of John Croft has got one now the old maxim cup I think it is or one of them. I think John Cochran didn't get it got that one. But all the trophies and things I've got a lot of cups at home I got I had a 60 cups all together. You know very challenging golf and stuff like that. Well, what else

Unknown Speaker 15:00
What about Do you remember anything about the flu epidemic at the end of the war?

Unknown Speaker 15:04
Remember that? Yeah. Flu epidemic. I don't think anybody died. A lot of people very, very sick. Battle stopped my mother. She was very sick. She was in bed for about three months over their cousin. Yeah. Technology's business whether all and only as a very, very bad, but I don't think anybody actually died today. I don't know. I don't I don't think so. there but there are an awful lot of people had the flu. We know they were pretty sick. Now, anyone else? No.

Unknown Speaker 15:36
One question was somebody asked about you mentioned it before, that when your mother got appendicitis, or you went down to Victoria and went by and tag me,

Unknown Speaker 15:47
tag me and you had a boat call somebody I forgot the name of now. And he took my mother tools that my dad took the stretcher onto his death boat. They took him to Sydney then into Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
Blow and I do tack on he just had a rowboat, but this is a fishbowl, Deanna.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
Thank you. Thank you very much. What a way to jab jab, physical, anyone and anything else now? Well, you

Unknown Speaker 16:20
mentioned going to Victoria. The day war was declared or you went to Victoria the day first world war was declared and your father whipped you home.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Remember that? I remember. I remember the first set, don't we? That's wrong. Okay. We were camping on blow out when the wall was still declared. wolcott's came in their boat and told us they were cruising around and camping somewhere else. They came in and said You hear that the war has been declared between Germany and Britain. And we want to tear down the speeds at the prep So enable that boat and we packed up that day and went home. 1914 But we wondered Victoria was camping on floor.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Do you remember when the when the water was brought down here and old JC Lange started the water company. Can you tell us anything about that? Do you know when the vault where the Water Board Office was the first office was

Unknown Speaker 17:28
I have no idea training him. I think he ran the damn thing himself from home. He was a big shot. He was the one in it. And I remember when the training company started that there was a Scottson Bullock's and the speeds and birds there. All members of star the Trading Company were there. How many were there six. I don't know but I know that the Rankins Jeff Scott and speeds. And Liang Liang and Amy Smith. Are Yes, Swiss. Were the Ajay supposed to be one I

Unknown Speaker 18:04
think they were all conservatives. Yeah. Good level. We see the MO it's didn't subscribe to the Trading Company.

Unknown Speaker 18:17
No, I don't think they did. I think they were very much against us. Well, anyway, I gotta tell you, Gilbert Lord, we've had me for the board family helping people on Saltspring Island. That had been a pretty poor place. They did an awful lot of good for Salisbury. And you Gilbert Moto is a excellent man. He's a very very kind hearted man, the anybody who was hot up he'd get the groceries for a month until and then they'd have to pay and so on. And Gavin was a great great great developer source me on one Oh, yes. Yeah, the Ivan was very fond of Gavin. He did a lot of us a mover and shaker. Well, he did the he got things done. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
We go on into the beginning of the golf course which you had a big hand in

Unknown Speaker 19:16
the northern side of the city wanting to go go up cause he went wrong and we all got members and I saw open days and spades and margins and all Aikens whoever napkins and all these people worked up there. Raking we have to rake the whole golf course. At the same time David hadn't received funds or there was no no grass growing and has all been plowed and had seeds and so on. Anyway, they just didn't leveling off investors level. Then the Japs. They've been paid. In those days you got a job to work with two minutes an hour. Just $2 a day are they? Anyway they had three jabs up there and all of us I managed to work there about three months dead and all these people my dad said it's gonna be a great thing to have a house you know, people come to play golf so we used to work up there and and I have a normal right hand man because we put in the old sand grains and that's what this whole started with you can add to anything you like to

Unknown Speaker 20:30
know I remember the first time the first job I ever had Norman gave to me when I was 13 was driving the model a brass radiator model a thought and towing the molding machine. But he didn't tell me that I shouldn't drive over rocks. I lasted one day

Unknown Speaker 20:52
I was so intrigued

Unknown Speaker 20:54
with oh boy and that old boy the old that old P model

Unknown Speaker 20:59
was brass radiator used to boil over

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Yeah, boy. Stop everyone's pack a lot of water within. Fill it up every once in a while. Well, I don't know what else

Unknown Speaker 21:15
to remember anything about the wizard as much later on. This is my time to but remember the Bernie went to St. Paul's Church burned down.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
My wife. My wife saw the place herself that night. She was looking out the window and saw this hole of claims. And she was one of the first people there. I think Ron was the first one rugs and I

Unknown Speaker 21:38
don't know someone sent me down to tell the telephone operator. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
Right. That was the first and my wife was the second person there. And they couldn't get into the into the church to get the thing that

Unknown Speaker 21:53
was in arson.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
We think so. To dig upon upon that we'll see found

Unknown Speaker 22:00
out it was another one. Well, there's some down the Fulford but then

Unknown Speaker 22:03
there was another fire it's no more all the one who is Oh, Johnny Winchester. That was because his wife wouldn't know his girlfriend and one woman said, but anybody had been the cause of the burn. Well, even

Unknown Speaker 22:21
right at the end, I forgotten the exact name of it. But the hotel is now where the Sosa the credit union is now and that burnt down to

Unknown Speaker 22:30
1914. The first hotel now we only had only had it up for one year. Most of the women are dead blooded burned down because the husband spent most of the days though Baba on Ole Miss the speed was you probably remember that dude. No, I

Unknown Speaker 22:53
don't remember that. We were talking about the the CPR or the votes coming in. And during Prohibition, yeah. When they used to cast off and

Unknown Speaker 23:05
well, they just leave the walker by 104 feet and then they stay there about half an hour and then follow the BIOS while the rakes and bios bottles stick in the pocket and then goes off. Well, those CPR boats used to come in the old Chava and the Royal and the Maquila and the otter and and Princess, they were all bolted came to Ganges. There's always a big day when they came in. They came in Mondays. Mondays and Tuesdays and Saturdays, Thursday, sometimes two, no, no, no first days it's was Mondays and Mondays. Chava used to bring the paper down from Powell river to Victoria. And she dropped into the drop islands on our way to Victoria. Then she come in on the way back on Tuesdays. let you do that as you do the same thing on Saturday to come over and back. The person years ago.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Y'all eventually it was even both coming in and Sunday in the 30s. They

Unknown Speaker 24:13
summer, during the summer months. They have to bring those skirmishes over all the time.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
But I haven't wanted to mod Stardew if they came in on Sunday and had to unload stuff for them kept close.

Unknown Speaker 24:25
Well, we know those days, we had a good football team on Saltspring, Ganges, and before that had one and one couple of times we had to play the finals in Sydney. You probably remember that. I don't. I don't. We haven't played the final because it'd be too many fights otherwise. You're neutral ground, neutral ground. And another one Todd coming back from Sydney to allow football match. We won the thing I think it is to one or something. And there's one up on all sides. attacking pull the old horn all the way in the forefront however, you know before that people thought they'd won you know they found out

Unknown Speaker 25:15
but it did you play mixed grass hockey? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
I got the platelet count in that. I was picked to play in that and when it was a thing in the United States down in San Francisco, we had an excellent hockey team on Salisbury we used to play Victorian and Duncan's and, and we had a very good team. And we used to play I used to play for Victoria against Vancouver. Every I played for about 10 years. I used to play centre half of fullback, but I was picked on playing those Olympic games but in those days you had to pay your own leg. We didn't have a damn center go down 500 bucks 500 bucks was like a million $2 million so none of us boys let's because we had a pair on when

Unknown Speaker 26:04
the when they first formed a mixed hockey team. What was the reaction of the world

Unknown Speaker 26:09
before either they played rise hockey when I was only a child. They were all English people. They played soccer and grass hockey. When I was a kid going to Towson school. We used to play hockey on Wednesday afternoon your ladies used to play we used to play against the ladies. They'll be too late but they will then hold on good. They all play both chambers. Bristol County players used to play there on their own number one hockey players.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
When you went to Tulsa stores a first school event

Unknown Speaker 26:53
whatever then when, when the war started, I only went there about 10 days. Oh, when the war started in 1950. And he told us dollar went to Victoria. During the war. It was the University School which I went to later.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
Oh, you went to Korea, you went to university school. I went there the

Unknown Speaker 27:11
same time was not ops patching with the 19 to 2021 list is

Unknown Speaker 27:23
just an aside here to pat. Did you read the write up on Uncle Leonard Tolson in the university paper? Blow University School one. Two or three ago? It's quite a write up on it. Put in by Mrs. Nixon. Whoa, that's massage

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Jack Nixon went to school where Jack Nixon went to school with a friend to him to say Hey, we love him. He taught he went live out and then he went to University School. He taught there for years in the university school taught him to and then he went to St. Michael's after that. While it was St. Michael's in the University School one know where they were separate. They

Unknown Speaker 28:02
went to some micro curl assignments to try to be refined on

Unknown Speaker 28:08
those days. We had a break because all the players you know, like Eric Springfield and Cecil sprinklers and Cartwright's and they're all damn good football players. They all played for the counties in England before we came out here. You know, I don't think any legs play did

Unknown Speaker 28:23
it. No, I don't. My dad told me Dad did a little bit. They told me grace hockey. Yeah, he was out of his class. But

Unknown Speaker 28:31
but they were all that good. Good player, that excellent soccer player. They all played most of what county players and then save the hockey

Unknown Speaker 28:40
Do you Do you remember the current rates that were here? Yeah, you know, I mean, I knew I know basil but then his brother

Unknown Speaker 28:49
because Darren gallon not out of not

Unknown Speaker 28:51
young Allen was down with his father was out.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
Other car drives down this road.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
That's right. That was Alan was

Unknown Speaker 29:01
oh, I remember all those. Copywriting battle copywriting. God. Oh, battle is another one story. We'll play the football game. In Duncan came back we had no stages, how to get a higher launch to take it over back to the Sylvia's and I had to go and take basil home and he got pretty tight. Mrs. Cartwright was putting down the way one brave partner was really to go on these trips to play men's hockey or football in those days is always a day of celebration on the way home.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
There was another Cartwright no relation at all. And at Cartwright, who at maybe was basil, no, this has no relation at all. Oh, I didn't know Sadie Cartwright, and he wrote a book on late summer. Okay, I'm sorry, Dr. Cartwright. Where do you live? Where he

Unknown Speaker 29:58
came and worked for your father? Yeah. He worked for a while here, and he couldn't. He figured he needed more than $5 a month which he could $5 a month in his board. But he figured he needed more than that and, and there wasn't that much more to pay him so that he worked for quite a while.

Unknown Speaker 30:14
I know I know that I noticed that you got most of the follow first well $10 a month and border was a big wave. Well, I don't need a kid paying dad had one man working. I forgot his name. No. Oh, Harry Newton workbox. number of years. Paul, the First World War I think he only go by dollar month.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
This cat right and his book refers to both the croutons and the Scots and in there he said that the Scots got the first child and then the croutons out numbered them

Unknown Speaker 30:56
know I don't know what to do.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Well, if you ask the right questions, there's a lot more

Unknown Speaker 31:04
I'm thinking they give you

Unknown Speaker 31:06
the old Ganges social club. It's still it's across the library, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker 31:10
The social club? Yeah, the Ganges social that had to build a table. That's right. And Mrs. Cavell and Robert Shaw and all the people used to go down there I think.

Unknown Speaker 32:25

Unknown Speaker 33:57
Don't know

Unknown Speaker 36:14
apartment and put your clothes

Unknown Speaker 36:41
sent in the goodies paste that

Unknown Speaker 36:45
went on and go home that's right yeah, I suppose the exposure the exposure to see the ghost now down Usik Komodo, it's good. It's good these days now and that ghost is supposed to come out of there and go down there by the old telephone offices

Unknown Speaker 37:04
and that's where he landed up

Unknown Speaker 37:08
dead. You're supposed to be a ghost that comes out of that and

Unknown Speaker 37:12
was supposed to be one of the poker players that got him or was it?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
I don't know who they're supposed to be. There's been a big poker game. Yeah, but it almost nobody ever took spoke about or know their lips received. The lips are sealed.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
But Derman were you involved as one of the young GAID leads and Saltspring that when he and Halle was looking after goodies house whoever was there then and you put on a go steal foreign

Unknown Speaker 37:39
go I didn't do that I never believed in going on those things. I know what other halloween like the rest of the family did theirs and the rest of them. I know did

Unknown Speaker 37:47
you scared that whoever didn't skate?

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Old days and there's a lot of others used to do it but my sister Diana and Dez and I don't know the Bordeaux's. They used to go out and do things well, when it came to practical jokes. I wouldn't have

Unknown Speaker 38:06
excuse me, Dermot your Halo is a bit tight you weren't one of the people that pushed the car up upstairs and whose house was it? Apparently as a prank and as you know a car with no upstairs and it can't go downstairs. And a cow

Unknown Speaker 38:23
who called you? I don't know. I never heard of that.

Unknown Speaker 38:30
No, was that Dad told me no. This

Unknown Speaker 38:35
might be true. I don't know they did all kinds of Deadpool scenes.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
I remember when there was a buggy put up on top of Uncle Dix there

Unknown Speaker 38:43
and oh Sean snakes once because he was as he's charged as soon as Joe strong CZ ever. Yeah, socialist town. They painted his garage door red and then put on Molotovs headquarters number that another deck was cut in his bed. Oh, that Charlie. Charlie came into the old airport and said he said the old dextro Daddy didn't know what to do themselves. Models always headquarters

Unknown Speaker 39:31
you must have some questions. story about snakes. Practical. What is the story about snakes? about snakes? Barney Oh.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
There's usually to have a great delight of putting the damn goddess nicks in your pocket. They come along and says yes, I mean poison sweets and tell the damn garter snake was taking your paw input and close I chose to do that all the time even it's funny that goes on and put one wrong in that could you come up behind you discovered by the head and the tail and run your neck would you like

Unknown Speaker 40:24
the night they dealt with Ted and ironing, ironing when he makes in their house, no snakes in their house. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 40:30
yeah. That bought a walk and hook him up with a place they had. They had a party out there one night and and Jeff Hale, who was standing

Unknown Speaker 40:45
stay at the party.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
He was off of the golf club. I am Jeff Hill. I remember. He was old enough to private. He got about six or seven of these garter snakes and put them in a bottle. And he took the 10 to the potty. When the you know, everybody got bought two o'clock the party broke up and everybody's pretty tight, you know? Especially Ted on Iran. So if everybody had gone outside and garnish, he took this down thing and dumped over the kitchen door quietly. He saw they'd gone to bed. He opened the kitchen door, dumped all the snakes and then shut it quietly then when they got up and

Unknown Speaker 41:26
Ted said he thought he really didn't see crisis or the dam the the crawling all around the house. Now the big O it has been tight the night before. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
What about the snake pit at Harbor house? Which what you used to call a snake pit?

Unknown Speaker 41:56
Steak House? Well, that is oh, Lord heaven. It used to be up your desert house was well, that's the original old house,

Unknown Speaker 42:07
I think was that land acres.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
I think Nelson was one on one Nelson. The first one don't have a house.

Unknown Speaker 42:16
I thought Linacre the very butterbeans might have been rebuilt he was in 1850s Well not 1860s I'm going

Unknown Speaker 42:24
to build it anyway. The poor poor dad they bought the place in his drag down to just outside the harbor house humanoid was dark it is right down there and the building was sounders that want to move I used to sleep upstairs and two rooms upstairs and three rooms downstairs. Originally when my dad first bought the place that they had it down then the downstairs room was a separate ours Apple house used to keep all Apple stolen and stuff because we had a lot to hundreds apple trees in those days, so let's be honest notice for examples you know, everybody had bulletin stocks in the harbor house. And they all had lots of apples and then Okanagan started and then sort of that started they can get apples down to Vancouver cheap as we could produce them. Who's got $1 A box for them shipped into Vancouver whoa you didn't make any money 20 Coach about 20 cents for a boiler box to make the box and then time you pick that up or do what for nothing

Unknown Speaker 43:45
well you were still farming that place right up to the war Weren't you? Oh

Unknown Speaker 43:49
yeah, we found it out after the war when we did a garden off the wall and dead came home and we built a he came in for some money when his mother died gave him five or $6,000 And that's what goodwill harbor house and then when we built that when we decided Davis got mad when he took off the bomb and when went up to his place up there was he build up in the corner here and we just kept three cows enough for our own use and then when when the government said you had to bought a house in all public places that pasteurized milk Well, we gave up the poem then because you couldn't sell it

Unknown Speaker 44:36
well you kept on in the garden though didn't you write up you kept to the garden No Didn't you

Unknown Speaker 44:43
know I made the I built the house all outside of it all the tennis courts in Milan kind of a showplace in those days. Honestly, nice Lord kept the whole time

Unknown Speaker 44:56
I'm reductive varinder Yeah the agenda is to have a little

Unknown Speaker 45:05
filter here God bless God but badly one night feels like the the dangers he came up in the head of old chi turning up in a van in a desert scene you used to come to high the house and just go by the side of the house you plug into our electric lights and so on. And grant these judges

Unknown Speaker 45:29
but you remember he had a to pay? Oh, yeah. And occasionally when he was working hard on him the to pay would start coming off. He'd hold himself up by pushing the drill into your mouth and put the tube and he I don't think everyone's a dental school because he had the thing up there from what do you call the correspondence school? Doctor

Unknown Speaker 45:56
it all fell them and things like that. But he wanted to ban he was pulling PD one Zohan is getting kind of old. But he pulled a couple of mine out. Moving out.

Unknown Speaker 46:16
Well, there's so much more Derman. Maybe you've had a long time now. We'll come back again and come back again. And we can what we'll do is we'll sort this tape out. And if you want to copy the original path we can run run run up as it is

Unknown Speaker 46:35
what I think of my new my age No, I'm putting 89

Unknown Speaker 46:41
just young fellow 17 to may suddenly the moon

Unknown Speaker 46:47
I guess I'm one of the oldest living humans born in Salzburg,

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Hebron and Jesse Jones

Unknown Speaker 46:56
was born and I think I'm putting the oldest I think

Unknown Speaker 47:02
she's lived in Salzburg. Now you have she lived on the hour. Because she's older.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
She's 95. I said, we'll talk to him. But she knows me. And I told you

Unknown Speaker 47:18
to tell her who you were and she would she would remember your

Unknown Speaker 47:22
church you should the midnight living born people. There's lots of people. I don't own anybody.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Yeah, but who

Unknown Speaker 47:34
was born here that told me I don't know. I don't know. I wouldn't know.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
But I can't think of anybody

Unknown Speaker 47:42
out of poker and what about the record? Does

Unknown Speaker 47:45
that count?

Unknown Speaker 47:51
Dermot that's where you confused about the total number of people on Saltspring because people in Ganges know estates didn't count for poker damaged if we can come back again show over this and pick up

Unknown Speaker 48:10
something and make notes on them like if we can do that yeah, sure. You're welcome. So yeah, y'all know the way I feel these days I just

Unknown Speaker 48:24
had a long session here where we've been yet.

Unknown Speaker 48:27