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South End Pioneers

panel discussion

Panel of pioneers from Beaver Point, Fulford and Isabella Point, and their families, talking to the Historical Society.

very poor recording, loud hum

Accession Number Interviewer SSI Historical Society Address
Date November 14, 2001 Location Central Hall
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Unknown Speaker 0:18
I arrived here I was 10 years old and it was my birthday February of 1921 I first saw Reginald Hill from the mall moving to Salt Spring Island so that was simply a matter of not picking up the phone asking for a movie first all our channels and arrangements are made with Captain to load the

Unknown Speaker 1:07

Unknown Speaker 1:10
to load us on duty as long as we should say a phrase laughing as

Unknown Speaker 1:23
we were moving because my stepfather

Unknown Speaker 1:31
my mother in the business woman was also anxious to marry Victoria lived there for two months and then the property

Unknown Speaker 1:50
notice you attended the her points tell us what it was like

Unknown Speaker 1:56
it wasn't very much of a difference for me because I have come to love building evidence there for the sale itself it's under the female side now

Unknown Speaker 2:19
it wasn't very much different except one difference no we have always been used for Mr model teacher teaching paper so he was for us of saving tree so we all had to purchase really great pleasure we had a great time somebody nailed boss however that was that was the the school was the same school it was still at the Bilbo the settlers and it's still in use. I think it is. We're quite sure it's the oldest PC when we did

Unknown Speaker 3:32
program for

Unknown Speaker 3:33
CVC it is the oldest still in use in all of Canada.

Unknown Speaker 3:44
And lastly notice what are some of the recreational activities for young child rather than going to school as

Unknown Speaker 3:53
well as high school was always a farm. So most of us simply finished very late. And we went and joined the farm labor mother in the house time and as we move over, we all began the idea that some ways of entertaining ourselves. We had an outdoor basketball floor fever. We played softball and we had beach parties versus always swimming in the ocean. And then it was he

Unknown Speaker 4:56
was most enthusiastic first She persuaded all the older girls we learned a fancy word she organized children's house for parents our craft and we had the original craft sale and listen to grammar and actually we did we had downs wasn't very much room and I think that was what led to the filming of the first few people who see

Unknown Speaker 5:58
and Mr. Pyatt volunteer to donate a piece of milk the first fall into the basket that affirms firms basement. Well, we lost that. But the insurance enabled us to buy much nicer at that time.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
Thank you very much

Unknown Speaker 6:53
we will now go to Graham has been doing some research. She's trying to get back to that original legal description.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
Well, a bit repoint district was created in August 8 to 1885. The interesting part about this even I didn't realize it commenced to the point in which the western boundary of section 88 reached C. Section Eight it is a partial section where winter Castle was built for rent to medicines. Were then sold use those to forward Harbor, then easterly and along the shoreline to the part of the commencement including russula Portland Island and Murphy. So section 88 is on the edge of what is no better subdivision to anyone who lived on independent subdivision Babor as far as I know, actually the Venice children went to the beaver point school and it was opened in September 1885. So it and I have legislative records that my great grandfather had a copy of the agricultural report then Detroit you get the official report that was another report on the fruit of paper one so they all have the revenue so it goes a long way to sort of push in like

Unknown Speaker 8:42
almost dirt road goes right the line goes right through the middle of stalling effort

Unknown Speaker 9:01
you intended to be required school like your mom, what was your night

Unknown Speaker 9:06
it was fun. I had had an actual playing school was made for about a year or so. So I ality letters. simple addition. I remember the first day of school the teacher very carefully explaining to myself and another boy that this book, this was what we were going to learn to read and it was called a river. And you handed me this nice new book, grubby old one. And I read six pages before she was delighted. The only thing that thrilled me even more was the workbook weapons that she gave me that was supplied by school district at that time I sat down and did privacy that

Unknown Speaker 10:10

Unknown Speaker 10:13
I went for eight years. Got into the odd I was a nice little girl. I was a tomboy, not to be messed with.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
If I got teased everybody found out. It wasn't a good idea. But I enjoyed it.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
You come from a pioneer family say anything I'm 35 years old

Unknown Speaker 10:44
Well, I give a slideshow every show all summer. Every Wednesday night, folks and you want to hear the rumble farm. I've got slightly less Bernarda half the other family members to McLennan. Both came to Salzburg because they ran into my great grandfather in Victoria. He talked them into coming. Mr. McClellan came in 1880. He was headed for Cranbrook Forman and graphic admits to take up for free I'm sure on Salzburg. Mr. Baris had just arrived with a family look put your word he was going to but he wanted to go fro to convince him to take up land that was making a poor so grandfather drive and he chose to do and you had some of the latitude to take came in at 60 It did 60 He had six eventually that it be required was a very good growing area still as far as I go. Fruit is not like a lot of cherry trees they will fall down cherries

Unknown Speaker 12:20
with your parents

Unknown Speaker 12:27
so that was actually a lot of the love between Mr. McClelland what we had originally crafted for the Connect family did not stay for one reason or another they all left but of course having discovered the fourth one the fourth being Russell Island was taken up on the Kinect and we're all in favor point they were that's where they were like to say on that I'd really have been quite old enough.

Unknown Speaker 13:09
Okay, now that's the report. We will now move on to the harbor.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Hear a lot today about facing Paris, very service harbor. Tell us what the service was like 30 days

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Right cash flow

Unknown Speaker 17:02
as you were a young boy What was it like growing up?

Unknown Speaker 19:09
With Mattis, we're going to go back and revisit the recoil grant Story

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Two stores?

Unknown Speaker 29:05
Right Jefferson Waterford waterworks Park

Unknown Speaker 29:25
realize this

Unknown Speaker 29:36

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Water and feel like they're

Unknown Speaker 30:12
naturally that system

Unknown Speaker 30:15
water again

Unknown Speaker 30:26

Unknown Speaker 30:42

Unknown Speaker 30:48
when you learn

Unknown Speaker 30:55
how to play you

Unknown Speaker 31:02
that you back up again and over and over again let me know why that was so the underground water is still there

Unknown Speaker 31:37
you're also environmental volunteer fireman

Unknown Speaker 31:51
the first

Unknown Speaker 31:53
my first story my grandparents house

Unknown Speaker 32:06
really smart

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Americans are buying art they would really really like and building

Unknown Speaker 32:40

Unknown Speaker 32:51
your Utopia Spanish and were you laid off well that's the result

Unknown Speaker 33:07
very small

Unknown Speaker 33:09
very very sort of my grandparents for

Unknown Speaker 33:13
those things we'll carry

Unknown Speaker 33:19
on Learn with borrowing a living versus fire and they will often pull in on the first and traveling and work outside

Unknown Speaker 33:53
and sitting there waiting for you to read and if you did not go if you didn't go out

Unknown Speaker 34:09
and clarify anyone remember the old finding all the knowledge to the court? Well that was the siren button and pull it down for a separate play on the street well their life is button local society and I can start out now it really doesn't really matter and it goes down even farther your money on the store and then later on hopefully get more members wherever they Maybe Bill

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Bill house

Unknown Speaker 35:25
every spring

Unknown Speaker 35:42
watch the streets and

Unknown Speaker 35:50

Unknown Speaker 35:56

Unknown Speaker 36:16
your generation

Unknown Speaker 36:35
my grandpa

Unknown Speaker 36:43
What are you years ago it was

Unknown Speaker 37:08

Unknown Speaker 37:19

Unknown Speaker 37:25
on population

Unknown Speaker 37:37
they provide

Unknown Speaker 37:59
McIlvain II during the Thursday

Unknown Speaker 38:27
and then hold back

Unknown Speaker 38:51

Unknown Speaker 38:59
now we have fun with another point where your skills are not Saltspring

Unknown Speaker 43:13
Common lastly on your expertise.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
What's happening

Unknown Speaker 44:49
name is weather to pilots

Unknown Speaker 48:46
Now if you see me I've got two stories running for a long time you want to entertain questions

Unknown Speaker 49:28

Unknown Speaker 49:47
big part about the telephone system was affected anybody on the line you everybody you know it's short or long story As long as everybody had a sort of Morse code everybody knew whose phone was ringing because it rang up a whole lot

Unknown Speaker 50:17
oh the one that was handed over there

Unknown Speaker 50:37
that might be

Unknown Speaker 51:49
Some line

Unknown Speaker 52:00
number five

Unknown Speaker 52:10

Unknown Speaker 52:35
that's the second one

Unknown Speaker 52:44

Unknown Speaker 52:51
and the

Unknown Speaker 53:01
second one

Unknown Speaker 53:09
running around

Unknown Speaker 53:31

Unknown Speaker 53:44

Unknown Speaker 53:55
any hot

Unknown Speaker 54:12
spots virus fighters

Unknown Speaker 54:26
once again

Unknown Speaker 54:49
filings are going away this week

Unknown Speaker 55:00
I've been on another

Unknown Speaker 55:19
set $75 So didn't get the second one

Unknown Speaker 55:55
soon as the murders and everything running down their bicycles and whatever it was it does show up online and they did afterwards

Unknown Speaker 56:38
now there was one more question?

Unknown Speaker 57:59
You want to comment

Unknown Speaker 58:04
commenting on

Unknown Speaker 58:08
this last question

Unknown Speaker 58:10
in the stove in the kitchen was pulling in 19 Eight when the house was built and the news more or less every day since I'm still doing all my cooking and the original grades are still fleeting they certainly learn

Unknown Speaker 58:35
to make grapes like to

Unknown Speaker 58:41
thank you very much for coming Thank you

Unknown Speaker 59:42
I must say

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Just before