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POW 1943-1945

Ivan Mouat

Ivan Mouat’s account of his life as a prisoner in Skalag Luft III 1943-1945.

Accession Number Interviewer SSI Historical Society Address
Date Nov.14, 2000 Location Central Hall
Media Audio CD mp3 √
ID 173 Duration 51 min.




Unknown Speaker 0:00

Unknown Speaker 0:02
I'll get started because I'm probably going to be too long along with the flight deck with

Unknown Speaker 0:08
some things

Unknown Speaker 0:09
up there and also a couple of things identity so there

Unknown Speaker 0:13
we were allowed to ride home we had three postcards and two matters

Unknown Speaker 0:18
that are just copies and they look like and you'll notice this controllers have been censored and this has been approved and it didn't say anything wrong thank you

Unknown Speaker 0:44
I can get my maybe

Unknown Speaker 0:49

Unknown Speaker 1:05
First I thought we'd look at a few figures, people and so on the

Unknown Speaker 1:18
not all I like to make up a little bit. One of Canada's greatest contributions during the war was the British Commonwealth open plan which really was based in Canada that are out there on inferences of

Unknown Speaker 1:35
Rhodesia depends on this was a greatest thing in Canada.

Unknown Speaker 1:42
We have a lot of bush pilots, because we're not capable of country and they became around training pilots, training pilots. But as you can see, the

Unknown Speaker 1:56
of those

Unknown Speaker 1:58
only 20 750 were present for maximum 8000 Canadians killed in action that means falling off a truck and walk into a propeller or something like that. There's a total of 8000 people killed when they serve or die when they started the Air Force and the total field who was 27,000 cemetery

Unknown Speaker 2:32
throughout this presentation I was using slides or cartoons or your fellow by the name of Roman boy Chuck was an errand gunner and he came to live in Salisbury I got to know him because we were both Air Force. And eventually he he'd been an air gunner. He took training we went back to like France or two somewhere around there. Ontario unfortunately, he felt himself in staffing to be trading pilot bushbuck this was one of his his cartoons

Unknown Speaker 3:11
that's a bit of this went off

Unknown Speaker 3:16
and that's what we heard quite a bit of

Unknown Speaker 3:18
these the first few days proceed to fingers project or else it's safe to tell you maybe shouldn't say View or it's over.

Unknown Speaker 3:32
I have a shot down

Unknown Speaker 3:33
his head on July the 11th. I think

Unknown Speaker 3:38
43 I've been flying typhoons, which is it was one of the fastest aircraft in the world. It was a beautiful people used to complain about the floaters popping in the tails dropping off. Nothing it never failed to be and it was just to feel better. And more power. All you need to do is call Google to find the hook that I was talking about fake because as soon as you have a problem here to the right, so you're watching the error there was great. And it had four cannons near on it became

Unknown Speaker 4:10

Unknown Speaker 4:13
army cloth machines. Oh, I remember I was talking introduced to the group of veterans one time that I've sent over to us and all the army guys because it was great because it was just opened things up tremendously. In from overwhelm from 44 to 44. There were 119 thoughts with the name first and eight I can tell the following. So it was quite accurate as you can see.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
I joined

Unknown Speaker 4:59
a gym First of all as you get closer he said Squadron and we all we did I was early episode 21 And all we did we just first and we test them and did all sorts of things like that then eventually when you had enough experience they're really all they're making all kinds of other types of squadrons and they realized that at the time that it was a wonderful little level and fax machine I think and so I was posted along with another Canadian we went through the news on the day squat and my friend who was pregnant as easy plug and play tennis and was in charge of deep lake and since I got my permission I was a three year old but I was too icy of a fight because my hungry soul or hunger dollars is considered the experienced pilot

Unknown Speaker 6:00
and I think I told you as a truck driver

Unknown Speaker 6:04
for 20 milliliter cans and you cross the channel right on the deck just right down. But he has to say I can solo I do stand up to see over the waves

Unknown Speaker 6:22
we encourage you attack anything that moves

Unknown Speaker 6:24
we seldom saw in German and transport which is once I did which was a lovely day. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 6:31
Thank you generally only looked at night

Unknown Speaker 6:34
barges and on trains particularly And the trouble is engineers tended to as soon as you started firing you had all kinds of things that lost steam all over the place you don't know whether they get them or not. So generally and collapse the stuff they had on board to make against cars

Unknown Speaker 6:55
when I was shot, I shot down in in northeast again and take him to question July

Unknown Speaker 7:08
three edition question kept

Unknown Speaker 7:17
I was passed a piece of paper, very austere looking chap that'd be a piece of

Unknown Speaker 7:25
paper with a J one seven or a four I don't know that we'll do at home. How will we let your parents know that you're safe? We're not familiar with it something because all I'm allowed to tell you is my main record number which I've done. So we and I said fine. We just died. This was July the 11th. We just made it and so I said by the way, how are we doing? Is perfect English. So this is stupid. So I was kept in solitary confinement. And every day he'd come in and Sydney he brought the first word and it gave me two cigarettes. And I'd say how are you doing asceticism? Because everyday come in, but we're still there but they're stupid. And this one I think like 19 days are the primary COVID Every day I asked him

Unknown Speaker 8:32
because it was fun it was really great

Unknown Speaker 8:36
and he didn't like very much at all

Unknown Speaker 8:43
just find my

Unknown Speaker 8:43
map summer last year

Unknown Speaker 9:13
know that's it. Now the A is where I was shut down. And B is I think Kent or Brussels where they brought me to and see is the question count later on I went to

Unknown Speaker 9:31
start I got three everybody just near a place called Sovereign in Germany over here d later

Unknown Speaker 9:56
Well anyway, I was getting a bit upset. You know I haven't had

Unknown Speaker 10:01
a bath and the solitary confinement

Unknown Speaker 10:04
rash on the genitals and everything just very uncomfortable. So I thought I'd better get nasty it's nasty I thought I might get away with

Unknown Speaker 10:15
it so this is a way for the British officer I

Unknown Speaker 10:19
hear you on the path we can meet up very easily and nothing is done for my rash I have told you about it. So next thing incomes

Unknown Speaker 10:31
young man

Unknown Speaker 10:33
dressed in an aria uniform sorry he said that he was caught from medical or medical order and unfortunately being told you will find they might

Unknown Speaker 10:47
be joking sometimes. And so I said to him

Unknown Speaker 10:58
he said he said I've never been to a place called Big

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Hill if anybody's here close enough

Unknown Speaker 11:14
I've never been there and I thought I'd find you here find your five

Unknown Speaker 11:20
year old you're getting a meal or pick a meal there's a there's a

Unknown Speaker 11:25
I forget the name of the Cardinals

Unknown Speaker 11:28
and lose me as

Unknown Speaker 11:29
a free Barbie there was same thing with Jake and I I heard about changing the crown but I've never been

Unknown Speaker 11:39
so I just

Unknown Speaker 11:42
I just wish I was back and figured fill in the crown and changes during the break the next call is great because well we've got all the information about you just came from Germany yesterday we find that you're on seven floors but if I got a big hill I look sort of horrified

Unknown Speaker 12:14
but anyway, I went by once we were put into after request in other previous

Unknown Speaker 12:19
areas to call on hold on I was mostly Kaylee and I went to him and a couple others we went by train cars and we all just kept on the washroom and then we felt like it up to the window. class was off the top they were watching these we just couldn't get off the train design the big leagues

Unknown Speaker 12:51
around the world we never got out because

Unknown Speaker 12:54
fake 273

Unknown Speaker 13:01
housing car the sphere of buildings are probably as long as this building will be honest why? And divided in the middle so there's that side of hallway a hallway. That's right. And we were housed there. First Aid room. We have cable we might have company sponsored sort of 10 copies. And chairs are full backs on new kitchen chair

Unknown Speaker 13:37
was kind of primitive,

Unknown Speaker 13:39
but it was super cool. And we

Unknown Speaker 13:43
had a big cookie

Unknown Speaker 13:46
all over the country

Unknown Speaker 13:48
which means not to drink. But it was always used to use water going back to we came in quite handy at times and each block was kitchen

Unknown Speaker 14:03
to stall and another in the toilets

Unknown Speaker 14:12
are outside the US outside the window 30 to 60 miles outside of the factory and then they polish with us today

Unknown Speaker 14:28
that was their job

Unknown Speaker 14:44
you know the combination. There certainly wasn't like army officers mess around that, you know.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
When we code I learned about the administration of the camera as far as we were concerned with senior dogs If that was coming to boot camps in North Texas, he was the

Unknown Speaker 15:03
boss. And our block commander was either a squad leader or we were and we were asked to review them sure the Germans actually is even across the board

Unknown Speaker 15:18
and the Germans were there kind of security

Unknown Speaker 15:20
and trying to and sort of trying to champion diplomacy and things it was offensive versus every I was shocked two days later the Czech people asked me questions about various things today things as infections and humor wasn't it while I was checked out and then the week after I guess I was sitting around incomes a young sorry and

Unknown Speaker 15:57
here's today's beseech BBC News

Unknown Speaker 16:00

Unknown Speaker 16:14
the German rations

Unknown Speaker 16:15
I mean our food

Unknown Speaker 16:18
we lived on really bad

Unknown Speaker 16:21
every time the person has died,

Unknown Speaker 16:24
I think out loud right I'll pay you for a few more

Unknown Speaker 16:28
response I don't care what they

Unknown Speaker 16:31
say while i Those are still old because

Unknown Speaker 16:34
there'll be an awful lot to get back

Unknown Speaker 16:39
and time to be among the best and we were very proud as extreme as me that

Unknown Speaker 16:46
they were really great

Unknown Speaker 16:54
here's the screen I'll reach your target

Unknown Speaker 17:04
now hold up this clip can we not so long ago

Unknown Speaker 17:15
and everybody around Don't open that back to everybody on previous

Unknown Speaker 17:22
or extreme

Unknown Speaker 17:26
before dinnertime

Unknown Speaker 17:33
we got butter butter cheese was a bit of a shame from cheese to become a little tiny recognize that you're not going to recognize the context of corned beef pork much wheat that span Ghana salmon sardines ever never saw any

Unknown Speaker 18:07
dried apples dried fruits sugar not too much sugar weed no we never no shortage of sugar when it comes to their sugar

Unknown Speaker 18:22
tried to get enough sugar

Unknown Speaker 18:26
factory Def

Unknown Speaker 18:31
Jam was terrified

Unknown Speaker 18:34
there'll be a big long

Unknown Speaker 18:37
they were a staple actually used to be your basic bargain. I don't know if you're my age or younger it used to be a different set of chocolate milk chocolate Jersey chocolate what happens on TV so it's never key and so and that was on behalf of the German rations we didn't get

Unknown Speaker 19:08
very much control. I mean we got through

Unknown Speaker 19:12
far away Carly

Unknown Speaker 19:21
golf so we're just gonna get on with this.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
This is the Canadian Red Cross. Further report on the Canadian Red Cross food parcels for British prisoners of war since January 1990. This written 1944 Since January 1941. The Canadian Red Cross is packed and shipped nearly 8 million Cooper's also Canadians and British prisoners of war if you're in the Far East, from a modest beginning of 10 pounds parcels weekly originally originated to two classes. One of them is Montreal, the society and offers five packing centers for Hamilton With addition to previous mentions, the total input output of these plans are slightly over 1000 meters, or 50% of the crystal for parcel by the British, Australian New Zealand that was tremendous. And it's sort of you know what we always wanted to get clear on who wanted the British the British we talked about how the poor people

Unknown Speaker 20:28
were starving, but they would have gotten over that and peace of mind with sugar and things like that. The Canadian

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Red Cross and what's the difference direction to me you think we were never I was born except for z. And we think globally I was never we're never shot with cigarettes never coming in. And they're a great crazy I mean, of course we used to

Unknown Speaker 20:55
occasionally use pass rushers.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
This is,

Unknown Speaker 21:08
as I said, Jerry cheese cheese was not very and this is one of what this is why sharks growing cheese really got the rat

Unknown Speaker 21:26
and stallions too often. Sometimes you get some of the novels like cottage cheese and that was edible. But otherwise you're just trying to fish that's right. That's right that's what you're told anyway

Unknown Speaker 21:52
you say yes America

Unknown Speaker 21:59
in every day, or twice a day, the Germans had a headscarf that is we want to make

Unknown Speaker 22:07
sure we're still there. All of this is white Chuck is

Unknown Speaker 22:16
kind of a dear friend

Unknown Speaker 22:19
to those of

Unknown Speaker 22:23
you turned out during a six month time instead of course midsummer and he was sort of a major around the time and they call it a snap of Bell until he ran out of the band and then of course we can

Unknown Speaker 22:41
really famous

Unknown Speaker 22:44
concert I am wearing

Unknown Speaker 22:50
they're all called

Unknown Speaker 22:51
and oh by the way you notice the the we have a

Unknown Speaker 22:58
very wonderful bootcamp

Unknown Speaker 23:02
one day oh after 27

Unknown Speaker 23:04
July 19.4

Unknown Speaker 23:08
And before that was

Unknown Speaker 23:12
the day after that

Unknown Speaker 23:20
a call

Unknown Speaker 23:28
and we had to tell that fellow I'm not going to answer that ridiculous solution

Unknown Speaker 23:40
what are you doing? Well of course

Unknown Speaker 23:53
they are that they did work out a compromise he was never returned. And the Germans give a congressman and then he called me whenever you want. But he would return that to you guys get confused.

Unknown Speaker 24:20
After the

Unknown Speaker 24:20
steps after the attempt to get this life

Unknown Speaker 24:29
of course we always heard

Unknown Speaker 24:30
all these couples kind of fun, happy we turn to click all of the German speakers.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
You can target

Unknown Speaker 24:37
the Germans and you always get him. But he was talking upset sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
But there was a TD of the day after day after day. We had made all sorts of things for the Red Cross.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
But who was a bit

Unknown Speaker 24:57
tired Should we play basketball? And then sometimes we play bridge which word or model book was quite good books in their musical instruments too

Unknown Speaker 25:08
and we had a friend who was a grip and he could play any release I think

Unknown Speaker 25:17
we already claimed that he can play the accordion reveal record with the screen buffs and

Unknown Speaker 25:29
he had to do it on a

Unknown Speaker 25:32
very rare disk was that what was happening we heard

Unknown Speaker 25:37
your air raid sirens and then we heard the planes overhead

Unknown Speaker 25:43
Hello ray with dark dark

Unknown Speaker 25:47
wakes up really a threat

Unknown Speaker 26:00
they're always about Russia they were all they had they had a time but they were the coke in the summertime and then I finally figure out what our blank as well and as we used to do shopping on TV

Unknown Speaker 26:31
right read writers

Unknown Speaker 26:38
they stop a turn

Unknown Speaker 26:47
and of course of German screaming jumping up or down trying to get a stood it

Unknown Speaker 27:02
was good.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
The head of CT said the senior British office around the council may have very important people. One was a head of security, escape, the security battle cabling the radio and stuff like that. And also I know there are ways of getting information back and receiving information and passing things along. Back home

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I know this has happened I've ever wondered when you're being moved to a radio transmitter because that was very important. And that was just the foreign people removed but it was it was quite

Unknown Speaker 28:29
we felt so secure in a way because we know these these things were happening and the city covered you know they didn't know this and they didn't know

Unknown Speaker 28:40
they just think because the security people pop secure people never came in where they just sent him stooges are always dressed

Unknown Speaker 28:48
in a fight over whatever you saw when you boot up

Unknown Speaker 29:00
anyway, we all call the goons and we always say they're going to be falling under that'd be great support at some point

Unknown Speaker 29:16
we gave them a hard time and we got away with they were I suppose if they record everything that's happened we would compensate they just I guess what you don't tell people not to know

Unknown Speaker 29:40
if you have plans for escape, you have to go for this

Unknown Speaker 29:44
comedian try to find yourself have these openings. And of course people who are really

Unknown Speaker 29:52
one of the one of

Unknown Speaker 29:53
the chaps who's with us are to both Terminal Manager and Schneider was

Unknown Speaker 30:00
It's terrific

Unknown Speaker 30:02
trying to get away

Unknown Speaker 30:08
from these coveralls on the ladder

Unknown Speaker 30:12
back to back when the old guard because the guards were all

Unknown Speaker 30:19
set. He could speak,

Unknown Speaker 30:22
he knew he knew all the different accents.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
So he probably isn't much okay. I'm going up this ladder

Unknown Speaker 30:37
where it's like you probably Navi which was

Unknown Speaker 30:49
very unfortunate

Unknown Speaker 30:56
street guard

Unknown Speaker 31:04
and where are we

Unknown Speaker 31:19
the soil, diagnose 350 conspiracy.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
And maybe that's natural. I spent my time I was just a ball I was one of the planners roles play their role playing for the better back, somebody would be up front digging, and I'd be pulling little Spanner, Sam this way and then put it behind because, of course your deadbolt on February

Unknown Speaker 31:48

Unknown Speaker 31:52
And that's what we had shorted out. And of course those days that I was agile, most people call him That's because he worked with experts. But that's how they used to find occasionally one time we had

Unknown Speaker 32:13
sort of a fistfight and one time we had a tunnel just about just about

Unknown Speaker 32:23
and there were people chose to vote. I was going to be one of the last few because I was didn't have all the papers I could speak couldn't make themselves German. They weren't something compares himself on all the papers and things like that. So I'm just going to click on Cancel but anyway,

Unknown Speaker 32:46
they found the tunnel and they moved to South America we divided it in half. They moved to everybody come to that and all that in and so we told the Germans well are somebody we're going to have a party to celebrate the meantime, Ford

Unknown Speaker 33:09
was down from there all the way underneath and they were going to play as long as they could and something really strong packing stuff and they said

Unknown Speaker 33:25
when the Germans come on

Unknown Speaker 33:28
we will play the Star Spangled Banner. God save the Queen and that's all the cover all recovered from the noise just as we were saying sorry, the salt pieces are starting to start to slip into a hole in there and it was 1350 or 13 and the Germans have taught the whites the toffee to see this and the Jeremy was sitting down occasionally got to speak and so we set a small very small we sent him on a prison for terminal with a flashlight to see if he can pray but we were very close and you fighters I don't want to get caught again don't put them away. So you can call them

Unknown Speaker 34:22
and test them to offer

Unknown Speaker 34:27
Captain security captain to

Unknown Speaker 34:31
look good look.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
And then the husband takes the bargain fireplace holders veteran board. Kind of

Unknown Speaker 34:43
crazy and we went through again this 10 Day stupid arrest. The partially decided state of the state

Unknown Speaker 34:52
red double rations

Unknown Speaker 35:01
Oh yes

Unknown Speaker 35:02
turntablists Can you see anything?

Unknown Speaker 35:06
What are you going to do with Assange?

Unknown Speaker 35:10
When are you going to piled up? Well, they get put into the ceiling and then some of you Hey, cut it out

Unknown Speaker 35:19
are you talking about always great volleyball start playing volleyball some sand very good girls

Unknown Speaker 35:28
volleyball court is two feet off the ground now somebody's out. But whatever you always carry these times because and see, and the only time you can carry it the other one another. Is everybody went for hot water 10 o'clock and horrible. Tea

Unknown Speaker 35:54
at 10 o'clock

Unknown Speaker 35:56
for 10 o'clock before everybody heads towards the end if you ever watch they would see that one sticker for probably 16 people or the next time because again very hot water. But they never went any further because that's really the only definitive bucket the sample twice a day. That's how we hit cars you'll see that the pictures over there

Unknown Speaker 36:27
show the dark count on below we were very jealous with people in North County because they have

Unknown Speaker 36:33
electric Lightstone we've

Unknown Speaker 36:34
heard about this

Unknown Speaker 36:38
people continue to

Unknown Speaker 36:46
track the railway thing from there and here we were trying to sand like a little cat like a little old cat food can be hard

Unknown Speaker 36:57
to do the wicked and that was terrible

Unknown Speaker 37:09
Well, we were wrong

Unknown Speaker 37:12
thinking well this is great. We're getting poached in our industry. And one day they

Unknown Speaker 37:19
filled up honey bucket ball

Unknown Speaker 37:23
went down most excited here we hope you found the cover

Unknown Speaker 37:52
we were moved to a place called Valeria which is a new chapter where a foreign living space really bright Americans are coming in because they were losing a lot of farmers and a lot of the seven acre feature something was saying they were coming down to grow so they took over the Senate kept any blueprints and Valeria COVID-19 44 on Saturday we heard about the terrible thing that happened at the skate shop

Unknown Speaker 38:40
his own brain first

Unknown Speaker 38:46
order to use it as often

Unknown Speaker 38:55
and hey by chance so like activities going on here. Okay. But we had an oftentimes was muddy and digging the Capitol building,

Unknown Speaker 39:18
we were digging quite close to the tree.

Unknown Speaker 39:22
And this is a story that has all been traveling north minority. Well the fix was in a relative to B. And we were talking about this. This is what happened but according to Phil Donahue control to people

Unknown Speaker 39:48
who hadn't seen it last time. digging a tunnel in New York in the 50s came along was a tunnel but it's a great story but it Everything

Unknown Speaker 40:04
they were getting ever ever

Unknown Speaker 40:06
posted we moved the game to the place called

Unknown Speaker 40:11
Luke involved German

Unknown Speaker 40:18
place called Luke at all

Unknown Speaker 40:25

Unknown Speaker 40:33
and that was just he was brilliant

Unknown Speaker 40:42
and we were moved by the usual way people were

Unknown Speaker 40:45
moving in the Air Force of course

Unknown Speaker 40:56
sorry but this got me in proper order

Unknown Speaker 41:17
anyway let's

Unknown Speaker 41:18
move down to their ad

Unknown Speaker 41:25
see that was a question three and then look and

Unknown Speaker 41:31
move there and then things started to go to pieces as far as food was concerned and supplies because you always do in people being involved in railway systems and supplies and fashion

Unknown Speaker 41:50
sometimes we were

Unknown Speaker 41:55
walking in Forest Park Scotland a German farmers

Unknown Speaker 42:02
and the German forest was there like an acre of total stuff with barns and everything all around the barn to shed to house

Unknown Speaker 42:11
and the food is going in then is one this day and the

Unknown Speaker 42:21

Unknown Speaker 42:30
we had to boil it and we're just boiling it and I know we finished it we just

Unknown Speaker 42:36
mastered the German speaking people ask the high end he was sorry and he's an old colonel and that the long remnants of the bad mangled

Unknown Speaker 42:56
and he had to come to the shore and he says

Unknown Speaker 43:02
not always looking for his chicken someone's going to chicken he's gonna shoot the man

Unknown Speaker 43:16
that's fine do a deal with so we had we still had spent the cigarettes we even had some D bars there was a lovey and that's the good thing about American chocolate bar but that that that line is

Unknown Speaker 43:31
broken with eight pieces and you do that with nice

Unknown Speaker 43:37
people so finally we set it for six packets and read some 40 bytes and the night is one out chicken was worth six packets routers

Unknown Speaker 43:55
and 40 bars oh no double You are worse six pack

Unknown Speaker 44:18
eventually we ended up with a look at all that and it was a fix. We had a triple decker

Unknown Speaker 44:25
bumps and novel planks are no more Red Cross parcels. Things went from bad to worse. I

Unknown Speaker 44:37
mean, I was genuinely you wouldn't believe it. And I couldn't even the 160 65

Unknown Speaker 44:40
but I found one day on brain iPhone flatline things. And then of course, I did notice is particularly the down button down and one of them says I didn't hear it 14

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Well there was a mold mold he's a goner, you see. So they went down there and there was a doctor they went to

Unknown Speaker 45:07
the hospital and there's a British doctor who can shut down

Unknown Speaker 45:11
the royal army

Unknown Speaker 45:16
and he was a bit strange in a prison horrible it's six years or four years and he really was around I mean that's what he's called it's only been

Unknown Speaker 45:27
around the bank and so he

Unknown Speaker 45:35
touched on you

Unknown Speaker 45:42
be reading your Red Cross during medical

Unknown Speaker 45:48
No, yes, I

Unknown Speaker 45:49
do. Yes, I think so far

Unknown Speaker 45:59
you ready to start a new chapter

Unknown Speaker 46:08
and I guess it saved my life because because the theme was one tree because not every country could be German. I'm here today anyway, I was lucky we stayed in a

Unknown Speaker 46:26
book of all the time too long.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
We stayed the Duke of all until the Russians came in the Russell just knocked on the

Unknown Speaker 46:33
door two boys.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
But of course we could we were told that we would be taken place when when our Eastern European we're gonna get down and take it down Odessa, but for this time, we're way over here. And we're not going to go any

Unknown Speaker 46:52
much better than Sicily. So we were just waiting. We waited the wait for tired and they both sevens decided, well, the Americans in the West.

Unknown Speaker 47:05
And we argued on that. Oh, no, it was three weeks or

Unknown Speaker 47:11
so. I know that the Russia releases came in on April 27 I know we're in Halle Germany. In

Unknown Speaker 47:23
by anyway, that was need and we heard about the day

Unknown Speaker 47:30
so it shouldn't be that long of a trail but it's always it's always an awfully good

Unknown Speaker 47:37
we got the face on

Unknown Speaker 47:39
and was nice. We got any further. We would get to where we Americans were there we thought there was just this thought emitted

Unknown Speaker 47:55
wrong way again. Sorry, that

Unknown Speaker 47:58
was emitted company rush Russia. I used to talk about before

Unknown Speaker 48:07
and of course we always think we're Americans. Because they didn't know what it was anyway. But Americans need all Americans the Americans give me the chemical smell and he said

Unknown Speaker 48:26
Ah, so

Unknown Speaker 48:32
let me try to convince no

Unknown Speaker 48:35
sevens, the sevens or so. So he knows we're shooting back and forth four nights a week and about six. So we had the record

Unknown Speaker 48:52
straight. I'm Eli and dad we cross

Unknown Speaker 48:55
the river they are sold.

Unknown Speaker 49:03
From there, they're taken to

Unknown Speaker 49:07
economic crash down here.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
And I know we have a lovely summer day and he put us in woven cotton going down the long drive. And we finally got down there

Unknown Speaker 49:30
past the bravest man in the world

Unknown Speaker 49:43
we went pretty speedily home and we've got to tap lightning strike only Yes. And they're keeping us posted

Unknown Speaker 49:53
by in house. Every red blooded Canadian boy should go to Paris sometime this weekend. But they never ever come to Paris to talk. We just kept going so Brian stopped me here. All my athletes now remember the

Unknown Speaker 50:11
French the French

Unknown Speaker 50:13
The French were still celebrating the trains were not there use a lot of our fields today and I was railroads and they were going crazy

Unknown Speaker 50:33
but I never did get to never get

Unknown Speaker 50:35
to Paris

Unknown Speaker 50:39
and we've been thinking and

Unknown Speaker 50:42
that's the end of the story

Unknown Speaker 50:52

Unknown Speaker 50:58
Anybody got any questions?