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I live my life on Saltspring island so I'm here with my family got our needs met close to me all in home it's been a good life and I'm grateful to this I will stay in the fall like my father his father before me to like the college in the state in the fall for

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sometimes they asked me about the old days and into your time pay me how they cleared and broke this land here with their blood, sweat and tears. Lives You changed from this but I'm thankful through the years my last sunset song that's when you can bury me right here. Stay the full full family like my father and his father before me my school like for college in the US stay in the pool. I will stay in the full line my father and his father before me like the college stay in the fall I will stay in the fall

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Thank you very much. That was a perfect that sets us up to the foolproof ballot. Right now we're going to move over to Musgraves we have George Nagar here to answer some questions on what it was like in the month straight. George.

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Thank you for the opportunity to speak about monsters monsters is probably the one area that's been most provocative in the rich history of assaults. The little bit that has been written has

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just totally

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there's a sadness when you lose history, because it becomes retrievable. And there's an old saying that fame is fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever. So I'd like to thank Mark for forcing us to reconstruct from the dustbins of our memory. Some ideas on the last two months, I've done quite a bit of work on them. Because we went through a lot of old forms that I can find from my dad, who we sold cheap to and that kind of thing. So half a sheet for $3.50. That's not a pound. And yet roll was about $1 a pound to talk about $5 for fleece. I don't suppose there's any value to wool today, but traded with the neighbors who made the beautiful black and white sweaters and still new accounts were bound. By dollars a piece would be a lot of money. I'm talking primarily about the time between the two wars, more or less the early part of the century and then MOSFETs seems to fade away a lot of things happened. It's you know, I put together a list of names and a quote from talking to people like Bob and some of the old loggers on landscape in my first 30 families in the most vibrant community. That doesn't seem like a lot but that's more than twice the total number of families in the Bergen Valley at large scale committed. They used to say remittance men and war veterans things When going through some of the old maps I'll just run down some interesting people there to the far west part of Musgraves would be the trench to trenches Clive and Ed retrenched and they had a marvelous orchard. Great big orchard wonderful. Arnel Smith had on orchard as well and there was a time when the schemers came into Musgraves harbor to take barrels of apples away. Trench. The Trench farm is now a whole piles of people. The Smith family I'll just go through very quickly some of them there were there was a Bill Smith who wasn't related to the other Smith's but there was Frank Walter and Arnold Arnold Smith. York of course. He had his hunting as well. And the honey was really good. I used to go there among us take me down a weekend project, honey, they don't make honey these days

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I don't have had a waterwheel and you hear people talking about a waterwheel now it's not the same one that was the one that was Frank's which is now the mill farm are no problem. I am not sure but I would think he had the first electricity on Salzman certainly by 19. Other wonderful waterwheel I can just remember what's twice as high as I was for sure. And it worked also. I think in the 20s and 30s, he had electric milking machines. Frank had cheese factory. That's now the mill farm. Walter was the postman. We had our own homes to the place up there and Frank steps on Route mailboat from Oregon Bay and I have some old letters. This is one from this is to Mrs. Clive trench. And I guess we haven't for the old standards from Paris. If you think your post office is good these days, this was sent from Paris at 2040 5am. The 12th day of the seventh month 1937 And probably got there in a week. This is to Mrs. Five trends. Sansom Musgraves Canada BC so I guess that'd be sets and narrows. The last one we have the addresses were wonderful. Here's one to my mom and dad to mosque graves towards MOS S G grave landings so Saltspring North standing PC so there were I'll just go through a few and then you can tell me when I was running over. Actually if I go here long enough Davis 30 families as I mentioned, one of the reasons probably that it is so forgotten is that we had virtually no contact with gangee Ganges was irrelevant that not much has changed. But there was there was no road you see over there. And our link was within the current quarantine station and dumping so we would go over that way. The only road I guess until we aren't BARTON I argued about this last week but the old road would be what part of mountain road and that was little more than horse trading I guess. So the new road goes in we couldn't agree on the date but sometime around 26 to 36. So we had our own post office we didn't I mean it would take a day to get begins. So you didn't feel at home. That's one reason when profit cut off because we have so much contact with the other people I've done are Smith and Frank and Walter a lot of crews up our crew and then another big area up around from hotel to palm cut off there in the actual garden actual gardens now the monastery that was his property. He had very big field the fall not an argument about who owned the fields. He says it was Branford I'm not sure exactly, but there was 100 acre field. Mom Tom was all open was going back when I was a kid. So all the people were talking about old growth. Timber was Hayfield when I was there was Julius garden. Now Julius garden, Axel hosts still their hometown. There was gun space of Bradford's place with a two fuse. Walton do a few To log that hail gently from, I guess 29 into the early 50s. Walter once said that, it his brother took out a loan of $750 in 1929 to begin their logging operation and they log in gently for all those years. We'd all be out there waiting to go Walter Grover, Gerald nuts. Every time you went by truck you hear coming from miles, and you've got the fence posts to wager. A good guy, you ain't every time you never drove it enough stuff. So then we come down to another area that is over again farther for most people who don't know is Rosemary's Lake. Not late at all. Of course, it's an old swamp, dammed up for waterpower for the meal. They had, some of you may have been up there, you would have seen these pipes, wooden pipes are that big, with steel wire, and that was hydraulic power. And they have shaped mill up there and they down below the lake. And they used to shoot them down a chute into the valley. And the roads might get kids walk down to the Burgoyne school, down that hill, back up and even get kicked out. And there was another host bearing jurors who were related to some cousins making Patterson's he old enough to St. Augustine's still a Hillman there was a big community many of the people work off island for part of the year. The person next to my dad wasn't going to name a mole do and he was also a South African that he got Land Grant was my dad did and it was a little different story. He'd been on the other side so I guess he had applied for a land grant and the civil servants who filled it out never bothered that's beside he was shipped right. And had these beautiful beautiful mahogany bunks in his cabin and my dad was trained carriage me. So they have these skills and they would work around BC or excuse me, probably during the summer I guess. Come back and find the rest of homes. So that's most of those people. My dad came there. Hold up Okay. Two minutes, but dad came in 1910 received it definitely got my brother and I got your original grant. One he had to do $500 A year of proving the land, which seems like a lot about building a barn and stuff like that. He was married 19 2016 Some pictures over there for children. I was born 36 Some guys come home by the stork I was delivered by a tugboat. Late in January my mom went to Duncan and came back and tumbled on things the kids always suddenly went down to see the new baby come home and the captain was yelling at the crew to take care of the cargo. So then 38 One minute, one minute 3839 We moved on to open we kept cheap till about the 50s everything along we'll talk about remember cheaper than the 1960s a new culture arrived unfortunately everything up to date was stolen and broken and of course the all the houses were burned and that's a shame because they're certainly as many of you know these guys know there's a fight the golden land and I'm taking it for my grandson will be the fifth generation he should mention to any of these children to be the first king of Salzburg and show you all the pictures of my son arrived on the woodshed for example a couple of years ago using the beads from my dad's whichever monsters and that's nice for him to do

Unknown Speaker 14:07
thank you George. Now Bob thinks we need a break. So he's asked Alan to get up and sing another song

Unknown Speaker 14:23
and protect the songs. This is the title to my most recent CD, it's Holman dry, it's cold and some back on the table when I sell them off island I usually beg people to buy them so I can get the theory fair back but I can't do that here. Anyways, I'll be storekeeper later on this song was played a song and it's kind of my own story

Unknown Speaker 14:55
piece of driftwood washed up on the show Before the rough Barb's moved away from the stones even though before that's how he came to the island running from his pants came around the point made himself coming back and lo he was cut and we just seem to take me in like some gentle mother took him to her booze and she held him while he cried all the tears he held inside standing just see the sun

Unknown Speaker 15:54
he gave a reading from the city he came running from the store came looking for some loving arms to open up more that's how he came to the island seeing slow long short to find some solid ground dying to solve won't

Unknown Speaker 16:27
seem to take me in general look into her boobs and she held in money all the tears he held inside standing just above all the time saved himself he believes in God he believes in love big capital L he believes in living your life and be what they call him. Now he knows enough to know this much that he doesn't know much at all. Offensive Kevin is the voices inside the beat yours when it goes bad and the scene taken me like some kid on Mother's Day took into her shoes and she held him while he cried all the tears he held inside standing just

Unknown Speaker 17:40
standing just about the time

Unknown Speaker 18:00
that's great. Thank you Alan. Now that puts us into the mood to go to early early soft spring with barbecue

Unknown Speaker 18:23
I have to sit down because

Unknown Speaker 18:29
I know you I know you have lots of memories but could you start with start early early Saltspring the stories your grandmother told you

Unknown Speaker 18:40
okay. My grandmother and also Dorsen grandmother to my cousin. She was a she was the daughter of Chief to some who's banned on the burger and Bay Area and most of the valley

Unknown Speaker 19:09
and she used to tell me different stories before the white man came and they sound far out but I I am sure they were true. True

Unknown Speaker 19:35
she said that they were the she was young and living at Burger okay. They were very close to the nature very close to animals and present they used to be a pack of wolves to grow through the valley and Upon maximum out, most grades and very often he would meet them. When they were children they would meet them when they're on the beach. And there was never a time that they ever attacked them walked by them and they were good more or less like dogs to them I guess. But I used to occurred to her that they kind of helped him out too. Because every once in a while every once in a while they would run a deer into the water right in front of the the houses and the man posts or go out and Canadair ready for Barbara camisa BBQ. fires that have on the beach. And they would take the like the legs and then I guess in in size and they take them along the beach, sat them down. And just about dark walls would come back and they would feed the next morning there'll be nothing left there. She thought that they were making put this they are in so it is good to eat them. They could eat too. They were just that close. He told me another story about when she was a little girl, the sandwich engines on the Fulford area. And this day, her father or father, and mother and sister and brother, they were going down to visit the savage Indians. And they got about halfway down the valley and her father said up this creek here, this creek across the valley and that goes a line between the my great grandfather's place and the Saanich Indians. And he said that I know where there's a wolf den rules and so anyway, they went up and they're listening, fallen cedar tree, there was down there. And there was treadle pumps and I just had their eyes open. And they were all excited and they asked their dad if they could take them down and show them to the Saanich children. And he didn't like the idea that they they like them and I guess and he says okay, but you're gonna have to bring them back tomorrow morning. We're gonna stay there tonight. Because the saddest people and you have to bring them back in the morning. That's okay. So they took them down in the past children were very happy to see them and they were playing with them on the beach. And after half an hour or so on the beach. They heard the German commotion coming down the trail, they just come down and there was a wolves on the run. And they were coming falling down. They knew they had their pups. So she said they heard that said well, we just wait and see what they're gonna do. And we just watched them for a while and they circled the fire because it didn't come too close. And then they disappeared. They went across the creek behind where the stone churches that are up on the hill. And pretty soon they were barking again. They brought a deer now they brought a deer right down on the right out in front of where they were they had their buyer and went up to duck and water. And the wall was one of the columns. And so

Unknown Speaker 24:24
my grandfather said to him call this a great battle. Now they brought that dairy down their cars for the reason. They want their cups back. So they took the pups they take the pups on the beach, put them down and take them up on the beach or come down and the wolves come in the back of the dogs do and circling back home again. So that was a trade off. So it shows. It shows us how close they were. And

Unknown Speaker 25:13
I have a lot of stories that she told me along that same line. But

Unknown Speaker 25:24
yeah. I can tell you one more story that did happen.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
They tell us one more than tell us about the conference first baseball team. That would be interesting.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
That's it. That's another story. My grandmother one more about my grandmother. After she got all she was over 90 years old.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
My uncle Mike, Uncle Mike, your dad, you can already said very well. I went over and she had a very bad crow. And

Unknown Speaker 26:07
Mike, my uncle and I, we watched her for a day or two and said, Well, I think of her attack of the hospital. The doctor so I got her my old car, an old beat up car to the lady mental hospital. They were used to be on Ganges hill at that time. And and I pick up the mic, and I used to go from here this day. No, she I got a phone call. I got a phone call after two three days and said to your grandmother wants to see you. So I got in the car went up there. I went up there. And the nurse stopped me at the door and she says I don't think that your grandmother will know you. So I went in and I started to talk to her and she recognized my voice. And I guess so far. And she didn't say anything but she held her hand. She held her hand up like that. I took her hand and held it. And it's a funny thing, but I can feel a vibration on my shoulder. Vibration, like a very low electricity or something like that. And I just couldn't figure it out. But anyway, after two or three minutes, she says write up start to talk. We talked about different things. And then I thought well, I won't keep her here too long. So I went home. And two or three hours after I got home, my phone rang nurse. The nurse said your grandmother just passed away. She wanted to just talk to me I guess. For she went away she knew she was gonna die. And that is true story. I think maybe she had the power. Because my grandmother, your grandmother was a when when she was very young. She was a dancer and a singer. And to make a dancer and a singer. They have to go out in the woods and for several days and they will have a dream. And in this dream, show them how their dance goes. They get a spirit a they call it the Spirit, they get a spirit. They will tell them their dance and their song. They will but they don't tell anybody about it. They wait till the first Potlatch in the wintertime. I had all our Catholicism in our first Potlatch, they would dance and sing their song know whether she had some power from that. I don't know. But she certainly took the bar from me. And after she took that power, I felt kind of weak. Drained something. Now that's that's true.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
You just do a quick one on the folkart baseball team, and then we'll pass it today. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Okay, no, we had the

Unknown Speaker 30:05
Well in the early days, there was a quite a rivalry between the between the Fulford and Ganges. Well, I will say the people that it wasn't the actually the law caused by a Bulford baiting so much and soccer and basketball, your name. And the spectators at the game they used to get into big arguments. But the players themselves had a lot of respect for each other they, they were very, very close the players and just brought the cups up there the show, you know, there's a shield there, what they call a Jackson shield. That was for baseball. And he had to win a two years to keep up. So we want to two years and we had one more year to go. And we were we were we were one run ahead of them in the ninth inning, or one run ahead. And my brother was pitching and they gotta they gotta run on him. And they fill the bases. They got the bases filled boy, we're in trouble here. So I thought I'd call for a password. So I was playing second base brothers pitching and Jack from first he slid into second. Just all went up. And I took them all put under my arm I'll put under under here under my arm. And I went over and I pretended I gave it to my brother and walked back to second place and this guy James Foley, he stepped off the bag and I touched him. We still held our one one run. A couple of runs and that's a true story.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
Okay, thanks very much. Rob Berger. David, do you want to stand up or do you want

Unknown Speaker 32:26
doesn't matter to me? I'll stand up first step, whichever. Okay, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
We're giving David 10 minutes. Okay, well, I

Unknown Speaker 32:34
can speak very quickly. Okay, thank you. That's pretty quick. What I'm, what I'm thinking is I remember what Jimmy are the good old days and your good old days started off. I can't ever remember not knowing up above. I can't ever remember not knowing George because they were always run. George's mother went to school with my mother. George's mother's over there in the wall, my brothers and there are several spots. Uncle Bob is here. He's also several spots up and down over there. Now what you'll notice when you look at those pictures, you'll notice an absence of cars. You'll notice an absence of vehicles except for logging trucks. Now over there, right beside unsettled when you can see an old road truck that's the main road between Fulford and Ganges that Blackburn Lake. My grandfather was on the left. Dick Maxwell was on the right click Wakelin who had one arm but didn't crash his car because he wasn't drinking and smoking pago standing in the back. Those are the good old days. Now another thing about the good old days I was always taught when I was growing up the only people worth anything were those from Pulford when he was playing the Ganges guys and one day Frankie to homie me, les Fraser, Pat Lee, etcetera, etcetera with the kitchen brothers of various sizes would be playing on another guy. It was always Ganges versus forward it wasn't picking up times hurricanes. And my mother went to great great point or great pains to tell me that the Indians man a great deal because she of course, was same as Bob she was my partner. Now then speak him speaking of great granny jives reminds me. She died when I was a year old and I used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. From the time I was a baby until he would come home from nursing and she would come and look after me to give my mother a break. And when I was born, I was one of the first with the great grandchildren. I was long when I was born. She gave me the NBN next yarlington which is made cheap baby or long baby. Now the white man mispronounced the health out of Seattle. And that's where the state of Seattle comes from seems to be held by a great many times have died. And I'm telling him my grandmother and Mary Brenton would gather at night. And her letter would come from Charlie, because he has an Uncle Bob, because it was available. And he was off in the war. And she'd been the letter over to read it. And it would be completely quiet. There was none of this 300 cars an hour and none of this racket in the pool for him because it was just a different time. And they hear an owl over the tree. And when they heard that all in the tree, they all stopped what they were doing. And they'd listened like this. And they'd say, that's brand new Gize. And they measure they weren't joking. They meant it. And that's, of course, when I was a Barbie, remember, but my grandfather who was a white man, always slept on the couch and he that was hanging over his eyes. And he never said whether or not it was Mandy jives and I was listening to see see if he would say whether it was Mandy jives, and it didn't. Now another thing speaking of ball, what people don't remember is that there were four ball fields. And the Darling, there was the one that Brennan's road was above where, which was the previous bar, there was one hand behind up above his dam, there was the one right across from his museum. And there's no the one back across the creek, where of course, it's good place to pick up your ball was out through slowpitch tournaments because they run the bases with fear in their hands, even the game. Now, it's not 1944 45 and above and company we're playing a game from Victoria. And I went down and it was about this high was telling you to watch and make jokes genuine your father's back there. You can see him further back. But he'd come down to watch too. And Uncle Bob was telling me that you didn't cross like James Jr. and I saw an example that day because you close the claim somebody from the Navy team from Victoria. And you have to make an exception because the umpiring and he attacks the umpire right there in front of the player in the game stop. And Uncle Bob and company drag make up this guy who was kicking and screaming. And I thought this is the battle of the giants. They didn't know anything about the gods of Olympus then I remember looking up at a bunch of knees and people are yelling and shouting. And the guy wanted to go home the agenda he wanted to go. But they persuaded them to stay. Well, we went home after the game. And that's how he sat down to make her her mother and dad a cup of tea. And she was laughing so hard to make the tea describing whether or not to make a gun and went to the Empire. Now there is a St Anne's Church Duncan there's a monument. It's made of pink granite. And it comes from mate JF seniors, US Army pension. It costs $50. And it's the monument of Bob's great grandfather, Granny jibes, his father, who knew he was going to die in 1910. He came to Fallbrook for the last time they come in by the canoes to Burg. He walked down the corporate value. None of this is getting the right man. He walked down. My mother was in school was Molly. She looked out the window the teacher called them and there were the Indians, including the big tall white sheep church. And she said when she went home after school, he was had visited granny Jairus his daughter. My grandmother is who is his granddaughter. And he was out in the woods, trying to keep cool before he walked home. Now, my mother was dead. She and Molly were crawling back and forth, like puppies and a dog. And at night he got up, walked back down the belly. They paddled him to college and he died. Now, when Mike died in 1920, he was getting 30 a month for the US Army pension he did in the American army at the time of the Civil War. And a letter came from the US Army saying no more pension. Now, granted, he just couldn't read or write. But of course my grandmother did. And so they read the letter. No more pension. They sent it off to Claude Harrison. No one's above those thought Harrison Great. Well, you remember, but Harrison was mayor of Victoria for many years very colorful. The guy used to be in the newspapers all across Canada. You remember about plotters? Does anybody remember Claude Harrison except us? No, he was a man who used to come up and hunt up here. And John Dean naked John Dean Park would come with him they have a car and make James Jr. would guide them hunting. And he was the lawyer so of course they they got him to write to the US government and back game adventure and great Randy Jive save $50 out of this out of pink granite monument commission now if you go to to Duncan and go to stand out his church, they had a big walk seven eighths of the way up on the right there's the monument this time. It says chief George zoo halen 1820 1910. Now there were two types of white man that came to the close. There were the King George man during the British. There were the Boston then there were the Americans. And the King George man said und is about a new king. Now his name is George he lives in a place called England that would be dangerous. A third part. He wants you to get us these words was first in exchange for the valuable beads and the Fair Trade started. And they said because you're king of your people to their predatory cheeks, we're naming new jars. That's why the name George is common Coast Salish Indians, descended from the hereditary chiefs. But what I remember most being at the tail end of what I call reality and sobering because Saltspring is no longer reality is the all you have to do is look down here. And you see the way things used to be. It used to be much difference, but very different. No cars, cheaper than the road. How was a winding thing in the forefront valuable part of the wooden bridges about his drive, she used to get us to drive sheep, and we drive them remote was called the slashing down, Jones wrote down the valley, it would be a summer night and the night hawks flying and just pass my corner where the old crashes the blackberries the road used to go down like that. There was a little bridge, remember that bridge, and the sheep would go running down standing across the bridge. Remember the other side? A car might come the guy would stop and the sheep would go around the other side like that

Unknown Speaker 41:54
flowing on and do minutes okay. Now there's a there's a two novelist named Thomas Wolfe. I moved off the island in 1957. I didn't come back to live until 1989 full time I have it on good authority from Harry about to you used to visit me every two weeks and the place used to be a paradise, which it was I knew that and there are two Thomas books one is a more recent writer of no talent. The other was a columnist, who wrote Look Homeward Angel 819 28 And he lifted the line from John Milton Glaser dies. And then it is the famous line you can't come home again. Well, Harry adaptee told me you couldn't go on and each time you are and see the story of the hotel reminders cabins. You can I'm up there all the time was my bees. It's all trees. But you can't go to Saltspring either. Because if you could go home again, I'd see that scene right over there. Who's Davis is the booker ganseys road and dirt road one car sheep and cows on it and peace and quiet. You see some places go down other places go up and I'm not sure which has happened which is gone but anyway that's what I remember from back and what I call the good old days but you're getting in the words of the people nowadays good or all the time man

Unknown Speaker 43:32
thank you very much. Now we're going to we're going to have another song by Alan and then we're open for questions. Everybody's saying okay

Unknown Speaker 43:51
well I kind of I understand what you're saying. I was raised in a place where it was all booked travel Of course not anymore at the school level to get all kinds of things. This is another request the bops and it's an old song you all know

Unknown Speaker 44:20

Unknown Speaker 44:31
play and the

Unknown Speaker 44:42
summer's gone

Unknown Speaker 44:45
and OH

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Most fun Come here when sold in lumber or when such and one could still be sunshine

Unknown Speaker 45:37
Oh Daddy Go Daddy

Unknown Speaker 45:52
with all that

Unknown Speaker 46:03
as did

Unknown Speaker 46:10
you come in plagues

Unknown Speaker 46:23

Unknown Speaker 46:34
healios sub dreaded

Unknown Speaker 46:45
migraine shuts down low for you

Unknown Speaker 47:02
that you should in the sun you

Unknown Speaker 48:05
those that your ancestors drove into the ground are being torn out in carelessness and the hedgerows are being inch by and I really asked him to help restore the highways department but it's the damn car David you know whatever he's gotta be

Unknown Speaker 48:32
15 years ago there were no hedgerows because they have to mow down but they're clear he knows the rest of the car because no longer and if you get people off the road and get them to go 20 miles an hour then I can put my sheet back out there and there'll be no further I will tell you what they're doing. I walk up and down and pick up your bug let's put your piston did they're easier to find so they can clear it out

Unknown Speaker 49:01
we have another question

Unknown Speaker 49:13
sometimes in the 50s I, I moved down to what family down in about 3039 We kept the farm into the 50s and I would go around the food and my dad would go around with the summers to deal with the sheep and I would take food around and then it was until the early 50s And there was a male voice bet something like 25 cents. So

Unknown Speaker 49:42
could you tell me the story

Unknown Speaker 49:51
hold on well that this is there though. If we get a chance later on we'll talk about this so salty fitness. That is Here's how my friend and I became members. We weren't getting cancer. And Bob had goat sheep, our four month flock. And we never rode a bicycle and we, Brian and I would leave from about Bob's place and head over to Bryant's come out to the road, they are somewhere near NC State. And then we walk on the road to Stuart lake and then we head inland, there were no roads. And we pick up these road sheep and bring them back ones that he thought couldn't get hit Bob, never before we were bringing it back all day we'll be playing on the bluffs there. We play the game of chicken with the vultures and you get a stick in your hand. Remember, we're not 10 years old and you'd lie down your head out of the sun and the reason you do that is so you can see the shadows of the vultures come down and you just buy it and you just wait and wouldn't be many minutes before you start to circle then you come down and the guy who loves to get the closest would win the game and kick him out he's his bosses are bigger they have seven foot wingspan they're bigger than we were is and of course you had to stick for a couple of reasons we got the real prize if he ever hit one you let them get close enough Well anyhow we play all day and we get the sheep home get one or two sheep home and title Bob and give us both a nickel

Unknown Speaker 51:46
I always pay down my workers

Unknown Speaker 52:06
I don't know a lot but I do know that one human lived in a boat at must be learning for a long time his family I guess for me to be in that area. Ami did a lot of the homework for the future so Jean Yun member

Unknown Speaker 52:38
find quite a character for many years he lived right in the harbor on the boat and get the boomers never lived in a house that helped her

Unknown Speaker 52:58
yes my spirit Yes yes.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
I apologize but what happens

Unknown Speaker 53:11
when they just guess left yawn went to into Victoria bomb

Unknown Speaker 53:21
slaughter went down in the states University University I bought his place I used to own the place one time and I used to rent the cabin out there $5 a month away on the Arnold Frank frankly live just off the road. Frank Smith. They moved to Victoria

Unknown Speaker 54:03
was the last postmaster?

Unknown Speaker 54:16
An athlete I think it was the last one Gerald cottage That's right. He moved into Victoria. Theatre on the very well. You can be right you could be writing because as my mum used to. She went over

Unknown Speaker 54:52
he came into a quite a bit of money because he used to look after the grandparent estate and When Mr. Grant for died and there was a quite a bill he has to looking after and he was given all that land on top of the mountain

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Franco's post the original post office is a prank call a mill farm now and then Walter he he went down to the water and he's got a lot of waste any more questions?

Unknown Speaker 55:39
Mr. Landry you ever heard that or wherever it goes a Christian specifically

Unknown Speaker 55:50
No, I'm not aware of that. I never remember anything that can make call unusual.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
And remember that it's just it wasn't it wasn't illegal. It was

Unknown Speaker 56:04
very, it was very spiritual. There were a lot of calls later on in the 60s and 60 members some some childhood growing up and some people believe in the Vietnam draft or just came up a number of I don't remember any

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Georgia military

Unknown Speaker 56:35
again, I don't know a lot of them just that he had had the meal there, which you can still see part of the old house is killed or just below the lake. But the dam that up and I just remember coming later seeing the remains of the mailman to shoot. I used to fish up that canyon and catch chunks of halfway up and the shoot was still there some of that water

Unknown Speaker 57:05
for irrigation.

Unknown Speaker 57:06
No the the water was primarily for driving the mill. It was a hydraulic power. And they use it as a boom ground for the cedar upon but primarily they may still be there. I haven't been there since the recent logging. But you could see the remains of these pipes. Not pipe of course but wooden pipes and they will wound with a metal wire. They're probably still there remains in your house. They will related I think maybe cousins to Behringer. With those movies being cousins to characters. They will never related Behringer was overriding under over the monkbarns just below its houses the remains a part of the most complete there other than actual gardens. The remains of a house remains a barn and part of his dam he had a nice work to do. I know I used to come down get water there you can drive right to that place if you go into Mount Bruce and take the first road to the right glean only a few 100 yards the house is quite visible remain the claim visible but other than that I can't tell you much much rosemary to say they used to shoot the bolts of it shakes down Decker down the chute right down in the Burgoyne Valley it's not a leak of course it should be just the damn swamp. It was broken through at one point and we can remember just the mud in these all the stumps that we've cut everything out this morning

Unknown Speaker 58:42
walked down

Unknown Speaker 58:49
yes the Japanese kid wrote so we used to run cheap in that area. Probably back in the first 20 years primarily over the century. There was a large camp right down on the water deputies camp and they had skid rows all the way up towards Mount twang and they took the logs down by horse on the schedule. Did a lot of logic. We didn't know a lot about it You didn't go there but there were there was a large community of loggers at that point took off. We're talking now about trees that as you see are all three probably six to eight foot through and I've been driving one down the skateboard by course quite a community they're called the champions county

Unknown Speaker 59:37
okay if that's all the questions that we will be leaving over to John Boyd curiosity here. The marble George marble.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Great. Well, it was pink rabbit I'm from massacre. There's the geology of massacre love for both. It's the same as Brutus and there is actually Rhodonite. Granite marble

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Wow, wasn't that fun? I'm not going to thank the speakers and Bob for all their hard work because Charles con is going to do that. And many of you, I'm sure have read Charles's book, about Saltspring sure that he's captured that kind of essence of Saltspring that we heard today. Charles, do you want to come up and say a few words

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
I could have filled the life estate to instruct, I'd like to suggest that we add to our storage

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
I've always enjoyed listening to Bob, he's been a regular visitor to our meetings. I've listened to a lot of live Bob and Bob, we have a lot of work in our archives. And he has done so much to to preserve the history of violence. It's really wonderful between the meetings that you've come to talk to and your museum was just thinking as soon as you come off the journey, most people arrive on Saltspring from the south, and you can't help but be introduced to South Korean history. First with boxing museum. And then with dates. Which are shopping I should say. Most people, many people stop back and I can't help but be introduced to a lot of Saltspring history. Right was one day several years ago. George is that I've never met you before. And I'm really sorry that he talked to you when I was reading my book because I could have done a much better job. I'm frustrated. And I'd like to encourage you to continue your research once very pleased to help you every little book I must read because I think it would be really worthwhile. Kind of interesting as we have a new book on each of the areas of the island and must be overwhelmed. But thank you very, very much. He really really added a lot to our knowledge