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Gordon Cudmore

Accession Number Interviewer Agnes Cunningham and Barbara Lyngard
Date May 15, 2000 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Guard are Agnes Cunningham and Barbara Lynn Guard are interviewing Gordon Cudmore on the 15th of May 2000.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Gordon and when were you born on Saltspring? Or where were you born?

Unknown Speaker 0:19
I live Joris road which is now 100 and Fourth Avenue in Surrey, who my parents lived on barkston Island.

Unknown Speaker 0:28

Unknown Speaker 0:29
gillnet used to get on that fish in the Fraser River. Then we moved from there to Sydney and then the house we're living in we're renting in Sydney and it burned down. So then my father heard about this place in Paterson, Aaron Fulford, so it would have been a boat, house burned up, they didn't have much to move so it came in rented out so we can consult about how old would have you been posed to? It's the spring of 1927

Unknown Speaker 1:07
Were you here when that bridge was at the head of the harbor?

Unknown Speaker 1:11
No. fell down before we came. The only thing was there was it was a warfare it remind you of the Fernwood war. He couldn't drive a car on it. But it was still there when we came in Captain Drummond had a boat tight end of it and it burned up at the end of the war. floated the remainder of it underneath the bridge that laid up in the creek there for a long time.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
And were there many people in Beaufort when do you remember Are there many people in Folkert but other families

Unknown Speaker 1:48
yeah quite a few because we knew pretty well the mall like cut down Isabella point there was Tom Jackson and tassels laces Davis's the royal family and reply I used to everybody Fulford know and go down to the coffee shop full room. No, anybody.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
That's right. Did you travel to Ganges very much. No. How did the people go to Ganges?

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Well, my father had a Model T Ford. The only time we get to again be a ball game or something

Unknown Speaker 2:36
does it take to get there again.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
Paul would take longer than now I guess probably half an hour that was on the cow trail used to be a lot of bridges between Fulford. One come out of Black Lake, quite a high level just by the cedar view audit court.

Unknown Speaker 3:13
Then there was another one up a little further towards Ganges right in front of Harvey Reynolds this there's quite a bit if you look in here you can see deal wrote that day they straightened it. And then they fill it in. But it used to be a wooden bridge. In the rock crusher corner, the road used to come along like that and swing around this way like that. And then they put it straight through near the rock crusher. And then after you got round a rock crusher corner, there was another bridge. And then there was two at the top against us Hill.

Unknown Speaker 3:58
That's interesting. Which school did you go to? Which school? Did you go to

Unknown Speaker 4:04
school than Burgoyne or going through school? Or what I did go

Unknown Speaker 4:11
is that where Sharon hawks is now? That's that

Unknown Speaker 4:17
one yeah. Right approach from the United Church.

Unknown Speaker 4:22
What year was that?

Unknown Speaker 4:26
That I went to school?

Unknown Speaker 4:29
Yeah, what year did you go to school there? How long will come many classes did you take their

Unknown Speaker 4:37
grade seven. Someone just said education didn't mean much. You never know who was the teacher there. Myths. Moses was the first teacher and then she married a man named for debt. She just taught two years and then pat may took over from her. Funny I was talking to Harry bap. D. And he went to school with Pat me. I was showing them these old pictures. This is who's the school teacher, Gordon. I said, Pat me. I went to school with her. He I'll have to look her up. So I tried to trace her down and she died six months ago, six months before Harry just turned 90. He'd know a lot of the old history.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
He probably had

Unknown Speaker 5:40
like the just connect a bill buried in King Bay. He probably told you about that.

Unknown Speaker 5:54
I don't know I wasn't talking to.

Unknown Speaker 5:58
Anyway, I was logging down there and Mrs. King came out and she said please don't run over there said there's no picket fence, all filled out. But she said connect a bill is buried there. He used to own Russell Island. And they also own her place. She said they they bought the Kings bought from him. Connect to Bill Neil and Russell island, but he got too old to be alone on Russell. So Caymans stayed with them. And he died there and he wanted to be buried in that little bay. That's where he buried

Unknown Speaker 6:41
what are the schools did he go to show me one? As far as I got? I never missed a meal.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
And what about when you left school? What did you do after you left school?

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Ordered commercial fish for a while working in a cannery At Otter Bay.

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Was that if you did fishing on the west coast here

Unknown Speaker 7:07
yeah, just inside the border head was only about 30 feet too small for going outside. out along the lining and caught fishing was to jig air. Please Did you carrying an active pass we had four tanks on the boat whether we're flooded live herring and one a new lingkod and another one

Unknown Speaker 7:36
so and so you would notice a lot of difference now between fishing down and fishing now there's

Unknown Speaker 7:41
nothing just be used to be full of herring and pilchard and and do you ever wonder that you would go here with a little boat? I've gone out and I'd be back into house eight o'clock in the morning with six real nice co hosts just trolling with a little Skiff flasher in the air was a good place for kids to grow up. Like our our kids said to me one day she you know that we didn't realize what a nice place for.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
That's right. Can you leave?

Unknown Speaker 8:17
Yeah. Well, I bought them a little boat with a little engine in it. I got it from Brent. Harold Maceio they were selling some animal engine it needs to go. He caught a 35 pound in cadre up front of this place

Unknown Speaker 8:42
so after you went left fishing, did you go into logging?

Unknown Speaker 8:46
Building first? Jack green building houses? Yeah, on the road here. And we've got some time sandspit and ganseys one firm district goalie Bishop Wilson's on Sunset drive at work. Graham was a good carpenter. I guess you lover across from Shaw's at his workshop on the side of the road where Mrs. hypsi had the nursing home. grandkid. I didn't know there was a nursing home. There was Betty Drummond work there quite a bit that Mrs. hipstery was running on Jamaica was spent the rest of his life in Jamaica

Unknown Speaker 9:47
so what was the logging like? Most things

Unknown Speaker 9:50
are beautiful compared to now. They run and down long enough but I logged for about 30 years and I never put in less than a million TT er, and they say Saltspring is beautiful. There was over 30 loggers registered with the Forest Service at that time. And you just add that out. My brother took out 6 million feet in 13 months of have a natural smell

Unknown Speaker 10:21
with a clear path. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 10:26
It's all going back. It's been logged again since

Unknown Speaker 10:30
it's been a lot of CareCredit Sure.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
And far as I'm concerned, that's the best way to do it. Kick it all down even. I talked to this guy is sleeping in a tent on the beach over here by the Fulford in. And I said to him, I said, How long have you been living on Saltspring? He said three months. And I said, Where did you come from? He says Nova Scotia. I said, What would you know about logging on Saltspring island on the Gulf Islands a few years back there's a different climate and everything different? Well, I don't mind the way they I don't mind them logging. There's a way they're doing it. And I said, Well, yeah. And if you're doing it, how would you do it? He said watch selective logging. And I said yeah, I've seen selective logging. When you take out a few trees here and there. And the first time you get a big southeast wind that blows half of it over. Then you got to get equipment in there to try and get these trees that have fell into each other. So you can't tell me much more logging. Was this that you saw him just hear this here this spring? And they're sleeping in a tent with the Fulford they were blocking the trucks no throwing rotten apples to the truck drivers. And I said to him, instead of throwing rotten apples at his truck drivers, why don't you take your signs and your rotten apples go down to the island Trust Office and Ganges because that's the only way you're going to get anywhere and I said if that doesn't work go to apartment buildings but I said these guys is driving the truck they're just men trying to make a living and I got wives and families to support and you're just being a nuisance I said the island trust is messed this island up so bad. My My son is a forestry graduate from PC tech school in Burnaby. He's worked for McNeil modell for 27 years and these guys come over here and they make into all about logon crazy but Macmillan Rodel, offered to give the island trust 3200 acres on Mount Toine if they let him take the density off of Vault farm and transfer until over to Stuart Road, which they were holding 2000 acres on Stewart road and that way they wouldn't they wouldn't occur cut them out. It wouldn't occur cut Stewart road they just clean it out what they needed to to build houses and put them in there. And I said that island trust impossible to deal with. I used to own the old Cecil Bryant property and I offered to give them 74 acres tilt hadn't been long to steal lots of timber on it. If they'd let me transfer the density from their Ultimen to malt Belcher, it turned it down. Ian Fraser went up and looked at it and he was sick about it. He said it would have made a beautiful park and it was right up against Crown land. But Donald Trump is not doing anything to preserve or protect it. They're destroying what they're doing. And people that don't understand what's going on

Unknown Speaker 13:53
I just changed the subject now I understand that. I was asking the question Where did Morningside road get its name from?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
But I don't know. I thought you did. No, no. I know the only road when you get to Patterson it used to be to own the road.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
I think it still is

Unknown Speaker 14:12
a sign is to Honi but in the book and directory it says Patterson notes so people come by and then the Paradis note there is no Patterson

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Well, you shouldn't be too holy. I don't know who sign

Unknown Speaker 14:27
is to how many on it is it.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
Morning Morningside I never knew it was called Morningside until recent years.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
So how did townie road get its name?

Unknown Speaker 14:42
Well, I've always figured that it was Old Joe, Tony's father probably skipped it skidded used to skid logs with oxen. And I think that was just a good road. Start with we used to run up through their old Model A Ford I bought one off at TJ Maxx for for $60 A little model a coupe to the rumble seat in the back $60 He was going overseas and he wanted to sell it I was Timex Dave actually

Unknown Speaker 15:24
and so that's how they did Tony's never built up there. It was just named from their logging not from not then they would never lived up there.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Without I don't I don't remember them being up there. No.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
What about Orchard Street road? Read it or to get its name

Unknown Speaker 15:43
or follow the name all this named? Captain mod wanted his name put on it all this clip.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
Oh, this was a surveyor. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
I worked with all just the two of us surveyed it. And I think it was 24 Lots and some of the waterfront lots for $250. The one that Rex lived in that was $100. Orchard there's a graveyard over here. Do you know who's that Craigie? Old Mrs. I knew old Mrs. Craigie.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
She's at the Catholic buried at the Catholic Church. She's at the Catholic Church buried at the Catholic Church.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
All of this is true.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
And who's buried

Unknown Speaker 16:40
at draggy, Theodore Twiggy, and one of Clara Mansell and David Max was their first daughter died when she was six. Her name was Laura. And she her greatest there as well. They're both together. There's two of them there that Laura Maxwell and Theodore draggy.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Ill she, I remember, old Mrs. Maxwell's mother, she lived in little Capitol behind the

Unknown Speaker 17:11
house. Yeah. That was super tricky. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:14
She buried there at the Catholic Church. Oh, she buried in the Catholic Church. And who is with this other little girl you see

Unknown Speaker 17:22
the husband Theodore? Susan trackies husband.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
That'd be Adel triggers father.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
That's right. What do you remember about Susan triggy? You say you remember her? What what do you remember about her?

Unknown Speaker 17:44
Well, a lot of them in them days were full blooded Indians were she was full blooded and Mrs. Granny jives was and if I remember right, she she couldn't read or write. But she signed her pension check. She used to get a pension check from the federal government. She signed it with a next and then get her daughter Mrs. Knoxville to witness

Unknown Speaker 18:14
just seemed Val jives current or current there Patterson Delavan Lloyd two years have gone by. I remember her grandmother coming down to the store. She walked all the way. She was living with Mrs. Brenton at the time. I got a good picture of the old store and post office.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Did you build any of the stores down there? Down at

Unknown Speaker 18:43
Fulford Well, my father and Fred Maxwell built the coffee shop to start with and then when Walter and I got big enough we added the room on for store for the post office it used to be an all on shed their leaves keep Gasper on some stuff. It is on a flat roof. I was looking for a picture of a picture taken right in front of the store with dad with his rifle in a big buck deer into the hitching rail. There used to be a lot of horses. You remember Colonel Bryant, that herd used to teach the boys coats and different things. He used to have a mule and he used to come down the store to Muller and get kerosene. Now for gas for lightning because that's the way he got back and forth.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
Do you remember Mrs. or Dr. Bryant is

Unknown Speaker 19:45
the anesthetic when they operate not only do you miss it

Unknown Speaker 19:55
is that the one on the hill? Hospital yeah Is there

Unknown Speaker 20:08
is there anyone else do you remember that from the old days that you can recall any events any elderly people anyone that that lived years and years ago hear that you'd care to talk on

Unknown Speaker 20:24
all Mrs. Curley you know the place across the beaver point Hall there's a 14 year old boy buried behind the house there was clearly said the house that Douglas got shot in, I guess you got some history on that. And then his widow married Dick Maxwell after she used to have an old model a coupe to just come down to the store she had two sons Wilford was one and I think he married got a stone

Unknown Speaker 21:08
who was not issue with

Unknown Speaker 21:12
that was Tommy as your son told me it showed he was married to two unis Isherwood. That was she was one of his currently had two daughters. Eileen was the youngest think Eileen is still living but not he died. Yeah, it's funny, I've gone to Port Alberni quite a few times and my son knows. He sees in the coffee shop all the time. So I said, Well, I'd sure like to see him sometime. So so the next time we're up, I'll take you down to the coffee shop where he's always there at a certain time. And sure enough, he was there and had a nice visit with him. And six months later, he died in a heart attack just so that he had a daughter and a son that his daughter was 12 she was swimming in a lake and somebody run over with outboard motor power hitter and Kevin

Unknown Speaker 22:23
was in Port Alberni. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:25
probably struggling

Unknown Speaker 22:28
I needed to marry a reader. Yeah, truck reader and they just passed Nelson's house I guess

Unknown Speaker 22:47
just walked past the Marina cabin there they moved in there and then they separated Yeah. He had a terrible temper

Unknown Speaker 23:01
there and I

Unknown Speaker 23:02
liked more stick ties brother in the head with a beard cutting head drilled out of the depths when they didn't like them deaths for filing these deaths as you grow your change partners unless without

Unknown Speaker 23:28
knowing it was like that, remember their dog they

Unknown Speaker 23:33
are that's a heck of a hit a guy in the head father has some good fights in that hall. I remember a couple of women that fight in the Netherlands punched her in the mouth and knocked out a tooth

Unknown Speaker 23:52
What about the corporate Hall? How many do you remember was there was there to wasn't

Unknown Speaker 23:56
just remember to and only the forum this one sub for sock spiral worked on it. They had it in the paper here awhile ago that Shaw's donated to the Anglican Church graveyard, one acre, but they didn't because if you when you go in the graveyard, it's a lot shaped like this. When you go in here on the right hand side there sparrows there they're very, very neat to hunters, or Shaw's never came here collecting 10.

Unknown Speaker 24:34
Shaw's did donate the ground that the hall is now sitting on that was in the barn and I told him that the parliament made a mistake there but they never cracked

Unknown Speaker 24:56
when I when I bought Charles place I got the price Be around the hall I got it surveyed. And of course, they're checking lines and the severity told me that they've made a mistake and they built the fence over I'm sparrows place, I guess when it didn't matter much is nine feet over over the property line. And Billy Hamilton was buried on that little nine foot piece. But they realized that there was a mistake there and they got wolf Miller to survey it. So that mistake would be corrected. He surveyed it posted it but he neglected to registered in the land registry office. So that nine feet still long for our daughter. And we've talked about at different times, I've talked to members of the Anglican Church and they nobody seems to want to bother doing anything. Louise said she signed it over to him for nothing to get it straightened out. When they went to build their, their garage and workshop there, they had to get the surveyor to come down and do a site plan which costs you $250 in right away when he does the site plan he finds out that they built the garage but they build at 10 feet away from the property line but they still own that nine feet. So they found out again, come up again. But wolf Miller charged them and they paid him but he never registered land title. So they have extra property that nine feet all the way to the lasers got it, but the church hasn't. But why doesn't the church straighten that out? No. I mean, somebody might get it and they say well let you have it. They want $10,000 For something that they initially just sign it over because they feel it was to the church it was meant to be

Unknown Speaker 27:07
the people in the church know

Unknown Speaker 27:11
I've talked to different ones. Mary Lawler and Leslie about it. We did a lot of work on the fences there. I had my loader there and I got a bunch of big cats. And we talked about it then but now we're gonna do something about it. They didn't

Unknown Speaker 27:34
shouldn't be straightened out. It's for sale now.

Unknown Speaker 27:38
Yeah. Well, they should do it before they sell us with somebody. They can have it for nothing. All I gotta do is pay walk mill and come up survey. data has already been paid for doing it once and they begin with a deal on it. Right They finally got the whole deal straightened out see this, they built the whole stage on my property. And I didn't know until I had Alan Hardy surveyed the property and he found out what 910 feet over on my property and then they put the septic tank in the drainage field and

Unknown Speaker 28:26
they want to do something they bought it now. But the whole committee came to me and asked me if we can get the island trust to give you back your zoning that took off me up in Mount Belcher. Would I donate that to the full for community hall? And I said certainly. So they were all excited about it. They phoned up and made an appointment to see the island trust and explained what they had in mind. And then Adam says, but Mr. Cudmore might make a lot of money. In Bev Bayern stupid her answers, she says we could give Mr. Cudmore one lot and melt Beltre in exchange for the one of the Fulford Hall. The one she's going to give me up and melt Belters, my land to start with, I have to hire a surveyor, I'd have to get a PARCC test done. I'd have to drill a well enough to hire a hydrologist to do a pump test on the well. Then I got to get a tentative approval from the Department of Highways. And then maybe two and a half years from now I'd have a lot registered with an expensive book $20,000 $25,000 In a nine year old kid, make a more sensible answer remark than that. So they ended up I said, Well, I'll just put it up for sale and seller. So put a sign up in three days or four people On the first people, people that phoned, they were having trouble trying to raise their finance and they had $25,000. And they thought if they give me $25,000 down on it, they couldn't go to the bank and borrow the money to build their house doesn't work. So they dropped out. So then I found Ron Spencer, I told him if you're next in line if he's wanted, so they bought it for under 27,000. They bought $30,000 from the credit union. Give me that for down payment, and then I helped paper for 97,000 on it. Time to get me paid off. All I've got $150,000 out of it, Nick could add it for nothing. I could write a bunch of this stuff in the paper, but I got to deal with trust. So again, be careful what I say That's right. Things have kind of gotten stuck in the side of your head. But you could you can write a book on what they've done on this island. The stupid things they've done like that mouthwash, trade for Stewart road. Couldn't get a better deal. No problem. They're worried about it being clear cut. That don't look back from here it is.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
No, it's beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
13 Log dumps in full for that one time. Jack Fletcher used to dump straight across here by tassels place sign know all these by the old Tasha Davis family and her cloud. And the cloud will be also such

Unknown Speaker 31:49
as Mr. Otto not in the island was Mr. Halton from the island. Rubies husband was he

Unknown Speaker 31:57
I think he's from Australia. Because a couple of guys working for me. gravelled his driveway for him. We built a driveway into house because his wife had to have a wheelchair so that he couldn't get in there. So it was three and Hollings, his brother and ELF Crowder was married to him the grocery cart girls. And they hauled the gravel the gravel pit and they loaded by hand. And also surprised how fast you know they'd be there and dump a load of gravel and gone and right back with another load. He's just cheating. People in Canada Sure. are hard workers. You should you couldn't get people in Australia to work like that. You should if you wanted a coffee break before. Got an hour's worth.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Not now it's also springtime. Yeah. So then Mr. Alton's wife died was and then Ruby married him? Yeah. So he was much older than her. Oh, yeah. I never met him. I've seen

Unknown Speaker 33:03
pictures. Yeah, it was nice.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Everybody liked him. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
I logged right through the yard that's another one.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
Already was his nurse other than his wife's nurse Wasn't she really was a nurse and she was Mrs. Alton

Unknown Speaker 33:26
yeah yeah, she lived in a

Unknown Speaker 33:37
two bedroom will be never had a family always thought she'd be a good mother.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
She waited she helped everybody out anyway. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 33:46
yeah. She didn't. Frank Grant told me she was just like a daughter too.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Shirt good to him.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
And then there was a sawmill over it. Do you remember him?

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Oh yeah. Worked on the Psalter local ties on the scope. And big Will's kitchen was working there and he was opposed to 150 calls from a another announcer fat all the great big Husky guy. He's thrown them ties around make them have boxes of cornflakes. Here I am 140 pounds and struggling. I did it once. I work a get a whole bunch of tires. Cut ready. They had the film made out blown. It piled on there and then they had to be loaded on the skull

Unknown Speaker 34:52
and really take into Vancouver Island for sale.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
But they go somewhere where they go by rail I guess railroad ties. It was to Bill McAfee's here you know, a Petro Canada is or Bill Mac but he's still not and he owned the other side of the road. You know the place they call more park that belonged to Bill McAfee. And Gavin Mort had Saltspring lands at the time and he was a note Republican. McAfee had a well made out that inventor his death got on board was to turn that land to his on the west side of the Ganges road to turn it over to the community for public park. So Gavin turned it over to the community, but he put his name on it's still a bottleneck. So as far as I'm concerned is McAfee Park. Anybody stop shopping mall at park you mean McAfee partnering mean? So it's not more pockets McAfee Park. Good he and his wife were telling me about it. They were at the at a ribbon cutting ceremony and Anita Brown and her both brown he's being attacked and his wife was there talking about it. That she shot it saw that with shame that more so take the credit for something that really didn't do that Saltspring soft thing Wait I've been on the island too long.

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Now, you said it was a nice place to raise children. It's a nice place to retire tarnish.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
The spot in the world. I've talked to lots of people have traveled all over the world. So you'll never get a better place in this claimant. His 90th birthday party.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
When was his 90th birthday party? Says Harry Bapt his 90th birthday party was it last month

Unknown Speaker 37:03
but no last fall last September

Unknown Speaker 37:10
when he's still selling eggs up at

Unknown Speaker 37:13
the Fulford Yeah, he sets up on a lot next to the fish market. Is there every Saturday morning?

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Are they nice eggs? Nice eggs.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Yeah. free range eggs. sells them for $2 a dozen.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
Very good. Is he still farming or just it just

Unknown Speaker 37:37
shows up sheep chickens. Good enough sheep. We can get the farm tax

Unknown Speaker 37:45
right yes, I remember hearing about him fighting for his farm tax. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
He got a piece off the old Mr. Monk he had a quarter section there remember like that botto saying at least she had four good menus that used to belong to her that his father and he used to come in to come into the store. A lot of people used to come on Isabelle point he used to row in the neighborhood cars trying to add one

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Stewart has this property right next to back. Stewart McLennan he's done on King road buddy so

Unknown Speaker 38:41
I always thought he was on the men Henyk roofs not at peace about these one side of it

Unknown Speaker 38:55
is that mean hate it

Unknown Speaker 38:56
no no one thought to become this way long shore up into kings property. Dr Kurgan.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
Mr love left his daughter that piece of neuron hats off to the big apple orchard prop murders had a real big four inch or two it's been a lot of export business over Apple for that. They still a lot of apples on the the bullet farm had a big area there. And Willie told us that our place we bought from shores that used to be solid apple trees right out to the highway on both sides of the driveway. They gradually got older, they came there 9010 And your truck is there then Some of them trees must be 100 years old but they're all rotten rotten just bought that big and just drop them in the center are falling down

Unknown Speaker 40:23
Harry Bapt he was a mining engineering worked up a store for quite a while well through that North Country he's still pretty sharp kind of subdivision map there and I don't know if he's hands of age but I don't know what it was. And I said to her, I said what is this in eight acres. I said I only understand acres. Click that's 16.2 acres. Wow. And the other one I've forgotten that what is available but so I wrote them down on the Malko folder how much I had left there. I just told them in that Hector's sharpen being an engineer, good enough. I would think so.

Unknown Speaker 41:26
$1,000 art McCoy the government paid 2 million for it now. That's what I heard they bought it for Park. They're going crazy their parks. They got all this beautiful land. There's young people can't afford to buy any property and the government's doing that. And the island trust got the gold is safe. We're saving these islands for our grandchildren. Our grandchildren won't be able to afford to buy property and if they hadn't given to him they wouldn't be able to afford to pay the taxes out and you'll have to move off

Unknown Speaker 42:14
so did you visit Russell Island when you were young? We did you have any?

Unknown Speaker 42:18
They had a fish Camry. Camry but fish buyer Scout behind ruffle Island and I used to go in there and sell my fish. You could sell them there or inactive path was in the early 40s I get

Unknown Speaker 42:43
lots of employment around a lot of people can't find

Unknown Speaker 42:49
employment mainly logging and fishing. Yeah logging and fishing and farming.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
I've seen the mote off Isabella point here for seeing herring who told me they had 160 tons in one setting. They said they had to close it off. Don't close it off. If you get too many inside, they smother it when you smother and they die then they sink in particular net and everything though so close it off. They know they bail it out onto a big scar with a big net power which may Braylon dog and they know the depth to the herring are in the scope. How many times figures 160 tonnes and that's all feed for fish. And in in those persons they get a lot of little salmon in this long they've been trapped and of course will bail them out they're all dead. Now you're not allowed to catch. We used to catch what they call grills. Remember that little ones drove 14 inches on Friday there were really a G you can get all kinds of them just a little pile Max pool you

Unknown Speaker 44:15
don't see them anymore.

Unknown Speaker 44:16

Unknown Speaker 44:19
even the whales are dying because there's no need for them to double

Unknown Speaker 44:23
from the

Unknown Speaker 44:29
tick a lot of air to keep him alive. It looks like it'd be 50 or 60 feet long. I got some good pictures

Unknown Speaker 44:40
that's the one that washed up on the beach or that went after the beach that moldy Did you got to see

Unknown Speaker 44:50
Yeah, I took my camera picture out down there early because after the news spread around there was no parking or anything it just swamped with Her

Unknown Speaker 45:00
children are just walking down

Unknown Speaker 45:09
that's the first time I've seen one like I've seen remains in the museum.

Unknown Speaker 45:17
We had one years ago, I think down in Solana Beach. Somewhere I remember going and seeing his great big dead whale. When I was a kid, I guess

Unknown Speaker 45:29
I went up to Cole harbor whaling station was still open and I hit it just right out down on the wharf. So seven o'clock follow they're watching for Mother Bear. Creek runs in there. She was digging out scope cabbages and the two little country just playing around. We're flying out lucky enough but anyway, that guy there said that boy said you timed it just right the votes on his way and it should be in here by eight o'clock tonight and it's got four whales. And he strapped on this piece of five eighths Galileo's cable around the tail, just to two on each side for for the killer whales.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
And when they butchered it up with the one had a caffeine of about 12 feet long. We're gonna kill the parents to come in.

Unknown Speaker 46:34
So is it the orcas, the orcas.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
They've got quite a bit of weight on them and they got the big fin. This one doesn't have the

Unknown Speaker 46:44
big this is the gray whale. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:47
I've seen those others close because last time I was out fishing on tender bluffs for your school, coming through there and then sealed rock climbing up on a rock apparently they kill us. Kelly Patterson, Billy Patterson remembers that. And he said he grew up on Begley his place. And his sister, Katie, his, his mother came over to keep house. He grew up in the valley. But anyway, he told me that Mrs. Lyon King used to be real good with a horse and buggy. And he said she'd come across that bridge. And he said, Well, summertime, the planks are dry and some of them are loose, and said you could hear her she could hold the horses down until they got about halfway. And then they just take right off. And he said you could hear the rumble all the way up to where he lives. I think it was a Maggie Lee's place that he grew up in his his sister, Mary miracle.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
And this was Billy Patterson.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Yeah, Billy Patterson came here when he was two. And he had a sister. It was just a to him and his sister. His father had died and his mother came here to keep post for this lady. He was two years old, he said when he came here remember which one of the records was in there? Alfred Russel Wallace and Henry

Unknown Speaker 48:34
and Gordon young and Gordon Knight Lotus.

Unknown Speaker 48:37
Yeah, well, that's the younger that's

Unknown Speaker 48:41
okay. It would be the one that Helen Rocco lives in now. That house, whatever haven't locals be Henry Rachael. And so his wife would be was it Alan?

Unknown Speaker 49:03
Because Helen and Rachael is in the toilet.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
Yeah, but she was born here. In a man. Yeah. Be there was no output lives lived in the house that we're going to notice or no.

Unknown Speaker 49:27
Is that one of those? Yeah, yeah. So the Henry and his wife would would have been at Patterson have to ask when?

Unknown Speaker 49:39
It was Tommy Isherwood was a brother and Mrs. Patterson. You mentioned told me it should be Matt was a son. They just had one son. That's how they're connected there. I remember the old records years ago that took me a while for down to see lady down to see the gun collection they had tables there that they saw the barrel all welded them on two plates and both of them on the table. The table is still there and still in that old building someday that'll all burn down

Unknown Speaker 50:33
at the footprint Hall burning down

Unknown Speaker 50:38
remember when it burnt down but I can't put a date?

Unknown Speaker 50:42
No, thank you. You did see oh yeah. And you remember when the whole friggin burn down?

Unknown Speaker 50:50
Yeah. Stand up the ferry warfare Fulford and I've seen the smoke coming up behind burnin and I thought it was just somebody burning some garbage behind the hotel I didn't realize and I'm standing there talking to Dave Maxwell and it kept getting more smoke more smoke and then we see flames and I said to Dave I think no hotel is on fire. So I jumped on my bicycle and rode around with me right Colin was there trying to cut it out with buckets of water over a creek no fire picture nothing here that

Unknown Speaker 51:32
Now was this the second time that burned down or the third

Unknown Speaker 51:35
time? The second time so I called maneuver

Unknown Speaker 51:44
How long did it take before it burned down magalies buckets of water

Unknown Speaker 51:51
that afternoon. Or whatever it was it was stuck with on the outside. burnt up inside the walls. You know it knows it's hard to get out to put out

Unknown Speaker 52:11
all the same that they are or booths Patterson's store is now and that caught fire there was no way of putting it out. McBride's residence that was a home at that farm I've got a picture of a fish in the distance it's not very clear. But remember that there was a big house it had galvanized are put on a roof overtop of shingles.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
know they were coming home from school and they heard about it.

Unknown Speaker 52:58
And what was built on that after

Unknown Speaker 53:00
all my brother built up for blacksmith shop and garage to work on cars. My brother and my uncle ran it for quite a while. My dad's brother. He was a good blood flow.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
And how long did that run?

Unknown Speaker 53:24
For four or five years or something? I guess many went back to Sioux Sainte Marie, his wife's family with a little back there.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
And then what happened to that after

Unknown Speaker 53:35
for Walter you all heard brother he quit running it and sold it to a few at Ronny Lee was renting it at the time. We had a chance to buy it for $5,000 and we didn't buy it Walter few bought it just for an investment and then Ronnie rented it from for years.

Unknown Speaker 53:57
And he ran it as a gas station.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
Yeah, he had the gas pump that he referred cars that was driving and then after that, then Bruce historic was bought at the store

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Well, same building just renovated

Unknown Speaker 54:29
they dropped the top on and when it was made high like it was just built on the old Foundation. The spent walls were still standing.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Do you remember the the gas tanks that

Unknown Speaker 54:46
went? Yeah, the first one that went in was only held 15,000

Unknown Speaker 54:50
gallons. It wasn't as tolerant. It was just

Unknown Speaker 54:54
it was made don't want it standing on end it would just lay down put up on And

Unknown Speaker 55:03
then it was elevated up pipe runs from there down to the wharf where the boats could pump fuel into a boat that used to supply was called a shell called Johnny Bennett worked in the engine room a nutshell he never makes his first seat time he got

Unknown Speaker 55:32
simply what year was that? Remember when

Unknown Speaker 55:38
somewhere in the late 30s I get to first and then when did I think Jack Frazier he was good at building bridges I think he built a standard tank when he was good with the laughs from when did the other tank score I don't know when the other see gradually they kept adding more and more and more

Unknown Speaker 56:04
one at a time

Unknown Speaker 56:09
the road used to was a different place than what it is now. It used to swing over behind your back works Oh yeah. The road used to be behind that on the other side of it. Then went right down in March yard. And then when we subdivided we've changed we built those roads achievement gathered I built a Model A Ford and all gravel to make James's pit up my heifers Orchard Road a lot of stones it was really left rocks on efforts feel a lot in the one mill store was on his most expensive lawn that was $500 the cheapest one is $100 that was up the top Orchard Road

Unknown Speaker 57:06
where did you prefer to go to just Orchard Road them our past that

Unknown Speaker 57:10
went right over to the creek touch Dave Maxwell's property taken chokes never had any waterfront properties hit like this and this was Dave Maximals and then they can tend to house bill here and dad's property touched a maximal so they they can have no access to the water. And then Alan bacon built this house when he got married he thought it was dad's property on vacant property but it was it was on my dad's that told him this is your building on my property

Unknown Speaker 57:58
when it comes to sell it that's what I found out

Unknown Speaker 58:04
when it's still on road properties that I heard that that houses built parked on the road

Unknown Speaker 58:09
could be short subdivided he gave me something for it it wasn't very much it gave me something but what he should have done you said the devil I'll buy a piece off you there to leave the island I think he ended up getting the drones on culturally relevant rock something like FOSS tagged in Ganges harbour growing up on the rocks you call a hole in it and backed off from the deep water and safe in l&d conclusions from a stroke.

Unknown Speaker 58:56
Maury said that he built part of that house did the one that Sue yard to his car.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
I don't know where she is. Well, that's the one we're talking about the day we're going live across the street that we're talking about that one, the one that's the Cross does not waterfront the other one that used to be white. Right where Sunnyside comes down on one side but not the water side the other side.

Unknown Speaker 59:34
Is that what we're talking about

Unknown Speaker 59:36
last week as you

Unknown Speaker 59:38
come down Sunnyside side, right on that corner.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
On the right hand side you should come down some side.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
And it's right opposite Wiggins. We're going to tell ya, that's the one we're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
It's built on parked on the road low.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
Well, that When I heard probably is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
is more said he built the first part of that house just that the one you're talking about

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
across Wigan live

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
with Grace heights old house that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
we're going to flip

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
ahead ceiling joists three feet apart and they were two by three ceiling joists. Somebody had me gonna have a look at it one time they were thinking about buying

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
a maxi weekend.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
Yeah, yeah that's the one that Alan Deacon filled with on my dad's property. He didn't know where the line was. per se dad gave him some painting southern Florida wasn't very much them days because you could buy a lot for $200 But Alan didn't own the land that was dad's land anyway she bought the house from the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
member Alan bacon he went through a glass window and he cut the end of his nose right off they put it back on again but he could see the big wave scar or shorter back cloth

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
Alison long went through that store window once she got a big scar on her face she noticed on your bike it was one of these fairy cycle things not a real place a tricycle Yes. Just to Wilton proper place you know she'd had a proper place comb had that usually have this extra brake on the handlebars?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
Those days? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
You seen many of them but you could fire them and put them on

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
I don't remember seeing a scar. No. It's right right through the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
glass window which should come down it was more of a chain came off. She had no way of stopping.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
She could have gotten over the water

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
down the chute. It was if you don't get caught, like Bobby Crawford got thrown off the bicycle. He's just eight years old.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
What were they doing coming down the hill.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Yeah, he was. He'd come down on the wharf and ride around the edge. With him said that he rubbed up against 12 by 12 timber and fell over down the bicycle took them down. They got an anchor line and they dragged him hooked the bicycle when it came up with Mrs. But she used to be Molly Edwards shoe the life kurtik swimming pool and at the Empress Hotel she worked on but she couldn't revive pin down too long.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
And he was still on the bike.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
The bike what held him down

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
when he went over I guess it's like landed on top of that was fairly deep too. Kids play there all the time we have been foregrounded.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
To bind the ferry wharf, it was a heavy living on a boat. And the other kids seen this jacket look like somebody in who had one of them. Tracking should have had a bit of lining inside them. And one of them on he was floating there dead. selling off the boat drone. Then another guy drones and Darius used to have the epileptic fit. And he drove here that rocketed all the way through. And then one drove over my mom don't remember that was three little kids. Seven, eight years old playing this boat in one fell overboard and went down never came up. And the kids went home and never told them Nobody is searched all over the place they will come up in the search the Culver said the airstrip thought he might have been playing up there suddenly shirt and a search out for about three days that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
was when mother was here. I remember that they searched all the properties

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
finally the kids owned up and said what's happening the worry was and they got divers you know sold them right away to live on the bottom takes about 10 days to come up

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
where's your love?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
Where that still there? He knows that boat pulled up on the beach but right across the harbor that's where he got drowned right off.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
That's down farther. Yeah. Paul pockets. And that was your lockdown.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
Yeah, I got some pictures and all along movies tied to a bunch of six section booms.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
You don't have to get into the archives something because

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
I've got a real nice picture of Mrs. Carter. She had her Easter bonnet on and she's driving a horse and buggy. Going to church. It used to be a church in the cranberry. Church and a school. I've got the books out of the school I took them to central office Hi. Too much interesting. They're all making 12 or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36
I think I looked at

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
patisserie, my wife really likes it because she used to run cart horse like that. What do you call it was just a two wheel drive. That buggy was still in the barn. I bought the Carter place in the buggy was still in the barn. And I bought it and I couldn't touch anything till possession date which you're not allowed to. So I waited possession date and went up there to get it was called somebody stole my wife would have loved to have had it because we had the farm then we have a horse. Somebody stole it. It just had two wheels, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
I don't remember Mrs. Carter. Where did she laugh?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Have you been up to natural peak? Well, before you get to quite aways this side, there's a white gate there on the left. That's what Carter's live. They had on under 60 acres. I was reading a driftwood one Saturday night he managed this property for sale and address. And Charlie Harlan was was salting the land. I phoned them up. And I said can you show me this property and the cranberry. Do you want $6,500? In he should come in the office on Monday morning and I said I'm working Monday. I can't afford a boat tomorrow. I can't do it on Sunday. Why not? So do you want to sell this property or don't you? Choice? Well, I haven't got a vehicle. My wife's got the car. And I said well, I'll pick you up. That's no problem. He agreed to go on Sunday and look at it. So when up Sunday went up and we just drove in the ark and looked around the bed. What do you think and that's all taken. Okay, that's fine. When Monday morning, straighten up. So we started. We left there to come back down again. It was a carload of people coming up. And he said Oh, flag them down. He says they're coming to look at this property. So I did stop and flag them down. And Charlie Ella, we should have sold I just sold it. Just got it in time. Yeah. $6,500 460 acres

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
that's like our grandparents. $100 $1 An acre for 600 acres.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
Yeah. Well, this piece I bought from Joe a lot. And then when he sold out and retire. It was 100 acres. I still got it for home cushion Lake. That's 100 acres. That was 2021. I bought the timber on the place. And I was running out of time and I went back to go out last week beginning another year. I know you had you had plenty of times that you want more time you'll have to buy it. I thought he'd say about $700 He said 2000 I said 2000 That Rockpile. He's just fully out you're young. I was running early 20s And I get If you're young yet Gordon, I guarantee you'll double your money on it it's rezoned for 17 Lots

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
if you add that up it comes to $2 million the roads are all built culverts all in engineered by Phil Grange where's this

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
fine pushing lake you know, on the south side of Cushing Lake, you can go into it. It's got an access from Stuart road going that way. Are you going by cedar view audit cart? Are you going to kitchen rolling

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
got three accesses. I told kitchens, I'd help him with the road if they give me an access out that way because it's closer. So they get paid or hedge or to go

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
to gravel. No idea property just keeps going up and up and up.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
And I started that subdivision Ganges I was selling lots of laws for $1,000. With one young fella bought, at dawn, the son bought one of them for 4500. He paid off for seven years. He sold it for 50,000. The island trust us making property goes so high in the Adamson she's hurting me that I told somebody one day I said I should be hugging her and kissing her return the lock buyer because she's making money for I don't know. She sold a piece of corporate Hall for me, and I was gonna give away. She's helped him. He doesn't know. Now they've got this deal out where you can buy density from somebody else. Like if you've got a piece of say it's

Unknown Speaker 1:12:16
if you got a piece of property, it's in the five acre average. And it's only nine acres. You can buy density or for somebody else. You mean you can cut it. Gary Carter phoned me up, he wants 25,000 Each for density himself for some of his property. Or if you had a PCs in a 20 acre average, and you want to go there 35 acres to the buyer density from him and then that would allow you to cut it in half. What is that travel expense. If you've got a piece of property, and it's in the st 35 acres, and it's in a five acre, I get seven lots. But if you want to add one more lot to that you buy density off to somebody else for one lot. And then you can have instead of having seven you could have eight lots there to make it a little smaller. And he's got five he wants to sell and he wants 35,000 each. If you take one if you take all five is 25,000

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
when I say this, this island is going to keep going ahead they're not going to stop it

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
I can't get used to the crisis. Well, imagine I started out and sell lots up there for $4,000 I've got follow through California wants this piece. And you're looking at now three acres, and I want 185,000 For myself just come crazy. Well Guerlain like I just don't do well on it. And that's $5,000 just to build the wealth. That's right. It used to be $5 the footnotes $15 A foot plus vacation

Unknown Speaker 1:14:38
Yeah. When did your dad bring the shale oil to Saltspring?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
I don't remember what year it would be it was it was still on the store to someone to thirtyish

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
I remember your mom and dad running the store. So would that be the same time? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Was there anything down at Green Bay? Do you remember anything down there?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
Looking down

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
okay, down in the Burgoyne Valley, what happened down there

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
burger and valley they had a technical gas station and large that was run by fallen Ark Fenwick wants to say the other name works it heal. It heals. kids went to school at the school that they had they got stationed

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
there. And how long was it there?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
Well, again maybe five, six years what happened? They moved it down to the forefront of the forefront in part of it they had something there to fall for him get mixed up here

Unknown Speaker 1:16:23
I know the random Charlie Mullins property

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
that was quite a way up the valley that

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
Yeah. Yeah, just before you get to the United Church. And then mostly, Joel's dad bought the whole acreage.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:49
And that's where Joe lives now.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
Yeah. Yeah, that's part of Charlie.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
And that was Uncle Charlie.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
And then there's another mole that lived across the road. The fish reporter used to call him grabbing all he had monkey clothing, trees and beautiful garden. There's a picture of that. In this book put out Saltzman they've got two books put out because you got in both pictures. Don't know when you went to the prices Lake price farm, if you're going there, on the left hand side, which tree is planted, I'm forgetting all the holly trees are wet. But they're spaced six feet apart. And there's a Moloch buried there. That would be Cliff Lee's grandfather. He's got any record of that. The cliff was telling me about it. And he said it. When the gate there was a roll of these trees for space, and he's not sure if it's between these two or these two, but it's either there or here. But there shouldn't be a little indentation on the ground. He would think so. But Cliff Lee said that was his grandfather law that was very lawless used to own that precious farm. They own that 100 acres that I've gotten out of golf and they used to buy their stuff for like you say $1 an acre. And remember that same when he first came here, he could have got property at Musgrave for 50 cents an acre. And understanding that 35 to 40,000 feet per acre of timber.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Adolph triggy told me that there's a piece up there, Bob coward was the name of the guy that owned it was 160 acres. And he told Adolph he said, I owe $250 back taxes on it. He said they're gonna take it away from me, but I don't pay the 250 should you want to pay the 250 I'll let you have it. You just have to pay that and insurance. He said no, I don't want to steep you never hold Longfellow. $250 Well, I remember my dad by a secret island next approval. He bought out at a tax sale in Victoria $250. And I was on a train in Ontario coming west. In Utah, they take the teacher and there was some guy sitting at this table by himself and they cook me and I sat with him in your mind This fellow situating just moments ago, we sit down, we got talking and he says, Where are you heading on the west coast of Vancouver. And we're both in Vancouver. And I said on Salt Spring Island, and he said he wouldn't happen to know an island called secret island. What do you and I said, Oh yeah, my dad used to own that. And he was getting quite excited. And he says, Well, I've just bought in with two other guys when we bought this island and they've seen it but I haven't been I've put my 30 and when we bought it, we paid 40,000 Ford. He said Would you mind telling me what your dad paid for it? And I said no. $250 He just fell off his chair. But they're selling lots over there now for 50 and 60,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:56
Well, any of any of this property would your mother pay for this? $50 for 12 acres for life? Yeah. Of course. Yeah. I've always been a firm believer in the best place to put your money in a good real estate. Well, it's it never loses. No, it might drop for a while but it's always going to fall from Germany told me once you said you Canadians are always greedy and you said you're in too big a hurry. You buy a piece of property for $40,000 Who can get 60 for it and you sell it and the next day. He said you shouldn't be said you should get it into revenue. So it pays its own way and just forget it for 20 years. And he's right. Tell us about that. 100 acres I got to do a lot $2,000 worth 2 million today the tax assessor but listen

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
although there was different well they do take retail value whatever you want to call it. But they don't pay taxes based on real bad luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
Online I just sold a lot of my subdivision for 125,000 and the tax assessment on that is 159,000 on the balance sheet $3,000 taxes on the balance of the property

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
buying the land is nothing if you keep it long enough you've paid so much in the land taxes unless you've got revenues in the carriage itself that's what this German is meaningless. That revenue profit what you could do that if you have foreign possible you know, go feed on anything about grapes on the island by right across the ocean patio from a butcher shop there. Frank Harnish was digging shoveling gravel hauling gravel for cookies clogging up their property. And I stopped talking to Frank garnish. I stopped talking to him. Every once in a while he throw a bone up on top of the bank and few ribs come out. And then there was another leg bone come up that had been broken healed. You know how they build up? And I said you're digging up somebody's grave here, Frank. Oh, no. Somebody buried a sheep or dog there. Somebody said. I said well, I didn't know. They were Stanfield. underwears was What do you mean investable. Look at his pearl buttons. Underwear buttons off the stand so he stopped digging. They came in gathered it all up and they dug into it and they found out it was a negro follow that just living in a little house that was their own log house. He was just squatting there he didn't own the property. And somebody fell on them dead in the house and they just dragged them out to the field and variable

Unknown Speaker 1:24:51
but there's got to be an all over the place. There's another one out on the page road. There's some woman's very good at the end of the page.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:02
First Page drove

Unknown Speaker 1:25:04
off St. Mary's Lake, because you're heading towards nothing

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
anymore grades that you can think about all I can remember my son, Doug went up at some of the points just above the high water mark a little bit. There was a circle there with rocks, put in the circle. And I was busy working on the boom. And Ron had come to me and he says, Dad up, found these rocks and put in a circle, what would that be? And I said, I don't know, maybe an Indian grave, but then take your shovel in the back of the truck and dig down and maybe we'll find it. So he dug down. And just India was buried there and just in a sitting position. So he dug it all up, and he put all the bones in the box. And last I remember and they were in the basement of our house. And I moved and I never thought about them but flav moved in. He didn't. He didn't see them. I don't know whether somebody stole them out of the basement or what. But he has a whole oil box

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
and they're doing the ferry terminal. They dug a lot of Indian things. I got sort of fish hawks, needles, different things I got. I got cut with a chainsaw and I had 50 stitches in my hand here. And Dr. Homer sewed it up, made a real good job of it. And he's quite interesting. I gave him some of them. He traveled different places in the ocean looking looking for stuff like that. So I gave him some of them. But the needle was made out of a rib, and it was attached to the backbone. And they fit a hole with it. It had four sharp sides on it. And it had a hole through which he put in apparently what they used to use his attendance here to solve it. And it was such a tiny little needle, I still got it. And then some of the fishhooks apparently the fish rocks there, their image square in the middle. And then the points are both sharpened and apparently they flipped whatever the bait there are for fish. And then the pull on it. It was straightened inside the mouth stick in there. overnight. It was sharp, just like a needle. Where did you get the picture? Bless that silver Park. It was where the log dump is now. The side of it. You're not gonna fill it's out there. It was quite a ways out on the beach. We're just gathering up boulders for breakwater I found three of them. One was a Corbin wound and the other one was just a rock with a bunch of round holes all in a line space across the face are all

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
and were they

Unknown Speaker 1:28:26
will they'll they'll never find them to.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:29
Okay then. Did you put the one that's over there in the park? Would you put that there? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
We'll put it up at the log dump. And then Gordon Bader moved it up to the airstrip and put it up there was more accessible for people to see it. And then we'll be all about we'll be all Beth hill made a big fuss about it. They got the sheriff over to seize it in the sheriff seized in the department highway took it up to central compound and it laid there for about a year and they were all fighting over. They wanted to Beth Hill wanted to put it began to use and Fulford thought it was appropriate it should stay in Fulford and they wanted to somebody else want to put it up to the Ganges school and it went on and on. The sheriff told me so that's the most embarrassing job I've ever had to do since I've been doing this. He's I thought you had it in your yard and had a dog that bites nobody could see it and he says here it is out on the airstrip public access drive in a floodlight with lit up at night. And he says Aren't you going to what do you call it contested or so anyway? And I said no, I'm not going to bother. I got an appointment. Talking with my bookkeeper. I'm done. I want to be here for a while anyway. But there's another one on the island. Irene laundry knows where it is the other side of Musgrave and she said the way they've treated you Gordon they'll never find out where that is you Since my dad showed me that when I was just a little girl and she said when they were logging it built a cat road down to the beach and they buried it. She was I know right where it is

Unknown Speaker 1:30:16
just on the edge of revival a bunch of them check them all away. They're doing the same with this one. They've been chipping at this one. We're taking a

Unknown Speaker 1:30:28
souvenir. I'll put it over here that

Unknown Speaker 1:30:33
the government has seized it and they took it up to apartment highways and then they put it back down here again. And then they got made I talked to the guy that the little spinny thing like that but they had a brass plate set on it. He said he got $250 for pouring that little piece of cement in it put it on that few Curtis donated it to the community. I found that lucky. No, the other two I took two logs, but some hard to cross roll the other two rolling up and tilted away with a sailboat. You don't