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Charles Bazzard

Address by Charles Bazzard to the SSI Historical Society on the history of the Maracaibo property.

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Accession Number Interviewer SSI Historical Society Address
Date February 13, 2001 Location Central Hall
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Unknown Speaker 0:07
about Charles should have been in the paper but somehow wasn't. I don't know why they've been in the paper

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I have something down about a man of many parts being on the island for a long time, and some of you may have run into him in one of his other geysers. When he first came to Salisbury. He was a banker from England and was in the CIBC. And that was in the 70s. And in 76, he bought the Vesuvius star so you may have run into him in the store back in Oceania. In late 1976, he became the manager caretaker of Maracaibo associates, which is what he's going to talk about today. And Charles and Sally and his wife ran an oyster farm in long Harbor 1978 The way you want to sort of you may not have in that guy's theory, Charles and Saudi recently completed a book about America and it's called the magic America table. So challenges about the magic of Maritimo Welcome back

Unknown Speaker 1:36
just going to fly.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
I think that's fine artistic, we can see do when Tom phoned me, I guess it was two or three months ago to ask me if I would come to my country actually get into that age. And then I realized it was probably because we've written a book. And so we've got we've researched as far back as we could into the history of the property of Manitoba. So what I propose to talk about today is the history of mankind, today's people that are pre emptive

Unknown Speaker 2:55
we can start this as always to avoid this. In the first one was John Norton. And then going on through I'll probably come back to this okay, one or two times. It's really interesting to see some of the names of people that own

Unknown Speaker 3:17
commands who have started one of

Unknown Speaker 3:22
the most and the most

Unknown Speaker 3:32
well known Island family names. Guess the first place to begin apart from physical geography into a peninsula, which is quite amazing in itself, the whole geological formations, soils natural things. That also the natural father is very amazing. On one side, it's a property we have almost like a rain forest type of area with a few really big trouble and then on the other side, we have prickly pear cactus and Gary. So climatic difference. In very small piece of property is quite amazing. Well, obviously the soft people were there with the indigenous people, the Aboriginal people

Unknown Speaker 4:47
to get away from it, about 8 million on our side of long harbor and civil on the other side.

Unknown Speaker 4:57
Obviously the very old cars The so far probably became mainly computer Island, which was which was to several do it's quite an effect to talk about today. So we know that when they came there was lots of lots of plans I didn't want to discuss, and

Unknown Speaker 5:43
I would think was very good.

Unknown Speaker 5:46
Lots of ducks. In fact, when I came to LA Harbor no success fill out my vote. During February, it will be south of the Three Mile Island. And the basis of all that ended is about 1978 With

Unknown Speaker 6:11
the current fishery, and many people

Unknown Speaker 6:17
in the 200 boats between very wealthy catching up having to explode because all we could do to get out about copper and

Unknown Speaker 6:30
since then, the herring not for the wildlife is just waiting. Okay, it'll come back. But anyway, in those days, it was tons of fun gaps in all sorts of things to deliver and I think they probably just used to come in summer months trying out the claims and then go back to them.

Unknown Speaker 7:08
Very few sort of legacies that have been found Edwards COVID kind of scenario. And we do have an Indian well. It's out towards the point. It's just basically a hole in the ground with steps chopped into the side of it, but it is basically claim, they gradually eroded away. And since then, I don't so well and see the roof over to stop people falling in. But I have been built and tested when we were testing several of our wells, and just slipped a sample. And it turns out to be the best quality. I've got a couple of stories. One of them is from Jim, Jim Ross. And I'll just read this to you. Several years ago at the Saturday marked the Ganges, I was introduced to an Indian man who was passing through here on his way to me as Island. When this man learned I grown up in Long apartment. He showed me a little glass bound he was carrying with some of the sacred water from the old well Aloha said he was taking it out to the ceremonies on New Year's Island. Amazing even knew about the well. The total I asked him to tell me more about the significance of the sacred water. But all of you would tell me what's the location and the spiritual properties of this wealth? Well, why don't you know in the moment naked people on the West Coast, and then you've come here to Saltspring for sole purpose of obtaining somebody's water to use for a special ceremony. On another occasion, there used to be a tree trimmer on the island called Eldon McQuaid. Some of you may know he was working at one of the parties in America during his lunch, in school, the end well, so he went sat down by the way, I was stuck between the sandwiches. The one he sat there, the rain and flew close by and without a spiritual presence. Several weeks later, he was on the west coast to the Potlatch ceremony near to Tina. And he mentioned a while to one of the elders. The old man asked him it's looking south from the world. You can see three owners. There was no doubt it was a well Americana. Who told her when the work was well known to the need at people for Team incompetence. So it's kind of neat that So

Unknown Speaker 10:05
if any of you'd like to come and see the world you're very welcome to do so I've been pretty I've been reading into the secret of this human qualities you'd like to

Unknown Speaker 10:18
know what's on screens like that. Actually, maybe I could extend this invitation anybody that likes would like to come to work very well. And all we ask you to do

Unknown Speaker 10:34
after we've done it is by internships come on that seems to satisfy there's another weld on the property which is a stone where it's about eight feet across the finish line to stone anything and we've been able to find no evidence of when that was built for that so many stories. And the

Unknown Speaker 11:26
first person to Saratoga was John Norman

Unknown Speaker 11:40
magnificent two brothers, John and Divaldo. Right on Saltspring from Portugal in 1857, and then English originally dealt with there but what they did was

Unknown Speaker 12:00
I guess, become more accepted. They wanted to get an anglicized name so they they adopted the name of the captain of the ship so they preempted the property in and at that time it was not only eight 910 The property also extended around the other side of the harbor that's quite a distance so I think that was at least 1000 At that time

Unknown Speaker 12:43
the Insert from a paper the they were good friends of the big courts and they write about the same time and

Unknown Speaker 13:01
John Bolton was a foster father around the house is still standing up but they never did do any development for morning so I think they just created the lab possibly said well, we don't know

Unknown Speaker 13:31
and then in 1862 Ross main or service main, the first barrier to Castle guard County Galway described as a wealthy aristocratic energetic young independent means the property also you probably the head of gauges hardware and establish the business buying and selling lumber and in 1901, very heavy man

Unknown Speaker 14:16
like no one any man succeeded to the state held by his uncle in Ireland and assumed his name King and that's why get back to this you'll see any man in ROSS man a good man who is a brother but really was just holding into trust I think a massive and heavy and then heavy came back because he went to the States and they came back in the kingdom.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
Money Okay. Hello this is

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Henry was born in 1860 and Ross five years younger was the son of Sir Ross back

Unknown Speaker 15:36
in 1901, me man sorry, the brothers returned to Ireland after that, and then after donating money to bill me and call me students kept him in Ireland where he married with a pre war war and in 1904 and raised a family and I guess he tried to get to Winifred to come back, but his wife said no. But Ross man came back

Unknown Speaker 16:14
have a picture of Ross here

Unknown Speaker 16:24
sitting on the steps of playing poker, I think. So they came back and they built the first house at Maritimo and it was called Long father house.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
The builders of that house with a bacon course. And it was eventually pulled out and fixed. But there was a few interesting people that lived in it. I'll talk about them. Ross man under Streamium and he had a small dock built on the site, and unfortunately he drowned in the harbor in 1903. One storyteller said he was rather fond of a drink or two and fellow fell off his yacht one night having had a few too many. The salzburgerland Church monthly was kind of included the following. We're sorry to have to record the death of Mr. Ross man, and for many years has been the residents of Salt Spring Island. He died somewhat suddenly of heart failure after bathing on June the ninth. The CEO was held at St. Mark's summit cemetery. The floral offerings contributed by friends for many events, including race process and an anchor. There is great is still standing in the cemetery. In New 1907 the property passed away but that who we have no information on whether any man in king must have fond memories of Saltspring of the property with back in his day my 1930s and he returned in the island to the island in 1970 and built another house at Walters Bay. His wife still refused to leave Ireland and you have to go back. before the First World War, Mr. And Mrs. Walter Harvey acted as caretakers. What a hobby was a remittance man from England

Unknown Speaker 19:05
and he received $25 a month from his father. He was an educated individual, who also had a Grand Canyon was and was an accomplished pianist. However, he and his wife did not always see it. Why? And one summer they had a tremendous argument when Mrs. Harvey threw water out of the house, chasing him with a broomstick. He spent the next few days collected are designed and built in a row. And he took his grand piano, his dog in a crate of chickens across to the other side of long harbor. He said that there was frequently held playing piano in the woods we small hours of the morning that for Mrs. Harvey related and make it back into the house with all his belongings. However, the next week she turned out to be him.

Unknown Speaker 20:02
The Mr. or Mrs. Bar they all were friends of me kings from Ireland to kind of from the hobbies but we don't have any stories about them because the next character to move to the property was great and quite interesting

Unknown Speaker 20:33
so young for adults, again sitting on the steps of Main Hall. I'd like to tell you a little bit about free because we found out more about her than anybody because it's subject to visitors. So we were able to ask him all sorts of questions. So do you at 95 saw the arrival to motor event in Spain on Saltspring? There's no doubt as to why it's successful. It was banished to Canada. Oh, sorry. There's some doubt as to why Cecil was banished to Canada is deep Toynbee tells us that he was a nice man was something of a drinking problem perhaps. Who sometimes played the organ at St. Maarten St. Mark's Church. Adult time now I'm not sure what that meant. Frank who is employed Friday that was employed to begin with by Mr. Tate Walton, who found to spit in guarantees father all went well until the day of Mr. Walters wedding. When Fred organized a group of young men marched around the house where the Walters will honeymooning banging on. Oh, come on Kim's been singing there'll be a hot time in the old house. He was fine. He then left the island in Egypt, he joined the Royal Northwest mounted police. He then married an American from Santa Monica, who must have had money because free immediately bought himself out of the police and set off to see the world. That first son Jack was born in 1904 in Switzerland, and as I said, we have the privilege of meeting. The family then moved to New Zealand and then Australia, where Mises had died. Shortly after his lifestyle break married Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth McCain, the nurse who ended up winning in a bid to contest the will of his Father who was one of the wealthiest men in England, Franklin tried to move back to England, the first world war into being and so the epic family remained in Australia until it was over. Later they did spend some time in England, and Jack remembers going to a small private school. However, Frank found his father's estate was sewn up tight and he was out of luck. So he was soon on the move again and returned to Salisbury in 1922, will love home. Jackson's and godmother bought approximately 1000 acres on salt free. This included the apple Peninsula now America over a 286 acres across long Harbor on the south side stretching from Mansell farm towards this small point culture amount of these million pounds, because 7000 dogs. Jack told us that the land was registered in his name. And in fact, when we get back to that list of owners it was actually registered in Mr. Brown is named and he was the trustee. But it was it was racing his day to make sure the children had had a home and his father Fred wouldn't sell it on how the house proved to be too slow for the great family and so what began on the house that now stands at the heart of America today. Originally it was planned as a boathouse house was allowed to adjoining bedrooms and bathrooms. And if any of you have been down to the house, it's very close to the water and the living room is long and narrow. And occasionally in a very high tide the water comes within an inch

Unknown Speaker 24:45
which is quite

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Jack remember vividly how the house began with three huge sea logs each five feet in diameter placed in parallel trenches. His labs took weeks of preparation with a board x by Eric Nelson the sweet, who is in charge of the project. Mr. Nelson then inside beside himself. Jack, Jack's brother Tom and Chester marched into a corner of the building. During this waiting to be the best way to achieve matching up notches in service for the Lord was Jack tremendous at the southwest corner was his and his brother at the southeast, Eric at the Northwest and Chester in the remaining Colin Campbell, Evans handiwork can still be seen on the outside corner of the members lounge.

Unknown Speaker 25:59
You can see on this old photo taken in about 1950 The old temporal lobe of the house which was made and built, and then the house that the habits built, and this time they were just we're building the load out of the house. Jack out of it was a key Hunter and tracking that he wasn't allowed to process the skins near the house as a family didn't like stink. So we wrote over to an old check known as chat chat, and I think that's where we take with us to live in the Beckmans Can you tell us a story about one night everyone read this story to you this until one night blackest pitch I heard several shots from down the harbor and you immediately want it was picked out she was working here in Vietnam in his dazzling animals at night with a bright light, thus making them easy to shoot and his way rarely know what they're killing. And it was often counsel horses. Fortunately, there's rarely a human being because a human it doesn't reflect. Jack wrapped his horse and sacking. Pretty soon the rollers took a shotgun, and a box of buckshot has set off to investigate. About three or four hours later, I heard a slight noise ahead of me. This is about a two and a half mile road because I heard a slight noise ahead of me growing up as close as I could. I let him have it right and left barrels. A holy hell, like never fired a shotgun the night before about four to five feet of flame comes out of the barrel. So I departed in the opposite direction sounds like I got home all right, and told my father about this. And nothing more occurred until about six weeks later. One day Jack made a placement engages. You asked him a degree. Jackie says if you ever had trouble with Atlanta's funding, you should mention that Jack replied and told him what why did happen. While I was up the company island the other day and saw chapter. He's already done a couple of stretches in the penitentiary for PicMonkey. Joking the customer said Joe we do need lighting lately. Joe replied I was out long harbor about six weeks ago in the green on Englishmen site like me when I had to walk out with the boat and want to travel.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
One day, Fred came to Jack at a state of considerable agitation to say that you've discovered that the property being attached to jet and you didn't think Didn't you think it would be a kind thing to sign it out through step by step mother for all the sacrifices she made and we're in the stepchildren object objected as a young man, I guess he didn't realize the problem. So what the trustees have tried to do to protect him. He signed the way to his father who was somewhat of a crook. The family trustees were furious, and when they found out they ordered Fred to repay his son the original value of the land $10,000 when he refused they deducted this from his $1,000 A year

Unknown Speaker 29:54
after this check would have nothing more to do with his toddler or their got a picture of Jack

Unknown Speaker 30:05
This is Jack's on the left

Unknown Speaker 30:18
so Jack moved away from home and took what Chelsea could attract in the winter one time he cut and dried Cascara bar, which gave you an income of four to $5 a day. Because color that time Missouri when he did what he wanted was a laxative and grew up all over salt spring. It was quite an insurance industry, cutting business using the bark from the trees. Jack married his wife Irene in 1932. With no job no house and just $100 in the bank and the 29 Chevy. One winter there was a terrific storm on salt spring and a very large number of trees came down blocking all the roads. The community was enlisted to help on scene Jack's expertise with an axe and saw Gavin Murdoch river partnership to love this property on Sunset drive. That time they were getting $7 1000 Gold season this was $2 something to pay for the government that that came check a steady income. In 1934, Jack learned that his father had sold a loan of a property and all the timber rights for $50,000 to an each boat and gone back to Australia without saying the word to his family and friends, but remain there till then the freight out but actually continue to add to the house and build the the upstairs part of the house. And that's

Unknown Speaker 32:06
the design for the addition was done by Sam Maclear a well known architect from Victoria. And it wasn't until actually after I'd written the book I made some reference to Senator MIDI having designed the house at last name Bill. But then we realized that the dates didn't jive. And then we found the book about some appear and the addition house edition for FTM long was able to put that into perspective

Unknown Speaker 32:54
the next person to arrive on the scene was pretty good. Pretty well everybody but clearly you would like to be here this afternoon but his wife is in hospital to perform. I'll just tell you a little bit about Cody. He was born in Saskatchewan in 19. Can you came to Salt Springs at age 12 To work the Henry Bullock, an eccentric man who owned the biggest state owned by Robinson staff going up against his brother when he was 24 when he came to work for the habits and then final year at low carb. Good he and his wife Isabel spent their honeymoon in the newly constructed Playhouse while the habits were away. The first printing worked in return for the uses low carb house which is the house was made out there. Plus milk and eggs while and then Danny was paid $3 a day for labor to change the chase the squirrels out of the house on the beach for us boxes for furniture. Apparently trade was quite a hard man to work for but his wife was kind of when they haven't sold we need to Baldwin in May 1934. They hope they heard that Mrs. Baldwin wanted to garden could he had no formal gardening experience that Mr. Avid taught in the names of a few few flowers and trees. When the real estate agent came he asked at the right questions, and he was able to secure the job that lasted in 10 years. His three children Lawrence Farber Donald Jr. Were born and slept at long harbor house

Unknown Speaker 35:06
The picture is good he said he was a guest of honor Cobos. 25th anniversary in 1995 on the right is mixing what's interesting and then cloud on

Unknown Speaker 35:32
the next person who are in the property was immutable. And this next little bit is not in our book and it's going away from the history of software a little bit but this chapter is such an interesting character. Like to tell you a little bit about the right way I got some information off the internet great way to find things.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
Alexa can learn how to love people when got started? And is the one said that lucky Baldwin told me experience in the early days on the frontier, the mother, among other things, Boldwood told him that he got his rails started like this from a perfect game. He was stranded with his wife and wife and child in Iowa. She can affect the game in session with heavy states, he decided to risk the few dollars he had borrowed the food on the chance to stay carry his family through the winter. He left the table with all the money inside, and afterwards moved to California, where he became wealthy. Before that, Baldwin hunted buffalo to their eyes, which in those days was a profitable occupation. Although it said that he was the first white hunter to abandon the Indian style of running the herd on horseback, in favor of the salmon. Open recounted an incident when his horse broke loose and left him on foot so close to the charging library crazy buffalo that he could do nothing to divert them. In strong quick is a huge flow was leading the stampede. And as the animal reached in desperation, dropped the old bull by the horns to his back where he climbed for his life. While Charlestonians attractors planes animals headed for cottonwood belong which Lucky was riding ladies follow us to the ground. And that's the annual pass on your low hanging over. CCR running down south safely to the president of the tree. We can see what I was saying lucky moment. He was born in like 1828 in Butler County, Ohio. And when he got to California in 1853. He obviously want enough money to buy 1000 acres in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles. Before he was finished by nearly 62,000 acres. What is now our Cajun one road here. The love that was very close to downtown Los Angeles became worth a terrific amount of money. He died in 1909. And one of the things he became really famous for was breeding racehorses. Best workhorse was called the head for yourself. And rather than because he thinks was the horse carried forward with famous black and red Maltese cross silks, the victory in 2129 races. A large Maltese cross from the Baldwin estate can now be seen just east of see this get caught up in the grandstand gardens of 72. Interesting enough as a Maltese cross. We think that the gravestone is one of the neater golden stones on the vacant property, which was partner that's a little legacy leftover from when he died, he left his estate to his daughter rather than the son. And she turned out to be a very good manager of the property. And she realized in 1960s that there was oil so she ended up becoming a multi millionaire. And so when she came to that photo at that time, she was getting to a last 15. She had had concerns with the mom, but she was afraid of being kidnapped. A neighbor of persons being kidnapped right out and she was afraid of a similar occurrence. It was also at the time of the Lindbergh kidnapping. They were friends so it's likely

Unknown Speaker 40:45
that she has had more faith in the RCMP American police I guess at that time

Unknown Speaker 41:05
she shaped up all possessions and took up residence on a yacht in the harbor while major renovations for me to the house and the major renovations were putting running water she had a water tower built so that she could get good good pressure

Unknown Speaker 41:31
and so I think that went on for quite a while and I'm not sure how the house has been finished inside. Before she came on when she was responsible for the wood paneling. leaded glass it was good to see it's nice to be finished. I think very similar in many ways to the restaurant

Unknown Speaker 42:08
could he told us quite a bit of information because he wants you to evolve and as I said the top floor of the tower had a huge love about him. When the weld ran dry in the fall good he remembered party wash from Ganges in a wooden panel truck. In 332 Gambell barrels the water was pumped into the tech biolistic into the tape by Mr. diesel motor. There was a dairy shed in one Snapple the volume will pour and he built the what's now the logic cottage with a garage and he built himself modeling for three rents. It's hard to imagine and it's really quite small. And I guess the modeling for the Goodman supplement this morning come by fishing and tracking code and make a picture of the house

Unknown Speaker 43:24
more or less what it looked like in the days he was accepted with brown. It was painted white

Unknown Speaker 43:40
is Bob when Bob up beautiful Painted Marquis and furniture from California Travel called truckloads insured for $110,000. The Falcons alone were reputed to be valued at 1.5 million. She caught up. She called her home the sanctuary and included the property she bought with the island opposite ferry terminal when she called that Dexter right. But there were drawbacks to finding sanctuary in Canada were challenged that the US Canadian border Miss Baldwin declared that she was a landed immigrant. The second year she was here she received a Canadian income tax bill that arrived on a Thursday and she left the country on Saturday, shipped her valuables back to the states and gave the rest away. The party remained in the family until 945 that Mrs. Baldwin never stayed here again for any length of time. Alone one time. One point she rented a house in Victoria and caters options a visitor she died around 1938 About 60 years of age Oh, goody telling us that she didn't like to see other women around. And so, Mrs. Goodwin never went outside in her presence. perfectly happy with me. And I guess she was jealous. We wouldn't be aware. It's quite interesting

Unknown Speaker 45:26
so then could continue to work for the son, Baldwin, Baldwin and Baldwin took over the running of the sanctuary. And then that stage could have moved into main house. Can you tell us a story about Mr. Baldwin not being as benevolent as his mother, because the Korean two cows which Mrs. Baldwin bought from him and paid for one week, civilize the mill, when a son took over, he sold the cow back to Google themselves with a quite a different arrangement. But he continued to work until 1944 When Mr. Baldwin said he could no longer afford to pay his wages. The government's work with the house to rent the good he decided to move out and go into business for himself. He had many roles in the community including running the fire department and also Goodman few funeral services and put He also provided a home for adj in the game will come up a few more times but he lived with pudding for seven years getting help him through a period of real it

Unknown Speaker 46:47
was extremely good. And Eddie is like one of the children at some point and I guess it was after he left

Unknown Speaker 47:03
the main house was converted into a guest house and at the age of 18 fellow member John nice

Unknown Speaker 47:38
all the other ones unsavory character with an appetite the young men young men and young seem very happy but do you remember one of the things they had one get 71 the whole time and he was sort of an American film director that he liked terrific to go I guess he mentioned

Unknown Speaker 48:09
and in 1945 the Baldwin Center Project The always sold to more Kevin Welsh and she intends sold to Lucius C Smith in 19.6. These were both people from California to get ready to get renting. I tried researching on the internet and all I could find was Eleusis bliss on the Titanic and whether they be rescued or not because you start searching for things on the internet that you can scrape

Unknown Speaker 48:56
I don't know it might be patience use

Unknown Speaker 49:03
case Yep, well it could have been

Unknown Speaker 49:13
the next set of the policy which was Gavin moved together with a brother William Can you share?

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Every soul

Unknown Speaker 49:56
was a young man, Kevin emergency In 1961, worked in the store, but he was very independent by nature and soon branched out into other services for the island. Jakob refers to Gavin as a deckhand on the SS era in the early 1980s, when it called it the dock at long harbor house to unload such things as since sunsets and green grapes of apples from now on so far more loaded. Kevin also built and operated a farm on 2500 acres of land from the previous two. So the point is mentioned earlier Jack is in partnership with Kevin Murphy the horse logging operation on this 1947 together with Brother Williams, Kevin both along the property various members of extended family remember coming down here at that time. The house was fully furnished and they were encouraged to select any items of furniture glassware, etc. left from the Baldwin Welshman split anything that they needed with no recollection of anyone maybe the need of the houses during the two years of the property is held by the car Bradley sculpture conducted logging operations for the moment. The next witness with the qualities that came up from the States it was beyond in Florence while it sounds more like a demon to me. They were friends of the Lexus of facilities because of the Musgraves and Captain more of the site. And they stayed in the property for quite a few years. The Office of retired sea captain and he came up here because he'd been quite well, quite ill obviously too late because he was remembered as being a fish and agile man. They used to spend the six months on Saltspring and then go back to the states and I guess this day how healthy they develop the peninsular into sheep farm is a flock of sufferings. And there's still the old trace of fencing. The main they lived in the main house for awhile to shoot. Mrs. Foley was very allergic to dogs. So they built the house they became concerned with so moved out to the the Allen pitcher family with the next ones to live up to non-carbonated the deal of the house from 1955 to 57. In quality images, remember quality has been very nice to them. And I there's no doubt probably the hedges did some logging when they were the sheep Laurie came out to visit this and he had very good memories of his teenage time that he remembers the dog that the qualities had it was a large, black Labrador that was intentionally kept hungry. Maybe just keep the deer away or something. As a result, it was affordable God Duncan Hunter, Lauren, this stuff developed a mutual respect. Together learning the ways of the ducks, raccoons and deer and developing clever hunting strategies that never included the gun. The dog had a bad reputation promoting people and Lauren's parents were often concerned when the two would disappear for long periods over they would always return often with several prizes. The local lodging health club pay 50 cents for coontail and nori did very well thanks because are you remember as long kava teeming with herring it's fallen in time and recalls the road pain. A road paid hanging in the water covered with so many things when you pulled it out. It was the size of a bucket 1957 the qualities of growing older and on the advice of Saltspring land so you decided to split up the property selling lots 910 and 21 which was fisherman's Island separately

Unknown Speaker 54:45
so the next owners with a Pringles and they bought the folly cottage on Lafayette in 1959. And they live there with their sons Jim and David. They also benefited from the habit of the Americans to leave all the furnishings behind. And I understand the Pringles are still enjoying the maple furniture

Unknown Speaker 55:12
that the club is left behind. Then the Pringles sold to the Russell's in 1960s. And then now up at some point in July so, the next family with the most in the Russell's falls apart and they met in the Philippines

Unknown Speaker 55:53
Let's challenge both on the left and Jack Russell on the right. Charlson worked in the Philippines to mess Bobby consolidated mining. And during the war, he was imprisoned in turn by the Japanese. And Jack Russell was with the American CVS and got to know Jack when they rescued it because Jack had worked in my childhood worked in mining. He knew where all the resources were, for the American Navy, which were trying to be rebuilt adults, and that sort of thing. So they they found a partnership, first of all weapons to the states, and then they develop their own company building for the concrete floor building for the American forces out there. And they did it very well. Then they decided with the changing politics in the Philippines that it was time to leave. And Jack went back to San Francisco, low level, wildland radio magazine. The Edmonton was the fastest growing city on the continent. So Nikki phoned the man the next day, and said, was there a concrete plan than me? I said, No. So it's your work the next day, and they started the concrete. And that did very well. So so that's the sort of a child month also went up there and joined in that that project. Jack was involved in a few other things. A lot of states just go back to the moon. So this is Mo Mo at the moment. So it gets confusing.

Unknown Speaker 58:28
Chelsea Chelsea, used to work for the Hudson's Bay Company, and he had a sailboat, and he remembers coming into long path on the wall, and then creating the minecart and just falling in love with the place staying for a week or so. And it was a part of that, that you to keep him very long he was in prison and a false appeal to carry that picture of Salzburg and dreaming of one day coming back. And then years later from Edmonton, eventually, the property is for sale.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
Charles Lee had married Mary who was married needs to leave such a success story. So I'll just talk about Mary needs from the outbreak of the Second World War, Mary Lee's father went back into service into the services of Mrs. Lee's was anxious to dissuade her teenage son John, from following his trains into the building shipyards. So have you been assured yourself there were adequate churches how School in schools. She moved herself and her three younger children, John Francis and Charles from the North Shore of Vancouver to Salt Springs. And then, for Mary remembers vividly seen a fair family off on the Princess Mary when Chris philosophy opened day. They'd never traveled anywhere before, she had never heard of Saltspring Island. She was devastated. She watched him disappear into the fog. She felt he'd never seen him again. Mary was 19 years old in nurses training. And finally guy needs to was able to write the Pharisee islands herself. The ferry only ran a couple of times a week, and the trip felt like taking an ocean voyage. The decks been loaded with calcium sheets in front of us. I think completed our train Mary moved to Victoria and wait for a number of dental offices. By then her family was living in the old Creamery on upper Ganges Road, which was part of the bullock estate. The ferry probably the Cytec at that time, was accessed by a one lane road SWAT Spain.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
And there was no pat Bay highway or getting her was easy now American as often as she could. Anyone traveling to solve spring would meet at the Dominion hotel to check to check if rides were needed or off. There was a bus service but Mary never used it. The other alternative was much more enjoyable. Mr. Bullock was going on. And the days of this horrible dances were gone, that the nice family was still invited to tea parties, and were allowed to play tennis, swim in the lake and skate in the winter. They made many friends on the island and the house was always full of people. very stressed very low carbon property was raking hay the manners was pretty good. And making was a community event because it had to be done quickly to take advantage of good weather, and everyone was excited to help their neighbors. The family eventually eventually settled in the Fruitvale area on the south side of wall harbor. Mr. Nice returned from the wall service and adjusted happily to either live enjoyed gardening and gossiping under the tree besides months with his friends carrying other currents. Marry them. What? Half time for adult a young doctor on the island, John Ackerman. John H and later became a member of that and still is a member of mankind. Mary also enjoy giving a hand at the harbor House Hotel on a voluntary basis, and it was there that she met Charles. On hearing a child's dream to her the love of my property Mary told him he thought it was currently for sale. Because as luck would have just been bought by the clients, anxious to have a piece of Saltspring to retire to Charles for the land that is now known as salty Springs Resort. He came down from Edmonton every two or three months to escape the call to me and Mary kept in touch. When Mrs. Lee's died they were married and they're joining me now the Russell's has also been looking in looking at North Korean property on Charles's recommendation come to salt for an informative visit to mixer might remember driving over on the on site tag, which belong together at the time. Much later to be working on some Jim makes me the two families were delighted to hear that property along harbor was subdivided and sold. The boats wanted to move to the island permanently in a few years. And they chose not nine with the old house and farm buildings. The rest was for about 10 and which is the most pointed area and a lot 73 which we call the fisherman's island. They weren't all of that $23,700 That was in 1957.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
Well, as soon as Charles got to the product he's worked with to enhance it and began to tear down a lot of the old buildings and cleaned up. One day I was driving to Victoria and he picked up all the villains and his son Kim. They were working to Victoria's fine work to say job building the new lady Miko hospital had come to an end. At the end of the day, Charles Welcome back to Salt Springs and hybrid himself and expose events and family law the house. What began to renovate the old Butler's office in the main house to become the den you It's about to warrant a small rooms into a spacious new kitchen and laundry room anytime was employed by OB GYN and he worked on the kitchen cabinets This is first construction job

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
after the person stayed there for a few years I think maybe six years I'm not sure that when they moved out Charles had the old form this is a picture of the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
with focus

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
the other family that I keep talking about is the Russell family

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
so I think many of you will know MCs so that's a young MCS and as some Jim who's still very much on the island

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
so, in 1958, this is talking about the Russell family. In a 58 year putting concrete block company was sold and they moved to break springs and Salt Springs and we bought the body from the criminals in they sort of went back and forth to break springs to Salt Spring and video. So they spend the winters down, summers up itself and then in 1967.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
One of the one of the inspired things to Charles Gates was build what we call this it's a swimming pool. It's a two and a quarter acre saltwater lagoon and basically dammed off the natural inlet. The method of creating a goo lagoon came from Hubert Wallace of the Irish shipyards, we built a similar one for his waterfront home

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
in 1965, when it's currently engineering we were hired to design the Dyken sluice gates for the lagoon has an estimated cost of $21,000 it transformed what was a magic flag at low tide into a beautiful semi lagoon that gets very warm in the summertime. And not enough the children have it holds approximately 6 million gallons of seawater and Hello, it's gone now that time the bottom was lined with clam shells transported from somebody just imagine doing that nowadays

Unknown Speaker 1:08:42
you can see and that that aerial is taken in the 50s you can see the dark and the boathouse so Charles most of the time

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
so, Charles might also had a plan to to build a big marina and it was large enough to include Morris 5030 foot boats with further expansion for a total of almost 7000 square feet, 7000 lineal feet, but the plan was with an engineer together did that. And in 1967, he built three of cottages and villas and contracted to build the cottages and I found the The quote is a 900 square foot colleges three colleges to pay $4,000 definitely shows us what inflation is about $9 a square foot

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
at Chang was was working on those as well. So when they Charleston's idea was to operate as a small resort before we even advertise it or anything approached by kickin was killed 100 trees. Yes it was killed on a family from Seattle. We're interested in renting the cartridges that they wanted them exclusively. They rented them for two years came for I think two weeks each summer they rented all three cartridges. They bought two rolls royces one for them and one for silverware. So anyway, you can make your relative to anybody else because they took care of it. So so they were the basically those colleges still very much in use and renovated a few times but really stood the test of time

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
Charles smoke was very hospitable. He really enjoyed bridge. He was keen enough to go to New York to learn how to play bridge from a chap called Charles Thorin. Management and then call this little bit here. Not so long ago that Ganges became user friendly for tourists in the boats. Earlier years here the stores closed on Wednesday, Wednesdays and Sundays. And by 6pm every night. The old tradition of mold stayed open until nine or 10pm on Saturday night, so the farmers might shop had been discontinued. This cause considerable dismay to unsuspecting visitors. Just loved walking the dogs in Ganges and talking to people on the boats. I'm hearing that they were low on supplies and the stores were closed. You would have noticed that my wife has lots of bread and fish and ice in the freezer. Why don't you come around for tea? I'll show you the way Mary would then find her car loaded up with wife and children while father had a lovely cruise down. It made many friends this way. They also a boats that anchored in long harbor walls.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
Sadly, by 1969 Charles to develop Parkinson's disease, the most decided they should sell the property and move to the Saanich Peninsula. A new house built for them by debilities. An aging Steve fortune was still working for the new signage have incorporated as many features of America fast as possible, including the wooden wooden paneling, and even the same color scheme in the kitchen. One of the biggest flights on our properties is the hydro. It takes up 90 acres of our property. And the first one was put into making making 556. And then the next one was 1968 with Jack Russell over the proposal, he flew over immediately to the tiger office and spoke to God and Trump that there was nothing he could do or say to make any difference. But he did manage to persuade them not to run the lines right down the center of the property that gave them to the side they did which would have been in real life so.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
Charles Smith had a vision of living in the ideally overwhelmed with he'd seen from his boat. This place, helped carry through his years in prison and war camp in the Philippines. Amazingly, 20 years later, he was able to apply the property and enjoy having his close friends the Russell's as neighbors. Charles made a beautiful park out of taking down old buildings and fences created to look good, improving his home. And over time, Charles vision expanded to embrace the concept that such a beautiful pace should be enjoyed by many families. Rental cottages were added. And there were plans to develop the marina. Jack Russell's have had ideas to the land and enjoy. The land was to be subdivided, and access to the beaches and coves would be available for all to share. Those these men felt the potential of the property and until they hellscape out, they so many of their ideas become reality. So in 1969, they both decided that child in 1969, Charles Murray decided and that was the beginning of what was then called America syndicate. And Sally remembers being asked by one of the local electric electricians like what was it like to work with Cindy. She said she'd never been to obviously the name syndicate has bad connotations, so change the name to the American Association. And subsequent to that, it became recommended the company's Mankato states limited. People just call the members of America. So

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
originally, there was a syndicate put together a group of 60 people, there are all sorts of things. One of them is truly chumley's. In fact, she was fairly instrumental in the introduction getting married. The group were invented as an investment management company in Vancouver. And the people they contracted with people that normally invested with them. They held investors such as Charlie can make mistakes. Some shopping now, there's location, property up that

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
becomes very nice watch.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
What, what happened was, and this was sort of become a part of the investment portfolio. What happened is almost immediately, he bought the property for 10. A for three came on with the introduction of the trust. So sublimation was out of the question. And the elders were invited to come and see the property and stating the three competencies of Johnson and fulfill. So what happened during the time they called me in the first annual meeting, which was because only six months later, the people that come to see the property, totally fell in love with it. And the first time the meeting, they said, We want this property for ourselves and our families, it's no longer to be part of the portfolio. So it took a religious turn at that stage. Some of the real investment people dropped out within a year or two, just 25 years later, 28 of the 50 original people were still members.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
Then a couple of years later, the Russell decided to sell district lock 10 which was doing in 58 points. And also the people are being retained some of that came

Unknown Speaker 1:19:26
back for themselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:29
So at that time, another 70 shares were issued for COVID. Actually 150 families 600 acres, which magically went out to five acres each, which was what the trust came up with the Rural Tony. So that's how the numbers fell into place. Can we have pixelization to tolerate the property owned by Actually 100 Different people with the potential to subdivided into five acres each. But nobody really wanted to do a conventional subdivision. And the thought of chopping it up in spite of it was not desirable either. So when the opportunity in 1979 came along the bear trap, that seemed the ideal way, which allowed us to keep a large portion of land of common land. When the book sold, they were asked to stay on this managers. And they did until 1971. And then their house was raided.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:58
So they looked after the place. I guess they were called on revenge just the next time he manages to come and give our finding, who had been invited to become CEOs and vice president, who is at that time running streaming companies. So Dick was keen for Tom to get involved in gaming business. So Tommy said they wanted to come to the island. But they weren't quite sure whether they committed themselves to the 100%. They wanted to see how they adjust. So the opportunity to live in the house of Marittimo the owner advantages which involved a lot more work than they suspected, work out very well. And I think within a couple of years, they decided that they were happy to make Saltspring. And so by 1974, they were building their own Sunday point. And I got a picture of Tom

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
with a fish that he called, the door of the house, he saw the fish rise, he ran down the dock, Costco and

Unknown Speaker 1:22:40
they got a picture of it need to marry. This was in 1995. This makes on the right and

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
very much on the left

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53
at the 25th anniversary. That was a fun event. Probably not many of you know about. So you may have seen a little bit of static, which is at midnight, we had fireworks, like arrange the fireworks. And I totally forgot that they go off to the bank. I was just expecting so much they will bang bang. And I knew we would not be happy. We got a couple of inches of drift push. Anyway, it was dumb enough to hitch we couldn't stop. Many, many people have asked about Lane America. And we tried to research it was Charles robot named America maybe because he liked the name, I think. So we were trying to find out where the name came from. And we knew a consul general for San Salvador. So we got into right to the ambassador for Venezuela. And he came back with a reply and it was named mehrerer was a famous Indian who would fight for the Spaniards in 1671. We did a little research ourselves and we felt that narrow Spanish made C and kind of the harbor on cable. We translated that into C. We also found that there was a fifth tribe of cannibals The Indians called the carrots and the way they from the Cayman Islands, and the old spelling of Maracaibo was NAR a feeling why the fire

Unknown Speaker 1:25:25
so making 75 Apologies for leaving. I was manager of the Bank of Commerce on the island at that time. And I just got a transplant through to go to Vail boat something in the Rockies. Three months ago, I'd ask the bank not to transfer me anywhere outside of low Vancouver Island or lower mainland, because my parents for a bachelor's degree from England. So when they came through as a transfer to Valium, I was pretty annoying. So it's our next door neighbor at the time, deploy weekly. We went through a very heavy history, it was dry. And I said to him, I can quickly and he said, Oh, since I know the job. He said, I'm doing the plumbing on Sunday. And they're looking for somebody to manage no problem. So I didn't know anything about that company. And I looked into Tom's office today. And I said,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:37
I'm here looking for somebody to manage.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
I'm interested in the job. And Tom was quite surprised, because he'd be the nominee manager. So he taught me a little bit about skateboarding should come and see. So I went out. And I totally fell in love with the place. I'd actually been up to 72. And so when I told my wife Sally about it, but I wouldn't let her go see the house because I knew she saw it. She really wanting to jump. So the next thing we were interviewed on the island, and then we got to Johnson, she got sick. And like so we spent the Christmas of 1975 looking after the house loan scheme, and then I think in February 1976.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:49
And we've been lucky

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
since that's been historical part time getting the current map of the property human development. And if any of you've got questions that are more recent history, I'd be very happy to answer them and you can if you'd like check them out

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
was a cheaper labor day is actually about six acres of meadows. A lot of people would like to have the rain isn't really not really compatible. It's a very family oriented place. That's a great place for children to run around. And grocery watering

Unknown Speaker 1:29:02
would be Charles Lake Thank you very much for giving us a grateful history and I for one, pick you up and you're off I'd like to walk around thanks very much