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Early Salt Spring Schools

Moderated by Usha Rautenbach

Discussion by a panel of former pupils at early Salt Spring schools.

Moderated by Usha Rautenbach

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Date October 12, 1999 Location Central Hall
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All of my elementary education until I was 12 was in one school with one teacher with up to 30 children and covering ages five. Having taught attempted to teach myself I have deep respect for all those teachers. So I come from a teacher's point of view as well as it really interested in whether or not the education that was delivered was actually delivered. Over on this wall here is a tribute to teach at the back is be the point I'm about to put everybody on the old school. I'm not talking about the schools. Here today, we are talking about the ones that were here when there wasn't the consolidated school, which changed history of one school and we're talking about funding, which was just one school. On that site, there is a display where if we have you could come and see me about how you could help me on

Unknown Speaker 1:29
research to do there are so many schools that they don't save the people. The display simply explains how Marian crew at the archives have worked out how to find out those people often make requests

Unknown Speaker 1:53
I can be there to show you how you can help by visiting the back on the table if anybody wants to help me

Unknown Speaker 2:14
something I may be able to put everything into results but at the very least make materials that are accessible to everybody and so that people would come in to find out something we'll be able to find it out instead of requiring that's a great deal of research or trying to come

Unknown Speaker 2:51
I'm trying to work through this as fast as possible. I'm sure many of the very first was the red ones that have called this district as a district this district has called the Sunday school which makes people think that it wasn't right here next to Central School, which was right opposite and that was way back at the 61 night school and it's called Bobo in May which makes you think that it's not and it's directly opposite to church church

Unknown Speaker 3:50

Unknown Speaker 3:57
Ah, thank you. So the next school started with 18 Oh, this one is 1817 1885 schoolhouse which is known as Beavin point school. It's known as the Red Schoolhouse and is still there. You can see that behind the point. Then, we have these three you have these three green brackets to show the central from the first school was this one here, which is the Dubai School, which is why I'm interested I live on the side of good school I just wanted to find out about it. So all of this area here that was in the central area, and it started in 18 But then these other two came along as well. This is the cranberry Marsh school, guaranteed public school. This was mid level. This one was in 1917. They are actually serving about the same families. Some of them sometimes there were two or three schools that they'd all go to just one or two. And the Ministry of Education caught all three of those schools again to school, which is about a point school was founded here. That's just about whether mountain meadows 10 point, the buildings no longer there. The Divine school building is no longer there. Because I'm down in 1960, build school. Central School.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
Right next door, there

Unknown Speaker 6:04
was a house, there's a house, the opposite school may actually be the original building.

Unknown Speaker 6:20
Oh, okay. Oh, good. It's where the crop base was right on the corner. And I have to go and find out how we got to that point, all good. And this school building is actually still there, because it's not very recognizable. It's a house no one is recognizable. It seems to be buried inside the house. So there we are. Again, G school started in 1970. That's the Ganges public school. I'm missing out a whole lot of schools, which are all the private schools, all the private schools. Here, one we've done here. There's a sheet somewhere on display that many private schools in the 20s and 30s. Dante's public school started in 1917. Then by the time 1925 came along, there were so many high school students that they actually do have classes. And they run in whichever space they couldn't get, which was there's many stories told the space that used to have a jail in it and various things like that. And then I've got an interactive ad on the wall, which is my question is, what is current

Unknown Speaker 7:57
history books

Unknown Speaker 7:59
is said to be in the background of your C Mon. And I'm looking at it like it doesn't look like and I was hoping that it was the chicken. Great. Because there is no no actual thing that says this is the chicken house school. It's not in the archives yet. So after today will have done a great service. Not only to me, but to everybody. You all know that particularly. So that was a poultry displaying house used on the agricultural grounds. And when the high school students needed to be they got moved into the chicken house. wonderful stories, not chicken house. I moved out because all of you all these schools are running along and some of them are closing because they've got less than 10 children and the Ministry of Education won't put up with less than 10 children with children. And until when they decided to change the whole system, I forgot to tell you, every school district up here, and other school districts are here, another school district here, another school district here so you can see why they didn't want to fund the trustees. District. And so in 1914, they changed that. But instead of making it one school district for Saltspring Island, it became school district 64 for all the Gulf Islands.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
So they believe

Unknown Speaker 9:43
in huge grades from all these trustees being very locally concerned and interested in their own school to one school district 64 to this range. So Nathan 14 the consolidated school which is a building that now houses Saltspring Elementary School. And that was a consolidated school for two reasons I think, in my head. One is that it consolidates in one place where children will learn on top. And the other is that it goes from grade one to grade 12. Building good buttons to the hospital. Also is the consolidated school. Now, the point isn't that old school didn't consolidated school in 1914 instead to get that before otherwise, I haven't found out yet. And I'd love to know when the buses could dry and still get the kids to school on time and got that problem. So they brought in a school bus in 1914. And Isabella, managed to keep them in one room schoolhouses until 1951. And then, I still vote that to know definitively Why 1951 What happened to Why stop if you know very, very keen to learn that if you don't buy we'll find out later Okay, so now introduce our panel of zones with the memories in any of those schools plus the ones I haven't marked around about. Didn't say public school is it was built exactly when the Catholic churches and all this bulletin board here you'll see my photographs at the front of the Catholic Church and the blueprint at the art comes down to the front of the building of the school. It's exactly the same building but it's been jacked up to the one store in higher so the Ganges Public School is the Roman Catholic school visit alright so apart from the fact that there are three schools in the Ganges area there's schools that we are remembering so we would like to welcome Lotus Rocco either pointing to it

Unknown Speaker 12:32
oh could we have someone arranged

Unknown Speaker 12:41
John Bennett

Unknown Speaker 13:02
I mentioned the consolidated school it's that one school for the whole of adults that's not as as Nancy says that is not a great one to eight one teacher school. It's a school was it not many teachers it started with four so it's not it's not what we expected Bob rush in the same position as Ivan and Gordon

Unknown Speaker 13:46

Unknown Speaker 13:55
if there's anybody in the audience that has added memories to say please feel free to interrupt especially to correct but you can add your memories as they come up. So I think what we should do first is to just pass the microphone along and let each panelist tell us where Gordon

Unknown Speaker 14:32
okay. How would you like to do?

Unknown Speaker 14:48
It it's Valentine's.

Unknown Speaker 14:59
Day So first I think what we'll do is pass microphone along and show you that it seems it works best if you stick it straight up and just say which schools you attended that made us be one you may have gotten to me

Unknown Speaker 15:27
and I started over elementary many years ago I can remember the first day that my sister and I went to school whether in a race with the horses later on I can't remember

Unknown Speaker 16:06
one night, we went to Victoria gym increment them and this is corporate helicopter I was a driver for one year coming home that night. It was very foggy Captain Mark What

Unknown Speaker 16:40
do you make them when was driving the teacher I remember Miss Moore was she brought us to back to her place at Bretton Woods she houses for the night and she had a beautiful fireplace Mrs. Allen current right was was English drive. So she and I slept together. The next morning the fog had lifted and I attended grade up to grade eight and then we went to a yeah

Unknown Speaker 17:35
say great

Unknown Speaker 17:47
I attended the Ganges elementary school on Drake road. And it was then it was two buildings. So I actually went to and my first teacher was flooring steel was settled. I learned something. And then I went that was great. 123 and four. And then I went to the next room where first of all, Matt Nichols off shortly after he went on to other things and then northern west and northwest was there when I went to the other room that's there and went to the chicken house school. And Mr. Williams was the first teacher and that's John coolmuster came along and then we got a big crowd for quite a few people coming in those people from Fulford kept coming up you know so we divided what they said it easy to find a build a room all they did was put a partition right across and they two rooms and the architecture which I think was one pesky trigger and half as far as effort insurer farms go. Most of the later people who follow me who sold his business after they shared the teaching duties I think Minister of Social Studies literature and grammar and things like that. And forget the science and math

Unknown Speaker 19:23
37 Before we go any farther and not being too much, I'd like to introduce a special guest. Martin Stapleford who came over from Delta, especially for this for today. whose grandmother was Kate crannis, who taught school here on the

Unknown Speaker 19:45
boat six years.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Holographic theories in the class photo I attended the Ganges Elementary School. And on the first I remember the first day of school, walking back home after school. When I was walking up the hill, we're about the yellow houses now, the band went old gentleman walked in the other direction, told me this would be the happiest day of my life. These days, starting school 11, right, I don't know. But sometimes kid, my friends are saying that I was on the same class for four years, the same teacher in the same classroom. And then I had well, the class consisted of four grades experience 123 and four. And the teacher was Miss Morgan, whose picture is over there. And unless she's died within the last three or four months, she's still alive and living in Vancouver. And I don't have too much to add at this point, I don't think except that that photograph isn't larger than native which was made in the spring of 1940 when the Ganges felt good when I was in grade four, and it was during the spring of that year that we moved down to the new consolidated school. The school crest of the elementary school was that and then the school crashed and consolidated school is consolidated school, school a couple of report cards here if you want to do

Unknown Speaker 21:44
report cards which

Unknown Speaker 21:45
among other things, the back says health rules good physical condition is built up through an hours of sleep fresh air lay out of buildings, Thanksgiving vegetables, cereals a extrusion wire, funniness impression and drink so that's one of the old stuff so I guess that's all I can say at the moment with John

Unknown Speaker 22:22
Deere way back when divided school started in January of 1936 years old memory we will go on my schooling

Unknown Speaker 23:00
My name is Lotus ruffle my maiden name was crazy. I was one family of five

Unknown Speaker 23:10
when school

Unknown Speaker 23:14
started and then I was out of the

Unknown Speaker 23:20
school for three years

Unknown Speaker 23:23
because it was almost impossible for some children to get together with my family just fine when it was very difficult timing my mother sold a

Unknown Speaker 23:45
piece of property

Unknown Speaker 23:47
in a little town it was decided that the five I was the one that was we came together

Unknown Speaker 24:01
so I could be enrolled.

Unknown Speaker 24:03
And mother asked once again as prepared for other persons from all very Star Wars does mark is not prepared. But let's go into the bargain. My mother she might so I will never cease to be grateful. Dear Jane, my mum was first for three years. She She ordered me for 75 cents. Let me work we can sell the bag doesn't have to pay any more. I went to the chicken house for over three years, had one teacher who really was the most exceptional how we manage three years all through my trip to I don't know, we didn't have one stop. But I think that rather remarkable

Unknown Speaker 25:42
I'm Nancy Reagan was born on the house Nancy house. I didn't start school until the consolidated school opened. Because the Fernwood school had a rather difficult reputation. And my

Unknown Speaker 26:12
mother taught me at home. But it was the biggest disappointments of my life when I went to the consolidated school, did not expect that it's valid, and I have to start over in grade one. I never had girls to play with my memories. Not positive have never had. I had a brother six years older than myself. And I knew how to catch fish. And I knew how to dam up the free frog. It's an I knew how to climb trees and build forts. And I knew how to brand the chickens and bring in wood and water and help my mother weed the garden. And count my grandfather whose eyesight was poor, and all those kinds of things. But I've never had girls to play with drones three miles away. So when I went to school, I tried to play with the boys. And of course, they wanted nothing to do with me. And I had no idea what the girls were doing. They were skipping rows, and playing hopscotch and playing. London, Richardson, stuff like that. And I never seen anything like that was real culture shock. So I went and climbed into a tree so that I could watch them and figure out what they were doing. Somebody canceled on me and the teacher females and coming down out of their little girls do not find three. And everybody. And I was so embarrassed. And so she got angry, and she yelled at me. And that scared me and I might set it down. And then when I did come into the classroom when the bell rang, I was mean, I went to grade one, two in that class, and I went into the break too. And she said, What are you doing there? And I said, I'm supposed to be in grade two. And she said, Have you ever been in school before? And so she called me out there and I tripped over the two by fours that they mailed to and saw so full length in front of the home. So my feelings about schools were not nice. My mother had told me I had to have lots of friends that I didn't have any friends at all. And I had to walk two miles to catch the bus, which started where the school used to be. So I had to leave I think by 730 or earlier in the morning, in order to get on the school bus. I remember the school laughing and it wasn't until I guess more reballing started school that I had the relatives that I've worked with All right, so before I even figure out why. Until one day I got off the manage to get off the bus than they wanted to be. But I was so my feelings were not so great. There were there were things later that I really appreciated about the school. One thing that I really appreciated about Have a school once then everybody took pride in it. Because my understanding is that the government is provided about half the amount of money that was necessary to go to school with the community wanted. And so appreciate the work and some of the materials were donated or volunteered. At, and it was a real cooperative effort to get that school built. And so everybody was proud of the school. And nobody be phased

Unknown Speaker 30:33
into that, because he has been covering our next question. And in fact length to some extent. And that question was the difficulties for you, such as getting being away from home, or having to do school plus family duties, or an expense, difficulties, clothing, getting along with teachers and other students have already contributed to that. I didn't interrupt because I got a very rude thing to interrupt with, which is going to be fun. And I forgot to produce it for you began. So if I get the feeling that we should move the microphone on, I will go like this. I want to do that before the telephone by so let's pass it around. Again. Let me start with you, Tony. If you could. Before we begin, I'd like to just tell all of you that the tapes that are made off of these meetings on has been I am planning that the tapes that talk about schools will be remade and remixed to cut out so that schoolchildren are here at school today can hear what it used to be like I know that one of the hot topics but then how did you get to school because it's so easy for them now they love to hear how complicated or what's a long long way to walk

Unknown Speaker 32:37
we went all the way down make a pass through the trail to the trail through the woods. My father, the short log on the board and he dragged down the trail

Unknown Speaker 32:59
and we've walked up and down that morning. No disappeared. When I was 14 years old, I get a bicycle

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I didn't have any children during the school because we didn't live too far away. We were up at the corner of the Ganges road and very childhood. Now administering that next door died and I get reminded by others periodically that I'd had no trouble walking along the road. Maybe I said because my reputation and values for growing up with addictions when they're running water taking away the least water to flow and making dams and other places. So I got the storm that way during the wintertime. And in the summertime we used to go avoid the road by going around behind behind the fields in an item's house and gravestones used to be buried the Roberts used to be fastback factory behind McAfee's house into the backyard of the school. No I didn't.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
I didn't have any trouble getting school entertaining to Bob So novolac younger than I am. So he didn't go to school at the same time. He was just a little kids started school. No, he wasn't even born. So it's not too far from the topic and you see what we did just across increase rates. And the school down great, bro. The only problem I had was my mother and sister that I got home from. I wanted to take for lunch but mostly young people. I just couldn't do it. I had to come home. That was it.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
I, I came from home, and I stayed with my grandmother, or we both stayed on during the week and on weekends. But even at that time, I've never been away from home the force was very homesick. And I can remember one time we stayed at Jimmy Rogers. And we stayed in that little shack underneath the maple tree. Maple trees in the fall was dropping leaves. We had to walk through about a foot and a team. So anyway, walking through these maple leaves about a foot

Unknown Speaker 35:55
and then

Unknown Speaker 35:57
what was the classroom atmosphere? Like? How does it differ from what you know, today's classroom

Unknown Speaker 36:07
in the classroom with where you're supposed to be taught,

Unknown Speaker 36:12
what was the classroom atmosphere real life

Unknown Speaker 36:17
so you're in for trouble if teachers could drag students in front of the class. And one of the teachers in elementary school

Unknown Speaker 36:33
took this to extremes

Unknown Speaker 36:35
in them. I remember the whole class being in tears over somebody being stressed in front of the class. And another teacher intervened in that teacher was download distract students anymore. It wasn't until I was in high school. I really enjoyed my I was out in school. I was in school for half a year because I had severe headaches and migraines. And when I went back to school I really enjoyed it for the first time, but my favorite teacher in high school was John excellent teacher. And I really enjoyed English, English and social studies, which were also very fond of our small group of kids you could give a hard time to she taught him and she taught us French and the boys are everybody's getting your hormones. So I think we give her a hard time. And I remember this Oulton who who has the most print thing, glare that is advanced double shielded family, anybody has a wall right. But

Unknown Speaker 38:15
as far as elementary schools concerned, I didn't have trouble we missed three quarters of a mile. So it was quite easy to get the certificate for regularity and punctuality and of course, as I've told you, I had the barn for the other three years that's all I have

Unknown Speaker 38:56
and the teacher can spend time with a grade three kids we learned one teacher has a reputation that she couldn't get an athletic training with a book

Unknown Speaker 39:20
I don't have any particular remembrances of the classroom atmosphere, although I think for probably a second thing where baseball caps in their heads didn't have a rock Moon simply didn't do a lot of distracting things. So I think the classes respectful of the teachers have a comment here for my teaching and three reports and Bobby does good work.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
I don't think there would have been any problems at all because you didn't do things like that. We didn't want to get caught passing a note or whispering or something like that you just didn't do it it wasn't done you behave yourself for option

Unknown Speaker 40:14
one I remember it was it was run by one teacher also. And then we didn't have any water laid on and we we just had a heater in the middle of the room so that the boys had to stoke the fire. And then we had to take turns and white leads to get at noontime to get enough water to carry us over two buckets of water. That was a long way to market the one

Unknown Speaker 40:50
excellent segue to the next question, which is what were the classrooms? What were the actual buildings? Like how did how were they were they actually warm or cold? Were they comfortable to the themes if they were large and small? If you would like to say something about the actual buildings

Unknown Speaker 41:18
for me, I think it was the biggest building that I ever seen. I wasn't I wasn't used to electric light or running water. I was quite impressed with the toilets. And the fact that all that water went down the hole I have grown up carrying water in a bucket of a wound right some distance from the house around collecting rainwater in the barrel around the house for salary water carrying water to chicken throwing water to the kids and to see all that water from down the hall they hassle with quite appalling

Unknown Speaker 42:13
restrooms impressed me about the ones that didn't have restrooms we had to go all the way to the lady man Hall and in the wintertime when it was raining it was a bit

Unknown Speaker 42:52
divides the one room

Unknown Speaker 43:01
well we got water from what's happened well now they'll they're

Unknown Speaker 43:16
the water that's a long way away

Unknown Speaker 43:26
only using investments in there which wasn't true and what are we winning in most of the world we got along the spine and we

Unknown Speaker 43:54
don't remember exactly how the other school but there's great one too far in one side and five on the other side and I think there's a hallway in between because there wasn't very much sound insulation between them when somebody's being strapped in the hallway we could sit here and suffer and so that was the classroom building itself the outhouse was behind the girls one side section on the other side. I don't know they don't have any brackets but it gives somebody to do the hitting the classrooms is concerned about

Unknown Speaker 44:44
the buildings

Unknown Speaker 44:49
much earlier I think we had running water I know it was outside

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Remember I just like to say that one of the wonderful finds in the archives blueprint for this school, rather than Ireland talking about, I had always visualized outhouses to be like the outhouses farming background, but the outcomes design and the blueprints for the Ganges public school and quite magnificent on the outside quite excellent amount of places for people to go to. They were well provided for school if they were built as the blueprints designed. So the next question I think we may have already covered, but we could put we could put him together, which is what were your teachers like? And what did you like or dislike about them? Did you get along with or alternatively, to talk about the equipment that you had? We have a display on the side back there people are wonderful early readers, spelling books and math books are a delight to bring back your memory

Unknown Speaker 46:36
may have helped a bit to some was driving was June. But we made it to the theory the next thing. And then I'd like to speak a little bit about history. And what I remember about him was his favorite role was to humble, humble was

Unknown Speaker 47:06
about learning we have the readers that are descending there, that sort of ground and it was one ID for each grade. And they didn't get to keep them. I think you could take them home. But you graph them. And then you have the back at the end of the year. And the same thing with the stars and of course atlases and dictionaries at home, they were just so many stacked to the side

Unknown Speaker 47:44
that might have a class set maybe in a dictionary was there when you want to consult the dictionary was over there

Unknown Speaker 48:00
I don't remember any textbooks of recollection. Do remember that was in the claims writing guide that you wrote, tried to emulate and also remember that there are a couple of those in our class practice in those days was the

Unknown Speaker 48:20
convergence point.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
In other teaching, remember it was a blow at the back of the classroom.

Unknown Speaker 48:49

Unknown Speaker 48:55
play with

Unknown Speaker 49:06
porcelain when I went to high school, we had to buy all our votes

Unknown Speaker 49:16
renew the need for somebody else. Another thing that I found when I came to Ghana, we also have to pay a

Unknown Speaker 49:32
monthly fee for drawing. When I didn't know of some of the complaints I hear about are $14 I think how

Unknown Speaker 49:51
sparse really

Unknown Speaker 49:58
one thing that I remember firmly in elementary school was the fascinating man that used to pull down like a window blind. And I've never seen anything like that before. Two books that I remember and I'm not sure what for 1311 is the romance of Canada. And I remember that when particularly because my one of my children was saying danger of family and number three, because he couldn't read and he was

Unknown Speaker 50:40
he was being subjected to a gene

Unknown Speaker 50:46
and he was he was passed on trial if I could teach him to read your tumor, then you can go into grade four. And after about a week of these run, I got my romance of Canada last year which he could he could manage explore and Expedition venturing although those kinds of words and couldn't deal with so buy into temporary phones cheaply narrative which was a book that I read many times on my own at home

Unknown Speaker 51:34
I guess adding on to the teaching extra blackboards on the walls of the room. In the classroom in grade one Blackboard we took the back and remember reading and also the the desk says inkwells surprised floggers at the beginning of the year as an insurance company that there was a girl of one or more who usually faced ranking in the class could you stop by rank system remarks and second patient perspective sales in front of Ratterree Timken.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Store story I went down the road every morning to high school Bill built in a revolt with the same grade as my older cousin and he picked up and speak and put it in

Unknown Speaker 52:44
your recurring loot subsystem

Unknown Speaker 52:50
she was in the same vein as I love that she was always well dressed and this was a summer day and she had a very very nice looking degree sort of just now strips on here and then

Unknown Speaker 53:05
abandoned back

Unknown Speaker 53:07
until this

Unknown Speaker 53:16
stage like this turned and looked silly boy

Unknown Speaker 53:36
I like to contrast the violence story with his assertion

Unknown Speaker 53:51
no one saw it.

Unknown Speaker 53:54
They canceled

Unknown Speaker 53:59
so I feel like throwing it open to any stories if they have stories to tell that have not come out of my questions when just pass it through the panel. If you have something that you'd love to tell us all about the story for the school. Go right ahead. And if you don't pass the microphone on. So keep very quiet about your story.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
And I comment on

Unknown Speaker 54:30
something else you have here. You asked those two things you might talk about. Could you assess our students

Unknown Speaker 54:40
to learn what was expected and whether you were required to learn it was really useful after

Unknown Speaker 54:47
school? We need to learn because we had in grades four, three, we had to pass an entrance exam. And in high school you had the bachelor in judo techniques. And that's what we were Compared to bath exams

Unknown Speaker 55:05
I don't think I have too much I've been concentrating seeking in grades one to four and elementary school to consolidate it was certainly a big school to move into instead of four days and that was a total of two drinks there were some students that came over from the other islands and David's following up another one so it wasn't entirely limited even then to students

Unknown Speaker 55:46
five years or two grades to the six classes

Unknown Speaker 56:04

Unknown Speaker 56:14
worked fine from us to what you think of I learned in high school likes to me very when my daughter was seeking High School for found especially in her grade nine year I don't think she could have made the jump between grade eight and grade nine unless I had been able to help

Unknown Speaker 56:49
one thing that that really was familiar to me when I went to school there was very little but it was the morning prayer and and that was something that I always felt good about you started out in the morning with bro fall we had a read from the Bible which tended to be out of context to never explain but the morning prayer seemed to set a tone in the classroom

Unknown Speaker 57:32
guess one thing I might add is that I went back to the old school after we've been vacated before the use and that was three years

Unknown Speaker 57:44
ago there was nobody around within the building was open I went in there and even looked around in that school everybody was silent next about having gone back to mimic the way it was and we can do that but the same experiments are never done that it's so interesting because they want to see the web

Unknown Speaker 58:28
your boundaries in stone salt

Unknown Speaker 58:32
I enjoy

Unknown Speaker 58:44
I do spring shooting when I went to the house that it's it's amazing to have converted to a house

Unknown Speaker 58:55
school it's altogether different than the one is theirs is just the same like our old

Unknown Speaker 59:08
wind up and quick passing of the microphone if you want to answer the question all in all whether you're happy or not

Unknown Speaker 59:26

Unknown Speaker 59:31
very happy

Unknown Speaker 59:37
answer is yes. We didn't discuss this before.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
Really in enjoys very fond of both

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
so, I think my schools

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
were very happy as far as I think mine improved over the years starting out very harrowing and ending up positive. There's one story I wonder if I can count and that was the degree of honesty that was expected

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
in school.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
I remember during the war time there were a collections for the Red Cross. And somebody had brought 25 cents for the red cloth, and it disappeared and our entire school we call him to assemble and our principal excoriated anybody anybody in our school one screen someone our schools

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
which actually

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
steal money from another child it was a donation to the rich and I'll always remember that I remember the feeling of shock and shame even though it had nothing to do with it I had no idea who's done it that somebody in our school

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
forgot to mention the end of the school year

Unknown Speaker 1:01:53
turn our way

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
around the water over to the school

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
in addition to having a school picture there's also an obligatory school concert

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
if there's anyone who would like to come up take my microphone first alternatively if you have a question to ask

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
No, I think I was sent out of the classroom before that can happen

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
I'd like to mention

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
once in high school

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
correspondence so I know a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
it was only I was only six, five or just remember getting the grade teacher gave me a box of letters and I have to copy

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
words off to the reader and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
all that sort of thing and it was an awful job to find these letters saying the letters on them. It took me ages to find them and everything else I got in the front seat no days was about 25 or something

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
in the one room school

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
with a stall

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
around metal songs

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
out there Two boys one that ran through fall water

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
right behind the toilet

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
water and time

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
springtime sports company again we all go truck in the back of a truck

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
to be there and

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
that nowadays when we first started we had to go on site run the flag back and watch we wrap it up with masks and saying I'd say the Queen King every morning the Lord's prayer

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
I don't remember the Bible

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
after lunch we used to have a story written and this was one of the teachers this is Brendan was our first teacher Isabella point she started there and she ended when she had finished her classes teaching came up to teach us

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
I had nine subjects corresponding to

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
high school I had lots of years

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
anyway that's when I can tell when there was around a long way to go half a mile up the miles we used to take

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
our face and write down and recess all the way down and the teacher said we don't get winter very often but we're going to have time lunchtime used to take our lunch down

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
and walk up eating it

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
for rides become the first feature I had on this drop

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
or four years

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
we went on

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
died over Christmas because failing and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
going to church we have this fine

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
not sure about that

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
that was only about five children

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
marching songs via

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
notebooks in normal six we had Robert Downey the grass lady writes NDI over

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
we always

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
foundations there

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36
we have there for years now on

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
July 4

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
We all appletree that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
way up there And now he has

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
brought into the sandbox a table a table

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
full of sand

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
maps on

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
Mother's Day coming up already

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
Red Cross

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22
just like to mention that we have Marjorie bass she is the daughter of one of our Pioneer teachers I'm sorry

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
one question came to mind during these wonderful talks from a group of six they must have been extremely well behaved students the question came to mind Did they ever spell anybody will

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
ever get strapped

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
I didn't attend

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
speaker points to move away from here

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
That's my father.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
And his father was one of the founders of

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
Atlanta mother taught me to fight she met my

Unknown Speaker 1:13:09
pioneer story

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
question or something? How long was the school?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
Is from 903 or nine till 330? I think it was 330.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
We didn't have an after recess. We just had morning. I don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
It may have changed somewhere between nine till three or? But that's an interesting question just as somebody who comes from many other parts of the world and is educated in South Africa, New Zealand, England, as well as educating others in Canada. And that is that the school is very different from country to country. Until I came to Canada, the school buildings caught your mind until fourth grade. I can't remember when we've had more recess.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32
Remembering something more about the stimulus

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
That's a really good point to end on something I just want to do all your work while you're at

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
I don't remember because we had charge to do before we went to school we charged

Unknown Speaker 1:15:32
the old amendments that you remember a lot of folks just forgetting I remember

Unknown Speaker 1:15:43
that because I took me a long time to get out and go work after I got home remember a Christmas party spectacular and our school concerts were the biggest thing was yours man standing everybody from grade one

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
high school and

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
sometimes we have to basically definitely the Christmas concert that everybody

Unknown Speaker 1:16:38
does a Christmas concert. Santa Claus

Unknown Speaker 1:16:44
and I will promise I remember one Christmas there was a little boy there. He was in his first year obviously. And this child launched itself like

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
a rocket

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
as the beard came

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
time for tea I can see this. These are the top three. Thank you very much, everybody. If you'd like to use our panelists