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Migs Russell Edward

Migs Russel Edward discussing the development of Maracaibo.

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Date May 1996 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:02
About the 10 acre freeze. And

Unknown Speaker 0:05
so if I was still on it, that deal is still on. And this was around like 72 to 74.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
And when it finally came off, they could start planning again. In 1976, the BC government passed the bare land strata titles act. For the first time ever, we could think in terms of costs for members, strata title lots, which is the condominium concept applied to bare land. And from then on, they had this wonderful team of planners, Bob Haskell, Haskell and Gremlin Yeah, laid this out and laid out all 72 Lots 72 Lots? Well, I think the core areas lots of need to but there were and that's all this is not dense at all. No, it isn't. Clusters will never, hopefully be any denser.

Unknown Speaker 1:04
They laid out the stratotype. In the seven they built the road, they decided to subdivide, lot, eight, lot eight, which was my own. By that time, I had Guild Hall in my home,

Unknown Speaker 1:22
in fee simple. And the rest of it was part of American Idol. The first night team lots which are the waterfront lots on both sides there, which they did so that and with that money, they were able to go ahead and go the road dumped into the point and build the tennis courts, and oh, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:43
And so now there are still 70 to know,

Unknown Speaker 1:47
about four or five years ago, they created 14 more laps on the Trincomalee side of a lot nine. And at that time, they created 30 more

Unknown Speaker 1:58
shares 30 marks. So now there's a total of how many 150 shares 150 shares.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
And I think some of them are held by the Association, which governs itself now. We elect our own officers and govern ourselves and have meetings

Unknown Speaker 2:17
as far as, as people, joining mera Kibo and buying property. Is there. Is there any kind of selection or

Unknown Speaker 2:28
not really, it's just that if you buy a strata title that you must have a membership. Now there are many members who have memberships and don't have or wish to have strata title as they don't wish to build. They love to come over in the boats, or they doesn't come in at the years now there's been quite a long waiting list for memberships. I say. And of course we have the word in the third generation, though, aren't we? And people have children and there just aren't enough shares to go around gender generations, splitting shares. This has gone up, I want to know that that will be passed that seems popular with members that have been for years and don't wish to part with it. There are 150 shares doesn't mean that many families

Unknown Speaker 3:20
now know, the docs been enlarged over the

Unknown Speaker 3:24
years. Endlessly.

Unknown Speaker 3:27
What's your big spurt in any particular year that you can remember probably

Unknown Speaker 3:31
in the 1970s, that's when they were selling quite a few of the shares. The shares were not all sold. Oh, that we ever got out of America shares. They got this turned around. I think I had 36 shares. A few of them. And then the last few I guess we didn't get a great deal. However, I am very thrilled. Oh beautiful. Pleased with all the people who keep it the same as much as possible as

Unknown Speaker 4:08
well for us from our viewpoint looking across the way. It's wonderful because it's so well planned and no houses are tucked in. And it's quiet and you feel that you're still with nature

Unknown Speaker 4:24
that goes through quite a few growing pains, the noise of houses being built and bulldozers and call that guy can just oh, what's got you know, the first summer that we spent here which was 1968, which we now know is too tall and the house which was the motor. There was absolutely nothing at all long Harbor on either side on either side. There was no ferry. There were no houses there nothing. The Fairy didn't come in here until 1963 or 404 in 1960 feet and Mark Mark is here that property and we're just starting to build Marina but they remember the Marina it was yes yes oh yes they were just starting and there was nothing showing that someone

Unknown Speaker 5:15
you know but just named Taylor Jeff Taylor

Unknown Speaker 5:19
know Taylor's right yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:21
It's something like that. Yeah, I know that he owned that and well, the the ferret the BC ferry system from what I read really started in the 1960s they're celebrating their 35th anniversary

Unknown Speaker 5:35
was pleased to WAC shorts day to fly up until that time of year whatever it may be went on Tom Victoria friend of the Empress right under the lions great Bridget into the CP dock in downtown Vancouver and that was

Unknown Speaker 5:53
you. You bought in 60 thing or you came here and 60

Unknown Speaker 5:59
We bought a lot 10 At the same time Charles and Mary bought lot nine All right, and that we started to negotiate oh and 1965 but the claws were breaking it up for the first time and I can show you the deeds we started our payments all of us in 1957 So you will say that we bought these two lots and 57 kept lot eight and built Makati time and Nike 59 Their home was really in Seattle on Mercer Island. They only came up here summers they had some very good friends in our regions and people like that lived up here mola finlab So and also the mod who was captain of the side pick on the Fulford, man Yes. And also the Kellogg's and Mitchell's out it was great planning but these were summer homes for most of these

Unknown Speaker 6:51
people. And the names were Kuali u v

Unknown Speaker 6:54
a l e. Beyond who was Norwegian. beyond, beyond and Florence quality he was had been a sea captain. He was a naturalized American citizen. And he in Florence had been married I guess for many years. They have two grown sons, one an architect who designed the little building. And another son who I believe is the used car salesman. During the time that we were making payments, we I sent the payments to yarn in Florence Bali, Mercer Island, I see that they kept lot aid and the little island that the ferry goes around. Oh, wow. And they even kept that for a while after they decided to sell a lot at 1959. They decided to put it on the market. That lat and the cottage and 260 acres. And it was put in the hands of Saltspring lands and Gavin was daughter gladdie Pringle and Rob Frigo lived in it with their two little boys for a while, but we bought it and when we came up that summer of 1960. They went out camping or somewhere for the summer and live in the US with all their furniture. These are stories that you during writing your review. And then when we left in September, they came back stay for another year and rented it from us I say and the next year I think they were ready to move on. They have built a beautiful home. They've had two more sons and First Lady passed away a few years ago.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
When did you finally move up into the

Unknown Speaker 8:34
final migration? Weeks came summers from 1969. But not all summers. Some summers? I think we missed 64 and 66. We made our final migration to Salzburg in 1967 67 or wherever

Unknown Speaker 8:50
we were here. First time in 69.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
Oh, that's true. That's right. That's right. So you weren't here

Unknown Speaker 9:00
for all of us? Or maybe it was 70? No, it was 70 because we went to the bar convention.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Yes. And then you came back and 72 Yes. And I remember being over there other Morrisburg for you and the reasons you're looking Oh,

Unknown Speaker 9:16
this has been a

Unknown Speaker 9:19
beautiful, beautiful developments. And it's been preserved. I'm

Unknown Speaker 9:24
so happy to be here. Yes. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 9:27
I see so

Unknown Speaker 9:27
many wonderful people that I would never met otherwise people who've been

Unknown Speaker 9:32
paired has really talked about beautiful, large parts of your life. Oh, yes. Very much. Yes. Thank you. I think that's going to be great.