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Gwen & Lotus Ruckle

Accession Number Interviewer Charles Kahn
Date April 25, 1997 Location
Media cassette tape Audio CD mp3 √
ID 143 Duration 58 minutes




Unknown Speaker 0:01
Because I don't know that much about your family I guess I was trying to figure out the difference all the different people and I gathered that your mother was was a missus mechanic.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
My stepfather was

Unknown Speaker 0:23
So your mother was married to somebody else before that

Unknown Speaker 0:27
my father

Unknown Speaker 0:28
and where were they from?

Unknown Speaker 0:31
My father was born in Montreal. John Fraser the painter I'm from Montreal myself what kind of you know I wish face it we have a lot of reproduction my brother in Korea has one that's your brother

Unknown Speaker 1:27
think I have a copy of that

Unknown Speaker 1:42
so I met somebody on the island who was married to Grand Slams James Morris must have been about the same generation

Unknown Speaker 1:51

Unknown Speaker 1:53
I know it's worked quite well sorry I always thought that it's pronounced Maria because he's from Montreal. But I quickly correct it in French at all

Unknown Speaker 2:12
This is

Unknown Speaker 2:25
Lawrence but we they brought this up to Vancouver edition

Unknown Speaker 2:43
and then we had another

Unknown Speaker 2:44
one that's from the Toronto Library

Unknown Speaker 2:52
put in about

Unknown Speaker 2:53
200 T

Unknown Speaker 2:54
bills several 100 people on the beach

Unknown Speaker 3:03
he did a lot of work on

Unknown Speaker 3:14
commission CPR first came he was O'Brien was given free passes expensive provisional allowance British Columbia know

Unknown Speaker 3:41
your father stay in Montreal.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
The family and all moved to New York because he was in New York with his paintings when he was doing my father went to Boston School of Fine Arts drama

Unknown Speaker 4:15
George Frazier No.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
Judge that's where he met his first wife because she was

Unknown Speaker 4:35
the first one that wasn't no.

Unknown Speaker 4:39
reform the Fraser dramatic company and they toured all states and territories as they call the upper and lower cameras. So when I think about 1970s

Unknown Speaker 5:06
in the late 1800s

Unknown Speaker 5:11
When did he meet your

Unknown Speaker 5:18
mother was living by that time my father was living in trunk Lake still in existence in the mountains Molly Jeffries does have cancer

Unknown Speaker 5:39
mother in law they were married

Unknown Speaker 6:13
friends Francis i

Unknown Speaker 6:37
So, did he did he ever come out he never came out here he was

Unknown Speaker 6:56
until I was 13 they moved to the northeast

Unknown Speaker 7:15
Daddy has gone into the store business he has a star and I imagine that was when Mali died they disbanded the dramatic company

Unknown Speaker 7:30
that must have been acquitted. Yes, definitely

Unknown Speaker 7:38
that part of the country was booing them because of all the mines in Camborne furnace and the heads of the lathe where they both came in from Ira and so, it was a very large mill opening in between so, he thought that he would do much better in the mail and it was never rebuilt

Unknown Speaker 8:18
with a with a with a they

Unknown Speaker 8:22
were on Yeah, I don't I don't think he ever made much money with the company or the store business or anything else.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
I don't think too many people make much money and

Unknown Speaker 8:35
he had all the government jobs. Postmaster roll for London mining Reporter

Unknown Speaker 8:46
How old were you? When did he died?

Unknown Speaker 8:49
He was killed in dynamite in 1916.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
You remember him? I mean, do you remember him? Yes. I

Unknown Speaker 9:02
couldn't remember him quite well.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
So you would have been only about five

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Yes, I was born and in 1911. In October I was told the phone

Unknown Speaker 9:26
So did your mother stay there for a while?

Unknown Speaker 9:28
Yes Mother took over all except the road firemen take baths. He ran the post office in the mining recorder or Sharjah telephone exchange in your switch to Camborne translate and so on.

Unknown Speaker 9:54
And when did you come out here

Unknown Speaker 9:56
in 1921

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Did you come directly

Unknown Speaker 10:04
from Camborne in November of 1920 mother in Victoria in December 28 We live there so February 21

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Do you have any brothers

Unknown Speaker 10:36
Don was still living here

Unknown Speaker 10:40
my three sisters my brothers

Unknown Speaker 10:44
were were they all from the same?

Unknown Speaker 10:49
No mother Mother was married three times. This was her second age to cry Yeah, we saw Cory feel or was he Oh ROI he was a carny mining engineer

Unknown Speaker 11:06
and then Annika spelt

Unknown Speaker 11:08
me an H I M

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Willis Fraser road our a and we never ever are nameless never wasn't stupid

Unknown Speaker 11:31
but there's another there's another phrase he wrote

Unknown Speaker 11:36
only one here and that was he was named after my brother and the same as my Hindi drive was It was named for my stepfather and I appealed public works to changes

Unknown Speaker 11:53
well there's still hope because they just changed the sign on the main road for Saltspring I don't know if you ever noticed that once I attended to work two words and the other side had it one word. Now they changed the one word so I decided to quit this distinctive actually because it's a totally different degree. So I don't know if they probably get that somebody complained or I was quite happy with the way it was because to me it epitomize the island never being able to agree on anything now I can't say that

Unknown Speaker 12:26
because it's so

Unknown Speaker 12:30
great with writing is in two words because for so many years the only

Unknown Speaker 12:40
beginning an argument for the two words

Unknown Speaker 12:46
I have to google myself and I'll remember you're making a capital and

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I've learned to work

Unknown Speaker 12:55
well we certainly didn't find where we first came to.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
So with Dun Dun

Unknown Speaker 13:07
appraisers as much as my sister Ruth and my brother Jack and then myself and

Unknown Speaker 13:22
then there was when when

Unknown Speaker 13:26
the mother's twin girls were older than we were quite a bit

Unknown Speaker 13:37
so according

Unknown Speaker 13:39
to the family as well no he was

Unknown Speaker 13:48
acquiring very young

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Did you yes hi

Unknown Speaker 13:55
we always do well.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Or how old would he have been?

Unknown Speaker 14:12
I think the parents

Unknown Speaker 14:31
name was John according to John.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
Born 6535 years

Unknown Speaker 15:00
So what can you do

Unknown Speaker 15:11
a civil engineer training the mind to what did he do all gold mines

Unknown Speaker 15:30
were going to be 30

Unknown Speaker 15:38
early Gabriel there were a lot of

Unknown Speaker 15:45
a lot of hopeful people here I think they you told me quite a boat and he said that the best mine in BC for six months

Unknown Speaker 15:58
because I've been repeating that story it was too late it was too good i bet i got it wrong. You said something about a goldmine I was here on an apartment and he said it was the best gold when beaten for six months maybe next six days

Unknown Speaker 16:14
into hold on that should be covered up down because what's covered over and not only that the trailer

Unknown Speaker 16:22
the trailer goes up to

Unknown Speaker 16:25
camping because it's right on the edge of people from the bottom

Unknown Speaker 16:34
my father's mother time they were married

Unknown Speaker 16:41
this guy was your mother and when was that other picture taken? Quite later

Unknown Speaker 16:52
39 Because Mother hasn't taken my brother's service he loves her mother 75 or so

Unknown Speaker 17:15
so he basically he basically was mining here on trying to decide they have

Unknown Speaker 17:26
enough no and let's see those

Unknown Speaker 17:37
are the upper country and come to the coast buying Saanich Peninsula they found this place on Salt Spring was for sale with rich revisions.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
So they bought the whole thing how many acres was it altogether? 600 horses, where you hear so many rumors about I always thought it was 640

Unknown Speaker 18:06
somebody somebody told me that Bridgman? 100 Somebody else told me all this, but it was a section with my employees.

Unknown Speaker 18:14
Well, it was 640 when we originally the Patterson was included in You mean the one that

Unknown Speaker 18:29
maybe the 40 acres for the school spike for the acres was part of Mr. Spike preemption and he gave

Unknown Speaker 18:48
gave my opinion are crazy. Well, you see some people say

Unknown Speaker 18:56
all audio Andrew Stevens got original deed from the land office and was given turned over from Mr. Speicher to the viewer points. There was no mention of that particular deal. Here they were only allowed to to preempt so much and so I think I think he preempt that

Unknown Speaker 19:33
Yeah. Because they really were partners but never married or having kids as far as I do. That would be before your well before you're

Unknown Speaker 19:49
gone through from younger tricky angels and men from ritual still Last weekend you

Unknown Speaker 20:02
happen to know before your time but I was looking at some information today

Unknown Speaker 20:09
tricky had three daughters one was ama one was a Clara birthday Bertha she was the one who married

Unknown Speaker 20:23
no Clara married or was it clarity or is that was the schoolteacher

Unknown Speaker 20:29
so she she married

Unknown Speaker 20:38
was a school she taught at Beaver points and she became a Johnson

Unknown Speaker 20:58
they can

Unknown Speaker 21:00
do a YK I think

Unknown Speaker 21:03
what was the what? Somebody showed me a picture. Oh, okay. It was the record and I guess I got confused. That one Mary. Claire. Claire, Claire

Unknown Speaker 21:34
and when they were first when they were first married, they lived in the little log cabin. still in existence. They individually rose Angus Michael was born

Unknown Speaker 21:52
at the end of Britain

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Britain before you turn off

Unknown Speaker 22:02
and that they didn't live over

Unknown Speaker 22:06
there we're building they're still building their house over which was that that was the end of the trade deal. Where it was given to them for a wedding or something that I know Angus Michael was always very proud of the fact that he was born in

Unknown Speaker 22:39
Richmond Richmond never really really did use it as a vacation.

Unknown Speaker 22:47
Well, he kept he kept a manager

Unknown Speaker 22:52
so with the farming stuff, the orchards and

Unknown Speaker 22:58
everything seemed very short. Order.

Unknown Speaker 23:07
Manager Mr. Neal Mr. Dean's uncle Mr. Lumm? No, we're very good car.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
So I saw reference somewhere to Mr. Keeley. Who is supposedly taking care of the property? was talking e IG H Li Er l EY

Unknown Speaker 23:34
current age were there before

Unknown Speaker 23:40
time to time I'm talking about the reference list within a reference to a fellow working who apparently was crazy and Chuck shot a few people

Unknown Speaker 24:05
that was longer

Unknown Speaker 24:10
stories. They were living in the old triggy Remember Charlie Munger was stuffing

Unknown Speaker 24:19
That's right. Yeah, he was he was shot

Unknown Speaker 24:28
down there in the old trading the old trivia brothers it was on the right hand side as you go down the present across the creek

Unknown Speaker 24:56
you're continue to farm the property

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Oh yeah living with the crop this Mr. Attorney Wonka has a team and

Unknown Speaker 25:15
they have a couple of horses

Unknown Speaker 25:20
have lots of sheep got up to nearly a couple of 100

Unknown Speaker 25:35
So John Charlie Munger Can you can you tell me a little bit about your family? I don't know my

Unknown Speaker 25:44
brother Mr. Jim on the place for now

Unknown Speaker 25:56
lived in various places the parts of the park called the Peavine place

Unknown Speaker 26:06
where exactly is that your property

Unknown Speaker 26:10
when you get to the top of long hills

Unknown Speaker 26:13
outside of the gate

Unknown Speaker 26:16
away up to the top of that road that goes into the rain coming you never ever notice that just as your turn coming this

Unknown Speaker 26:26
way or coming going up it's

Unknown Speaker 26:30
just turning the corner

Unknown Speaker 26:34
I was looking for it today but I think I probably I thought it was inside the gate but it's outside that's where Dave Beckman

Unknown Speaker 26:46
for a long time

Unknown Speaker 26:49
that actually that's actually part of the park so the park actually goes beyond the beyond the gates

Unknown Speaker 26:58
Oh yeah. well beyond the gate.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
I wonder why they put the gate before

Unknown Speaker 27:11
people out at night from going down to a campground and having

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Charlie monk lived in the

Unknown Speaker 27:21
time later he lived on the Patterson English church on Mr. Cecil Abbott's

Unknown Speaker 27:38
document to help him by the place and he even built a little house for charging require my

Unknown Speaker 27:51
parents were his parents the first generation

Unknown Speaker 27:55
in England always Charlie and Jim are they came by myself

Unknown Speaker 28:10
I read about them but I unless you sort of know something about them you can't really

Unknown Speaker 28:18
visualize being shot and shooting when somebody's involved in something like that sticks in your mind they have

Unknown Speaker 28:40
one daughter Harry. Mr. Monk has sold a piece of property and it has been separated from the original farm. We went off to England and never came back. So venture and their taxes are in reverse. When he dies tomorrow it was never never included in the slate. So after Harry was a mining engineer and after he retired he enlarger came back on Stevens road that's where they're right next to the brown people that are right next to us.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
Well, basically Elon or somebody

Unknown Speaker 29:54
from the water

Unknown Speaker 29:58
for a long time they owe me As Walter had a terrible fight there was no way that they could possibly get to their place without going through laser engraving or because of an enormous bluff sticking up away my inner people are the Browns wanted to get this little piece of access to play eventually the public board made them gives them they made the Browns so they can get into their

Unknown Speaker 30:45
20 foot corner field I mean it was ridiculous are

Unknown Speaker 30:54
going there are there

Unknown Speaker 31:01
because somebody told me

Unknown Speaker 31:05
yeah well that's Mark Yeah

Unknown Speaker 31:09
How would he be

Unknown Speaker 31:12
approximately the same ages so I get the daily seven

Unknown Speaker 31:21
is fairly well mobile gets around more or less far as his mind goes was martyred

Unknown Speaker 31:36
what kind of work

Unknown Speaker 31:37
did he do? He was a mining engineer trying to get their mind and brain are

Unknown Speaker 31:52
different different mines they work on

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Well normally retired a farmer starts he has been growing a big garden going into the pharmacy

Unknown Speaker 32:21
pharmacy and

Unknown Speaker 32:25
I remember coming coming along in my canoe and I pulled up at a beach there and BARRY

Unknown Speaker 32:35
BROWN Howard Byron had all his sheep done there too and they run right up to Harry Are you allowed this sizes of blocks are on the other side of the block what we call clear place where the water comes to down to the water

Unknown Speaker 32:51
yeah well there seem to be two two blocks and there's a little beach in between and we pulled in at the beach and then walked up to the top of the hill were actually

Unknown Speaker 33:03
that would be hard

Unknown Speaker 33:08
so the brown property then is on that road the quick when you go down Stevens road to go down

Unknown Speaker 33:15
to the brown drove down just going to separate so who

Unknown Speaker 33:25
has the driveway that comes right off and students can drive right in and then there's water access you can go down to the

Unknown Speaker 33:35
wrong side the the access to that beach goes down right alongside

Unknown Speaker 33:41
or the flooding property interesting

Unknown Speaker 33:52
water access two sides of the property because they have Eleanor points and the houses as you say on this side and then they go around to that beach

Unknown Speaker 34:11
So Margaret, Margaret, was was daughter

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Jamie one of the original charity was the bachelor all these lights never met.

Unknown Speaker 34:27
So how was he related?

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Oh father was

Unknown Speaker 34:37
always brother Jim.

Unknown Speaker 34:41
We were one of the early school teachers for us

Unknown Speaker 34:54
you only think about a school teacher teacher named Miss Crawford. Oh All around nine to 12 I've heard

Unknown Speaker 35:11
from a lot of people before so maybe you might know I was talking to John Coltrane runs out at the farmers Institute and you don't have got that not there she grew apparently and it shows where people live on the I was talking to him yesterday

Unknown Speaker 35:35
so I decided to Alyssa I got a long time ago when we made up the history I think she was she might not have been hit really long probably one I think

Unknown Speaker 36:01
So how long did that did they have that property before before your your night

Unknown Speaker 36:19
go start selling

Unknown Speaker 36:22
I don't know he took it over and he

Unknown Speaker 36:28
came back from overseas start selling

Unknown Speaker 36:56
I'm not too sure what's somewhere else

Unknown Speaker 37:01
so he got all those houses down on

Unknown Speaker 37:06
that was the first subdivision subdivided almost

Unknown Speaker 37:24
and then went to the beach but I mean

Unknown Speaker 37:40
Doris Anderson, first please know the first page where the Rogers house is made of cement blocks Lindores Andersonville. I'm Alan Kurgan

Unknown Speaker 38:05
the individual houses on the

Unknown Speaker 38:10
beaches he sold us the mountain to beach emerged again

Unknown Speaker 38:23
each part was the last part

Unknown Speaker 38:26
yeah how much how much was it but obviously it wasn't

Unknown Speaker 38:35
I don't know I don't know

Unknown Speaker 38:39
for sure I just I just

Unknown Speaker 38:48
flown by the people that's the other end of the process. So there

Unknown Speaker 39:02
so he he broke he broke it out

Unknown Speaker 39:09
you will want to charge a car lens now that was part of the process. Elon Musk Mary Lou those were they always had those and

Unknown Speaker 39:28
I guess the product is sold to the beaches is probably the least useful or at least farming.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
Well, except it was the cheap rain.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
But when it was when it belongs to tricky, it was mostly inertia. I mean, that was not the big thing was

Unknown Speaker 39:48
dragging Detroit in for

Unknown Speaker 39:54
1500 18 Architects often reference where they had the legislative record tomorrow yeah

Unknown Speaker 40:14
all that proof comes in

Unknown Speaker 40:18
still picked a lot of fruit from that place after several years of all shipped to the company and then they use it for fever for all their jams and mincemeat and so long winded that as

Unknown Speaker 40:47
well from 19 I'd forgotten just I guess we shipped to really jam company until the CCR stop bringing the interviewer because they will they were all hold on to the worst down here straight to Vancouver.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
What are they suffering

Unknown Speaker 41:13
because the ferry started running from shorts. And that's hard to put a crimp in

Unknown Speaker 41:26
because it was the other way

Unknown Speaker 41:29
much handier for us. For us reading for everybody and be resilient when the bulk came in here.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
The CPR books stopped at certain certain places one day and certain other places

Unknown Speaker 41:44
were point three volts a week Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays

Unknown Speaker 41:57
not because I hadn't read it again.

Unknown Speaker 42:04
So the the what the rent again?

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Oh yeah. Let's see Dr. Randy again. I can remember where it ran again.

Unknown Speaker 42:13
This OPEC never runs again. Just ran from Wednesday it did run them out again

Unknown Speaker 42:35
actually I know a lot of people say that to go the other route

Unknown Speaker 42:54
without being difficult, difficult to make the connection. Barely tender. The lady window one lady has her mother

Unknown Speaker 43:09
extended care important dear ones. struggle she has to get home again

Unknown Speaker 43:17
probably easiest thing to do is take your school board to do on the on the on the reverse trips like when they were coming from Ghana. When they go to pick the kids up from Dalian they can take you from here to there and then drop you off. And then when they dropped the kids off in the afternoon they can bring you back because

Unknown Speaker 43:42
yeah but this time but she was

Unknown Speaker 43:46
so she would have to shoot AFRICOM with the kids and then you say

Unknown Speaker 43:58
far as shipping things to the mainland is almost prohibitive how we used to dispose of all our lambs for course

Unknown Speaker 44:19
will be the fruit market drop off at all.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
My two younger brothers kept on taking it into Victoria. They started packing and taking Wilson's afternoon Frank kept on all the time Donald was overseas. When Donald came home for his sixth I guess it was he went on with the farm nondurable he wasn't the cherry on the successful fruit anyway suffered so care nerves resulted service the couldn't climb the trees and gradually everything just

Unknown Speaker 45:26
fell apart vote for you before

Unknown Speaker 45:35
we win

Unknown Speaker 45:41
that sort of disappointment getting rid of that property

Unknown Speaker 45:46
well, it shouldn't be the disappointment. The lessons he didn't get

Unknown Speaker 45:54
even even when

Unknown Speaker 45:56
he left when you bet property he had absolutely nothing to do after that they moved up to Prince George or Dr. Feet First of all along and he worked on them. They were building work in the office up there for a while he married a schoolteacher and she was teaching school but sort of kept the door

Unknown Speaker 46:37
then they gradually move back to the large went on teaching.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
I see letters handwritten to be a champion of

Unknown Speaker 47:02
the laws of need to try to persuade somebody we reply reporting part should be changed and tricky.

Unknown Speaker 47:17
To get taken up to the top, I

Unknown Speaker 47:21
will I will have to say I don't think that whatever has been the reporting part of it hadn't been for Donald. Because when they decided, again the school board decided to close the record. He certainly while everybody else was wringing their hands and wondering what they could do while preserving that 40 acres. It wouldn't be long from putting the Ganges Elementary School.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
He got busy with the member that time did get it Oregon. It was done almost before anybody realized that was being done.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Certainly done before.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
I'll have to admit. He really loves Andrew Stevens always got the credit for creating part but actually when he has he has the correspondence here. Donald has certainly Donald initiative started the ball rolling

Unknown Speaker 48:37
Mr. Very angry with timber.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
Which, which which part

Unknown Speaker 48:54
of that story though.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
The same thing with the things that the Japanese talked about Gavin didn't have a chapter in the Japanese. I think they belong in the work. At one point, every hero, Mr. Kimball. Reverend Wilson refers to Mr. Kimbo a couple of times well before you

Unknown Speaker 49:30
but it sounded like he had his own piles. We were doing piles descending to China. They were sending somewhere else. Because it sounded like it was a Japanese camp rather than Japanese workers working for somebody kind of interesting.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
Because they had a group of Japanese that worked as contractors. helping all these pretty answers to their land even grandpa had happened to who worked here land land and so on they weren't they were right that was at seven o'clock there they came from Korea they were sort of they sort of contracted for the who was in charge I had no idea I never found any records to give me

Unknown Speaker 50:35
there was one couple a bit obviously lived on this place for quite a long time because they had a little there in the first patch on the dam and these waves we still have all Medan moving

Unknown Speaker 51:04
she prides herself I think

Unknown Speaker 51:07
that would be so far ahead of the time that they came to the island

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Daddy was born

Unknown Speaker 51:20
yeah her family actually were here before they were here and then they went away and they came back again

Unknown Speaker 51:38
still have a

Unknown Speaker 51:39
photograph of the houses incorporated into this

Unknown Speaker 51:50
whenever they start talking

Unknown Speaker 51:51
about this heritage building he's saying well one and heritage because I couldn't remember when that was built the other end certainly is heritage because it was a house with Japanese

Unknown Speaker 52:08
characters within the beholder. Like when they start talking about Kevin they call it a heritage I can go through the process. I think that that maybe should be considered heritage but I'm not too sure but I went up to talk to Jordan Crawford arranged for me to speak to the

Unknown Speaker 52:42
I have to be looking at heritage buildings there was oh good I'm gonna see a heritage building sooner do I get there then I'm told that they just burned down a couple of years with a firecracker the fire department cannon burn

Unknown Speaker 53:04
gets built new.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Yeah. Actually daughter daughter Sharon.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
So then some time I guess in the 60s You're grown in the last piece off

Unknown Speaker 53:48
I have.

Unknown Speaker 54:02

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Well, the other side's the Fraser

Unknown Speaker 54:24
when we've done what you did

Unknown Speaker 54:38
then you can't you can't live here. So you didn't have to do very far. No.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Three years previous.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
How was your husband?

Unknown Speaker 54:59
His memory about

Unknown Speaker 55:01
memories just disappearing or is it all? No

Unknown Speaker 55:09
he started having these peculiar seizures and you're illogical trouble causes the brain to die whenever he has another one or more brains the only way that we could ever ascertain actually is take into Victoria and go through a lot of tests and everything in a tizzy because there's probably nothing

Unknown Speaker 55:50
going on

Unknown Speaker 55:56
most days he's up and dressed Jerry chair some recently has almost a week in bed and we all decided he perked up again next week command has always been miserable

Unknown Speaker 56:29
when did they don't that wouldn't be a good place.

Unknown Speaker 56:35
Oh he was into extended care by the time they assessed in fourth because I had yours turned into a bedroom and I had been here for three years then they decided it was going to be the the one I just happen to have him in the hospital for respite when when this vacancy came up

Unknown Speaker 57:03
so extended care to the people indefinitely

Unknown Speaker 57:12
they all ganged up on me while the vacancy was there, because Kevin might be wrong. So I still feel awful about

Unknown Speaker 57:30
talking to Grinch Who kept asking me to come home when they're coming home but I guess

Unknown Speaker 57:36
he's forgotten hope.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
He doesn't seem to understand where we go and we lose off