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The Cranberry District

Jessie Wagg

Accession Number Interviewer Ivan Mouat
Date 1992 Location
Media tape Audio CD mp3
ID 111 Duration 52 min.




Unknown Speaker 0:00
When When did the knobs first come to the Capitol crown broom district?

Unknown Speaker 0:05
No, my dad had the plague before they were married. And I'm not sure what yet, but I think they came about maybe 1911 I came close something like that.

Unknown Speaker 0:21
And was it wasn't did you have several uncle's was it with your father? two uncles

Unknown Speaker 0:25
when they had their own places, but they're nearby? Yeah. Up in the cranberry too.

Unknown Speaker 0:30
Well, further up the hill. And what were their names your father was? Henry, Eric. And his brothers were Fred Reynolds. I remember that mean.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
And Charlie.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Did they have families? Were they married to?

Unknown Speaker 0:50
Oh, yeah. They both had families.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
Did they all come together? The three brothers come here together.

Unknown Speaker 0:57
I couldn't tell you that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
It was your grandfather here was the old was there for

Unknown Speaker 1:04
him to me. Why for a while, but you don't

Unknown Speaker 1:06
remember him at all?

Unknown Speaker 1:07
I don't have it. Yeah. Not my dad's

Unknown Speaker 1:11
father. Yeah, your grandfather. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
I knew that. It seemed to me that they're here for a while but that would be when I was small. I don't remember what it was. Then they moved to Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
When did where did they come from you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:31
Fine. I know Victoria. came over from Victoria. So I don't really know. This is something that's been before my

Unknown Speaker 1:44
when your father was buried here in the island, was he now he's married Victoria, and somebody met before inventory. What about credit charted in the Marriott girls?

Unknown Speaker 1:54
I think they were married when they came to America.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
That was your father the youngest the family?

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Not the youngest maybe but in the middle. There was Frank nobs. He was the youngest he worked in the woods it seems to me that

Unknown Speaker 2:17
well, your father lived right across the road from the lake from where were the I don't suppose you know whether the Allen's were there before your your the Nokia, Nokia?

Unknown Speaker 2:29
They probably were but I don't know. They were there as long as I remember we talked

Unknown Speaker 2:34
to didn't Ted seem to think that the knobs were there before they came and they came into their their old band Brown came in what 1906 Did he say by himself, set for his family or went back and got his family. But anyway, he he said the Allens or the KNOX were there when his father came so being a little bit before 1911

Unknown Speaker 2:59
around that they I think they were married about my sister was born in Victoria and they were living in Victoria and she was born and I think she was about three when they came to the island will hold it up about about just the way he

Unknown Speaker 3:26
said she was 1910 Nike shoes when I take a when your father didn't have the ladder at the at the brothers had the land before he came?

Unknown Speaker 3:36
I don't know. But like I say he did have the land before he was married. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
Oh yes. I see.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
My mother had the chance to whether she wants to come come to the island or stay in Victoria but she knew my dad wanted to come to the island so they came to the island and he already had the land here. Yeah. So I don't know what year that was maybe early 1900s

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Well, of course you went to cranberry school up at the corner of the and who else went there the garden is what are the families there? Yeah, the gardeners were further up the hill there near the

Unknown Speaker 4:13
Smithson spending spending

Unknown Speaker 4:19
who else attended school there? Or were up there with you? Or what about the Congress?

Unknown Speaker 4:26
They came to me too and all the males as your credit fuse came up them and then there for a while. We have males and and that up there for a while

Unknown Speaker 4:35
for up to the Krabby Bobby replace.

Unknown Speaker 4:40
And then the winter they ended up in the cranberry for a while. There's quite beautiful tracks up there. Where people live when they were working at the mills and that

Unknown Speaker 4:52
was that being one of the top losers brothers. Well, Bob Woods worked for the store all day Do

Unknown Speaker 5:01
school there for a while to the cranberry.

Unknown Speaker 5:04
Those are the younger children

Unknown Speaker 5:10
are like Bob young Bob and Kim and they were just so when they dipped up there but the girls went to school there.

Unknown Speaker 5:18
That'd be Bobby was I didn't realize Bob was that up there to check them realize that. Who else can you remember what other families went through the Connery's? Yeah. Yeah, that'd be later

Unknown Speaker 5:33
when did the school close Jessie? As long as I can remember it was close to the duty stood there.

Unknown Speaker 5:41
At six I believe 26

Unknown Speaker 5:43
We went to nearby. Oh, there wasn't enough people up there. What? It seemed to me it opened again later on when there was

Unknown Speaker 5:52
no it went off and it goes and 26 I believe. Not quite here. I think you see this. What is very confusing about this is I fitted Venstre who said this before, but when divided school opened, you know what is called? Called gangee. School. Yes. And the only reason I know it was devised because that has n columns and Connery were they were the trustees. Well, they have an old man Connor lives were down in the Blackburn area. Oh, yes. And then then it but it was still there was an off and on because attendance was awful. And then it was paused and cranberry opened and we didn't know what they call that school. It opened no gangee school.

Unknown Speaker 6:36
Oh, yeah. Was this anyway?

Unknown Speaker 6:39
I think was under no 9394. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:45
Before in the 1950s. And then the

Unknown Speaker 6:47
next one, I didn't really do that much. I thought you do to your tool when you're five years old. 497.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
And then the procedure gangee school didn't talk to the 1970s 716 or 17. Oh, yeah. It didn't open in the present school at all bounced all around the place to have found a place to build a wonderful school and build a tombstone. Yeah, but that was once after. Divided was going and crabbers going. And then they call divide, divide and they go with gadgets was divide open again. I think a 1919 is called divided school and cranberry schools called cranberry school. I think the 1911

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Before the war, apparently there was a lot of people living up in the cranberry.

Unknown Speaker 7:43
Families. You don't yeah, of course you wouldn't remember.

Unknown Speaker 7:46
Brother funny story. I remember cap period was remember Charlie Toynbee? Yeah, he lives up there. Right? And also his brother, his twin brother, Bert, who look just like him. And Bert cycle picked me up in one night. And it was shooting a good deer but it turned out to be a cow. And he said, What should he do? Well, he said Well, you better pride product who owns owning the cow? So it turned out to be Cherny nobes is co o so uncle Burt went looking for charity that

Unknown Speaker 8:29
morning mr. Miss been missing? They're missing a ko Are You There is one of my cows I hadn't seen for a while it must be around for a while. It's not pretty we sneak it together

Unknown Speaker 8:54
you know where you got to go up to the top of the hill. Down and that was way way

Unknown Speaker 9:04
down there. Yeah, that's where that's where Toynbee Hall our Liberty Hall was down there right on the edge of the ravine. And did they have they had a the Toby's Liberty Hall was a was a law cabinet. Yes, it was standing up

Unknown Speaker 9:19
20 years ago I remember in the 40s man up there got it right on the edge of Thank you have a ravine because that way they could be replanting the pond water up the hill and then we're going to have water into the house drafty but it was an awful place for because I mean, there were first place the river that for brother I guess Aqua Bert, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Fred, and Uncle Tom. He was doing married his wife. That time they have two small children as well in the first place. The four men would stay up on By arguing and wouldn't get up the next morning till the day or something that he had these two choices look after a person has to be breakfast and they've got very little work to get started argue all night you don't have the time they were worn out but anyway they did get this house built with the help of neighbors the guy who was very well built they never got around to getting the water just to work very well. And then he got a barn built but a couple of weeks after he got the barns built they were curious in the fire and then you barn all went down they lived in a fire wedding but they knew nothing about farming whatsoever

Unknown Speaker 10:51
you have to you remember anything about the Smith here? I mean he was he accidentally shot himself before you were there. Yeah, no, but the families didn't stay I don't remember now as Reverend Wilson in 1908 wrote about the primary mark to take the $135 collected posted by Kane for Mrs. J Smith whose husband accidentally shot himself

Unknown Speaker 11:23
so my parents

Unknown Speaker 11:26
know they're here I've written

Unknown Speaker 11:30
the very notes and then he knows

Unknown Speaker 11:39
you're looking at that here when you when did you start school there for the crapper in 1921 years old and who was a teacher have you remember your mother taught there in 1960 or the

Unknown Speaker 12:02
1950s Mother

Unknown Speaker 12:04
Oh she's yes that's right

Unknown Speaker 12:08
my mother always called me

Unknown Speaker 12:18
miss most avoided with my mom and dad

Unknown Speaker 12:20
That's right both go down the weekend every now and again Geez What's your over your parents?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Well that was the year of the big stone I guess they started with a Friday and they started to walk down and they just threw just it was came down so quickly and they're up to the middle that we waited

Unknown Speaker 12:51
about three months and they came up to our place and Mother folder and put them to bed and gave him a bath and talking to your baby a hot bath because they're just soaked and shivering and cold and and fold down the Ganges in the said the girls are here they're gonna stay with me they're just worn out. So I think that was the idea of it. Oh, we've all ever been all Ruby two or three.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
He wanted to jump off the roof to the snow every time.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
Do you remember hearing where the board ELLs? They lift up the Crown Prince is born out when the old when George went overseas? No, I don't know. Maybe I don't remember

Unknown Speaker 13:30
them. Nothing out there. Well,

Unknown Speaker 13:32
she came down in the in the store. 1916 was dragging her three kids in the sleigh. Very rough.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
I was just a baby.

Unknown Speaker 13:46
She might well, just coming down from the hill from where she was.

Unknown Speaker 13:50
No, no, she said the crab right here

Unknown Speaker 13:58
how many? Do you remember how many people in school when he went there? Where the crowd is just a fewer?

Unknown Speaker 14:05
I guess there was just a few and I couldn't say how many.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Okay, we'll close when you were about grade six. And then you went down to and then you went to high school? Yeah. The big guy had the chicken house High School. Yeah. Did you stay with grandmother then

Unknown Speaker 14:26
in the wintertime. I also went one year down to the guarantee school in grade eight. I think I failed one year or something. My mom and dad my sister worked at the boarding school

Unknown Speaker 14:41
or we'd been at the divide before that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
I remember Myrtle Yes, she was.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
She worked at the recording so I stayed in the wintertime.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
who was living around there when you were going to school? Do you remember who your neighbor ATOL lived across the road? Kitty Allen that she was she a telephone operator down Ganges

Unknown Speaker 15:20
may look down on the

Unknown Speaker 15:21
host church

Unknown Speaker 15:23

Unknown Speaker 15:25
to the beams that was deemed to mislead directing that's right yeah they took those

Unknown Speaker 15:38
the the school where the doc the doctor was which was that was where right live he lives were then Nelson where Jack Nelson the doctor

Unknown Speaker 15:55
no gap now says I've been kind enough to tell

Unknown Speaker 15:59
what it was turn it on

Unknown Speaker 16:11
Thank you. What was your family? Leave the Masons was your was your

Unknown Speaker 16:25
the Masons who lived up at the lake?

Unknown Speaker 16:30
I thought you're probably in some relations there.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
Oh, yes, I had my sister, Mrs. Bowers. And then he died or something. And then he went to Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
Where did they live?

Unknown Speaker 16:58
Up near the lake. The Roger just lived on the other side of the road.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
There was one place up there that I always wanted to two big fence posts. will be

Unknown Speaker 17:14
going up. That might have been that thing. came over to Victoria but she kept the plate for quite a while to come up. Few weeks back, I remember growing up.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
She was your father's sister. Yes. Bowers, where they lived again?

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Just towards Brooke was on the opposite side. Oh, yeah. This domain they're

Unknown Speaker 17:47
right on the lake. Every summer

Unknown Speaker 17:55
old log cabin there was

Unknown Speaker 17:58
no log cabin.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
Was Mr. Domaine who was there?

Unknown Speaker 18:08
She had a brother Kelly that was missing and presumed murdered by Indians because the Indians offered that they did find his body for $50. Oh, yeah. She didn't take them out. It's certainly either. I can't see it in here, but it isn't in here. It's in the perishing home when your families arrived. Oh, yeah. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Who were when you went to school? Who were some of the other ones? Were the gardeners were older than you. Of course, all the gardeners. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:54
I guess they're still going to school. Oddly. Preet is older than you. Yeah. He was about the age and my sister. I think they'll up and now Bernie Landry girl was said he was down to something he met three two fellas, but he died

Unknown Speaker 19:18
oddly was over a few months ago. Why is he

Unknown Speaker 19:25
still alive in the home

Unknown Speaker 19:35
when you went to the divide school who was teaching there? You weren't there Right? screw it up. She came after

Unknown Speaker 19:45
my brother was in that picture. Oh, that's right there. Tell me through school now that Mary Purdy taught for a while and then

Unknown Speaker 20:01
I've got this down here I can tell you this I've done this on teachers yeah Mary pretty talked about that you she talked to them in divide

Unknown Speaker 20:10
yeah I think one year I think there was a web says all school I know cranberry school subject what

Unknown Speaker 20:31
the was mostly farms in the cranberry. Yeah. What when you're farming cows, sheep pigs

Unknown Speaker 20:39
everything next farming strawberry taken to the gap

Unknown Speaker 20:50
one thing that I haven't tested it's called Crab rebar Marsh well we were when we were young we believe that there were cranberries growing in the marsh at one time was

Unknown Speaker 21:03
true it must have been those

Unknown Speaker 21:08
are some people found a few they were

Unknown Speaker 21:10
somebody found some berries might have been helpful. Yeah right um they thought they were cranberries several times

Unknown Speaker 21:19
have you got that was cranberries

Unknown Speaker 21:21
and somewhere else I think up around the nine was already a school called cranberry. So they had called his cranberry Marsh oh look in the in the list of schools you'll see cranberry and incredibly Marsh Yeah, they added the marsh

Unknown Speaker 21:43
but they were the Connery said Connery was he did he go to skate later? Later much later? For the new record to divide? You don't remember them going to school? There was a divided school but they never went to primary school.

Unknown Speaker 21:59
Probably be close.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Well, yeah, it's close. It's 20

Unknown Speaker 22:04
they had little house right at the top of the hill profits right around the corner. They live

Unknown Speaker 22:15
I guess I see up close to 3030 heat and then it looked like it was was terribly well. It looked very new at that kind of there for 20 years or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Run Time a class guy on the other side. There was a mill

Unknown Speaker 22:32
where the time of the bills were what was that period? Was it the 20s and 30s

Unknown Speaker 22:38
it was I think it was see they quit school boomers left in 20 stumblings Not the other one that year that has all the problems with HR and going bankrupt

Unknown Speaker 23:04
wasn't the bonus because that was down there. But this one

Unknown Speaker 23:07
I can't remember names

Unknown Speaker 23:10
sorry. I think lots of bills they have about six wheels at least over the cutting ties and lumber as well. They used to bring the price down the point I think of load them on the

Unknown Speaker 23:27
thought ties from individual later on. Yeah, Mrs. James talks about your family when they weren't busy with the seeds that cut ties and saying I should pick them up

Unknown Speaker 23:41
pile of ties at the store. That's right. There was also the stab wood

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Yeah, but I think actually I think Uncle Gilbert was selling them after that. The 30s He got into the business we got into business but I don't think I think up until singers left and 26 Because there's no number that that means there is no they had to it wasn't near Tidewater or there wasn't near their mill and they just didn't want to go that far for it for you know the prime stuff still but they had got the best of it somewhere out there Bill these that's what I think because they didn't use the use the old donkey and pulled up the mill and they didn't they didn't use they just I don't think they instructed them no I think the middle just stayed there and then they brought the word there by donkey horses and everything else

Unknown Speaker 24:35
whatever the thought that the logging in the cranberry when it started sometime after the because of the trouble of getting it all the way down to the water. They must have logged lower areas not before they credit rate mister

Unknown Speaker 24:51
possibly but then you see Bowman is getting it all around the shoreline and they can float it drag it up It wasn't until the late 20s I guess that they had actually logging trucks because they could Heartland they had rubber to solid rubber tires so this tool

Unknown Speaker 25:12
was stood for 20 years other cleaning companies will make love a bitch company are you after after what I remember by

Unknown Speaker 25:23
the Java 30

Unknown Speaker 25:26
He was staying at the gas using weather was there that winter winter grinding it out to California really wonderful

Unknown Speaker 25:43
know those are you see the longest like my column of itch and Joe Lachlan. Yeah and so when they took over from from the big Mills because of big bills I think it quit logging on yeah because I mean they were Mike Glover which he made money so it was first on the job made good money but he was a wasn't a great huge big time operator No not like the

Unknown Speaker 26:06
green something I know he bought our oil on Lake car must regard per shift 36.

Unknown Speaker 26:31
One of the persons who was involved in the opera industry here that's maybe both the title of your first product was Greek.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Not doing welcome. No, no.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
You remember shorty Romberg?

Unknown Speaker 26:47

Unknown Speaker 26:49
he lives in Cranberry somewhere

Unknown Speaker 26:57
these days to be walking to harbor

Unknown Speaker 27:03
it's quite a character yes because you're

Unknown Speaker 27:16

Unknown Speaker 27:23
well yeah, that's the part should have an argument primary not

Unknown Speaker 27:34
for some reason I thought he did. To me he did

Unknown Speaker 27:37
it for a time but he threw the card

Unknown Speaker 27:43
on the roadside.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
The Carter girls were of course they were older than you. Yes, yes. And they they went to the neighbors with your mother was teaching there they went to school to the cranberry which

Unknown Speaker 28:01
are the three sisters. My sisters

Unknown Speaker 28:11
are TIG Carter? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:14
Wheeled cart. Yeah. Horse Tom.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Oh, yeah. Yes. He

Unknown Speaker 28:20
used to come and work for that.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
Huge on all the all the old hacks of course is recode Jesse.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Girls Maori demonic.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
That's right. So

Unknown Speaker 28:40
the youngest one I think

Unknown Speaker 28:42
they were a couple of years ago.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
They had a great time. They consistent. Rosie and Jessie is about maybe five or six years older than the oldest one. Call your teacher. After

Unknown Speaker 28:55
I took out Jesse over about him 12 years ago to visit them. They kept saying oh teacher. It's so wonderful to see you. Call me. Jessie. Teacher week was just a wonderful afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
I guess partly that's how I got my name was Jessica from mom. And pop become a friend and make dads do it. My mother said to make a big fuss.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Your father built the host

Unknown Speaker 29:39
MPs in those days. They always have a back command. We'd get together that kind of thing. Know it's so fun to get together.

Unknown Speaker 29:55
Short time yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
If that's how your partner has built what was

Unknown Speaker 30:06
great before the Second World War was quite a community

Unknown Speaker 30:14
a lot of people up then slipped up then word came and then a lot of them left and they didn't come back after the why

Unknown Speaker 30:22
that wonderful picture of the

Unknown Speaker 30:23
picnic. So you've got that summer Do

Unknown Speaker 30:26
you want me to read you what it was some little bits about it much earlier than your time. Okay, so at 1902 father spent the day this is Reverend Wilson, but he always knows himself, father, brother spent the day at cranberry Marsh, a wild district and necessity is now being gradually settled out. On the way I called on Hollis and had dinner with Miss Petter at the divide. Then on embodying through SNOMED slash to call and CO H. W. Dukes, H. Rogers and George Gardner.

Unknown Speaker 30:56
Here what date is

Unknown Speaker 30:59
February 1902

Unknown Speaker 31:04
This is his diary

Unknown Speaker 31:15
that time there wasn't much way of farming and housing and so forth. Were getting

Unknown Speaker 31:27
what did your father have a team of horses that he drove? Do you remember a team where you did have a car?

Unknown Speaker 31:33
No, we had bosses do you did have a colleague of mine yours? Oh yeah, he enforces

Unknown Speaker 31:40
1903 He went out to the cranberry Marsh taking grandchild Mary Adi Baker and mom and dad was Scott called on domain out and Gartner and actually to the bankers

Unknown Speaker 31:53
that's what they did it on three July

Unknown Speaker 31:58
three or the album's must be really early.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
And 90 knows three October out to prime remarks by the new road found Snow 12 inches deep stop back on tree had to leave video plod home Sunday School Mr. Rogers

Unknown Speaker 32:20
good to load these

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Reverend Wilson Wilson.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Yeah. John or Harry, Harry and John. They both want us together to close together

Unknown Speaker 32:32
well John and father

Unknown Speaker 32:38
were at the turn of the hill on that

Unknown Speaker 32:45
this is 1906 April 2 sheeps dealing going on in Cranberry Mark Arthur and I think it's harder so that may mean a bill PRD avoid 14 cents Victoria for trial. Or maybe it's Gardner I don't know. Charles Gardner I think was also involved or maybe it's part of the bodies of two lambs have been found in his possession and he was sent to prison for three months

Unknown Speaker 33:19
I don't know what that looks like part could be Gardner.

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Know what he did he ran aways and I feel seven while I was shutting out on speak prep remark.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
What's the date? What's the month February

Unknown Speaker 33:50
now again this is either Gartner or part of stopped trying to miles off

Unknown Speaker 34:03
the gardener

Unknown Speaker 34:08
have we got to leave at a good night no one said census there.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
Now it's coming out shortly. He told me yesterday he's going to check for this. I wonder how many people were here?

Unknown Speaker 34:30
Well, the trouble is it doesn't get to Gulf Islands. Doesn't get the whole picture. You have to figure it out. Sometimes you could in the earlier ones you could because he did. For instance our grandfather did it in 9191. He did North Saltspring and somebody else to disobey

Unknown Speaker 34:48
me all my sugar right now.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Okay, I'm trying to think of other families that you would know around there at the time that you were living there. Me. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
That looks like Gardner.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
How close is it to this one? Yes

Unknown Speaker 35:22
this is December 10 1908 arrange with Charles Gardner to rent his Jack at $10 per annum for church and the cranberry Marsh. The bee was held to fix it up in the school

Unknown Speaker 35:39
the answer I can give you the data part is

Unknown Speaker 35:48
it was built. I want to think just about the turn of the century, I think. Because it was opened as d&d school then renamed divided

Unknown Speaker 36:04
again in 1909 January 7, church being crammed in March to fix up the temporary church in

Unknown Speaker 36:12
1907. This is 1909. Schoolhouse while the school has also been there, then you never

Unknown Speaker 36:24
know. I mean, he lives in that nice last and he goes to school

Unknown Speaker 36:33
know he never

Unknown Speaker 36:41
will be used for church because everyone

Unknown Speaker 36:47
would come up from which church or sometimes it would be

Unknown Speaker 36:52
it would vary.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Yeah, I think so.

Unknown Speaker 37:01
We are mother and father. I remember the United Church. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Just grade your turn to go up to drove. Right. Right. Corner. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 37:25
thought it was on the left hand side of the road going up the hill.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
Just before you turn into right,

Unknown Speaker 37:34
other roads to the right.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
Was it just before he got to right throat? Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 37:41
was right at that quiet.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Rogers house got across. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
Well, actually, we're Tom gossip is that that's gone. Rocky. And Harry was further down. Yes, he was. Harry. He left he died. Much. Do you remember when he left there? Was he living here when he left? Granberry I don't know if we

Unknown Speaker 38:13
always looked at us.

Unknown Speaker 38:19
And Magnolia

Unknown Speaker 38:19
No. More than that. Well, yes. Oh, yes. But then they're

Unknown Speaker 38:29
having yours says story and his and then you find out what questions you want to ask. What gaps there are?

Unknown Speaker 38:38

Unknown Speaker 38:41
I can find out for you. Yesterday when your family came? I know it's a perishable

Unknown Speaker 38:46
or is it? I remember reading them to somebody. I'd say romance.

Unknown Speaker 38:52
It's in the car.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
I know. I have an idea of my sister is about three.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
Well, that parish and home maybe

Unknown Speaker 38:59
maybe 1996?

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Well, you may have had the property. Like he had the property here first. Yeah, he may have had the property they might report having the property but not I certainly I think it'd be a good idea for you if you introduced by a few excerpts from Wilson, Wilson's diary. Because then that sort of interviews when you think about that. Those few excerpts to read from read those. It's an introduction to cranberry. And I think we'll ask you about your family who asked about the school. You know, when did you when, when was when was closed. It was closed 26 to 36 in urine Grade.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
Grade 65 Avenue

Unknown Speaker 39:51
over to divide the Delta Ganges

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Of course your family would grow the things you're they ate with the apples or something that they would sell or they sent to the creamery or yeah

Unknown Speaker 40:18
well how did cream get the creamery? They didn't How did your father would take the dollar it's other people take down my father took

Unknown Speaker 40:28
probably to the store

Unknown Speaker 40:33
a long time ago remember every was mean they had I know they had lots of strawberry top lots of berries.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Jam packed.

Unknown Speaker 40:46
Remember even in the 40s

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Right I think we would pick up the couple of those names here and of course names deliver the curacy and always

Unknown Speaker 41:03
thinks that people have an apple so I guess I mean, I guess everybody was

Unknown Speaker 41:11
sort of making their living from the land but it wasn't Yeah. It wasn't all for the market.

Unknown Speaker 41:21
Well, I guess the jam factory paid your cash free berries to see that was a good thing about the creamery in the back they paid cash I mean, you bought stuff at the store they needed to train

Unknown Speaker 41:37
by the way you went to work.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Know the creamery. I was talking about that the other day, someone who's been there who's Yeah, who's already 10 cents a pound. The papers butterfat.

Unknown Speaker 41:58
We had the best butter on the Oh yeah. Good name and

Unknown Speaker 42:04
one the was it 1912 or 1914? Something one of the CCNA they released the National Exhibition in Toronto one of the

Unknown Speaker 42:22
early young man chimney courses I don't remember Jimmy Aikman work

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Mr. Great because

Unknown Speaker 42:31
remember the way the butter watches all the Disrupt? Just the way to do that. Yeah. It's like somebody did it. I get it. Watching Uncle Arthur who not a spoon one of those Bachelors in the cream. Spit it up it tastes even sweeter.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
Currently building are kept, of course, still there. But

Unknown Speaker 43:14
except the old office building. I don't know when that move

Unknown Speaker 43:18
was sort of. I mean, it didn't didn't really mean it was part of the service. But the

Unknown Speaker 43:25
job was always quite Yeah. Hosting.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
Seems so huge in those days now. I

Unknown Speaker 43:31
can't read leave it so small. I know. You sort of think they tore it down.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
Used to bring cream up from being with the team in the wagon. But they never collected up the cranberry. Did they know I think we had to take ours down. No, he'd start the early morning.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
On Monday and Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
The cream days. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
And he would bring it up. And then later on chimney. They brought up bought that flat deck truck. 33 I think it was 33. I know I used to go up CNN Jim was married. He lived right near us. Memory liver. Heart Carlin. Yes. Up there. I used to sometimes get up early in the morning go. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
We used to get on the boat to

Unknown Speaker 44:27
take the MPs down. And

Unknown Speaker 44:29
then the other big thing on years ago was go down again to see the boat come in and see who comes off and wait around and get the mail and go back home.

Unknown Speaker 44:43
I'm trying to learn the ropes on the top of the toes to get out and he was always there if

Unknown Speaker 44:53
you remember were there any cars able to drive up your road when you were very small as a road? didn't ask for cars

Unknown Speaker 45:05
had a car later on?

Unknown Speaker 45:07
This was 1911 We're sorry to hear the appearance of the first automobile on our island. No. That's right. Excellent things in the right place and that is not here. Our roads are too narrow, winding and hilly to make motoring anything but a grazing, but dangerous. Particular traffic

Unknown Speaker 45:30
and the horses didn't like the car. It seems

Unknown Speaker 45:33
to me that was Mother and Winnie were when he was driving

Unknown Speaker 45:43
back up the hill for the the guy that was to stairs. The gas

Unknown Speaker 45:47
would run. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
Well, he drives the Reverend Wilson around when he comes back to California. I mean, Uncle Gavin seems to be sort of the unofficial taxi.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
We offer he he was

Unknown Speaker 46:01
granted a mother her first ride was on a Sunday which got really taken for a ride with your dad's brother for riding us Sunday.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Idaho Gavin used to get the car to come off people pay like they drive it down to Henry arco or drive down somewhere. Collect $800 But back then, and he carts he was on a taxi to have the girls be driving around. Sold George furnish center. Oh, yeah. You think of I bought one of those cars. The girls that drive? Oh, yes, sure.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
He is to drive down to Ghana. Same course they call it bony. Kenya to put it in the wagon and the buggy ride down again.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Yeah, she was a weak body wasn't you? Yeah. I remember her. She seems very small. I mean, it probably through your father was

Unknown Speaker 47:11
she was addicted. I made me You know, I remember she stayed

Unknown Speaker 47:13
at small Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:17
Well, I think we've got about all we can we got lots of stuff here. I think we got up to one, we'll ask your questions. Now we can know what to base it on. You tell me about the farming that went on in the barn and you know how to build things like that. And some of the families around there. And it will be your your uncle's where they live further up the hill. Yeah. And the fact that your father bought the land before he moved here, this sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Where your nearest neighbors were the browns.

Unknown Speaker 47:45
And the Allen supporters right across the road.

Unknown Speaker 47:55
It's Sunday, right behind the

Unknown Speaker 48:00
great grandfather. I think he said, maybe my great grandfather was Mr. Mason up in the cranberry.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
So have you been on the trip? Method?

Unknown Speaker 48:14
We got talking somewhere? I can't remember now.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
I think we'll make a big map of the area

Unknown Speaker 48:27
pointed out to exactly where they all were asked to swap them after?

Unknown Speaker 48:30
No, but just from here. No, I know it

Unknown Speaker 48:34
is right road.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
Shepard Hill will get that right now,

Unknown Speaker 48:42
whereas is it? Is it not on here that disappeared? Are

Unknown Speaker 48:45
we Yes. Which was the road it was? I think it

Unknown Speaker 48:53
was a local telephone.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
But I know we got a

Unknown Speaker 49:00
short road.

Unknown Speaker 49:03
It was around between Bureau is not?

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Well, I think that's about all we can do. And

Unknown Speaker 49:16
it's Tuesday. That's when you should do you should do one on the device. Yes, most people don't realize that was a separate community. And Johnny Bennett would be good. Maybe get Joe Garner over

Unknown Speaker 49:30
all these good gadgets. Nothing really here

Unknown Speaker 49:35
came into the fold after the turn of the century. See Central was the central was the community. Oh yes, the central hall and had that store. It had the jail. It had the school that's the Mary's or the St. Mark's Church. And then later it was building the other one was proposed. And it was just the center though. That was the center of the first year. Yeah, that was after 9690 For. They didn't know for 1926 25 They bought it down. No 2625 was huge. When the United Church started, and then it 26 They brought it down. I think they charged $550 or $600. I thought it was 300

Unknown Speaker 50:21
Maybe that was

Unknown Speaker 50:26
read and read and Arthur, I think have to be joined. Yes. And all even the nails on the shingles. I imagine the Japanese helped

Unknown Speaker 50:43
put it all together again. So you have a whole lot of wood from the Japanese green house. And then you go and go into the house and they had some to the electric. Yeah, otherwise.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Where does this URL grew up in England? Or what When did he come here what your

Unknown Speaker 51:09
property he he came, he and Stan came to Victoria when they were schoolboy with his mom and dad. And then probably about 19 late 20s

Unknown Speaker 51:28
or mid 20s. Could be we put his I think

Unknown Speaker 51:33
he went away. He went up to Prince Rupert to work in a greenway there. One year he went back to the prairie.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
A lot of this to harvest the harvest and crew and

Unknown Speaker 51:47
then he came back and he bought out Phil Evans trucking business were you ready? Well, I hope I was somehow. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 52:10
did your mother have any way of making money on her own? Did

Unknown Speaker 52:13
she know chickens

Unknown Speaker 52:17
once enough?