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War Letters

Ivan Mouat

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The title of today's presentation is called letters from home and abroad 1914 to 1945. What we should be hearing today are some of the human aspects of World War Two. Since the war, I've alone has kept a collection of letters that he received from his parents while he was with the ICF in England as a pilot, and while he was a prisoner of war in Germany, from July 1943, to May of 1945. He also kept letters that he sent to his mum and dad during the same time period, along with communications, like the mods received here from the Red Cross, and others regarding the status of Ivan as a POW. I will be reading the letters he sent from abroad and that's and Tony will be reading the letters that Mr. Wm mode Ivan's father sent to to liven and the sumo will be playing the part of Ivan's mother

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later on, I'll be covered in correspondence from outside sources and now it's over to either

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a telegram dated the 30th of September 1941. To Mr. Mrs. WMO again GSBC arrived safely and feeling fine and writing immediately. Love to all this is announced my arrival in England.

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Ganges BC October 9 1941. Dearest eyes and we were so relieved to receive your cable on Tuesday and Tuesday's mail was received in Montreal in the second the mail on from there. We are mailing you a few parcels by today's mail. Kate some chocolates, cigarettes and blades. It seems we have so much here and there's so little we can send

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Ganges BC October 12 1941. Dear Ivan, we were very glad and much relieved to have your cable and to know that you had reached England safely. Colin went off today to report to his training unit in Victoria. No great amount of interest is being shown in the election. It is getting very close at that. In particular. The meetings of the Conservative candidate Mayor Harrison of Nanaimo have been a complete flop. His first meeting attended addressed by meet them the leader, Colonel McIntosh, himself about three weeks ago it was attended by only 45 people, a number of whom were liberals and non supporters of his

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I don't, England October 23 1941. Dear mother, dad and Grace, I'm glad to be able to tell you that I am flying again now and it is great to be back in the saddle. I am in the northern part of England, and the trip up here was really enjoyable. This kind of English countryside is certainly beautiful. And it does remind me quite a bit of home. Now I know why so many English people love British Columbia. I'm beginning to I began to get used to being called a colonial although it was a bit of a blow at first.

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That's Ganges BC, October 26 1941. Here, Ivan. Still another weeks gone by with no letter from across the seas. But we are daily expecting one and eagerly waiting for your news. Since writing lights last week, we have the excitement of the election, which was not a very it's not as intense as usual. And in which the average voter showed some interest. I'm glad to say that our candidate Mr. Pearson, obtained a good lead about 500 votes over his nearest rival Colin came up last night going back to Victoria. Last thing this morning. Nick Baker received his wings last Friday and is expected to leave to come on home leave tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing him on arrival

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This is November 2 1941. Your Ivan? I shot my first bird of the season on Friday an ice cocked pheasant, which I bagged in our field next to to make humans. The season has still a week to go so I'm hoping for two or three more birds before then. I'm also hoping to do a little better with ducks this year than last. It seems most likely that rationing of gasoline will be put into force at least by the end of the year

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Dante's BC November 8 1941 dear Ivan, we were delighted to have to have last Thursday our first letter from you written in England. I am closing with this addresses the addresses of Mack and Vernon Dick Baker left on Friday morning and no doubt we'll be crossing before long. The pheasant season close today and I only scored one hit. So my total bag for the year to date is one COC pheasant no gross. However, 1619 41 in the paper this morning, there is an item about quite a large contingent of Canadian soldiers having landed at Hong Kong. And I'm wondering if by any chance some of our Salt Spring Island boys were in the law

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November the 17th 1941 RCF. Overseas dear mother and dad today I got dad's letter that was posted on the 27th which isn't too bad at all. I think it actually arrived in England on the 11th. But it was held up at base post office. The election result is quite interesting. And a coalition government in British Columbia will be even more so everything is coming along. Okay. And we're working quite hard. We get up about seven every morning have breakfast and then go over to the flights fly until noon. And then again in the afternoon until tea time. That's 430 And after that we generally relax in the mass. And lately I've been having the odd game of chess with Don Montgomery, the Canadian who rooms with me What were you trying? I was that was so these letters were all from what is called ot EU or the operational training unit. And at that time I was flying hurricanes we every if you're going to be a fighter pilot then you flew her consumed or to get used to flying real fighter in in wartime England. And if you're a bomber boy you went did the same thing with a twin engine plane but I was flying at that time I find her. Okay, that's Oh, excuse me one more here. It just shows how you can slip in things. mother and dad had no idea where I was. And I managed to get this wasn't censored at all. Occasionally we drop into Carlisle and see a show.

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Ganges BC November 23 1941. Dear Ivan British strake has been accepted for the Air Force and last week was posted to the trading school at Brandon. Colin was up last night going back this afternoon. He is working well and seems to be enjoying the life at Gordon head. Video remember the 30 is your Ivan in Canada beginning tomorrow the government is putting putting into effect what is called a price ceiling on most commodities, which means that no one in business may sell for higher prices than prevailed about the middle of September last to the same time in October. This is without doubt one of the most drastic regulations which has been attempted in Canada so far as elsewhere in the way of regulating and curtailing inflicts contempt in Canada or elsewhere, I'm sorry, in the way of regulating and curtailing inflation tendencies. I shall be starting off for Vancouver tomorrow going by way of Victoria by the afternoon ferry. The big convention of the provincial Liberal Party is being held in Vancouver Tuesday to decide the fate of Premier patello. The big news took us by surprise although we are of course aware that that a break with Japan was imminent. The effect in the United States and in fact all over the two Americas will be to crystallize sentiment against the axis and all the works and will unite all sections of us of the US in the resolve to see this thing through to the ultimate triumph of freedom and democracy. The past week has been eventful also in BC provincial affairs, it's top retirement of Premier patello as leader of the Liberal Party and the election of Mr. John Hart in his place.

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December 14 letter this is still 1941

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Your Ivan. We are feeling much happier this weekend as since Sunday, three letters have arrived of yours. Well, this has been the most hectic week with us with the whole world as well. With declarations of war ship losses in the Pacific and blackouts on the closest coastline. We have had the most exciting few days since last Sunday. However, we are getting out getting our bearings again and I think it is really a relief to know the worst and be prepared to see this war with Japan through to pick to victory. It is splendid to have at least at last, the all artists existence of the United States with their wonderful wealth of material and the mass production of the essential weapons of war. old granny jives died in the valley on Thursday and was buried today. One of the real old timers at the south end. She had lived there for 72 years and was almost that was about 787 years of age. So as far as I'm aware, she was the oldest person living in that part of the island.

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For 12 gotten RCF overseas. Dear mother and dad, I have just arrived at my squadron after spending a week at the Bob Hotel in London, the famous region Palace. I had a glorious time and a wonderful rest slept in till all hours the morning had breakfast in bed, etc. I saw the sights and all of the Old City has taken an awful beating. There is still much to see more than one can see in one, two or three visits. It's no wonder that London always attracts people. Sunday December the 30th for 12 Squat and RCF overseas. I told you my last letter that I had seen Nick Baker. I'll close now and I hope you're all well and looking after your blackouts most carefully. I can't help but just smile when I think of our old store windows being blacked out. I'm feeling fine and everything is going well. You're loving son Ivan

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1942 with a letter from Ivan on January the 27th

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Dear mother and dad attached Raf 56 Squadron overseas Jan 2741 42. I know I have not written you for over a week but I have really been really exceptionally busy these past 10 days. First, I was sent on a convoy with a navy and lived aboard a destroyer for several days. I was treated well lived in the petty officers mess, but it was bitterly cold and I can realize now how welcome those heavy sweaters the IoD knit for the sailors are. As soon as I got back to my squadron I found out that had been posted. However, some new experience on this type of aircraft they have here will stand me in good stead the aircraft was I switched to fine typhoons with the was being the 36 squadron was being weak. We equipped with typhoons air and who was the first squadron to get them. So I had done when I got there. There are three other Canadians so I can boast that I was one of the first for Canadians to fly the typhoon aircraft in Britain. It was at that time of flight sergeant. Awesome.

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Yeah again GSBC January 29 1942. The arrive and your letter of December 3030 has reached us on Tuesdays mail the quickest mail service of any letter yet. Our black house has been lifted, and we are still in readiness. So many while reports are being circulated. We heard there was a submarine cited off Galliano, and when it was investigated, the whale was the guilty one. There is a constant bevy of planes flying at all times now. Bombers etc. And whenever three or four fly over the house at one time, the noise is a wee bit terrifying. And it is then one realizes how awful a real error rate must be. Lutsen

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Yan GSPC March 15 1942, your island we had on Thursday last letter of February 17, which was really excellent considering the times the movement of Japanese from the coast is in full swing with a number of coast steamers moving about 2000 of them to Vancouver today. They are being held at the Hastings park grounds until accommodation and further transportation can be secured to take them to camps and the interior. One really feels sorry for old chaps like Jimmy Tory and McCabe, who at best have only a very few years left. However, it is most necessary that we take no chances with our safety on the specific shore. You're either in the Gulf Islands in common weather Other areas in the Pacific coast, a company of militia Rangers is being organized, consisting of older man and subject to call for the regular militia reserves. Colonel McIntosh is organizing the local shops. And today a number of us were sworn in for duty as members of the group. I expect that our job will be to be ready for to be ready for a call to fighting and incendiary fires should these occurred during the hot weather of summer and to act as Scouts and Boy Scouts were unnecessary. Raj was another one who joined and on Wednesday we are to elect a commandment and Patrol Leaders. So you will see we are becoming war minded and really ready on Salt Spring Island. It is not expected that we shall have uniforms but will be issued distinctive armbands and tin helmets and supply with ammunition for such rifles and weapons which we all

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can GSBC Wednesday, April 22 1942. My dear Ivan Firstrade, Drake and Howard Han are together in Saskatoon. Oh yes. Teddy Borrowdale is back. came today and is having a holiday for a month and is going to Royal Roads to train the man in his line of work. He was a bomb disposal expert. He was telling us he was flown from the hood just two days before she was lost. He looks very well on

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April 26 1942. Dear Ivan, in the news also this week, again has been Peter Turner, who squadron was in the attack on Rostock on the Baltic. Well, at last, the wholesale migration of the Japanese has come about and we said goodbye to them on Tuesday. It was really a memorable event for Saltspring Island, as there have been Japanese on the island as long as I can remember when I was a boy of eight or nine going to school, we had some on our the farm clearing land. And afterwards we had the odd one working for us from time to time. I have known some of them including old Jimmy for over 40 years and really feel very sorry to see them go. That's it. Your Ivan Betty has heard from Mac that he has seen you as well as Mr. Inglis as heard from Rowley saying that he had also seen you. In addition, Mr. Hillier was in the other day from Beaver point and told me about Wilfred meeting you so it is apparent that you that the Salt Spring Island fellows are meeting together occasionally. We had quite an event in the history of the firm. This past week, Uncle Gilbert was invited to Victoria to receive from the sales manager at the Ford Motor Company. Out here from the head office in Windsor, a plaque made of bronze and Susan Williams struck inscribed as a mark of their appreciation of 25 years of continuous association with dealers. Actually the states from 1913

Unknown Speaker 18:21
June the night 1942 Do my sister dear grace, you'll hardly believe it. But today I got your letter may the 26th PS met a glorious platinum blonde loud other night hair like Veronica Lake figure like Betty Grable and face like an angel whoo whoo.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
Yeah, GSBC July 16 1942. Year Ivan. Many happy returns of today. 22 years old. Ray Parsons is in Toronto taking his radio technical course. Gordon is still on the farm with his dad. He has had his call, but his had an exemption until September for his father to try and get a man to replace them. It's simply impossible to get help now. Alright, God put on a dance last Friday for the war effort. The RCA orchestra from Pat Bay came up and bought about 75 boys. Man Hall was simply packed. Really too crowded for dancing. Dad took the door and we cleared $200 We chartered the ferry and it more than paid for itself with $9 over I noticed three New Zealand fliers, but not very, very few men with wings. Did you get the underwear I sent you and the hand knit turtleneck sweater together with a pair of socks lovingly mother.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Ganges BC September 20 1940 To derive our Gulf Island Rangers continues exercises and maneuvers and have now received armband. guns, rifles and some necessary equipment. Until a short time ago, we were going out on Friday nights. But as the evenings drew in, it was necessary to take the time during the week. On a census of opinion being taken, the decision was to go out on alternate Sunday afternoons. So today I was out for about three and a half hours. Soon we are to commence practicing target shooting so as to become proficient in that art and the art of street shooting and look forward to some interesting occasions. A new rifle range has been prepared on the fight the property, which is just across the road from us here. I understand it will be ready in about two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Same address October the second 1942 Dear mother and dad Well here it is starting to do another winter my second in England. Just right now. I'm hearing an address on the wireless by Colonel Ralston about dia. That was really a wonderful show. And I'm glad to say I really did have a bird's eye view of it.

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September 20/20,

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we'll have October 4

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October 4 1942, Ganges BC deriva. You will be sorry to learn that Fred cropped and passed away on Saturday morning yesterday. He had been ailing for a very long time and during the summer failed very fast. He was not old man are these days only 62 and usually look the picture of health.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
That was John's grandfather, by the way. Same address England. October 26 1942. Well, we're settling down for the winter now. And as I write this, I'm seated in front of a big wood fire in our open fireplace. I told you about the old mansion we're living in well in our room. In it are all the NCO pilots in the squadron. We have a huge fireplace and I have just been out so I would Ford. We have two new Canadian Sergeant's in the squadron now. One is from Toronto and the other is from Sullivan and BC His name is Solomon to it's a little place near Langley prairie.

Unknown Speaker 22:29
Oh, I go into 1943 with man's meeting your letter dated January the third

Unknown Speaker 22:37
January the third 1943 deriva. Calvin break goes off on Tuesday for his medical examination for admission to the RCA F. I think it's a wireless gunner. Dear Ivan, we are having a tough time at the hospital these days as the meet, meet can we had this Haley resigned to take a very fine position in the same capacity at the salmon arm hospital. The two very efficient graduate nurses we have we had all have also left. And we are finding it exceedingly difficult to fill their places. The younger nurses are in many cases going into the army, navy and the bigger hospitals.

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April 23 1943. Today I got your letter written on the 12 dead, which is the way these error letters usually come. And I hope you'll get mine just as quickly. Things are going along fine. And I find life as a commissioned officer very comfortable. Although one thing is rather funny. When I was a warrant officer in the sergeants mess. I was sort of a little king. But now when the officers mess I'm the lowest of the low, only a miserable pilot officer. I do have some more responsibilities though. And I since I've got my condition I have been made deputy flight commander and looking after the flight in the absence of our flight commander.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
Dante's BC may 28 1943 years that grace is over visiting Alice Inkerman getting all the lowdown on the May the 24th downs at poker ease affairs are very sparsely attended these days. All high school boys are going into the Air Force as soon as they can. Dickey Toynbee is talking of going into the Navy. Now he has over 18 Young Dick royal Armand spring for John Croft and aren't going to the Air Force really the place is very quiet and the road is practically deserted now, especially in the evenings. There is talk of cutting the gas ration to two gallons. Miss Dean has made some shortbread which I am sending to you with some cigarettes.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
Well, that's a joy loving

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your eyes. warn us in the past two days has been thrilling and encouraging the landing and Sicily being great and the progress of the attack on Europe. We can look forward confidently to capturing this Italian outpost and stronghold within two or three weeks, and will presently be in a position to carry the war right into Italy itself. I have no idea at all that the Italians are going to do it last to last year. I believe that their outright and unconditional surrender will occur before the snow flies in the Far East to the Japs are beginning to taste some of the bitterness of the war and defeat after defeat, and will realize that victory has passed from them, the forces to the forces of the allied nations in our hope for invasion of outposts in the Solomons and New Guinea. In these days of action and change and on warfronts of the world, we would not be surprised to hear that perhaps you may be transferred to another theater of adventure. In any case, we shall wait hopefully and patiently for your letters.

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Also on July the 11th 1943. Mr. Mrs. Wm mode, sent the following telegram to Ivan loving birthday greetings, anxious your welfare. No news recently, all well at home on the following day. Mr. And Mrs. Mowat received this telegram from Ottawa. We regret to advise you just some J 17084. Pilot Officer William either mode is missing after operations or occupied territory. Ivan, would you tell us now about the woman in the sky that

Unknown Speaker 26:44
was my mother and father's practice on Sundays. They didn't bother about the car, they'd always go for a walk. Actually. We used to do this when I was quite young and I'd go with him but they rolled walking and an aeroplane folded. And they looked at each other. And then mother wrote that letter, and the next day they got the telegraph.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
On August the 13th Ivan Squadron Leader sent a letter to Mr. mode, expressing sincere sympathy over the report that Ivan was missing, and giving hope that he might be a prisoner of war. Here's how he described the action that brought it down. On the afternoon of July the 11th 1943, your son went with his flight commander to Belgium to attack locomotives and barges when they were attacking some barges to enemy aircraft came behind them and fired a great distance. His flight commander gave the order to climb into the clouds last saw your son entering the cloud whilst in the clouds. Your son gave a reply to his flight commanders call but this could not be understood. That is all Lido. The squadron leader then concluded his letter by saying your son was very popular in the squadron and was deputy flight commander. He was always very keen to have a crack at the home and to help so far from his home for flight, the fight in the cause of freedom and humanity. Not long after that letter on August 21st. The moments received word that Ivan was a POW. Out on August 23, the Canadian prisoners of war relatives Association and Victoria, said Mrs. Mode A letter say I am sure you must be greatly relieved to hear your son as a prisoner of war. I wonder if there's anything that we could do to help you with your next of kin parcels etc. After giving advice about what can be sent in parcels. The letter concluded by stating that the Red Cross supply each prisoner with a parcel every week, also a capture parcel which includes some folding. Then on August 27, the Red Cross This is more a letter giving advice but what the Red Cross does to help prisoners. It said also that letters do Air Force prisoners in Germany should be sent sent to Stalag Luft three as this is the center point for all Air Force mail in Germany, with the addition of brackets of the camp where the prisoner is actually looking in turn. It is a sincere desire of our society to the other systems to next of kin at all times that we trust you will avail yourself of the service. On August the 28th and ICF casualty casualties officer monument sent a letter to Mr Bhalla to confirm that Ireland was a prisoner, and he gave further information about services available to next to kin. By September the 18th the machinery for the support of Ireland from home was well underway, when the Department of national law services and onward sent his father a letter stating, you will please find enclosed here with regulations concerning communication With prisoners of war list of firms committed before tobacco and cigarettes, list of firms committed to fraud books, current games, music, etc. And the official label which must be attaching a personal possible for mailing and so on. And then, on September 22, Link Amanda Willem of the RCA Chaplain services in London sent this letter to Mr. Bow again, Mr. Moy about two months ago I wrote to you when your son was posted message now I can rejoice with you that he is alive as a prisoner of war on German hands, you will be able to write to him and no doubt you will have had a car in front of him before this parcels may be sent to him also through the Red Cross. But of all this you will be you will have had work. I just wanted to say that I had not forgotten you know your lab. And one of these days I hope to see you out there in Ganges with all good wishes. On December 13, the Department of national law services prisoners are a prisoner of war next to Kin division. The law said Mr. Bono letter in which was stated in good old bureaucratic style. This division appreciates your request for permission to send a blanket closes here with the necessary label.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
Today we got the good news of Italy surrender. And once more the shout arose home for Christmas. Life continues as usual here and any typing event is welcome to break the monotony of this existence. Such an event occurred yesterday when I went out of our enclosure to the loop off a hospital and had a piece of shrapnel take it from my leg, except for a few scratches. It was the only wound I had and it was beginning to trouble me the Germans removed it. Anyway it is out now and I have had three I have three clamps put in and except for a slight pain at first it is all okay by the way, I should say we are loud the Germans supply these and we were allowed to write three letters and two cards a month. It might have been three cards in tonight's video. That's all we had five, five bits of mail because sin and you'll notice if you saw them there's good proof which is a German word for a sensor and they did very little good proofing to my letters for September the 22nd 1943 Dear mother Dad It's so hard to write these short cards but I'm feeling fine and my leg has healed up completely. I have received no mo yet but expect some from you but don't expect any from you until another month October the sixth 1943 We have an average of at least one concert or camp show a week and hope to have a film soon. As I've said before, everyone is wonderfully optimistic and I feel sure myself that I shall be with you for my next birthday anyway. October the 12th 1943 Dear mother dad yesterday I received two letters from a friend in England the first mail I've received so I hope to have your letters in a few weeks time. December the 14th 1943 this is the last letter I've got letter form I've got for this month. And as Christmas draws nearer I shall be thinking more and more of you still at home when this January the sixth 1944 things go on much as usual. We moved to nearby camp and is much more comfortable than the old place. We went up about six or seven kilometers from the main camp was static globe three where most not all but most of the Air Force officers. That is Royal Air Force Royal Australian Air Force Royal New Zealand Air Force, Rhodesian Air Force of course, Royal Canadian Air Force, they all almost all but just now they've moved three and we're getting a bit crowded because the Americans were coming in in droves to so we were moved up to a little place called Valaria where it was more comfortable but it eventually became awfully crowded to January the 14th 1944. I received my parcel of clothing and also the chess game which came today. And I have had 300 cigarettes from the Canadian POWs relative Association Montreal, so I'm feeling quite content with everything right now. I played my first two date games with a chess set and won the both although my opponent opponent wasn't such an experience, one is as some I am liable to come across here. By the way, Bruce Campbell is in one of the nearby neighboring camps, but there won't be much chance Am I seeing him March the 19th 1944 I am well and really nothing to complain about. Although I do wish our mail would come through quicker. I'm reading Bruce Hutchison's book on the unknown country and thinking is one of the best of its kind I've read I add here I was busy Izzy most of the morning in the garden and quite a bit and did quite a bit of digging. Well they never realize it but I was digging a tunnel at the time. And I refer to that several times I did quite a bit of digging and all it was March you could be digging but I was they didn't get the message that they didn't think I was doing that March the the 20s 2819 44 It has been a real red letter day for me as I've had received six letters and two parcels, one closed parcel from Canada house in London, and the HPC blanket you said the read the blanket was read a great huge hedge of a blanket read and I added to Thanks ever so much for the blanket and this past this answer. Thanks ever so much for the blanket I shall be waving when Uncle Joe gets here

Unknown Speaker 36:00
June the seventh to June 17 1944. I am very fit and following the action of our troops on the continent with great interest in optimism. As I said in my last letter, I'm sure I shall be with you all once again, this coming Christmas. I've just come from watching a softball game east of Canada versus a West unfortunately the West laws. I know these letters of mine are deplorable but there's so little to be said about things here

Unknown Speaker 36:34
October 28 1944 Do your mother and dad. There was a chap who lives down the hall from me Dick Wallace, you know of him. Dad, Jack tall was used to work for his father. It in a letter his dad said that he had spent a short cruise holiday and had called in a Ganges it's quite possible that he may have dropped in to see you that was Clarence Wallace, who was the Leftenant Governor later on. But Dec was a prisoner. I met him in England nice also he was in prison cavalry. I think Toria boy, Jim olding is also the camp and it was all a game that I went up to the college when I was there. And I don't know if any of you know or golf with Jimmy oldy but he lives on Mountain Park March 29 1944 I got to use that FBC house in London every I get a newsletter from BC house in London every month and quite a few letters from people at home. I hope you'll explain how hard it is for me to write back with these forums restricted to three a month or three of these. This week, this is April the 20/20 This week I'm cooked for our mess and you can be sure I am feeding the boys really well. Tonight. Sunday dinner specials and brackets we're having hamburger that spam hot mitt dice Bates mash mashed potatoes and pancakes The pancakes are pot at biscuit soaked in water and then fried the coffee use that really comes in handy they the night 1944 Dear Dad record day for mail. It's I received 13 letters in all four from you two for mother one each from Grace Kenny. This is GB young, the Bank of Montreal in London and three from a girl in England. I surprised and delighted to hear from

Unknown Speaker 38:37
Mrs. Young and it was certainly kind of virtual right. I could go on and on. But I think you're running out.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
Yes. We're not over 1945 And I was wondering if you'd like to read this telegram that you sent home on May 22 45.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
years yes may 22 1945. Mr. WMO, repatriated to England My address is liberated pow RCF overseas and well and fit all my love.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
Many tiny nice, the deputy minister of the Department of National War services officially advised the moments that Ivan was no longer a prisoner of war and was in safe hands. A chaplain in London wrote to the bullets also to say that he had seen it and that he was looking well at an excellent spirits. He concluded his letter as follows These have been anxious days and the joy with you and giving thanks to God but they ended the Red Cross also sent congratulations on receiving this good news that Ivan was safe and in London. Mrs. Mode sent this cable to him. Cable received delighted I reckon care BC house all I love my The mode the mode to conclude here is Su mode to read a part of the letter that motherboard wrote to him when he was leaving England,

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Ganges BC. Sunday, May 20 1945 years dive and what a happy day this has been for us. We received the word of your safe arrival in England after many anxious days of fret and worrying have all had been well with you. But the thought of you being safe at last in our own land is just enough to ease the strain. We were hoping also you will see Mac and Vernon as they are still in England and also Doug Parsons. But as yet we do not know their whereabouts only that they were somewhere in England. I wonderful it will be to have all our boys back home again and helping to create a new Canada. I feel so humble and grateful that my prayers for your safety has been answered, and will eagerly look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, God bless and keep you and bring you home safely to us. We all send our love affectionately your mother.

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That concludes our presentation