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Unknown Speaker 0:01
You know what boat Do you remember any idea will be the CPR boat.

Unknown Speaker 0:06
I'm sure there was a connection between salts. It could have been the otter, it could have been

Unknown Speaker 0:14
Queen cities.

Unknown Speaker 0:17
I came over very young I was I came over in October, the end of October. And I said I was 17, then, and I would be 18 on the 17th of November. But I was only 60.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
And they didn't ask for a birth certificate.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Oh, no. I found that. Good. I feel that from getting asked if I could come as a probation because I'd seen the end.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Oh, there have been an ad in the Victoria paper or sentiment? I

Unknown Speaker 0:57
can't answer those questions. No, I can tell you. It might have been my sister in law flow. bellhouse. I know that when I was unhappy at home, you see mother had died. And Father had remarried which was as my son tells me a very natural thing here. His youngest child was barely six. When mother died five and a half

Unknown Speaker 1:33
had this family and my sister eldest sister. Because she didn't she didn't

Unknown Speaker 1:42
put that big kitty,

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Peggy. Oh, yeah. But she died later on. And kitty got married. The same year after Kingsman and David and Tony were in services. And Father madness, who of course upset me terribly. I thought it was dreadful. I couldn't see any good talk because I was too young. But I was not 53 years old. So anyway, I'm sure it was my new system of political life. Flow met my brother David, who said why don't you try

Unknown Speaker 2:34
nursing. It's a good life. And so that's what I started looking around and some revisions here.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
It didn't last very long, though. Did it? The one year was enough. No, but I mean, it didn't last long that they kept taking probationers Oh, no, they just made it to you. But they did they take any more after you, you know, Oh, it didn't work that well.

Unknown Speaker 3:02
No, that didn't work at all. Because there was one graduate for day and night duty. And I can't remember her name, but that was Mrs. Fortin. It would have been persistable

Unknown Speaker 3:16
always she wasn't the matron though. She wasn't me. Oh, she was the matron. And she was sort of on call. 24 hours.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Well, the thing is, there was six bit

Unknown Speaker 3:27
Oh, this was before the ring would had been built on. Was it. The rich. There's two wards at the end that were built a little later.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
Yes. Well, I'm sure you had different very different. Before I came, I it seemed to me that was a relation with a craft and

Unknown Speaker 3:45
in this. Yeah, he married Frank craft. Yeah, she was and she probably managed the whole thing by herself. She had a male orderly and returned servicemen. Oh with her. And I think he did a lot of the property the men's work.

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Yes. Because it was a lot of things. So do you have to get this going beyond the woods to help the cook in the kitchen?

Unknown Speaker 4:13
While nursing was harder work than two because you remember used to do hot compresses and full mints and things like that. Where a lot you know, we had to be done every four hours or so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
There wasn't that much sickness. I noticed first patient I have to watch this but but oh man from Tinder, his struggles old age running attempts or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
Did you get to any operations at all in those days?

Unknown Speaker 4:46
Yes. This is the other extreme. I would help with Tom's Vegas coming. I think I brought in Daisy cares physically,

Unknown Speaker 5:01
Oh, for goodness sake.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
I haven't gotten in touch with it yet

Unknown Speaker 5:11
I can't remember the time I flew was wrong 99 And I can't remember flu. I remember when I think Dr. Sutherland told me that there was a case for a disability. I can't remember

Unknown Speaker 5:34
two of them McFadden, and I think it was McFadden's died. But I think they probably couldn't take them in the hospital. They stayed at home. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 5:44
I can rely remember patient Hepburn. Oh, really? Yeah. And I thought it was pretty nice. Falling in love with my patients.

Unknown Speaker 5:59
He married one of the school teachers. Miss Grove, who's still he's lives in Brinkworth. He now has a separate Alia

Unknown Speaker 6:09
for this family that I do remember that name talking to you again. But I can't remember the names except the brochure. Wm. Ow. M Yes, but I mean, J She was so good to us. The other girl was watts. And any river always welcomed anytime you bet that you felt lonely and have dinner with them at night. This was lovely. And she had lucid Nico was with Williams is in the house doing

Unknown Speaker 6:53
it unless you had so many people over the years. I know that Uncle Gilbert had Mr. Gwynn to help move him because he had polio. Yes, so old Mr. Green and black and he lived up there. But likely the various women's girls didn't work there. And quite a few of the people from Beaver point did so they could come to school, or really over the years. I think one of the monk girls was there one time. Probably Probably Fraser's Lotus ruffles sister

Unknown Speaker 7:42
the noise for very good to me. The real skirts were very good to me.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
Did you have days off or weekends? Overtime? Did you ever get a chance to go to any dances or anything? Mm hmm. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 7:59
indeed I did. I had a fancy dress. In the hay barn. Phyllis says she had been given an old dress that belonged to the incredibly and Phyllis, Phyllis, my sister and I think she by sister Phyllis will be 85 Tomorrow gave her a call.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Where does she live?

Unknown Speaker 8:35
No. She moved out there because so many of the children working in the forestry working in

Unknown Speaker 8:48
place but they grow flowers.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
Let's get married name

Unknown Speaker 8:53
donkus your turn know that name?

Unknown Speaker 8:57
Well sit dunkers we used to be here

Unknown Speaker 8:59
no that was oh, and all the boys this gym but I build an industry in Canada.

Unknown Speaker 9:17
Now the call center place? Yes. But did the Do you remember the matron was when you were here? What did she give you any lectures as well as Dr. Sol was

Unknown Speaker 9:29
helping us about how to do it from a teacher. She taught us everything we needed to do.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
Where did you find when you got to that you believe that? You are on the same level as the girls.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
As I say, if I had been older, supposing I think 20 Instead,

Unknown Speaker 9:50
you would have gotten done the whole thing there. I would have said

Unknown Speaker 9:53
but you know life is so short. I want you want a little bit in the army and say Soldiers Yeah, so I I passed the exam and I got my arm but just just

Unknown Speaker 10:18
barely gonna have your teeth Yeah Did you ever work out?

Unknown Speaker 10:25
Yes I did

Unknown Speaker 10:28
we're in Victoria

Unknown Speaker 10:36
the brain is really good. So they'll do the best it can now that I got better at 1926 and I had my first baby and 26 it goes because I was not able to my back

Unknown Speaker 11:01
and I was in a nursing home so they couldn't do any operation 50 hours the database and it was very alive and we started so then I went home the farm and my in laws were very sorry, very nicely. But this was the beginning of the question.

Unknown Speaker 11:37
And though we had found there was no money to buy the flour and the

Unknown Speaker 11:47
sugar, sugar tobacco, which happened to be a necessity so I began to think that I should go in and do some nursing and I don't know how I got ahold of the Columbia coach mission

Unknown Speaker 12:08
may Roadmaster they had a they had and so I went there about 1928 nearly 29 and Herbert had someone to help build something and he came up with logging in place so he's doing

Unknown Speaker 12:33
so he loved the readout by the region family love when he had a bath when they had a bath on Saturday night and when he slept

Unknown Speaker 12:49
well where was it was this rock me

Unknown Speaker 12:52
rock rock it was a village there that conduct the Columbia mission would come in

Unknown Speaker 13:05
on the mainland Vancouver on amiano What north of Alert Bay or Oh, I could look it up. I think you can look at Oh are you today when? No. But did you nurse a tall Did you work between the time you got your RN before you married? Where we're in Victoria at the Jubilee

Unknown Speaker 13:40
in Victoria specializes in going out. And we're confident in our hospitals. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 13:50
I was born there. What are you 1923 Oh,

Unknown Speaker 13:54
realize for 10 years later I was up before I was married.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Well, that was in 1923. I was born there after I was founded. No, you want to know before? Doesn't matter. I need to I just wondered. So I

Unknown Speaker 14:16
work. I graduated in 1921. That's what I thought. And then I noticed in Victoria and I went up to come to London that I've never went up there after I was born. And then I went back to Victoria and then I went over to the USA and I went to Seattle and they had they wanted someone Anacortes so I thought that

Unknown Speaker 14:55
so I went to Anacortes and worked in the hospital. I was it about a year. And I didn't seem to have time in Bellingham to

Unknown Speaker 15:09
maybe, I don't know. Anyway, I lost in the states not very happy thing that I noticed after I was

Unknown Speaker 15:32
1924 and I was there for over a year. And my brother, Galliano was joining the house into a hotel. And he brought, he and my stepmother wrote, by the way, by this time I realized that stepmom was somebody special. Oh, very nice. How good she was kittehs system. I am. You're a bit complicated, but she was really a very good friend. And I happily went there to help my brother. Run this

Unknown Speaker 16:26
coming from Vancouver, they loved him. Can you imagine living down it's pure

Unknown Speaker 16:34
Neons are so lovely.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
So I finished

Unknown Speaker 16:42
Did you ever run into miss Grace mode when you were specially in Victoria? She had been the head of the training school at the Jubilee in 1892. Oh, and ran afoul of the doctors because she felt they weren't clean enough. So she went for the specialist and private nursing for many years in Victoria which probably I think she was mostly doing maternity work but when people had their babies at home

Unknown Speaker 17:12
no I tell you who might know

Unknown Speaker 17:23
is a dear friend we had on the island of mother

Unknown Speaker 17:33
not to worry. Oh come on this island you mean or Vancouver Island?

Unknown Speaker 17:52
Edna Rossiter

Unknown Speaker 18:03
I'll find it

Unknown Speaker 18:06
Thank you. Did you stay with Columbia Coast mission very long or

Unknown Speaker 18:10
yes I preserved for years so David was in August of 1930 so I can't have been up there for very long No, no, I must have gotten back in 29

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Oh, did you ever nurse after you had children?

Unknown Speaker 18:36
Yes. I had to during the Depression never forget a stint hunting for work logging is nothing tender web landed latest and I David Jackman status and I worked at the hospital when they did which was crazy because job man was supposed to be heavily loaded and the when he got paid for his work so that's all well then I went down said the brothers and I love the his his three sisters Ali. Agnes and we're living just outside So I'm out of the island and they would come down

Unknown Speaker 20:08
helping us

Unknown Speaker 20:17
to live could you not have gone back to the island but there was no work I suppose.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
Yeah, no, I didn't want to leave no boys when he then he joined up

Unknown Speaker 20:36
when the Second World War, the Second World War the Second World War was a lifesaver for many people.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
I wish I could think of some some way of running a country without making money out of war. I mean to say why do they wait for a vote or why they can get money for a wall like I'm gonna get started Do you know Nellie McClung books?

Unknown Speaker 21:09
Oh yeah, I remember meeting her once.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
We were talking about her today because Elsie Murphy was here. I like a nice person. She's running for the NDP and she and I just thought we talked about Sylvia Pankhurst Mellon, Canadian Soviet backers, she goes from

Unknown Speaker 21:51

Unknown Speaker 21:54
She lived she moved to be said and

Unknown Speaker 21:57
I'm not sure I was quite small she when she came. But my mother said this is a woman you should know my dear. So off we went.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Live so

Unknown Speaker 22:13
my name was Greg. And my parents both

Unknown Speaker 22:19
she it? She had her room. Right. Yeah, the kitchen right in the middle of the of the corridor whether she had one batch, that side or another batch this side of center.

Unknown Speaker 22:39
And she would know. She was like and he needed south. I don't really know what happened to people who have a

Unknown Speaker 22:56
probably a lot of them happened at home too.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
Yes. What is it? What is information for them? It's because I feel so often that the natural nurses who maybe they can't speak Latin, but they're just naturally nurses, and then the price.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
That's right. Not too much too much emphasis on exams

Unknown Speaker 23:25
and learning and education. I can't get the right words. But I can remember saying to Dr. Banker I'll never be a nurse because I can't speak. All I can do is make a cup of tea. And you know the damming saved many lives being saved by

Unknown Speaker 23:51
that doctor, right? Oh, he married a Saltspring girl. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 23:55
he did.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
That's right. Did you know her?

Unknown Speaker 23:59
Oh, I knew I used to stay in Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
She was married. When? When you were here?

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Yeah. Yes, but her mother used to come that's another person. But Mary, my brother for me. came and worked on this early and he and many but good friend. And I can remember because he wrote all the way down to go all the way back. Not in one day. And she came to see me on it little bay Angelia. Such a nice person. And of course she had a magnificent home. Being a doctor's wife.

Unknown Speaker 24:58
Did they have children? Oh, oh good.

Unknown Speaker 25:01
They have children. They have a son

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Oh no, but I can put them down. It'd be in the phonebook a bit.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Jane Corellas is the daughter of Peggy McIntosh, Peggy McIntosh and J N. Many Right? Great friends.

Unknown Speaker 25:35
Call Mrs. McIntosh is still alive, isn't she? Yes, she is and Sydney

Unknown Speaker 25:39
and Jane her daughter has bought just bought a home she just bought a home and they've been

Unknown Speaker 25:51
good you know there's a couple here now Mr. Mrs. Do West that he is a nephew of Dr. Sutherlands I believe.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
No, I didn't.

Unknown Speaker 26:01
I haven't tracked him down. I just heard about him. But I will certainly

Unknown Speaker 26:05
talk to some of those nephew. And his name is

Unknown Speaker 26:08
D West. Small he didn't have any children. No as a nephew has either a brother or sisters job. Or grandchild, I suppose.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
The West

Unknown Speaker 26:25
now whether that was her maiden name, I don't know. Do you list Dr. Sutherlands maiden name. She was devoted to us because I don't know he wasn't very well was he

Unknown Speaker 26:37
know she was looked after? Because I think that's why they came to Saltspring remind you of that woman used to get in the islands.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
She looked at my planner. Oh, she did all the islands did she? Yes. Was there a doctor Fraser on Pender?

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Yes. But I didn't know Pender knows didn't

Unknown Speaker 27:02
know because I think he used to be three days Penders three days here

Unknown Speaker 27:11
and has often had doctors and doctors living like this. Something that comforting not to remember, and that doesn't matter anyway. Anyway, I think I have tired