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Ruth Heinekey & Iris Pattison

Sue Mouat may also be on this tape.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Because what education would be apart from the slots

Unknown Speaker 0:06
at six, Nick

Unknown Speaker 0:07
at the lodge was built. Dad knew some of the regarding our product review bought it, there was stacks of corn on pile that long over the woods bet himself to wonder. It seems to me that the bitten court that used to come and visit him was named or he called him Arthur, but his name was our two sons. And he said, Why did you cut all that wood for him? Why are those cancers they would never sneak fences that just went nowhere? And he said, What kind of fields did you have all three. So they didn't have fields and I didn't have any new need for the core group. But I had six sons, and I didn't want them in the saloon. So they cut wood and they built fences. And they don't fit a mile this way. Then it came back and then it went off that way. No, right. But they have to be busy. She was I wish I had the authority that Mr. Bitcoin had because if I said my kids got bills and fence fixed, go crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
To your tree.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
But that's probably why they built that breakwater that little badly is required because it was only good for the times I was no good, was it it was just fine, dry for most of the

Unknown Speaker 1:25
seaside catching breakwater, a completely enclosed

Unknown Speaker 1:34
that were Wilson later put his war

Unknown Speaker 1:38
on the year that was I don't I don't remember it being dismantled totally to his beliefs. Because at low tide, it was only 58 views. Make sense. But the thing was, the boys had to be busy. Right,

Unknown Speaker 1:53
the lay boys.

Unknown Speaker 1:55
But there's even now as much as it's developed back there, you'll come across the sort of raised up shell out of bed. And was this a shield grown on this fiber.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
But they must have been devout Catholics were they they had a church

Unknown Speaker 2:20
because that was still being used for me. They used to come down. They didn't have the regular they had regular meetings, but not they had periodic meetings, but not regular ones, like they didn't have the money for three or four times a year. And as long as they held a service, that the sort of property that is the understand and as soon as they stopped going to the property. So that that was the fact that I had never met them and for me now thought the art and it was very interesting to somebody told him that I was the oldest living like there used to be a backwater. And I said I have probably lived here longer than anybody else. But I didn't really think I need to be called the oldest members ultimate Vesuvius. And he said, Well, he had just been told that the Betancourt liens, use that as a brothel. And that's why why you've been taking it away from the church or something. And I've never met

Unknown Speaker 3:42
a new really devout Catholics

Unknown Speaker 3:44
and can you imagine what God's sake who would have been their prospects on Salzburg? Probably more given away than there was a big charge. Where did you hear that? And he said, Well, I was told out on good authority. Believe me, I challenge that and I resent it. And I said, I never knew that that important, ladies but the very fact that they were who they were that was never been targeted for them. I remember asking Jean once I said, Did you ever know any of the Betancourt ladies and she said, I just knew Denise. Well, Bernice was a nice granddaughter as well. She was friendly. But she wasn't like Fred. I never knew Fred or or any of those sisters and that's where the Daria Fred got fed up with his wife Danny and he went to California and lived

Unknown Speaker 4:48
before kids was forging the new sister my George went to school with you which groups they lived in?

Unknown Speaker 5:02
What's my heritage and they used to walk to central Christians live, etc. I guess Jordan, quite a bit, or Jordan. Betancourt was quite a bit

Unknown Speaker 5:15
older than George Haney.

Unknown Speaker 5:19
We've got pictures somewhere and Bernice and George look to be about 1819 and we will be 3457. Boys

Unknown Speaker 5:40
still pushing lake for a while. And he was he drove over this is going to take guns. GEORGE Well, how old are they be? Probably Well, I waited, I would think they'd be at least seven or eight years old enjoy to put them up in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
And I believe when this was over here once so I think Gavin gave me that cottage, or that property that Mr. Mac is cognitively resolved just as you turn that center drive. And I think he felt that the courts ruled on this property at one time and gave it to the nurse. And she came over Hello Jean saw Dorothy Jameson. And I would love to I don't remember her because I was too young but it used to be in the conversation all the time. And I would love to have met her again and she must have done

Unknown Speaker 6:49
that can use to our head

Unknown Speaker 6:56
is resting his gun on his foot. Can ask him what those things those triggers. He didn't pull it and didn't hear me? Yes, we have bright people.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
There's probably there's nobody left with a bit uncoordinated. Well, I do

Unknown Speaker 7:20
I think maybe still might still be alive. He would be

Unknown Speaker 7:28
if he had children, no,

Unknown Speaker 7:30
as far as I have never met a man but of course they can remember

Unknown Speaker 7:44
I don't know whether George and Denise has

Unknown Speaker 7:47
hours I think they did but I don't know. And Dorothy James might remember that she's getting motivated now and

Unknown Speaker 7:57
most little right now. She might be back now she was in hospital two days ago.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
It's not right to sort of pressure here because we looked at some pictures

Unknown Speaker 8:06
all wanting to see this when mom and dad came you know, there wasn't a tree curling

Unknown Speaker 8:18
put in that orchard BitTitan course

Unknown Speaker 8:27
fortunate from the lodge, right up to this time was our fence line. Because the property leases had resolved all those trees, the ones where the rest of us grow. crops were planted before and I can hunt them. And they're still bearing is still not that tall when we lived in the data will need to other families. And we picked fruit from these two 3000 trees this was around I thought it was early on when they had the gall to come live on their own property. Oh my god, we had those apples for years. Right near where I read this now, Oxford. It was one of these big bendings to peasants big keep. It tastes like cotton want to cook very nicely. But they're big. And the wolf rivers are big keepers. You just taste you might have a cotton ball. And the Indians used to come down from the Fisher down here. The old man would come in my dentist would come in, sit on the bed and talk to dad and then the tea with lots of sugar in it. Oh lady who was probably younger than my mother. Yeah, we would have five or six kids and in canoes and fishing down here. You only get tired of fishing and then she'd come

Unknown Speaker 9:56
when you perfect this.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
This would be this time end of the year and seven she thought she was going to fall asleep unless you've started with Apple and bear for fish. Apples and pears and you bring out some nice ones big or big bear. The bears were these big pound things that couldn't till February. Anyway they want big daddies to see our big fish Big Apple Big Bear big and the kids have come in I mean it's got a business card Coco it must have been a 10 pound car big cardboard and so nobody can use it so should mix cocoa with it. Don't put sugar in it and then milk and water in that all it'd be nice to call in your mom and had enough because you'd say that you have some more cocoa abna and another been added up so add enough spooning

Unknown Speaker 11:20
my mother would call and they'd be

Unknown Speaker 11:24
Irish. He will they will say very solid. Six kids

Unknown Speaker 11:29
and the kids are the same way get them help us a week. Anyway one day and enough came in and she didn't have any kids with mom situation kids or children she would call kids and nurses she had her cocoa in her cave. slipped it all down and then mum says well can you bring your your children with it just they got mums she would tell her that till after she got it but anyway I don't know his name was it and he was a chief at cube and they're very they really are very you know there used to sit on debt just like this talk and talk debt and they had the most god awful boat they'd come down on it's just a dispute worse than jet out. And all these canoes behind it are devils had to be funny when they said some kid kids are fat. He thought everybody would laugh and he says we did. But we looked for coming through either Gabriola or Cordier, Patterson port. Tom fell over more, but they looked for him. So glad that we're standing joking. Or whatever. I don't remember the ever changing expression or tone. And more apples more. There's more fish. All the same talk. She takes us nine phone calls or COVID. Come in to the gills and pull the guts out just like that.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
You ever tried it? Yeah. Greg. Two phones rainbow trout and I got through it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
What were they Catholics or Protestants. Okay. You see, there

Unknown Speaker 13:49
was Mr. Roberts was up there in the early days. And I ended up being a keeper. That's our river ready Wilson came over he came up with Mr. Roberts computer.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Let's see fetus was always I don't know if that was a reservation or not. But that was always a medical thing stronghold out there. But the residential school was the opposite of this. Everything I said today, I digress. What Scott Fletcher in Georgia went fishing had booked trouble and he ended up on idle Island flooded dark may be barely a match to see what's the matter of it. So we spent the night walking by lightning round.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Hopefully the dad wouldn't come and do

Unknown Speaker 14:43
we were sort of concerned about this they didn't do home with George had always said if it ever got referred to pass he wouldn't try to come home. So I was reasonably sure that five o'clock from Toby center didn't come home fishing last night. I wanted to go have a look to engine trouble. Is it Oh, I'm sure he's all right. He said where did he go? I think he went to tender and he said oh, he's probably gone to Cooper Island to visit all the sisters and I said well there's nothing but brothers up there is so much worse much worse at five o'clock in the morning

Unknown Speaker 15:32
did you ever find any Indian stuff here?

Unknown Speaker 15:36
Well, I don't think this particular when they were building stones, when they were building Carms folks and they excavated down there. They found the skull and it was supposedly a child it was a tiny small and there were several things from it and they think that was I don't really call it a minimum or not but obviously they used to come in they did they would come in with a suitcase but they came in and don't clams there every year and they got the ring written and I think this is probably what they did down there that you can make as we used to get to Clemson a few years since when there weren't so many others I imagined that it was a camp over and that's about all because it was three weeks and then moved to another fishery always careful

Unknown Speaker 16:40
well there's no natural border here anyway,

Unknown Speaker 16:42
this would have been before that. Jordan Iraq and Tofino ones we were camping around one Long Beach not around and we were down the field is nothing on Sunday. And here's an Indian sitting on the ward Snow White shirt just sitting there we got talking I guess it was the church he said the fishing fishing better remember that was better with her mother was

Unknown Speaker 17:24
still clams lots of times better

Unknown Speaker 17:30
when her money and that's where the Kennedy river comes in. It was really it was really hot fishing there George says it's pretty good fishing this time of the year a better wouldn't talk to him for about an hour and that was oh yeah

Unknown Speaker 17:53
we had it around here it's better when I was a girl but that was the getting on

Unknown Speaker 18:06
well actually

Unknown Speaker 18:10
he got $25 A grade you see we used to use who can you see God I wish to look

Unknown Speaker 18:17
at second

Unknown Speaker 18:18
terrible you know me video is someone that was

Unknown Speaker 18:21
on a milk diet we were pleased because that meant

Unknown Speaker 18:23
officers and they

Unknown Speaker 18:25
bought more milk. Anyway he found a great sample and it was not in a pattern that was just agreed and it was no name just across an EP 53

Unknown Speaker 18:37
which has to go back

Unknown Speaker 18:40
to the good start wasn't he also

Unknown Speaker 18:44
we ran into somebody else's already in there for instance

Unknown Speaker 18:50
if you want to know you could soon

Unknown Speaker 18:56
the Anglican Church

Unknown Speaker 19:02
our famous David

Unknown Speaker 19:03
Paul George's.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
He had a rush to call somebody died with Dr. Francis. Man suns gonna get over on Saturday. It was arranged that they didn't mind holding the service up.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
Victims could just get this kid tonight that sent on the

Unknown Speaker 19:25
dirt was digging his grave eight o'clock in the morning just

Unknown Speaker 19:33
redid the whole Ron levy clearly before we could turn over this thing. There was no sign of George at all so pick up ski Mortensen cluster Hall they'd come by with a late night

Unknown Speaker 19:58
it was hot and drinking this The bottom of the way ski was a week to get his knees up around the years and Buster was squeezing neurocrine Scratch down their

Unknown Speaker 20:11
their companies I was here

Unknown Speaker 20:16
20 minutes later we're still trying to talk him out of that perception when ski stood up he was head and shoulders out of the grave with Buster and Jordan

Unknown Speaker 20:37
never thought that much of a sense of humor

Unknown Speaker 20:42
must get out

Unknown Speaker 20:45
that what would that be

Unknown Speaker 20:55
well you remember any anything much left of the Korea

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Oh yeah, we played it that was the biggest thing that was happening now we're

Unknown Speaker 21:08
sorry that we didn't take pictures and those great big journeys going out because they was for the low

Unknown Speaker 21:15
was made out of the slag that from the rocks Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Big enough to accommodate it with those as well.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
But they were still there with

Unknown Speaker 21:25
the XP they're making 36 storm a storm or thirsty?

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Yeah, well, I remember we had

Unknown Speaker 21:32
half the island Yeah, there was two before

Unknown Speaker 21:37
there's a bit of one left

Unknown Speaker 21:38
where there were trees. But it was I understood that's where the Maximals came they used to be both skippers is really a fascinating place because there was no cover us nothing like that. There's just grills and tap the whole bunch of girls and the rotten book square that's where

Unknown Speaker 22:02
the trucks would love to go. That they call you remember

Unknown Speaker 22:14
and it's Korean quite a ways. But when we were kids it was a huge excavation now you could

Unknown Speaker 22:21
build in dead trees or trees

Unknown Speaker 22:23
or new properties that are no Scotland. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 22:28
I think it's been subdivided. I would figure first of all Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
Oh, much bigger. Yes. Of course. Now there's a road down in front of her place anyway, so probably destroyed what?

Unknown Speaker 22:49
Just on the far side of the Korean round the bottom of it to the beach. I think now it's different than usable

Unknown Speaker 22:59
but it's on its own. It's on the low side.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
The Rock. Yes. Come out.

Unknown Speaker 23:11
When we were kids, that you guys have never heard of

Unknown Speaker 23:18
heated hot look to the front of the quarry and then we'd have to go on farsightedness scare all these disrobe and they always came by this cup. And we could

Unknown Speaker 23:31
just make toilet. But we can still

Unknown Speaker 23:37
be ugly. remember seeing those

Unknown Speaker 23:39

Unknown Speaker 23:43
Originally there had to be about 12 of that right? We're carrying tears in his house. There was obviously not a barn but a warehouse because it was a lot of brick there. And I think that's where the Forge was because they had to sharpen all the steel was never there was just the rotted outline of it. And lots of brick work must have been there. And then from there, or where is it clinch this. They had a perfect debt shopping in their property. And he told us that he was going to keep that as the novel. And where Harry is hoaxes. There was an oven and two fireplaces. Obviously one cabin didn't have enough images from my father had bought. And then back of where Kennedy's was there was five or six really well preserved fireplaces. Some of them had up in some rooms you could see the line where the trees had somebody that came in wrote about he felt

Unknown Speaker 24:52
that they can have Canvas over

Unknown Speaker 24:55
the top of these because there was no like a roof that failed. yeah just the logs up the front wall they don't have the polls

Unknown Speaker 25:08
on top of yours at the most but there was never like when a cabin falls in the roof it wasn't and he thought maybe we'll just put

Unknown Speaker 25:16
a fly over the top of that we found like a wash tub I remember that will be washed it was all from San Francisco and the brand and the date was all stamped in like these manufacturers I don't think those guys drank anything wine that the bottles were all blown because the

Unknown Speaker 25:42
when they quit blowing the vacuum comes back in and there's always that in the bar. Yeah, not more. There was

Unknown Speaker 25:53
a syrup can something serve wasn't Rogers, the same with a stencil was all dead would never let us bring any of that stuff home.

Unknown Speaker 26:01
That wasn't ours. It was never a property

Unknown Speaker 26:05
we've always probably wasn't them

Unknown Speaker 26:12
they were all yes, that would be that would be that these were all these big bottles in that way. It was an old book. They have 12 layers of leather on the soul and all handmade brands. And we wanted to bring that home so badly it was on this little rock in the moss and Merritt state back started to open up there was an ice and glass storm lantern hanging in while it was on the ground and in the tree we had the big round knob on the topic they obviously came off the ship it was a little flat but it was still didn't have oil it had an obviously a candolyn and we have three countries have just a little bit we might as well as we would have been doing somebody's favorite food and the same with these bottles they use them to targets but they had

Unknown Speaker 27:15
San Francisco

Unknown Speaker 27:19
in California sounding name on the ball but it was almost like it was

Unknown Speaker 27:28
like hand blown and pulled out

Unknown Speaker 27:37
however they did it but we see a lot of bottles are together

Unknown Speaker 27:48
a short I

Unknown Speaker 27:52
was in hospital with one of the senior Maxwell's kid

Unknown Speaker 28:01
at can be 6566 That's when Cisco

Unknown Speaker 28:12
in the library

Unknown Speaker 28:15
fed rocks and said we seen the packet says work came from

Unknown Speaker 28:18
and that was the SR Max was negative.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Let me just see there were two cores was one further north of here. Yes, that was the early one. That was the

Unknown Speaker 28:32
stonecutter quarry.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
It's nothing to do with the one

Unknown Speaker 28:37
you know this one is different chords. Yeah. And see this one was active in 1885. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:45
and now this was something else that

Unknown Speaker 28:47
Harry Cole told George this and he said that he they came he would do this get to work in that quarry. And he said that's the

Unknown Speaker 28:57
way the mods came

Unknown Speaker 28:59
out. And Jean did it and I never talked to anybody else. And of course, some of them may have worked in you

Unknown Speaker 29:09
know Uncle Tom used to carry the milk up there every day from the phone that

Unknown Speaker 29:12
would be the next call was that they worked at Harry's dad and on

Unknown Speaker 29:30
and then there's craft and said they had a resurgence of practicing their

Unknown Speaker 29:37
old before the first one he

Unknown Speaker 29:38
was just a kid. And he used to ride this somebody out to take

Unknown Speaker 29:44
lots of people that's a week. He was just a kid. Everybody went through

Unknown Speaker 29:49
rider with what it was that he could remember going up there. He didn't think they were recording it in blocks and they were just getting that tape stone hadn't it wasn't like

Unknown Speaker 30:02
big building blocks

Unknown Speaker 30:07
because what you're causing me they'll tell you well that's

Unknown Speaker 30:09
not that's not true because that's all granted they have to start somewhere

Unknown Speaker 30:15
well there's I read somewhere just the other day in the archives that they were shifting stone from Salt Spring for James Bay for the breakwater they're not the break

Unknown Speaker 30:28

Unknown Speaker 30:31
apparently a lot of

Unknown Speaker 30:34
this was all brought from here of course it will all be phased out beautiful granite whatever

Unknown Speaker 30:42
the causeway we have to work there

Unknown Speaker 30:50
some of that is still existence

Unknown Speaker 30:57
he wouldn't have to cope set up in front of the county

Unknown Speaker 31:02
jails the Fed was already said

Unknown Speaker 31:07
I couldn't get this the library in San Francisco is a plaque saying this Portland salts for now

Unknown Speaker 31:15
on security to I think wherever

Unknown Speaker 31:16
they thought was what a Newcastle several around them wherever they

Unknown Speaker 31:21
could find that particularly close to the shore they've been waiting to get it out isn't

Unknown Speaker 31:27
it? Well they took it did they take it hit down here a little cart

Unknown Speaker 31:32
they had once originally there was great big wooden drums down there and I think they just switched up with cables wouldn't

Unknown Speaker 31:40
have to come that far you yards

Unknown Speaker 31:43
because right down where the slag heaps were there were several like Jeff it was this great big block it was wooden and it we had a lot of cable on it I guess it is the witches master and we found several picks we were very sharp picks with the film and apparently that's what we started these holes with and then they put drills in what was the other thing is notice several bars you more likely not hooks but big flat things on the lever

Unknown Speaker 32:18
yeah it was a good run almost at the foot of that quarry and it had like we probably reached it from the top to the actual storage itself

Unknown Speaker 32:42
we used to listen to dad and obviously it was a bit closer to him

Unknown Speaker 32:47
every day

Unknown Speaker 32:50
this is the joy of this particular rocket book clear and it didn't disintegrate when it hits you know many senses come up it's the me that they were too heavy. That was great. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:11
Yes. Get it done. I'm rolling

Unknown Speaker 33:19
was trees for nice slides. What's left of it was just the

Unknown Speaker 33:25
reference from the cuttings that

Unknown Speaker 33:27
was looked like bits like this.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
skipping stones

Unknown Speaker 33:40
you just want well no, it's almost impossible to get along the beach.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
We couldn't go to the

Unknown Speaker 33:48
sea route. You could get down there. But the type is very stiff.

Unknown Speaker 33:52
As far as there's never been that you

Unknown Speaker 33:54
never have to. Oh certainly.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
There's steep rocks

Unknown Speaker 34:03
we've got a picture somewhere we suddenly decided there was no record of that in the archives. I think Marshall was a skinny kid and he's photogra photographers came up they wanted to go with a portable said Marshall you've got pictures of

Unknown Speaker 34:24
this skin Kevin's full of heat and they were nice enough to send us several these pictures.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
It now you've never been to the trees of warming this cat was

Unknown Speaker 34:38
Yeah she does

Unknown Speaker 34:45
she's retired

Unknown Speaker 34:48
senior Mr. Betancourt must have died a couple of years for your family got here Didn't he die now he's 17

Unknown Speaker 34:54
he originally the I only ever remember one man coming in nice to wear In a very black half of a shell crumb, and you had a big black the minute,

Unknown Speaker 35:06
the Santa Claus and some

Unknown Speaker 35:10
noodles were

Unknown Speaker 35:14
just little things you can sit on dad's bed. I don't remember him talking. But I remember what dad used to say.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
And it seemed to me that it's important to explain for oil and fall traces will wear a shape,

Unknown Speaker 35:32
obviously, and the call was they had a bit of a minor talk. Because we

Unknown Speaker 35:42
looked about crawling through one of those holes.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
Hormones remember that was looking now when you overhang just fell over the front of the I don't imagine you can even guess where it was novels quite a waste of the day.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Well, how far in did the it go?

Unknown Speaker 36:07
I think I would have said probably a couple of 100.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Oh, as far as that quite a quite a

Unknown Speaker 36:13
waste because madness boys can use to perceive how far people see go in their car.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Now she's just

Unknown Speaker 36:28
scary stuff. Different courts. That was their property to us. Everything seemed to be naked.

Unknown Speaker 36:44
Well, nobody was allowed to have more than 200 acres. So he because he had a

Unknown Speaker 36:51
that's probably why. Yeah, that would be it because

Unknown Speaker 36:58
I don't know. Like

Unknown Speaker 37:02
this chunk of property that he's comes down, you know, where he

Unknown Speaker 37:06
comes down into our use to come into the back

Unknown Speaker 37:10
that never belonged to Dad never belong to anybody else. That was people building Masons. And they were early early settlers. I think we're chaplains feel that too. And I don't know it seems to me we were involved with that. So maybe, maybe they got a bit unfortunate. Bill Mason on that

Unknown Speaker 37:42

Unknown Speaker 37:43
he would have been overly George. And he came to see us a couple of times. And then lost his wife and came back another time he was getting goal was like it's been probably probably up to just I don't know how far back it went. And I'm sure the quarry she has taken. I don't know how much farther past whether they are

Unknown Speaker 38:26
not likely because booth had that very early. He was here probably for a bit in court.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
That's probably how far out he went. Because when Ernest proctor known that there used to be

Unknown Speaker 38:44
a fence

Unknown Speaker 38:46
that was bordered on the edge of our property and recording property it wasn't and it went right down. Sort of like rule walks away on the beach and the fence was right up to low water to stop the sheep coming along the beach and coming up in this way. And that was there. Well it's disintegrated when we were kids there was a steel wire

Unknown Speaker 39:23
Well, it's very early. What remains of an old snake fence on our property which we assumed was probably the edge of

Unknown Speaker 39:35
a sneak boost the confidence went up

Unknown Speaker 39:40
because the I was on that before.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Now, you know where the meat is down in front of graphics this way. That was just about defense can probably be a very big year, probably because

Unknown Speaker 39:58
it's just we just you Just a bit somewhere

Unknown Speaker 40:01
where the were Bradley's downs to be

Unknown Speaker 40:06
was that your

Unknown Speaker 40:09
Yeah, well that would be our side of this side of that where the pencil

Unknown Speaker 40:17
it will offense runs slightly to the west. Yeah, yeah. And there's a couple of huge old cedars that were obviously cut must have been 100 years ago because there's no reason why anybody cutting there unless they were cutting fence posts and they would just be cutting them on the spirals. I mean, it'd be so much easier many more easier trees to get them back down there under the ridge and to say it was almost all gone but it takes a long time for Cedar to go well that's it like

Unknown Speaker 40:51
this was carved

Unknown Speaker 40:52
with its side and winter cedar

Unknown Speaker 40:54
for at when you see a mound of shallow Pat sighs nourished buckets and cordwood. Boys Hayden fields used to be

Unknown Speaker 41:20
called nation

Unknown Speaker 41:21
Well it must have been an awful little saucer anyway wasn't a

Unknown Speaker 41:27
meta back there that was it drained digital no yes it really yes because before they know it was sort of like a natural kids and I don't know what it wasn't much of a metal here what do you got just like a natural man here

Unknown Speaker 42:01
that's my dad bought the property pheasant flock of business in this metal free meet

Unknown Speaker 42:10
I'm gonna buy this property he says

Unknown Speaker 42:15
that's exactly what he

Unknown Speaker 42:16
bought it wasn't the view or didn't know there was a view for years but you wouldn't always build

Unknown Speaker 42:24
the house your house is 50 feet farther back and your parents build it yeah see Dad cut the trees because that protection gets when they come off the walls

Unknown Speaker 42:35
he was from Vermont did and do the little Gary House over in the Soviet that's why they lived in that wasn't originally or if eventually

Unknown Speaker 42:50
witness Ritchie would

Unknown Speaker 43:01
have come up with so no it's

Unknown Speaker 43:03
I didn't realize there were ever any kind of ramps of any sort they're

Unknown Speaker 43:11
wheeled in they looked like slag heaps that went straight out and there was golly you know, pong and then another 120 feet wide Anyway

Unknown Speaker 43:28
what do you think they were to put a

Unknown Speaker 43:32
push up bar jump between

Unknown Speaker 43:35
that I think that was a dock for them and because the the winch that I'm thinking of is people who run this right at the head of one of these

Unknown Speaker 43:43
things and this

Unknown Speaker 43:50
is when they read those blocks start they were still coming up this way from there and so the big ones refer to doubt whether it starts to level off but obviously they had bring in there must have been

Unknown Speaker 44:04
even when we were kids

Unknown Speaker 44:08
Oh anyway anyway there

Unknown Speaker 44:11
have been much further well they've been totally destroyed by the Scotland but whatever it is

Unknown Speaker 44:20
quite a long way out there.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
When we were kids that was where we we had an old skin if you weren't out in the boat we're down what working so we were in that

Unknown Speaker 44:34
room that comes down

Unknown Speaker 44:39
and there's almost a little tiny bay there. Create a little

Unknown Speaker 44:44
trees are talking about his original swag file and that's

Unknown Speaker 44:50
where the big which

Unknown Speaker 44:54
is to gain I often wonder there are pictures if we ever had a snap about it.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
You remember, when we

Unknown Speaker 45:03
took pictures of people in those take pictures of things.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
We had a box camera

Unknown Speaker 45:09
that you were

Unknown Speaker 45:12
before you taught that.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
And then you didn't take foolish pictures,

Unknown Speaker 45:17
waste interest.

Unknown Speaker 45:21
In these things when we were old enough to do, the work came along and you couldn't buy a film, if you want to Jessie Bond had a camera and he had, it was a hobby. I think he made it quite a bit of money off his hobby. Because nobody else had an aunt and uncle Frank had no and that's the only place where we've got masses of all glass slide or Mr. Bullock. There's nobody left.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
To wait for it Jesse.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
We see Dorothy James is in the St. Gregory TV room, very involved with a lot of things. Don't insist on people texting you too much to try these things. But please do have quite a few meetings with the app Dec and Dorthea project to get himself so worked up about what it used to be. I don't know whether he was glad the way it used to be or he was resentful. It used to be we used to get very worked up about the old days. And she couldn't write it was just smoking.

Unknown Speaker 46:32
I think she was so keen on it.

Unknown Speaker 46:34
That she should have written articles, I think that would have been better. Or she should

Unknown Speaker 46:38
have got somebody from the university to come and write it for her.

Unknown Speaker 46:42
But she had so much material, she could have written almost like magazine articles on this. It would have kept it all together but she just couldn't cope with it. And she wasn't as well as it should have been.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
A lot of energy.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Well thought behind judging What's

Unknown Speaker 47:05
your some people say when they vote? We were disappointed this wasn't exactly difficult.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
Well, what we're doing is anything we find a software and we add to that some editor say no. That's too much detail you don't need to. But half the details on the detail is the fun part.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
You know, quite often somebody can say something very concisely that's very easy to listen to. We and others can't they ruin it and they make it concise. I read some of the things that when he was a witness, she can tell you a story and it was charming to listen to her when she wrote it. It was like CJ CJ just lost everything. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:57
I know I've got a couple of her articles member she wrote about the Tom mo it's got three articles about them. And there's interesting stuff but it's very badly written

Unknown Speaker 48:09
a check has a much nicer now I just wish this as

Unknown Speaker 48:13
he was part of our group but he's not well, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
So where are those going to come out of question papers for the live and I can't

Unknown Speaker 48:26
it tells him that it

Unknown Speaker 48:29
was just crazy. He's got such a marvelous way.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
Oh, he's just

Unknown Speaker 48:37
when they will, where the role is

Unknown Speaker 48:41
really intuitive. And this is George Stewart. Yeah. And Dustin and Chuck Chuck's quite a bit younger than Buster noted that this morning, kids who don't have to get up just so they can use these early slings to put rocks on their chin most of us

Unknown Speaker 49:09
know either the stories about Mr. Tweed over Halloween ballerina was with the Beastie Boys down and Dr. Francis is when you were

Unknown Speaker 49:21
small was the RCMP that went over to what this craft is built to is now the toll highway. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
I see you weren't but I'm practicing come in. That has changed its history. This is the

Unknown Speaker 49:44
sheriff's office with some little kids to

Unknown Speaker 49:47
prove. It reads me it's quite the healthiest to elaborate.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
Well, that's not a very old building. via Twitter I

Unknown Speaker 50:09
know it's hard to find any pictures of the end is

Unknown Speaker 50:13
insane we've got several pictures. This

Unknown Speaker 50:18
was a survey babbles

Unknown Speaker 50:21
and he took several pictures. Even this is point one is a little tricky to these pictures it was this baby still

Unknown Speaker 50:33
still isn't very good size it's kind of starting at the

Unknown Speaker 50:41
barge was empty for so many years

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Oh, of course

Unknown Speaker 50:48
they recycled

Unknown Speaker 50:51
in the 30s

Unknown Speaker 50:53
I don't think it was ever until the late 30s tome that he came into it. And I think jetsmart is one of the first

Unknown Speaker 51:00
ones practices practice practice for a lot for a long time

Unknown Speaker 51:11
along the beach in braving the rain

Unknown Speaker 51:15
did the or the windows broken or, you know, children didn't verbalize those days difference, you

Unknown Speaker 51:21
know, the old government was was still there and it was beginning to deteriorate. Eventually, we weren't allowed to go on

Unknown Speaker 51:31
the old original place for us

Unknown Speaker 51:38
Mr. Hanley in our house

Unknown Speaker 51:44
was to learn two little houses back there, that's exactly the same way they were what we

Unknown Speaker 51:49
were told them was a school house and one was in offices. And like loggers would come in and they'll probably be booming up in Duck Bay and go over here and they'd live in here but people didn't think that

Unknown Speaker 52:05
wasn't left a resume

Unknown Speaker 52:08
just made use of

Unknown Speaker 52:10
the law giant all sorts of people still don't make up for it. There's nothing in here that won't be proven. I remember going and looking in those buildings because I didn't think we were allowed to go into work remember that

Unknown Speaker 52:35
this has happened on the launch one side? I think they both financed her and this fact and we've had it before that oh I would look at the I don't I can't remember whether he owned the property or where they eat or whether the mortgage I don't know whether he just read the lease

Unknown Speaker 52:58
but he was involved in this single story will be dedicated to Mr. Bullet

Unknown Speaker 53:04
down and believe in red carpet for nearly 100% Because he used to referring to this was they

Unknown Speaker 53:25
were very upset because

Unknown Speaker 53:28
they got their guest list how that somehow and when they arrived instead of assuming there wasn't any place for them to sit so they hastily brought out two more chairs and sat next to that Mr.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
And Mrs. happen and just to speak again turned on like being able to show us what's been going down for tea and that was enough to arrive at the appropriate rate couldn't get as much stuff as this is happening on shirt

Unknown Speaker 54:32
that I was but I think

Unknown Speaker 54:33
he held a mortgage. It was that after smart tener que SmartWorks at the hospital. Yes. And while she was a caseworker she married jetsmart Yeah, and I think she ran it when he was overseas for a while. And then Wilson's Wilson's test right here.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
So happened this would have been before.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Well, where did it happen? When did they come to me? out to remap just well they probably came a starting for the people today you know

Unknown Speaker 55:08
Louise on here now it's called Luca

Unknown Speaker 55:15
and his dad was a dentist and I guess the family starting up and this is happening what the kids are doing still at school

Unknown Speaker 55:25
or Louis retired doctors

Unknown Speaker 55:28
so it would be in the mid to late 30s Because the Wilsons took over while the world was we were

Unknown Speaker 55:50
just meals we love

Unknown Speaker 55:55
really the I think the launch summary.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Well, I think they did because she was a very charming hostess. He was the absolute powerhouse. He could do

Unknown Speaker 56:13
they rotate that the rent of beta three, they call the AMEX was the old is now being used as an Amex.

Unknown Speaker 56:25
Yes. You people used to

Unknown Speaker 56:28
come and stay for holidays for two weeks. You took your holidays and you went to the beach

Unknown Speaker 56:34
so you couldn't travel very far because no one was

Unknown Speaker 56:37
yeah no go

Unknown Speaker 56:40
right now with the native

Unknown Speaker 56:46
blackberries and cream

Unknown Speaker 56:50
the cheapest hair they can challenge because we used to. And then this was much faster

Unknown Speaker 57:10
decided that people wanted atmosphere. So we serve boys just salmon because that used to serve breakfast and his job was perfect for the war because I was using these names in your forrester Forrester when I think he was just an actor. Everybody said it was crazy. So

Unknown Speaker 57:40
he knew exactly what he was doing. Got away most of us on Saturday at no

Unknown Speaker 57:53
way that was just that we owe us quite a bit later because the carrier just started running a short was downloaded. Garbage. So I want to walk this over halfway over. There was very started when

Unknown Speaker 58:13
it took you seven isn't it?

Unknown Speaker 58:22
You love to hate behavior because he was so controversial. It was almost well what's he up to now? Who knows?

Unknown Speaker 58:35
I think she was working there that forester when she met Norman, because no one was working on the theory. And I'm sure it was forced to do it sooner because I remember saying something about force that you don't even mention it.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Wonder that lodge didn't burn down years. Yeah, all of that house met vacancies of a tribe that

Unknown Speaker 59:05
somebody would have taught in a week. And yet we were talking on

Unknown Speaker 59:09
No, it wasn't ours to begin these things in the quarry. We could not bring those bottles back. We could not touch that. We could go and look at it is often like that it wasn't Oh, so they don't and that's the way things were you You never thought of not doing because you can't do that. I often wonder why my dad didn't. We had a horse and we had a rig wagon why you didn't bring some of this coin wood back and notice the knuckle movement wasn't is just certainly

Unknown Speaker 59:48
don't insure our generation ahead of it the back door and it was it wouldn't last until overnight.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
I remember going to the old butter church when I was a kid. And we're always Indian grazer was money on toys and things. And I got to look up. And we had to send pieces of quarters and get this money back to this little audit court where we were saying, how we could have managed to afford it. And we always kept in our sense that we did have to be in an audit court there and my mother marching us back. All right, exactly. Where was that? Right there. Your child have

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
choices. No, my mother used to hound her and say I always knew where my children were implying that Kate didn't know where he was raised. And

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
she said, I knew something she didn't

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
matter when she mentioned where they live.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
And there's that big cemetery.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
I don't even know where he is, but I've been by it. And she's really strong all the way to help that took the oranges off the juice.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
Because my mother didn't know where we were just not knowing

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
The girls later told me that they spent a year in the cranberry, their father went to work up in a time middle layer so he could make enough money to run the farm. That was the year that Ruth was five years old. I gather there was a lot of snow that winter, there was no cutting of any ties. The whole thing was a total disaster. And they made no money. Iris said they lived in a tuned tarpaper shack. And it was just one of those things you just assumed forget. Ruth also mentioned a neighbor. Immediately after the war, George had a job digging graves to get $25 of grave. And he says that there was one grave there with a wooden grave marker was the year 1853. He also said that he was digging in one place where he was supposed to be digging and ran across another one that had been put in the wrong place. One of the furnaces, furnaces was going to be buried and he wants to know who could sue I don't know whose grave it was they dug into

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
both girls said how rarely, they went anywhere beyond the boundaries of the Sufis. Once a year, they would probably go down to the records when either it was the sheep trials or the farmers Institute would be having a day long thing because the roads were so very bad in the early days. And the cars were so unreliable that you very rarely want me to meet your trip. They didn't often go into Ganges.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
John to west, spent a lot of his early summers on Saltspring at the bottom of Bittencourt road, and he and his family knew Reed Lindell and Nora very well, all our children's lives. Mr. De West mother when she was widowed, married

Unknown Speaker 1:04:07
tiny Seymour after his his first wife died, this is the West and tiny had a marvelous trip around the world. And six weeks later he died. I'm hoping to hear from him again.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
Some lights will make us feel bad hurt after dinner so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
let's set that bar goes off to Florida and select farm town

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
I am the king of it's kind of an island in Milan when I say Yo what do I do wow wow