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The Ruckle Fond

The Ruckle Fond

Henry Ruckle arrived at Beaver Point on the south end of Salt Spring Island in 1872. He pre-empted land and immediately hired Japanese labourers to help clear it. Henry Ruckle was well known for his ability to grow marvelous produce which he sold on Vancouver Island. By 1877, Ruckle had bought a total of about 340 acres.

This same year, Henry Ruckle married Ella Anna Christiansen, a widow with an infant son. They went on to have three more children together. Henry helped build the first Beaver Point wharf, Beaver Point School, Burgoyne Church and St. Mary’s Church.

When Henry died in 1913, his farm was almost 1200 acres, the largest on Salt Spring. Today, their farm is a beautiful provincial park.
“He was a gentle man and a gentleman.”