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David O'Flynn Collection

The David O’Flynn Collection

Fernhill Farm home of J. H. Monk and Family, Beaver Point Road (now Bay Ridge Place)

Accession number: 2009046001

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Douglas Doidge son of Elizabeth Doidge (née Elizabeth Monk) age 18 months at Fernhill Farm SSI

Accession number: 2009046004e

Beaver Point School

Closing Ceremonies July 7, 1951

From Left to right

J.H. Monk, former teacher, Mrs. Bertha Daykin, Miss Decie Beddis, Adolph. Trage, Daniel Ruckle, Mrs. Clara Maxwell, K.C. Symons, seated in front Lionell Beddis, Alfred Ruckle, Leon King.

Accession number: 2009046005

K.C. Symons, at closing of Beaver Point School in 1951. The school and land are now included in the Beaver Point Park.

Accession number: 2009046006

Henry Monk (back row, seventh from left) Canadian Scottish Saltspring Island

Accession number: 2009046010

J. H. Monk’s boat (The Ancylosserous) in front of his property at Beaver Point on Saltspring Island. Cabin in trees was built by Mr. Monk for his brother Charles, who came out from England.

Accession number: 2009046030

J. H. Monk walking in downtown Victoria (late 40s)

Accession number: 2009046031

Elizabeth Doidge (nee Monk) walking by the corner of Yates and Douglas Street, in front of the Bank of Montreal. (1930s)

Accession number: 2009046032

Rosalind O’Flynn aka Peggy (née Monk) at J. H. Monk’s “The Old Kirby’s 160 acre Farm”, in Shirley District, beyond Sooke, that he bought when he left Saltspring Island in 1944 at age 73. The house had neither indoor plumbing, electricity nor running water.

Accession number: 2009046033

Charles Hugh Monk, brother of James Hector Monk of Fernhill Farm on Saltspring Island.

Accession number: 2009046034

Maj. Gen. Pearkes and group at closing of Little Red Schoolhouse

Left to Right
Dr. Munroe, Maj.Gen. Pearkes, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Beddis, Mr. E. Harrison, and Mr. Alfred Ruckle at the closing ceremony of the Beaver Point School in 1951.

Accession number: 2009046035

Rosalind (aka Peggy) Monk on ‘ole Mickey at Fernhill Farm, Beaver Point SSI. Age 14.

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Accession number: 2009046037

Rosalind (aka Peggy) and brother Henry Monk at Family’s Fernhill Farm at Beaver Point on Saltspring Island.

Accession number: 2009046038

Douglas Doidge son of Elizabeth Doidge (née Elizabeth Monk) age 18 months at Fernhill Farm SSI

Accession number: 2009046039

James Hector Monk of Fernhill Farm Beaver Point, Saltspring Island, discussing possibly a knotty problem.

Accession number: 2009046040

The Tea Hour on the Beach

Left to right:
Mr. Layritz, Owen Smyth, John Smyth, Mrs. Smyth and Mrs. Peachy

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Rosalind (aka) Peggy Monk at Fernhill Farm, age 10

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Rosalind (aka Peggy) Monk (age19) with Laurie the ewe at Fernhill Farm, Beaver Point August 11th 1935

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Henry Monk in the orchard at Fernhill Farm. September 31st 1934.

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From Left to Right:
Mary O’Flynn (wife of Peter O’Flynn, Chief Engineer on the Cy Peck, with Captain George Maude), Rosalind (aka Peggy) O’Flynn, son David and daughter Danae (pronounced Dana).

Accession number: 2009046051

J. H. Monk with grandson David O’Flynn (Age about 5) with horse Punch at his “Old Kirby Farm”, Shirley District beyond Sooke, B.C.

Accession number: 2009046052

Accession number: 2009046053

J. H. Monk feeding pigeons at his “Old Kirby Farm” west of Sooke.

Accession number: 2009046054

J. H. Monk and Mr. Layritz digging up bones at Layritz Nursery on Wilkinson Road and trying to identify them (were cow bones).

Accession number: 2009046055

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Drawing of the “Ancylosserous”

Accession number: 2009046065e