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Can anyone identify this structure in Ganges Harbour (about 1920's) ???

2006031306 2006031306i 2006031306ii
2006031306.jpg 2006031306i.jpg 2006031306ii.jpg

Here is the same location at approximately 1960

200804200927.jpg 200804200927i  


It could be a boom of logs, but I wouldn't bet on it.
(1) I would question the shape of it for one thing (Log booms were normally longer than their width, for towing).
(2) I would also question the colour of the "structure", since I'd have expected it to show darker because the logs would still have most of their bark on at that stage.
(3) A 1912 subdivision plan I have shows a boathouse of that shape, at that same location.
Frank, if you have a sharper image of the photo, perhaps you could make a guess as to whether it could be a boathouse or a log boom.

As for the date of the photo, it would be sometime after the Garner house (Core Inn) was built, and before the Log Cabin (now the Salt Spring Inn) was built. Hence sometime between around 1928 and 1936.



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