Gospel Tabernacle?

Where was to Frank Scott house?

Stone Church?

unidentified Group

Emily Ellen (Sampson) Whims or Matilda Sampson

St. Marks Church, When, Where

What is up on the shore??

Dieter Schehlmann


Burgoyne Bay

WW2 soldiers from Salt Spring

J.C. Anderson
F. Clemo
S.J. Maxwell
F.W.S. Turner
W.B. Drake

What lake is that?

Burgoyne Valley vs. Fulford Valley

Early Settlers: who, where, when ???

Ganges Creek

Where?? When??


Structure in Ganges Harbour?

129 Dean Road

Telephone numbers


Who is who?

Mary Lee Girvin

Henry Emerson WWI soldier ???

Pipe under investigation

Salt Spring Place Names

Walters and the watertower

The Telephone exchange

How high was the Fence?

Who are those soldiers?

The praise of logging

Nurses (idendified)

St. Paulwedding?


Stevens Boarding House


SBI (Saltspring Bureau of Investigation)







your question?








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