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St. Marks Church

St. Marks Church
What year is the photo taken?
What location is the photo taken from? Can someone take a photo from the same location?
St Marks


I think the photo was taken from the Cunningham farm behind the church. Gail and I went there when we tried to get a photo to show what the church looks like today, but there are too many trees. The photo was probably taken around 1900. 


I collected a few St. Marks photos (a police lineup)

I think the closest angle would be in (just a few more trees to cut down.)
Broadwell Store



  The photo was taken from near the back of what is now the Highways Dept. gravel storage yard (on North End Road, on the left hand side going north just past the Fire Hall).
  There are two reasons for coming to that conclusion.
  1) The roof "cupola" is at the North End Road end of the building (still), as are the three windows with pointed tops below it. They are on the left side in the photo so it would have had to be taken from towards the south.
 2) There is a strip of land, about 20 feet wide, between the two parallel snake fences going left and right in the photo. That would be the (still existing) public road allowance, shown on early survey maps as Vesuvius Bay Road. Legally, it still is named Vesuvius Bay Road. The west end of it is paved, used as a driveway into the Blennerhassett Equestrian Centre (address 192 Vesuvius Bay Road). 
  It's been 15-20 years since I drove along that road allowance all the way through to North End Road just below the church. I see now that it has been blocked by concrete barriers at the North End Road end, and at the end of the paved driveway as it turns into the Blennersassett property.
   As an aside, I'd mention that the section of what we know as Vesuvius Bay Road between the Central intersection and the bend at the bottom of the driveway into 192 Vesuvius Bay Road... still retains its original name of Norton Road (unless changed within the last few years). In fact, I even saw it still named Norton Road on someone's GPS system within the last two years.


Isn't Norton Road now west of the RCMP building?


Yes, Frank, that too is named Norton Road.
The duplication doesn't cause any confusion, since the other one is part of Vesuvius Bay Road for all practical purposes.


I agree it could only have been taken from Cunningham's farm before the trees grew back.
Nancy Wigen


I agree with Frank, the house in the reference picture is Broadwell house ( later the Heinekey house) > There is a photo in the Museum at the Farmers Institute that show this clearly.



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