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Is that ferry late again?

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Where, when, why, why not?




The Iroquois began serving the Gulf Islands in 1901 and continued until it sank off Sidney in stormy weather in 1911.

The White House, a predecessor of the Fulford Inn, was built in 1913 in the same location as Rogers Saloon, which had burned down 1901


This mystery house is on the left (looking onto it from here) of Fulford-Ganges Road and below (closer to the Harbour) St Mary's Church
I think it is the home of Mr Stowe, for whom Stowe Lake was named, (Stowel, Stowell) As we all know, Stowe was transformed into Stowel when someone twice mistook the L for lake as part of the name. That house, or a reno of same is still there. There is a better view of the house at the end of the bridge and causeway. An Akerman picture, if memory serves.


S.S. Iroquois at Fulford wharf, 1905. The wharf was often a place of great activity, especially on mailboat day when live animals and other produce were shipped along with the mails. The scene was further enlivened by the bad temper of Captain Sears, and by the gossiping of the onlookers. The Iroquois sank off Sidney, B.C. in 1911 after years of service to the island.

1914 ad - in Sie Mouat's scrapbooks of the Cowichan Leader (Duncan paper with weekly Salt Spring News)
Just a thought - might he be the photographer capable of producing detailed negatives with excellent focus - has to have been at work before 1911, to take the pic of the Iroquois


The SS Iroquois was awarded the contract to deliver mail to the Gulf Islands Feb, 1900.
On April 10, 1911 the Iroquois left Sidney in windy weather, the cargo shifted, the ship went down, with approx 21 passengers.
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