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Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Reiche and I am working for the production company Endemol in Germany. We are producing numerous television shows - among others a show called "Vermisst" ("Missing"). In our show people have the possibility to ask for help when searching for missing family members. We then try to find those missing people to reunite them with their families.
I contact you today to ask for your support respectively your advice in a special case which I care about very much. I would like to help but so far all attempts in finding this missing person were in vain. Folker and Eva Schehlmann have contacted us to find their brother respectively son Dieter (*6. January 1939 in Hamburg). Mrs. Schehlmann is 94 years old and it is her innermost wish to see her firstborn son Dieter again.
Ever since 1967 Dieter has not been traceable. In 1974 his brother received a phone call from a woman who had met Dieter at Salt Spring Island. She mentioned that he had worked as an interior designer, a car mechanic and painter in Toronto and Vancouver and was last heard of in Salt Spring Island where his track was finally lost. His family in Germany has made many attempts to find Dieter Schehlmann but they were all to no avail. There had been no dispute before Dieter's disappearance. His relationship with his brother and his mother had always been very good. But according to his brother, Dieter had always been a globetrotter. He used to live in Australia from 1962 to 1964.
I would like to find track of Dieter Schehlmann in Canada but so far I have not been successful. Maybe you are able to help me. I don't know if Dieter used to live at Salt Spring Island or if he was a tourist. Perhaps someone in Salt Spring Island can remember him.I put an old picture of Dieter in my mail to you. It was taken on his boat in Salt Spring Island..
Every advice is highly appreciated because I still hope to find somebody who remembers Dieter and knows what happened to him.
If you need more information please contact me. I truly appreciate your help in this matter and thank you very much in advance!

Jennifer Reiche
Editorial Journalist
Endemol Deutschland GmbH