6. Six School Districts 1904-1910

From 1900 many of the new families coming to Salt Spring Island came from Britain and Ireland. Ganges was one area they settled. From In 1907 Ganges Private School for Boys started, at the bottom of Ganges Hill, beside the sea. This ‘school for boys’ ended up with girls as well. Where these families came from, before they came to Canada, they would not have ‘mixed with the rougher element’ in public (free) schools. From then on for many years there were many private schools on Salt Spring. Parents paid for their children to go to Private schools. School Districts are for Public Schools (free schools paid for by the government, from taxes). If you lived near Ganges Harbour and did not go yo a Private School, you walked to the Divide School.

In the south of the Island, Hawaiians - cultural heritage

We have not yet found out the exact boundaries of the Isabella Point school district. We need to arrange to go to the B.C.Archives in Victoria, and try to find out where to look, to find those details. When we find it, we will add that information to this website.

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