Dictionary Definitions for Check the Dictionary

Please note that in the dictionary you will find a number of different definitions for each word. The definitions given below are of the word as it is used in the text accompanying the maps, where further exploration activities are given.

abbreviations: n noun; v. verb; adj. adjective

background n. a person’s education, knowledge, or social circumstances
culture n. the way of life of a particular society or group
heritage n. the quality or characteristics derived from one’s parents or ancestors
(derived from = got from, passed on by, inherited from)
multicultural adj. of, or relating to, or made of, several culutures or ethnic groups within a society n. a social community
community n. a specific neighbourhood, including all the people living there
ethnic group n. a group of persons connected by common descent (having the same ancestors),
with a shared cultural tradition
divide v. to separate, cut off
divide n. a dividing line that separates two parts from each other
division n. a part, a separate part
district n. an area: each school district elected three School Trustees to run its school
survey v. to measure the land and work out the boundaries between areas
survey n. a map or plan of an area
establish v. to find out for certain
connect v. to join one part with another part
boundary n. the imaginary line marking the edge of an area
range n. a line of mountains or hills
amalgamate v. to unite, or join together to become one
merge v. to join together and become one
‘in operation’ - ‘happening’ or ‘being used’
‘in existence’ - ‘existing’, or ‘there’
situated - ‘was situated’ means that is where it was (‘was put in a certain place’)