Salt Spring Island Archives

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Salt Spring Island 1895
Reverend Wilson
(pdf 1.8MB)

Telephone Directories

fish Farmers’ Institute Pamphlet of 1902
F.M. Phillips
(pdf - 700 K)
Transcript of pamphlet

E.R. Cartright

first 19 pages

1926 The Islands
Agricultural & Fruit Growers' Association

(pdf 10MB)
Burgoyne Bay Church St.Mark’s on the Hill
The Story of an Island Church

Published 1965 by the Chancel Guild of St. Mark’s Church
(pdf 1.2 MB)
Flucke Early Days on Salt Spring Island
A.F. Flucke
Burgoyne Bay Church Burgoyne United Church
The little church in the valley

Mary Davidson
Times Past Times Past
(pdf 13MB)
1895-2005 Agriculture - Our Island Tradition 1895-2005 Agriculture - Our Island Tradition Amazing Women
1931 Telephone Directory 1931 Telegraph and Telephone Service
List of Telephone Subscribers on Exchanges at Ganges, B.C. and Sooke, B.C.
Peek at the Past PeeP at the Past
Elsie Worthington
(pdf 5.1MB)
Snapshots SNAPSHOTS of EARLY SALT SPRING and other Favoured Islands
Richard Mouat Toynbee 1974
(pdf 14MB)
Hills Excerps out of
No better land: the 1860 diaries of the Anglican Colonial Bishop George Hills
Roberta L Bagshaw, editor 1996
Times Past Early Days among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia
Margaret (Shaw) Walter(pdf 10MB)
rubbings An Exhibit of Rubbings of Rock Carvings
by the Petroglyph Recording Groups
History of Agriculture
on Salt Spring Island

Mort Stratton
by Sue Mouat
Book Project