Location of Early Black Settlers

1. Armstead Buckner farm now SSI Golf and Country Club. He sold to Rev. Wilson
2. Abraham Copeland farmed on the West Side of St Mary Lake, which is now Tripp Road. He was one of the first three members of the school board. He sold to Mouats
3. The Harrison Family lived here, south of St Mary Lake. William Harrison was son-in-law to Abraham Copeland.
4. Harrison and his family had another piece of property abutting the first. Harrison’s sons, Ernest, John and Edward attended Oberlin College in Ohio. John returned to Salt Spring Island, where he created a place of beauty on the family farm on St Mary Lake. He was community spirited, taking part in church activities, sang in the church choir and was treasurer of the Agricultural Association for many years.
5. Henry William Robinson owned property to the north of St Mary Lake. He was secretary to the first incorporation government of Salt Spring in 1873.
Henry came to Salt Spring in the early 1860's from Victoria he was originally from Bermuda. He was born Dec. 5, 1827. He is Margo Brown’s ancestor
6. Hiram Whims resided on the ridge between Fernwood and St Mary Lake. Ancestor to Nita, Darleene, Bobby Wood, etc.
7. John Craven Jones, along with his brothers, William and Elias, were located on the gentle slope towards the east side of Ganges Harbour. First teacher on Salt Spring Island. Educated at Oberlin College in Ohio. Later lived in N. Carolina
8. David Levi owned the property later sold to the Collins brothers
9. William Isaacs was located on what is now Mansell Road
10. Daniel Fredison, a black man from Hawaii, had his home on Mansell Road. Fredison was a lay preacher who often held services for the Methodist congregation. He was one of the original six trustees for the Burgoyne Church in the Burgoyne Valley.
11. Giles Curtis was located north of Vesuvius. He was murdered.
12. Franklin B. Wall also located north of Vesuvius.
13. Louis Stark. The Stark Family first lived north of Vesuvius when they came to the Island in 1860.
14. In 1868, the Stark Family moved to Fruitvale on the east shore of Welbury Bay. After Louis moved to Nanaimo, Sylvia and Willis moved back to the property on Stark Road. This property is still owned by the family. The house is still in good repair and is the home of Sylvia’s great-great granddaughter, Judy Sims.
15. An unnamed Black settler on the west shore of Ganges Harbour
16. G.H. Anderson, father of Jim Anderson, lived south of John C. Jones on the west side of Ganges Harbour
17. More property owned by Henry William Robinson #5
18. Property owned by Henry William Robinson #5
19. Unnamed Black pre-emptor
20. Unnamed Black pre-emptor
21. Three Black pre-emptors lived two or three miles north of Vesuvius near the line of present day Sunset Drive
22. As above
23. As above
24. After his marriage to Emily Sampson, William Whims purchased the Sparrow farm at Fulford Harbour, where they lived out their lives.
25. Jim Anderson first lived at Walker’s Hook where he established the first public picnic site on Salt Spring Island
26. Jim Anderson moved to Isabella Point in the 1930s, where he created a new public picnic site.


Multi Cultural Pioneers of Early Salt Spring Island