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Japanese Canadian Presence on Salt Spring Before 1941

Japanese Canadian Presence on Salt Spring Before 1941

Map of Japanese Canadian Presence on Salt Spring before World War Two


1. Okano, Kumanosuke and Riyo with sons, Victor and James. A roomer, Mr Negoro stayed with them for a couple of years.

2. Murakami, Katsuyori and Kimiko (Okano) with their family. Their land was opposite to the Okano’s property along Sharp Road, bordering the Ito property on the north

3. Ito family lived along Sharp Road next door to the Murakami Family, then east to Frank Speed’s property.

4. Murakami, Tsunetaro and son, Peter lived along Lower Ganges Road. Their property extended to the gulf course and far back in a northerly direction.

5. Murakami, Morihei and family were located next door to the Okanos, along Sharp Road to Lower Ganges Road

6. Ohara family lived on the land of the Okano family, near the end of Booth Canal.

7. Hirano family lived on Okano land at the south end of Sharp Road.

8. Inouye family property was near the junction of Rainbow and Atkins Road.

9. Mikado, Masukichi and Tsutayo and family property ran along Lower Ganges Road, and Norton Road and encompassed where the RCMP building now stands.

10. Tasaka family lived between Drake and Seaview, behind the present Embe Bakery

11. Iwasaki, Torazo and Fuku property was a vast waterfront area along what is now Sunset Drive.

12. Takebe, Etsugiro, a bachelor who lived by Welbury Bay

13. Nakamura family lived on Bittancourt or Beddis Road

14. Ishizumi, Magoe, a bachelor lived near Cusheon Lake

15. Cusheon Cove where a large number of Japanese labourers lived in bunk houses and worked at the Bulman and Allison, Cusheon Cove Mill

16. Omadan and his wife lived and worked on the Ruckle Farm at Beaver Point and other Japanese labourers worked for J.H. Monk at Beaver Point.

17. Three Japanese labourers were employed in land clearing and lived on the McLennan farm at Beaver Point around 1898.

18. A Japanese settlement developed at Musgrave Landing where about sixty men cut pilings for the Japanese government.

19. A number of Japanese men were employed by Harry Bullock on his farm at Bullock Lake, including Junichi Izumi and his two sons and Masukichi Mikado

20. Numajiri family and Mr Ando lived on or near the Bullock farm and were probably employees of Harry Bullock.

21. Ito, Nakazo and Hatsu lived on North End Road near Fernwood

22. Shimojis family lived at Vesuvius