Kanaka settlement on Salt Spring and surrounding Islands

mapAs to be expected with a seafaring background, the Kanaka pioneers chose land by the water thus allowing for much easier transportation than overland. Their primary settlement was in the southern part of Salt Spring, specifically Fulford Harbour and its surrounds.  It is a bit difficult to create a single map as throughout the years they moved on to different or better parcels of land, married, remarried, etc. This map/list provides an overview of their habitation.


1. Kama Kamai: (Joined HBC in 1844, age 24) 1873-1890 was a farmer on the western half of Coal Island.

2. Kane, Alexander:  From Belle Vue, San Juan Islands (1860-1873) to Coal Island (1873-1891). Married Kamai’s daughter, settled and farmed on Coal Island with his father-in-law.

3. Naukana (aka. Lakaman, Nanaton, Nowkin), William:  (Joined HBC in 1845) Portland Island 1870-1909; farmer (also Isabella Point).

4a. Pallua (aka Pallow, Pealon), John (married Sophie Naukana so was son-in-law to William Naukana;) Portland Island 1875-1907 farmer
4b. Pallow, John (Jr.) 1885 & 1891 on Salt Spring

5a. Haumea, William: 1874 – 1886 lived at Eleanor Point, Fulford Harbour; farmer, orchards.
5b. 1886 purchased Russell Island (at the mouth of Fulford Harbour) and lived there until his death in 1902. Maria Mahoi successfully claimed his property and lived there until her death.

6a. Newanna (aka. Nuana, Nawanan, Nohanna, Onanwon): (Joined HBC 1843) Settled at Isabella Point 1874 – 1900’s; farmer.
6b. Son Joseph changed the name to Tahouney. 1887  lived at Tahouney Road
6c. Lumley: Daughter Mary married William Lumley.

7a. Maria Mahoi & Abel Douglas(s) 1877 lived near Beaver Point (144 acres + 123 acres)
7b. Maria Mahoi & George Fisher (her second partner/husband was born on Piers Island) lived 2 miles north of Fulford Harbour in 1880.
5b. Maria & George Fisher moved to Russell Island in 1902.

8.Matilda (William Naukana’s daughter) first married Johnny Harris and then Peter

9.George Shephard married Julia Naukana

10.Sophie Kelly(nee Nuana) 1883

11. Kahou (aka Kahon), John Peavine: 1883 farmer Beaver Point

12. Kahny, Alexander: 1883   

13. Chowy (aka. Ke-awe-hou, Kiavi-how, Keave, Chawey):  Victoria, 1865; SSI 1869-1883 pre-empts land at west side of Fulford Harbour (in one book listed as Isabella Point, in another at head of Harbour)

Kahana, John:  SSI 1870’s – 1901 farmer; location?


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