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The regular meeting of the Historical Society will be on Wednesday April 11. 2012
Our program this month will feature a program on the History of the Maracaibo Estates on Salt Spring Island.  MaracaiboCharles and Sally Bazzard have written a book, which outlines the history of this area of the island.  They will share with you their many stories.
Since its development in 1970, the Maracaibo community has made a strong commitment to visionary land stewardship. During its initial development Maracaibo designated the most beautiful beach areas as well as the rainforest and wetlands as parkland to be preserved for all members.   The result is a stunning peninsula which has been conserved and protected.
Along this peninsula stretch miles of walking trails that meander along rocky bluffs and beaches, through rain forests, arbutus groves and wetlands. Wild flowers, cactus, ferns and exotic plants accent the natural landscape adding to the year round beauty of the park.
Maracaibo’s leadership in forest conservation management and water preservation and treatment practices have been used as a model for other communities throughout the region.

2 PM, Wednesday April 11. 2012 • Central Hall

Tea and coffee will follow this program.

All are welcome


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