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Armed Resistance on the Gulf Islands:
The Battle of Lamalchi Bay - April 20, 1863

The Lamalchi and their allies opposed non-Indeginous settlement on Salt Spring Island and other Gulf Islands. On April 20, 1863 the village at Lamalchi Bay on Penelakut Island was attacked by Her Majesty’s Gunboat “Forward”. Several leaders were executed, the population dispersed and the village burned to the ground.

Join us at Central Hall 2pm on Wednesday, March 12th.

Free to attend, all are welcome!

About the presenter:
Chris Arnett, PhD, will report on recent archaeological work at Lamalchi Bay and how these findings give a new perspective on the historic battle.

Past Events

Feb 12, 2020 Fran Morrison British Columbia’s Black Pioneers
April 10, 2019 Quw'utsun Elder Tousilum (Ron George), Sulsameethl (Deb George) and Tuwa'xwultun (Joe Akerman) Xwaaqw’um: Healing Relationships to the Land and Each Other
Feb 7, 2018 Alicia Gauvreau 14,000 years at "EkTb-9": A Heiltsuk First Nation Village site on Triquet Island, N̓úlawitx̌v.
Jan 10, 2018 Usha Rautenbach The Harbor House Hotel : History in the Heart of Ganges
Nov 15, 2017 ACVI 150 years and Continuing - Fighting for Justice on the Coast'
Oct.11, 2017, Sage Birchwater Stories of Adventure and Intrigue from BC's Central Interior
Sept 13, 2017 Ross Van Winckel “How We Got Around Before B.C. Ferries”
May 10, 2017 Jason Beck The 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games
April 12, 2017 Chris Arnett If There Is a Place, the People Have a Name for It.
March 26, 2017 by Brenda Guiled

Ruckles’ World: A History of South-East Salt Spring Island

March 8, 2017 Gillian Watson The Whims of Salt Spring Island: Farming, Family and the Sampson Connection
Jan. 11, 2017 Harry Burton A History of Apple Growing on Salt Spring Island
Nov. 9, 2016 Gillian Watson A Special Remembrance Day Program
Oct 12, 2016 Brenda Guiled Old-Timers and Newcomers to Eleanor Point
Sept14, 2016 Salt Spring Farmers Heritage Foundation Farms Farmers Farming 1859-1939
May 11, 2016 Matt Steffitch Cyrus Wesley Peck
April 19, 2016 Ross Van Winckel Salt Spring & BC Ferries: The Boats, the People, the Stories!"
March 9, 2016 Brian Smallshaw “Dispossession of Japanese-Canadian land on
Salt Spring Island during World War Two”
Feb 10, 2016 Steve Nemtin The Japanese Charcoal Ovens of Salt Spring Island
Jan 13, 2016 Chris Arnett Kanaka/Coast Salish families of Isabella Point
Nov. 18. 2015   Salt Spring Elementary School Celebrates 75 years
Oct 14, 2015   The Salt Spring Archives • • What we do...
Sept 9, 2015 Representatives from the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church, The Community Gospel Chapel, and the United Church The Churches of Ganges
May 2015 Usha Rautenbach Reverend E. F. Wilson. part 2
April 8, 2015 Richard Blagborne The Story of Saturna Heritage Centre
March 11, 2015 Bob McWhirter Educating the Gulf Islands: A History of the Gulf Islands School District
Feb. 11, 2015 Don Cunningham The Central Settlement and the early history of North Salt Spring.
Jan. 14, 2015 Marlyn Horsdal The Real Judge Begbie and the Uses of Historical Fiction
Nov. 11, 2014 Patrick Taylor “An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War.”
Oct. 8, 2014 Chris Arnett The History and Archeology of Shiya’hwt (Ganges) and Grace Islet
Sept. 10, 2014 Ladysmith Historical Society History of the town of Ladysmith
May 14, 2014 Usha Rautenbach Reverend E. F. Wilson
Feb 12, 2014 Darrel and MByron The Byron Family History
Jan 8, 2014 George Laundry Agriculture on Salt Spring Island-Past and Present
Dec 11, 2013 Michael Layland The Land of Heart’s Delight: Early Maps and Charts of Vancouver Island.
Nov. 13 Paul Minvielle Amalgamation of the Daily Colonist and the Daily Times Newspapers
Oct. 9,2013 Tom Koppel Living at Lakeridge on Bullock Lake in the 1960s and 70s
Sept. 11, 2013 Chris Arnett "A History of Shiyahwt / Ganges, Salt Spring Island"
May 8, 2013 Patrick Taylor Northern Ireland
April 10, 2013 Charles Kahn Pictorial History of Salt Spring Island
March 13, 2013 Linda Korocil Beddis and Purdy Family History
Feb. 13, 2013 The Roland - Middleditch Family Kanaka History
January 9,2013 Dr. Hugh Greenwood The not-so-recent history of Salt Spring Island” A geological view of our History
Nov. 14, 2012 Gladys Campbell The Patterson Family History • A Fulford Story
Oct. 10, 2012 Linda Dorricot The Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards
Sept. 12, 2012 Barb Aust The Saturday Market from 1978 to the 90's
May 9, 2012 Charles Kahn The Changing Faces of Salt Spring Island
April 11, 2012 Charles and Sally Bazzard Maracaibo
March 14, 2012 Barb Aust The Amazing Woman of Salt Spring Island • part 2
Feb 8, 2012 Laurie Hedger and Marsh Heineckey The Hedger Family
Jan. 11, 2012 Chris Arnett Nlaka’pamux Rock Painting of the Stein River Valley
Nov. 9, 2011 Mary Davidson Adventures in Genealogy and the History of the McLennan Family
Oct.12, 2011 Malcolm Bond and Don Cunningham Harry Bullock
Sept. 14, 2011 Peter Lamb, a former Trustee "The Islands Trust Story"
May 11, 2011 Usha Rautenbach AGM & The Alfred Temmel Murals
Apr. 13, 2011 cancelled The Salt Spring Lions Club,  50 Years of service to Salt Spring Island
Mar. 9, 2011 Bruce Patterson and Chief Tom Bremner Fifty Years of Firefighting on Salt Spring Island 
Feb. 9, 2011 Jolene Cumming Judge Henry Castillou of Roads End: a Salt Spring Island Story
Jan. 12, 2011  
Nov.10, 2010 Dr. Ken MacKenzie A History of the Navy League of Canada 1895-1965
Oct. 13, 2010 Dr. Peter Rowell A Visit to World War I grave sites in Europe
Sept. 8, 2010 Staff Sergeant Danny Willis History of the RCMP  & policing on Salt Spring Island
July 16, 2010   The Road Less Travelled • Seed and Salt Theatre Company and the Bamberton Historical Society
May 12, 2010 Avrid Chalmers, Mike Hayes AGM & The Historicals meet the Hystericals
Apr. 14, 2010 Dave Howell History of the Coast Guard of Salt Spring Island & Gulf Islands
Mar. 10, 2010 Peter McCulley 50th Anniversary of the Driftwood
Feb. 10,2010 Marshall Heinekey The History of Vesuvius
Jan. 13, 2010 Bob McWhirter History of the BC Provincial Police
Nov. 18, 2009 Pat Crofton Crofton Family History
Oct. 14, 2009 Wendy Maurer Hawaiians Remembered
Sept. 9, 2009 Bill Earl Old Time Logging in the Queen Charlottes & Johnston Strait
May 13, 2009 Mary Lynn Heatherington AGM & the Nursing Officers with the focus on WWI and II
Apr.8, 2009 Chris Arnett The Douglas Treaties with the local first nations
Mar. 11, 2009 Ronald Greene The history of money in BC…. Especially the early years
Feb. 11, 2009 Evelyn White and Joanne Beally 150th anniversary /Black History on Salt Spring Island
Jan. 14, 2009 Mary Davidson The history of Beaver Point from its earliest settlers to the mid 20th century
Nov. 12, 2008 Chris Arnett Farmers and Ranchers to Soldiers: Salt Spring Islanders in World War One.
Oct. 8, 2008 Barb Aust, Barb DuMoulin, Sue Mouat, Emily Hepburn, Roberta Starke, Susan Good Amazing Women of Salt Spring Island, Part 1
Sept. 10, 2008 Charles Kahn, Sue Mouat, Karen Davies , etc. Lady Minto Hospital, its history, auxiliary and thrift store
May 14, 2008 Chris Arnett AGM & Book Launch Two Houses Half Buried in the Sand
Apr. 9, 2008 Barb Lyngard, Bruce Patterson, Len Crawford History of the Village of Fulford
Mar. 12, 2008 Michael Layland “Ripple Rock”: Its Discovery, Depiction & Demise
Feb. 13, 2008 Gordon Lee, Marguerite Lee The Lee Family
Jan. 09, 2008 Katherine Gagnon District of Cowichan Valley: Promoting the Historical Heritage
Nov. 14, 2007 Nora Layard SSI – Our Park Legacy
Oct. 10, 2007 Frank Neumann, Mary Davidson, Sue Mouat, Barb Lyngard, Charles Kahn, Susan Good, Barb DuMoulin Salt Spring Historical Archives
Sept. 12, 2007 Susan Jones, Rob Johnson, Tom Wagner, Kit Wilmot Ladysmith & The E & N Railway
May 10, 2007 Chris Arnett AGM & the life of “Capitaine” Bion
Apr. 11, 2007 Jack Gunn The History of the science of geology, of local exploration, & of Salt Spring Island’s rocks
Mar 14, 2007 Bev Cartwright, Sharon Hawke The History of the South Salt Spring Women’s Institute
Feb. 14, 2007 Kevin Bell 100th anniversary of the Mouat family
Jan, 2007   No meeting (snow)
Nov. 8, 2006 Kathryn Holm The History of the Legion
Oct. 11, 2006 Harry Burton The History of apple growing on Saltspring Island
Sept. 13, 2006 Don Cunningham The History of the Purdy-Beddis families
May 10, 2005 Usha Rautenbach The Divide School
Apr. 12, 2005 Barb Lyngard Maxwell Family History
Mar. 8, 2005 Paul LeBlond Galiano Island Shares Its History
Feb. 8, 2005 Mike Morris Great Grandson of Rev. Wilson
Jan. 11, 2005 Tom Wright, Gordon Wright, Chris Arnett Jonathon Begg
Nov. 9, 2004 Marg Hogg James Seed Co.
Oct. 12, 2004 Emily Hepburn History of the South End Churches of Salt Spring and tour
Sept 14, 2005 Chris Hatfield Field Trip to Cusheon Cove Museum
May 11, 2004 Archives’ Staff Review of the Archives Website & grant summary
Apr. 13, 2004 Mouat Family members Mouat Family Forum – History of the Mouat Family on Salt Spring
Mar. 9, 2004 Tom Wright Chinook Jargon
Feb. 9, 2004 Chris Arnett, Barb Lyngard First Nations & the Historical Connections to Salt Spring Island
Jan 12, 2004   Cancelled- snow storm
Nov. 10, 2004 George Laundry Musgrave Landing
Oct. 13, 2004 Harry Burton Apples on Salt Spring Island – Restoration of Apple Orchards
Sept. 8, 2004 Derek Lundy The Way of a Ship & its Links to SSI History
May 12, 2004 Charles Kahn Salt Spring Reflections
Apr. 14, 2004 Manuel Azevedo Portuguese History of Salt Spring Island
Mar. 10, 2004 Chris Arnett The Colonization of Salt Spring Island
Feb. 11 , 2004 Bob Harwood HMCS Ganges
Jan. 14, 2004 Bob & Chris Howe The Artic
Nov. 12, 2003 Bill Huot Heritage Preservation in BC: threats to our heritage
Oct. 8, 2003 Malcolm Bond Jesse Bond’s Farm & North End History
Sept. 10, 2003 Tom Koppel Coastal Migrations
May 14, 2003 Tony Richards History of the Driftwood Newspaper
Apr. 9, 2003 Lucie Stuart Living & Working on SSI 1925-1950
Mar. 12, 2003 Jonathan Yardley Historical ¨Buildings on Salt Spring Island
Feb. 12, 2003 Rose Murakami Life on Salt Spring Island as a Japanese Canadian
Jan, 8, 2003 Don Small The Motor Princess
Nov. 13, 20002 Nadine Sims Black History of SSI
Oct. 9, 2002 Cathy Roland Kanaka Settlers on SSI
Sept. 11, 2002 Reg Ashwell Native art
May 8, 2002 Bob Akerman Membership invited to Bob Akerman’s museum
Apr. 10, 2002 Rocky Sampson The History of the Sampson Family
Mar. 13, 2002 George Laundry, Bob Akerman, David Harris Burgoyne & Musgrave History
Feb. 13, 2002 Bob Spearing Tug Boats & their contribution to BC Coast
Jan. 9, 2002 Bob McWhirter BC Provincial Police
Nov. 14, 2001 Panel of South End Speakers Island’s South End History
Oct. 10, 2001 David Wetherell Mahon Hall: 100 years
Sept. 12, 2001 J. Hendrickson The Proprietary Colony of Vancouver Island
May 8, 2001   AGM & Winnie Watmough Video
Apr. 10, 2001 Tom Toynbee Great Ganges Sewer War
Mar. 13, 2001 Bob Rush Armchair Tour of Ganges
Feb. 13, 2001 Charles Bazzard Maracaibo
Jan. 9, 2001 Chris Weicht Air War On West Coast (Hidden Enemy)
Nov. 14, 2000 Ivan Mouat Prison Camp Experiences
Oct. 10, 2000 Sue Mouat, Karen Davies Lady Minto Hospital
Sept. 12, 2000 Terry Reksten Empress Hotel
May 9, 2000 John Lutz Erotics of Exploration
Apr. 11, 2000 Dan Francis “Imaginary Indian”
Mar. 14, 2000 Tom Koppel Coastal Search for First People
Feb. 8, 2000 John Bennett, Ray Simard, Vic Samson, Bob Akerman, Hank Doerksen, Ivan Mouat Logging Panel
Jan. 11, 2000 Chris Arnett Battle of Ganges Harbour
Nov. 9, 1999 Ivan Mouat, Cpt. Keith McLaren Remembrance Day; Early Maritime photos
Oct. 12, 1999 Nancy Wigen, Lotus Ruckle, John Bennet, Bob Rush, Ivan Mouat, Val Gyves Panel on Schools
Sept. 14, 1999 Jean Barman Maria Mahoi
May 4, 1999 Dr. Ken MacKenzie Looking At History
Apr. 13, 1999 Tony Farr, Ellen Bennett Early Telephone Service
Mar. 9, 1999 Briony Penn Broom & Gorse
Feb. 9, 1999 Ray Hill Petroglyphs
Jan. 12, 1999 David Weatherall Early SSI from Mother’s Diaries
Nov. 10, 1998 Eleanor Lloyd, Barry Cotton Nursing History; Early Surveys
Oct. 13, 1998 Dr. Jim Henderson Aboriginal Land Question
Sept. 8, 1998 John Bovey BC Archives
May 30, 1998 Barb Woodley Photos in Her 1999 Calendar
Apr. 14, 1998 Anne Humphries Mahon Hall
Mar. 10, 1998 Richard Mackie BC Fur Trading
Feb. 10, 1998 Ruth Sandwell Who killed William Robinson?
Jan   cancelled
Nov. 25 Rosemary Ommer Survival of Fisheries (evening meeting)
Nov. 11, 1997 Tony Farr Naval Occasions which did not make the news
Oct. 14, 1997 Chris Arnett 4000 years of Raincoast History
Sept. 9, 1997 Evelyn Lee, et al 100 yrs. of S. SSI Women’s Institute
May 24, 1997 Ken MacKenzie AGM & VIA Rail
Apr. 8, 1997 Ken MacKenzie CNR History
Mar.11, 1997 Chris Arnett Gunboat Justice
Feb.11, 1997 Robert Aston Salt Spring Weather
Jan.14, 1997 Mary Davidson Archives
Dec. 4, 1996 Bob Turner Paddle wheelers
Nov.12, 1996   History Of Canadian Legion
Oct.8, 1996   Discussion of Community Plan
Sept. 10, 1996  
May 14, 1996 AGM (At Anne Humphries) Early Pioneers
Apr. 8, 1996 Jonathan Yardley Hastings House
Mar. 12, 1996 Ivan Mouat Island Schools & Inspectors
Feb.13, 1996 Jean Barman Mixed Race Families
Jan.9, 1996 Betty Peters Harry Bullock’s Glass Plates
Nov. 14, 1995 John Crofton, Ivan Mouat Desmond Crofton
Oct. 10, 1995 Jack Fleetwood Cowichan Station History
Sept.12,1995 Jonathan Yardley Heritage Buildings
May   AGM & picnic
Apr.11, 1995 Tom Koppel Kanakas
Mar. 14, 1995 Kim Recalma-Clutesi White/Native relations
Feb. 1995 Briony Penn Maude Weaver Bridgman, Artist
Jan. 10, 1995 Dennis Seaward Gulf Island Ferries
Nov.8, 1994 Ken MacKenzie CN Railway
Oct. 11, 1994 Andy Gibson Crofton History & Island Names
May 10, 1994 Dietrich Luth 50’s on SSI
Apr. 12, 1994 Frank Richards, Ivan & Sue Mouat Island Newspapers
Mar. 8, 1994 Tom Holtby Chanteleus & Bions
Feb. 8, 1994 Dan Jason Seeds
Jan. 11, 1994 Tom Wright N. W. Coast Exploration
Nov. 9, 1993 Hector Perry, Ivan Mouat Shipwreck in WW II
Oct.12, 1993 Mort Stratton Farming
Sept.14, 1993 Cst. Holland Island Security
May 11, 1993 Jack Fleetwood Lumbering: Bob Rush 30’s on SSI
Apr. 13, 1993 Tom Harris Bees
Mar. 9, 1993 Garnet Young Early Steamships
Feb. 9, 1993 Manson Toynbee Childhood on SSI
Jan 12, 1993 Joan Milner, Bob Rush Hospital
Nov. 10, 1992 Ivan Mouat, et al Remembrance Day (WW II people)
Oct.13, 1992 Manson Toynbee Cranberry School
Sept. 8, 1992 Bob Akerman Museum & Artifacts
May 12, 1992 John Crofton Templars
Apr. 14, 1992 Bob Austad Provincial Parks
Mar. 10, 1992 Mort Stratton Farming on SSI
Feb. 11, 1992 Ann Barber Trail of Nature
Jan. 14, 1992 Mary Davidson Archives
Nov. 12, 1991 Ivan Mouat War Experiences (Letters)
Oct. 7, 1991 Harold Helm Power Squadron
Sept. 10, 1991 Sue Mouat Early Salt Spring Transport (Shipping)
May 14, 1991 Joan Milner Nursing & Olive Clayton on library
Apr. 9, 1991 Don Goodman & Les Wagg SSI Firefighting
Mar. 12, 1991 David Williams, QC The Cowichan Connection
Feb. 12, 1991 Mary Davidson Burgoyne Church
Jan. 8, 1991   Cancelled
Nov. 14, 1990 John Crofton Canadian Scottish Regiment
Oct. 9, 1990 Ruth Sandwell Oral History in Archives
May 8, 1990 Mary Davidson, Peggy Tolson Archives
Apr. 10, 1990 Joan Ingram Stevens (Yannaris) Family
Mar. 13, 1990 Richard Mackie Cougars
Feb. 13, 1990 Bob Akerman Akerman Family
Jan. 1990 Mary Davidson McLennan Family
Nov. 14,1989 Ivan Mouat, Cidir Nutting, Ken Byron, Charlie Horel, Arthur Gale, John Crofton Ready for the Fray (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
Oct. 10, 1989 Tony Farr, John Crofton, Bob Tolson The Wilson Journal
May 9, 1989 Quentin Wilson Fulford Marina
Apr. 11, 1989 Virginia Newman Performing Arts
Mar. 14, 1989 Tom Koppel Kanakas
Feb. 14, 1989 John Crofton Long Harbour Dig (Archeology)
Jan. 10, 1989 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Green Anglican Vicarage SSI 50’s-60’s
Nov. 8, 1988 Ivan Mouat SSI Legion
Oct. 11, 1988 Florence Hepburn Christmas Tree Farm
Sept.13,1988 Geoffrey Castle Gulf Islands Place Names
May 10, 1988 Marilyn Horsdal Publishing Regional history
Apr. 12, 1988 Gordon Brown Hospital
Mar. 8, 1988 Pat Turkii Ootsa Lake, Northern Development & History
Feb. 9, 1988 Olive Clayton Childhood at Anyox
Jan. 12, 1988 Bevis Walters James Douglas’ trip to Newcastle Island
Nov. 10, 1987 Kay Booth Artifacts & Beddis House
Oct. 13, 1987 Beth Hill Frances Barkley
Sept. 7,1987 Tom Koppel Newcastle Island
May 12, 1987 Bevis Walters A Stake in Paradise (1860’s Preemptions)
Apr. 14, 1987 John Adams Over My Dead Body (Local Cemeteries)
Mar. 10, 1987 Charles Lillard Salt Spring Pennies (Research for Seven Shillings a Year)
Feb. 10, 1987 Simon Henson Stonecutter’s Cottage
Jan. 13, 1987 Gerry & Olive Clayton Recipes and Remedies 1659-1809
Nov. 11, 1986 Gordon Brown Boundary Disputes (US/CAN)
Oct. 14, 1986 CST. Jim Harrison Maintiens le Droit (RCMP)
Sept. 9, 1986 Patrick Dunae Squire of Salt Spring & British Immigrants
May, 1986 Dick Toynbee, Ivan Mouat, Chuck Horel Remember the Days (SSI Past)
Apr. 8, 1986 Jonathan Yardley Hastings House
Mar. 11, 1986 Gordon Brown Invisible Line (Alaskan Boundary)
Feb. 11, 1986 Marc Holmes Missing Link with the Past (SSI 1940-80)
Jan. 14. 1986 Brenda Cornwall Granny Never Told Me (Genealogy)
Nov.12, 1985 John Crofton Croftons & Harbour House Hotel
Oct. 8, 1985 Betty Drummond A Horse in the Dining Room
Sept. 10, 1985   Kanaka story
May 1985 Ivan Mouat AGM & Mouat family
Apr. 9, 1985 Marie Elliot Researching Gulf Island History
Mar. 12, 1985 Tony Farr Early Telephones
Feb.12, 1985 Wayne Pearce HMS Ganges (figurehead)
Oct. 9, 1984 Capt. Keith Cameron Early Spanish Exploration
May 8, 1984 Toni Luton Blackburn House
Jan 6, 1984 Ellen Bennett World War II