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Salt Spring Historical Society Presentation, Wednesday 14th October, 2pm

Meet the Archives:

Find out what the Salt Spring Archives does and the projects they’re involved in.

The speaker scheduled for our meeting on Wednesday October 14 has unfortunately cancelled. However, we thought this would be an opportunity to introduce Salt Spring Islanders and members of the Historical Society to our Archives.

Members of the Archives, will talk about what archivists do, how they do it, and the kind of projects they are involved in. Salt Spring Island StaffArchives is a branch of the Historical Society with a mandate to ‘collect and preserve’ historical materials related to Salt Spring.


Archiving always sound so dry and dusty ….but believe us it isn’t always as dry as it should be and can be very intriguing. From preserving old family photos or letters, solving historical mysteries, dealing with historically sensitive issues, to inquiries about ghosts… we’ve seen it all and will show you some of it.


October 14, 2015 at 2 PM, Central Hall.

All are welcome.
Free or by donation

*Contribute to the Archives by putting grocery tapes from Country Grocer into Box 131.

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