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Patrick Taylor to Speak to the Historical Society

TPatrick Taylorhe AGM of the Salt Spring Island Historical Society will be held at 2pm at Central Hall on May 8, 2013.  Following the election of officers noted Author Patrick Taylor MD will give us reflections and recollections of the History of Northern Ireland. 

Only woundedPatrick  was  born,  and  raised  in  Bangor  County  Down  in  Northern  Ireland. His New York Times best selling novel  An  Irish  Country  Doctor series, now at seven novels, is  based  on  journals  he  kept  of  his  early  days  as  a  doctor  in  rural  Ireland.,  In the novel  Barry  Laverty  begins  his  medical  apprenticeship In  the  rural  Ireland  of  the  early 1960s. Prior to that Patrick had written a collection of short stories, Only Wounded trying to capture the lives of every day people living through the recent troubles.

The program promises to be one that will provide us with the Social History of  Northern Ireland from the dawn of pre-history and through the recent "Troubles” as remembered and lived by Patrick.  He will illustrate the human cost of internecine warfare by a reading from “Only Wounded.”

Central Hall at 2 Pm on May 8, 2013. 

Tea and Coffee with follow the presentation along with Questions and Answers.

All are welcome

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