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The History and Archeology of Shiya’hwt (Ganges) and Grace Islet

Grace Islaet

The Salt Spring Island Historical Society will have it’s regular meeting this Month on October 8, 2014 at 2 PM at Central Hall. Chris Arnett will present a program on “The History and Archeology of Shiya'hwt (Ganges) and Grace Islet”; this presentation will give an overview of 3,000 years of human presence at Ganges. He will present archaeological and historical information to show the dynamics of historical processes up to and including the relatively recent (post-1859) non-native colonization.

Chris is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia; He has become known as a knowledgeable student of many of the West Coast native traditions and has studied the First Nations History in this coastal region.  

Chris will also outline a project he is working on, with island Pathways, to create a public information marker to pay tribute to the early settlement patterns at the end of Ganges Harbor. The program promises to be an informative and interesting perspective on the history of a small rock islet off Ganges Harbour.

We will be starting our annual “Archives Legacy Fund” campaign to “preserve the History of Salt Spring Island.” Charitable donations will be accepted at our regular meetings until Christmas or at the Archives Website where we have a donation site available for credit card donations.
All are invited to attend. Memberships are due at this meeting. The annual fee is $15 and subscriptions to the History BC magazine are also available. Tea and Coffee will follow.

Join us at central hall on Wednesday

Wednesday October 8, at 2 PM, Central Hall.

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