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From the collection of Eileen Heffernan Game. The man in the photos is Lewis Heffernan (Dr. James Lewis Heffernan), who was the brother of Mrs Game. Both are now deceased. They lived on Salt Spring Island between 1930-1939. (Lewis, who is the younger sibling, was 10 when he arrived in 1930 and 19 when he left to join the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1939.) His mother, Mrs Mary Heffernan, ran the Vesuvius Lodge at this time. Lewis told me that the cost to stay at the Lodge was 25 cents including all meals. People used to come over from Vancouver by ferry and stay for the weekend. He was the waiter in the dining room from age 10.

Dr. James Lewis Heffernan retired to Salt Spring Island in 1985 and lived here until January 2011. His widow, Isobel Heffernan, still lives on the island as does his son, Daniel Heffernan, who is my husband.

Carol McIntosh


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